Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, September 06, 1905, Image 5

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    When you arc in need of
Von will 1 i n I tlu- l.ncsl ,'iimI IksI
linr ever slimvn in CU;ioe (iiovc
;iL our store. Our line is complete
Ladies', Gcnfs, Hoy's, Misses' and Children
I ' to la t e I )ii i-i , 1 1 c i nicL I i
nio 1 Ik scllin.o iiuiib. ofan ai
tide. We ask you tu i.iKr .nlvaii
t.'ijjc ol the iii.iiiv o ij m I uui I k s ol
lerul al our sloiv.
Corner Main fr) Street
V A ') C.H'
t t -- . ?-?r
(Ico. Kouho tetumod to town on
(if I ire cieaia for your Sunday
dinner nt the creamery.
Prosecutor WilliainH of Jiugetio
came down on tlict train Monday.
Tho l!aittln millinery stock linn
Ihoii 1'iHii l (Hit :ind tho building
The water system is being d liycit
mpidly and by tho cud of the month
most of the work will he done.
The City Council met Monday
evening, but on account of it being
Labor Day adjotirncd to meet Tues
day evening.
linker Stew,tt 1j us returned from
the I',astciii Oregon cattle ruitgo,
ulnae he has lent pasturing his
stuck, Ho went on to his homo on
the ). .V S II. Itailrond thiH inorri
iii.,'. Mi. S. K. Ilrand is taking a 3
WeekH Vacation. He is going
take in the Fair, and from there
coin;; N'i'i tli to Seattle to visit. bis
siMn mid around through Wash
i 1 1 t m. testing up and getting ready
I'U heavy wmk on tho ruilroad.
Then: ate UKe u few forest fires
in the Coast mountains at present,
inipilcol the reports tothecon
tiaiy. The post 1. Dice at Walton
' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 tluee times last Thursday.
Many people who have chimin over
ncai the files aie getting rather
II II Ml Ills.
1 he 1 1 n j - Ciove Creamery is
in a position to furnish all the mer
chants hnttei and ke cieani, also
t-weet 1 -ream sullit ient to supply all
their demands. They will pay
highest tmuket price lor fir-it class
rieiim il -,1 cents per pound for
! 'iii 1 1 t I. it n il vei 1 d at the cr earner y-
1 h 1 ' iniiii i i'd Chili met Mon
ro iii 1 11 j;, and liaiisacted the
lei'lll.n lillHiness (r the liiontll.
Tin- ii-ceptinn coinmittee was asked
! me. t Mi C. Ivverett Pokei,
l'i. sj-leiit ol the J in J M e I Smelting
jii'l K t-1. o i nj.; Co. at the train m xt
''ii'l iv atlei'iioou and to entettaiii
him I'l.'il the (luh ineetiny that
. cni' v., at wliuh lime he will pre--'
i.t hi . 1 1. 111 l.i the construction of
a -m'ltn (.'I the l!"hemia Distiict
1 'hi 1 enlih I net a Miedl lire at
hi- l .ih.i thlce lnili S west of town
mi S-.i, l,i Mr. D. T Awl-iey
11 11 m 1 1 1 1 1 (he Oiegon File llehef
--'i. Hilton went out Tuesday 11101 11-
' I-1: l'i 1 1 1 esl I)' ali
'n l iii rale the
the lis iuoinred
neceswary paper
fur the s. tih mi lit of the iiiMiiranee.
Absolutely Puro
Miis Cllie Willard returned from
Winchester liny Hunday.
Tliornton'H iM tho place for good
cigars, for stationary, etc.
Tho I'orter and Stewart huildm;,'
in rapidly ncariny completion
Ceo. JIoIiIiiihu is tho up -to-duto
tailor. Look at his fall Hamiie;.
Coeliinu's phot. graphs are the
hcHt and clii ajiest of their kin I.
Old gold and ailver mo as ood
ttH cash at S( holl'H jewelry store
J. II. Chamhers went up t I'ort
land Sunday night on business.
