Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, December 20, 1905, Image 14

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MANY persons in Oregon will
be iutctcstcJ in th latest
report of the United States
geological survey on the mining
district oi Tonopah just receivd
Ore deposits were discovered in the
Tonopah district, says the bulletin,
in Aptil, I900, by Jatuct L. Butler.
In the fall and winter of 19O.2, Mr.
J. K. Spurr of the United States
l?cohn;ical survey visited the dis
trict and studied it. He repeated
his visit tho following summer and
in the fall of lyo3 gave the main
economic results of Lis investiga
tions to the public iu the form of a
brief preliminary report, which the
purvey listed as Bulletin Ho. 2to.
The final report, which is entitled
"Geology of the Tonopah Mining
District, Nevada," has recently
been published as Professional
Taper No. 42 and is now available,
free of charge, to all who are inter
ested iu the development of this im
portant region. 1
OK MI CH vaixk.
The geologieal problem presented
in this district could hare been
solved only by a trained petrogra
pher, since the igneous rocks that
carry the vein deposits have been
largely covered by practically bar
ren flows of more recent eruptions.
The very careful and thorough study
of the district which Mr. Spurr has
made can hardly fail to be of great
practical value to the miner, at well
as of scientific interest to the stu
dent of ore deposits. The Talue
and interest of the text are en
hanced by the addition of 78 illus
trations, which include topographic
and geologic maps (some of them in
colors), diagrams, stereograms,
plans of veins and faults, geologio
sections and cross sections, and
photographic views of characteristic
landscape feature.
The rocks of the mining district
are all of immediate volcanic origin,
with the exception of a series of
water laid tuffs, which represent the
accumulations of fine volcanic det
tritus in a Tertiary age, probably
Miocene-Pliocene. The first erup
tives of this volcanic epoch, as dis
played at Tonopah. were andesites.
Two andesites have been distin
guished the younger or earlier an
desite and the later andesite, which
is slightly more basic than the
earlier atdesite. Subsequently
eruptions o! rbyolite and of dacite
occurred at intervals for a long
time and produced several of the
formations mapped, which includ
tuffs and flows.
The structure is so complicated
that no general cross sections hare
been made. Some interesting infor
mation on faulting has, however,
been obtained", chiefly from mine
The most important mineral reins
occur in the early andesite, and do
not extend into the overlying rocks
The mineralization was probably
caused by hot ascending waters im
mediately after the earl'er, andesite
eruption. The primary ores have a
gangue of quartz, adulana, aod
some sericite and carbonates, and
contain silver sulphides such as
argentite, polybasite and stephanite
silver eelenide, gold in a jet un
determined form, chalcopyrite, py
rite and some galena and blende.
The depth of oxidization is irregular.
In the ore of the oxidized zone no im
portant changes in the amount of
gold or silver, as compared with the
primary ore, have taken place.
The ore near the surface is not a
truly oxidized ore, however, but is
an intimate mixture of original sul
phides (and seknides), together
with secondary sulphides, chlorides
and oxides. Secondary sulphides
include argentite and pyrargyrite.
A series of veins of small import
ance commercially within the Tono
pah district was formed after the
eruption of one of the members of
the rhyoHte-dacite series, the Tono-
pan rnyoJite-uacite. 1 neae veins
may be large, but are usually cf
low grade or barren. They fre
quently contain a greater propor
tion of gold than the earlier andesite
veins, and have other distinguish
ing characteristics.
A series of veins of still less im"
portance was formed after the erup
tion of one of the later membeps of
the rbyolite dacite series a silic
eous rbyolite, which makes up some
of the hills near Tonopah. One of
these, Mount Ararat, a denuded vol
anic neck, is traversed by fissure
veins that carry very little values.
Part of the earlier andesite is pro
foundly altered. The maximum
effect of the waters which caused
theso alterations was the formation
of the niinerul veins along their cir
culation channels. The discussion
of these processes is followed by the
detailed study ol analyses of typical
specimens. The conclusion is drawn
that the mineralizing waters were
charged with an excess of silica, and
probably of potash, together with
silver, gold, antimony, arsenic, cop
per, lead, zinc, and carbonic acid
and sulphur, with somo chlorine
and flouriue, but that they wero no
ticeably deficient in iron.
