Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, December 20, 1905, Image 6

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ss Interests.
(rove s
si ni Af i: nti-nov rvt-M S - nu:-i: ion-.m-st
A good bridle trail to the Oreo n-
A v;ii.oT !;i 1 surveyed t.v connect
with tli" O.v;:on Colorado road at
Till- MII'Vl'V ,-liows
per cent grade bo
mineM. ;i distance id
tllO hitter r. !.'..
n continuous t
tWCCtl til'1 tWO
three miles.
A pood tu: '
t-mitli shop, a
a ilmn for v
wheel and 1 1'
tl-n, S0' f et v,
and Tariouj o;
(! I't
'. 'i -use w U.u'k
i.'.r" liviiiLT ln'iiHc,
. r povv cr. a I'eitoti
. i ; for mine vert ila
.tt;' llutv.e. toil-, car.
.-. I i:v.irovi'nionts.
vo ivo mimic-.
Mali, 'ii Watch and 1?. K. l.awsou,
) i-: t r- in furniture, carpets, ruo, mat
t i ti i; wall paper, paints and oil, have
i -taMis)
i;r. i tt ii
l.ui t si-lci
: ! ;v,
I !.:.:.-h
hi s n'llvo'i i
ti"W Havci'
man ritv ot
sta'.tO :
I !. ,vc
The Cieoloc. '!' t!u country rvk i
tin iiKrhi in tlu town a a
fr.n. Mr. Watch lias had n
o. :ti 1 1 i-.Mi-icquonuy n
in t V f v;i!lcy, which t n l
1 i i.p his trade, before
:i.'u v i t I-, Mr. Law sou. who
for :i Port!. in 1 tiou . the
Ins time. Tin' firm U con
l ip. 1 -t forward.
',i' v 1 1.-. i v.: a.'nied a new
..1..' ' . . i I ' - all 1 crgatlsl. of
i a iaed sto.h. Mr.
ii, e-iso.! eu.t :i'.n-r an. I fun-
aud ...nios a full lino of
.!. which is a great cou
t tt.-M vv '.: i'.,','.t i all upon
t . t heir lU'j art ul ones.
J. H. Sharp
Is aroil.rr of the old timen
Identical with t !ki' vf tin1 Orogor.-Col-orivlo.
Tim veins are ai-o strnlliar.
...,.. ; . i t,.. :, ti, , ,. !:
, , i. i, I,. , have hclpea tMii. ike I.oncmui
iv.,: tu Oro ;o:i in iL'.' whtr? he
in in 1'olu'im.: in iSfi- niul has
to ito innrh moro. At roont llioro aro
p. mo ;.' nioiiil'r, which it in hopnl l.v
the tirst of tlio year will nninlur at
least titty. A. H. Wooil, th iiismap'r
of tlio tinyoii Scciirit ii'N t.'o. anil tho
Oregon Soutlioiiytcrn I. K., i tlio
prcHi.loiit, an.l Mr. 11. O. Tliompson.
mo rotary aiul manager of th Cottaj;o
(Jrovo Klectru' Co.. is tho nocrotarv of
the club.
The club ha pleasant ttiarteM over
tho Carman Hetneiiway Co. store, wlu re
they hae a lari;e reception room, a
well supplie.l reailin room, a room ,!,
Vote. I to lilliarJ an.l pool tables, as
well as a card room.
Tlu club takes 1111 active interest in
all affairs that concern tho welfare of
tho city nnil the Willamette valley, an.l
at present arc worViu to have tho next
meet i 111; of the I'evelopment League
meet here.
