Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, April 11, 1906, Image 1

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5 1TH
1 1
Devoted to the Mining, I,unbeMng nnd Funning Intt ri sts of this Ce mmunity.
MO 12
And General Mining New
(lathered from lixihanires.
Jim J ! icli .i r( h ton t n. it down
fmin tlii" Qr-g"ii S-iit itif C'in
pmiy 's ptopei l v fur ii vM-k In;. HIT,
Imt ).mm-s l:ii k to lay.
Geo. Kiiow'rs t !t H down
Iront It 1 iv it i .i t h in.t.l t1ii Mm '.
i-ocm j( is la'lur 'lull ' .i i!:.t' ,
r-r V ! c . I v vclint !. 1 1 ii i Mi il ; ! i I
in live Hiiiniin r'H wot k.
F.dd .Icri I, m t s if f . '
II. ill urn .i i ' ''
ill i vi' 1 1 w i 1 1: I ; 1 !.
Vel v goo i !' !;' h.i !
. i i
I, ! . v
n i ; - i . 1 1 ,
i 1 1 'i 1 i.
I'll t 11' t a ; t n .i t is:!'
nil i Le III It I 1 1" has Mil
i l i.
Frank It duo tn at
;iy tint rvrn ihtio
al'in,; nnclv i!ii irt
woik is stiii. hi v ;
Th Hhow is melting
w ill t'l'ii" in u sin
1 . v ;
i . in i . i i
it. I I'm? li
nh V
n ai -
r ipi-llv
t tutu- l
tiling 111 c l In i n -( nl wt ill., i
tiiim m.
'I In- it t : in ti"ii of ti c in w t' l -
ill t t- line t' K '' mi.i 1 . te n i; lc
1 a 1 I'V 1 1 " MIIT.IV of lll.lill.MS I i
the coll' t lict nil work. 'Ill'' ( Olll
1'tlllV is nlril l'i ! t 1'llttlii t-, in (
will li;iv? the it i j - pushed ii.'h'
throne h (isilliii'li m s tin coot r.vt i
li t. V. II .Shane ms ili .i the
WOlk 111111 In- l'i imiietii-cd v. on si
thut tin- I'm ran In- pit in u-e dm
ill)' till HI J 111 I lll.'lllllH.
J. A. laid.', Smjii-i iuti n l' n? !
the ( 'i gon S i-ui'ii s C. wnsi'i
town the l'-1 tittle wuk .Mil re
ports tv U in;: is going
nicely at C til " n y "s no " ity.
The niill ih 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ; ami lining g.od
work. 'I ll" sniiws 1 1 1 ii t l a good
supply f water (nl thi! siiiiiim i
mouths mill will ni ik- it ' ssil'l.
t run the null ptobnbly until an
utixilliiiry sU-um plai t can In in
stalled. Hen Trypsin I it turned to th"
Oregon-Colorado to. lay after un ab
hciico of several wicks in the drove.
Mrs. Trygstud will not go up to the
mine with little Mihs Trygi-tad un
til lli; summer months come
nrouud. Ten thinks that it will If
pretty lonesome alt r having iu-t
bail a i-hoit lime to I'l-roin- a -quaiuteil
with the little, Imt
say hard vscnk will have l I H -consoleinent
of his I I n h. '1 l.c
tunnel in guiu straight nheml mi I
oonsidei able woik i I" i-ijj ilnne.
I'l'lil I '! i .i .i i li-jioiti Ihfil ih'i roe.k !
in i'
i v
1 1; al
pi mii thd l il .or is sh)w ,
. ,iiii Imt jit ';' i
,i hl-. i. lid in-
.i n in'".
i-i is lui ini
oi" is I c
M : 111 ; I lie", V.
