Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, December 20, 1905, Image 5

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    Report on Mining Properties Under the Management of
X. J. Hard Located in Bohemia Mining Dis
trict, Oregon, by C. I). Groves, M. E.
The Vesuvius Mining Co.
The mining i ip r Ll h comprising
IIiIh group ,kr" situated In tint ('(titer
of tln Bohemia M IfitiiK District, on
I'rtlrvli-w in 1 1 .i n tkl ii and thin saddle
between Fair v low and Bohemia
tlllllllll f 1 1 UK.
Tlli'-C tWII II I 1 II t f kl ' I X UIC till' lltll-
ihI j k , i U h (if thn dlslllct, nr of (lie
Cnhiponlu. range, i imI ih' tin' center
of I Ii" vein area.
This group compilse wnn 20
aerei (if litii'l, nil contiguous, annul
mil' luilf uf which I nit en to. I, I'hl
I III' I I'll llg'M f I'l Mil IllW ill V II t III' HI ml 1 1
hM' of I'nliv1''v 1 1 1 1 1 1 t j 1 1 1 1 tu near
tlm ii mi I ih i'iimm llii' divide lii'twci n
l'uli view und lit ilii'intrt iiii'lllitiilliM.
t I 'II i l I. l KS I - Til Ik Ml II mi I l I'ltl l Ii
MIS rt I OMSlHT 1)1
I'li'Ht: Known uh I'pper 'I iinucl,
nil V (': lux ( In, 70 feel of cross rut
hti'l ::mi f. i t uf drill.
Si'i'niid: VcpiixIiih Tunnel, mud fi t I
v i i 1 1 1 ; i 1 1 v In-low thf ii i 'f tiininl.
'I I ri. I hi, m l I t driven h.iiglhe Vc. u
In win n.'ii fill . I'luln thin I'M'ln
I'llill', h Hi I II MM Nn. I,
IIIIH f. el .i lili li connects W
i I h
Uh tl
V I'll
! lip
iel' lUlillcl. 'J'tt'u leel
frmn thin 1 ,iIm. al.uig the vein 1 1 i 1 1
lug the total ral'TO Into three IiIoiKm
of Jthi feet depth each, arranged Huim
fui t Toiiutnli'.d Htoplng. Thin wiih
chute. 1 duwii to the working level and
conveyed from there by gravity tram
way to the Htamp mill.
There arc four ot her piImch located
within convenient working I & tauten
along the main tunnel, ranging fi-utn
liifeet. to Ml feet high. They each
have a permanent chute and ladder
way and am Keen rely timbered as
are a1! portion of the worklng-4 where
From ralen Nun 1,'.', mid II consld
erabe ore him been toped. It Im till.-,
ore that Ih feeding the Htamp at
preHcnt, but t he area of undevt h.ietl
vein above t he main tunnel Ih mo c
teiiHlve mm compared with the hiiimIi
area worked out. that the lattel
ll . . . : m-:
III- i ' : ill
IvX ,.-tt
By " , . r . i f . '" ' .'' il
it ' j) , ) . , ... ,. ,. 11
-.-1 r-:..1!'-,.- ., .r.. A,, ISS
,1 iii, w'iiMhg ; J
Interior of Vesuvius Stamp Mill.
would Kcuiccly rcprcHcnt 1 percent ( j
tho total nvadal'l( ore body In thl
portion of tin mine.
From the nialn tunnel a croH.-cut
Iiuh been run I'M) feet. Thl hu cut
two vein. The llrst, known as No. 1
vein Ih distinct, and Independent of
thn VcHiiviu vein, It I probably iv
blind vein or crop with tho Vesuvius
vein, th" Iniler inowt probable, as It
lin 11 parallel strike and oppolto dip
lnlciHcetlnn the Veativlu vein abovt
thl 1"V(1 mid near tho Htirface. Thl
1 a largo, xtrong, well delined iiunrtz
lead ut this level and limy prove to
bo a valuable adjunct to tho prop
erly, asiifnniple cannot bo obtained
from it, that doe not hIiow gold The
drift extend along IIiIh vein IDS feet
with no raise or topo.
The Heeond, or No. -' voin cut by the
Midu crocut proven to bo a bmueliof
1ii VcBUVuIsveliittuJconuectH with It
in-t he Im'omhI if the Vesuvius tunnel.