Mr. Win. Van Uuieii of Kose
hnrg was in town Tuesday on hitsi
Watches ulel eloek cal'i lulls
timed ami repaired at Seh. ill's
jewelry Mtore.
Mrs. i;. A Cottle and daughter,
Idhel returned from Winchester Hav
Sunday night.
Huv tl icre, Old mull, waie aie ..u
goiu? Oh, to ScIkmTm to have my
wnteh repaired.
Mr. Stewart says that Henry John
son will probably remain in Kastern
Oiegon all winter.
The father of I'rof. Uriels emne
to Cottaije (irove Tuesday on a
visit to his son and lamilv.
Call on Cochran and let hini '
make a plintogruph for you. You I
will b Hutisfied, that is sure. !
""1 P
Ourrqoit"liyecir,b let Jjve
".1 ri ' -VTT. TV
: ' V : l ...
Vr ...
I ..' c
t -
1 111; ir i ri.Ni; ijcality
any tool is ,-ilwayrt n illsruhen
oiie. Iiiii of eipial importance In th
1 .1 a 1 11 1 n- this ipi.-iliry hu 11
reipiire too freoiieiit Hliaruen
ma k hu; your piireh.'iMett of
irilin.V 'ea tch 'o. you always
lo your moiiey'x worth In the
li.'-t .ii,ilii.-of tool and cutlery of
I -!.v teniK're(i steel tliat la sure
.0 W iT
in. I I 1
i 1 1 -
1 In
to In.!
a 11 e.l
XIic IIcl;c Jijjs;ic:i pci icct separation
ofXinc I.ciul ((res
r0H Mcl'Koc.
Dh.NYh.K . COI,
l iiAllP HTHlIr Moms of Interest in ami about
Cit.fl.AAicLaJiafi.JLfiJio.ajUL5iJUUi tiJiaa
C(tt:ire (iroc aiul vicinity.
J. I. Jones went to Fottland on
Miss llll'ie Stcwait left on a vaca
tion Monday.
liugene Steam Laundry, Allison
and Hastings agents.
i'or till kinds ol tobacco and
tiguiH call nt the Star Confectionery.
Mrs. Frank Jotdau lot t Monday
for a ttip to l'oitl in l to take in
the lair.
Ciiccn 1'itchet and wile, unit up
to l'orlland Sunday ni;;hl mi the
For .Sale. .'o. 1 bushel ' elic it set d
at John Hull's. miles South !
Cottage C.rove. H
Key (Slant Stemail is 111 l'o I
land lur a few days but w ill let urn
before tho end of.tho week.
Mr. Awbrey will leave Fiiday
night for l'oitlaud where he will
join his wife in a sight seeing trip.
Mr. DcLuer Ilemenway and
family have left for Portland and
s be 11 way until the hiHl of Octo
ber. J. O. Willets and wile ol l-ake
YicwToregon have been visiting at
the home of Mr. and Mis'. D 11.
Co to the Star Coiifoctioneiy for
unvthin.' in tho lino of Btaliouary,
for blank boukH und school Hiipplii s, I
i. O. Tlioruton, 1'iop.
Do not miHH the opportunity
olTered at tho l'aiulhi Timber Co.
Htore. Tho best goodH at greatly
reduced prims.
A-B Htumps for Animoniii lieii
ziue Soap, the best soap on the
market today. Anybody holding
cards entitling to one bar free
should call before Sept. 15. Don't
forget the date, MeteaU liruinl.
Mi . A. I!. Wood and wile have
I i t HI I'.cd ll HI New Vol k
l ot Sale Sci cud hand two seated at Wynne Ilaidwaie Co.
I'll 1 1 1 ' oce cculs per pound lol"
biiltci fat. n t CtlaiMi C.too
. n alnci
1 . S Ci o nd and Willi. 1 li und,
came in I10111 the mines Satuiday
cM iiPi.;. ulul .tie ; oiiif, to see the
1 .en is and 'lull Fail this week.
