Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, March 14, 1906, Image 7

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I certain If yi take IIikhI'h Suin;iiitillii.
Tlilrt tftiat liM ilic iiio ciii'cm tlnmn i upl ioiin,
iimilcs uixl Imils (hat iiieur al all hi-iinoim;
(much Hcmfuli Miri'M, Halt t ln-uiii nr cci-ma;
lit tit t m itself iMiially well to, ami also i uich, lyw
H mia nial all Mumui li IioiiUih; iik m iIhii
iiiatl4iii ami catarrh ; ciiii-h nn vihih ( I(uI! h,
debility ami that tiled feeling.
Til hi lH pt'OVCU I iy 1 1 II ll lull I II IM Oi U'HiI- Mis irln I, Thiimirtuiiiof Uelat.n
...onlalM, 4,:iii 1-y a.tal count In tho SSXZ
last two yearn -n record iinjin-ccdcntcd Hiruiiijr vu,m ur i,i.n,.i rur n
, it. i f s altark cjf lliat Mood polaonlns ilia
in the history if mnlK-iiit;. ,.r .,, ,,
If,. Miir i in. I. .,!., ..n;i1.. '! renewed h-elth Thlruaahda .f
Lhjuld or laMeta, 100 Doses On Dollar.
An Inrieflalla Trrw,
"Wlint ilo you utiilerataiul j a 'au
ricle cllintwr""
"It iimmI In menn person who trlcj
to break lulu eixli-t."
'TkpJ l ?'
"Yea. Now it ins mnn orih
climber lu search of .m Irljr tiriri."
"I Imvi come, uittiluiu, to take your
gnu meter out."
"I am clad to lii-nr It. for It' done
rtotliliijf lwr It'll m-om here tmt tuke
lia III.' llnltlitioro American.
Itetlco'e lllkkoaM,
V.rrrj town In Mfilro hits public
bat li house. And (till tlt Mrtl.-sna are
nut tli cleanest pimple lu the nor I J.
Catarrh h unually rparilril nothing more wriotis tlian a had cold or
iliht inflammation of the inner hk in and tissues of tlic head and throat,
w hrti it is, in f.u t, tiot only a vrxutimi nnd troiihlcsomc disease, but a com
lirntcil Binl dangerous- one. It ii true- that Cataiih usually Im gins with a
cold in the brad, but when the jioisons, wliiili ore thrown off through the
BiH-rctioim, fin. their way int. the I4mm1, it becotm s a constitutional trouble
Hint ufle ts nil j'iirts of the lJy. It bat more nnnoying and disgusting symp
toms. Ihuii imy other disease. Thete is a ir.tniiig und cflensive discharge
fioin the Host tils, a constant noise in the cats, heaihuhes and pains
in the eyes nte frejnent, while filthy, tenarious matUr3rojs back into the
throat rc-'uiting cotitiuual bawling nnd f Jitti"g, niul in certain stages of the the breath has on oih.r that is very offensive. Catanh is worse in
Winter, Ik-i-.!tf.c the cold weather t loses the port s and glands, and the pois
ons and unhealthy valors whith should pass off that way arc thrown back
on the tender linings und tiisucs, causing the inflammation which starts
the unhealthy seeittions to be ab
sotlcd by the blood. When the blood
Incomes diseased witli this c atanhal
matter all kinds of com plications may
looted for. As the blood circu
lates through the Ixwly the foul mat
ter finds its way into the stomach,
mining the digestion and producing
chronic Dyspepsia, or Catanh of the
stomach. It also affects the Kidneys,
Illadder nnd other members of the lxdy, while the general health is weak
ened, appetite lost and the patient fee-Is despondent and half sick all the time.
Hut worst of all, if the trouble is not checked the lungsbecome diseased from
the constant passage of poisonrd blood through them, and Catarrh terminates
in Consumption, the most fatal of all diseases. You cannot get rid of Ca
tarrh by treating it with sprays, washes, inhalations, etc., because they only
leach the membranes and tissues, while the real cause of the trouble is in the
Llood. These relieve the annoying symptoms for a time, but the poison is
all the while getting a stronger liold on the system and when they are left
off will manifest itself in worse form than before. S. S. S. is the greatest of
oil blood purifiers, and w hen it has cleansed the blood, this pure, rich stream
circulates through the body, carrying bealthful properties to the diseased
parts. Then the inuamcd membranes
ease permanently, and at the same time builds up the entire system by its fine
tonic effect. S. S. S. is a purely vegetable remedy non-in jut ious to the sys
tem and a certain, reliable cute for Catarrh. Catarrh 6ufJerers will find our
free consulting department helpful in advising local treatment to b used
How to Fool a Lazy Liver
with Artificial Exercise
VERY serious Eickntss haa a
email beginning.