O s M il 'i , in x t
llll I ll" 'i ' 111 . I II S' I'll
uito sh'i' so that th'-v
in t i ni ! Ml o-ii-i-.
l.lo-.l of tin
.1 i nek Minn,
oi t n I lrH,'n
h i" t'l lie
I In- mill will
f i ' siinini' r
tf in
on o: s fioiit l''i- ii iii'-, ai.d will al-'
tun N"!lli I'ii i i -i w hi s lis well
Nnilli l-'ii. Irvlow.
I'. S
w 11 kit1;
1 ..?,
, . !
I !i -1 in 1 11 w h 1 has bt"!i
:i l'i" Noith l-'airvi'-w
' 1 I I'n-iii in eaiii" d"" 11
l"i hhort l i ( If. II
' i 1 '111 II I. r.' ''I 'l
1 I i- i- I ( i ! i 1 i " I I'll.
'. I Ci
I h'-v
I' i- i
1 i 111 1 i
I I!
. 1 Ml ta
il 'V
I n
h Mi
1 ! 11
-li in "
e i -1
r to
-1 -;
t , ) i..i;
l 1 ' 1 1 , 14 l e
11 11 ;s ;: d
it j 1 s I i in i1
I I til I-' 1:1
ll 1; '.
i'uls Inv Itrcl.
i i s' ainl M 1 ecrs' Teie
1 v 1 : . ' 1 ' - I '. ; - it 1 ' la
; 1 1 " n L ' ;
n---!i t'.M :
I'.'oi;, t r lu
'.' ' o 'J-,' i ial and
hii' (.- 1.1 ('"!
oi. C' 111-"-
t '"n can b'.
.1' tl e Hi e ol
'',iii- with
P'Mii.i, C"t
Tl.e e.'in any
' ! j-.-' t any or
1 li 1 1.
1 , .-,
ll iiMh ;; a t' !.. ;
t'l"-- 1 1 "e III
;!..-- ; ! ms n; ,
I. m-'d and in
th'i Heer- tarv . f
Messrs Met' i',f
I a jo ilovr. I 'n
r erven the I ;
a- 1
it t
p. mm;
1 '.
IIar! C
w is a v iMtor in
t' -a 11 i-a Ti-. 1. ' y
I 1 -U M i.-, in is in from Pohruiia
f ' a few !.l s la vol'i .
Mi-. M . Ross d i--i diessmHk- '
in;; at Mis . h 'lis' 1 esidein-e on
I ".is t 1 1 1 r -i 1 eet . 1
l.i-vi (If ii eiuie into town with a
load iniii' ml .liter on Tins-lay.
'Ihe Spline nn- 1;' Itnj; t here t-plf n
didlv 1 1 e-e days.
Tim pits f.r the new piem nt t' e
H-.'vl bid;4ejusl south nf
town ivcto bmketi into ly the li-e
i th" liver Sunday hi that the
woik is stoj ped f-r a few dayn, un
til the pits can le pumped dry.
Al!.i! Ilu-r from near N'ertion,
lb C in lived in town Tuenlay with
I. is laaidv iiii'l will make In u lone;
at I.oi d. 11 Mr. (ietr met them !
v'ith ids ten m and tock Hum ad'
on' ti.i atue ev itini;, 1
rr f
flfootbers Httcntion!
We are showing a line of boys cloth
ing creditable to Portland ranging
in prices from $1.00 to $8.00. The
new styles, single and double
breasted, also the Buster Brown
Hose. We have also -40 styles in
Mens Suits.
1 health oITm er th'-re w re Iwj can-didiit"-,
Dr. (;;l'sliy and )r
Cily Fathers Reduced Saloon iior k u, Dr. H ictt l ein; elfe'-ie i
Licenses from $o(K) to $5fK) V';': -.V" , . ..
.,. II'- iipjxjinU-d the lolruv-
Alonday Niht. ,,. t Illlttlti
At Ihe inei linj' of the C"Uii'-il on
Moiulay niyht Mayor Job, I'onneil
m-n JoliTihon, J it Is, 1 1' e,ate, Me.
