Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, February 14, 1906, Image 8

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Information Relating to the Richest
Product of the Soil.
Prof. Howard of tbe Missouri
State Agricultural Collf ge nays: "I
advise Aniericau farmers to culti
vate Oinsoug. Big profits are
realized. It is easily grown. A
bulletin bv tbe Pennsylvania -Mat
College says: "Tbe supply otAia
tive Ginseng Root is rapidly de
minisbiDg and tbe price per pound
ifl correspondingly increasing, while
tbe constant demand for tbe drug
in China stands as a guarantee of a
steady market for Ginseng in tbe
future." American Consul Gen
eral Wild in an at Hong Kong writes:
"There will be little difficulty m
disposiug on tbis toait of all tbe
Ginseng tbat is grown in America.
Ginseng is a staple on tbe market
tbe name as corn, wbeat aud cotton
Tbe ptesenl niMlet prices vaiies
from 6 to $ per pound, wbile tbe
cost of J reduction is less than $1 50.
There is room 111 one a fcsrueu it
grow several hundred dollars wo'tb
each vear. The plant can be
grown througbout tb 1'iiited States
and Canada in any soil or climate
that will grow ordinary garden
vegetables. 'I here are two plant
ing season, spring and fall.
We are buyers and exporters of
tbe dried product, aud grow roots
and seeds for plantiug purpose.
Let us show you bow to mike
nionev growiug Ginseng. You can
get aVan'ca' start in the business
for a small outlay and soou bae a
nice income. Send two-cent stamp
today for "ur illustrated literature
telling all about it. Write at once;
yoo may not see tbis ad again. 1
The St. Louis Ginseng Co.
Growers and Exporters
Saint Louis. Missouri.
WITH few exceptions tbe men
jvho made the first quartz
locations in tbe Butte dis
trict did not make much money out
of their proerty In tbe eatly
history of mining here, placer was
considered bead and shoulders
above quartz and for this reason
quartz claims did not call for much
la tbe opirdon of mining men. As
an evidence of this it may be stated
that a half iuterebt in tbe Lexing
ton mine, a similar interest in tbe
Annie and Ida and a half in tbe
Transit were sold by tbe origipal
locator to Andrew J. Davis, who al
ready owned the other half of the
properties, for a bay mare and $150
in cash. Tbe Annie and Ida
proved one of the valuable claims of
tbe tree, for it takes a portion of
ibe lownsite of Walkerville and is
good not only for mining but build
ing purposes as well. About iS74
Davis soi l the Lexington for $1,
000,000 in cash and a lot of stock
in tbe Lexington company organ
ized by the purchasers to work the
Just Low much money has been
taken from tbe Lexington can only
be conjectured. For almost 20
years it waB worked on an extenbive
Male and then closed dewn with the
exception of some leasing carried on
in the upper levels. While this
was going on, copper ore was dis
covered in the property. The ore
Jay beside the wain vein of silver
gold ore and is not a continuation of
it, as generally supposed. The
property is now in the hands of f .
Augustus HeiBze. Since work as
stopped iu the lower levels, almobt
I3 years ago. no one has sten the
iottom workings for water gradu
ally came intotbe openiegs and con
tinuad to rise until it is row 900
feet deep. Tbis will eventually be
pumped out as tbe ground below in
needed. lietween tbe water and
tbe surface tome good topper ore is
being extracted and it is said ibat
ore bodies not previously known to
exist in the east J-vel have been
opened up recently Journal.
Has recently leen discovered. It
hears a cloe resemblance to the ma
laria germ. To live the system from
disease ;Krm, the moat ffectlve
remedy Is lr. King's New Life Fills.
Uuuraoteed to cure all diet-Hues due
to malaria poiHon and constipation.
2rfi at Heinous Pharmacy.
The Southern Pacific Co-, unload
ed four cars ot local merchandise
here on Monday. .The freight men
say they don't like Cottage Grove
for it does entirely too much busi
ness for so small a place to suit
them. All the freight trams have
a lot of work at tbis point, switch
ing, unloading, etc and the boys
are like all the rest of us, they dou.t
ike to wors.