And, In nine cases out of
ten that small beginning Is
mado In tha Bowels.
Indigestion Is tha Leglnnlng of most
It paves the way for all others.
Lack of exercise, haaty eating. Improper
food, are its first causes.
Lalniss, and postponement, permits It
to grow Into Chronlo Constipation, which
means life-long Discomfort.
It Isn't necessary to bo tlck-a-bed, you
know, In ordor to be mighty uncom
fortable. Even slight Indigestion affects the
nerves, dulls the mind, and obscures the
merry sunshine of Life.
And, Indigestion once started, grows
fast, corrodes temperament, and discounts
happiness, good cheer, capacity.
It does that long before It puts you on
tho Sick list.
Every thinking Doctor knows why.
Professor Rand knew Ir.
That's why ho framed up for students
Ms famous formula for Happiness, viz.;
"Trust In Cod, and keep your Dowels
Tho Bowels need adjustment from tlmo
to tlmo, Just like a clock, or a watch.
No "Good time" ia humanly possible
without this.
And, tho time to adjust the watch Is
rot when It has run down, nor when' tho
main spring Is broken, but at tho very
minute adjustment Is discovered necessary.
The tlmo to adjust the Bowels Is not
merely when your Head Aches, when your
Liver Is Sick, your Stomach In Revolt, and
Nature's Food Process retarded for 24
hours or longer.
The proper tlmo to adjust them Is tho
very mlnuto you suspect they need adjustment.
fittirrs tall iff almllar rurna. alao mra
of x rofula, Hit rliiu. hiui, eui.
'I He. Nnprriii Court.
Aaeum-I think It's n .I.mi.1I1 op
irtiinltjr for you. Whnt on- you fc.
liiK to lo nhout It?
I (ciioe k - I haven't the Nlli:litit
Ai-uiij - II n t aureljr you ean give an
llcnpiM k -O, gracious! No, my wife
always bunds down tlm opinion.
riilla1i'lpliln Press.
An eminent Scientist lit! estltnsted
trist the average mane opeu aud
but .(XXJ,0(X) time duriuf the year.
It mat t unit orcj 1 1 1 at $12. .V) a year
for licriiKfi to ilririf in Kt. lunula and
liiuntillat rlcliilly In Ht. I.ouia county.
RTral yara Riro my olood wn ba4
nt I had In atldltlon a diaadful oaa of
Catarrh. &l y nuaa waa atopptd up, I
had haaJarlioa, rmamir nofaaa la my
rara and fait unfit for work. I cow
inrnrad tha uaa of 8. H. B. on tha ticora
inonilation or a frland, and In a abort
tlma It cured ina aound and wall. It put
toy blood In looit condition and X haa
rtrtr had tha alllitat raturn of tna
Catarrh alnca that tima.
No. COO Cdcar St. tvauaylUa, Ini.
und tissues begin to heal, the dis
f V '
charges cease, me general conamon oi
the system is strengthened, every one
of the annoying and disgusting symp
toms pass away, and the patient is left
in pet feet health. S. S. S. is the best
remedy for Catarrh. It goes right into
the blood nnd removes all effete matter
and catarrhal poison and cures the dis
If your tongue Is slightly coated,
If your breath Is under suspicion,
If your Head feels a trifle heavy or
If digestion seems even a little slow,
If Heartburn, Belching, Collo or
Restlessness begin to show themselves,
That's tho time to eat a Cascaret.
Don't Imagine tho Cascaret Is Ineffec
tive because it is pleasant to eat as Candy.
It acts as pleasantly as It tastes. It Is
as congenial to your Bowels as it Is to your
It Is not a " Bile-driver" which floods
out your stomach today with fluid juices
needed for tomorrow.
But, it acts like Exercise, Instead.
It stimulates the muscular lining of the
Bowels and Intestines, so that they mechan
ically digest food and drive out the
Tho time to use a Cascaret Is when you
first suspect you need one.