Thl vein Iiiimi been drifted along or 419
feet with no upper workings. It If
similar tu main Vt'HuvliiM vela but
smaller mill limn unlf oriulu chuructora
(Mi (hi) level also are various imoJI
ckuhviiih and drifts, driven to define
the outlines (,f th,. vein where the
ground 1 1 iihui. ,. ,.HH itrokun.
8'illieM)'lf,.,.t veilleully H-uw the
Vesuvius tunnel Is another tunnel
Inn. w n mm the Wild Hog tunnel, ilrlvrn
7nit feel on Hie V"huvIiim vein. Tho
hlMt II.". feet uf tills) lilinel lulu a largo
si l ong .pial'l it ledge, and shown Kold
vilui'H fur IIiIh enlli,. lcufttll. Work
Im lielhtf piiHle d In this territory at
prcHciit with very bright prospect
fur good profits, No Moping has
lieeii iluiie Iruiii IIiIh tunnel uh jet
Thl i I iiiinel Ih t he logical point froui
which the ul'e f I will the various Wolk
liitf H should In' eullected and con vcyed
dliei t tu t In slump mill. When h
cuniii i I lull I erfeeled IV II ll thn Vemi
vin t t uiiiiel nil t he on- f i'iiiii tin) upper
w- - r k 1 1 1 (H cuii lie chmIIv chilled t(J ttic
Wild Hu t mid from there trammed
ilectl, III I lie n,ll. Ilie Wild Hog
1 1 1 1 1 1 c 1 I l"io feet M itli iill.v above the
Irani Muni in the mill, and but BOO
fil l di t.iiil, ii large storage bill
may be euMlly liiHtalled niul Htlll ullow
for an eay grade for gravity or
other method of tramming. Also ft
cruMscut may he run from tho Wild
Hog to the Stock and Harlow rein
a nd coiitK cf Ion mado with the p
per working ami tliu all tho ore
from this property be cheaply con
centrated for distribution ut the
Wild Hug bin. Thl latter connec
tion will alHo cut a largo porphyry
dike that paKHc bet ween these prop
erties and t raver ie the entire cuinp
This dike Is older than the vein a 1
evidenced by Ua bending the latter
and caie-ing them to follow ltHcoure
The veins along 1 1 1 i m dike have hIiowd
concentrated value in gold aloDg
t heir contact , ami mm much rich ore
was ab-t ra. ted In eail.v day along
I his line 1 if ci uinei't Ion, It further ad-
vle I hi eroHScut n good develop"
To the north of the Wild Hog tun
nel and Homo I'OO feet above it ure
tho Stocks and Harlow tunnelH,
Tln v are In threo lcvold, nggregat
lug about 1(100 foot. Much high
grade ore ha been taken from these
working and milled on the ground
wliero the mill still btauds, Tht ! a
distinct and Heparato vein from tho
other and lie on tho uorth or op
poHlte side of tho porphyry dike.
HckUIch Hicho turgor workings are
variottH Hinall Hurfuee cuts in tho vein
The Hurfaeo iniprovementu constat
of u modern t0-8tamp mill, fully
enulpped with boiler, englno, crusher,
Htamp, platea und concentrating
table. A secure building, uiuplo
water, a saw mill, ,o
powder houe, Mtoro hoi
various living hoime, . J strong and
suitably built.
A good wagon road of uniform
grad connecting with the railroad
la tho valley, elect rlo light plant, tele
phone, freight team, etc.. hIho tunnel
houaeand blacksmith shop at eni h
tunnol, am a mbm ventilating
blowi-r driven by wat.r power. A I ho
an old Htamp mill on Stu.liH nud
', t tt eS o i . - J
i x u; yxt, j f, , W '
: i Z: ".v I-Ar
Y 4.
"Ii vcTsidc
Harlow property that could ! repaired and ujed If refjulred.
O KOI Oil V AMI hl'UMiM l( F.
The country rock Is Andenjie,
eoilHtltuelitH l.elng chiefly the Smla
Lime FcldMpnr, Ollgoclnt.e und linnle
Hornblende. Little to lie k:j- in
bowe, no Blotlle apparent, color from
llghta to I'ark gray, fracture tu'cveii
frorn microscopic to targe crystal.
Little to no Oithocl.-ise or Sanudln
replacing the (Jllgoi lase. More Or.
thoclHMO at Oregon C .dm ado and
IUvernlde mlnt-H, there aiiproachiug
Ulortc. Harely epherophyrlc np
proactiing porphyiltlc. No iiuart.
aa a rule, little In place.
