Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, October 04, 1905, Image 1

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Devoted to the Mining, blubbering and l'';u mine Intci nts ol 1 his Cf jiihii u .
NO. 37
And (icncral Alining News
(lathered Irorn Exchanges.
W. U. J'.liy, uwiiiT o( tlic Miiy
llowcr claim, cmne up to cmnp on
V . J. Ihird drove in from Ho
hernia Tni'Hil.ty itftcrnooti, arriving
late at nilit.
A. I'. Churchill and Walter Coch
r;ti are doing tiie assessment work
n the phir t 'w i in .
I-oiiiH (liovr'i went over efist rtf
J'.nli niia aliont : miles to litistow
1'iaiiii-a fi-u dnys abound nothing
bus been lu-aid l him since,
his (urn Is h iv" I'cionii; so nlaimed
thut Williams and Charley
Yoinic, have '.tatted out to search
(01 hun Just how they will find
him. or ihocxait direction lie took
is hard to determine.
City linginccr Taylor Resigns.
The commoii council lint Monday
evening in regular ninthly ncsnion.
MinuteH of punt months ineeti nyn
with h) 1 fij t al-
line ;ihd t'ue
hvdriuit (it the corner of the old A.
(i. Knox property was presented
hikI on motion refened to water
S. J . I!i H i I has ret m 11 I 1 1 K
hernia and will tcsiinic ""ik on ti
Sweepstake pr ope t tv .
There was a called meeting of i
the Hohemia Mine's Asmih
ation laHt ni;ht to t ill. v r mim-Iio '
W. J',. ( iillespie et ill l- I t -
II Mea low and .1 W ('..., uiuli nli
one-third in Viilde mining i funi,
Itohi mia distliet,
A tire broke out in the old linn I '
uic; house n t the, Mtisicl. miii" last
week, hut ipiickl.v overom- by
tho men close by befmn inui li d mi
tee was d ne.
A recent goml loads convention
at Denver discussed the relation ol
pnlilic toads to tin- mining interests
and thus lecouiiil the dutv of the
pnl'hc towaidn iissislin;' in oiovid-
ine iinpr.vcd tinnspoitation in tbelxad und approved
mining distii.ts. 'IV ,o often the lerutionH.
western i oininiitntie otifi e the A pi tilion oi h pip
ex liendit uie o public llioiie to;
roads coniiMtnn; villages an I he
tween ladriad points ami settle
imnts nil I.-iv lie- op, ratine i committee.
1 o 1 ,1 I I. t he! I . ,V ll loads as
! " I ' c .-. I i ahd lloin
Mining i-. an i in
i v in neaily ill o the
and J i.i s a huge p!n
taxes III cijuity it
i lore coiisidei at ion
'me ol public in. nicy. , paitiii-: ol Main street by Hi" I ivin;,'
nilhci coiisidi nitioii ( l a coat of 1 . Huh ci in-liei I i o k I
. n millilU' loads In- inches deep, Illicit ili!c and liipei
1. 1. In- mid-, .m! in. ine fO'in that down the full
ol le i mines than those that
em a-. Well as bv the I ( 1 1 1 1 1
nc: ai. I I woe 1. 1 seem that the
IiCH, I'M).
(ieo I,. 11 u i.i d home money
on hi wniei -. 1 1 1 1 ,vf hut on !'" omit
of hH hond Hot being l.lglifd l,V the
III! liiilnlxr of giiaruilt'.eh li' ( e.-,-,;u
complete saine, tiie council de-
fened ullowin:' ;ii ii.ciit until mk h
lioud w i.'. eoujpleted.
Mi. 1 a a-il.ed for t loo to apply
on his ? 1 1 o I contract and same was
allowed und a WillUlit ordered
draw n,
A Mijue.-t. Was laado that silnf'
erushi it en k ,e hud on JVnnth
stieet ' '.t tie- iaill''ad to eomph te
li e load heyond whi le the eolitl i t
ha- ' .d d I .1 . Ml Lea statu!
Iliat he 'Aoiild flll!li--li is-: n 1 rick
W ll hunt i oil .