Tho only way to have them ready to
use precisely when you need them Is to
carry them constantly In your pocket, aa
you do a Watch or a Lead pencil.
Tho ten cent box of Cascarets Is mado
thin, flat, round-edged, and small, for this
precise purpose.
Bo very careful to get tho genuine,
mado only by tho Sterling Remedy Com
pany and never sold In bulk. Every
tablet stamped "CCC."
Wa want to tend to our Mends a beautiful
French-deslirncd. GOLD-PLATED BONBON BOX.
hard-enameled In colors. It Is a beauty for tha
dressing table. Ten cents In stamps is asked as a
measure of rood fait h and to cover cost ot Cascarets,
With whlth"3oTaty trinket Is loaded. 718
Send to-day, mentioning this paper. Address
Sterling Keuiedv Uuuuny, Chicago or New Yoik.
Mlaa llrrll Una Mo-l 'InlklnaT of
Ilia- .Ni-alrrl ut Ollirra.
It wmm K 1 1 1 1 I ; i ii. urn, niul Ml hx P.ri-lt
Innl JhhI eiiiiie out of i linicli. Hint whs
iiiilnippy. On oiiiir ilnya Iiit work
I i .t 1 1 1 r I.iih), hni on hiiniliiy, even
HimikIi Iio went to liui-. li tM h e, them
wire ninny Iii.iiin left lu whli-h to re
liieinlier that hIic IiihI no limne hut 11
iMiiirillng huiiMe "fiiurtli liin k." Ih-vii
nt ehiiirh It uiiM not much better, for
h I hut ii in I envied tho hnppy people
m hn ciime from liomea
"And not one of thcin nil reincinlxTS
tho liiimlnilM of lonely women In honnt
hoilicn," aim thought, week nfter
week. There wiin no ijiiohI Ion nhout It;
Mla Itrett vviih growing lietter.
Hlie hurried pnat the KroujiH of
chun liKoera to. her lion nil n Iiouk".
Hhe wim lu the mood when the. long
cllinh up tho dark atalrwny offered the
KutlMfnt'tloii of a tiiiiK'M" grievance.
Once hIic euiight a gllmpaa of a woinnn
atfiudlng wearily hy her window, look
ing down Into the row of city bm-k
ynrds, nnd once the door of a hull IkhI
room whs ptifdieil to nt tha aound of
her footsteps ; the prcttaure of other
lonely Uvea ml. led to tho burden of ber
Then aiiddenly nomethlng hnpneL
"What ure you doltig- nhout It your-
Tlm fjilentlon enine to her o elenrly
thnt for a Ix-wlldered moment she
thought nome one hnd apoken. Then
ahe pUHhel her door to nnd dropped
Into the lien rent ehnlr.
"Well:" she eJiiculHtod. Mlaa Urott
lulght lie bitter, but no one hnd ever
hit lit that ahe wna not honcHt. Alonu
nnd uiillluchlnKly ahe faceil the necuaa
tlon. When, two hours biter, ahe rone
nnd took off her bonnet ahe Imd en
tirely forgot ten her dinner the mntter
wna clear.
'Tin h nice uno to talk of others'
duth-H when there'" that HMr thing Vi
the hall ln-drooin next door who muat
think my room n palace. I can't any
I like her looks, but probably alio
doexii't like mine. If I'm going to
grumble I'll do It honestly, nt nny
There wna a Jar of milk on the win
dow hill nnd home crackers lu tho box
that nerved her for pantry; nlso n box
of honey which nome Impulse had made
her buy n week U fore. She. arranged
them nil uiou her little table nnd then
knocked nt her next neighbor's door.
"I wonder If you'd come nnd have
supiH-r with me 7" ahe anld. "There's
nothing but crackers nnd m.'Jk nnd
honey whnt we lined to hnve nt home
when I wna a child but somehow I
wanted company."
The woinnn next door looked at her;
her volit- trembled.
"Iki you know that you were sent to
me?" she naked.
That was the leglnnlng. Slowly oth
ers cam a girl with deajiernte eyes,
kn tired school teacher, a crippled flow
er-maker. They Invited each other to
Sunday ten, nnd had long talks nfter
that mnde the day a Joy both In antici
pation nnd memory. Curiously enough,
the neglected duty of people with
homes troubled Miss Itrett no longer.