S, lletison, who is (he ol.lest ilru
m 'otlai;e lihur, HI point of nor-
n:it io tifoiiian, having
11 llils.,u,i. Some 15 vonrs
vice, is :i
boon In.i 11
value- a e e.
tho vein M
li;ir to the
- Much r.ileit
l v.-
ru 01 '
, or ;l'
(:'i'u!i-.'ol..'ra io
i in tl'in vein
lies li
i-.ii:so'l frotnearli unitvi water pereol.-i-tin
X thrnuu'i tho 1 !iieb'-iri:!j;vouiitr.v
rock an- ih'i'o-iriii ' earbonate of
11 no in the ea !is of
The ino iiu iHi on
Iivm; o'i the 'l:;eot' the li:riet ever
s:.uoe. Mr. Si.aip lias h.ul n vHtie-1
'.11 ii;e. mving Keen
the vein.
whh-'i this prop
orty mul tio
eate.l in m
timber ,.s u
a!'ll!i.! moo i
Tii- ner
fet t. lo .vei :i
mine 0:1 ti
ma.le bet we
an-1 the ore
111011 p. 'I! !
( p
n-Co,ia'Jo aro
o forest -f as
Th--re also
w.-iti-r f n- all
Hie 1.1,110 i.iys ?oiih '.(
an the t re;,ni -Color. i, in
.0 eppo-ite isi.le of tl:e
A e.ouitvti n eonM bo
en t h'-e two pioperti- s
:', I o.Mivej A to 1 no o 1:0
r in .tn-.ei' !.
sinio, Ins I, l ot In r .boni s A. Hi-nson an.l
himself op. in-, I up tl,,. Mo.lern l'harm
a.y, which wai later hl to Paviil
lii'i-.s, the pn-sont owner. Mr. Itimon
loaine.l his w hi U nn.ler his btolher Hllil
I'r. all, anil wis a.lni i 1 1 o.l to practiou
ph.iimary in Is'.ii5.
The lnlvin,', which Mr. l'.elison NOW Is is one of tho ol.lest business!'
in the town, an.l many prescriptions tiro
tile. I away in carefully labeleil boxes,
that eo or business iloue in the 70 's
an, I v's.
Mr. lienson belies es ill beiiij; thor
ounhly up to-ilate in i-very respect, lin.l
has the n-.ost impo-iin 'lru storvl 111
the cit.
o,,i' v i: t A .
The prevail, n: va
Copper. ilvor a! way
S-nk-rah eMt'llt , :i!-r
Tiie .ie:i-'v -i f
dt r tho ( );-. :-. '
m i:n r.
inn of the 0:0
present to eo
. some ur hi.
00 tie;: t ui' ii
:n 1 r-p-rt
(hie of the new business enterpris. s
of Cottage lirove is "The l'aaar," or
notion an.l novelty store, recent Iv es
tal lishe.l by W. C. Conner, who is well
known in Oregon new spaporilom, having
for the .ast 15 years been enjai;e, in
newspaper enterprises iu Cons, I'oulas
:iii. I Lane counties. It will be remem
ben-. I by the obi residents of this city
that Mr. Conner was associate, I with
I'. W. Chausse, now of (!r:ints 1'ass, in
the establishment of the l.ea.ler at this
place some 15 years ao. Twelve years
ai;.i In- went to Soiitheru Hrron, where
e :o!s nice been fit x; :' kjit in new si. a ;.-r
rt 'ik at Myrtle I'oiut, an.l for the past '
si y.'.ns at Kosebnrj;. After the recent j
sale of the Koseblir; 1 'hi i II. lea le r he re !'e.l to i "ttae Crove, his ol-l home, i
re--. !.! to retire from newspaper
w"ik. at bast temporarily, an.l eii,;.!.'
in mcrchaii'lisinif, a notion an, I novelty
s:on- leii'.j; Lis preference. Whih- ho.
hits been eueai;eil in this business I . r '
a short time, he has built up a
lloi.rish iioj tra.le aul is constant l -1 1
l.ireiii' his st.i. k; live, ten, titt'-.-a u I .
I twenty five cent counters, li'i.t ore
goo, N, confectioneries an. I tobaccos be
iu his specialties. Mr. I Unner is much
ratitle.l with tho success attetnlnie; his
11. -vv business venture an.l .leclares that
it is less strenuous ami more profitable,
than newspaper work.