I.iii' olii lavloi city nr iiii i r pie
selit' d his icpott ' !i ti e water Hh-,
till:, which Had lilid chilli
nuini Rale Law; Would As
sess Railroads at $10,000
Per Mile.
ii M h" . ill
I hi 1 1 i : , .' i. I !
po-1 iiit m iii-,
Weslel u"'
p' ii t ion i . i he
is el'tltl d t
ill ! he
T!, i. ' ,
th i iii a i.; 1
i i .nil in I i''1 ;
mi d I
hud I I
1 lie I eci'M ll I W .ih.
I 1 1 I i.i I c an oi li nanci
I ai i lie o .Vl h st a et
insl I in led to
I"! Ill'' Mil'
U ll ll l 111.1 d
I lock the full width of the sheet one
'half hloek each side of Main street
The recorder was instructed to
picpaie an ordinance for the i
shorted none
ueee-i.-;iiv hv
1,1, id I 1 ill
tat i" i
e h i ilh
-I ol t ages of pipe III. oh;
a!! i ations in t ho ol i-Atu-r htth i '-ii
i ( oit " i- hi !! for
failure to unite jmblic rjuORtions
;is becomes n great commonwealth.
In the matter of legislation lie re
ferred to the common log-rolling
and notorious disposition to oppose
measure.! unless- thev contained
some concession to a particular
locality, and especially to attacks
i awirs fistablishment of Max- ". t,Je mae' of salary of some
J. -J. (iriiham reported on tho
work of the Leaguo:
The work of tho Willamette Val
ley Development League wince its
oi'anizntion at Salem, March 2. "
I'yOo, has bet 11 of great benefit not
only to the Willamette valley, but to
all of Western Oregon. The build
mgof any pait. of a state depends
sole ly on the efforts of its people,
and the Willnmetto Valley Develop
ment I.eaguo needH the assistance
of tho people of Western Oregon in
the work they are trying to do for
the good " i liia Roetion of our great
and trrowine; state
h - t!.;; d tou''jiiti .
ague met h'riday with
id'UK e, nil i much int'
of the
ted. Much g0(j(i will
l' come from these
w : . :
i large at
r'.st mani-uiidouht-
held Hi
niuifj Location.
aie,i"g from that down the full width
i . I ll... . v i I lr il... ....
ll III', nun i I'l L .i. Il'i i''in in- .-in-
( i
In;. !
1. l''.'it loll o ' ! hi
elaiiu. I Join ini.t
''( iond- ila i lal mi
i - not ii i.
!; ill n
di t.n. t ;
in s 'I ue-
il" 111"
'I'll U
.ii-,n oi
liitrii t.
ad tn the hii
'I he mas or
Hist IlK te
t' !
The ne t
1 'resid.-ut I ' tl;,- '
:: k . - -; i ' . . 1 1
N Ali.Vl;. .u .-.
" lr;!'g:il;i; t. , .'. a i i ils
' i gone !. a t id tho s
ol disi on: .igc-uii nt than Oiegoii. It
hss ( o-! two millions of good money
an i the ;:iii. ;:ji"Mig t fhiit f the
i ( -,' and igi.tcst itK-u and women
ol iiii! citi's counties and st.ite. in
ptt'ting up the I.t'Ai-. and Clark
hair, to unloose "in imp! i-oned ;n -
oil werutii
y -I lids uu
i i'lro' terror
1 th
in 1 1
1 Ii cal aul hoi i ties
-v 1 1 1 1 1 1 ; than thev
at least ii'iil ..I thi
111;; 'Ml I II ) ,i 1 1 1 1 1 1 ci 1 1 1
i'l'.' dlslllel- Til'
should he moid
ilten an- to hear
ex pell -e ol lill ild
roads to miii
I'olootdo trood
i 'D. I ill e, w V
tiill'i a i at the 'e
liiouhi down to
w i-. h ni t s mi
uvi'is iiinic, was
the Red Urid.'
toads movement his done will to
tcengii'e thl-i einlitlo'i Milling
Woi h I
by the ..mills team and then by
railtotowa l ist week. II" i-i g, t
ting .along lin.-ly and wdl so ui Ii"
M,s ,
Oct. I.
"as l
Manila I . Cnlim.lii.
Mil ! 1 1 . i I.. C"l i n l .t u died
I vphoid lever. She
r.'os. . i
e us al ns;e and had been
si, k onlv alHinl two weeks. Noth
ing ;ii thought o! hci illness until
ah. ml a we' k htioie she died when
a ph.vsii i.i u w o i',ill'-il in, as it was
thought '.hit sin" bad a cold or
giippe ,ii le j'uler siii.'i had,
Ouimc, who has been land would he all light soon, but iu-
visiting with her sister Mrs. V . S. stead sh got rapidly wois". The
Martin, returned to her home in: oldest mi:i in the !"'ily, Jtei i
rcndleton Tuesday. lalo suk, but is getting along
A hhort session of the Will. inn. tte
Presbytery s.m held M'nduy night.
