Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, October 04, 1905, Image 7

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    For Lung
Aycr's Cherry Pectoral cer
tainly cures coughs, colds,
bronchitis, consumption. And
it certainly strengthens weak
throats and weak lungs.
There can he no mistake about
this. You know it Istrue. And
your own doctor will say so.
' Mr Minn lHf toil a tf.rrII.lB i-,mli I trlnt
evi't vll.lliK I mill. I lirnr i.f hut In .nln until
I trfi'il Arm'i I Imrir I'oi-lnrttl. 'Ill tlt.t
nlMlit ha linllnr. ii. I tin .iniulil. 1 1 1 1 p r ' v nl
mill tin i. tfi.rllx well." M H. H. J.
Simla, A Hi. n, III.
MtvU lr J. V Oo., I.uwoll, Mii.
tiau aiuuroturr of
I'll I S.
"lon't llimlln llin Ilms."
Toddy n k'1 flKlit) III tin- inoriitno
hnd received ImmIi in llmin from Iiii
fiilln-r "iH'vcr to hurry hi elder"--"ii.
In- hinl nuked for n tiling In;
should rent. 1 1 1 J -1 1 1 1 , wiiIIIiik their
inilVeiileine In K' t lll-'HIliil to It.
Teddy III dm I'Vi'lilliK I'IIiiiIhmI Inlri
hed without Niiylnt; IiIm iihiimI pniyers.
'I he IiiIIiiiiiIi ciiiiiK'i'lliifi hi t w ecu the-ii'
two event (niiiNilri'i n moment Inter,
when 'I'cilily'N iiiiiiiiinii linked why the
pniyei hud lii'i'ii it t-( ! t 1 .
I vi' linked liod for t Tee ii 1 k t n to
nnike Ti'ddy ii kokiI Imy, im' If nln't
II'm n u m ii'm lii'i'ii Ui'p' htisy
Homer i'Imi'. i'oi Miiyn: I ion t ever
hurry 1 ln Im;' nn' I kui-h I nln't
ii K"l'i' l' Imriy i'id. He'll K-t round
to mid Ji'm' ii mohii ii m hi1 tin M time."
cuir sikeam.
Koop tho bownlt roKulnr with Ayur's
Pills and thus hastun recovery.
A llnnl (Juration.
M'lilrrn Mn Id - I wUh mi ndvlre.
Hid l.luly - IVi'liiinly, my ,,.r. Wlmt
Is ll?
Modern Mnl, I -Slmll 1 ninny n mnti
wIionv l.iKli'i lire I ln iimikiIi nf mini.,
'1'iiiirri nun nun i,r Mlmll I marry
a in it ii wli.. h.. in hi i-M nri- M
miiiu. and ic.-t tired of linn?
I ii plnlncd.
There Im ii well known story told hy
Hi-mi ItiniiMM.v yciu ano of two old lu
; dh'N In hi church.
"Wim It im' ii wonderful tiling," mild
one of t Iiimii. "Unit tin lirccllHh were vlclorloim over the 1'rcnch In Imt
tlc?" "Not ll hit." mi Id the other, "dlniin
ye ken the ItreetlJi mii.v their jimyiTM
hefore Kiien Into lint lie'"
"Aye," returned the rnt, "hut ciinnfi
the I'reiii'h Hiiy their prnycr n n wecl?"
'l'he reply wild: "Hoot, JnlilierllijJ
hodle, wlm could iiuderMtiitid theniV"
The Search for Pnul Jonet' Body.
Itick of the nulling home of the hody
af John Paul Jones, to rent in tlm crypt
f our new Niivnl Acmlemy, lien tho
Story of (ienerBl Horace Porter's fix
yearn' ipieht, Impeded Viy many oh.
Maiden, nueci'Mnful nt hint, with over
W hemline eviilenre in fiiVorof tlm iden-
Mention of tho hody. Tho full sUiry
of thin ri'MeHrch tienrnil Porter tell for
th first time in tho Octoher Century.