..'Vuiaii baiber nhop is the mtc
c. s ir of ... shop formerly owni'.l by J
N., an.l lus the ilistinctloii
ot hav oil; the finest counter eiiuipment
i a the lily, an I especially in that it is
the hail. Ii work of (leu., who has
since become a water an.l street con
tractor, an I .Iocs not think of little
jots any more. Mr. Cotl'tnan runs a
c1"' I shoo an, I merits well the miccoss
Ih-mMcr liaiuiliio;
whips ninl four ki -wliii'li
!pe(ikn well
Motile I. prom i'
,H of HWf.'lt pH.I-
for Hie I'l'oWtll "f
llis tra.le, tlinl w lih li li.'Ki. atlv apple
. . . . i .. i
elates, in' iiiimio im.u im- - j o"
beiiniiiii; t ab.'e the a l .,u. m
the cost i if lea the I , I In uiv'h tin- l.l.'bi-r
ptiei-H that Hn- in o (ettiitc; r Ha ir
liiiles, Jiml llnit "I nee. -.nit I be I'm
irtlieil plinliu Is iiiiiMt bo hUb I. Ho
hopes to lie able alw.o-- to In-'
ttaile theii linoiov's wmth in i'" "I
jnoils, even at a I ; 1 1 1 1 v ihIi.iii.o,I
pl'iee. lie li.ilolle- ;i complete line, hi. I
earrli'si a stock oi (no. I .nil no .lit ali
tor hot Ii stock an.l pool 1 1
Hie (Inrmnn, llcmcnw.iy Ctin-piny.
T hi i com pa n , w In i n ro c. no I a ' ;, ,
not a I no'l i n.'l in i i n n ; I on 1 1 .,
b.i o I i.-eii In mil i 1 1 f , n no, 1 1 I ,.. , .
v . ats .Ho I have est ulll In : ,. , , ,
H, l'4 oil II ! ( ill' I b Illl. I. it 0 HI I I i
eoiiiiintl. e.l I lO'lness Willi I a I hot a
small 11,1, of e,.,.,s. In! li i,. , .
r.i.r m oil lb. . r ilo.illni.-s have w.,: ;
nji a I hi "I in s thai Is e. pi 1 1 I . , i 0,
I. e-.t In t bo i inli.v They now , ii i
a lali-e lino if Mi.'l'i li.'l II Ii e, tin I i i ,
all -a a in!. 1 1 I . nalll v ami a i 1 V , :
price an .a . b .vv a-i I ho v e I , .
has iit t a i nc, I in his line.
V. vi'i,,., ,., ljiee Hastings are
I i ill .1 ia tine ipiarters on Main
'. where tliev maintain a first class
r shoji. They have only been in
. ss four -:ii s this October, in
i time they have vvorkeil up u
no I eiofvinj tiii.le, until they
e ii. in. e of benn; the li-adnitf
the town. They hiiu.lle an
! :i I'ue. ne lauinli v iis well.
In il.
o.S to
-.ty a. so.
; i v. i. ;vo-o
o t.i!iui-oi,.,l lh
a Nov. , ll,'.'5.
H.ivM i
the I
1" '!,
t.v . ii
his t
. vv :
.ili.jle conr
, iILP.MACr.
Pi.. !.. is a c;ra.liate
'. !' -. ..f ri.ara.acy,
).' z:' e, ao.l was
Hr. ia state Normai
' is .l.::rtiiacoutical
. s is h native Orc.ooa
i . rr. ia Douglas toun
: :vin ia his native
iiev.' s he has th-? test
:'ur t!:0 coinj'lotioii of
ho entered the Mo.l
ani witLia a month
at I '.maun iu the ol.l uays wheu
the French were attempting to dig
the canal, ard he has many strange
aaJ vvouv.'er;"ui tulnos, tell of the
dangeis an.l the troubles to be eu
counttrtj ami conquered by the
American forces in their project.
II is life v.atii::g sway, still in
strcjaw faith of tho future of Bo
lien.ia'ii mines.