Here and there throughout the
United States are boulders or large
maesea of angular rock that show
that the.y have -been transported to
a distance from their original
mountains by tbe action of ic; dur
ing tbe Glacial period- These rx ki
or boulders are known in XiWjy
lirr to Makr a llNDiirr Thai
Highly Hn-tiiMinrutlril.
Tbis plan cf a hou lnoitfer was oil
Inally given in Ohio Fanner. A cor
respondent asserts that he has
11 ml Ik
struetlon: The pojt iAt "huuld set four
feet lu the ground, and the hel.cht
above crvund should he idiont the feet
six inches to the cross uruis (Li. Ths
anus are of '2 by 4 tmift fort -eiht to
fifty-six inches Ion The ton of tin
post is trlshttftui luetics above the Uei
arms. The hole Tor the rod B) is drill
ed eighteen hit his deep from the top
of the post. The lever (O Is or any
desirable length, but the short end yCt
iuut extend out beyond the eud of thu
arms F Ij u roj'e attached to the long
eud. 1 is the stay ihalu of a wuiiou,
fasten. -d by a clevis to the lever, aud
blips back uud forth In the cut out at
II. The eud of the lever (til is lowered;
the lower hook of I Is hooked ou to a
gauibrel stick, the carcass raised up
until the Kambiel Is a little higher than
the urm, when It Is easy to slide it over
on to the arm.
Large, Strong Caltra Kalx-d Skin
Milk and Pry Grain.
The increased use of uiilk separator
iu the dairy sections of the country
has resulted lu greater utteutlou being
paid to raising calves on sklai uillk. It
Is well settled at this tiiue that praiti
caily as lurge, strong and vigorous
calvea cau be grown on sklui milk, sup
plemented by some suitable grain feed,
as on whole milk, provided they are
properly fed aud eared for. There U
no QueviIOU UUl IUUL U1UU J i Ml"
... I ...ill- I j . iKn
normal food for calws, and when the
,,r l.imr tnt U removed it be-
comes necessary to replace it in the
calf ration with some equivalent but
cheaper form of feed. A number of
the statioas have made experiments
with different feeds to learu which is
jaost efliclent for this purpose.- Coru
tueal has been found the cheui-st uud
best supplemental grain for this pur
pose at the Iowa statiou. Whole corn
and Kathr corn meal huv gjveii good
results at the Kansas btation. At ihe
Nebraska station genu oil meul aud
llnbeed nieal have proved efficient sub
stitutes, and in a recent bulletin of the
seen an.v otuer s. uuim. mm no Ki"i;tnaiu unprotected ana a mensce 10
the following directions . fur It von j every person that happened to pass.
Idaho station good gains with outs are 0f dollars of deposit" were saved,
reported. 'q had divided up into groups
Te 1K""' M1e,hud- , j and gone into separate room to dis
The method of procedure lu rearing . . , ,,;,,., t,. iarT,fill
ih skim milk calf at the Kansas sta- cuss possd,e m.Hiiu..3, said James
tion was about as follows: The calf ! H Lck Its J eKerdav . Lvery hour
was allowed to run with its mother the j we s- erued to he getting 'urther
first four or five days of in life. It : from an agreement. I mally Mr.
was then removed and left twenty four
hours without food, when it became
hungry and was easily taught to drink.
For a week thereafter it was fed whole
milk af the rate of f jur pounds lu Uie
morning, two pounds at noon and four
pounds at night. The second week
about the same amount of milk was
given in two feeds, morning and night.
Wirhin two or three weeks after re
moval from thu cow skim milk was
gradually substituted for whole milk
at the rate of a hulf pint per feed un
til the entire amount was skim milk. I
About a month after the cair was tak
en from the cow it was reeelvlug twelve
to fourteen pounds of skim milk; at
two pioidhs. eighteen pounds, and final
ly reached tw.-idy two to twenty-four
pounds per day.
liow Grain Is f4.
The grain added to the ration was1
eat grain when ten days to two weeks I
.11 a a. al-.a. - . ... 1 . . ... f I
fed dry In boies. The calves began to
Cftlf's mouth as soon us it had Mulshed
drinking Its milk, and it soon learned
to eat with a relish from the feed
boxes. The Kaffir corn meal or other
grain was never mixed with the milk.
The calves were fed what grain they
would eat up clean.
