Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, March 14, 1906, Image 5

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The llaaar.
w . i , i mi, 111 i Mp y
- - fi lit llll
Columbia n,nd
I'linnnurR jlm
KetoriN for hmIc. J
III - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 In I ii
i I'M i in-, liin. i
u .1 ti', ii n il all
I, III. I .. I. "Hull- 0
Jltl'l IHHI'llil'l
, H,-. Ill I I .I'll I III
I " Ml
Wc cai ty a complete line of On tu ; Mr. C. A., Nie of I lift
and garden tools, You cannot rf- Dalles is m town lo,k.n; over the
ford t) I'd without our No. 4 Jin- situation uti l vill
ptuvfii rianet Jr. A a Mfi'fi lii'i , ti' i . ip s i,e
mil is accurate, simple, durable, Ic- nii this .:nc f,.;
lablo ain eay running, I i h st i m-w that ,c I, .is
( .hsh wots, hi cery I'M iK'iuar. I in' r i mi n cwi i
' lanl' iii rs aii'l 1'urmcin who f t-1 go" I eh.:ie e foi .t
I hat (h'V haven't enough work for! dry. lb is hep.
a drill to do, w 1 1 1 liuil thi com ! I'omi ev Tim
i'inl tool one ol the most nnuii iun up- jmih:
'Hid llil'il.'llt of 111) (icll'CrH. Ii: C fill I li- 1)1
illy locate
i.r I bis f
''mi- I injf and
i.ti I i r'' lie is
1 1 . ire , I of t he
!',i',t ( l.n, laun
talk and do
''.:i'i'':! an I the
lii;u their assist
ii!' t "a ill) a ( onlial
fj " p Q ffv
i Si s
J. A. Cobb (&
Wynne Ildw. Co.
i' ci jitiuii I'V all the
I !( has j -f. i( '.ti
ii) r( liaiits.
'v ioM out his
- aii'l i- a ',fij)
1 ( olne Jj'Tf: to
' li i iloric else-
Clothing Departments.
: I u-iti( Ms ii ! H
i alii'- Hum, aii'l w i!
i iiril:'- a siii ci-i-s, : s h
J liti-r, Mr. I'.ivh nay lie will wait
a little time hffotc riiakin any t-
, i i n afiij sou how things look lif rc
in a coupln of tnonths.
Men's suits
Mc-n's suitn
Men's suits
Mi-ii's suits
Sacvfficc Sale continued
until riDavchSO. Zoo buo
to write an ab.
Corner Mali (il 3rtl Stccrt
Micliirif! coupons at NiiKK';t otlirc.
Ijiiiiln-rnK-ii'M uikI lojiyti'H sIioi-h
it Vtriskf'H at the leht. hihI lowest
piift'H. H
The KpvMiilh I .'' ,J i'l h 'hi a
niaiktt ut Codiraii'M firniture More
j Hcc tliosi-liii-t'oll hhirls, i-ilk ti 1 1 1
plain fiontH at lioin -o tu I) cents
at the Pitiai
ailcii set il just it 1 1 i v c I ami
"k ned ut Vc'calf A liiut ils 'i'he
hcxl tjiialily t tlic heft pi ice-.
The N'oithwi ht l'oiiltry Journal
an I the N'u'et foi 1.75- Now is
tho time hilo this Hpecial yr i-c is
1'ilK.iiiu u home industiy that h
buihliii:' up a j;uod trade by its
fo nl mate! iul Tlx: CoLj.t r ('iK;,r
I'm tut .
I'm an ( xp it piano tune
paiiei. eull up I,. Ii, WuciN
tin 1 ro
lute of
Hard Lin k.
V. T. II mkm-ior tin- Star I,uui
I" r Cn In ! .1 s( f p. .K-ridf nt Sat
1 1 r lay n,' a iii'i,' nh'ii h" f'll off the
ha k of tlii- mill arid very hadly
hiui'-ed Inn i f;lit shoulder and arm.
II" cam'; iiit i t'jwn and th injury
with lr"s-p i hy Dr Joh, who said
that i: ',h i wonder tlmt he was
n t n i . 1 1- Iim!v hurt.. The rifilit
("p-anu i-. Ii.n'i v s'piincd and will
have t i wiiii !, i for foihp
tune. Mi Il'Hil.itu sivh that the
"ill is :'-! I :'''U' . -r' !)i'C-ly
and 1 1 i a the is g'-ltin thfie
niw rapidly. They expect to he
kept busy all the tmi", jti-t ns f af-t
aH thf-y ran run. Mr Hankins
thinks it i hard luck to bo laid out
jut when they are beginning to get
thingN oii. .so nicely ami tee I all
the help the i an have.
ol II.