I Miss I. .a
i t:il.:i:Le.i
arrai.i-.'.'iio. i.s fur its purchase.!
I'rar. . s 1'
la rs.-if in the g
4 of the town
.t so in ii.aa.e only.
t ret has) rinniv es-
vi. rai c of
in the nine
Since tii at tun., lio has Mult the t ratio
u; largely, an.l i:o"5 (::( of thu laroest
jTecriptiu l.-r.sin. in town.
The jo. -til ac- in v of the Pacific Stat-s
Telephone ic Telegraph Co. is locate! in j
the storu nrnicr OriitiS' nianae
merit, ami has grown until now it ha
some -1" j.hotu-s in this town ual vicin
ity, which li'ij in here. A recent cbaiie
whi.-h tlo tci-. j hone, c.n.pany has
for wLi.. !i :-. ry telephone i.aer has
re-isou to , hem is the thaue of
two of ti.e f'o;. .- r toll lines to suburban
line, naiiii-ly, o- J'.Iack Hutte an- Lon
don liue, ami i... line south for about
n,.,;,:; s i
ct-s h-re. a
i times the oi.
in tL ba-v
w 1. 1
. n
! ;isist:i!.t.
ii; i i ''.' r
111 miles, i;.ak'.-::r
telep.hone sub.s.-; ,
cost, any phone .
although they ;:r
ss; some of th
time two now li:n
liosebur to Toi i
ly relievo the
it j.os.iible for a local
i r to call up, without
-. those neighborhoods.
even 13 miles away, At the present
.i are being built from
n I, which will great-
i.t congested condi
tion of the servi'jc to Portland.
Cottag firovo ciainis, and rightly,
too, the tinest ami l . st equijijied meat
market in Oregon, it respective of size.
J. II. Barteis. F; i i'.arf.U ami F.
M. K rue -ft are cut. ' pri ii men who
believe t hilt the best none too good
fur Cottage drove, a ii j t i that cud they
have jiiii-chii-'ed p.roii id, built a brick
meat market buihiii.;-, cciuCLted tin
walls inside, ;m l laid cement floor, that
inii v le kept
ha been in bll-i-r.ot
oidv been :it
dn..;. in town, but has
isvii, with two otlor
i mj, loved iis high a six
Mis I'.arret is a capable
hiivinn had experience with
u hi.
id i
. - o.l, -el' ha imt iiloiie bi.ilt
j ra. t'c iu this vicinity, tut
i h.,s ital and sauitiiriuin, tu
in. I Ins wife, who is a nkill
;nr their a! ! tit ioll lar -el V.
I ' ' .s
f -
f ... ,-. ' i .i ' ' r . '. ' ,
iMfrr-r'"-". . ;i (: ;u -ir,!
" US i
I'irst .Natiuii.i! II.tuK . iisihis I 'li.iniuicx
is ;i varietv of
iJwl is ;i varietv ot l.usiiu ssi-s
undur tin- control of A. (irahatn, the i
owner of the Orahatu Hotel. The Duli
l.o.iging House is a g..o. house operated 1
for men only, with a cafe ami lunch '
ci. nter in connection. The Owl I'illiard
and Cigar Ilooins aro neatly and well
equipped. The Owl Saloon ii tho saloon ,
formerly operated in the Graham l ot- I
before the recent change.
The Oldest Jewelry Store.
II. C. Mad-eti, opened tho first
exclusive, jewelry utore iu town,
some six years ajjo Umh spring al
thouh for t-on.e, time he had been
located in tho Opera House build
ing. He has built up a yood trado,
and has made money, Laving pur
chased and built the building now
occupied by Allison and Hustings,
ai d himself- Mr, Madsen carries
s:2.t of the best houses along the coast. !
J. VV. Vaughn.
That this is a healthy country, j
and one where people live to a good
ripe old age, is borue out by the
Dumber of very old men that we
find around us, active and stronp.
