Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, December 20, 1905, Image 8

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ftUkt nil ohecVt vyMo to Nugsef Pub. Co,
lftiUrd at the potofflr at Collate Grove.
Oregon ea icooiid cl mU matter.
i m. . . .. i i ! i. I
srnscuiPTioN kates.
6 months 11.00
1 yenr $1.50
18 months 2.00
If puld in advance.
Clubbing Rates.
The Hohemla Nugget one yeur
'vlth Rtiv one of the following pub
lications one year tor amount set
I'.-liu M.miIIiIv Jt'i OQ
Weekly OregouUn (Portland) 2.50
Weekly Journal (Portland) $2.00
Daily Mining Kecord (Denver) $5.60
Weekly Mining Record i.25
ThU Ppor H kett on B1 b THK AMKBI
C.VW MIMISU t UNO RESS, Chamber ot Com
rnwca ButMiuc. I'enter, Colo., where our
luiiri will l npU-ome lo the tiieof the lead
laf vapets from the various mining iectUoi of
Ule a St. inline uorary muu mineral ci
fHIS PAVER is kept on meat K. C. Drakei
Aderllin(r Acnoy, 64 and 65 Merchant! It
onife. bu t raiu'isco, taiiiornia. wnerecon
racts for advertising can be made lor It.
Ob, pause beside the weary road
and bear the angels sing. The glad
old soDg of peace is the lame today
as it was centuries ago, the day on
which it was sung means as much
to the world now, as it did then,
and once more we welcome it with
ita coed will and cheer. Santa
Claus is busy and it is time for old
and young and rich and poor to
throw aside all care, forget all atrife
and live anew, to enjoy the giving
and receiving, which it a part of
the Christmas joy.
It is the children's day, we older
folk should live for them. In this
land of beautiful firs, a tree should
ornament each and every home, it
means so much to the little folks,
it will be among their sweetest
memories when childhood days are
past. The little candle lights which
now bring forth shouts of glee will
one day brightfcu some dark path
way in the older life.
We hope old St. Nick will not
forget one single stocking, especi
ally those of the poor. Have we all
helped him to remember by substan
tial suggestions?
The Pacific Timber Company
This company which has In the
past operated many mills and stores
baa been closing out many ot Its In
terests and Is now confining Us work
to piling, cedar poles, ties, etc. The
firm has in years past shipped piling
almost all over the world, their pil
ing being famous everywhere for its
excellent quality.
TkGam Warden
One of the men, the boys don't like
to have te face, If they have Veen vio
lating the laws, la Gamewarden
Baker. There Is no escaping him.
He believes the laws were made for a
purpose, and Is sportsman enough
himself to respect them, and thinks
everyone else shou'd. He is a lover
of all the wild birds and animals, as
well as of the fishes, and Is an enthu
siastic sportsman. He has at his
home some magnlflcient specimens of
Golden Pheasants, Oregon Quail and
the China Pheasants, which abound
in this state.
Mr. Baker has through his efforts
brought ubout many able revisions
of the state game law s, and brought
hl3 department to a point of effclsncy
never before reached.
E W Hall B&ck to Euere
E. W. Hall, of the Lane County
Electric Co., who had charge of the
office here until recently, arrived
up from Portland this after
noon, lie Las been working at
the metropolis in the interest of.
the new electric line between Salem
and Portland. He sajs the pros
pects are bright for the council
granting the company the Front
street franchise, which has been un
der consideration for. some time
"Work is progressing satisfactor
ily on the Salem end of the line,"
eaid Mr. Hall. "We have over a
hundred men employed and they
are going right along."
Mr. Hall stated that the work of
constructnig the new reservoir on
Skinner's Butte for the Eugene
water works, also the work of erect
ing the gs plant, will begin soon.