"t'pon HKHiimitiK elm rye of our em
hussy in l'Hrin mid timlini myself
hiiioiik the old Itiudumrkri which are
Mill honored thern nn recalling the
many hiHtoric incident In the sojourn
of I'aul Jiiiii-n in that hiilliiuit capitil,"
Kiiyn tieneral I'orter, "I felt n deep
fletiHo of humiliation nn American
citizen in reali.iiiK that our ti rut and
luorit tHHcinatiu naval hero had hern
lyiiiK for inorn than a century in an un
known and forgotten ki-hvc m,d that no
RiicccHHful attempt had vor heiui made
to recover hia remaiiia and ;ive them
approjiriate hepulttire in the land upon
wIiomo hintory ho had ulicd bo inuch
Ainon the ilhmt rationn of the article
n olio Hhowinx the face of tin recovered
body, compared with tho lludoii Iniet.
HtAII or "llto, I'lTY nr Ti'l.Ilxi,
l.t c AN I III N1 Y,
rn J. I II K Mx v irmkca nmh thnt ho III
iiiilnr imrtntir el I ho firm of I-. J. I 11 im y to
I'o , (I'll n n liii.lni'-i In i) i' i it v ni '! ,,!!. Iii, ( nn n
tt knit htntn f'lii'.mil !,( thnt riolil linn will
,y tlm inn el UN I-. Ill s HKKII m i.,a Its i,r
ai-li ml evrry ol I at A tool IIihI inn hi, I xs
currd liy Hit) li.u of 11 a I i.'n I a t a i.iiii I I iik.
FIIA.SK J. i 111. N 1 : V .
Hwnrn In Id-fort tn it i '1 mili.crlU'il In my
irr.i'in o, lliln UU ily of ln'i i nild-r, A l ,
A. . lil. K Aril IN,
Nularr 1'utillc.
Hull', r'atarrh Cum Ii tnlinn IntiTtiatly, ik1
rt illriclly on Din lilnoil nil, I l. if. ,ii a nurfiKol
cl t lie ) ntr m. m-ii'l f r On tl ii, i hi In U, I me.
V. J I II ICS KY A ro., Tolcdu.O.
rlol t liy Priiirklxoi, 7 ir.
1IU Fnmlly l l!l nro the 1 it.
I nlnl Kiiirt Illy.
The dm u luii-ks to Buelnl -(iiiillty
come out In dolneritlc Hervlce, If they
iiiii'iir nt nil.
A correspondent report thin oonvcr
H.'itloii hetween nn Ainerli'iin lady liv
ing' In Manila and one of her Filipino
"Kumar," mild hc, "why Is it that
you worked ho well for the Spaniard,
and did it for so little? They treated
you very lnid!y,nnl I treat voii well.
They paid you only two pesos'.i mouth,
mid you nk twenty live of me. I
don't uiiderMtaiid It."
"Ah, Mcnora," hiiUI Kamiir, "tho Span
iard werp our Niiperlors. You Amer
icana are our eiualn."
l 1 " - m I l m I
That tin) Kiiir utreniii Is iietlve lx hundred mllin eaxt of New York city
nt a Kilnt In the Afliintl'- flcean, where, HfeordliiK to tho het authorities,
It Hhoiild he hardly dlHcernlhle, nod with u'h n How fin to hold hnck to a
Hcrloti fxtut the Moltke on her wcHtern wny, wan asserted hy Captain
HtiHer, of Hint ahlp, when nho iirrlved nt Ilohoken from Unmhiirjf, I!oulono
find Uovrr.
C'nptfilii Ituser until that nover beforo In hln many trip nrrom thn
woMern oceim hud he ohaervcil the jculf utrenm ho native, nrnl the tempera
ttirt) roeordi'd wmh nlmowt phenomennl. The Moltke hnd fine wonthor nil of
tho way, nnd the cnlneM v.oro driving her nt a eventeen-knot Knit, when
(fulf Mtrenrn wan eiirountered. For two daya hi foro thH tho nhlp had
dropped In her Kpeed In nn nlmont urifxplnlnnlilo manner. On Monday tho
mlddiiy reckonliitf Miow-vd 401 knota, tho next day VM7 knots, then 8S5 arid
JW2 on tins following dnya, and Cnptaln Ittiaer hejfan to nook for the cause.
The water auddenly hijfnn to Krow wnrincr, nnd In atnakH, or, aa tho cap
tain aald. "like DiiKera," nnd thore worn high temperatures Umt wore
(Vmilriif out of writer ahowlng from 12 nnd 07 df'Kroos Fnhrenhelt, tho
theriiioinotor roirfHtered frO denfa. At this time tho ahlp fell off In her upeed
fully a knot mid a half nn hour, and the wntor took on tho hluo tlne ho
iiotlcoahle In tho tropica.