(nr'n, pi'tNr nnd Venvl.e v. en
.i--' nt . The f 1 lilioti of th'. --a-
I'Miinneii to have the li iw !(
iiil'-i d ftoni "-:-n to ? l'i
alll'-nded to lead .'".
v as-
ri 1 i
v ni, r '-v
ll i-t '
f r th'
.,1 .! Mi
'i .1 . t -
for Ihe le' U"!l '
-It- -ii wile i li li I f 'I'
I I. lit put til two I I 1 ,
I'Mimi k no a n as t h-
,r M ' " M " i x ?en
work s ei i''' d in
til" ' "titnr t ' b doll" Oil ti e ' S"
t : 1 1 ii.ii 1 ir ? i',o-i.o-; nt-, I oti th'
M loi ? S;., -.1. all V) :C
1 1 :i -ll.ut
ol. t-- I w tl ln i: days. Mr.
slale I that lm would hop- to have
tin-en' i 1 woik completed within
oodjvsii there weieio d' las f t
lni-lit. ite. Couitilmm Porter
nsk- d time I e ,-iven lor th -new-
-i ' 11 1 ii-1 ' rnt-Ti tu In 'k ov r the
s il u-il i 11 befol e uiiikin' a !(.i is o-..
Tin m-jonty oi the eouia il thai
wtie i'o-;eii, ihoiinht the aiii'-'.:..'.
w iih el y I easoiiidil'-.
Ill" filloAlni,' i-al'mil i 1 ' c Li - e .
were nppliMl for the eoinii j; n,i
mo:i 1 1. s of tlie new fi'cd year, aiJ'i
I oud-i wei" pnhttiled with tacli:
John linker; IMiidsinen, Win, I.m
dess uiul 'I. F. O-traiuler. lim ey
l'V..;il. l.,.t .tii,....,, Tr.lm J'r, ,vili -
w .,s.i., ;- j- -
an I I-,. A. Us. hi. ii. . r.iew
bondHir.en; C. J. Mi'ler ami A
F.Hidee. Pa"" Pro'.; bondsmen,
-loiin I'lowley. I . L. Frneht C. C. , ,1!lhtor of the First Christian Church
Case; bondsni- n. Thos. R. J'aiktr ()n;,.; ,tiag. The weddmjr was per
and W. II. (Miamler. A. C.iuham; . f ri d ; ,j,e ynm 0f tliefarsiiv
notiiisnieii, ji. c. iviauhcii huh i am
JuikH, F. K. Waie, AlfWalkei nnd
Win. Renshaw.
After the various applications nnd
bond had been read they were all
accepted .
The council considered the tran
f r of the eledrie lighting contiact
to the Willamette Valley C"., and
.sked that the matter bo laid over
until the next uieetine; in order thut
the proper steps might be taken to
1 .1 1 11.. i.i.,.o.
have th" but-irefs legally Hans
A petition was read asking that
the S. P. Co. le asked to remove a
bnib wire fence maintained by it
idong its track 1,01th of Ihe depot
lor a distance of 1000 on account of
the obstruction to Ihe passage
across the trucks. The lecorh-r
was ordered to teipiest th?. 1'. Co.
lo leu.cve the fence up to the cily
li milt.
IvI I'lid'-rwiol was 'ltr'ilodus
Marshall for tlin e lining year and
(in en l'il( her vuh poiijted Niht
atdmi'in. W. S. J! timet sn
?,i d Sinet ('i)mrnisiioner. For
S'tet I '
W.i'e- v.;-.
Mc O i'.-n
iininilt'-e, V. ('. Johns ni
' I'- an I I H. li-irte!.,
..Ml !.
Poikr. I i-
nan .-. -I. II. paitt'.s, G.
and !. C. I'oif r.
Mi n-.een
Ti..- ; :' i.-'-di' 11
h'ive M I nil!
of Mr. Kin- to
ll i-e th'; .-ite oi
his lap .li.