Anions tlieso is Mr. J. W. Vaughn,
who was born in Jefferson County,
New York, Nov. 8, IH22, making
him b3 years old. He came to
Oregon in 153, settling in Lane
County. He first visited Bohemia
in 1 S C 4 , in the tirt rush for the
precious modal. II e fiays he
thinks that he was first elected
as Justice of the Peace in Cot-
,1 0.
' -1. . ---- - t x
" - -it- ''Jz&?5'&?m:
.- ' -
V "'. .. - "
'A-'--bv :-f if . f;i V
' - ' .Xe.
-. . '.'..-.-: :;
K .-, S...O
r.A it. J .. , -
,1 s.l ; -.
i . iv-'-w .,r.t
Mf "1
w---o- ' 1
.. , , i!i"jatfisfC-i'-.'J
.,s-m pt?rwr T. - - ;
Melerwlt .toil llroocl
A Iin t ) n I lie 1 ait -I pi i'., n o a in I - in 1 e s
I' 1 1 1 iiiiio in, 11 1 1 1K0 l.i.v n, l!ai : .
I MetCiilf 11ml Alolr l.i .i d. t unl
eli iwe to t he liea, I 1 ! r .... , , i v o 1 . 1 o
In eotldiieted vv It I. t lo ievvoi . a ,n.'
ami nut Ufyiii.: tl.o l e t tr.'ide. Tl.i.v
li.llidlo the IcnI liul,, .tinl L.iiv a I no
Htiiek nlw a.v n U 010 v. .11. Mr. M.-.
calf lias 111 uvv 11 i.'ti'eilii nisi- iin l Imt
huilHe, Ho that lie I" able t.i suj j,iv
eiii-tdiiiers! with the ( ot
lettuen at any t line. 'I'I.e.v are e.iln
Htantly In. lejslno ami Imjnov in' tln ii
t 1 ire UH the ileiii.iud in ia -sitiites.
Know In & (ettv
Milierx have to have ci. ,tlo -, eat and
live, nnd Know l.-t and i.-tt v 111 t lii ir
tW Htnrex lit I'o do llll.l lllld U-,e,i l;
llieiii up (or tveiytliino Gov want.
Tin y know the I...VH taMo to a tiiee'y,
illl'l Cilll tell at ii oiam-o vv (.:.'. Vo l
need. The lirm i- , . r p, ! -h, and
liaH a utr.'li and aid.- in no-i--. i
I le y io 1 I Ve t l.o p it I I'll
I In 'Hi' vv lo vv ,1 n t .1 , 1 u:t 1
t In V il le . I VV a.V 1 I e.l I V I . i
n 1 'Iik' . it -hi. 'I loir p. .la
C 1 . all II in I !- V .- o-i 11 1. 1 v a
eliulde.-i tln in tu In
bid tut- any toi-dta--
1 1111 1 1 t i t ! 1 111 .
al, ai d
lll.l 1,. ., I: ,
... t.i h, :i
i. .nin- , vv I.t. !,
alivn.v I' lldv t 1
ami iij'.ilnxt iiiii
O l. Adim.
( )tio of the piiMieeis ol Ceti;;i'
(ii'ivn is . 1'. Admits, who to-.m.1
the plains to Oregon 111 '"., and
li-i-oveied the litituibar mitics in
the Cal.ipi'oi'i ttii nt t! t .litis in
and wax iinioti;; the inilicst pios-
i !'
I). .1. Scholl
Mrs. H. A. Cottle's Resident.
clean. Tiny
Fystcm at an
san.l iluliur-5, com
compressor and two.
olino eriL'ine
fresh and
have installed ii cooling j
expense ot several tnou-
pi-i.-iin refrigerator
!ve horse l.ower un
toon; lo r
,it!i tLe otlor
necessary mm l.iaery to i-nahh; them to
buy tin! best :ittle in la rye ijuantities,
kill them iv hen fur and l:eep tln-ui in
the be -st of condition in u modern re
frioeratoi .lant.
(.'ottatte Grove is jnou.l to have men
that when Hay do a job, do it up
ritfht, and expend their money to last.
