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Wm. B. Root, Editor and Manager.
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Chan-, San Knmeisoo, California, where eou
E. V. Pnke
ml (s Merchant Kx-
inlvrrtlnlnf Arctic;
racta lor ailvertlitlnK cu be mado for It.
Wednesday. Juy 12, 1905
Russia seems to be getting in a
worse way all the time, with mere
revolutionary outbursts, mutkiys,
riots, let alone the troubles the
Japs are digging up every day. No
wonder the czar is said to b- break
ing down under the strain.
Our American oarsmen do not
seem to be able to make a suffici
ently high speed to enable them to
beat their English brothers. The
Vespers, the picked Ail-American
team from Philadelphia was beaten
in the GranJ Challenge Cup races
at Henley, last week.
The President is trying to cut out
of Armj' and Navy promotions an'
element of "pull". He has some
thing of a job ahead of him there,
for it has been claimed, and seem
ingly with good cause, that the
service was greatly hampered by the
poor officials installed through their
ability to secure help from higher
officials or politicians. It is one place
above all others, where real merit
honest attainments, and length of
service should constitute grounds
for promotion.
Dates Made Famous by Paul Jones.
1747 Born July 6, at Arbigland,
Scotland, and named after his
father, John Paul, a gardener.
1759 Apprenticed at White Haven
to a Scotch merchant engaged in
the American trade.
1773 Determided to seek his tor
tune in America, sailed for Vir
ginia; engaged in the slave trade,
which he soon quitted in digusL
1785 December 22, enlisted in the
American navy, assuming the
name of Jones.
1777 In command of a small fleet
he harassed the coast of Scotland
and attacked the port of White
1778 Went to Paris and took com
mand of 'The Bonhomme Rich
1779 Sailed around Scotland and
Ireland, taking prizes; boldly
took practical possession of the
English Channel.
1779 September 23 fought hi?
world-famous battle with the
British ship Serapis, which he
1781 Received a letter of thanks
from Washington and a gold
medal from Congress.
1702 r.nierea ine Kussian navy
(there being peace at home) with
th rank of Rear Admiral.
1708 Being refused command of
the Black Sea fleet, he resigned
trom the Russian service.
1790 Returned to Paris, where he
lived in poverty, lacking his
promised Russian pension and
prize money due hin from the
United States.
I792 July 18, died in Paris, and
buried in an obscure cemetery.
J95 April i4. Paul Jones's body
1905 July 8, "The Brooklyn"
starts for America with the body
of Paul Jones.
At last has America begun
her actual tribute to the memory of
that famous old admiral. And not
alone France, but all the world with
her, have done honor to the man so
long forgotten by his country. To
Gen. Horace Porter belongs the
honor of having by years of Daticnt
and untiring energy, by sacrifice of
money, personal interests and
strength, sought out the burial
place of the renowned dead. To
him that first compelled the nations
of the earth to respect Americas
navy we now turn with deep appreciation.
forgotten that this discrimination is
not urged by those Cicrnimi nmnii
fact titers who now export goods to
the United States. It is not advo
cated in any spirit of retaliation
against ovir alleged high Tariffs on
Merman goods. It is a policy advan
ced in deference to the urgent de
mand of the agrarian clement, which
seeks to cripple our present export
trade to Germany and cares nothing
for Germany's present export trade
to us. No concessions which might
be made in Tariff rates by the
United States would wenken the
opposition of tho agrarian element
to the importation of American
foodstuffs into Germany.
The square way of dealing with
the situation is to give Germany
precisely the same treatment that
Germany accords the United States.
If Germany charges higher duties
on imports from the United states
than from other countries, then the
United States should charge higher
duties in identically the same de
gree on all imports from Germany,
preserving the present Tariff rates
on ail goods imported from countries
winch no not discriminate against
us in their Tariff laws.
If this were first done, then there
would be a basis upon which this
country could negotiate with Ger
many for a reciprocal arrangement
on presiscly even terms. As it stands
any negotiations for reciprocity
with Germany now must be on the
basis of our granting to Germany
special privileges over all other
countries in ourmnrkets in return
merely for treatment with other
countries in the markets of Germany
Uncle Sam certainly would exhibit
little sound business sagacity and
little sense of fair play to the other
nations which now treat him fairly
in making any such one-sided bar
gain. Seattle'Tost Intelligencer."
O. O. Orccn clvr alrrl permit t attention
to hl great hvimnnitntian contract,
(fin our Almanac for mmiv j curs past we
Imvc Riven unusual advice ti" those nfllic
ted with conlis, colds throat or lutiij
troubles or consumption. We have told
them if they did not receive any special
benefit after the use of one y.s-ccnt siVe
Intnle of German Syrup, to consult their
doctor. JVe did not nk them or lir;e
tliem to nc a hiryv utitnter of buttles, m
is tho ease in the advertising of many
other remedies. Our conii k-tiec in Ger
man Syrup makes it possible fur us to
give such advice. JYVe know by the ex
ietienee of over 35 years that one 7;-cent
tHittle of German Syiup will vtR-cdtlv re
lieve or cine the wot si coughs, colds,
bronchial or lung that,
even in bad cases of consumption, one
large Kttle of Gcunau Syrup will work
wonders. QNcw tri.d bottles, 250.; reg
ular sie, 75c. At all dtuggists. 4
I'onson's rimimney.
