Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, August 23, 1905, Image 1

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tf? a.
fiVfl I 1 ' ' ' 5 f 5 A ' fi '
Devoted to the Mining, Lumbering and Funning Interests of thi Community.
NO. 31
Laryu Lcihp? of Iron Ore Unearthed
Oilier Strikes Made.
In a new pi ( v j ,,-c t started by the
Ctyslal Co. i. ! j i ti t u j. its picseut
winkings it ha . si 1 in k ;i vein in In
J IVct wide f inn1, :'.( pit -nt
Charley Mitch. !l has made a j'.kmI
" M 1 ike a I it nit yi U 1 1 in on the tunnel
in tliu t'n;iimM propcitv. N. !.
'iiniiuiiiei lit oti'.', lit some mi li s
of thr Hie in a few days :y and it
looks eeeeiliii'.dy ( 1 1 . I his pro-
The- niij', people at I'.ohe nibi I
enjoyed a picnic at. tlm lake Sun-'
.lay. j
Mi. I'". J. Hard returned to town'
Tuesday niter several weeks in the j
liohe mia camp. j
A d.iiiei" nt the Hosiery of
K no hs 11 1 1 1 1 deity, lloheiiiia wan
hii); ly attended and much enjoyed j
Sutiiidny ceiling. 1
Secretary of Commercial Club Visit
District -His Opinion.
Ii k N'h.le w ih : visitor in amp
last week. Mi . White is one of the
oldest mining men 111 the district.
1 1 i m head.piatUTs ate at Mini.rul.
petty in .. 11. I he .Mi
(.'apt Met iniaii.
b I. I lit 1
the tune of then live"
1 .1. p
Wo I I.
On the Noi 111 hail v u a
tlin Company has a man
I! a new tunnel that 1 . latiid sin
ptising 1 1 ) 1 -1 11 . This man h.i" struck
II vein nl ' lisiutcgialcl rn:l that is
,-D Holt that he has her 1 al l' t
I'Jiikc 50 let t in about Irtn weeks,
doing all thewnik hiiiHcl;. and Hi"
be-t , nit ol it is the l e i. th..t lh
ere inns vciv hih in 1 1 1 1 . It 1 .111
almost he p.iuuc.l out, the ore in h.i
soft. When you hu nk u the ic
III yui hand Mm can see tlm lite
cold in it. What ii"W v indeis has
the district m Htore now'
Mr. and Mis Stewart, retmned
f 1 oti) 11 lo I'l.ilicinia .- t er I ay.
I'lielix and Jon Lender; have
(oinineined A"ik w Hicir "Netni"
Col. P.l.i ir i-. i:i I
t'Tivlin wnl; 011
KT'iup of chums.
Kev. W. II. M il hie jetiimcd
from Uuhei'iii 011 his way t l'os
ton Siiturduv.
! Kmjok ft ih not my iu
teiition to writei n story of JJohcmin,
nut alter hpeiKliriL' u lew days id
1 the in i n cs of th J'ohcmia District
I ilisiic tit iitiNciit. In I lie rilipliH nt
Key. (Want Stewart and wile l" (lir twll tl.rou'Kl, the columiiH of
11 uom a ii.j, 10 i.oneni.a, . V!llinUl . ,,-iper, 11 brief dis-
wue.e mey m .ppcu ai mic i.ome 01 , ,..:,:.,.. ,.1..., r ...... in ....v (i.
'i-i ..... 1 j
in.y icp.n .,K illlil)(s j n.i.-htKnv here that the
!e;ienNr portion of my time was
: spent in looking over tho propcrtieH
I of I'. J. Kurd, roiise(jucntl7 I did
; nut h ive mi opportunity to vinit the
! entire distl ict.
1 Inirii'g niy brief ntay. however I
visited many mines and inuht nay I
iiiin delighted with the district and
am sincere in tho htuttment that the
i'lioiupM in m tinned camp hiiH u gr at future ahead of it
us a producer of mineral wealth.
I vinited the following mineB:
isuvius, North Fuirview, Crystal,
Cold-11 Slipper, iJivernide, Oreyon
( .'(dorado, and a portion of
the Oregon SocuriticH Company.
I wiiH royally entertained dur-
mg my visit ly (ej. Knowles,
l. M.
1 : . . 1 r I
In 111
c 1 e-1 1 1 1
mill )
lav 01 nl.!