The veins have a general northcuat
and Bouthwet strike, are large and
contlnuou, cropping in most case
traceable for ttiousanda of feet,
rarely a blind vein, they are true 11
aurc veins with constant Btrikcn and
dlpa except In broken ground. Tho
matrix 1 eHentlully quartz. In
plaees piece of the wall have broken
off, und partially filled the crevice-
being altered to conbldciablc extent
by percolating solution, and at
times hhzhlv mineralized. The de
position of silica bearing the value
appears to have been continuous
followed to a Blight extent by nolo
tions dcnoHltlnir Iron Sulphide. No
'line deponlt appurent In the.-e work
lugs, bhowing that the surface leaeli-
lnga through the soda-lime feldspar
did not enter the vein at this point
or proving that thl ha always been
near the apex of the upheaval and not
subject to suiface percolations.
Much Iron sulphide was deposited
with tho quartz, Ichs lend tuilphido,
and but little zinc or copper sulphide
The gold Is In the ouiutz, silver is id.
most entirely absent from the quartz,
but the lead carries hlgl: value In thin
metal. As much of the lead i in the
form of cut bonnte, the zone of cxhbr
tion lias cot been pushed through.
When this 1 passed there Ih a likll
hood of a considerable deposit of
lead sulphide high In silver. This
frequently occurs In such veins, the
lead being replaced below by copper
and the silver disappearing with a
more constant value in gold, but the
Mnportaut value in this property will
always bo In gold.
Id that portion of tho Vesuvius
tunnel now being worked tho ground
Is considerably shaken up, making
many crevice and covering a large
area. This makes It dilllcult to fol
low tho values. Near the breast the
ground becomes Arm aud tho vein
well confined. I consider this a good
point to work us tho values will be
more easily traced and to some ex
tent concentrated.
It Is certainly advisable also to
work In the Wild llog breast, for
there la a large body of ore there,
some of which will pay nicely, The
veins are largo and well doilnod, con
tinuous and with littlechange In char
actor, but are not uniform in gold
values. In places ore has been taken
running sovoral dollars per pound In
gold. This will Immediately chance
to oro running- but a few dolls ra per
ton without any apparent change In
the vein construction. This Indicates
that the largo profits must be made
on the high grade ore, To obtain
this high grade oro tho development
must be carried ou through the low
grade produet. Somo of tho low
grade ore will more than pay its way,
that Is, expenses of mining and mill
ing, Some of It la too low grade for
, .:....r, ,.. j.. i r., i oeiiev;
Huflleleiit of the belter grA'le ore will
Ik; encountered to realize n profit for
a yeu m run and when a regular Ll(li
grade who'. t g found uh Iioh been In
thl i properly und other, largo profits
will iiipldly aecruc.
Ai.'.ther n'od 'juarlie lek'l I Hhown
by outcrop aeroMH thin property on
which no development ImH been dono
Msyet. II. Ih a promlHlng vein, nnd
(kxi) tunnc-l
-hu',v: allies hi I'l at the surface
Alsu aiioth.-r porphyry vein which
has been worked to small extent. In
all, five distinct veins are apparent
an 1 all ;'o!. 1 bearing.
'Ih'1 contour of the country and
(a -li.V tr.t. i'Uli!e oiitcior.s are such aa
t u 1 e pc.'uliurly suited for tunnel de
vclupne ut which 1 (heap In labor
an ! lequire no power, alo affords
natural drainage, while shaft develop
ment requires more labor, much
power for hoisting ore and pumping
water besides a costly outlay to begin
operation with, and the danger of a
mine beln llooded and eaiiHlnrr
cave-In" when closed down even
for a shot t period.
