Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, November 15, 1905, Image 5

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iMiJlww1 -m,,,,,!!,,!'! mm - -1 iii wm iwuw wiin Mi urar-itii "run r unman mns-nMT r"-n pf -.-j-MiMMMMMMiiiiMMMiJM
illcHibbcn Tnr$
anil l)ii$
None Hotter Mixdo h;
Now if a lady nut tfcntliiimn want
(11 kci company, that their
Iiiimiiii'mh ; if they want to pi. mar
ried thai Ii the iich( IipihImihIiii-hm,
Imt If tln luil.v want to buy n Fur
nr tlm gentl'-ninn want to buy a
Thats Our Business V
fw 1
leo. "NV. Lloyd relumed fiiii Id'
II ' I tit oil .Sal unlay.
An ExQk.mln.Ok.tlon of
Our Stock will Plcaso
Corner Main Gl 3rd Street
a :'." . "'.f 1
vr i ;i !l r
2 ' g;:
4 -
- '
( i. I,' 1 1) ih lic ti down toPpring
!'"M i i . I Imliir li;;nriii on Home
-if i t:i i , I c int. tailed. Hp
i Link . lie Mil I.ind tlif; coiitmctH.
Sth'dl : (.!'.-; ( V.-. :.l i .. -.iui.J.
pi id h. Si'i th( m.
Sclioll will Iinvc u im.i:ti Jii,o ol ; il l. I'Ij'Ih and wifv of Iowa
lioliday Hock tl.i'i yu . ! nt: i hero for n few dayfl.
Mr. A. I?. , I,,, r.(- t : I'-V "),..!.; a t.ij, to California over
1'ol'tlaiid on hut inc.u i.
Ml H. Vclh ictiinn I (i"in J.u
,' Saluiilay ii f 1 1 i iiM.
fSonio (.Id yt,' and sihe-r will
answer lor c!i a I. Kclioll:;.
W. II. iSykcs and firmly of 1'iaiu.
Hjtcnt the Sal, hut li in the c ity.
Cash pri( civen m j,K,.citi'n
to Hie niunhcr nf oupons used.
-',iill,t in loiite and are now on
ill.' ii viy lioice cvrlho northetu.
Mr. I'hc lp:i i'i from the homo town
: o! Mi. ( ( i) A I l.iiiHi,!i.
, S'lnday niht icv. Cotidcr
pn achod a very forcible and able
1 di cc,i:r':c at the Christinn Church
jo:i 'JVtHonal Af')linnlion of Christi
, to tlio Individual," almost
; c v ry availahk- feat wa occupied,
i .i j i I citr ful attention wan tnanifeHled
r.nt ol pay for ! throughout the discourse.
r i j f h . ri to j-!p i.
Wood wanted
Clnw. Oi 1... iti inl.
7.1 111 v. ii. in. mi jiiiii it ni'ii i'i ' : " I. , r , ... . . p
Air, 1'inneyof oiier,lla i-. isit in , 1 1, i, i jr...,- (lie pinnofl of the State Uni
his Hon 1'iaiik fir.ii' y f ,r a we k (,i . . , iiyt Thcio are a number of
s0- ili' c jii inos to lf! fixed up bo that
Dr. IIAkti, i'. Ij. Win ' I. .i ui.d ' wi'1 K"!)c 'or Bcvcral days.
I.I. Jomp.j H,,.,. nt i. ii- mi S -it. 1 'J h'- -"oi'le around town who are
J. It. Fly nti, it pit s-iitii,!. l.i ike
Mcl'all paper rompany did tic1
(Irovo Inst wf k .
What ahoiit yoiii i'.;.li h
clock . You can I, lie tin m n J
rcpnire 1 nt Seh- li'i-.
Scli'oll selh, sjttl.ulis thai
75, and i a air. Call and
llicni, they nr" 1 K .
Smoke a '".. I i..;. ! . ;.. ,r
lioheini i and y u will ' ' !:
millionaire tn.ii a :.t i
lo'iKin:,' lor Mm to pui uieir pianos
i:i '.ii'ipe, "ill have to wait a little,
lid ii will pay lor ho in tho most
ah!' 'Hid experienced tuner that has
v r i.i ked in the town.