P.ik'T tatlicj (, IHMeluc
Ian !i stoic, h it I'.ii his
In 1 .111 Suiid.iv alter an
I vi i 1 lie visited tin
I' le;;vin' and was very
iiiipo sc. with what he
Mi. I! i)
jlmlll I 1 1 1 -1 1 1 : 1 Mlcre lie has heel
jiieiking ".nee ii.l.liti' itis to the e-:'U-!tiH
cl'itn, . :i ti t , inst.dlin;;
j lights 1 n 1 In- mill.-, etc. 1 1 is ae
! cm nt cf the 1 1 ip : . 1 . a is 1 hew here
! Ml this 1 ,MIC.
Kev. Mdviii Wir
his bioth" r W''sh v
1 ol I I : m 11
f I'.l!" lie
nt the
' . 1
"llli;( u nil.rc.n Al.v T
lll.'ls irivsi d tlil.iui'll l.-.n.-llifl l ist ; v;,,, .,.;, i,. ,.,.,, ,1,,,
' ' I " 1 l.L- miLIH ill I li-l W I .JM V
g. n Security Co. and F. J. Hard,
lied I uisli In mi li.tlit lirr tliul thr-
and took a pack out nt- .low n lloise i t,,nf rs of the lloheiiiia I)iftrirt from
J 1 i:ivin uiik to II.
1 1 -1 1 1 1 . l Mip T in-
i'.i M ui-l , Cu swell,
a i .'k, leaving tin ir
.. nd ol the ( u iron , .1 1 1 ,... lit. ..-.!. !, ,,r,r,.
nvd th.-v will hunt and IIi;uiaKtlH uro LoKpitablo and
ceuittuuhtu those who visit the
camp ure more than pleased to
have um visit tho mincH. ICverv
I. W Wel
Mi. an.
Mis. P. ( J'.i.uiy ol
if. ..i il...
II' 1 ..II .IIIU .Ills. U III. I
MeKsiH. Col. ui, llownrd
Thompson came down from
fiiihi Satutd iv, hut did tiot report
any Kiiine bein killed.
lh.ilv. l Chi. .um. Ill weie in town 1111111 iivin;: in Cofao Grove should
lot a tine Tin-day. Mr. Win. 1 l'uU: il 11 Poillt lo visit this camp
Piadv is the ehii-l Anaevtieal ,mJ ,,ini fr)Jn perbonal observation
Chemist of the Illinois Steel - Iron ' Hie actual condition of the camp
Co and is much inU iistid in the i l"at he lun.v ,,(' Mo to talk intelli
P.ohni.i.i oies on exhibit. He is . tt nll3 t,f il- If "you do this you
vteatly ph asid with tliis section 0f ! will find that the good qualities of
cvunJ.1 v. l',iroP nro 5,0 numerous that you
! will not taku note of its poorer ores
Jidin W. I "nek and I. Oldham ol , and will i;ot Luvo any discouraging
Kaltiinoie, sto( kho ldi i s of the .'reports to make on your return.
. . I , t'l. 1 y t 1 11 .....1-. . ..A -it ' ll '
in P.oheniia for about two wocks I 'si u "lisonu.iie.i o.. wno nave. nmmiiumraiiiiMiM m mis
kdt for Portion.! Monday where he i ln M1 "I' l" Iidiemia lookinj; over camp, I vinled it out of curiosity to
will Mop for about a week arriving ! tll;lt l'"'l'-ty returned Saturday know what was there and after do
at hi home in lioston about tho!""-. They are greatly pleased in - so, 1 eonbider it ray duty to
-r((l with the camp, and think the camp speak the truth aud present to those
i has a wonderful future before it. who are-interested, tin actual cou-
llcrbeit Leigh manager ol j l"ljt.-v w;irt tn si- tliiniH mt- mticli ' litin of tlio otuxip an it nppearetl to
North Fuirview Company is pitching ,u,,idlv in the district for thev "ie. I am not a metallurgist, but I
think with tho people hero that have visitid and lived in many mfn-
therearc great tunes l elore us. ing camps, and consider that 1 am
Uev. W. H. Matble who has bun
l.iiftent on the saddle at the Vesu
vius to use a-, a warehouse for sui-
plies to be used in pushing work on j Thi timber ol the district was a familiar enough with mining to
that property.