The mill Is well suited for the eco.
noinie and successful treatment of the
ore, is connected-with the Vesuvius
tunnel by an aerial tramway run by
gravity. There 1 Mullleient water for
milling and domestic purposes, and
an abundance of timber for future
need. Knough lumber and mining
timber have been cut and delivered
to last for a year. In fact everthing
thing is in good condition for future
workamlall past work Is in good
shape, safe, economically planned and
executcilTl'crformed so as to give the
greatest possible development and
improvement with the least expendi
The on- is susceptible to economic
treatment and with resulting high ex
traction of the metal values. The
gold occur free atid amalgamates
readily except a small portion that is
too "rusty" to dissolve Into the nier
ctiry. This Is collected on the concen
Tlie goll occurs in the quartz and
not in luu iron siupnuie or lead, so
the concentrate may bo run over the
table and Just the extreme edge of
the mineral saved; as this carries the
gold this make a high grade gold
product for shipment and throws to
waste a huge bulk of iron sulphide
Tho null a constructed at present is
suited for the ore treatment and no
alteration are necessary unless it be
to Increase It capacity when a higher
tonnage of ore should be mined.
Oregon-Colorado Mining Co
This group of mining claims Is situ,
ated on 0 rouse mountain In the east
ern portion of tho Bohemia Mining
District, it comprises some 300 acres,
about one-half of which 1 patented,
Tho claim all lie contiguous and
rnngo from the bottom of the moun.
tain on the west side, up and over tho
crest and far down on the east side.
First. An upper tunnel 450 feet
long, driven on the vein and showing
much oro of good paying values.
Second. A lower tunnel driven
lL'OOfoet along tho vein, 450 feet ver
tically below the upper tunnel. This
tunnel opens in a number of places
good paying oro, somo very high
grade. This level Is about 1000 feet
vertically below the outcrop of the
vein on tho top of tho mountain. The
outcrop is opened up at various poiuta
and shows pay ore almost Its entire
length, Three crosscuts are run
from tho lower tunnel In two of
which a second vein is cut bearing
good copper values. A single small
stopo la ruined from the lower level
and as It progressed, soiuo very rich
uenccd Ojr i.e. ... ..iel iyi'e.tsi 01 me
stopa frittering at. prent with large
Btreuks and nplotc!i"M of enalcopyrlt".
About W) feet additional worn Ua
been done on west side of the moun
tain and In in any place rb h ore ex
posed. On th') I'UHt f-lde of theiiioutf
tain about loo f.ot of cut and drift
have leen exposing the 010 at various
point. On the went side of the moun
tain about 500 b'jlow th; low er tunnel
Is a drift trjimel known a the Franklo
tunnel; It i run 00 feet along a
strong rein and the mouth open out
directly onto a nntural rn'll sit", a
compuratl ve level tract of Ian I of suf
flelcfit size for milling purpose at
the confluence of two stream of
water and In the heurt of the timber
belt, the Frank)' tunnel could be
counxcted with the lower Oregon'
Colorado tunnel cutting thit ore
body at .itlll greater depth, and It in
turn with the upper workings, this
collecting all ore from the mill by
gravity to the mill Kite.
Hi;jrKA''E IMI'llOVLMhVi .
The surface improvement c i.slst
of a (f-aod wagon road connecting dif
ferent part of thl property w 1th tie
Bohemia road 4 miles distant, a tun
nel house, blacksmith chop, lui.v
living house, a ventilating U 'W-r
run by I'elton water wh'el v.lthl l 'O
feet flume, track, ore cur s, etc
orsi.oov AM truMivii -.
The geology "f the country 1 ,ek .-,
similar to that of the . -u . l is, x"
cept some of the oligodav, is re
placed by the potash fi -Mi-par, ortiio
clHe, altering the ro 'k from andesyto
to dioryte. The matrix of the vein
is slliclou but the copper valw-i fi-"-quently
iienetrate the wali tuck fur a
foot or more. The quartz however
carries most of the value. The vein
is a splendid specimen of a fissure
vein. cutting u can entirely through
the mountain, and owing to It hard
insoluble character, outcropping al
most continuously. The vein, how
ever, is uot completely filled, lea-i'.ng
rtn my crevices through whl.-h surface
solutions have percolated and i;--Ionlted
much Caicite. Thi-s depo
sltftjn Is still progressing. The nat
ura'i contour of thecountry is admlr-
ably suited for development with
tmnnels, and the handling of the ore
fpora the various workings by gravity
ta Its s ite for treatment.
The oro i a characteristic ore of
copper, the chief value being in Chal-
copyrite: it also carrle silver in va
riable but mllicicnt quantity to as
sure a good average value in this
metal. Gold Is alo present.
