Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, March 07, 1906, Image 8

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    Cldridge Sewing Machine Free
n"irt-' . ?-
To the most worthy lady of Cottage
Grove and vicinity, the Nugget will
give a fine five drawer Sewing Ma
- .
j The Big Eastern Repertoire Co.
j Blthrit's Ideals
Thursday, March s, "A I:iht For Honor.1'
Friday, March 1), "Because lie Loved Her."
Saturduy night, "Virginia."
Saturday Matinee, "Other Peoples Money."
Big Vaudeville Acts 5
Prices: 25, 35 and 50 cents
Keseryed Seats at New Hra Pru Store.
Mosby Creex.
Mr. and Mia. W. 1) Heath
Tia'ted Mrs (Jastel Suuday.
Mrs Dve Mo-hy and little son
Wade vi-uted Mrs. P. I,. S;oiig
Monday and Tuesday.
Mr. Mrs. Walt liaker went to
Cottafl; Orove Wedneaday and
Mrs. Uaker returntd Friday ac
companied by Walt's M-ter Mi-s
Will Vaq Gord,n went to the
Grove Thursday.
P. L. Sporg and family went to
Alca Sunday to take charge of the
boarding house ut that plaoa.
Tom Kawlings wis a visitor to
citr' "Baturday.
Will JjIihsoh wit to Cottage
Grove Tri lay.
J3l l,KH0l',.V.
Mahara J5ros. Pig Minstrel Carni
val is booked to appear t the Opera
houfe on Tuts. .March 1 ,th. For
moie than twenty yc'.rs Mahara'-.'
has been recognitd as ihe leading
Minstrel cr''at,iation triivcli.Jg the
circuiia 1 r.d dum g H thi ? years,
. At I
tbey point to an uuiaoKen ncoro 01
promises fullilbd. 'J hey have ne vti ;
111 tLe 1 resemaiion 01
. A . C
tverv ftdvetliscd teatuie anJ in coa-'
- ' - 0 '
1 the lady is will be deter
t e of Nugget subscribers.
:a. Nugget
Sewing Machine
; vsorthy lady
. . c.n ity.
I'c vote 1 !-for March 21.
fcC'iuenee the ijam
iff me lec-'jiiicd as the accepted
mii, fr.r ail tl.uf .i" ..
tertairdnir in u.inistrelav ThiB !
Keason'H pro-Hin i enhanced by the !
addition of a numher of r,.ti I
Creole pirlH who not r,.,lv ii-n.l r...
lism to the vieid r,ir ti,rtc of,... '
ti-n life in the south hut are ,een iuiL,ne .tn tt,riMy 'r 'PI'1-'1
I-.-.. . i,, , i .
.... . ' 1 II.....C I . f. n tcfil.l.. .r..t.n.l 1.1'
im to d.-.t- .i,r.,i.iiii..c -..a 11,
-P . - j v. ii ov i ail'. nmcuji'lP !
numbers culled from Mest N. V. j
and Chicago's big musical reviews. ;
A I ig crowd will be on hand to
gieet this Metlir.g eompriy in Cot
tage Grove
There wan a runaway ut I.athatn
Monday aiteriioon, the team (dart
ing right iu the tOWll. Und nimincrlal .i''t It..,, ' . I . .r i ....
this way. .The engineer on a!"
freight reported that an old man ,
was the wagon and the wagon
tipped over throwing the old maul
out, thin the wagon rightfd itaelf and ,
ue tetim ran on towurd.s town.
Who the team belonged to, or
whether the old man was hu'it or
not We have n t been able to find
J' d' e I. T. Harris oIKuim-iih ha.
aiio.iini Hl his candidacy 'for Cir- ,
!e man
.... l..ll,i: ... , .
n n ei mU omee tor years that
he. und his fi i- udrt are all anxious'
iu 1 I'lun rn aiain n.iii 1,., .m.i 1,,
" w
M.tJmio Zatll whose u-hritise-lUCUt
!) Tfi III thlH iur In u u -1 v
a tntu hut WOttUM SllP is vis
ited by the writer a day it vo ago
ti l to vn 1 10 wns dumbfounded ia
expressing it mildly. Tpon enter
ing lier depai Ireent he lound thitu
crowded with it number i" our most
', prominent and intUiential citicus,
awaiting their tut n to consult this
wondeiful woman When his turn
arrived lie wa ushered iuU the
pm ate vlWco of the palmist, who
requected him to bo seated at the
sime time asking him "tut kind of
a reading he defiled. Alter in
forming lie winhed uu in
terv'ew in addition to a u, she
graciously informed him that tdm
was at his service tot a tew mo
ments only, as shei was eiy busy.