I'l-.f. Ihiwy rep.orlH that there
aie ,'. i ii). il-, en rolled in the 8th
i :r.ei( , II in the lh and "th, 46 in
tl '!i,d mid :trd, and 2S in the pri , in ikiu a total of 151 pupils
1:1 the W'e-t Sid" .School. Tho l'ro
!. . 0, I.- i'K -: 1 1 1 v pleased with the
Wool is High
Lurch's Hoo
'tit ' im
Are Reasorva.blo
Are you ..l ii, ,0, 1 h :i
your society wiii ;!' he i;
tla? The time N hhorl. 1
C A Snot'i 'M..;-:
vi-it' l ill t 1 'A u :--;t n : '
w:i" tc':ti I.-. 1 .
V ' ' ' d. 1 .1 ii ' In ! e.
M my r. tl.t;:-
ilii n t K'U.m i i"
. 1 ' h..;
ufiil - i
i - a in'
. a i. ;
1 i- r :u:
1 , iv! t!i
i i m.ys that fjreat in
taken hy all the stii
it mor'; are coming in
flic Wry nnt Case.
Sheets, Pillows and Comforters are
also being sold at moderate prices.
and r um u h I i!
bet on ( '.1 v
h -I a
to tin 11
;e ec i.i tie State vh. Tony
a:!', ' harmed with rape, begau
s t v i.i',,.; jury as hdlows (
. . no--n; mm : . i.rewer, u n.
J 1 1 ; 1 - Dive Allison, David
:.! . W, H. Kav, Iv. J. Krow,
Iv. Wilc.x, 1". Kcnno, S. C
! ' H. . Di' key, H. K. Itice,
I 1 ent.e'l.
John II. So w
ii't-1 t iiiiiv 'p j.
( I c .: ;!! II .
f. I a mim ai 1 f
Wat Stdm Public Scltool fvrvd flour Mill
Winter Millinery
The Vogue
A new line of the latest effects in the advanced sea
son's hats. Remodeling and orders given special
attention Reduction on pattern hats.
Nexl door to Pott Office
pr razors .jw5"trB s bbb siiTmvmveo o o o o tt
llUMC nijHJ Collage Orove and vicinity.
Hohemia cigars are the best.
Patronizo home industries Con
ger cigars.
Wall Ii Si hi a ' j - ' ' . V I
1 , f.;io in,; is; ii'- 1 . i a.. -.
Win? Ue'.ia.c .. i- ;, . a
I'llstolin r . V I y .!.,. ;.. ,
is ejood. See.
I t-t 1 1 ( '( ' a 11 ' j.i j. 1
t.ilking in-' In' ' , i . 1 I . 1 1 it; t
sell the I.i s. I ' . .0 . an - :
thing 111 thiit lint ; ' c I' -is i.ut th
piano man tn 1 .!; i.e.
! The Ycsuvai- a 1 I. 1 i' i) chut
' down sf'VCial i!a - '.lnie ee. u 'us
! 1 rii nut in llti-v hiV. a ::a
staitetl and the inan-:;-ni !
there will l 11 nauc deluxe.
. t) I'ook nl I". I'.a 'ie, j e" I '
few daH iu the itove I. -i 1 0 v.;
unrket for hi l.-i,.!.. ih lc.s !..'!;
eotiiuinii and tire d ty II 'urp d
jacirloid to lie- D mo 1.1 - i uil'.
! A iiiinihei of iiiu s a - -.vent (! wa
tt) lv'ielic Sattlidav hi i;i. )
puened in the lentils case, hai
Iwtie ceti-il until Mi.i.viav, a
th jud'- vant -i o m' tin- aa.ia.-.
Will. Weehtet o' llu r.o'ie.i
cirmit tour! Notes. I'ueily and Ak.i Hranstetter
i ;::.tion City were ench fined
' i i rr c-liing lip;tor at that place
a iatioii of tho local option law.
G:trne Law Arrests.
i 'o.aa Wmde'i Haker reports the
; '.'. '.vii;r; mus'.s and hues at Bran
(h e on the i'uth: W. W. Cage, $10;
i'a ia -t Ncah, 1 10; Henry Herman,
Ma, v'arl Herman, ?io; A. Wilson,
-Ii', lrvin Iv'ikhatt, rc; Oto. Mar
' tin M"; and Mml Merum, $io.