Youth's CoiiipnaVm.
I'f-raonallr Ventilated.
There wns nothing else In the world
which Nornh Ix-nhy, romtietent "crub
woman, fen nil na much ns a thunder
ntorm. Her mvounts of exjierlencos
dtirluK the summer were always sure
to contain a few thrilling Incidents
connected with heavy shower.
"The wurrst tlmo Iter I had waa
In tho lllrrahl bulldln wan Saturday
In tho Hummer o nlnety-foor," Mrs.
I Leahy Is certain to tell a new listener.
"In the niiiiuio o me nnnernoou, wmn
they'd nil pine from the upjer floor,
nn' I was there wld me, mop, there
came up the fonrfulleat storm thnt Ivor
I saw.
"Whin It burrtit, I ran to a cont
closet nn' nht mesllf In, nn' I Bays to
inesllf, 'Whin the thunder (lies down,
I'll fitep out, nnd not befoor.' An' If
yo'll belave me, I wns two full hours
shut In that closet, wld no ventilation
hut me own breath."
Lifts lly llh Ilia Kyvllda.
Itecently an Indian fuklr npiwareil nt
a circus In Iterlln, where he astonished
the nudleuce by lifting n lioy with his
pyelitis. The boy mado himself ns small
ns (MisKlble, nnd wns put Into a net, to
which wns nocuretl n string that wns
provided on each end with n little cup
Just large euough to fit over the eye.
The fakir pressed these little cups over
his eyes, where they held fast, theu
threw his head back and slowly
straightened his body, thus lifting his
burden, which he then curried tibout
his nrms being outstretched nil tho time
nnd finally lowered It slowly to the
ground again. How Is It poslble for
nny man to do thls7 The only explan
ation Is that tho cups were fitted Into
the eye sockets so that they held on
the edge of the sockets, but It Is not
likely that the trick will bo Imitated by
even those prestidigitators who consid
er themselves very expert.
A (iiiud Corner.
"Thnt old codger," remarket! tho trav
eling man, "scorns to bo quite au Inde
pendent old party."
"Wnnl," replied the village wit, "It's
no wonder. He op'rated a purty iuc
cessful corner lu whout this year."
"Yes, ulreel that corner lot o' hU'n
yonder. It yielded 050 bushels." Phil
adelphia Press,
Slow bat Isr.
"Hnvo you a street cleaning sys
tem ?"
"Y'es," answered the man who nev
er loses his local pride. "It takes a
little time, but It is thorough. We
wult for a thuw." Washington Btar.
NimmiiI I'limlllur,
("If the No'itliiif nt cohtiiliieil n ot'r
H..iiiir Honi'M were more loftily nnd
pi clli-lilly l prex-.e I, they Won'. I lone
nothing of their clo' I." Take thU h iine
nnd try It on your piano. )
Toil; aiming toil, m I In- imlm j..y lot
If nil our' f.iinily a-ive iirio
'1 li. lio.iry lii'ii'liil mini who cnlln hip
a. mi,
My honored aire, h only Inhora not.
l-'roiii ilnwii to il ik, in Ina ai'i'imtoiiiei
MIOl, '
Wle-re Kiowa the lo lb ruddy hearth
IteaU lie, in ailviice ever, moved of
And burna tohaeco noiaomily, fJod wot!
Nailndeaa the others Idle not at all,
I' or o'er a steaming caldron, lo ! ther
Tha form of mother, moiling all the
day; -.
And slater, too aweet Ann, so fair and
tall !
To the aame taak her young aasiatance
While only pater whiles his time away!
Cleveland leader.
A lit AKAMKUl rrilK H(K I'lt.KH.
Ii'l.u.r. HI i"1. II 1irK. l'rrir.i.Hi( I'll. Ornr
f im mith'.rir.-.! lo refund ri.oi.f If l'AO
Ol.ViMK.VI fa la lo cura In Ilo II tiny a. 60c.
Kredlraa rteqaeat.
"I have eoino, air," BHld the younf
man, ns he entered the library, "to
nak you to give me your daughter'!