The Firat National Bank
The First National Bank of C Ot
tage Grove was established in 1890
an a nrivste institution bv II. Eakin
and D. Rristow, and nationalized.
iu 1900. It is capitalized for 55,
000, with a surplus and undivided
profits on Nov. ith of $5,924.72,
and it is strong and conservative
bank, under the guidance of able
men. iierDcrt Jiakin is presuieo
and T. C. Wheeler, cashier. The
directors are Heibort Eakin, O. M.
Hawley, N. W. White, T. 0.
Wheeler and Oliver Veatch. The
ndividual deposits aggregate abont
$150,000, but average hifther than
that the year through. The bauk
ices a large busiuess lor a towu t
this size, and show better tbau
many other iustitutiou the welfare
and the solid financial couditiou o .
the city and the country tributarjt
to the bank. The bauk is located
in en of the best brick buildings iu
town, and ou the best soruer of
Main street and is well equipped lor
conductiag a general banking busi
A large vault of the best construc
tion with heavy manganese steel
safes, gives the best of protection.
Customers ars given the privilege of
depositing valuable papers without
charge in the vault, which is a cour
tesy much appreciated by their
ma ay patrons.
The bank is anxious to see Cot
tage Groe grow, and is earnest in
ita belief that the time is at hand.
A BIS Jump
One of the stores which evidently
has been storing away its hard earned
coin, preparatory to a big jump, is the
Pearce A Johnsou Co.. Grocer, who
have just recently moved from a similj
room in a rather out of the way place)
to the finest grocery store room in town
with an immense lloor space, and not
content with having a large grocery
line have added a complete line of the
finest crockery and glassware, besides
Havlland and Austria ware of the
Ciest patterns. Their present tloor
space of 3000 feet, and shelf room of
620 feet for groceries alone, besides
many hundreds of feet of shclvtug for
their dishes, etc., makes It possible fur
them to make a great showing of the
great stock that they buy. They buy
in large quantities and sell close.
There have made an innovation
In having a waiting room, with com
fortable chairs, stove, table, fresh
water, etc. in order that customers
from the country may eat their
lunches, rest, write their letters and
arrange their business.
They deserve to succeed for they
have undertaken and made a store
that the whole town Is glad to speak
ot in glowing terms.
A Prix Winner.
The Cottage Grove creamery,
which has only been established
here for some four months, commen
cing to make butter in September,
has proved itself to be in line for
tht prize, not alone on butter, but
for general success, which is largely
due to the man who owns and oper
ates it, Mr. F. G. Stiver, who has
Made of his business a close study.
He was a student at the Minnesota
Agricultural college for two years
where he took a diploma and at
Rutland, Dakota, where he opera
ted a creamery for some time, he
won the championship of the state
for the finest butter and creamery
products. Duriag the three months
which the creamery has run, Mr.
Stiller has paid the farmers 3i cents
per pound for butter fat, making a
total of $1275.34, which is a wel
come addition to the earnings of the
fanners. In September I30& pounds
of butter was made, in October 13i 1
pounds and in November 149s
pounds, and by spring he expects
to tnrn out five or six times as
much batter per month and to add
to the creamery a cheese and ice
cream factory.
21 rforeee Day
Blacksmith Baker and his helper Al
Hamloth are proud of their record of
shoeing 21 horses in a single day, be
sides whieh they had to drive 17 miles
to the working point and back again
afterwards, and were right on time,
bright and early the next morning.
Mr. Baker conducts a general black-
smithing and repairing shop, and ban a
large and growing trade.
Currln & VeatcK
Are one of the firms that do a quiet
steady business, which without any
fuss or bluster amounts to a great deal
in the course of a year.
Mr. Veatch has been In business for
a good many years at the present
stand, a number of which J. B. Lewis
was a partner under the name of Lewis
& Veatch. Later Mr. Lewis retired,
his place being taken by J. P. Currln,
one of the sturdy old men of the town.
The firm does Its business on a close
margin, and believes in the best treat
ment for its customers, which they all
ways find wins out.
