Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, March 07, 1906, Image 5

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The llazaar.
i . ' nli rill . MtM .
- ifi III lill
Wc cairy a eomplelc line of furm
r (
Cnliimlilrv rt ml o
I'lionnilrn iitn A
y I and garden tools. You cannot af
Ri'tords for sale. 9 ' lord to be without our No. 4. Jm
A iovc(l I'lanet Jr. Ah a .seeder tin.
'I J 1 1 I m t tiiv o 1 tool is affiliate, cample, il 11 r h hl- re
1,1 ' j1'",', I liable and easy running, doine hisl
,.,,,,,,, ,,,!, ,n, 0 ;.hsh work 111 evciy particular,
ittrl nini-liii 0 ( la 1 fl' iK-rs and J'i mem who fel
A 'llnit. they haven't enough work (or
i '
J'.Hl I I I I I j I I jll
A ;iluit. they haven't enough work (1
A !a drill to lu, wi'J lind tli in con
V jt'llieil tovl Olie of the lUOst UMf:fi
ami cllicient of nil helpers.
Wynne Hiiw. Co.
jHf B71BB8atJ5BBaiIBBfID80B8BHC65oflOflf3n8flflBflt36Bnflflo8
liniVIR WKWC "cms of liilcrcsl in anil alxmi 3;
llUlfllv nLVYj Collate inc and iunily. 3'
Conger makes llm lirst ngal -. in' '
Sewing mat hint lire fot some
lady. Win) h hIi.
Jvtigeiic Steam I.aiiudiy, Allison
and I lasting agent-.
Kolit. Suitor 11 1 l"i the Soinli
Monday morning I'M a l w .is
'! I'll
. II If s
A ll'Mllf
to idiiokc I
I ll t,' I c 111 I X
, km. I lid yon
I loin miii 1 i;;;ir are ucl thr tiling
' I 'lllil I
( i. l.l'.'HIH
Oliver Veateh took the iij i I u 1 1 1 1
tiainl'oi r.ugene to m l as juror
Will. IifindcHs Wt Id to luiene mi
Momlay ii'ifii trnin to attend court.
I. II l!inhiii left for Iuh hoine
after HpemJini.; ncoii'le of days here
mi jioliiu k:
1 - 1 1 ' I'lui c I ti ! ml. u
'I vhii Mui wind Co'hian iniikcH (.Muni jihci'.f-
,ml I.m.,.'h shoes f'taphs an.l at d in, too A
t it
inl 1I1 n't
.,. I..
I .1 Ml 1 I ' I 11 'II i
t 1
Home iinliiMirv is nil right ulien
. . . t .. ..1 .1 1 .
Mi di ,i. in nl r-iuincn vvitn .'" ' K1 ""-ii )"ii "iu in mt
I I ' l.ii Li 1 . 1 ( 1 111 long t" m In n
ll ,v ,( I 'i- f iv Win. Iddwell anl wife rctmiieil. :
K' v. J''. I.. JJilIingfon went to
liohrMit;;. 1
Spi lf r VVel) ao'-iul nox t Sutur- ':
flay (''Hunt;.
Sjiifler W'ch hff ial, SatiU'lay, '
Man h jo, A Imi'Mon lfj cents. 1
HORN-To Mr, ami Mr rirnesl '
M( R yiifldn, u j. 1 1 Suriflay night. (
Steele, ll.f restamant man has,
f-'ild idd hi- !i iiirii-'s ' Z' kf; Iw- '
'Ml. 1
'1 i. e V. di he High Mass Hi till!
f'athf lm (. Inn ( h next .Sunday at 1 o i
o'.-loek a in '
M' rt 1 : 1 r 1 ; n . r j 1 i 1 1 new h'diie (jll
I fjinlh -tiet is lajiifllv 'iroafdi-
ing 1 "01,1 ti'in
Jd-1"' "I ill ' liiiri h ( er vi'Ts will
hi; hi id 1 , 1 ' 1 ' .'I f t C I til'- M:'OIld Mon-1
l.i "I each month in Jidieu hall. '
Mr. S'r.vnd "1 Jidcna moved his !
i'lindy to lea on Mouday, where !
tli'.y will 'oihI'kI the hoarding j
liOUse, j
U' 1. Hail went to Aica Mon-j
day In hrlp Hi vali'UH (arjrt)ttr;
'dk at the ( 'ham hers ndll for a '
wi rk ,11 , ,. 1
'd.e I.Hwsi'd) will fid)flll(t a bhoc
sh'iji, ami h. 11, die n.iisichl instru-1
iid nis 11 M. ii 111, the Martin Ididfl-
111'.; 'Jii Main nLi et.