' After u palmitdy tcsding in which
she demolish atel that his whole
life from the ladle lo tie present
, tune wi:i itu open book to her, she
cotuunted lo give the lollowing tor
' publication and in is us follows : 1
'was lorn in Romania ot g'psie
parenis Hnd at the age ol three ci in
nienced to clair
voyant pawers, and people heating
lot uiv wotidcitul gift came for miles
. to consult me 1 remaii ed at home I
j until I tcached the ago ot eight cu,
arui pimticed my vocatinii through- I
out the surrounding country. At
that tune 1 tectixd an offer fiom
tie government of I.clgiuni t c
uptihe jxi itiotr t 1 corifellor that
country which I acc pte I ai d I.. 1 I '
fur tour years, reliuiiin-hin it to;
i--it Amencn, rfwlncn I 1 :
ko much. Hhvc 1'itii in ti n i"iii,
try now oil and on f.-r twelve,
in the inteMala iMtd A uti nliu, ;
South Africa, I'lngUnd, 1 1 . t CuiHda :
reading tor such ro!uint rit people!
as Lord Roberts, I-.rd Kitctieiier,
Mr. Chamht rliiii, C.uvernor ot New
Zealand. Sir Wiilie i i.aines l'r. m
ler ot Canada. Hon. Mr lette. lov 1
ernoi ot (,iul'- .ud othors to imin
eroiit. t,, nnntion. lucludin eer.ll
lery miluer.tial c ple of this i-outi
1 1 r v . Adn ir.l Dewey atnj the late
Mr. Yerk'-r among other-1. Yes, 1
like'c (iiose ver.N m n li and
your ptoplt uie very nite. Well.
ou will Imp to excise me tor the
present us you see I am very I uy.
Coiiic Ui wild ee me a'aiu. (icol
! MiteiLoon. a -
Toi: l l i:l.D
r.v sv aoi:s.
I Sj -aki'm of tl.e ti.rtnre to w l.ieh
some of tin' uilx ,n r he
I'liilipi'lne-piil'ji'i t t li-i i- e.i'liei-. remind-!
me ot tin- InteliM.' fMlIelin 1
endured fo' three niolitl: from iiilldin
m.'itioii of tin- Kidney h." -a V. M .
Sliei man. of 'iialdim. '".N'oihini
i.elpi o uu- it r . t : 1 I tli-.l I il.-i 1 1 r id t-
i tflM, tlir.-e iMitllr- of yr Hi h eoin . tcly
' eiiiedai'-." Cur. I.i. r Complain t .
l)i-pcM.i I'.lood ili-order- aud .Ma
laria : and r.nlor. tl.e wvak and nei -
V outo roniiht heuiili. i iuaraiitct'd
i.y r.i-iiKoii - rii.irmai v drijLTi-t.
: l'riee "ni'.
Benjamin Albeit Eby.
Died at the Salem hotpial
Wednesday the -th, from the
physical shock ot tLe operation
lie via underf oin'.
Albert was the eon of Frank and
j Km ma Kby arid was born on June
it, making him not quite
I third en. He has been it familiar
Ui&ht to mot-t people here having de
livered papers on his wheel until in
i lafct June when he fed from Lin
I wLtel. bienkii g and crackuiK 'he
femur hone ot his left leg, whith
wat finally liealed, but ui the mtarj
tirne the heuil of the right lemwr
bon became deetiit-ed, and waa re
moved a shoit time ago, this heahd
and then it was discovered that the
left 1 hd become diseased,
and had to be operated on, The
boy was cheerful and full of hope,
but sun! to his father he would like
' ' -T- ' i to see hia mother before the last op
. eration as it might be Utah He
of Mahnra has I cb . rf ,,ade .tLem a" d,y
iook uie anebinenc ana weni to
sieep 10 inow no more in inix worn.