Main Stie et for fi
j I I '. ! ! ;'.
it -( 11 - 1 at
-. i !'.--1 ' 1 1 1
l; . at 1! '-.' !
Hi I ' ' ' 1 a:; 1
" to t' e Lri I-,'- w;
I the culire eaunei! de
e' We lti' s lay np( r
t - in vest i .-at..i th'-
- -. hit !- ! f ion o!
uii ii'l I e' p. id 1;.
I d, m, 111 a ihe - it
i. tu pay tin et.t' .-'
tii- ::. mm
Ol il' ! s 1 -,ll-l .
W"l'l I I. ''. 1
l- I en - e.
'J'he c j-ine 1 a ' in j ! t ) :
.N'i;ti ;.iy ni.l.t to rett'.-." ii.e
ni' i t -i th li'l- on t!-e wu; r 'j
ti'jn vA tin briile prono.sitiou
Kxhibition Shoot
Wm. IP..
P le:s Pa; - :
hlb'.ti' 1) i:ei.
:.s. t r :C
t'or ihe
C' w iil : i- an e
0:1 the, and p -.-s-,
Mr. Henry Yeat.di
i c-mpai.-y to b pres
v Cv.a ('!':' wih ut.
': 1;: 1 ul to ml- the
i'.ly M.
op.,., (.' t I;
!iiOO..i. ..'
Mrs. Carrie V. Uolsiiijjer an 1 Mr
Wol'-ott Tibb'es wero mauied at
the lionic
of the i iid'-'w parents.
Mr. an 1 Mi.s. J. P. Witch, 8'2S
Mi.i'n street, Sunday April, s, 'o'b
, ..'i,...l- .,- 11 l'
' .
The bride is well-know n; ami is a
chai min' woman, with scores of
friends- throughout the city. She
has been at h une with her parents
for the past ten months, but form
e i ly held a position as telegraph
operator in the Postal Herviee at
Purl Towiisind, Washington. At
one time she was manager of the
eonipiny '- oflice at Albany and at j
. j,; ; , 1 ilUS a!so Woikediu this
b .... . .
city. I he groom is a resideiH 01
pi it Tow nsend and is a man of(
steiling ipialiiits. He id a plumber,
bv trade and is in the govtrnmcut ;
employ at Port Towubeud. 1
The happy couple left yn-terday '
for Port Townsend, where they will
make their future home.
The maey friends in this city
wish thtm much happinetn. Salem .
Ji-urnal, April 9.
Mis. Tibbies is 11 sister of Mrs. ;
Hairy Wynne of Cottage (jtove
and is known to many people heie.
! Henry Yc-atch, with his wife and
Min left Friday for a few days visit
in Cot vallis.
"Made in Oregon" is going to be
I n great event in lYrthind soon,
; K .ilpl W. Hoyt is a native son and
i bus became the popular candidate
i f'i' State Treasurer because, he
ynys: "State funds collected in a
county must tctnain on deposit in
the county."
A. J. Stownrt came to town on
Tuesday after an ubsence of several
months in Mexico. He is lookiug
nfler his interests nere, ana win
ptobabl,v bo here for some time.
Ho has been trying to get hu sou,
who is ft mining engineer in Mexico
to come up to this country but he
can't break loose down there.
Gamewarden Baker has just re
ceived It untaffged deer hides that
were captured iu Douglas couuty
by Deputy Kne Hodson. The war
den expects to also land the offen
der in u few days. It is strange
that ft man would rather stand the
chance of arrests than pay ft fee of
ioe for ft tag tor each hide.
Metealf and llrund have on ex
hibition at their store two monster
cocanuts. Thcso coeoanuts are fur
nished by Sobepp A Co.. the great
est uinkcra of nhreded cocoanut in
tho world and they state that the
cocoa trees, only once iu oue hun
dred years produce nuts of this
ni., the rest of the time producing
the usual cocoanut known to com
merce. Take a look ftt these hun
dred year cocanuts.