(ieo. Atkinson has leturucd from
the Huhemia district and says that
he was greatly pk-ined. tint he saw
much more work being done than
he expected nud he believes the
camp will soon be a heavy producer.
great .surprise to them also, and kuow a good thin" when I seo
they hope to see more of the mines and to detect the discouraging
later on. They are much pleased points of u camp,
with the management of the prop- While we all know that somo are
erlv in which they are interested and doomed to disappointment iu every
hope soon to see it become a pro- camp, I am convinced that taking
ducer, and dividend paver. the district as ft wholo it is no long-
OS i
Showing the
styles i n
shoes for men, women,
ooid children,
We want you to inspect
the mens stits. They
er a 'tii:hli'jn an to wlial ih' if: is in
tho mines of liohemia. Tbo w-altli
is there and it has simply icsohid
itself into a proposition ol how he t to
g' l it out and treat the ores. Thin
can ho w,lwil only by br to-j meth
ods of tram poi tation and the erec
tion of a hiiitacle nucper at a con
venient point for tin
ores, n is oven nt mat there is
enough ore in sitht to warrant furh
an investu'cnt. Ari im-peetion
of the earnjj for n jc.riod of two
Wi cks by the lender' A l'-',---r foot
and an expert minfng i.i:i:i'ei
would result in tho same, cm.;:! .-isn.
in (ijtering the district over una!
is known as the Harlscrabb!o ri nd,
1 foiunt it iieccessMry to travel by
stnge after haing the terminus of
tin, 0. A; S. ;. II. K . a ,VMnuv: of
17 miles, 'l miles of which is over a
comparatively level road, the re
maining 5 milis leads up the moun
tain hide over a good mountain road
of about I'l per cent grade.
As I rounde l the last hen 1 ii tho
road, I found i was at the Vesuvius
mine, mi i!' l minii g crimp em
ploying about .'!." m n 1 1 f re; nt.
this mine, the first thii g to iittro. t
the attention ol the visitor is the
roar of the machinery, occa.-ioned
by the crusher and constant drop
ping of the ten stamps of 1".
J. Hird. A further im pcrtion of
cam) reveals the f,v't the mine
is a producer, we find tho ti.r.el ' f
the lower level of the 's'ivr.;- L-is
followed the h do'0 into tl." moun
tains for a distance of ,ld Let.
The second level is ""') f.-.-el :S.
the first on the name lead. In liuse
levels g'jod milling ore h die, are
encounteied, and miners are busily
engaged m tlio sto;s and ore s'ji.ots
king out the ore and dura pin
It was an interesting experience to
anyone, especially to one who
never visited a stamp mill.
The Vesuvius camp is a busy
tamp. We found twenty to twenty-five
men actively employed in
tlio mine and at the mill, each do
ling his work assigned under the
tieafmer.t of i w 1 1 at Rev. VV. H. Marble Predicts for personal direction of Mr. Hard,
the District.
Cottage flrov, On;. Aug.
Through the courtesy
Frank J. Kurd it h ,s been ruv
fortune to visit tin
I'istrict. Oregon, and ep'-dally
of Mr.
Poheir ia Mining
properties owiiid and managed by
M:. Hard, iiam'ly tho Vesuvius,
(Jregon-O'lorado and Riverside
We reached t' ' ramp Monday
Aug. 7th. On f"n ... iv-fil at Cottage
( trove we were met at the station by
Mr I. J. Hud afo-1 -;ig and
inteie ling journey acro.-.s the con
tinent Th" journey to the Vesu
vius mine was made by train over
th-; Oregon & South Eastern R. R.
o Wihlwood, and thence by stage
to tie l:o::ieof our friends r. and
Mrs. Hard. There are pleasant all alotig the journey. The
vet U'.ry is truly charming as we wind
about th? mountains over the
county read to Eairvicw mountain
where the A'enivius property is
!., i:td.
Tuesday we visited the Vesuvius
i'miic, went through the under
go, sod workings and over the ten
f tan.o mill Wednts iay we went to
th" Or gon Colorado mino and
Th". ; -day vi ited the Kiverside pro
1" rty.