(n operation th bone was foural to
be (om,ttey distafced, so .that a
section wa removed, and ahortly
aJttr ,he l'y I'118'1 awa3 It may
bave been a blessing, as he wou d
'J'hi-eure- that htand to i r h eiodii
notke I'an klen'H Arhiea Salva lis. lei -tllie
wonder. It l ined K. I!. Mul oid
leetlltel' for the I'atious ot lliihliai dl .
Way nenlioro, I'a , of it dl di.-ipn.'
cane ofi'ili'ii. ft heal tla worMt
liiniirt, SoreH, Uollij. ('lei'Tri, Ciitn,
Wound-, 1 hillilaiin and Suit ltheum.
1 vilTTT-""
, ( ' , , , , .
' 'l "i j i t '' 'i 'h t iVr fit In 1' ' 1 i' ili ri?,
lti.hehurg. Ore.. January ll, I'.mJ.
Not lee is hereby given that the
lilined plat ol Fill vcy of
Towiihhlp No. 'JS South. Kaiit'e No.
1 West of the Willamette Meridian,
Oregon, dan been received from the
Surveyor (ii'iieral for l irei-oii. and on
'I'lii'rtda v I I.i. i:ili ilai ,,r Mini, l'mi: l
Hi ! o'clock a. in , the hill. I low-nliii
plat will he lil.'d in this ollice, and
"" "f,',' "J1!'1 ,,'',-',w, u i" ,,' l "'"
iiio-u 1.1 in nii' iiiiiu a 1 i'mih ior im
1. 11.. o,,., .1 .,...i ,.,i
.....T..min. ...... u.i-
rc - ci vi il IiihIm In mid towi,ihlp.
H r. n j a m i J,. Puny,
" ' - r'
ole. llilrt low'iiHliln iviim ulin
j drawn from entry on August ;i, 1'jo.l.
rtn 1 .t; 1:
; i. f
I'Kol'lllr- loli oK-
1 Ml; l-XCMANCH;
WINKS, l.lOl t)RS. ClllAKS. !
Maui iOrrt. ( illn(. Irii Orf
J . !. Med ley. .1 . I ' .1 oIhikoii
.!'( ,V Johnson,
A 1 1 oriu-y k 11 1 lit u
ir Suit X fi iiiA ;.
:Ssl;il attention ulvu to Mlmuu
and Corporation I .aw .
i .iftornvi at- Lttw
j oili.-e 1.11 Main HU't'I. llnl ."il
j CoTTAtlK (iKOVK. ()KK.
. I tt'Mlittiir and loii-liaitliiii of on
' rtsluetioii n ol k and Kt'iKTiil inartiln
i erv phi 11 In ; iniA h oiii iil .Ir.di luc
j c. n ;i: 1 , m 1:
) McKay Itmldlu. I'01'tland. uu-
H. C.
U'ATi iimaki.k
a tr i titf lit rrmi'iiitMt fiiifi'ri
V.l Mork KunrsbfiT'I t1ot
i uittnl I'
CoTrAtiK 4 . 1 M I-
I'lic Fiisl
, Paid U p Capital, $25,000.00
Money to loan on .ippiovi-d u t i .
KxeliaiikTi- ho..'t' unv ,!.!!.
n tliol'nitf t M:I.k
II tr I CKT till!!.
II '.Inn
All I lie I.e. ,t Ir.-.idiii -i,
I'l.AIN ami MfclHCAlHi
M.K 1 I: l TV. r K
1 . riii r. aoii.ilil.-.
On! Mil.- in. li .il In
i.r fur titer I'.u I . ui.
I. Il;riil-I
I if
lr. II.
!iitiii!ia! m
()Kl I-.
J ! n
Dr. King's
New Discovery
for C
0UGK8 an-
50c &SI .00
Free Trial.
tiureat and UuicKt-et Cur tor Hil
Subsciibe for the Nugget.