Mr. Hurteis has bouol.t a pleasant
home, which he is also making a fine
place of.
Mr. A. H. Kinh', who ii one of the
most jiroiiiisiii, ynunjf hivvyers of the
town, in a native of Illinois, biintf born
iu White county. Jle came to Gutta"!;
(Jrovo with liis parents in where
he comjileted his jiuldio school educ
tion, after which he spent one year al
tho Oreoon Agricultural Colleoo. He
then studied one term in tho law de
jiurtment of the University of (Jreoou,
and in yi nlualed t reoii the i;i vv
dejiiirtmeiit of the ' 'umb-r!ainl l'niv r
bity, Leanon, Tennessee, al'tel' which h'.'
returned lo ()i-en,,n ninl in i!H v:;s
admitted to the bar. The following year
he opened an olli'-e in (.'ottaoe (Jiuvc,
where la- li:i nut with nuirhed sutce-s
a an oilice lawyi r.
Jilr. Jinj,' has'ii'd iuiied hiuoelt' with
jiny political jony, but h;rs tiilo n :.n
active part in lot ai'.'ii -i and L:n ;.l
wavs stood linn I'oi- v.hal he believed
to bo for the last interest of the c-om-jnunity.
- 1-
' -i ,
V '
To handle real estate satisfactorily,
you in imt be Hure of your man. M r.
II in. Is is a man well along in years, who
has beeu interested iu Cottage Grove
and the mines at I!ohemi:i for about lo
years, eomin here from Taconia. He
lots had much to do with the minine;
interests, but for Hi-verul years has
"iven his attention to real estate and
insurance, feeling that that was his
strong forte, and that he wan right is
attested by his clientage. Mr. Hinds
believes in the future of Cuttfcge Grove,
and is using his every effort to see that,
it is brought about in an honest and
thorough way, with un idea toward tho
future, not for a boom.
an especially large stcck for ho
small a town, and represents an in
vc3tfjient of over $1000.
tage Grove iu 185'J, but that he
is iiot quite sure, as to the year, hut
to the present time he has served 42
year as Justice, being 21 terms.
Whib tho .quire is Htiil hale and
hearty, and is able to attend to his
official duties each day, ho is not
quite feo strong as ho was about six
years a,'o when he made his last of
25 yearly trips into the IJohemiu
lJistrict. He says he wants to live
to once moro wheu the gold and
copper are beh'g turned out of tho
smtlter, run on Bohemias ore", cud
he hopes to tee that day before long.
A private undertaking that is well
worth mentioning is the establishment
in the former Scott f.'hrisman residence
of a smull hospital under the cao and
direct ;on of Mrs. M. V. J-'ifer, a trained
nurse of many years experience. It is
the intention to make thin tho stint
ing of a larger institution, us necessity
demands. The treatment which tho
Home has received speaks well for tho
Mu-eess of their handling of tho eases
put in their care.
H.lVenska Grocer.
prom real estate to grocerieH is
the change Mr. Venske has made.
He was hist iu the real estate busi
ness a ith Mr I-'ingal Hinds, but
later Htarted up the present grocery
and general merchandise store
with Ch'is. HaueiH( as a partner,
but itcentl.v purchased Mr. Haueis
interest, who retires from tho firm,
Mr. Venske owns his own building
and has established a good line of
trudo for himself, which speaks well
for his business efforta.
Mr. Scholl i-s iivoin;- j inii win
Is com pa I'd 1 1 vol y n 11. u i 1 11 . . r in tic
town, only liuvinu' lea n 1 ,1 bh.sln d
here Home fifteen tmnill.-, I. it dining
that time lie Ii.ih I nijt n ,1 yio l
trade, ;ih he is m.t ,,.l ,-i lir a hi s
watch r-ipuiriT, but o n i i, -, ,111 ii tu
date lino of hi I v it vv ;no. 1 e,i e ent in
u very flno Hideeii.iu.
lie Is 11 IIHtivo .111 I Ins
been ill the Jewelry Inndiie.sM nil hit!
life. 1 1 ii-i trade vv in h unn d in I' .1 1
land und then with his ,r,, i,, i- in
Hubbard, his limno town, vv here be
run a Jewelry pt ore f, ,1 - Nome hi .vcu-m.