Tin- l.l'.f k Clnh will bo enter
tained at tin- home if Ms. A. J.
W'o d ' 1, V ducsday instfnd of at !
loi" s 1 lad l.ii I hursdav. '
Mi ,ii, n't-rjdii-ing youtjg
li'isifi s i j,,., ( f Cottagct flrtve has
iho!!' i-iiM In led to emhark in laihi
ness m iJrairi, v. lii' h he believes in
MUj Oobetitia nugget
I if
fill the Npv5
fill the Time
Neat Job Work of
I All Kinds Dope
M'wiiig linn liino coii oiih iiitiv , I, I .
i"l 011 MiliMTitiuns u Inn uii 'iy ii,i..
L'oidirail'n studio is he j liei fid
von to eel voilr iihtitiii'i,-it'll li n't
- ...... r, . ...... 11 -. ill. u. i-ii- ... i:.i....m i...:r.. .1. t, ......
foiirct Corhrali "1U. ,"""nl ""r nainneu. .viocit A n i . af"fc is puttit'g up a
... w ...,... .... I, ,. iiiiur iimi ti.. M"n,'ay "fter an absence of Meveral' new hoUi- for himself on Fourth
.1 . mil it n ' . 11 ii iii- I'll 1 .....
the coiiiii. f' town f Southcin Oie-
Mon- ''ght price, Hiich a Congers' cigars. I on. I;ii,iu Nonpareil.
for tl.eir liiiinii ill l'u-V:illi. Mill! 11 l.ill'l i l: '!'!.. i. WiJ'xIm
nliort here Knid.-i'd,- i : i linloiy. ('hifll'o
I-'ree wdli Niiv'k"1 siib t i t t i 1 1 . "" ' ''' '
Tin New Yuik 'Inl nne I 'i i mi
Weekly ' r I piipi I
iaiden Hi-ed pist 111 lived a ml ; l" any Mil -m. 1 ila-i I bat pa s h y ear s
opened at Mi-icalf A Itrunds J'. , su Lm, , i ,l r m t tin Nugg. t
IichI ipiahly at the li-t-t rii 1 s.
t 1 1 t i ' - ... . ...
.ltt) (,f , weeks, vj siting with tritinls and , htreetli at the railroad. His house
,,'ini'vH with that of JJeit liichtnond s near
y w;d add ipii:e h 1 i tie to the im-
me'll treat you Rigbt
?.-. Z. -tit'
The Real
Tin Her ciiii Hand will Je a
. , ., , S,idcrVcb nodal under Odd l-VJ. I Jr"Vctnei;ts on the -treft.
m-i, n ,..,-,ii-i, ,,,s ha ,u.Nl Saturday evening,
,'iMihu,a1 ,-.,,er. f,ee y. , . . , a.i...::, . 1,,,,,..
I lie .
, . . , , , 1 s ii .1 ii in- i . id' u i i,i e cm l l I, I ., .. I r. ( ,, . u . .
i un.l.i .' I ii u 1 1 u i a I i.-'ia-r. Mee m.. .i. .. t 1 .i.ui uouci
ca'-esiil new sjoods, and rauidlv
Jndtjc Harris in his address to a J getting them on display. She does
iathcriiie? of some ion n-nublicariH ! not irif n 1 to have an openine for
'u-eon .ei i, ultuiid Colli-gc was on l.incoln'h birthday iaiT one of , some- time to come when, her resru-
1'iitioni.. a horn.- jmln diy that ih not slioi." im uyli to w in a M-ore the most eloquent tribtiteH to the I la r summer line will be on exhibi
buiMinK up a good tia le by Hh Kaii.t Will nii-tto I'nivcrsity in rucmoiy of the jjreat president that ! tion.