Schedule New lo Him.
Conductor Pat Tynan, knowu at
every humlet on the Southern Pa
cific from Uuseburg to the Hone
City, t" made the victi u of the
luteat .tory told by the traveling
passenger agenta.
Tynan waa bringing train lo
noith one night recently; and on
reaching Cottage Grove early in
the morning by a prosjxetive pn
senger as he alighted en route to
the agents oflice for ordeia.
"Ilo, lonjf dojs this train utop
here.'" inquired the Mranger.
"Two to two to to two," re
plied Tynan ahortly
"I didn't
jk you to imitate 11 lo -
whistle," said the
traveler, who thought he wns being
made the victim of a humorist.
"Voir asked me the length of the
layover, and I told you
iepli d
the conductor.
"Yon merelv uttered a muxes-
si on of toota, and if you call that
answering a civil iprestioti you are i
minaicm, was me reiorr. 1
"Well, see for yourself," said the j
"con," handing the man a folder, J
and on' running down the column
ho found the train reached the
Grove at i;.rH and departed at 2 :o2
o'clock. Telegram.
a Pivpbv n ssid:.
with tint old enemy of tin., race.
hhfi.a I ion, often cihIm In Ajipciidi-
cltirt. lo avoid all Hi'liou tiouble
with Ktoiiijih. I.lvcr and PowcIh,
lake )r. Kind's New Pile PIIIh. '1'liey
perfectly ii'gulale tlii'M nigai., with
out pain or discomfort. :.'e id Heii
hoii'h J' nine)' ilriiKI"!
II. Gault left for Salem Fri-
;;;;;;;;;; Krn
I of the II
Oriental Limited
A flout y" 11
The piivacy of your tome The comforts of a club 11
The luxury of a first class hotel. II
n..l. I.. I.. v. I P ml MiiitinoiillS rnurt Sinmil anil lutcrnic- II
If riiate Point- via the I
I 'or d I O'.'d Ill I I- I.ll'' ''''
s. S. D.iUU iuls lor te Uricit M n !M I.
CottiYjil? (irT
'III r,l I-'aton nnfin r,l
. wl.
i '
t w in d
ll d IN
I .lie"
i : !
I i ', ' i
! I'aillM-
1 !. ' O l! I 1
mi. . I ion
:h n. nih
i ; ! . ;.
I I II i'.l.
I o w i n , :
in ev. !r.
. s the
Hi .
ui 17
to A
. 1 1 t
if 'in .!;!.
r:. .:: C I.
I :!.. 'm i r.'
I in 1'.
1 ! I'l
'i I ')".
, i t nil. , $ .1 1 oi
l.!i.-.s City,
i .
ii ,i
I ii a
. i
d I
I- the
III. di
lo I
I ll.e
lo I
1 1 I
I t
. i .
1 1 I I I (I, ,
V h. l, . -
In in ! 1
I an. I.n
i. o - I In-liil.-.
II. ..ii- i,.
tied at i.
. ! i.
I . I U - ll due. ,
w 1 1 in. el y a ml
... e. I no i i
i -. i '. iid -. la on I.nli.'.
I i j, . i .li l a li -1
1 1 1 1 . i t .
I. '
W o
'1 he New V
i a w ( k l a'1 ;r n
r k 'I ill one 1 'U n.ei ,
1 1 ' I i , t 1 1 i .1 1 ii r tree 1 1
any m -( ti, o pits a m hi
s ili'i i tptn.i to thi N'ngt-i t
)ni -'or 111 iid. 1.1 1 ,.
K.riptlOtl M I HI' S tie
Coun'.r Jouiiiil La
ioiiri al tin- hie of U
on ynii m.Ii
I n m mid
1 U'U. A
I . nln s I folia-
Jouiiiul and an 1 xcelli id ,i,i 1. It
Iiuh been (.rctdlv tnlniged and im
proved rneciilly.