For flvo houra, a distance of noarly eighty mllea, tills hlli tomporature
wna recorded, and all day the peculiar activity of tho K'llf Mnam was ap
parent When tho dny'i run was compared It was found thnt the Bhlp had
loRKed only ;t(!7 mllea.
Ami tells it eloquently In the bright eye, the surrde
clastic movement, the smooth, soft skin, glowing with
health, a body Bound anr1 well, an active brain, good
rippttite and digestion, ixfr;shing sleep, energy to per
form the duties and capacity to enjoy the pleasures of
life. The blood is the most vital part of the bodv
tvery organ, muscle, tissue, nerve, sinew and bone is dependent on It for
rourishment and strength, and as it circulates through the system, pure and
strong, it furnishes to these different parts all the healthful qualities nature
intended V hen, from any cause, the blood becomes impure or diseased it
- v.....v...fc ou y, uue bs iorceiui in its way. Itching, burning skin
diseases, muddy, sallow complexions, disfiguring sores, boils, carbuncles,
etc., show the presence, in the blood, of some foreign matter or poison
iviieumatism. Catarrh. Contagious nir
a ucepiy poisoned blood circulation. These mav cither be inherited nr r.
-n f ?,u,re,a tjUC thc eeat f trouble is the same tha
VSO (O S- S- S., a purely vegetable blood remedy,!
-HN .TV cleanses and ourifies the rirrnl.-itin on,i m-b.
K strong and clean. Under its purifying and tonic ef-
the blood, the general health Is built up, all disfiguring eruptions and Idem
shes disappear, the skm becomes soft and smooth and robust health ble-,se9
life., Catarrh. Scrofula, Contagious Blood Poison and all dis
eases of the blood are cured by S. S. S. Book on the blood and any medical
advtce, free of charge. TH SWSFT SPECIFIC CO.. ATLANTA. CA.
Ioap-Year Fplaodo.
Frnd Miss Fl It-Heih has proposed
tliree tiim-s within the past nix weeks,
hut I cun't make up my mind to accept
.Top Una she pot money?
Frod Ahont f'lO.OOO, I understand.
Joe Well, you are taking desperate
1 ha rices, old man. Suppose ahe ahoulJ
stop proposing Y
How Ntie Landed film.
ICtI it ti I'apn tohl'iuo to tell you you
DiiiHtn't coin hire any mure, lie says
you nr a daugerou limit.
ICdward 1 'aiitfuriiua uioii! What doe
h turn a?
Kditli iie y you'ro tlm aort of a
fellow who will linnK nrmind a girl for
ynr ami never marry lier.
rrrnmni'iitly I'urnl. No nuor iifn'i,unom
nT Unit iluv'B iihioif llr.klllii''nliri-Kt Nitv.,rT. Mi imI f,,r f rr. m t trlul t,in. ,,,l in-atlm-,
Ur. ll. 11. h II in-. Mil., all Anil hi.. l'hlllil,iilm l'.
To lircak In New Shoes.
Alwajra ulialio In Allrn'a Foot Ka, a powiler.
Ili'iiim hoi, wi'tlliK. ai'tiltiK. Kwolli'ii IimI
i 'linn eiiriia, riiKroHinii iinli. anil luitiiona At
all ilriiKiilnts ami nhoe atom. '.'.V I 1 1 " t a ri' l
any aiilntimir Sample inaileil KlltE. Adlr
Alleu M. Illnialoil, l Koy, N. V.
lrlrndlT Crillclani.
"Texaa." remarked Janifhy, "la a
front place for aiiukt-a. I once nuw n
green and yellow mmko down there 77
feet Ioiik uud ah hig round aa a whinky
"Well. 1 don't douht It." rejoined
Wasiiahy, "hut It'a doughnut to fudn
you nuw the uhiaky harrul heforu you
aw the anuku." I
I.nuulia nt $5 I'.nch.
InaultliiK behavior" Im a very elaa-
lic cnare in Australia. It may cover
anything from pltrh and tosa to man-
Niaiigiiter. its latest application comes
from lieiullgo.