"Why," rejoined the aurprlaed par
ent, "when I enrne through the hall
about an hour ago It waa In your pos
cksIou." Thera la mora Catarrh tn thla section of tha
country than all uthrr iliaraaea put together,1
aii'l until tha laat lew years waa auppoaed to be -lisnralil.
fur a grat many vearsductors tro- '
ii.mnc il It a lra. ulaea-a. and treacrlbd loral
rKine.lna, and iy CMialantly lallins; to cure
with local treatment, pronounced itlncursl.le.
rt .-rice haa proven catarrh to lie a constitu
tional iliaKana. and therefore requires consiltu
ll Mial tri-atnit-iil. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manu
factured tjy F. 1. h.-ney A Co., Toledo, )hlo, la
the only constitutional cure on the m ark el. It
la tai.-n In tcrnally In d..ea f roin 10 il roj t" a
ieaa;xoiiiiu. 1 1 S'-ta n irectiy on ine niooa ana
! in ue u aurfaci-B of the jratem. 1 hey offer one
' hundred dollars for atii l ane It fails to cure.
bend for circulars ami testimonials.
I A.l.lri na, I- J Hfc.NKY & CO., Toledo, 0
Bold I'V I iriieita. TV.
Hall lau.lly 1'llla are the best
Secret Oat.
"How do you manage to distinguish
between rheumatism nnd gout, doe
tor?" queried the medical student.
"Ity consulting the books," replied
the eminent physician.
"Ity consulting the books!" echoed
tho embryo M. I).
"Yes," answered the eminent physl
elan. 'T look up the patient's rating
with the commercial agencies. See?"
TITO Permanently Cured. Ifo fltaor nervousness
I I I u artrr t.mlday'a uaeof Iir.Kllne'atireat Nerve
HeM.iri-r. Send Kret ft mat boolean.! ireatlae.
tir. 11. Jl. kliue, Ua.,kll Arcb hu. l'ntuulelptita, l a.
A Ilariaia.
"I ndtnlt," said the merchant, who
had advertised for an assistant, "that
your exerieiice In business might make
you a valuable man. Itut the salary
you ask is a Rood deal of money Just
for your exjerlence."
"Well," replied the man who bad
noou better days, "I assure you I'm of
fering my exierlenee to you for less
thau It cost me." Philadelphia Press.
Tor Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
A I.lrely Csttesi.
Mrs. S. And so you are leaving us,
, riridget? And what are you golnj to i
Bridget Flease, mum, I'm going to
get married.
Mrs. S. Denr me! Isn't that rather
sudden? Who Is the hnppy man?
Hildget Do you remember, mum,
me askln' you about four weeks ago
to go to the funeral of a friend? Well.
I do be goln' to marry the corpse's
husband. Sure, he told me then I
win the life o' the party." Harper's
Prove It
By the Oven Fire
. (V
other powders anywhere near
f- L, Uuaiity. 25 ounces for
25 cents.
flend a noeta! for
"Book of
I w
UK. W. A, WI5C
And doing dental. work all tb time thai Is
the record ol Dr W. A. Wise, lnourea
tabllaliuient are eipert dautlsts who are
cvnipolent to uerlorm Hie moat luiHrlaut
dental operations. No matter Ibe nature
of itie work, there Is a tuau ber to do IU
D1C II. A. BTl'HDKVANT, 8eclttllst on
I'blltlreu's Teeth and Kegulailng.
Falling Illdg., Third aud WaahliiKton Hta.
a. in. to p. m. bundays to 12. Mam kus
Work Dobs ea WccUr ss4 Hoathlr PsriwoU
: -e
The Taking
Cold Habit
The old cold goes ; a new one
quickly comes. It's the story B
of a weak throat, weak lungs,
a tendency to consumption.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
breaks up the taking-cold
habit. It strengthens, soothes,
heals. Ask your doctor about It.
" I had a tarrlhl rot 4. aod nmhlns relieved
me. I irlail Ayar'a Cher.-f I'erloral and It broSa up my wiM. atoi.ped my
eouch.and aaaed evarf part of mytnlr. It
did wonderful work fur me." Ml J. f. LUTZ,
Toledo, Ohio.
hrt.O.k rr Co., Lowell,
Aleo atauaiaoiarara at
Keep the bowels reeular with Ayer'a
Pills, Just ono pill each night.
The 1)1 (Terence.
When the inexperienced go traveling
the j take along a guide hook: the expe
rienced a check book. New York Press.
St. Jacobs Oil
for many, many years has cured
and continues to euro
Well Drilling Machinery,
Drilling It Fishing Tool.