W. S. Dutiiwuy ol Poitltud, Re
publican candidate f"t State Printer
paid the Nugget a call Monday. He
in a young, j opuhir nial able hui
hens niHii mid should 'e utile to
coiidiat the St dc Printing oflice id
a minimum ol cxreuse, and which
he promises to do 111 the following
words: 'lie State Printaig ollice
costs the- stall) vastly it ore than it
should, because it 1. exploited in
ninny ways to lillen the .State
1 Printer s fee j i-hall be content,
i with the le-iiiu.iitt bus.ness of the
j i.fhVe. 1 heri by pledge myself to a
' rdm t.oii ( I theenoimons cost of ;
i 1 1 e oilii.e, d t h ctt-d, aidldtdare1
Upon lay ho'ior that I shall seek
neither to p. petuate old abuHes of ;
the ollice. nor engage in new bchemcn I
to l"t t'"
t reaiiirv . Willis S.
M) I h i: Tin o i 1: clous.
Noliee ih In rei.y niveii that ll.e
Coinmoii 1 1.11 in-. I of li e City of Cot
tage IlloVe will 1. n or licturc I lie L'lilh
ihi.v of Miilcli, l'mi,. receive ,-ealed bida
for the Inn.1--l.1tiL' 11, at. -rial lor and
eiuihl 1 lie 1 ion of a di m, a lid ipc line
11 limit LMUU 1 1 'i I in 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 of .0 and ll
inch Woollen 111,0, in eounei I w ' lire t ih
klu.UII lh the ollli I I', cli Willi t ho i
111. im 1 1 1
iii id i.i' In..', aecoi iliiii 10 plan-, and I
Hiu'i itii'ii I i' i s low 011 lile wilh t'n
City IJeeorder: and fori In Improve
liicl.l of Ihe dan. oil what is known
iiHtln' West 1 l.e!;, by lemoy'ii all
ea I 1 1 1 oil t In 1 1 p er Hiiie I Iii Icof dow n
to -oil I bed l oeli and lii.ikliio ,e
Millie of collleln N inches tiijckat
the I, olio, 11 i,ad extending :i l.-ct
lusher Hi. 111 Ihe pieHeiit dam and
inakii'u So i I il.iin IJ inclicH thick nt
(lie l"p. bid-, for Miii! work will he
ope ned ut:d tin; cuiaiavt jiwuiiicd for
Cars 30s
.a. port i 1 nil w oi l on
In . ( M o. h I "" I In "in -
e.'--! ill I.
a I. ui.. I e
Id. i a ill I..' I ii ,i I fd I H I v
( to I In- an lit I'ld for
I i
. fa it Id 1 1 r f. i ma n I aid woi k
l . i oinil" ' d ullloli 'u.laM afti'l'
in - n v iii.l.d il..- loiiti.i.l and ttii
11, ll I . ill ( 'ollll. i ' i .'-.I
t li.' rl-lit to
i e te I a 'I ,1 li J .I'l I'll'
r. oi 1. 1 , r i ii.- i i .in no
I lie l t I of Co t I I-.- I iro .
.1.1. Ol
ui '
um il of
i del .
M I I K l '
1 1.
I I ii,. ol i I I Ii. Intel oil .
i. il d i - I and olln e,
,-i i. in i i .... ill, r. I'm...
.. lo i I . ; 1 . i Ii 1 1, i! I he al
a I ol i, i i ( i ,w ,f , ,0.
ah. I
.li; . o 1 U l-l o ,,.
O. 1 1 I . I . . i 1 1 I ll X' 'II llUH
. I ! I i .Hi lie MIIVrlMl I ,ell
; ii and on 1 i ida.V llii
M : r, Ii I mi. ill ' ii rliirk
i 'l I o' Ii-I l. l. it will I
.III. e iml . n Old lifter
1 . 1 I i 1 1 1 1 ,.i i . d I o I ,-eei Ve
. 1 . I I In- I I I "I I hi- llll
I .ll. I . li I 'i i I I. ill. Im in
tl.e lll l. I.
Ii' el, le.i V
IT. ll f. it III
'.''ad d i v o:
l . II..
Mod ,i, i.i-
.l. I . 1.1 Ml
a i ! i . i ' i o 1 1
i. IS i .i . .'