In that golden city, where the late
ManjiiU of Sallhhury tried hla luck n9
a dlKger, the au,thoritle of a Meth
odist Church, decided to HUpprcKH Ju
venile giggling. They Introduced u po
liceman In plain clothcx, and he de
tected a couple of Kinall boys laughing
during the evening nerlce.
Tlie hoy.s were hrought Into court on
n charge of "Insulting behavior" and
Dinil $.1 each. London Chronicle.
For forty year's I'lstra Cur for Con
auui)tion tins cured coughs una colds. At
druggists. Prlro 1!5 cents.
Nomnwhat IllfTrrent.
"What la the prico of that antlipio
ehairV" aked the lady ahopper.
".Nineteen dollars, inuilaui," replied
tli new clerk.
"Aren't you mistaken ?" epieried the
bnrgiiu hunter. "It certululy can't he
World that much."
"Madam," aald th conselentiouH
young man, "it Is prohnhly worth about
(J.50, hut you asked the prion." i
75 I'lHMANI NT tuiliiry Hint i xpenn'H ,n,l
ri 1. nt ill-1 1 ii n, oo m,ile of I lie nt y ; pipit -a ut Work .
II. Ilt'iiker, ri oia .i, I:.' t 7th ht , 1 1, Mian, I.
A Telling ltrlort.
A telling retort waa made by a eoin
merclnl truveler to an unkind remark
made by a young woman whom he had
met ut the house of u frietid.
The young woman, of New Knglund
origin, Inquired the occupation of the
young man.
"I am a commercial traveler," quiet
ly remarked the young man.
"Ah, Indeed!" ahe returned, In n very
patronizing manner. "Do you know
that in my part of the country com
mercial truvolera ure not received In
Kod aoelety?"
"Nor are they here, madam," qulsk
ly replied the young man, bowlug politely.
Couch Wum Mot I in nortant
IllllllCH of K('ltiuUK.
Ttie couch wan one of the mot Im-
jKirtant plecin of furniture In the
homi-H of the lieonlp of ancient FtrvnL
It waa used at meal timea to tin-line
upon, aa wrll aa nt night for a bed.
I'roUibly the ifirllest mention of the
bed Im to be found In 11. Klnea Iv.
chapter, of the (lid Teatament, when
Fllahn visited the Shumenlte nlwiut
ti5 II. C, nnd we are tild of the
preparatlona for the reception of the
prophet, "Iet us make n little cham
ber. I prny thee, on the wnll, nnd let
ua net for him there a bed, nnd n
table, nnd n Mood and a candlestick,"
nnd another Incident la nlmut 4-0
jenra Inter, In the "txiok of Esther, "
when upon alluding to the grandeur
of the palace of Ahaauerus, we lire
enabled to entch a glimpse of Eastern
magnificence In the deacrlptlon of the
court of the garden of the king's pnl
nco, "where were white, green and
blue hniiglnga, fastened with cords of
tine linen and purple to allver rings
. ihfrlai
JuiAi . lta
r : V i :7 VA
m m
Tlm Kind You Huvo Always J (ought Jius borne the signa
ture, of Clms. II. Fletcher, and lias been inado under hi
lersouai Mipervision lor over no ears. Allow no ono
o tleeeivo you in thin. Counterfeits, Imitations nnd
Just-aM-g'ood' nro hut lxperiineuts, anil endanger tho
health of Children Kxperienco against l!ieriuieiit.
Casforia U n harinless It uto for Castor Oil, Paro.
Rorle, Drops and Noot hliijr .Syinps. It is JMeasant. It
contaliiH neither Opium, IMorphlno nor other Js'areotlo
fciihstanee. Its ao is its Kiiaraiiteo. It destroys AVornis
nod allays Wverishness. It cures Diarrluea and AVind
Coli'. It relieves 'rei thliifr Troubles, eures Constipation
and I'Matiilenev. It assimilates tho Food, regulates tho
Nloniaeli and Itnwels, ivinc liealthyaud natural bleep.