Where to Keep Honey.
When I first commenced to keep tees
nearly every ace stored his honey In
the cellar, considering such to be the
place that would keep It best, for it
was thought a cool or cold place was
needed to preserve this product. Kven
now it Is hard work to get this notloa
out of the heads of many who buy
honey. However, it was soon found
out that If kept for any length of time
lu a cool, damp place honey com
mences to sweat or ooze out of the un
sealed cells and sour, while if left la
uch a place for two or three months
the ceJPcappings acquire a watery ap
pearance and finally burst. Every bee
keeper of any experience now recom
mends a room whose temperature can
be kept at 80 to !r0 degrees as the only
place In which honey should be kept.
By thus storing the product It grows
thicker and of better quality us time
advances, says n New England Home
stead correspondent.
J Frank PH-krtwt Drop Dad at Sr
S.n i-'iuneiseo, Feb. 10 V wire
uriytuj; thonHtHis ot volts u cite-
tticitv killed riaiik I cckl atn, ut
the corner of IUihIi and Stocktou
istiett, at 11 o'clcck tbis mottling,
as he was walking beneath tem
poral? structure erected over the
sidewalk for th protection of pas-sers-by.
The wire was dangling
lromatHW building being elected
there. Through some one's care-
! lensuees it bad been allowed to re-
j 1 eckham
was cuttyiug an uni
fratnewotk of which
exposed wite. l'cok.
J brella, tbe
; bruised the
bam dropped in bis tracks and died
without a word. There wete a
number of people near hitu at the
time. Mrs. I". Fallon of '2(t lludi
'Street had just passed the danger
; ous place, and also narrowly es
j raped de.tth.
I 1'eckhatN tumped up the hill
; without pteinonitiou ot danger,
j Ho passed under the temporary
'structure erected oyer the sidewalk
with his tuubtella still open. Oue
of the steel rods caught up the an
ient and in a moment rcrkham
i a dead.
! William Koenig, a contractor,
who is superiuteudiug the biiiKling
; witnessed the accident. He says
that tie realit'd the danger of the
wire but did not take the precau
tion to station a man there to warn
' pe pie Hvvjy .
nld Last Acl in
The last art of Marshall Field in
the woikl of local finance, in which
he l ad become a dominant figure in
recent years, was in connection with
the impending failure of the Walsh
bank, says a Chicago dispatch. - It
was through his influence and at
his suggestion that the clearing
bou;-e committee adopted the plau
of liquidation which was put into
effect wheu the iuxtitution closed.
Mr. Field prevented a financial
crash and a panic that might bavs
drasred down a score of local
j banks The committee had been
'in sebsion with Comptroller of Cur
rency Kidgely for hours, vainly
'striviugto agree on a solution ot
j the impendiug disaster. It was
lute at night beiore Mr. Field was
! appealed to. Me went from his
1 residence t where tbe Chicago fi
jnancitrs were in session,
i The situation was briefly out-
' . , . 1 1
i i'"u -u .,u.v. ...... , K -
, Wie SOiUUOn. revera ot mc iuui
niUlee demurred to accepting me
'responsibility for the deposits of the
1 Walsh banks. Mr. Field pointed
' 0l,t ttie shock to (.'hieaco's financial
crepitifthe bauks should be per-
mitted to fail and insisted that his
plau be ado(.ted. It has been
stated that he even declared he
would go ahead himself it tbe banks
would not.
'I he committee ami the romptroK
ltr adopted ti e plan and the huaL
c;ai credit of the city and thousands
I ield arrived, proposed the only
olu'ion possible, and tbe affair ot
millions was fettled Mi a few imnu.
lis "- Oiegon Tradesman.