(t tnrtfo if tfinrtfo a nsfltiossis'ssBofiBoofliktE'stsB eoo jf7f?irvy
Ikttis oi Interest in and about
Cottage (iic and vicinity. 2
SLsms.AH mum fljin a it an o B9.,jsB33tviJcaoav.asflcsiiafiaafiaji.'5
Conner makes llm best cigars in
Sowing inacliine (Me foi soiin
lady. Who in hlic.
K iinbull's rimio ! uctoi y
on phone .Vv.V
Tim 1'acific I h iiiiestead is a good
iekly lai nniig paper, and can be
had at a teduci'd rate with Nugget
MlbHi'I ipti'MI.
Chicken huicicis get a I'oultry
Join imi, and keep pohtfttJ. 1 he now at! Is nm th to visit seine more
Northwest Poultry Journal and the . of the North Coat country, before j
Nugget fur 1.7". 'getting home about April first. He'
White LanasUn eggs i .50 per ! pects t 1 egin th.e . at s f irming
the P.uaar. Fine ! Ai" li -,t"- a,u' expects a big
See "Aineili a Flrl."
(ii-; 'nisk, a brotlier
't)'-k',1 (! the Caii (Jroec-ry, who
haM been uniting here for some
week, left on his wav homeward
Venskc is a farmer
'.ViseuiiMu and 011
lor a w vstei n ti ip,
I.oiiiw. 1 )en( 1 . .'ol
Si.l I.ake. all :he
ot the eoas! and
Mon lav. Mr
of I-'aU' Cuok,
Jan. .'.,tl. h-ft
htopping in Si .
oradu springs.
plllli'lpai ln'.tlh
' lliey are worth double the money.
Hoys' suits i , 7
I Uoys' suits 5j l'
Poys' suits ?.v2o
I'oyn' Huits I4C
McIj'h pants 70c
Men's pants
Men's panti 1 . -
Men's pants $2.00
Men's and bjys' wool hhiils :c
Men's hats 2 1 e
Men s hat-.
Stetson hats $1.2'
I.aJifs' and (JentleiiJcn ' raackin
tosiies 5 1 .4-1
I.odicn' Up-to-date Coal". Capes
and Jackets I'
'Ihey an worth from 5'i m i to $-.'o.imi
MirSes' L'p-t'j-date Coat and
jackets 52 ",''
Tliey are worth from 54.00 to ?' 10.00
Men's Department.
I'mlerwear Fleece lined o'1;
Men'ri wool underwear 7."u
M-n's Iambs wool c
Overall-, .i'.ij
)c rails 4'.ic
M- n's Neckties Jc
Men's Suspender-- 5
Men's (Ji e-i
Men's (j loves
Men'rt socks
Ladies lielts
H ys' Ovcrco.ts
La'liei' Slmti
Mfn'a Sb','M
I 2C
e any did price!
worth S"
1 .
Lulie1- II ti
Ladie Wr.
Lad!, s 'i
1 2 .
etc , 1 !
t 1 1 4
of Shoes,
. Corsets,
C . a'
N. ;! :.- . ;
and in fi! -t-just
half t
any of these
to - 1-1.
I . v.
I J '
and at
;r'. hase
il from
r.u bo,
KeV. M. (' WlP
lid e 1 hi 1 w eef .
g 1 1 11 1 ies go to 1
s I
was a visitor I
Iuigene Steam Laundry, Allium
and Hastings agents.
Sewing muchum coupon ifcciv
cd on subscriptions when yam pay
A I. 'tine hi. in,! is the kind tot ou
In -ui'ikc C. i eigath.
1 i .In niia 1 i.yars aie juct the thing
anl ihii' I 1 11 lor get if.
Mis Pen Pitcher was a visitor in
in Wihlwuod.
Mrs. Lore nil Mat tin went to I Main (town M aula v fi
Rlondav on businesH and n tut ned . , , , , , ,
.- 1 o Ueil .11. d wile " I Ulldwoil,
l,eM C mi t 1 tw 1 Alo'i'l iv nil bllHiness
To Mr. ami Mis. Ilanv v .. 1. .1. . . 1 . ... . . 1 . 1 .
ciir-Kc r i mi 1 nue in n'liu i'i
lirihaut on Wednesday inotning a
fine baby git I
you to gut our photograph. I'on'ti .
forget ('oehraii. ;J
.1 lap pt , e ( ill hat. v nil W Hilt .