Tinee men weie convicted at Marh
ficld Taiv S. W. Noah.
of any tool Ii always a dterabea
one, but ot equal Importance la th
power of retaining this quality so a
not to require too frequent sharpen
lng. By making your purchases o
the Griffin ft Veateh Co. you always
receive your money's worth In the
best quality of tools and cutlery of
properly tempered steel that Is sure
to hold an edge.
Veateh Oo
A Sensible Move.
!!ai I'i. iu Awh rev write you up'i'y tin oar home and furni
tuic :;. ti e Hit-gun Fire Iielief As--ti
iation, or jour stuck of goods id
1! a- .lltna IaKuiaiict Company.
1 tome Cooking - Saturday.
Subscribe lor the Nugget.
Kugene Steam Laundry, Allison
and HastiugH agents.
Thornlon'H is tho place for good
cigars, for stationary, etc.
Hdd Jenks and Hen Curry eame
out from camp Thursday.
The Hug contest will close Dec.
20th. You'll have to hurry.
Who makes cigars? Thos. Con- miss such an opportunity.
ger and the best too, you oei.
Tor mining orders we can't be
beat. Metcalf it lirund.
The beet, the cheapest cigars
made are those made bv Thos.
Conger. Ask for them.
Have you been to see Mrs. Ben
son's display of new goods. Don't
Jim Whitt'otd is acting us day
marshal in the absence ol Kd Under,
Mrs. Can ie Holsiuger of Sulciu,
is visiting her sister Mrs. Harry
Cochran is it See him. lie will
give you a 'dozen good faces nt a
good price.
Are you getting the coupons lor
the Hug contest with your purchases
If not, ask for them..
The best and cheapest photo
graphs at Cochrans. Give him a
fair trial, lie will do it up right
Photographs, photographs, pho
tographs, photographs. Cochran
makes the best photographs. See
Just thiuk an Al COc toa will bo
told at .'Wo while it lasts. Who by
Why, by Motcalf and Brund, of
The 0. A. II. people intend to
win the liag. The High school
it. .1. ...:ii Vvi. t ..m.v
1 1 1 umorrt BUVU Vlllll lurj wm. luwiu' juiu
roracooti nuau urn . :",
doal trvSteelos Restaurant, first favorite society.
door cast of Nugget office. j Tho resurfacing-of Main etrcot
The contest for the silk llag id I has boon put off to the disgust of
drawing to a closn. The winning many. The street needs it and
society will havo a piie worth work- needs it bad lofore the winter rain
I'his Siilurdav will le their market
lav. Don't miss it.
The I.udies Aid Society of the
I't'csby iciian Church will have a
lull suui'lv ol cood things to eat
Rule Mining Company with Mr. i just as mether made them at
Nedergall and F. O-teiieau t f Sakm I Ounin A Watch's on Saturday.
came in naiuruay Hum camp ;;:i :
went ori the mht train t" the c t j '.-,
J. K. Martin, Unmilj- 1nau.te1.1i
of th Singer Sewing Machine ' '
was sentenced to rve o days iu
the county jail on the charge ol ,
embezzelmcnt. Martin plead m:i 1
to having taken '-.
Robt. GriiVm stale, that lie has!
150 hens that will nn he l.ij in 1
and that ho hopes to double the '
number soon. This is good
to people that have nut Uui able
to cot i Miice iv rccentiv. It
looks as though the eg;? hu uu-
might be profit a1 le.
J. M. Durham is flying up lush
. : . I. 1. 1 . . . i 1 '
piano u.gou wuuu. N iiffhiiu,i ,.f.iH'.-iallv iveoinniended l.y Us
axles ol great .strength in order to ; m iK,.rs u,r eutiulis, cold-'. eroui mid
keen un with tho work. At i ia '-ei.t v !io.nin couuli. I'lii.s rvined.v is for
. .. ...... .
c rtCll KK.MKDV.
I'la n N'.i ifi r New Zealand, Ilerald:
I w o year.-i af:o tlie riiai niac.v Hoard
i ' Ne"w South Wales. Australia, had
.a analy-is luade of all tho couh
uiliciuis that were told In that
av.iket. Diiiol'iha entire list they
: '",n;d 'i- oiia that they declared
ia-s entirely lice from nil poisons.