! The recent xncovering of good
'copper ore in tbe gre:t Anaconda
mine at Hutte, Mont., meahs much
j for that grandest of all copper pro
ducing camps. Tbe strike reported
Jis at the 2.400 foot levei. the
hi) 3 ft in that district. '0
l T - 1. ...
an interview mis wee, Mr. jouu
1). Kyai). managing dtrecior 't the
Amalgamated Company's interests
at IHitte, said: ' The tact that min
ing operations ot a depth of 2,4oo
feet in the Anaconda mine revealed
(be name continuity and psrmanent
character of the ore uouies gives
practical evidence of What tbf camp
.. ill Q O O r, ffi lll H H 111 aDC falUre. All
the mines forminii a part or the
Amalgamated Copper Company
havb this jear produced more ore
and copper than in any previous
jear. This increased production is
to le steady and continuonp, a. id
btulifatics prove that Jiutte baa re
sponded each year within tb" p st
20 to the natural iocieaH.e in tbe
copper produced throughout the
world. The resources of the Amal
gamated Copper Company were
never in betler shape, the com
pany's timber lands covering an
immense urea, while its coal prop
el ties in Wyoming ure copable of
shipping 5,000 tons of coal every
21 hour j. The Washoe fctnelter is
now in a position to handle 10,000
tons of ore per day.'' World.
The First Natioual Hank of Ku
gene is getting ready to enlarge its
builditg, and has bought a lot
lyxlOo feet from Mrs. John C.
Church, at what is considered a
pretty high figure. Business is
improving there and conditions
seem to watrant such au improvement,
Attorney tit Ijiw.
vottjuk anon:. o;f.
winks, uyuous, eir.AKS.
Mlo itteel, nllair lantr, Ott
J. Si. Medley. .1. f Johnson
Jlleiilfi A'- John. son,
Attorneys nt law
Of ire Suitt-3 It ink .,.
Speilnl nttention kIviii t MIiiIiir
ami Corporation Law.
Attorney-at- Law
Oltlre 011 Mutii iMm'I, Vti'nl snlo
Cottaok CiKovk, Oku.
1 IchIIiIiii Mild coiislrilctliin id ore
reduction wol k nnd gciici nl imu lilii
el V plnllts ; iiiechHlilcnl draft lie'
v. i. ii:o 1:, m . 1.
McKay Uuildlng. I'm 1 1. oil, (M
Hta1 ring t iea, .liable tom im
All wurk lUftrauiexl tl rat clau.;
Watcbel, I'looki an1 Jatveliynl l.imril Irii-e
IHlTl AtiK (ilM I!, OKI ,
rhc First National hi
Paid up Capital, $25,000.00
Money to loaii on approval hcciimIv.
Kzchaftges sold, availahle hiiv ,ln'e
d theUoited States
Rlillll Kill!),
T i
Beaver Pelts Confiscated.
Gamewardeu l'aker Iiun huiim- l
tho tiDfcht beaver skins to l seen
ttmt were confiscated Ly a jusli. c
of the peace, from nmii
for lilluiK lie animals TIk
w itr
dm doe out know etacil wleit In
can do with them, but winds t"
sell them to 'it them "to th $ unc
lie ii very atixions to s n tin
leKittUtnre pa?s n law 111:1 kin;; 11
mail licenM feoofi i.rofiHMicinal niin'
leis and men that do much Ghhinjj,
t'tlt not on the sninil i.ijv that t nts
a willow and tf"s fisliin'. lie
would want the fund t.) he ;ij')li -
fible tolhe furthnrint ol tlie t'
tciion of the fish, and the establish-
raent if n n tuir" hat,.li( rii s,
Defection of the coiiipa-iH iss.iid
to hare been responsible for in in y
wie"cks on tbe upper hikes
neason. In the iron ore repo" "f
Lake Superior tb re ni Inc. t
wbere the fornpBMi detler-ls one ni l
one bilf pojiitH, and the v.uili.1 nut
hkillful enough to uiuke ull.iwani l:,
and ecrrect his eourne accordingly
not infrequently lands on the iockn
Thoie in ipilte a little lutubci
being whipped out of to'vn tin be
daya, aud it will grow steadily I rum
this time ou.
"t in the luckiest innti in Atkiin: 11s'
writen II. Ij. Stanley, of lirinnr
'Since tho restoration of my wlfe'H
health utter live year of cunt Iihioih
coughinyi and lediiii from the
lur.Ui and 1 otve my food forlune to
I lie WOl'Id'a KI''Ute-t liH'tllt Ine, I r.
