Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, August 02, 1905, Image 4

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NIKK1LT 1'flUJStllMl
Mnkc nil check .nyMo to Nviiajr-t l'nl. '..
Entered lit th Hi Cottinr titvvo
Orciron wpoiul clans mall mutter.
srr.scuirnoN katks.
month ? !.H!
1 year
IS months
If paid in advance.
Clubbinjj Rates.
Tin iiiihiMiil:v N'nciivt ono
villi nnv ono of tho following pub
lications ono year for amount sot
l'nclflc Monthly -1
Weekly Orcgoiiian I Portland) -..'0
Weekly .lottrnal ( Portland) ?-'.00
rillS PAl'KR lukojit on tilot K. t PrkP
Ailvertlning Aireney. t4 ml tV Merohmits K
Chuntre, Shu Kmtioioo. l'li(orni. whoro ecu
rct for mlvertitti on l tor it.
Wkdnksday, Avgvst 2, 1905
1 1 't,
London Items.
Harvcstinj: is inoiv-.Mn ; r.tpullv ,
dining this ideal harvest weather.
The farmers of the vicinity report a;
fair yield ot all their crops.
IV.clo Nat M.ivtin visited .at tie
Springs Weunosday. lie w.' accoui- !
pnnied by three of his sons and thoit 1
Mr. Hart is speuiHnj; a few daysj
nt the Splines viitin ; his wile and j
daughters. i
Mr and Mrs. It. C Neal and their;
daughter Miss Una. returned Mon-
day niht from rorlland nfter hav-:
ing spent a week thue Mxit:' the :
l'air. They icpoit a very pleasant !
Dr. and Mrs. Ira H.iuk and child-I
ren former ly of Carmen, Oklahoma. 1
but now of r.ugeue are vetting at ;
Loudon. 1
Mr.'C. II. Tones of Cottage Orove 1
who lias been at tho Smings for two
weeks expects to return to his homo
arsdav. However he is so t.ivot -
tibly impressed with the merits 01 1
tin- water tint he will bo i
back as soon as possible.
The entornrisin-' far mors have
finished their telephone lino to j
Cottage drove, and hope soon to j
connect with tho switeh hoard tliotc. :
Mrs. J. A. Powell and children
went to Eugene Sunday for a wot ks
visit with relatives.
The bottling works arc kept busy ;
supplying the wants ot the nutty;
people. Many imptovoments are :
being made about the Hotel-two to
four men being kept busy all tho
Hotel arrivals for this week arc;
Mr. ami .Mrs. J. k. v. 00 icy, .r. v that 1 hU art inn proves t h.
Cox. Mr. and Mrs. O. K. Pitcliar, pn cess of indigestion in an 1
Vou will find
I Iimv that other dealers do not handle, am
suit wo want your trade mi
It- :
? ' ' .'. ,
t 'V. i i..
The mill project is still unsettled
although it looks very hpeful. We
understand some little matters have
to be settled before anything else
is done. We would not be very
much surprised to see things moving
pretty lively here though pretty
The Cottage Gove Commercial
Club has a reputation for energy
and progressiveness. Inquiries have
beeu directed to the editor asking
for information about the Club, sav
ing that they thought their towns
might be benefited if they had such
a Club. We have sent them all the
information and news we cau, and
we should feel proud that our Com
mercial Club can gain such a repu
tation. Cottage Giove needs a machine
shop and needs it bad. There is
hardly a day that goes by without
some piece of machinery having to
be made sent out of town for repnir.
Could not some of our enterprising
blacksmiths start a small one on the
side, and be in shape to do custom
work. The printers shop itself has
been badly laid up for this reason,
baring to send clear to Tortland,
and wait for a week even then for a
piece ot simple lathe work.
The City Fathers are having a
very hard time to settle the water
question and to decide what is best
for the city and the people, in the
matter, and they are giving lots of
their time, and thought to it, and
will do their best for us . We don't
realize what they have to contend
with, the many questions that come
before them the rest of us do not
know about. They are doing the
best they can, they are getting the
best of assistance, and if they don't
mate a grand success of this work,
they won't be the folks to be blamed.
Infant Incubators Reunion
At the Waldorf-Astoria in New
York recently was assembled one of
the strangest collections of people
ever known. They were incubator
babies, young lives saved from the
brink of eternity by science andskil.