Teachers and Students are
Uiisily at Work (iettin
up Programs.
During the past month M.'n room hud 1.0 t-irdmH- e
and Miss Kelley'n un 1 Mi.-s Whit.
loMns had o:ie tardine1 s each. '.-. is striving to 'r' t her p.-i-'nta;.
i- of tni'Iii c :a do.-..: as far
possible an 1 to ke . c.'-iy ; ho'
: n
HJ'.fti u:;t-l tl.e let 11 1 - out.
Ore of t i.e r--i'
hers 1 ,i p.
e M-i i:c-s : M: v. '
at' -t
1 1 .-.
1 wit
-"t e-.- ;:s- d fio-a
or so. Pa: e'iS -J
. ni.e I b: t ' ei v
'.nt !
- h
o; Wo
1 : . e . a
. i.t.
a r.i
t e
! '.. n
:. 1
a !;!
; ' e o
:: k '
: iiOOl . i.
I treats ;
. ith 1 1. - r
Dur.n '
. e k - j 'r
j-.C. i.n
'.V'-I 10
ti-.e I.
j i. vti j i-. j. 1 j ;;tt out.
I j;T.l j tisi.i:: uc a:: v. :.
i -t t
'.- .-t . :
tn.i 1 aLd 1: taker, the bar
' vf p'nenl.s an.! t-.iciicr.- t
Mo:.":i::.v KiiioiiT
Mouth ending At r;l 0.
ilOVs Liiri-r
Total ei rc,llr.-,e::t 2I4.
New c-nrcbm'. nt 2
Days a'.U noa-.ise iJluS
Day abs.. a. e ;-.i
Avtraye dai y atten
dance 2 Pi
Avt-rajieNo. I elong-
Time tardy 44
So. of holidays
No. of days taurht
C. L. Sthavik, Supt.
West Side School Notes,
Onlv six more weeks until fial !
Prof. H. (. Andersen, .ririciral
of the Scio nhooN, visit dins Fii
day ami guv u Iclj. fill 1 k, point
ing out H e value ( f an 1 11 a t i -n.
These neither al yent t or
ihe last inenth wee: lit a
Mable Maekie, Ktva W.-r-er, I,u-
ella Dixon, Mable Ve.i'c . Yria
Cachrau. Marv McCiirav. ''..zdia
Hemenway, Lettr Turpiu, Hay
Ti-iinnell, James Aiiinte..n, 11; j
Dvtr. Cnaili Cottier, Fred 1.1 -. r-
tu'ii'-. Phillip Cast-beer. C-.olI1
1 1
Handy, and Fnos Crown y. (
Pic-paiiitions are being made tori
: UC eeiuilBt 11 1 c iu; u . cacai-i:?,
The Gietk Lett- r I.iteiary So
ciety met Ai. 5. 1 -. i.nd elected
the following for lie last
term: President, Bessie S eel; ec-rt-taiv,
'trnie 1omi; lieiiiuicr,
... " ii- .. . . 1 r
iMva wariier; s'-ige.u.i 1 1 vims,
JJalph Hawley ; ciitic, J..m - Attin
The following Arbor day n o
gram will be given by the n. , i
April V.l, 1906
Reading of minutes of pi.v; ..
meeting, secretary.
Quotations, la answer to
Recitation Kva Young.
Reading William Bennett.
Recitation Maud Ho pt-r.
Recitation Philip Casebeer
ljssay Jessie Heath,
iieading Yernio Brown.
Yocnl butt Klva Warner
Gertrude Ungate.
Recitation, Ralph llawley.
Composition, Bonnie King.
Beading, Vera Cochran.
Recitation, Hazel Hemenway.
Current Events Flossy Huff.
Beading Mattie Barlels
Beeitatiou--WilHe Mc-ore.
lsnv Luelhi Dixon.
Talk Prof. Harvey.
Critics report James Aikinson.
ta.r School Report.