We have bveii woiuicrfully irn
;ii;::.scd with what we have seen at
a cimpmgn in genuine niineinaKing.
it into the bin where
is conveyed a distance
-uuu led oy riii an ot an a. i ru ouetet r ( ii. ; o;.,rr i,n: i,..n ,rrt-.
tram to the mill where it ii mi'.k-d ; ,;;.rtl.,c.i i... i,:H ti,;,-
and the precious yello'v ri' tal ex-; vronderful district
traeted from the rock, other metals Tue Vesuvius is truly a great
going into the concentrates and property. In company with
stored to await the coming of the Mr IIard WP liave visited
smelter and I might say that here!everv rart Gf the noo acres
nt this mill I had a l.a'I lon-J-Min j r ti,;s, pro-"rty ie.t-.-rsect"!.1
in my hands thut weighed nroLaby ,..;.), ' fnimrl ih mttf
or .1 pounds. This i.Tonortv .u,. ,.;i.t o.i
, i ii a Kiij uum nielli uuu i
improvements, iii tho ; ,jiacijiHcry and whistl- calling the
hoarding houses, ; ir, .nru r(,m!,iwi c
: 1 n:i ' r r nrr n nrc in t ip
wnose masterly control of all the
details of this work keeps things
moving successfuly on.
It is no small task to open up
and develop a mine and bring it to
a dividend paying basis, this great
achievement is being accomplished
as last as the conditions will war
rant, by the management of the
Vesuvius mine. We predict a
great future for this mine.
We passed over the new wagon
road to the Oregon-Coloiado mines,
four miles to the southeast over as
good a road as we saw in the dis
trict. We visited tho upper work
ings of this property, also the long
tunnel on the Confidence claim,
and found ore on the dump and in
the tunnels in great abundance,
thousands of f et of tunnel work has
been done on this property and
there is n sufficient quantity of ore
mined and in evidence in the mine
to warrant the establishment of a
big plant at this excellent property.
We took several fine specimens
of ore from the tun
nel aud could get it in fifty or more
places in the tunnel. Nearly all
the work done has been in the ore
and ere long another dividend pay
er will be added to the list of suc
cessful mines.
Oil ride to the Riverside horse
hack, following the mountain trail
was full of thrilling experiences
and surprise s. When one consid-
has rood
vrav of
saw mill, etc., ail ol wiucii
lighted with electricity.
In this mine a vein of ore is e x
poscd for a distance of 700 feet that
will average 1 feet wide, 3"i0 feet
deep which would bo fso.OOt) cuhic
feet or 70,000 tons. A tunnel IKK)
feet lower and closer to the mill
peuetaites this same property a dis
u ' each of these properties, this is truly ers that all the supplies for these
miners, and equipment for the
mines has to be packed over on
horses and carried over these moun
tains we wonder at the progress
made. The mine is situated on the
opposite side of the mountain from
the Oregon-Colorado, near a fine
stream ot water, with beautiful falls
which will supphy povfT for the
working of the mine.
We went into the 1200 foot tun
nel, 800 feet of which has been in
good pay ore giving a depth of 800
feet. Ve found in this Riverside
mine as fine a body of ore as one
could wish; the ore giving its var
ious colors was a pleasing sight.
It is not a question of ores in
these mines.
It seems that these properties
have every asset to successful min
ing. They have good pay ore in
abundance, in true fissure veins,
I plenty of timber to furnish the
busj- r.ianulactunng plants
least. This mine is being thoroughly
developed, improvements are con
tinnallv going on and the mine is
bigger each
more valuable.
We saw the 01 e of which there
seems to be nn inexhaustable sup
nlv stored into the cars from the
tauce of about 7."0 feet, the breast upraises ju e upper tunnel, which
of which is iu ticlid nulling ore. ;,, ti,P mnmitnni snmp um feet.
inis win ne louu ieet in length ami condcuted to the tram aud thence mines with lagging, and water
900 feet in depth to the abovo hg-: to the mill in buckets and watched easily available for power, and
ur3; . : the process of reduction through the weather such as to allow continuous
e will now pass on to the prop-1 ,uili crushing the ore, passing! work, and a management intelli-
- through, the stamps, over the amal-
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Clean Up
1 Ovir spring ea-d summesr good
I a t actual wholesale price
Remnants and Odds and Ends in
Dry Goods, Mens and Boys
Hats, Mens and Boys
Olo thing, Ladies Fur
nishings, Men,s Finish
ing Goods, Etc., Etc.
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