IM .. 1; ........ 1 1. I'.,,,,,,, ,, 1. .,.,.11,
, , . I , . ll'l I . I ' ' I l II " III"," ..-! ,l "Il ,
Cochran h studio is !'" I'1'" "'"' :.. , . .,,, ,1 ,1 u. !.,.. ,fSli
ossin Pel;; Monday evening.
Home industry is all right when
you can get what you want at the
To Archie U. Thompson
.1 . . 1 : .. 1 . .
ami wiic, iiiesoay mui.uuK u uue - , - ,
r" I ' , - t ,s -
C'ochian inakcH gooil photo-
girl. Iloth
doing well.
iiiothor ami bab are
,r-ti.l, ',,,,) -I I .,, ,1 1,1 io'U Im
When you wiuil a good niaguine j ' . ' . , ,
or Dftt er 011 a eiuinung late, irv
your home paper with it. The N. 1. llyland, of Ivugene, ha.'
rriee will Hiitisl'y vmi. il nrchased loo lots lioni N. S. Mer-
rui which is ti:e nasi 01 me ivieiiiu
The New York Tlihuno l-'aimer,
a weekly Agricultuial paper, free
to any BtibHcribor that pays 11 year's
subscription to the Nugget.
There are photographers and
photographers, hut the one you
want to go to is Cochiau, in the
Young building. Ho is well
I1UIIII lit llll 111 III lllll.IIIIWII
equipped t iuii.ish the best at the ,h d,lSHi i,;,,, eonnists of fifteen
new addition to the-town, Mr. lly
land expects to erect a do011 cot
tagea for rent as early in the sum
mer as lumber can be secured
Whitolake Timcy.
Ir, Macy's Sunday School clasb
of I ho Chi istian i'hureh tuet at hi
homo to loini an organization of
lowest prices.
1'oyn from the age of 'J to 16. The
Tho Nugget wantH to know who ..j, waH organicd and will be
the most worthy lady in Cottage t .u,.,) ; o Tho name be
Orove is, and to whom tho Mowing in), lt sccu.) l)IR.
inaeliino we win civc away, .snouni
go to. Iiuhcato your iWsnes in mis
The Medford Mail o Mauh '. is
u Hpecial edition of -4 pages illustra
tive of Medlord and Jackson county
Tho local freight yanla aie full of
caiti all the time thcno dayn. Rails
ami tiislor the ini'roail extention
fioin Hiain aio btim.' held ut every
hidetnick. Twenty four cars of
lails have been hchl at Divide, 24
una is a line paper, eu goueu up a , nli ,inc A-
cred;t to the paper, and HioiUU f , .,H (,.ul ,)0 niuiu0d ul
produetivo of nhch gool to the
whole community.
Mrs. KtnoKt Rhodes, who had
beeu visiting her areiits here, Mr.
und Mia. J. J. Heddcii. for Heveral
weeks, left Monday night lor hei
far away home in Michael, P. C.
Ilnr uil.i- M,j Wtii-i'li I ul
in, , , 1,1 1 -1. i. t,iii,i
Hiain, inoiccaiH are pulled in.
C. A. Jtdins, republican candi
date or Cioveinoi, in his appeal foi
Vi)lc.- Hiiyn, "excepting the saloons
I have the Hiippojt and eiulors;
niuilol piactically cvciy biibincsH
inteicst in linker county." This
Cottage Oiovo, accompanied hi r as statement is a bone ot contention
far aH Chehalis Wash., lor a hhoil latAccii the P;iigciie papers now
visit with lelut'iveB. f aiu Nonpu- for and aguiust this prowuient can
ieil, ilidttlc,
Hetlmg ( 15 ) at
winter layeic, weight, rooster 1
pounds, hens, s pounds,
Puy soiiu thing good at the Kp
worth League maikef for your
Sunday dinner. See the goodies at
C a bran's furniture Hort Saturday.
Pound A black muhy heifer
Has crop oil of right far. Owner
may have same by paying pasture
bill and for advertising.
I). (). Mosnv.
The liuit growers of Linn county
aie getting together to establish a
lig 1 1 11 1 1 cannciy at Albany, and are
getting Meek subscribed among the
lai triers of the community.