Miss Nettie Hurdick dejiarted foi
Kugene Sunday to resuine hei
.studies at the V of O.
MrH. Sandi
D. 1'. Stoner, agent of the Roach
uicelv and h i" ii"t had
any serious
shal to order all hitching lacks on
hiii faced streetH removed its the
horses hitched at thos rm ks aie
; digging gleal holes in th- street-,
I The resignation ol Lincoln Taloi
I frmii fie office ol city enginei i .
called fclth eoiiHii'el able c. n 1 1: n n ! ,
I but "a finally laid on the t il l
until next nn efing.
On motion the Ii ialth oiinai wan
ii, si l ueted to look into the mattei of
uiihi allhful conditions about tin
city and I'ompell a geiwial cleaning
ii p. This was brought about
through the presence of several !
ferer eases in the town just now.
The linanee committee mad iL
port on the regular monthly bills.
ahieh report was duly tieeepted by
the eonii.-i! and wituvuiss oi derod '
drawn by tho recorder for the pay
inent ol same. The warrants were
as IoHdwh.
Grey l'rinting company, d.oti;
(a'ttugo (Irove Klectrie Company,!
lie --ice;
I hall a ctn-
: M.lliagi !
I Sounder son
h . i ) I 'liiU i . of tho
Itci . i.'lii'- I r-mii I'm t-
laL'd Sunda. II.' that the
, Sil.e'dei is inn-. I ild. el w ol k in
III! de. il I nit. hi- I'l.. ,.- i- pient o;
"te on hand m eii:a. i and d-joo
.S.-''ks Oj j! I, 'iCl .. ,11 ,,r,. -ne ,,,,
st il l'.;!- a Ih" old amj ,'iiig w..ks
in IJaki i City awaiting shipment.
'I he I nitcd Dlkhoin i, lines have
l.:g'.-!y ii, t j. , ,ed tla ir daily ship
in' ut ol oie to tiit- smelter and ship
ments ., re leov li.-ing inadj iiol-1
some sections in the copper belt
i .III ... '!
i i s i ,,1 1 1 a i.i r v uy. 1 U'l!
a f( w shijaiei s in the (
ll Vlt Us
till v.
I l-e ' '.lest loll i.i '.Illlese lliiiili
glutioii has I iff 11 brought before
'.in Comiin i . ial Cusb by a Portldii.l
'. gatiiati. iii dc'inindi:.,. then-peal
oi t i." e x' lu-i'u a' t. Thi- con veil -t:
-ii will be call- d upon to decide
whether the I'a ife. Cuet iiali be
ate a!:
l et 1 1 1 1 e-
Dramatic and (lift enle, tainuient. ! "'l'Vn,1 ,a' ''"y aml W,U ??' 'Irj" ' A' "IH;.R'm,:V V '
which will show I-eretho firnt of j ; " ' IV; r ; V ' T si r
next will k i h r J he parents take this ocv'asiou to 5d.-o; I), h. Liiderwood, $'. ; (,
is ncrc. ! thank the kind friends and neigh- ; ii. Pitcher, $;.; L. 1'. Jdenuctt, .fl ;
Mrs. Jj. M. Thompson wont to'borswho assisted them in their I C. W. Hurrows, ; W. S. tiiuct,
(Jervais Thursday to visit her : gr at bereavement . $.'7.;.T. I Young, $'.. 'I'l; L. Taylor
d itighter, Mrs. Hattie Hest. J lb 'oi imas and family. , 7." ; J. II. Warner. Jl .r; (leo.
f Main on't Hollicr Mim
ll Iht' ll t
Mi . l'lilh I gave ic.t il-.. cheerful
. infot ,t'Ut' i;i ;!. -' '!... -.I,,
activity iii ail the coppi i belts ca i
of Uaker City and th..' in the Corn
ucopia camp theie in ver was so
lunch work goin on ;i, at the
present. The Mayflower, I'mon
Conipanioii. ueen of the Vst and
man- othci 'iop( -rties, aie woiking
many men and will be active nil
winter. Much - development, work
i being done in the C,re( nhuni dis
tiiet on u few propyl tics and in iho
Su.sanvil'e and neighboi in.,' eainpti. j
work is progressing. Taken all
togetliel lla.sten) Ort gnu linmngi
camps appeal' to be m a most satis i
. i- i.i . ..
lacid cnii'iiuon. - IjhIiocK 1'ciiio
'made th" dumping-"!"!!!!'! and di.s
itiibuting cntci of in i' si ict' d
! Asiatic coolie la! or.