They were from Buffalo, St. Louis,
Chicago and other cities where the
human incubator has been in evi
dence. The ages of the partkipan's
ranged from three years down.
Their mothers were proud of them Blain, Albany, Miss Edna Kerr,
.11 1 1-11 . -
ana tnanicrui ior an an una ana
merciful Providence that had per
mitted them to cling to the slender
thread of life that may be broken
any hour. They were thankful too
that science had given the world the
Infant Incubator, which has en bled
thousands to live that death would
have climbed other-wise. The In
fant Incubators at the Lewis and
Clark Centennial Exposition and
Oriental Fair are exact reproduc
tions of those used in Berlin. The
tiny inhabitants of these crystal
castles are prematurely born infants
sent into the world "scarce half
made up" as Avon's gifted bard so
truly said. Everybody should seo
the Incubators and watch the in
fants grow. Each day the little
cherub is weighed and every condi
tion noted. Trained nurses and
skilled doctors attend the offspring.
It is a rare educator and a dissem
inator of useful knowledge. It is
intensely euteresting, and it bus a
fascination that is marvelous. It is
worth a journey of a thousand miles
to see. It is the premier attraction
of the Exposition.
Important Result of Test Willi l.loelrodes
on a l.o iitj; Stomach.
Sui I'ranoi-vo. Auuu.-it I . -1 11 a 11 o
poriniimt eoii.lih ti'il lv lr. Albert .1
V t kin. 1 if t Mo '.1 lifi nil i.i M in heal ( 1
I. ::!. nri III.' 1 1 v ill:,' st i 'lll.'U'il "f a
h'-altMy r.Kiii, it has Imimi d -iiion-st
r.i to 1 1 1 i.t t t lie 1 h-l:.i n is flirt 1 leal in
Its ;iet ii m. Th'' o p fin ion t O'lisUtrd
i'l the iut ro'lnet i. hi if a spooi.tlly pro
piiVil I'livt n i' li int ll.i' Mom.'ieli
liy having' t ho man swa Mow it. When
til." rll'i t l' ' !o Wl'IV l.f'' ill i'i'II-
t.irt w i ill ali' 'il t a 11 i 1 ill 1 si j aalo iif t lie
w.tilot 1 h' oriran t ho pih aiinniitfi
rivi-teio'i uraily t 1 1 milli-xults !'
til oct I'l'Ot lii a! e'lt rent It laiincil
w hole
1 QfeSSS
I, il' vuii have Ihtii hanl tt
Chase & Sanborn's High Grade Coffees
No other kind compares with them
i:kin .v r.itisTow la iijtiNt:.
rirf. ... - 11 . .!
1 HL" -.
V sX tad
1 Jrjt"t
11 1 . .
pAvra j
! K,i 1 r
I . - J ! Il- : .t. I'. 1 1 1: . I
'"'"'"" " 1 r
I r-? t. r!ui l.i'.i 1 ' . I :
' CThi' i'...r oti!ifi'.lii' v'i -t:M i!..t 'if1
..... . ,
1 ! c i. r ! : 1 1 1 i ' , -. In- mi '! is f
.1 11
lac ilu.iil ii:-i,i'. r::i'.r. :
lie sin mlil In' t'Hi 11 '! '.'
p-,a . :i..i I
1 ;
1 ' '
" i 5
.1. s mii.m;
finiluT Land;
I 1
- -1
. r "
Mines and .Mining Stoei
ami In tnu sli ads It nat 'I .
iiiiIki land
A ohoi. e 1;
it i.f ( 'it v
oi l I. 1: in 1 u m II ir -l
( 'unlit IV nil. I 1'iliilnl Irilul' ful Midi'.
111 tin1 dilTcrent parts: uf Iim eitv.
KolltM enllt'i tod for lioll-ro'-i Iciitn.
I Ni'
lilacs fur
CfTh.- i '
t'.c 1. I
hut t lie im iiiici;
fl'.sts Its tTl's l.Oi
Si'hi i-'1 ( .ct 111. i a S ni . .1
liniie iiicil'.wnc th:.t tn.i.K' si'i .".
the urc it t (ills', 1111 pi .iiii, .ni' I h i.s .i v "
w l ie t'.niic :is .1 1 ( t. i' r t'u 1 1 v ! r it."