D. CO.
Is one of the mining companies
that has p.operiies in the Bohemia
District, that is doing much work
these times, and expects when its
patents are passed upon and granted
to commence much mere active
Beautiful ladies wrist purses at
J, 15. Lewis . Call and see them.
jibe NScbool I
j "-x.Sy'
Our boys of Hie basket ball team
did not go to Eugene Saturday 011
account of the school directors ob
jecting. They hope to go later iu
the yeur.
Mftbc-i Co dm a u was absent last
The class is getting along very
fast in American Literature text
book. We hope to get through
with the authors soou and take up
some representative works.
One of our Seuior boys are get
ting very poetical and we wish he
would show his taleut by writing
some class yells,
Bulldera exn4 Investors
C. E. Stewart and his father and
the Porter Bros, are investing much
money in the Grove, with the ex
pectation of better times coming
soon. C. E. Stewart ami me
Portets has just finished a new
brick building, two stories high,
sixty-three by one hundred feet,
with one warehouse 3ox3j, which
is to be duplicated at once. This
building is propably the handsom
est building iu town, and represents
au expenditure ot about jlo,6oo.
The two stores coveriug the grouud
plan are occupied by the Grifiiu &
Veatch Hardware Company and
the Pearce A Johnson Company,
grocers. The upstairs is fitted out
in fine suites of offices, of which one
suite is now occupied by C. T
They have also purchased the old
Graham hotel building and have
torn out part of it and are building
a new addition and thoroughly over
hauling the entire structure, in
order to make it a good hotel build
ing. The rebuilt structure will
have all eusst chambers on the out-
sides, creatlv improving it. Much
expense is being entered into in
this work.
The Plortoor Merchant
Mr. Lurch has the distinction of
being the pioneer merchant of the
city, having been in business here
since IH73, ot which time 23 years
has been in the present location at
the corner of Main and Fifth streets
where Mr. Lurch owns a half a
block of ground. Mr. Lurch has
always been prominent iu local af
fairs, having served as member of
the council and as an official in the
Commercial club. He is interested
in many of the interests of this sec
tion, and is fixed to take advantage
of all the prosperity to come.
Mr. Lurch conducts a general
merchandise store, and while his
buiiding is not at all pretentious,
yet after one has gone through it
and asked for most anything on
earth, or any place else, and gotten
it, without even going into the long
line of warehouses behind tne store,
you begin to think there are at
least a few things in the store.
A Local Cavpltallat
Of the citizens of the town, who
have made through their Individual
effort In the past few years a good
sized fortune, there stands pre-eminent
J. I. Jones, whose Interest at the press
ent time In farms, residence property,
business lots and houses, as well us hi,
timber and mining Interests, amounts
to a great deal. Mr. Jones is making
his investments with an eye to the
future of Cottage Orove, and is greatly
helping to build it up.
Excursion to California Vndtr Auspices
of Oretfon Development League,
Secretary Tom Richardson, of the
Oregen Development League, is
very anxious that the state at large
should be well represented on this
excursion. The party will be com
posed of ladies and gentlemen,
leaves Portland at midnight, Janu
ary I3, 19O6, stops being made at
Sacramento, San Francisco, Palo
Alto, San Jose, Paso Itobles, Santa
Barbara and Los Angeles. Special
entertainment will be accorded the
party at these points. The rate
from Portland will be $63 for one
person, which includes three meals
to be served on the diner between
Portland and Sacramento, and Pull
man berth io Los Angeles. A rate
of $58 will be charged where two
people occupy the Bame berth. A
deposit of $25 ia necessary on each
ticket to secure reservation. Sec
tion reservations will be held until
December 25th. This is an excel
lent opportunity to visit California,
a3 the auspices under which it is
given insures a most enjoyable out
ing. The excursion is to be run only
provided that not less than 126 per
sons make the trip. AH communi
cations in reference to reservations,
and to the trip in general, should
be addressed to Mr. Tom Richard
son, Manager Portland Commercial
Club, Portland, Oregon.
