Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, September 20, 1905, Image 1

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Devoted to the Mining, Eumberiiitf and I'aiinin lnt tests r.f this Community.
NO. 35
And (icncral Mining News
(lathered Prom Hxchangcs.
Dick White I'.iine down from It"
liMiiia 011 Saturday.
John (iril'i-r of Iiuliciui.i, is in
town lor k fiuv days.
lln TtyjHt"d :md wife ol l!o
luiuia attr visiting the Fair.
Dr. A. N. l'isliet, of I'oiiljnd in
I lie fuett of 1". J. Hud ;il I'm
Mr. 1 i.;1'1":' "I'
liillN H.HIU'tillHI thin Week to emu 1
plcte his iiMscFHiiK iil wiirl; lb- ( - ;
pdl'lH MlH. 1 ) 1 1 ri 1 14 1 1 lull U till' H( 1 l
. . I
Mr. and Mis. I .1 Hard and m, j
Chailes, together wit a V. N. l'"-l;.i'
v ''lino down lioin i mi.' I'licvday j
Mrs. 11 ltd mid Cl"'il m t.iined t'j
their limine in luttlind Tues.ias i
Ml .. (',.'!. IJ'I' 1'.. .hi in. in .11:1! ' lid
u:i l,.ii- jm.ih' tn l'oithiud t 'f 11
vi-.ii . Tii'.-v will lake in tl" l' i;r,
and thr I'-.'i.-lili 1 Millil tl K h 1 1 'I I
ill I.-: . .I 1:1 tti li alt 1 k lion t' 1:' '
l')i 111 Mi I'.uhlm in'-. i"ti K'.s'-. tlun-.
() . I'll .1.1 ' ! I llll I. II II ji'lillt d
!'. J. 1 1 .1.1 iis 1. .1. U;;iil of l!..:
,Sl;it. 1 i ( ).;:.pll to til" I'.IJ'lilll A tl -
i.ii'il C"iivi-nli"ii "f tin.- A ' .1 1 i i
Mining ( ''ill;;lcss tu Iiii In I I lit l-.i
r.i-.., i". Mi., Nov. 1 1 to 1. M
Ibllil is WIV HIlM'iUS III Httclld the
roii-iisri mid is ji I il I'd for the
liunol cjidei led U''t hitu by tin1
JJOVlTlli'l .
Object 01 Tbe American Mining Con
I he l"'i ! "' of tins 01 aniati'Ui
is to advance the mining und met-'
ullut kil al industries in all their va
rious brunches within t ho United
States. To assist in bt inline; al'otit
11 mule pel led ei operation between
the ( loveinnient of the I'niled
States mid the evcloiiieiit of tu ill
it 1 j ; Mild iuetidlll!j;y; to fneotira;.'!!
education in piactieal and sei 11
tilic ininiii;; mid Hie di semination
of si leiitiln' iuloi matioii Ix-aiiu;;
upon the development of the me
tallic and ii"ii metallic nulling ie
Hollites of the I'llit'd States; to
I'tomote a mule co op talive tiiid-i-ncy
in the evohitioii ol 111 i ultiiie,
iniuiiij.;, 111 intilaetut ii:',, tpiir-por-tatioii
and coin mo ; and lot the
p II tieui.l'' MI! pose o bllll;.Mtl; til"
iniiini.- en n ol the t ' 1 ; 1 ' 1 Stall's
into c o 1 lel.ltloli with "i.i' an
III ill t, 11 .1 o J.I Mil Hin a ttieiidlv
ei Iiii : o: u.i'' !l' jt li-.T thtw'i;ll so
cial iiiteic- iit-e and the discuss. 0:1
ot null il rite'e t ..
'1 lii . j m 1 po-.i;s .He to he a. c'iin
p!i .t ,.1 I.. :
I .1.1 r: eat iull of a 1 H p.U I UK Id
i .! i'ii n l Mining, through
ln. It . i j i t . as' d asu-t at!''e and eo
o; - r t;o.i I the National C.oU'lii
i:U'i:l may '' : i in ed.