Cut. Is, cull:'1:';, cit.uli, s .T' tMr .-it
all hriiK !ri il ..!T. -ot .ctis tit 'M ar-l
Cli i- s'i!il in il c ':. ! . ., 1 . ni I. iin. ii. s as .1 .
f"! a'.au.s; '.. .': .1 ci .
C I : i ! Ii'i': 1 . .' V . I! '; l".ttV. "5".
a. I l:ttr,;t ts ihi...;;; ll.o vi.r.l.
I'. lis
l'liiiiiinii y.
Suliscrihe lr th. Ntiggtt.
itoisl rat ion of I. ami litlo
Private Sawmill at one- of the Minu.
Mr. and Mrs. Cummins, Mrs. Ooley, ehi-mio one: ti
Mrs. Violette and child, Thos Rich- !
, 1x. " Ml... -'I 1 Uir U.IMIIIMI
aroson, wuae uroie. ju v,iai a. nvv $
i 'J' ho above prt'-K report i-i In lino
Wi1rUvor.H. Miss Sarah Kerr. War- ! with tlx- th.-ory .f Dr. Damn, now at
ren Penn; Mr. K. P. Red ford Sagi-! ."S'.I.VlttnV;
naw, Mrs, C. I.. Roberts, Mrs. tri.iltni(.t,t ,,t Htomach tnulli'n an
Uurnnett, Judge and Mrs. J. C. j well an chronic ilisoi-cH ami dcafm-sH.
Ihi-slact, conilaiioil wit 11 lu.s ei iircct
ili.'t;;'iii-iiri, lauy explain tho 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 .-1 1
HiK'ooH-tin tlici'- treat iin-nt .uol eurc.
)r. Dariin having ln-cn ;i iii,iioi-r in
electricity wich 1 1 mm I i -1 1 1 naturally
feel-) riLtilii-il that other nu-'liial
men now follow in tho pat h hehl.ucil.
A. .1. Wll.l.lAM-l .llsl i I- 01 TIIK I'l. VI K
ct 1:1:11 oi' iii:im:ss
so that t his current in
tho stomach prevents
of tho istoinacli hv I's
Renders the bilo more lluidand thus
helps the blood to now; It affords
prompt relief from blliouHuedn. Indi
gestion, sick und nervous headaches,
und over-indulKonce In food and drink
G. L. Caldwell, Agr. m. m.. aim m. f.
R., Ghecotah, Inp. 'J er., writes, April
1H 1903: ' I was sick for over two
' years with enlargement of the liver
,.., 'Olio ilutiirn 1ifl 111ft tin
HUH Bfccn
Fullerton, Miss, Fullerton, Mr.
Nathan Fullerton, Iloseburg.
A recent shipment of five pounds
pounds of platinum from Denver to
New Vork, the tjta! value of which
reached nearly $1,000, is worthy of
remark. The amount' is consider
able in view ol the k'reat scarcity of
this metal, and this country has
not heretofore been known as a pro
duces of platinum to any lare com
mercial extent. This metal lias
been reported in Wyoming and in
Idaho and several places in Col j
rado, and with its value fully appre
ciated there is reason to look for
ward to an increased production.
As is well known the price of the
pure metal is greater than that of
gold aral there should be profit in
saving it even though it occurs in
very small quantities. There is no
question but what the earlier miners
frequently overlooked the platinum
in the placer gravels and that much
of it ha3 gone into the waste heaps.
Blain Jackson returned from the
To the Kdltor: For about two
years 1 have been deaf In mv rlht
ear ho that it wiu impossible to hoar
without Here-liming in m.v oar. My
left oar hai been urrowia lt:uf of late'.
lr. I tarrlti cured no; in twenty min
utes ho 1 e.'iii hear pi-Mcctly. 1 am
more, than ylonsod at the remilt and
can reJKinni'.Mid I)r. Dnn lu's electri
cal treatment to anyone. Imvu re
sided lu J'hiloiiruh sinci; .;.". Am
la years old. r.efer your rondel's to
me. A. J. Williams, J. 1.