The alterations of the later nudn
ite bv thermal wateis is also dis
cussed. By comparison of analyses
and by microscopic studies it is con
cluded that the waters which pro
duced the alteration were highly
charged with carbonic acid and sul
phureted hydrogen and contained
magneia, iron and lime.
It is interesting to note that Mr.
Spurr finds close resemblance be
tween the Tonopah ore deposits and
the deposits of the Comstock lode in
Nevada and of the Pachuca district
in Mexico. The ores pf Silver City
and Del.hmar districts in Idaho are
also similar in many respects to.
those of Tonopah. These deport
all occur in tertiary lavas, chiefly
From various reports given out
by those competeut to study the
characteristics of the formation of
veins and their filling relative to the
Bonemia Mining District we note
while reading this report many fa -vorable
conditions existing iu Bo -hernia
that compare with the moste
prominent miumg districts f th
The Klamath Palls F.xpross
wishes it understood that Klamath
Falls has no intention of annexing
itself to California iu a oommercial
sense and bluntly remarks: 'A good
deal of totnmyrot has been published
by Coast papers on the alleged de
sire of Klamath county to secede
from Oregon and join her fortune s
with California The people of
Klamath county are uow hs loml in
their allegiance to Oregon as they
ever were, and have no i lea ot
changing their allegiance to our
neighboring state on the south."
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rtvbnWy the most expenslNc- cfTot
usually made by our farmers rs th
falluro to keep books thut will at nnj
Urrro punbl them to toll whothtr tTjej
rt doing busi
ness ut a protlt
or a los. Tho
dairy fanner
With but Fundi
cxpehso can
keep tract cf
his herd so that
at tho end of
drWi month ho
enn flrtormhio
riit only th
profit ot loss
that he has real
ized from his
herd, but tho
profit or loss
thnt he has real
ized 011 each an
imal In tho herd.
Probably most
dairymen can at
the end of each
month estimate
the cost of food
and labor for
fjre month and
la Cils way. tell
whether fncy tire
mntlngnr losing
money". Bntfhnt
If! J V
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Is no reason why there should not be a
constant lookout for leaks, becausftt one
nrtprotltuMo cow In the herd had far
better be Bold nt beef prices than kept
m the herdo reproduce her kind an J
continually reduce the profits of the
By the l use of the milk scales, the
milk sheet and the Babcoek test the
dalrymtMnoan cull out ever' unprofita
ble antroitl from the herd with but lit
tte trouble" and expense and at th
same tin w determine at the end of
etrcti monthSwhat his total protlta are.
Tire first' cut shows milk scales,
widen ,w!Uj cost from $41 to ft, and
should "be suspended In a eouveulent
ptriet (near.' where the milk Is revived
from tho pails. On the diul of tho
scalesVia a Land,, or Indicator, that cud
bo adjuird by a .thumb screw. Though
u cnjKiclCy of scales of this kind
ueaaJIy from iLirfy to sixty
pound, the face bhows only ten
pounds, -and-each, round Is vuMlvld'-d
Into t".ihi. The Indicator should be
ai3Joted so tint It will stand ut 1
mark wht-n 'tlie irrpty pull Is haiislii
on the scale
"Where several uiilk pa-lls ure used it
will be necessary"fL'r them nil to vch,'b
the same, so as t&uso tho Maine scales.
This can be done ty using all palls ot
tho snroo size arl vrnake and by run
ritng a little FlcV;ron the bottom of
each, which can be vscraped down un
til tnty all welhexaetly the same. As
tho pun that eoretalii.s' tbe milk from
each row Is cnrrleri' to fhv can It should
first be hunic on ti; n. and while
hanging there the wight) (which Is tho
weight of the jnMk. not Includinx th
rmll) filrwld be recorded on the mlJh
sheet,, w"hlchls'tacketl onUfhe wall In
uabcock ' v Acrrraa.
arm's reach from the scales. The pall
is then emptied Into tho can and the
milker Is ready to begin te next cow.
A hand tester, or Baix;ock machine,
with eom5k-to outfit for testing both
milk and ereinn, .an be purchased
from anjj cieaiiu'ry HUpplycornpany
for $0 orf$10.