In vi iK' and m. nil!, in a
t i mp'.-te i-vt.ihit ' l i'i nitiK i ei.d
oies; ,i mining 1 1 ! i . i f , i-'Veiin ail
pil is'.s el 1 1 1 I ; 1 1 1 ; , an I the leilili tloti
o o'i ariit ;i liiiicui 1 in tor in a t i"ii
thtoil di which ti'.iil'li- in ml.
m iv I t- si mi i'i n liii'. eto tic v a
rious mill, la! s. Ct i' lis ol the 'oil I' 1 1 V ,
to the end th-l miuiuj; nu n may he
a-sisted in the s. .lull!, n of t!i'-.e
J.I el.lelns wlliell oltvli It'ein Ml 1-i.sS
oi I iini'i; t i lin n cntei j'l ies, an I
thai i.ivi -t i - lies I c Letter inn
t..-1't.-.l amiist
iks i I ihe nn
-;. ll niiunik! in "i.e Ljicit or
Pres. (i. Hverctt Uakcr of the
Oregon Smelling and Refin
ing Co. Addresses Meeting.
' oj enit" it t" ad', aiitajo-
Mr. Jiaher t . , t d Hi it tin: pia.j.le
ntdlaiil i I'asM who h.'i't l.oii;'ht o n
of the stn( ileM lloln tlietll, ( eet I h
to Mill it theniMl w H had I mi out if
Iiioih.'V and wieid pres'-nt ii";'oti
itl in;; for moif tnotn.-v t" ( :i 1 1 1 1'-1 -uhd
i.i' l'.ite it, (Hid that th'ecd.l
il una: f.;r such u a o ' n it ion to la-halidl'-d
hy oiit-,iic ea.ital, and h
one that, had Inneh i '-.Ju l irhee
I 'icier siieii a coin li I ! .11 M I I la
! el deHiied to lhorou;.;hl lool. into
the disi I iel. to '(. S' 'Hie iit I of
w hat. i a e could ' ie I liwnd, I he
jnaiit it;,', tit: val'ie, tli'H .nn it in:
p! Opel I Mr, lie , llll I to til it f 1 1 I i
eoniliiilt' e of tin tninin:; eoininitt. e
lo'eil.i with Mr. A I I'. (.'Iran h.l;
M r. I I . 'l holnp M il and
wele lit it oin Jed to
possiUe to ;;ie Ml . link I such in
I' .1 ma! loli a, he de-iied, j-h'OV linn
lliioiieh the distri't, and ;;.d.h; r
Siieh 'hills as wen In ee ..:irv
l,-;. lo the alisenee of M Woo. I
lt i.l'Al, Mr. Mil! and olhet
linn ''. lei oil i I I i. i .1 1 1 1
if ..... 1 1., .11 . . 1 1 .llll'1,
o eve r tine:'
in 'I' 1 is
I iii , nn
Mr I
.v.llO I dl .
Mi. i:
:.;m It
line I-
a . e
ol lln
. .lie
n La
I'M ol I'llll U
liolll llll'l
III' tl' '''.
" i. 1 1 1 1 lii. I'.
no 1 1.
. I
-i i .
el I
A hilMltieHM ineetine; ul the (.'oin
inercuil -liil wiih held Monday
nijdit. It wiih lejifitled that lh le
liuf in'ii owned hy the Clnh, w l ie'n
had heen put on r xhihition at tl.o
I'nir, had heen taken uwav hy Home
'cron, iiini that it wiih ti'd known
where it wan located. F. D
heeler lejiolled that he wiih ooiir.;
toll. i) I in r that niht, and would
look it i for (he t 'I o I if they de.
ill'id. He was aiionitel (o find
the map and have it returned lo the
A le-iiiliiti'ili wiih ji,ih.,i d thanklli;',
tile J (osehni o ( 'ominel einl Clnh fot
liie "n hi ul hy thein to rover then
sliate ol the Doii"lai r'.inilv ehihd
in the I'.olil lul l Mlliili'' l Ahlhit at
the fail.
1 he tl ll.-.teih le. oiled on inattiiii
.j nnpoi lain e t ( 'Inh
ii It i i ripoit wa.-i duly aelel iijoii.
()i I the matters I'lesi.-nLd was
the dtopi'lii;; ol ad im-inl l is fioni fniellei
the loll that have in t paid up tlnir
.1,,. 4 l.v ( let t.,1 ! 'hat d.
'1 lie seeietary was llislrm led to
wiil.- I'les. r I oiT( i of the Wd
Lunette Yullev I i veloaneiit I,ea;;ne
that Leroy Welch, C. 1. .loiie-s, 11.