- a ! I limn I :,'
I '.i I .' i s i I riii If 'I-1.
.1 . M . I . V U 1. 1 i I , l:.-ei i e'.
N ui. I I, - . ... i . li 1 1 w a- W llh-
d i .i ii it. in m i a ii I ro:i,
.11. 'I o lol.f .i. in. ,,i,,i o with
. I r . i I li.ili i. iii l.iiie. a.i.
I.ltl.ill- ! ! I. ill. I III -,'i"i loMII-hll. eall
Hot I.,' I
llol .M l I
. oi l.
I I l i d I I . Ill I I i
oil , . II!, ll i I.I
i li. .. ' ' i ;
who have
I ', d.l- therein
IK I..
I lo-'li t I1.1 III o I l.e I lilt-1 liil ,
I ll. I. I M.iIi-m l.ili.l I llhe,..
I !o. 1. 111 ::. 1 lie , I ele I'l. I'.iuti.
Ni ll. e Is I it. I.n i-ivi ii that th. ai-
i r a -I plat . .1 -111 1 y ol 'l ow iihhip
J No. :!.' .S..11I li llane No In Wet. I of
I lie ill 1 1111 lie , 1 I I la 11, 1 Me'oii, has
M'.in i.'iioed 1 1 win 1 1,1 .Sol ve voi-
ii'lu i .i 1 im lir 1:1111. and oi, Friday I he
'.' lid d iv - i M.Heh, I'mh;, m w oVI.m U
. . M . , 1 l.e -..Id low a- lit 1 , ..i w ill lie
I le l 111 thi 1 oil,, ,., and on and after
aid day we will he ne.ired to lecelv e
ii.iieal 1011- Im the entry of the nil
aiiro.naieia ami unri-erei lauds in
aid tins lirllii.
Ill N.IAMIS I., lau.v, l;i oHe.
.1. M. liU l.'KM K, ItcrelwT.
Note I Ills IoVMihIiIi waa Willi
ilrawn fiom enliy on A ! II all, I'.io.f
.Hid ho loll ,'m tin. iinler of !
I I I'll a I 1-h.i 1 1 eon 1 1 n 110 In (one. iiii
cations i.,r 1 . 1 1 1 I in mu, I o w io-Ii l eun
init he iiei.'iM'd f 1 on tlio-e who liae
not in- 1 11 u 11 1 m i I e ut i i;-h 1 s therein
.rior to April - 1, I'm.:.
Subscribe for thu Nugget.
N OK I II llol M,
iSu. Jt . .. 11.5:1 i III.
No. 111. .. . v.u." 4 111.
ma; 1 11 ma no
II ...!l:U.llu
i-iii am
0. & i i
Tiino 'I hIiI,. No, n
To take elf. et April Jd, llluTi.
IChkI II. hiii, 1
1 Mil .I I I IH'olliy
im. I lll 1111 1 y
I mi'l Imily I 1.
' I'l So lnl
W. Hon mt
No 3 N'i. 1
I- M I A M I M j
No 2 Nn4
a 11 1 11 ih n
I I' ll'V I A.M. I I'.H.
10 ;
1 1
i.iKi' onau
A. 15
i: I A
i OA
4 (W
. W allien ...
Ciiriln., .
: 1 1" 1. null,
, I1 llll ..
not i,. .
. OlIIVI'l I'll
Hll'tt II I I . , .
. Mill
Kin ky I'iiiiii , ,
. Kol III l.tun .
. V 1 1 1 1 w o, I , ,
. lllllll'N
I 'i .... 7 ::i.. .. 1
..'ill 7 -.'i'.l i.,:l
1 :! III H.lll 7 7
3 H ton M
; .1:17!: 17 ll .
! .'V IO.HlJo III I,
; a ..1. ,1k .a. , 11 :i
. . : ViV
. . ; oil
. . Ml7
. J Ml
. , nil
I '.Hit
.1 Wll
.. 1117
. ! II III
. In-Ill
: im (i
10;.' I
HI am
V it,
V llo
V','iM 1 , 1 , k
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