Xii'ipt -ailecl ibelv will leceie
latcineiits ol lli.ii' accounts shoitly
and (he publi dicrs Would be glad to
have those 1 are in aitears pav
up in ,ld alio
Miss Maunc llciitoii, who has
been visitin;.', hci friend Miss l-'i'iuc
I laid at P.oheiniii this suinnuM eiiine
down l"iidii nioiniiig and took the
noon train to Portland, whcio her
home is
Miss Fiaiic Haul, d.uightei of b'.
. Hard and herchum Miss Henton
"both want down to Poilland on h'ri
.la.v. Miss Haul is preparing to go
p;;,'st .'i a eais Post (iiuduato
coin sc in 1 Pstol Sidiool.
C. 11 Kuikholdear and family
have idui ncd from Winchester Pay
alli a stay of seveial weeks. They
ejoitl.v i njocd their visit there and
Mr. P.url; holder looks much
strengthen! d b his rest.
Judee Paxtoii. ol Poilland ol the
111 in of Peach, Simmons "and Pax ton
nunc to Collage Oiovc on the Fii
day alUiuooii nam. with two Fast
en! men C. K. V'l tnmg, mid C. K.
Winslow. Tin y all went up on the
gasoline .- pecdci of the O - S lv to
imik ovci the Oiegon Seeuiities
propel lv. Thejudge is the attorney
for the company, as well as a stock
holder The ether gentlemen aie
only nominally interested in the
Company. Olio of them is u mine
1 1 1 1- pin. ijpal I'ciee; I lie destine
lion i.l Hie 1 oof over the kitchen.
Mo e.iich thankful to have had
the insurance.
The Southern Pacific train Sat
uiday afternoon from Portland was
time hours late. There were 1H
eoachei on the train and '2 engines
when tho train left Portland. It is
-tated that tho train was so crowd
ed, standing room even beiug1 tilled,
that people were left at Oregon
City alone, many others beiug left
at the other stations along the road.
The trains are more than usually
loadol at present by the hop pick
ers e.oing to t He fields- The South
ern Pacific cei tainly can t complain
about not having enough traflie,
and about not making money.
Mis Pueklin aud Mrs. O. W.
Abiams of Western New York have
been visiting at tho home of W. H.
Alriims. Y. H. Abrauis, family
and y nests spent a few days outing
up near the warehouse, aud had a
very line time. Mr. Abrama and
his son were out fishing one morn
ing when they came upon an old
beai with two cubs. After looking
at them for about a minute, which
j was plenty long enough, the bear
trotted oil back into the woods.
! Mr. Abrauis says of course he had
to leave his gun at home, or he
I would not have seen them.
A u union in honor of Mr. Marion
I JelTiies and wile ol Topeka, Kansas.
who aie guests of Mrs. Fjtza Mc
Kibheu ami Jasper nnd Hony Pat
ten, was held on the Kow River
Sunday the ,vl instant. A large
company assembled aud a good
tune was had. It was a good sized
family party, as may be seeu by the
list of those present. Perry, Ilottie
May, Cleve, Otho, Olive and (Hen
Yiin Schoiack; Mr. and Mrs. Me
Kibbeu, Helen, Jonathan, F)li.a,
Joe, Fouis and Melviu McKibben;
Mr. Hockett; I light and Mrs. Yan
cey, Nettie, Annie, Minnie, Millie
and ISva Yancey ; Jesse, Louisa and
Mildred McKibben; Jim, EiTie,
Dortha, Martha, Clifford, Ruth
llatlie I.ebow; Perkins, Thena aud
Frankie M'iller; Ceorge, Jennie,
Joyce, Italph, Myrtle, Marion
Charlie, Cora, Mollie, Henetta and
John Teoteis; Wiley Hubbard;
Ctorge, andNettie, Miller, Tom and
Anna Fee; Mrs. M. li. Adams; Mrs.