Absolutely Puro
A Cream of Tartar Powder,
froo from alum or phos
phntlc acid
Mian Urotl Chicken.
Mrs. J. 11. Winner bus lor Home
six yeais given u great deal of at
tention to the raising of the finest
Silver Spangled Hamburg chickens.
Sho uow has 4s hens aud 3 roosters
of which she in justly proud. She
is able to get her own price for all
that she cau raise, mcoivitig orders
from far nnd wide. Her present
chickens ate from th I'ouliry-yards
of Hummel, at Freeport, Illinois
add Gad. lis, at Pullman, Washing
ton. Mrs. Warner has ju t sent a
rooster and two hens to the Poultry
show at Albany, mid will undoubt
edly taka first prie, as her chickens
are verv fine.
The Lfidle Bawiatkr.
The Ladies of the Methodist
Church conducted a successful Ba
zaar in the Wynne Annex on Friday
and Saturday of last week. Many
useful and decorative articles were
on sale, which were made by tks
hands of the ladies and their chil-
ren. A corner of the room was de
voted to a display of quilts, com
forters. aprons, hemstitched hand
kerchiefs, etc., while in another
corner was a beautifully deeked
booth ol red tissue paper, where a
showing of much beautiful cnina
was made.
A booth lurnished by the Senior
Epworth League and presided over
hv each one of the voune ladies in
turn, proved a drawing card, and
Irew manv a rvnnv out of the young
mens' pockets. Tbs Intermediate
and Junior Leaguos also had a
booth, where many things for tie
vouner generation were displayed
The home cooked foods on Satur
day disapoeare 1 like magic.
The Milk Mn.ldiCe.nie. We Saw They
On NAtiird.iv niht the twentv
Mill- foi.U who were to hold
their convention, appeared at the
Opera House dressed in their fan
tastic costumes, and each one made
a soeech on the kind of milk fur-
nltlinl In hir favorite COW. with
liberal illustrations and comments
on their eccentricities, manners, etc.
to the amusement of a large crowd..
After tVia 'entertainment was over.
the milk stools used by the damsels
were sold for sweet charities sake,
inrl firmiD-ht in soma which with
" f " ' V J '
the admissions charged made about
ThoUorean Hand.
The Berean Band held its first
meeting of the season at the home
ol Misses Dolhe and Daisy Hawk
ins on Friday evening at 8 o'clock.
The Berean Band is an organiza
tion of the young people of Rev. D.
K. Olson's Sunday School class and
was organized last winter by Kev
F. E. Billington. This winter the
bible work will be conducted by
Miscjessia Baughman, who is an
able instructor.
This organization meets every
two weeks at the homes of the diff
erent members and tho bible lesson
for the next meeting will be the
first six chanters of the book of
Joshua and a character sketch of
Moses by Joe McKibben.
Music and a social evening win
close each meeting.
For January 2yth, wlicd is tne
n5t repnlar meeting, a New Tear's
party is being prepared. The place
of meeting has not been decided
upon as yet, but will be announced
All tho members of this Sunday
School class are invited to attend
and an instructive and jolly good
time will be uai.
THERE is no doubt that Mexi
co ofTe-is one ol the most
promising lieMs lor tne in
vestment of American capital, but
investors fihould be extremely cau
tions in the matter, and under no
circumstances make an investment
until a most careful investigation
has been made by comj.etcnt engi
neers. CoEisul-Conernl Farsons, in
Cottage Grove Flour Mills
Flour and heed
Remember lint th'i Cottage (Jiovo Flour is Hold
otn merits, nt lowest living piiciH We iiho 2 ft
p r cent Imid wheat in our Pridn of Oregon
brand. This Flmir will produco inure bornd
per wick than the cheim varieties now offered.