() d'homtisoii. I' J Hard and 1'.
' . l . lie .. . I I : , . .
D. Villi eh r hid oeen at -put nted i " 1 i lie o, v-,. t us in i u i .e-
C'l'DiS which have initiated
lie piospi't ity ol Ihe eoppfir
industry this ear were the
i in .j in. on ' otisiimj'tiOM hy Ihe en
.driM'tnof and h tl ieal traden, both
lute and nhroad, hi'h .liees whh'h
aie lorhn;; toward the level of the
hooi.i pe,o., in ImC) and 1 1 1 , and
tin- h'lnil '. ; jt). -ni'piy ni the face
ol an iin I t - i 1 1 : ; j.l "diK'l.ion. I'rolitH
.J iiiinii.;; .'.'up me h have (,'roivi)'orl lonalei-. , 'id;;iiii; trom thfi
l.iie h.i h nd thd are la in;; jiaid
h t he ..Mei 1 1 1 j l ' - - and the initial
. 1 i 1 1 . 1 1 1 . i . i ; i,e.M-r ones which
'..-I'i oji'lie.l niiont the tllne tlie
mal,.'iinal" 1 ('.,ppet cotnp any was
ni;;'i!ili. III I s'.l'.t.
I )ll III", the i . SI i-af- i o,ji-
nniiiii'.' has In en most active a a
result ,, tl. nii-iii '! v I'folitahle
n i a i Ki t
tin I'ii
I.H., I. .
poU. d
I'i .
ton- :
I ''
I I.. i
i i 'n I j i
I l',ie
, it li
., i'.lol
,.' I I..
:, , III
1 1 1 1 on 1
,' li.alti
i e I a. i .
I. lie.:
a I
, I ,
nil. I I i.
aim - '
he a Jiteat 'aui.
h thi , st h: i i
j.Ktses aii-in;,r f.-r
Hie eoliVeVed lilt'
wheie thev ai e n
.111! i
li.' .-I I1.- Mil-
.Mi t a a
net 1 1 ie1 1 t h ii
it a, th"lo:l;d
it v. o I Si ceil
Tli .mi . ! ; 1 1 1 1 : i . i
m 1 1 I I t I ; 1 1 ill
tin' j ii una: y -.1 ,ei.
i a m ' . ai da i r-l a I
ed ii'ani in lie i e
I J I s I
. I c. I.t
In, it will I" -a
iie ita e i m
a. - i .1 In al I I
I- l.JJl-
.; ! he
I l.ll.
1,1 '.I ,.
f. pro. I
.vi'ii I'
i ie
i id In ls'.i'.i
I'I. ed JoSSi;'.)
'.e, ami i-x-
lo tiermany,
tin, irtMl
I . ' i ... i.t o the
tie. j'I'l 1 1 1 ' ' t ioli
Oi l I in: e'lj.oi Is
ilent to al.oiit .'Hi
.piaiitity mined.
Ill i'i it III" niit f nit
'i niil InssTO
.i'ii. a in I the
l mn Mil
Hi! .Mouth
e. m , a point
I he di i'i ere lice
the lallo Ol eiorts
I 'ei I a-- c.iln.iilf d
I t' t illt is
in ;in l e-ise of lo
, tin Aii.oiia mines,
i l ec 'i d. ai e jno
.oundn pet
vends pnid hy various companies
totaled 2S):Q,W.) ($10,2.')2,7l)3).
p. i
; I a
d.h'-ates L attend the mei tlli; .f ! s.i of t .vo ill
the League to he hehl at Mil -eiie, j "d, as use I in t !
ue ol
cliarj'es i.i
.1 le fui uaen
M .i.i.ii i '.iu
and M i.-hi .'.in from
' Out !-" i r,,.i','Ss;iir i- . . .i.i.i I .. . . 1 .
' " . .ej'i -.'in min 'i"in.
.11 hii!iiess. i.. i. l; l'hillins thi-ii nreselitcd
Al 1'. C! lellillied 1 1 mil
Mr (i llverett linker who pohe i.ollpln,i S:ittirdav ni-lil
I'. l hini'M was hadly hint at Do ,
rena on Monday in ill" sawmill
Just as i lat-.f wa-heiiiR haul d
into liie mill the chain broke, letting ,
the Ion hu k co th'd it broke the1
frame work at the e nd of tlm mill '
out, and in falling a tiuihei fnmi the
frame, stiuek Mr. Jones on the
shoulder breaking his shoulder
blade. There was alniut 2jo leet
of timber in the "a that broke the
chain sn that some ideii may be had
ol its lorce. Dr. Kime wan calhd
in attendance upon Mr. Jones.