Sarah Dunkm; Mrs. Stella Adams;
Mrs. P. F. Adams; Jasper l'utton;
C.ussie, Willie, Honn, Flora, James,
Homer, Arthur, Thomas, Samuel,
Raymond, and Nellio l'nttou; Iva
bdlison; R. D. Wilson; Hell Jeffries;
Minion Jeffries; F. A. McKibben;
Sarah McKibben, Ilael and Henry
M . C. Cochran is havinL' a eood
Have you called on
1. I . ... r 1 . .
11,. I,,,. ,l,,l imt ,l. mi. el. .bomoi.. l'"vot:ri.pIi mianaieu s
. . 1 .1... .1 1 old Stand
Rev. F. li. Pillineton will p.each
at the Christian Church Sunday
evening. A large attendance Is de
sired. The Hiawatha Cold Mining Co.
has installed a new car, rails, etc.,
preparatory to continuing work in
their deep tunnel.
i I e
. to
' "is
! e.r
Ilugene Notes.
The ivsidenre of Mrs. Dixou was
1 ntirely destroyed Friday night.
J he w ater was very short and
almost no headway could be made
against the tlames. The total loss
is about $i 200.
Twenty-t w o marriage licenses
is-tied in I.aue county last month.
1 lie Guard is giviug reports of
the lailiuesof various elecUic light
ing in that report a trull fui act ouut and water plants under munici-
aluc in' laliicatuui In Cliina
I.' t ll.'at loll 111 I. 1 1 1 1 1 1 I-
111:1 h H u h li 1 1 !s 1 i
com)ete for the h m. t , i
mandarin, us fioin that 01
the higli'-i-t civil o;'c-i is a
such as ii-cios or oveo.
eighteen pi oyi.le. t s. 1'h
havti alniost unlinit' i p
eveiy thrtc jt.a tl.ev
upuu to make an exact
the affairs of their province inehid-
a : 1
1 I-a
1. 1 ai.'Se
. la 1-. n.
,rs o! He's..-
mil, i.'.lt
1. :c . J
Wili; im M. i
tllO .Ml- sOlll I So
issue' I ! let t. 1
Misse . I riiis and
The Dorena mills are making
s.mie extensive improvements and
Mr. Cnambers hopes to soon do a
much larger business.
F. li. Hillin'gton has returned to i ViHV' ar
r c , .. .11 ins otle
iowii ior iew uays. it may ne
possible that he will fill the pulpit
of the Christian Church next Sun
Jay. Mrs.-F. H. Phillips went to Sag
inaw on Monday to attend the State
Convention ot the W. C. T. V.
which is holding a three days ses
sion at that point.
Prof. A. L. Priggs and family
have returned from Walla Walla
where the Prof, has been receiving
medical treatment. Thev all took
in the l'air aud report having greatly
enjoyed it.
Mr. J. If. Partels has moved the
woodeu building formerly used by
him as a meat market to the rear of
his lot and will at once commence
work on a brick building on the
front part of the lot, w hich he hopes
to complete in about ISO days.
Mr. F. S. Haroun of Jiugene and
Mrs. Mattie Lane who were brought
up from Grants Pass by Deputies
Atkins and Hob Veatch, on a char ge
of adultery, preferred by Jim I.aue
of this town, were taken before
Justice Vaughn at noon 011 Tues
day, and discharged lor l.iok of
The Southern Pacific is giving
out a vervneat little book, relating
by means of words and pictures the
resources and beauty of Oregon
Washington and Idaho, for the pur
pose of interesting many new
settlers and investors. Hook can
be obtained at the depot on applica
tion. Get sonio copies and send
them to vour eastern friends.
A man at San -Diego Sunday even
ing rose during a church service
and said,. "Only faith is necessary,
If I have faith I can drink tho con
tents of this bottle of (viibolic acid
and it will not hurt me. "After saying
this he drank tho contents of the
bottlj and in a minute or so sank
to the tloor, dying very quickly.
Kvidontly faith was not all that was
necessary iu this case,
ot ineir own iauits. ji iu-, i .anil
ted, a committee of imc-liatioii at
at once locks into it and the vieeio.v
if found guilty of tiding auvtlniig
ho should have eunfescd. Miffer.-
le.'i'udation, and sometimes death.
nee is a grave oiie Cen
sors, also, til anytime and aiw.os
unantioiim'ed. airivc and amuie
tho alTairs of each looncc. If, un
der this examination, au tiling is
unearthed, contrary to tin approved
staie.l:1 I'd , the ulTelidcl' 1 -i at ano
punished. Thel'et'oi e, as on si e,
a iToo-l education aicoiaiiii to
Chine e ideas, is the open dour to
the highest official places in the
laijd. Nothing more is
Antoinette M Pe cht i
I I .a
pai ownersmp. u nue tuere may
be such instances, Cottage Grove is
not one ol them. that suffers from
Icr arrangement for municinal
ownership of its water plant.
liugene wants a paid fire depart
ment and electric alarm system.