Try it once nnd bo convinced, and at the name,
time cnemiragc a lioinc cntei priHti : : : : :
I Miners
at reasonable priees.
Good Goods at
General Merchandise
Miners Fools
a recent communication, extends a
timely warning: "Mexico otiers a
promising field for American capi
tal aud energy, especially uow that
a fixed value has been lveu to the
currency of the coiititiy. With the
great fluctuations iu exchange
which prevailed bttcre the adopt
ion of the meatfuics for monetary
eforrn, it was diflicult to securo
money for investments which under
:i fird currency are deemed safe.
But it iH still necessary, in spite of
the publicity occasioned ly recent
exposures ol fraudulent American
companies operating iu Mexico, to
warn the people of the Fnited
States against Mexican investments,
especially in mining and agricul
ture, except as the result of careful
investigation. We know at home
at home that since tho Spaniards
began, some four hundred years ago
to exploit the miueial deposits of
Mexico, tuousanus fi minions or
dollars worth of precious metals
have been mined; that for example,
nearly one-third of the silver now
existing iu the world came from the
mines of Mexico, aue that today
many of these mines are heavy pro
ducers of tbis aud and of other pre
cious metals. Profiting by these
facts, as well as by tne credulity of
the public and by a degree of inao
cessibility whicu increases tho
chances for immunity from investi
gation, unprincipled Americans
have enormous sums of money from
the people of the United States for
worthless shares in their so-called
Mexican mines. And Americans.
fiuitrt frpanentl v the eotnnarativelv
1 - - 1 J L J
nnor will continue to lose their
money iu this way unless they take
the trouble to investigate before
they buy." World.
THROUGH an explosion i u
mine number 1 of tho Kem
mlnger Coal and Coke Com
pany at Diamoudville, in western
Wyoming, shortly after midnight
21 men are known to have lost their
lives aud 33 others are entombed.
Relief parties are working heroi
cally to roach the entombed men be
fore tho after damp claims them.
The scone about the mouth of tho
shaft beggars description, wives,
mothers, sisten and brothers boing
frantic in their appeals to the
rescuers to bring out thoir loved
& Gettys
& Gettys
Supplies f
Reasonable Prices.
and Amunitions
Mauy workmen near the entrance
to tho mine were injured by flying
debris and a large force of physi
cians is attending them. The
cause of the disastn is unknown.
It is repoited that the mine is
burning and that there is little hope
of saving tboHe entombed Rescue
gangs are making slw headway
011 account of ga-t and lire Mauy
of the dead aro Americans.
The explosion, it appears, was
caused by a "windy" shot.
Four years ngo 2 miners were
loht in this yniii and their bodies
burned for weeks.
Five bodies were taken out by
noon today. All five aro those of
Englishmen who cuuie here re
cently from England.
Tho full shift was not at work.
Immediately following the explo
sion sheets of llame shot through
the mouth of tho shaft high into
the air as though lorced by giant
1 sell Columbia and all other
talking machines, therefore must
sell tho best. If you waut any
thing iu that lino see Etwikiu tho
piano man in Eugene.
1 I UDllJiQ
Augut Flower kef pi the children healthy and
Full of vlKor and frolic I lie wliolr clay limn ,
bo whru Miimiim iiri-da more tliiry ruxli olT In
hluli K't-e,
Aud hli'iut lo tht drUKuUt 1 " 1'lranr give.- It t
me I"
Inability to get tip brink and fresh b
the morning, lack of appetite, pallor
muddy complexion und poor spirits
these lilt indicate a disordered Hloinacl
and baddigcHtion iu udultsanil children
too. They also indicate the urgent need
ot taking i,reen'a AugUKt Mower regu
larly fur it few days.
flit's a reliable old remedy for all stomach
troubles, never fails to cure indigestion,
dyspepsia and chronic constipation, uud
is a natural tuuic for body und mind.
ITwo sizes, 95c aud 75c. All druggists,
Uuimuu'i I'liarumi'