H.iniaii"ii thohv lore' s w li'1 u for hiiine tiine, ivine. a I'eneral out-
slnmhi ai l in i in,' oiieclioii to tun ; ji,10 ,,f !,., euimt ruetiou and working '
evolution ol the urcit miiiiii); in-iof t,icir r, iiu.1 usked for i-t-,u-ti
ti.;..n;'.h i ii tel ' i ' ti t i ii vest i- ; fUI ,Ilat jun llM t , , j1L. ,.,,, ,uit of ore, cel'.h'elicd distunsiuil and t lUt ,.. hi Id I e de .ended llj'oll daily, (
unity ! action. the class ol" ore. the lluxerf. etc. It;
Mr. 'i'lioaiseii o-viivji oi tin Im
I it-rial Hotel, his heen inn
lor a few days ;.ist as a i niii'
house only, has lei'ted the hotel I
M.. An Iv (irah.un. who will link"
first Dividend on (ircat Nortlicrn
Mining Location.
W. K. (iillespic locates 'Mahle"
and ''Shantana" mining chiiuis,
IJoliomia district.
A. 1. Cnurchill locates "lion
Ilumnie Kichurd" ehiim, Hohemia
was reported that there would he nn ! st i ictly i .oo j)c i Jay house oat
dilliculty in getting h contract h,r ' "f il- It will be closed f ! a urn
M.iobiihly KM) tons per day. As to ! ,1" v:" '"its ;iltei atmiis ai.'l inij'tov
jiiolnitiiy too tons jter oay
The dm ct. is cf the Crctt North- ! the orcb, httlo UUs said. N hen the
ern Development Co., iterating the ; M"' i"11 t"'no uj as to whether
(Meat Noithetn mine, held a meet-j ho Club and mire owners would
iug at the ci'iniiany's office in this . l"t "1 Ihe money to build a smeller
city recently and declared the first ' or whether it should bo built nnd
dividend ( l a iu liter of a cent on J operated by nn outside euiiij.aiiy . j
tlm dollar ,llilj,'ty of the Club thotiohti
Alter the big lluutin-tuii inill!1'11 il was far better to lnue it
begins to ojieiate the gold will be ! owned by outside juuties, that the
ground nut at a much livelier rato j mine oiict and men in this section
and latger dividends w ill naturally would havu all the usf for then
follow. All those who hold stock i mouey ty .U'Vcloji their jiiopellie:
m nts alter which Mi . (liaham wall
ojieu it and conduct a goo 1 house.
1'ake Stew.ul bought .i ik a Mil
burn wa;oii through I'i per A: "n.n
Detibeig. this week- As In.-wanted
a wide track wagon, with Milhuiu
gear, and a Studebaker lu-d, the bed
had to he ordered special in Port
land, Mr. Stew ut licking out the
one In liked while up at the l air.
I he wagon came in Moudav nn ! u
: i . t i i .
v .- . .. . . . Ill W.IS l'lll LLILllll.1 ail'l .u
in the co.n.pauy are u.mous to hold ; m .or tno getting out o. ore, ami . Slou,irfs t,'am took jt olU hl hc lt.
to it, ami none regret having mves- ; then none of them having any ex-; , i4 (l . js
.1 1.. I HAI'l.illilH mil 1 bn li,l IV. I II IHV tilt. I limil 1
ted men money nun way. r.n- ru"-"l,: " iu.ui- (ir.,i ... . ..
I; '
-1 .1 I'.ic
1 I ciil In
hi''' ion 1 1
' I I'tl'l !..
' I ' pel i i n!,
W h ii II W i ! i f I , .