Kliiu'sNew hl-ieovery fur Consiniip
tion, which I know from eTeili'iice
will line (Oliailliiptiou If tuken III
time. My wife Improved with Hint
bottle und twelve bottlcH l oinpleted
tho cure." Curea the worat fiiiiglm
and colds m money refunded. At
UenwouH rhnrmacy dniKK'xt. 00c
II nd $1.00. Trial bottle free,
New York it to have u theater to
be called tbe National, lor which
ground baa already been piirchaned
for Home $77o,ooo. Conreid will
be ut the head of the enterprise,
uud the theatre will b called tli?
National theatre. The pl.iya pre
sented will he of the hii-hist stan
dard of art aud will represent the
best of all nations. In the tbeatie
will be 'JO boxes arranged in tho
shape of a horseshoe. The o.vuer
ot each box will puy $100,000 for
it, and it will be the property of
theibuyersin pi.rpetuitj. At the
price of 25 cents at each perform
ance 600 Heats will he remrved lor
Only 25o in addition on jour tub
acriptioti securea the l''nrm und
Country Journal for a jear. A
journal tbenize of the Ladies Home
Journal aii'l an exct-lleut paper-' H
has been greatly enlarged, and im
proved recently.
Free wilh Nugget subscription.
The New York Tribune Farmer, a
weekly agricultural paper.
if J,,c
til . Compartment
J) Observation
fj Cars
of vour home
0 hi.nrv nf
ii.r. .1 n in. "i.
V. iiu - V. .
akota SAils for
Cottivr.c (iiovf, -
ii I 1 .1 . ' .( I I 1.
M.I '
I;. . .1 t . iti ii
11 !'..' ;.l . 1 I Ii'.l' ii. I
: l 1 i . i 1 I'v i
r 1 . i 1,1 in 1 : I. im.I. I '
.... I. Hi: -ril -. :il.'
lull I ' 1
It '
,. m.-i.r
' 1 1 1 i.'.il . il.ii ' '
V'l-.ll II
.1 h.lli-.
! ,.ik Hi. I.. 'ill :m Ii ''ir w ..1!. 1
: I V., I.oll I.- . .1 I !.' I 1 1. I-I'l. I-
hi.'id. in ' ' ' I . 1 ' : I
m I (li.' .ml. i nnii. in'
.. ..1 1.1 ; . . 1 1 1 . 1 .-. iti. .1 1
1 , :
. ..ii i
h -
i.. 1
! I.. . u ... ic 1.1- in
1 ,. 1 1 -. I 1. .r . i- 1 1, ii- - 1 1 1 I ..' i '
... i 1 mi
,1. h. I .i . r u
1.1 1
I lull liiifV. I'l
.hi 1 ii.. 1 1 . t
ii I. I. h. .1 1
. .1 1
Aiiiiou't a
'1 11. id. 1 . ll'i ill, liitl.ill
if led tn I c 1 1 Its lliiw w
, C'v
i;. ,i't 1 I 1 -. 1
", 1 11 I1I1 ll iUy
i .lm ! iu'i
cn'ist lmiiitu slii
, by tin- 1 l in. '
j with tlicsi- ml".
-i n I - 1 1 1 -
I 1' to I ncilie
. I .III llllll 111 ! t
In I'Uillictliili
ills Si.Ulll-
"s lllc
;. I lie
r 1 i 1 ,
, l.iwiii.' .
1, linin I .
hum S'. j.t. I ,
i I 'r m tJl.n .
J r.lii'iirii:'"
I I'l'MII I'l. .ill
I'l. Mil St I.
I . '
, 1 1, 1
; 1
". I'l
ill . fdi
ll' .
::. .Si"' :
ll 'I'l llll
I' It III .M 111,
1 1 !11 ( )lll di. 1 h i II
P.Hil 11 lid I i m M 1 s :.
'i'l.c lu'iiic of (it I'linmy,
CiovMi I'limcs-; Vcilie iiullhitcd
with incipii nt Cii -.'iinp'ioii, n iy the
doc tui , ;i'l v ' ' " v prei uiitioii
is I cin;; t'lkjn t ;;tvn lar .ttcii;;lh
and hcal'li.
ri:mii 1 1 ru.Y 11 i:mi
( h 1-1. V. .M 11. ji -. .1 iii.n-iiHiirtt. 1 .!