Lute inltlie fa31, when the weeds, have
matured.theredBiprobably no greai ad
vantaKetn'lumlng:them under. In,fact,
there uay' be an advantago In leav
ing tlie flaukl.oirpJowed during thofwln
ter, stnceithte sraAble and weeds '-.will
eah'h , the sntiw and thus increase the
snpiJyKf3molrurt!ln the soll. But with
a vmt eijrfng thlfactor'may work .to
As a ruJe, full pdowed land gets into
workJiSblo eimdftHrjn earlSLr than spring
plowod iland and. may be planted ear
lier la Ibe -prltiK; also it la usually
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plowing; thans It nray be early In the
Bpring. 'Vlthjthe land arways la good
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BtublJe .(groonU uniiQowed In tlu full,
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slble, fVluvwtncrtlw plowi,wlth tlieJUar
row or iHrivqn -with tho subsurface
packer n orj-Jer''to compact the soil
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3';n JH'ckvin (J Ki usjist Furmer.
I'roU(.Ii I'eirj(j 12r Lorn.
The roBAdts U jf u recent western ex
perlment In jtaltenlng steers are so
striking (as toAcnake it appear that tho
grlndlug of a rn for feeding choice
two year-oUl sl ers during the t winter
season Is not v arranted. Tho'proflts
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blind, bleeding. Itching ninl protrud
Ini? piles JtncMeii'H A i ii bit Halve I the
bestnnlv." AIhoIichI fn' cuts, lamm
und liijui Ich lTc nt Lciimoh'h l'luu
llospitaland Sanilaiiniii
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I' - '-"l.
the Orient Decemlii'. lb.
a. s rovi;u
ITCIul s I I . 1 1 I I i.
''r Hc'ii y;ir," vi ltc ( b o. V.
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l.lrcllil- I'.illlMH. I llllill-MtHllllU
K'coiniiii'iid llu'in to nil, muldoii't In
tend In Iho fnt'iii- to bo Nvithoiit
1 lie in ill the h 1 1 - -. They ure ccr
t.ilulv n woinlei (id inedlcnio to Iiiino
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Nlllllll IlOCNII HDl'lll IHII NK
NO. U ll:Ml.lll. No. II p m
No. Id !.: II. III. Jio. 13 J .'lu.lli
0. I K CO
TIm I Ni. I
To lake effect April 'Jd. Ilioa.
Kuill Hi. Iill. 1
II mel 4 Tmt.i.lHy W. IIuuiiU
ninl hut on I v
1 Hinl llitllyKx-
V.t Hiiniliiy. N,i 2 . No 4
Mh lluM I Kiev I a.m. I i-.m
Noll No i
: i7 .:ii
.'in V ;'io
I i Umkh Ornvu . , i,, l I II HI
WhIiIcii ;m ! u
' ari in I v.r; in
0' tlU lilililll ... 771)
"nl'i'l wi I M-x
o . in
4 :.'J
4 :M
4: 17
4:. IV
4: lift
4 :.'0
- 7 'wi
;i in k in
III h .
:i 17 h I V
'.I ' .
7.V .
iiiiieim , , mi Ki::,(i
ll.:iS.Z(i III I,
. . Ki ll IdK'l , h'il 1 ",;(
Snivel Tit. . , . vu m -..ii
Hlemnl ill I Willi
; Mi'i' IU7 U:-IN
Itm-ky i'uliit .... I im, v ,;,
.. lieil llililun in,.,) I u.;Ji
a.:t ,s.:; .
:t ;i' lo it j
Kill li i W
:t .VH'J ii'. i.',.r,i
... i .. 'I Mi!
ll(Hl,o l Illlll j U;,iu
'nan loiu
i I '.nil in 1 1, UK . ..,,..
Hulijuet lu laiuiiKii ,,,
Al iihliiM fr..Klil fi.iWHi.lihl only ut th
fl.inl llHk.,1 Kj,IJ,,.r 1.11.1 ...hikik,,,.,,.
Mhxu 1hiv:h l,rt, l(.r tlj ,
ailii .... MmiiUyH, Vt.hi.,s.lliy, , ,,, .r ,
l-r liiiiahi ninl (.,,,,. Keiuna, k hi J...
liiy:.'lliiMl,tyHIt 'inlHvH
rr,-iK i,i wllliioi 1 .,.,.vt.( Ht ,,, ()i
, ; , " r" i"'i . ) li. in 'i
lo liiHiiro
niiml l.
ol il
A. II. V001, Muuucor