.,,, . -'ll t II II I HOI
; lllolil li, I li"'' l;
1 ""! Oil! I po'11,1-
S ll(l( I ((I'll to JOOilO.OOll Jinllll Is.
ivo-i tl'l-. . II show eAlallsioil
In cause o! the l-t raop I miry de1
:;l ind trom China, wiiii h h is bnught
:;i.HiO',) t . piiim ion, for use piiu
cipallv ui a nn v cent or 1"
cash piece. !mp"its ;i'.so will re
Ci.. an 'inn e.i-v, ei't-claii, fmlu
i M'Ali'ii, whofe A'ie ricaiis are deVel
jojiing i uge properties :it a jirotlt.
l' minis are t.- iruuig eliiir
mous piolits. and time is reason to
gru a ing and jince.s are likely t
continue high fur some time as a
result of th" scarcity of metal for
euly d"hvciy. In the eight mouths
endiu.; AiiK'nst ol. this vear, 1"
Aiueri-.ui copper companies 'aid!
dividends of IT.oS.iJiJT, making a
total since incorporation of s"JlS,- j
i'.i:;(To on an issued e iiitali.atioii ;
ol 5.;on loihPii) -;i el-editable re-'
cor.i. ' I
The Official Call. .
To the President of the United
States, the Chief Executives of
1'oroign N'atiotiB, Governors of
States and Territories, Boards of
Trade, Hoards of County Commis
sioners, Mayors of Cities and
Towns, Chambers of Commerce,
Mining Dureas and Exchanges,
Miners' Organizations, Scientific
Societies and Permanent Members
ol tho American Mining Congress:
to attend or fiend delegates to The
Eighth Annual Convention of the
American Mining Congress is given
to meet at El Paso, Texaa, No
vember 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18, 1905.
Tho best intelligence of the world
coupled with untiring perseverance
will be needed to accomplish the
aims of this organization, and lo
the end that these maybe convened
you are requested to appoint dele
gates to the Eighth Annual .Session
upon the basis of representation
.hereinafter set lortb:
The president may appoint six
delegates-at-large. The chief ex
ecutive of any country may appoint
fifteen delegates. Governors of
states and territories may appoint
fift ecu delegates each. Mayors of
cities and towns three delegates
each. Hoards of county commis
sioners, three delegates each.
Hoards of trade, three delegates
each Chambers of commerce,
three delegates each. Miners' or
ganizations, three delegates each.
Mining bureaus, three delegates
Will you kindly make these ap
pointments at an early daj and
send the name and postofHce ad
dress of each delegate appointed to
the secretary without delay in order
that special invitation and informa
tion may be sent them.
Very respectfully,
The Americas Mining Congress
J. II. Richards, President,
Jas. F. Cullbreath, Secretary,
Denrer, Colorado.
u;v i-tat tht-ir pi-ciuiiaiy srai us
1 li nnp.-.jve,l, as consumption is
gene Gttatd.
iigeiiiint id 11 snieltc." they could not
across the inonn-
(ioldtothe amount of -.!,;57;$, :ll
outic-s was liroduci'd in West
Aust 1 alia last war,
and the divi-1
Dr. Macy is enjoying the stay of
Messrs. Baker and Robinson having
known them for a long time.
Joe Baker and Al Hamloth shod
iS horses Sunday at the Red Bridge.
Thev are both pretty sore after
such a big day's work.
Frank Ellison on Mosby Creek
lost his little tbree-year.old girl last
week. A fire got started in the
grass in the yard where the child
was playing, her clothe9 caught
lire and while the flames were put
out before she was burned much,
she inhaled sufficient flames to kill
her. The accident is an exceed
ingly sorrowful one to everyone
that knew them.
ichool Opens
Sept. 18
We are prepared for the Hoys
in Suits, Odd I'ants, Shirts,
Waists and Caps, and the
best line of Shoes for all acs
;X ; V. 4 .4-4-4-':4-4' 44444 4444444444
if :
If! -ft
r 1 -ft
Hf I -ft
flf -ft
rjr -ft
rlf -ft
tffj -ft
rjr! -ft
rlf i-ft
tff ;-ft
f i "ft
tff l-ft
111 New Goods Arriving
We have made s. one exceptional tood buys in certain
lines of Dry Cunuis and will seil thein at the regular
profit, so lhat oit will get the benefit. A line of
Covert Cloth
.Sells regularly at lac per yard and by comparing it
with others you will sunn he convinced that it is
worth it, for lL' l-'Je jiet yard, in different patterns,
cry staple.
We are receiving a new line ol kid gloves, the best made in this country, tf
iff i iti all the leading stoics cany this line, Sl.L'o and $l.oO in all colors.
,'e take measure for tailor made suits for the ladies, come and investigate. (JL
Garman,Hemenway Co.,