1 l is eet'iii'in was ( hainhei'lain's
1 .aili Keiued.v, uiMde hy the Cham
'.rl.iiu Medieine Coinpany, les
l lines Iowa, I'. S. A. i'ho ahtjcnee
1 al! narcotics makes this remedy the
afest an 1 hot that can tie had; and
i: is with a fi'eling of security that
1 iv mot her can yive it to her littlo, riiainiieriain s c ougn Kemotiy
ho is only able to change the fr-ant
set of wheels as ho can not spaie
the wagon on account of the main i
cuatigcs, nrms moving, people con;- y
ing and going.
le by The Moderd rharmaey.
l'hillips and Wheeler shit
thoy were ollerctl is lots of guan.J
in Kast Cottage Grove for tlu hi.e'.; ;
that thev had covered with
paint and had on cxhihitiyn nt their I
ofllce window. It firms us tlevigh !
the office was 'seoin things," tirt
u 7 acre fish pond and now a g -Id
brick. !
Rev. Dr. I. D. Driver, preached I
two interesting uinl peculiar ner- I
inoiis at the M. Iv. church Sunday ;
Some liked the style and some did
not, at any rato ihey Acre after the
peculiar style of the preacher. Dr.
Driver has been iu Oregon nearly
CO years, is H'J years "old, has
preached in this vicinity over thirty
years. He has lectured before
large audiences iu tho cist, and de
bated on religious thoughts with
tho greatest atheists the world h.n
j. rimer s Kestaurani 4
I)iiioiiO l'ostotllco.
Ktisl CIas.s Meals.
l.o.K:ii.(j House in eonneetiou--
1 iDiul clemr lu'ds.
::i:p-": m : v. eve.
. : it
OFwmi' op iMivrioN,
1 h K uiNuiNi rHiaKn oniv av
1 . 1 rd-Snow Liniment C
ur. Louro, mo.
tOU 4iuu ty Mjloru VaAriua
r .'-'
Dealer in
Dry Goods
A Fresh Stock of the Latest and
Best Goods at tho best prices.
Come and be convinced.
Goods at and below Cost
Renin ante in shoes this week, Cblldrens sixes iy to 1
Worth $1.25 now 90 cents Worth $1.75 now $1.40
1.II0 " $1.10 1.60 " 1.20
l.fiO " .1.00 2.25 " 1.60
" 1.30 M 2.00 " 1.60
Mens' Dress Shoes Worth 13.00 now 12.00
" " S.CO 2.60
" " " " 2.60 " 2.10
2.25 " 1.50
Heavy sole leather soles, Insoles and counters an A 1 article
Worth $5.00 now $o75 Worth $2.75 now $2.25
4.00 " 3.00 " 2.C0 " 1.50
Gloves, Lamps, Knives, Razors, Mens' Shirts,
Notions, jumpers, and many articles g
being closed out at cost. J
Fine line of boys' clothing at cost. f
W. C. Conner, Mgr.
Nolieo Is hereoy given, that the un
dersigned ndnitnlstrntor ot the es
tate of Lena 15ecker, alals Kva Dav
euport, deceased, has Hied his Anal
account with the county clerk of
Lane county, Oregon, and an order
has been mado and entered ot record
directing this notice, and Betting Mon
day, the Cth day of November, 1905,
at tho hour of 10 o'clock a. ui. for
tiro hearing of objections, It any, to
mild account, and for the final settle
ment of said estate.
Dated nt Kugene, Oregon, this 00th
day of September, TJ05.
Wri i iam Lanukss,
Administrator of theestate of Lena
l.eeker, nlais Eva Davenport, Us
Woodcock & Pottkh, attorneys.
S Private Nursing Home, 2
A competent foroe'of nre
are established in ths Mrotfc
Chrisman . horns on Wall
Street, where any eases of
sickness can be cared for
under any physician, m
Tsrms" Rsksonhl v S
Mm. M: F: Flfrr. 5
M ' M
Head Ntirse.
Subscribe- for the Nugget,
pg for help. jewww,