W. T. Kajsir uays that he has
gncd piospects of being elected
C ounly Commissioner and that his
trip to Hie county seat last week
w as picuhu live of much good-
The Ladies Aid Society of the
Methodist ( hutch f ntc rtained the
members and fiiends of the Chinch
Tucsilay evening in the chuich
parlois. A splemliJ time was had
and delightful refreshments were
L'ugene is happy to be getting
over her lever scare. There are
fewer cases being reported and vtry
few fatal cases have been noted.
The town is getting a thorough
cleaning up and will bo kept in
better shape hereafter.
W. D. Carman moved to Port
land with his family 011 Monday.
Whiio his interests hero will still
be held by him, he will devoto his
entire timo and energies to forwatd
ing his merchandising system,
called the W. 1. Carman Co. Ho
icpoitsthat tho company is in a
lloutiirhing condition and the busi
ness is growing each day. live
people aie now employed at tho
Pottland c llice and more agents are
being put out constantly. Mr.
Jainos Hemenway will bo iu chargo
of tho store hero, und the stock will
be impiovcd.
Albany haH just coudenined some
property, and vacated two streets in
order to give a location for a big
sawmill plant that will locate there,
directly upon tho bank of the Wil
lamette. The town is getting a
rustle on herself, und is going to
try to capture every enterprise that
comes. Mr. Suitor says that the
railroad situation there is one of the
best in the state, and that it is the
lest town I ct ween Portland and
Sacramento, and will soon bo still
belter. The mi'l site offered to him
lies on tho banks of tho Calapooia,
where logs can bo takou from either
that stream or the, Willamette.
crop. Ho is much pieat-e-1 with the
wist, but prefers Wisconsin, with
all its cold. He suffered greatly
from the heat in Los Angeles, and
says I)euvr. Colorado, is the tinest
town he eii saw and that it dis
counts, all the towns of the coast for
boauty aud fur cleanliness it can't
be beaten He Lopes to make more
trips each year, sieing the whole
U. S.
To Exrhtvnge.
Cows foi young, gentle
Inquire at this office.
On account of such a heavy li
cense we will sell our Entire
Stock of Merchandiso for the
Next Four Days at 48c on the
Dollar. Saturday night at 9 P.
M. we close our doors.
Follow the Crowd and You will get
there a II right Railroad fare paid One
Way to Patrons purchasing oods to
theamountoi $25orover.
j. A. Cobb & Company
hoi so.
M v SlglM of Eva
rieteher Oipaid had a gathering
in his left car a cmp!e of weeks ago,
und on a week ago Sunday it was
lanced by 1i Hockett. It seemed
to get all light but a little pain
was felt in tho left eye no the doctor
gave him some medicine which
seemed to relieve it, but his light
eye became swelled and n Sunday
morning the nth when the doctor
was called he found the right eye
all swelled up and protruding from
the head. Medicines failed to re
lieve him, and on Monday he was
taken to Portland by Dr. H icuet,
and au .eye specialist will be con
sulted. The eye will undoubtedly
have to be opened aud it is hoped
th-it no serious results will follow,
but it looks as though he would
lose tho sight of tho right eye.
The Real
Safety Razor
Susan B. Anthony died in Ro
chester, N. V. Tuesday morning.
Died, I'rida.v night at Dorena. an
inlant child of Mr. and Mrs W. A.
Portland i, Laving a liar I time of
it with 45 fues iu a few das to con
tend with.
The Match snow will kill much
eiuly ft nit and will put back the
growth ol tho other fruits'.
Wui.-'on (lover will soou open
a tew meat miuket in ,the building
formerly occupied by Pearce &
Tho sewing machine iu the Nug
get window seems to be worth a
try to a number of our young ladies
and each one is anxious to have it
for theiis.
Major T. J. lluford, who has bieu
hero in the inte'oMs of the Frater
nal P.iotherhood is spending a few
days at Saginaw,' where his son,
who is manager of the llootli Kel
h y stoto tlutc, is going to be mar
lied today. The major is greatly
rejoiced at Oio event and will spend
several days befoto loaviug for his
homo iu Loa Angeles,
lie used in cither ham I
si tops like any razoi
It cuts them off slick as a whistle, " i
Griffin k Veatch Co
1 1
worrf catch
cold Hie drank
1 1 dCp
in mm x mm
.. - s -vj v,.- '
Metcalf & Brunei,