Kood inatciial The Cougcr ('igai ; the debate ..n ' ImnugKition lawn ,aH been hearJ in yearH. ' Mlc f , ,,
1-uctorv. I lor all alike." : . , M! s- fL fcna tin and M sa
i Albert U cod went to Springfield 1'CHsie Harms are opening to the
There ale photo;;i aphid s and 1 he N ug;;i i w.u.l- t who Monday, whtro he will be for some public in their new store, a new
photographers, but the one you tin- m st widths huh in CwtUgo three weeks or nioie cotifitructiug a stock of t-pring hats. The store
wnut to go to is Cochran, in tho (wove is, and to whom the sewing , couple of Iiohsch. He says that has I een nicely fitted up and a
Young building. He is well machine v. c will giveaway, should thete is eonfideritblo bunineHS, and good trade is being worked up. A
wuipjx-d t' tutniHh the bcMt at the got". I ml ic ate . ,ui d sii es in this ! house building going on there nt j very nice display of spring head
lowest prices, i" it'er. j present. I wear is shown.
Safety Razor
Can be used in cither hand
and strops like any razor.
It cuts them off slick as a whistle. I 4
Griffin & Veatch Co.
lu) rr
, 3 x3 19
if flp
We have sold thousands of dollars worth of good merchandise during
the past two weeks and satisfied hundreds of customers, but we must
still reduce our stock and in order to do so we are going to use the knife
on prices again and continue the sale two weeks longer, closing Tuesday
evening, March 20. ::
These pric
es are
for cash
for cash only
Mens' Clothing.
'j.0i mii it k
'.'11.(111 HllitS
Id, '0 Hiiitn
1 1 .HO Hint s
Two I'iece XuitH
11.0(1 nw
fii.U.'i values for
fi.OU values for
1.00 vrIuch for
:i.00 values liir
.'.()() values for
1 .l." value h f"i
$ii.00 ineiiH'
1 1.00 mens'
li.:!5 boyH
t.'-'fi boyw'
111. Il.i
:.'. 1 1
I. 'JO
I. Hi
Wool Underwear.
.I'-'..'"!! A iiHtrnliun wool $1.74
I. ail nil wool
I 'Ja nil wool .70
1 .00 all wool .01
I .'Jf camel hair ,s;i
.oo camel huh- .00
Fur Ladles
1 .'J.'i nil wool .7
'..'i0 union niiHh .f0
l'"i' ( 'hildren.
. 10 values now .111
.sft values now .01
Mens' Hats.
We have a Inixo stock of hutu that
will be closed out, regardlesH of cost,
all shapcH a nit colors.
oil' regular price.
Ke apron Ingham 7c
V2e dresu ginghams o1...
Uegular 7 ctnt prints now r and 0
,'!, oil' rejiular price .
Corsets. '
The ell t bo line goen
fl.dO valuea at .07
1.U5 valucH nt .70
l.OOvalueHut .0.'!
.00 valucH at
Boys' Clothing.
Space will uot permit a quotation
of prices. They are still lower.
!f.".7.') loggeiH
5. -a lojrgers
4.-5 patent coll
i.'.7." dress
'JSiO dress
( itlds and ends In til! kinds
Ladles patent now
ll.'-Ti tine
2.75 values
L',25 values
1,05 values
Wo have a largo line of shoea for
children nt just an hg a reduction an
in other lines.
Ladies' Sweaters.
fcJ.&O values sfd.-'O
1.7 a
L' "0
Dress Goods.
Staple wed dresu g-qods at less than
f 1.00 per vd at $ .07
1. '.'.-) per yd at .7:5
1.00 per y .l at .70
.75 per yd at .hi
.50 per yd at ,;!
Ladies' Waists.
l'rice cuts no ligure, we are goiii';
to give the ladies a chance to get a
waist for less than wholesale cost.
$3.50 valucH now sfi.s i
2.50 values now 1.40
2.25 values now 1.07
1.75 values now .00
l.oo values now .50
.75 values now . IS
Other values now .25
C. H. Bwkholder
Cottage Grove, Ore.
v. y jf .
s r. t ..7 . ' ' j)
f U Kits"
i-r i-.--;7--e ;;'f. "j