They need it that is sure.
in Sum
to imd.
at th I
oil the
u I i it-li i
eriioi 1
eip; I,--11
lid v, I
nioit t I
sum i h
is expi
to III;- ..
seen a'
i ager ;
govel !i r i
Fo1 k IS , ill I
alivad.v : ir
111 I'll
i-u is an l
Nth .1
p. I e l
All! he t'
make a -pi
"Jo i in ii
' m .
, i. I
; a
i'hs t
i ':
1 . -In. h ! . i
Ore-.,:,, has
all li ! li u 1
I .Sls ... Ml-
:l -.!. i 11 ;,S ill
be I. SCSI
!i p slM.'ll
S, .leeil'el
ii.,. lo-
. iil he pri s
I a : . co t n id.
. . ch I hci c ale
miliVi s ..f M is
UP.; in liciU a I. H 1 1 -. au I 1 1
f( d t'aal M ismuii I i lay w ill
.- of lie I.l! gesl . I . d -i V el
he h'a ll , .is e v i i . . I seems
meet the t,ilir!ls
V of Miss. nil i (i ili l nor
in li 1 1
lilectritity in Logiag Operations
The use of electricity for logging
purposes is bein serioulsy consid
t ted by .some prominent loggers on
this Coast. Already electric loco
motives are in practical and succes-
f o 1 operations in mines where steep
1 .'!a des prohibit the use of any type
. f a geared locomotive. In the
h . die locomotive system u third
tail iu the center of the track and a
i: .k pinion movement are util
i d. li i can bo demonstrated
that electric locomotives can sue
i e-sfnlly he used on very steep
i;iades there at once becomes a de
mand tor their use iu many local
ities. The first cost ot the installa
tion of a stream plant of sufficient
capacity to generate electric power
for an ordinary logging road is not
t , cssive, as fuel is abundant and
cheap. In many instances water
power could bo successfully utilized.
) ve
al li;
II re,
A Sensible Move.
Have Tom Awbrey write you up
a policy mi oiir home and furni
tuie iu the Oiegon Fire ltolief As
sociation, or your stock of goods in
the .F.tna Insurance Company.
ll.oi aiiau Ihiinl at IV: 'll aiil.
Th Uo.v.d
came to the
position dir..
Ilac.1,1 a'l
I e.v is a, .1
t fl mil lb
a two v eeks eii;.;a cieil.
such a popular hit t hat
eii:;.u:cl lor two wo 1 . 1
hand to niciah le 1
thousands ol pi op'c cm .nd::
the big band stand il i vci
mice. The musicians i ot
: I i.i
Ol c.
be ii
po lllar,
ai i. und
l" i lol in-
H 1 i S ill. IV
but tlu y sing, and sonic of their
native Kanaka ballads are delight
fully sentimental A Hawaiian gitl
is the sol. islet t.e . ig niiatieu.
Her songs lieu i lad to please. The
band plays several times a day.
S4.8'j to Portland and Return.
IL ginning with Sept. 1st the
; iitm in Pacific will sell round trip
i ch. ts Cottage Gio to Portlaud
a in I i c tm ii lor 5 b,s5 gd f r 30
davs. This arrangement is made
:u older to give alia chance to
v Portland aud the lair, and to
stimulate the attendance upon the
lixpi'i ition. While the trains are
now loaded heavily arrangements
have been made so that much
I :t gei travel can be accomodated.
I . P. and F.dith M. Phillips to J.
I i 'in s; J int in lot 1 aud west 10
feel of lot 2, blk 2, Shields' ad tQ
Cottage (irove, .$3500,