Ir. haiilu is locate. I at. the Hotel
.Sinoedc, laiene, until Oetobor 1.
Subscribe lor the Nugget.
Mi l i( 1. J o (. o.
The doctors did me no
. ' 1 1 1 .,..n .... Mil lust. a nf
Koou, auu 1 uuu k"du 'i' ""tJu
belug cured, whoa my druggist ad
Tlsod me to use llerbino. It has made
me Bound nnd well." Me. Eor Bale at
XUe Modern f harmocy.
Mr. C. 11. Kuikbjldui and family
went to Winchester Jiay for on out
ing on Tuesday.
Miss Mary Owens returned Sat
night irotn a visit to her parents
jiving up on the O. t'z S. K.
Miss Hazel Hazelton went to
Creswell Saturday, to spend a few
weeks with relatives and frion ds,
Notice i-i 1
f uiii iiii...-ijoiiei ( "nit
fur Hib 1 1.1 .. i:..: a.i
u:r..-n On) '.. a 1 "
ti 1 ,1 , ' 1 1. IV.'iMi'l I''.'; 1 '
tni?.' I.n c s .''. ; ''
tj 1 ! - S IMU In. Il'l'l lull'!
(.m il l;ii'l . 'I'l. il ti. a.,
h,' lil hi nl .'i; i, i 1 i .'
I )'liii::i'l, lie; I 'Wit ;
hi-r 11 ii' I in'! icr r 1 i.i
Im- ifiiiili ujifi ; 11 .'1 1 1
Will In-, fur,... lu.l :n,i.
S'd'l In I'luu in Lu en
U iltl OlH I I tl - Hll'l Hll
111 I llC I III', t 0-11
: !:e. ' ' c I. .i ic f mint y
. .:i 1 1;. ..1 k;hIi:iI linln
: u ' 1 ' !'.:i "' .1 li' I'lK''
1 I Ii'. V, il, .inn I id l:i vi:r
ii..'. la "1 ful-
1,1' .1 CUVCI II'I
. I I II I I lent . . 1 . 1 I ' J I " ll lit
11,1 in 1 run u.-';'l in
j'C. .'.... I I ' ';c Ili.l t lie
, ', 1.1: ci iv H el 1 1 J 1 1 -
1 1 1 1 I; C .c I -1 1 1 1 el
i r 11I ; Ii 1. , 11 jcl)
1 t.c .. 1 mll'l I . v. of C'lMS.
1.1 iicli'l III 111 ''urililltci;
! ii.'ll! I'lll 1 ll''VV Oil lil'J
s,.i I lii'ni;"i! In l,u cinil-
il. icl on or hail, ni llin lii.-i iluy uf October,
1 lio lii'ls to In; (, i-iic I tin; .ml ilny uf Ah'iihI
lit two ii'cloi I; 0. M. L-oi. I'lic i'',uit rcurvun
Hie 1 1 la to i.'i-ci m.v n-i'l 1. II 1 'i'l.-.
Ity Onlur ui lln: I'ourl l)ii 1uiiliiy of July,
E. U. l.l'.K,
Cuunty Cluik.
IN I ! I K f If 111 follt I' Ol' TIIK sl'ATK
ol 1 irc'011. lor lie' i iiiiih of L.ui"
hi He- in.iM. r ol the ai'i'liciii 11,11 01 I n it
M f,,.' ami nrv K. 1 i!c in resist' r tin
t ti !c to tin soul lnct fourth 01 r-otit he;it
ij our 'ci .11 11 1 .-1 mill. -list font Mi ( Si, 11 1 1 1 'A :
,jioi ricr o( n'i'1 ton .(I In tortiish i , ?o Sniith,
r;niKC Wcl of Wil'tc Mi' Tiiliiiii
upline I
Arthur M. Snytc, 'liny I, Sayre. Ilnsscl
K snjic, Mn!iiii! It. S.i 1 ; , MhihI K. siiyrc,
r 1 'i 11k Jontiiit aii'l u'l whom il limy con
cern. I'cll'lldillllH
'Li Ail Whom I: May foiiccni;
'liikc notice, thin 011 I he -."Mil iliiy of Jiini!.