I'uul City. I'.i.. h.i'l his li.ul Ii ihl (iilly
Inn ned in 1111 ili'i-l ric luiii nr. llniii
plil"l I'.in'll ' Al'lil.'.l SiiKi' Willi the
usual ii-Hnlt ; "A iiiic; ; 1 1 1 1 1 peifeel
.'III'-. i I i'.i I ,- t I ... 1 1 ' I ' nil enrlll for
Hi 111 J . 1 '! 111 1 -, Sun s, Mi i ium and
I'ili'H. ',c l I'.. ii-. ii.h I'h. 11 111. u y
Subsitil.iJ lor the Nityji'-'t.
'jS vs."i.i ''- s.'.N-A' k,.vv.iVi'sSV)'Svi
i:i,l.i Ti:l TV, I'.I C
No omit .M'iiiK cimi-.s t;tl;-ii.
J ri iii i ri'ii i'.n.ilil.'.
OlIlMlill-. Illl illi ill In l fill nl .l.i il If ll'
I nr lnrlli'T .iil tlrlikirs ;nl.Iri si
in. ii. s(;iii,i:i:i'.
v,' s.. ' '.'. s.- r.' vvv.C'jsvv
ano C lilt Ifi e I.UNCS
with ftv M intyV
lwW J
Kow BiscGvery
TUP. I (MJ0HS ,nn"
j,U" jilb&
bOc i$1.00
Pica Ti'l
Uurent mid O.11ICU t Oure lor ell
TilHOAl' and J.tJWU IKUUll-
LliS, or WONKY iJACJi.
if The iiiv.i(.y
I Daily I iU..-; " i
V a I 1,1 l.i I I J , I
f. a t tin I, in ".I Irruliiii'iilH.
Liinited J!t
VOll v V
The comforts of a club ,
a first class hotel.
r.uil. iniiiiii'uidis, I'lujet S;niiul ami lnterme-
.? roints via t . 0
1 .1 '' . '
I' v''
the Ui nil Manli 1 ?..
- - Oregon
! 1 I I I .
. 1 1 1 .11 . in. ii in 1 In' 1 1.1. 1 .. r,
I III!. I Sl.ll.' I . Ill I Hill .
!:..v. I.11U . 1 r.' . .1 hi !'.. 1'MHi. Ii 1 1 1 li.v 1 1 11 t h:i I lln'iii-
' I I . ; . . I (.III Hi n 1 1 1 1 v r
T..v n- lil' N" ' S-'.dli i:uii- No.
I 1 I i. III.- ill I Mi.-I ! MiM hlllll,
iii. i'.m. h.i I..-, n i...-ii-. frmii the
1 v iirn i "i 1 .. ii. ml ."i ' ii'-.r .11. Hi. I ..11
j 1 11. .i.i ill., ciii 1i.1v -.r M.u.-li. I'Khi.
1 1 ! 'i . VI .. I. . 1. in , ll..- f.i i I low imIiI u ui In- lil.'.l I'i I 1.' . .Hi '.-. mid .111
i .111. 1 .11 li r hiiiI d.iv u.-ulll l" 1 r -!
. 1 1 1 I I 1 .1 1 I ' .1 ,' I o hih f' ir I h 1
!.ili .llii. 11 11:1 1 'I'l'i ).) 1 I'ril Jill. I nil
! H'HI-I V.'l I I III. I ll. 'I'l t W II' Illl.
I'.l-M IMI I. I I'liN. Ill-nl-lcr.
.1 . l l,ii I'l 1 lli-ich er.
Null- Tlw inc. ii-lii) w.i-i with
. 1 1 11 11 fr ui i'h 1 r . ii iivist :!, I'.ki.'I.
S.i I K I .
1 1. .t 1 1 tin id uf 1 1..- I iili-i . r,
l nlic.1 S'-.i. - I.H...I nili.i.,
1 : 1 . 1 1 . n' , 1 hi i:nHi. i- Is li.T. li. k' ' 11 'hut the iiji
I . t - v . 1 m . 1 1 . 1 I. 1 , 1 1 1 1 i 1, i,,nii
Si . I 1. .11- II'.
:ii si. 111 1., i:
ill.'ini.-i M.
In-. II 111 'I'l V 11I ll
ll-dllll .Nil
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