Tho Children's l'anacea Tho Mother's Friend.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears tho Signaturo of
m m- M n i n is
Use For Over 30 Years.
and pillars of marble; the beds were
of gold and silver, upon a pavement
of red nnd blue, nnd white and black
marble." The beds of Uie masses
then consisted of coarse stuffed pil
lows or cushions thrown or piled In a
corner of the room or placed around
Its aides nnd used for seats by day
and beds by night. There were a
great many hend rests In vogue at that
tliua, used In connection with a large
straw sack, ujon which they slept.
Later a platform a little higher than
a seat, was built up at one end of
the room and the bed was prepared
for tlia alecper by placing cushions
around It, The Egyptians were the
first people to make movable beds.
With the advent of the Greeks, "who
received their first rudiments of art
from the Egyptlana," came changes
and elaborations of the old forma.
The furniture and utensllt of the early
Grecian house could not compare with
that of modern times In completeness
and variety, yet they were by no
menus wanting In design and construc
tion. Couches were ofteu richly
ndornod and frequently were cant of
bronze or made of wood and Inlaid
with Ivory and allver, the feet grace
fully formed, of bold design and elo
gant proportions, ending usually In
lion's paws. Figures of men and ani
mals froyuently appear In these, deco
ra tions. I'ecullarly rich and ornument
al were the chairs nnd couches, tho
former being used by tho women and
fho latter by the men, who loved to
rend, write and take their me4ils as
tho Evyptlnns lieforo them In a re
clining position.
Tho couch, which lu daytime was
used chiefly by the men, hnd ns a bed
stend a kind of liench, either with
out a lxick or with a low headboard;
a footboard being not no common. Tho
covers which were lnld over It, and
which were afterwurd superseded by
cushions filled with feather, were of
various kinds, rough or smooth, heavy
or light, sometimes woven la colorwl
designs or embnUderod with gold or
liver, and trimmed with fringes and
tassels; and a similar drapery often
surrounded th lower part of tho
couch and concealed the feet. They
werv uaod on the couches for reclin
ing, as well as for the bed, which
only differed from the former tn hav
ing a coverlid and sheets of linen.
Early reference to Greek furniture Is
made by Homer, who describes cover-
cessories of a great man's residence
centuries before the period which we
recognize as the "meridian" of Greek
art. llii. txvldiug was never kept In
large presses or closets, but In chests
of the same form as the caskets for
cosmetics and Jewelry. With the for
mation of the ltornnn empire, which
was founded ".Ml 15. C, came the
fourth great empire of antiquity. For
want of an artistic style of their own
they were dependent nt first uimhi the
Greeks, but Instead of following the
simplicity of that style they exag
gerated the decorative treatment. In
accordance with their love for splen
dor. Their !eds were mnde with es
trnordlnnry lxauty nnd costliness.
They had mattresses stuffed with
swansdown, woolen blankets nnd rich
ly embroidered sheets. After the fall
of Home lieds and nil other articles of
furniture returned to the most primi
tive forms, the household goods of the
ninsses consisting of nothing but a
lcnch. a chest nnd a few skins. The
chest wns used aa a tnble by day,
and with the skins thrown over It as
n led by night. About the eleventh
century furniture became more gen
erally used, and the people of the
Anglo-Saxon race begnn to build al
coves or recesses In the walls of
their homes nnd sacks of fresh straw
wero lnld on a bench or rnlsed boards
nnd curtnlns were hung to conceal the
same from the rooms,. Goat and bar
skins were then used as coverlets.
Cincinnati Enquirer. j
A. J
I$7 IifT.!rent I'atlis.
Hanker Young man, I began at ths
bottom and worked my way up to whers
I am.
Genial Itiirglar I got in a room above
and worked my way down. '
Mother will fln1 lrn. Wlnsiow's Soothing
Byrup tha ben remedy loose lor their children,
durlog the teething jrlod. ,
Pertinent Onery.
Him I see your social rival, Miss
Uudd, has her picture in to-day's pa
per. Her Indeed! What was she cured
uen ixiiiiia syrup,
' L . I J
TUM Good. LTs
8ild br drni?(0ni.
i teA c'n r.i'i'
Olp lhl out. return to us with the names
and addresses of yourself and two of your
friends, and the date when you will probably
enter a business college, and we will credit
you with 15.00 on our $i3.0O scholarship. ,
Our school offers exceptional advantages to
students of Business, Shorthand, English, etc
Best Instruction Lowest Tuition
MITE f0 CAtALOCUt 10 IT'S full
BUSINESS institute:
ss sixth st. PORTLAND, ORE.