Stir, lane Co., Oregon,
Anril 6. i'.k6.
Monthly school report of Star
District Xo. i-'- tor the month
commencing March 12, i'JoG, nud
ending Apiil -, 1W6.
No. days taught 20
" " attendance 96; j
" "abseuco. -n,1:-
" times tardy 21
Average daily attendance iS.823
" No, belouging 22,2
I N'o. of ri : : cnr ' 1 ...!l
1 ' r ,f 1, : , 1 1
i To l,-i I ci.r 'l'i;i- nt 2:5
The foli-r.v it .' an- til-! 11 in--H of
1 1 1 1 s w 1 o I. 'iv; I, i M ii'i'licr ab-
! ' f.t n-;r t ''!' ;::, iwn'i'li of
1: I-:...
v i i
I-.-n i
is Tbf- Hidb School S
: - .-'...-. !
II - P.
' i
1:1 eu of
c t y 1: s
t-:- 1
1 at t,
vu a id
:V ii:J
Mi- t -very
.v. -
M. ti:;
i'eJ m.i ii .s
Weeds vis
;;iy in. 1 ning.
London Eriefs.
A ve-iy p'.- .a- nt ;. iTair occuircd at
ihe home of J. O. A. Youug on
Wedne-day, Ap'r'l ffli, ar 1 Miss
Mary 1-. C-iili'e wis th.- lucky bride
an i Mr. F'mer A. Doo'.ittle took
ofi him-!f tic- ic-i 1 t sili'i-y of
i cadship iti this happy union. Af
ter the woid-i were Mii 1 that made
i th' m one a1 d the I'.st.a!
cony rat u-
IX" iittl
Mr. iitid Mrs.
re M 0 an lit nee
v i . i:c Anglo
1 ::ie:;;al de
v. is ariiscic---poll's
. .lie the cere
: b autifjl.
---jiur man cf
.. wi.'-c- goo-l
itiue, is sure to
- u t;i,
. o .
Ve o :'.
. 1 -
elce'e I .. . -' .
' e c 1 g' ' en
s 1;
m -
.p.r.e ;ui
' Duuiltt e-
j !.ee i... .i . -'
-cuse au l an.ia'
devt lop a h:-.pp
i'.l 1
'. ely home.
Next in ordci w
meal w hich ail 1 1 ;
lowed ly i '. t '.! f
repi?t well ll.ivol -1
favorite rclil:icn- -o
- v. -ur.i'ptuou i
ed greatly, fol
.shioatd social
with some old
igs which tuade
tiu.t. Wo
Li i iu
lit'.-u a 1gb
.v. l
W i ' c
t a
-. Id-.: c
:..e u.e i-c n
i-t a:.d l-
Our old ti.::.' irL- ;J 1'hoiuas
Gardner stems M iicwi at hit- levied
almig cei taiu lues. He mny pos
sibly be looking uficr tLe inteit-hts
I of the sl eep and goat men of the
' community nud is j crhai s on the
.- lei t lor the bear, cougar aud coy
o'o hunter and may be able to lend
a helping hand when they need his
skill in conducting the chase.
J. B. Rouse Ins a run of tit-3 en
route for the side track of the Pa
cific Timber Coinpuny'y near La
tham. These ties are exehaueed
for cash which makes tho labours
woik lighter when the handsome
sum of from tw o to three, dollars
per day is forked ovir. This pays
up bills nil round and 60 the work
The bottling plant of the O. M.
S. A. turned out two bads of water
j last week which h-caictly supplied
jibe ordeis wh eh cone iu. The
i I ,i.i. ilon water is oil the loom and
the hotel is nDo in goo'l shape. With
the plenty cf l.elj guests will be
rendered comioi tabic and home liko,
W. H. Diin-'y of Star, wua a
vUitor in town on Tuef-day. He in
working out the beet ga'deu thut iu
possible and studying to get the,
very highest result.