A l. I'UliKll Hiil'-.lM"ll Wll lile't l,T K.'li ' I I IC'I
M. fole Mll'l Mm y K. Cole in thcfir'-nit loiirt
of Lime 1 oiinl y for inilnil reiri-t nil loll of Un
title to the l.inil iihove dccrilie'l . Now unli'i
miii ni,eiir on or iK'fo, e I lie Ii h ln y of A in:' ml,
A. Ii. I itf 11 ml -how 1 alee w hv Mich ip -lien I ion
- hull not he ','i'iinlcil. I he mniie will he taken a
confc-c'l anil 11 ilccrei? w ill he ent.-reil ai'i ont-llii-'
to I he prayer ot tho aiilcnl ion iiml you
w ill In- for. rcr'lmrrc'l from ili-puilni! I he suine.
I-i II. I.I K,
1-i:m. ) Ji 2:1 f i"ik
II. 1', IjeeU, of ( 'iiiicunl, Ky, says:
" I'or L'tl yea rs i suffered ir iliies, with
a S"re on my 11 ji jut lip, so painful,
s'nni'1 lines, that f could not. eat.
After vainly I rylny everyl liin' else, I
eiiredil, with UueUlen's ArnlenSnlue.'
J L's j.'re;i,tfurb!:rin, cuts and wounds ,
At Mensou's l'hiiriiiaey. Only LTj.;.
Knovles & Gettys
Sohcini(t, Oregon.
Knowles & Gettys
Orscco, Oregon.
Miners Supplies
at rcasoiiitblc prices.
Goods at
Soinethlnjj for Your ("astern Friends.
The r.Hi.j Issue of the publication
"Orcj'on Washington and Idaho
and 'i'heir Kesoiii'ces," Issued by t he
l'ascu.ii'-l Depart liient of tin) Oregon
Kuilroad Ac .Navigation Compniiy, Is
now ready for distribution. If you
have, friends In tho Mast, who am In
terest.ed In the I'acillo Northwest, a
copy of this publication would be a
welcoiim visitor to their homes. This
publication mailed to any
K'ivcii address upon rwclpl of four
cetiN in stamps to pay poitano.
sam VermifuRi-
P. EM ED .
4 f-
7v Z-
erwAiir or imitation.
THE CtNUINC rnrPAMto oniv V
Ca!iard-Snow Liniment Co.
old and roooiiiiiKmdeU by Muiluru VUar inacy
General Merchandise
Miners Tools and Amunitions
sjiunnirmunimnniirmiinu mmnninimmninmirffliffK
e r.,.. -hi
I WW' Slftvis
arc i
Vriciiltiinil Iiitplciiicitts
I'lowH, Mowers and Itahes. Sole agents for I he celebrated
A Full Slock of Minljiir Supplies.
viiuiuiiiiuiitiiiwiiiaiuiiiiiiiuiaiiuuiuiiiiiiiuiaiu mm
' .
Tho public Is aroufic dtott knowl
edge of tlio curative nifinla of tlmt
ireat inedlfal tonic, Klectrlc illlters,
for sick Htotnacli, liver und kidneys.
Mary II. Wallers, of fHi, St. Clair
Ave., Columbus, O., writes: "For
several months, I was kIvcu up to
die. I had fever and ajjiic, 'y ra-rvcn
were wrecked: I could not Bleep, find
my stomach was so weak, from usc
Icsh doctor' driiyfrt, that I could not
eat. Soon after belnnine,' to take
Klcctrlo Illtter-t, I oblulned relief, und
in a bhott tlmei win entirely cured."
(iiiarautced at ilenson's l'harinacy.
I'rlee cue.
is the sayintl front death, of the baby
Kil l of lino. A. F.vlcr, t Miniberlnnd
Md. lie writes: "At the nye of 11
months, our little ulrl wiih lu deelln
iuK health, with serious Throat
Trouble, and two physleians navo iter
up. We werealiuosttudespalr, when
we resolved to try lr. Kind's Now
Discovery fur consumption, coughs
and colds. The llrst botl lo nuve re
lief; after taliliif,' four bottles she wan
cured, and in now in perfect health."
Hover falls to relieve and cure aeotiRh
or cold. At llenson'H I'lmrniaey, fiOo
und $1, guaranteed. Trial bottle free,
W. WH V f.1