P. N. a
No. 40-1 905
WHEN writing- to advertisers pleas
mention this paper. I
We do crown anil brlrlgfworlt wlihuut ,a n.
Our IS yi-ars' i-xpi-rifnci' In plaie work n
iiles un to fit yi ur mouili comfortutily. Ir.
W. A. Wine has fnund a safe way to ejttraH
tcfth absolutely wliliout pain. Iir. T. 1.
Wise is an export at gold tilting and crown
and bridg.'worlc. Extracting tr. wtieu
plates or bridges are ordt r-d.
Falling Bldg., Third and Washlnirton Stn.
Open evenings till 9 oVIook. Sundays frum
to II. Or Ma n SsJU.
till - -:- - i.'i
Antics of m Steer M-iyl Furl her Mnddle
ICuBtern Ideas.
It Is much to be regretted that news
got abroad of the uteer running aumek
in the streets of Alton, since the in
telligence is likely further to embar
rass us in our efforts to convince the
effete nnd obtuse east that our uiid
eountry western metropolis are alto
gether civilized and Enfe.
It Is with no little difficulty even
at this late day that the confined con
servatism of New England admits
that we are on the mnp ts real cities
and not us mere rough centers of the
wild life of the plains. Tenaciously
a good many people "over east" still
cling to the notion that everything
this side of the Alleghaules Is a sort
of vaguo beyond, peopled principally
by buffalo, Indians, range cattle, cow
punchers, snge hens and prnlrle dogs,
and occasionally enlivened by the
more conspicuous types of a Huffalo
Rill or a Koosevelt, but wholly Im
possible as a habitat
It Is discouraging, therefore, to
ave It go out over the wires that "n
steer brought up from St. Louis to
Alton Wednesday held the streets un
til 11 p. in., terorlzing the citizens nnd
cutting up pranks. At North
Alton, among other things, the steer
ran Into II. Wutzler's store door, but
backed out again without doing uny
damage. Then it run Into a horse nnd
cnrrlnge. Tho occupants fortunately
Jumped from the vehicle. Finally Ed.
Adams succeeded In roping the mil
mal." It Is a reflection of additional dis
comfort to us that the steer hailed
from St, Louis.
When this city shall have streng
thened a little further as a financial
center so that It can supply funds not
only to idl the aouthwest, but to the
Middle States us well, and consequent
ly no longer feel the need of borrow
ing money from tha Easterners In
Wull street und elsewhere, wo shan't
take tho trouble to puncturt their
thickly reluctant Intelligences with
tha truth about our eivilizedness and
even cosmoiKUlte culture and polish;
but In the meantime wo ought either
to lay a great deal of stress on facts
about our finished conditions of living
or to fence up our stock. St Louis
ivVll rll So qaickly and well as Prussian Stock Food added
jHi?- ' . to the feed. It will put them in the l est conrlitiou
3V j l IUI.UICH ia,iu,j. aouncua j aliening ime. n c cun
VV"1 truthfully say from our exiiericnce I'russian Stock
roou Bnnncns xiic iniicnin penon at least one
fourth. Wcconstdcrit imlispcnsibirin fat tenine hops
and cattle. J.W. WILLIAMS.
Pares irrain by asltfttne diet-iflnn. irettine all the irm-xi out of
tha f"Od consumed. K VKHY UWHit ol horsed, ruwi. hot or
Packntre. W 1 (w. t Ih nail. K-o feeds. S.LS0.
PRUSSIAN POULTRY FOO D. a irrtut Fuir Producer and Cholera Cure. PRUSSIAN
HEAVE POWDERS. "ure luav.s. PRUSSIAN LICE POWDER for I keon I'.n.ov m.d
Cuttle. Ak f!,r our stm k or l'oultrr Eoi.k. PRUSSIAN REMEDY CO St. I'nul. Slinn.
iheep will fln1 It payi.
PORTLAND SEED CO., Portland. Oregon, Coast Agents
Keeps the Ground
It don't buck up behind when
vou plow down hill. It i properly
balanced on its axles. Never nec
essary to pull the team up hill when plowing side hills. Clevi-1 ad
justable up, down and s.dewuys. . Long lovers in easy reach. Third
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