Irrigation Plant .hydrau
lic Rams, Spray Pumps.
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Why accept a lower rate vt Interest fr. m
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the world haa so many horses as Kus-
Take LAXATIVE BKOMO Quinine Tablets. Dni
glata refund money if It fal to cure. E. W.
CKOVK'b signature Is on each box. 26c.
Official and Final.
He sent for a pass to Mr. Cassatt,
Who answered, "You pay or you stay
where you're at."
Mothers will find M'-. Wtnslow's Soothing
Pyrup the best remedy to use for their children I
during tht teething r rlou.
Matthew Faulds, a weaver, of Kil
marnock, Scotland, bus been at his loom
eighty years, and he is more than 00
years of age.
Put the wonderful KC Bak
ing Powder to the test. Ceta
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licious, wholesome things that
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thirds cheaper and makes purer,
better, more hcalthtul lood than
Qet it to-day!
or. r. t. wise
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Names and Aifrfreaaes in PiKtland of Repre
sentative Huainea firms.
, I'MOTO HI Tl'1,1 l-.S; K.'tak (. rl,..,, .,d prlnt
I Ins; write lor pru-ea. V .l,.r.l. I .hi ke A I n.
MAOIi: t.A N1 KKNH W .l.o r l .... I'nrllan.l.
I iiwait prlrea on lantern ami Hi 01. a.
r.f.AMI Ii; IIOIKKV ;'era, Itrar... Knit to
Jot; fri-e meMiireuient lilai.kM: W .....innl, ciurke.
HOriMKM of all Simla for aa'e at v. ry renaonaSIa
prlcea. in..ilr T.t trout Ht.
TItt'HMr.H aenl on approval; we Kunramee fit In
moat difficult caaea; WMMlar.l, t'iare A Co.
HWF.K.T I'KAH-Hend I Or for pea. atd Kalrdold
Medal pea. J.J. Ilutr. iwi r rout a. ri-et.
A HT It'll I A I. KTKH; ry-ry l,ae and nhap-; aa
aortmant a-nt on approval ; W ixxlar.l, ( o
CRKAM ft K PA!'. A lO km We anarantea ihe t.l. ft.
o par or to b ihe neat. Wrtia lor free cata of.
ilaielwixxj Co., h If.h and Oak.
afP.VHCfiTHtNO - flnffnm Pendleton, aole
agea'S Allred p.eniamin ( o.'a correct clntliea.
Kv.r71l1l.1a In men'e rurnHhina-a. Morrlaoa and
Hixth atreeta. Opposite poau.m.-e.
t-KKK USD l.v O It K.i 10. o nder the Carey Irrt-
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POCI.TKV M-HllJ-lf yon want your hena to lay
snore eg-j-a write na for free partlmlara aixint Pi.
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162'i First St., S. C. Cor. Morrison
Mention paper.
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of use on the eastern coast Tower's
Waterproof Oiled Coats were introduced
in the West and were called olickers by
.1 i -n : . i r
me pioneers onq cowuoya. t rus orapmc
name has come into such general use that
it is frequent! though wrongfully applied
to many substitutes. You want the Genuine
Z?y Look tor tne Oign of the ri5h.and
uk name l ower on xne Mittonj,
"A.J TOWtR CO..c05TON.MAS5.U 5. A.
W. L. Douglas
W. L. Douglas $4.00 Cilt Edge Line
cannot be equalled at any price.
JULY 6. IB'6
Capital 2.5or40ooJ
(1 n nnn reward to nyone Wh0
9 I U,UUU disprove th.t ilatement.
If I could take you Into mv three lurge factories
et Brockton, Mass., and show you the Inllnll
care with which ev ery pair ol shoes Is mails, you
would realize why V. L. Douglas $J.S0 shoes
coat mora to make, why they hold their shape,
lit better, wear longer, and are of greater
Intrinsic value than any other $3.50 shoe.
W. I OouglMa Strong Mntlm Shomm for
Man, f'J.SU. S'i.UU. Boy' School at
UrommShooB.92.BO, B,$1.BO
CAUTION, tix.ii having W.L.lKjug.
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Without his niune and price stamped on bottom.
fast Color tvtta uvea ; then will not wear brussy.
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XV. L. DOI GLAs, ltrocktou, Maaa.
P. N. U.
No. 11-06
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