Mr. Heliull Im ti nnmbei- of I Im I id-j
formed rank of K. I.
p-i tors in li diemi i, lm-alin;; the
Ojdiir and Sutiitiiit ipui t tlaims
in 1 Sou. Mi. Adams is 11 ;.:ieat
reader and 1 lose observer nnd ban
througli his cxpciietico jailed
lniii.h infui tnalmii on iuiniiie, ami
can tell many inteicsting; talc-n of
J !oh tniii.
The Wave Confectionery Store.
li. Flunk Skillinan I 1 In- i-i ii iol oi
of The Wa vo lllld llllrt been a i!ti.el
A. It Wood h it fut Sau I-'rancisco
on Ijumiioms Sattiidiiy nijlit.
'l b 0 Coin m ii i al Chib is an organiza
tion which has brought much good to
The Presbyterian church is u strong
body here, with 11 good building, which
has been greatly fixed up this past year
at considerable expense.
The Methodist church is well located
on the Maiu btret-t, UDd has during the
year added a large addition for a read
ing room and gymnasium, (is well as
increasing the seating rapacity of the
League room. The gymnasium has not
been equipped as yet, but it is the in
tentiuii to Koou do so.
The Christian church Inn its own
hiiil. Iin;.', tvh hh i filled each Sunday
Willi a large it 11 i appreciative iunln-ine.
The Catholic church has also been
improved this year, having beeu thor
oughly luiiuted. Services are held ouce
I'lper $. Vrt Denburg.
S. It. I'ipc-r and Chan. Van Den
bury h'ivo tho distinction of having
been iu tho hardware bnsiness in
Cottage Grove longer than any
other linn. Mr. Piper 1ms been in
the hardware business here for iC
years, with various firms. Chan.
Van Denbiiro; was in the (Sriflin
Hardware Co' h store in Eugeue for
yetirs before coining here some 1 7
years ago to establish tlie Oriffiti &
Vtatch Hardware Co. of which he
was manager until four years ago
when ho and Mr. Piper purchased
the business of Wheeler and Scott,
where they now are. They handle
all kinds of hardware and do a good
business. Mr. piper has consider
able properly around town, which
he believes is worth holding on to.
' .l ii i( 3 r V. -kT. v I...- wiv, l-v'.' is.'
, . f. 7 n. .' . f- ; !!' '-iv W'lV vj . .i'- A v i e. -
A Pack Train in Mohcinia.
of Cot t ago drove for two yeai H, dur
ing which time In- has Imilt up a
good biiHinesH. Ilisslind being cIohc
to the Oiieni Iioiihi' ulvi'N liiniimcM-
, peelul adviintiigo for tho evening
Cotviar lie Harness Man.
In the twenty months that Mr'
Coiner l.iiH been in ImihIucss here ho has
tho town of Cottar ('rove, and hopes ! a mouth by father Curroll, of Koscbuig. head of horses 6eason.
Henry Watch is buffeting from a
hadly swelled linger, which got
poisoned hoium way, while they were
moving their stoic. It makes it
hard for him to atte nd to his woik,
which is unnoying at such a luiHy
Johnson und Medley
Are an nbh) firm or lawyers, whose
ten yeai-H exiei lciiei' la tliU (own give
llieni a Hl.rong hold in (Imlr Him. Mr,
.IoIiihoii'h speelal line Is Corporation
minim; law, of which thc-iv H iniisld
erable piacliee. Mr. JoIiuhoii is also
promlneiit among tlio many mining
men. Mr. .Medley l.i l!;o pleader of
the linn mid Is utile in Ids nn. 1J(.
lias lecenlly Imilt a Vcrv beautiful
homo on on,, or the principal eoi'iier.
of tho town.
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