Enough ore isr exposed now to as
sure profits If pr operly treated on the
ground. With tlie enormous portion
of the vein and it unifot mity and
a- t" -
I. . m- li-'V-
i ',':--:-"- t . .. : : I i
b... - m.tO. u ;i j atLtil . j
Flash light showing breast of Oregon-Colorado Deep
Tunnel, KOO feet in and 100 feet under ground.
continuity, a large enierprise is certain
to result if once a proper treatment is
Installed. I would recommend lo be
gin with a '25 ton concentration
plant. Then mine only such ore ns
will show 2 per ceut copper or better.
Making a conservative estimate on
2 percent copper. $1.00 per ton in sil
ver and gold, saving SO per cent of
copper values and 50 per cent of the
siver and gold value In concentrat
ing. Copper netting 12c per pound at
smelter, less freight aud treatment
concentrating 111 to 1 ut the mill, the
concentrates would run copper 2.".(J
per cent fOI.W silver and gold s-
Total $G(J.41 per ton.
Freight and treatment per ton con
Wagon haul to railroad $ 7.50 per ton
It. It. freight to emelter f.50 " '
Smelter treatment 6.00 " "
Total..., ilu.00
10 tons ore equal 1 ton concentrates.
Cost mining 18 tona oro $ HJ.qO
' ' i9-''v.
lotnJ t"'00
Total treatment and trans
portation .
TMnlcost 151.00
(Iros valu'i rW.44
Net profit per ton concen
trate 18.44
Net profit par ton ore. l.W
Net profit per day W.7I
This estlmftto Is made to ehow th4l t
percent copper ore will bo profltblaVf
Himpl'j concentration In a email plnfc
A hi ri;er milling plant will cot t
little more for operation and th
largely increase profits. It 1 net
essary to mine ore of thin Iw frtUla,
11 tit can he obtained much higher. I
tO"k samples as high M 9 pf WOl
copper from this vein. When ih
ra le f the ore increoaei, tht profit
increasa rapidly, for the rate of eoa
centratloa is then fewer tona tatootja
ml the cost of mining and mlllinf tt
proportionately lessened. Thtsmethed
of treatment may be followed bj"
tr-Mting the oro In a reverberatry
fui Dace, using wood for fuel in a U
p ganeriting furrwvee. In thia nry
. Iv so m i' h of the lower grade Ore
!,ee l l,e ( o'-ceii t rated to furnish trtjf
lici'-nt Iron to flax the excess ailtea
'J id- will reduce the metal loB as thit
method w ill recover 50 sjr cent of tb
c(pper, i5 ir cent of the ellver acO
practically all the gold, thus confining
the excessive loss of these value to
;. comparatively small portloa of tb
ore o.'the lowest grade, that mart
M concentrated to farm a neutral
fun.ace charge. Also the prodort
will be a 50 per cent Matte, thns re-d'.K-ing
by one-half the transportation
and treatment. A further ImproTe
ment iin.y follow by converting this
Matte into Blister Copper about
',')' per rent pura. This maybe done
In '-lrnilar furnaces, or better by mod
ern Cottvertors. Thl3 will again cut
in two the transportation and treat
ment charges. the Blister Copper may bt
leilufed on the ground by electrolysis
making refined merchantable bars of
Copper In any shape, for any pnr
I ose, commanding the highest market
price and rellned Silver and Gold bul
lion. Should it prove prnfi table to bulla"
a Railroad to the property connected
with the Valley Railroad, It would
probably be more economical to treat
the ore in a Stack Furnace by the Py
ritic method, thus receiving the bene
fit of the heat from the oxidation of
the Iron and Sulphur and keeping the
Coke consumption down to aminlnm.
In any case some concentration will
be necessary to furnish sufficient Iro
for flux.
The Lime will prove a valuable con
stituent, and the fact that much of
the Copper is associated with basft
. ...-- 1... .
r u ?
under ground.
rock high in Iron will aid in slagging
tV mass, and by throwing the low
grade of the Quartz ore to the con
trator will reduce the quantity w
quired in this department.
The Riverside Mining Company,
This group of clalmi camprlse some
2'20 acres of laud located on South
East side of Grouso mounraln In the
Eastern portion of the Bohemia Min
ing District.
A main drift tunnel 1200 feet.
Other drifts and crosscutsj aggrega
ting 700 foot.
Also several small cuts along the
These various workings expose
the vein thoroughly for 1200 feet. Tb
vein Is characteristic of this district,
being largo, well denned and continuum-.
The last 200 feet In the grain
tunnel shows good puylug values la
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