Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, December 20, 1905, Image 16

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    1 r Honest Repairing and Prices f ClnsfOiaS Presents!
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I win- 1 1 u- i't mi I ii K 1 uv i ! t: i ruM t wiie i s h . . . . i ,
.1 III I I II. I k l' 111. Ml V lle'W i MU
r. Cottage drove,
My eltoit is to put iu (.usttMiuis
in tiMU'li with the- lust uuotls .it
tin Lowest Prices.
1 1 iliu .mil pi His ol mv iomls ili i
not w in oMituk'tKV, their must Ik- V
MMiu'i lull1' wt iMi-' with human fe?
New nickel plated ware ami granite w arc. Sil
ver plated knives, Inrks ami spoons. Jiafiiti
dishes, hoy's wagons and velocipedes :: ::
D. J. Scholl, Jeweler
Oregon. .
You etui surely fliul some
thing tluvt will suit you t
Wynne Hardware Company
j Vcatci i" .Lairson
S urnitiuw lrc., Linaca.ns . (attitujs, Pictures, faints. ;
X-i S-Jtcts in )! latter, aso , ii ncstrics. Li t' Cttrtaiis, Win- & t;
Ai v(7.vv r i) all ftajtcr, also tw:
tlttir dialcs. I a ins an ft L yans. .-
: S
S L tONNh H, M,nrt,. i
rf 10, In and 2r cent Counters
Will be made a Specialty
Fiiii1 lint ol Notions and Novollios (iro fries, Shot s
and Mons' (ilovos M Cos I
Santa Clans Headquarters.
. . ; . . . . . . .
li V .1 I .c II
Boohs Boohs Boohs
i ii n i
I . Cprtetma$r
j vfugijcettoii
Holiday Goods
Prescription Case
i ,i i ..ii
Fifteen years before you.
Ccttcge Grove
Benson's pharmacy
'I 't'
.'I i. I n i I.. I.
I 1 1 : .
! f u- t,,ti , t,(, ,,,,! ill ti,-iist. hd) it',- ,,! ,i i ,,i,tinn, i. , . - , pip
! i ' &
7 1 '
icabiinj Ibotcl of the Ctt. !
After Ciiristmas-Then What?
i ' 1 '! K- will
I ' - ; i 1 1 1
'' in ! 1 iir-c .-Hid
tiling- ; 1 1 c (joints to
1 1 1 ' ) i ;i It ii i t .
In order to kcip
I'-'n'i- witl the
woini in us pro
gress you niii-t In t
k-.'irii to
. r-
Buy Right.
Hm- ;uc ku t) ;, ;,,t ,
Selz Shoes, A. A. Cutter and Capen
Luis itnet Hals.
Mi$:.)Vi suz nocs' A. A. C
( M!i Loers' AlcKibhen
KXiJ Al..i a lim o h,vi;
Al.-o a Inn ol ) v i ;,.i,k .-.,,,1 i
.1 . ,- 't. V I l
I hat is uiisnrpasc (I.
Hemenway & liurkliofder.
Looh Here?
Isn't it to your
.'ii I vantage to
huy a shoe that
the nianuractur
r helps to se ll.
Selz does, he
inalas 'iu riht
J. H. Bartels & Co.
( 'o 1 1 .iir i 1 1 1 i , ( 1 1 1 l;oii .
The finest and best equippeu market in
the state -
Xe lu ie L Mai Ki t huililin ju-t liiiishnl
w ith leineut walU ami Hours
' 1 ' I' lalor plant in ( hioii hie h we havr jusi n.-ialli il. e n
" 'Hi ni-h at all (inns the latl -.t ami In v ,,.,., t ,,
HifUfWT.?.... mil.!.).
Headquarters for
Christmas G
Wagons, Dolls,
Drums, Carriages.
'(Travel tbrougb our XColan6
J ii-.-ui t ilul suggestions in I'niiry Cliina ami Lamp'
Svntv has come.
1 ihAt.lM fc 1 inJ
'I- v' ; .. v ... .
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