Much development i- t o.-.sibie
tiuongi; p' i.w!ici--,.ij', .Nothing
should he done to discoutiige invest
ment oi private capita', or invest
ments b. cu poi ati u.s ; but the
js-'plj il Wcs'ciii Ongou sh mid
.c ownership only
-1 MM U'. OK I.Xl-KNMTLftf-S.
The league has secured from the
highest authority of the Harriman
i-ystem the following summary of
expenditures in Oregon, and also
propose! expenditures, which are
now foi the first time made public:
Expended by the Southern Pa
cific Company lines in Oregon dur
ing liseal year ending June 30, iOOo,
for maintenance of way, $1,002,
(I'.Cf JO
Kxpei iled far the same purpose
for fiscal year ending June 30, 1904,
Inert ase for fi.scul year ending
fuiit :'j, i'.io., $,s7",,k;3.oO.
Iii addition thejre was epent for
fi-cal year ending. Tune 30. 1905, ap
proximately . 320,000 for permanent
lmpicA ements.
extraordinary work done during
the year ending June 30, 1905, fill
inng bridges including culverts for
same .system, $2,.",o!5U.
1 Maying mam lint Ashland to
Saginaw to new standard 80-pound
steel rails, length approximately
b"2 miles, estimated cost $838,357.
Aew steel bridges, 301.953.
Foity-seveu miles of ballasting
on main line now in process of con
struction with necessary widening
resort to pub
! Allele it can be employed in esfih-.
' whingkii needed !i.l!.c nt'liiv.
In Ige- Stephen A. I, '. well b oke
at length on "A Sipuaie Deal fur
Oiegon" in an earnest and conviuo
:n-' inanner. au i r. tte l mentioning
' o , , i - r.-..
die conditions in Oitgoti, natural oi nauks jmou.
T..s-,.i,r,... il,.-vi, ,r.. r.n.l Improvements in
the failure to advance in ptoportioii
lo the oppoi tunnies, . pemd out on important points, estimated, $09,236.
the reasons for siieh conditions and' Lafayette and St Joe cut-off, eBti
the reined v theieloic. He ( barged j '""ted, t3,0I7.
Otegoii s tardiness in development Springlield-Heuderson connection,
as compared ith other states to : "'eluding construction of steel
three principal causes; l'irst, elan- j bl ulge over Willamette river, esti
nish sect'onalistn and scdli-Lness of j '"'ed, $147,210.
the ocoPle: second, alien owner-: Orders have been issued for con-
yards und
Roseburg and other
Win Connor and wife left lor rert
land Fridav.
. . . i . 1 1 r T, .
'ship ed large tra-ts olland; third, , ,uu,:"uu U1 rauruau iroia iraiu 10
j foreign control of railwavs. j Marshfield Nl miles in length esti-
j Coder the first head he called at-; "iatei1 cost $3,300,000.
'teiition to the political and cummer,! The following extraordinary
'cial pu'hng and hauling between j work ls contemplated, to be done
' different parts of the state and the' Continued t 4t li page
He's wearing a
The Dressy
Maiii or Slime Overcoat
Combines Style, Service, Comfort
and Warmth, and is Waterproof
It's a pleasure to show them-they are right
New Goods Arriving
W have mailc sonic exceptional t;ooil buys in certain
lines ol Dry (ioods and will sell them at the regular
profit, so that you will i;et the benefit. A line of
Napped Gov
Sells regularly at loc per yard and by comparing it
with others you will soon lie convinced that it is
worth it, lor 'J l-lfc per yard, in different patterns,
very staple'.
We are
all the leadinu
rccci v in;.', a new line ol
stores carrv this line,
;id tjovis, the best made in this country,
1 .."( in all colors.
i 1 .L a tn
We take measure lov tailor made suits lor the ladies, conic ami investigate.
uarman9hemenway Co.,