VALKXTINK Miss Kuth Valentin..,
born at Wrmlina, Minnesota, Sept.
3rd 1SS0, died at Cottage Grove,
Ore., July 1st W7k
When the deceased was about 10
years old, her parents movid to
British Columbia, where shu has
resided ever since till a few davs
before her death. Kor two yeais
Huth had been planning to make
her folks, who reside in this vicinity,
a visit; while on her way here an 1
in fact before she started for her
The odds and ends which ive eloquence
to the appearance, Tho real needfuls which
will make the man show his quality.
Collars, Culls, Shirts, Standard Goods,
Sure-to-lit Ties, Gloves, Hosiery, to suit the
Very Particular.
i:kin v hkistow hiiuin;
cottaoi-: f.kovi;
! journov she began to teel in which
What a Comma Cost. gradually grew worse till tho time
The story is told of an insetted of her death,
comma which cost the United States j About two years ago she. had a
Government 2, 000,000. Hhen theM"11 "rol a wagon causing an injury
Congress was drafting the Tariff
bill, it enumerated in ono section
the articles to be admitted on the
freo list Among these were "all
foreign fruit-plants." The copying
clerk omitted the hyphen and in
serted a comma after "fruit," so
that the clause read "all foreign
fruit, plants, etc." The mistake
could not be rectified for about a
year, and during this time all
oranges, lemons, bananas, grapes
and other foreign fruits were admit
ted free of duty, with a loss to the
Government of at least $2,000,000.
Lawrence (Mass.) "Telegram."
Sportsmen, Attention.
August 13th the open season for
the killing of buck deer commences
and closes with Oct. 31st.
Sept. 1st the open 6eason for kil
ling of does opens and closas with
Oct. 31st.
Both must be killed between half
hour before sunrise and one hour
after sunset.
'Each hunter must secure a license
from the county clerk of his county".
Among Dr. Damn's specialties he
is an expert operator in straightening
cross eyes, anil em straighten the
worst eyes in less than twenty min
utes. 1 he worthy poor treated free.
The operation is rendered rminlesH
ov a local anaesthetic, ami no ch ro
form or ether used. Patient can re
turn home tho name dav. with no do
tenoun ironi business or occunat on
iiM-a may can now ana make an
pointiiientH, lor treatments durintr the
two days, July 15 and Hi. and avol
tno rami the doctor has on hi tutorial
days. The following referenced, takon
ironi many, pro ye the doctor's sue.
Mrs. Ji. Jiickhinl'M
ross eye; cured.
Alius M.-iggie Synhorst. La (Jraiul
Or. crosHoycs: cured,
Ailss I, m y .Murinan, Monmouth. Or
ci-ohk ryes; curcij.
MisH.M;;ry Walter, Portland, both
cjes cruBseu; cured.
A. 1 nylor.i'cndleton. Or: utrict.11 re
r 11' n
v . tv . 1 uom ns( in. jirirnn voj
Wash, hydrotle: cured.
A. J. Armstrong, llu Thlnl
r. ...1 1 . .
1 ui uuiki, varicouie; cured ten yearn
together with some extra heavy
duties recently at a drug store where
she had worked faithfully for seven
years, lowering her resistive powers
until they were the causes of her
Hers was a kind, chriatnui char
acter and her loss is greatly
mourned by her parents and seven
sisters who survive her.
The latest hewn fntni T'iiIh, is. that
they have discovered a diamond cure
for consumption. If you fear con
sumption or pneumonia, It will, how-
t'vor In iM'st fut vim til fiiko llutt
! remedy mentioned by V. 'J'.
! le( hv, of V nicer, 'l'eim. '"I hud a
couuh, for foiirleeii years. Notliiuu
helped inc, 11 ii i i 1 I took Dr. Kind's
New Discovery for c'oiisiinipl Ion,
t VhikIls nnd ('(.'ids, w lilch nave Instant
irllcf. and effected a permanent cure."
I neiuallep ipilek cure, fur Throat
and Lung Tronlilcss. At I'.ensnn's
I'liarmaey . .vrice .iUe aiidian, guar
ranted. Ti ial hot I le free.
.1. S .M I I.N i:
WANTED -Mill ami ynrd men
by tho llooth Kelly Iititn'.a r Co. nt
Coburg, Oregon, (ioud wngeH and
steady work.
Timber Katid
A choice list of I 'it y,
1 1 nt
.Miiirs :i lid Alining Stock,
ami hoiiK-stiads locaUtl.
t 'on n I r v and Timlx i Lainli for Hah
in the different part of tlu city.
Kent enll'.eto 1 for nun - roMdoilU.
oiri. i: is oi i in ii'iiM: ai
corner. (I kovk, om:
son, lIoHcburg
The Square Way.
The vice of so-called reciprocity,
under present conditions, is that it
would give the countries which pro
pose to discriminate against us ad
vantages over countries which now
treat us fairly. Germany is one
conntry which proposes to discrimi
nate against imports from the
United States. It should not be
Airs. Itayew daughter southwest
corner i'u and .MarwlinJI Ktreela Port-
md, troitre dartre neck) f r vonrs
cured with electricity alono.
.Mr. U. W. Dunhui of IDlIhov Oro
hu.vk; "For oyer "1 vearn niv wife lm
n tu iiu aiiieu eyeiidn and granulated
huh jr. uarrm UiiH ctir.'Kj tier.
D. J. GrahHia'a child, Sringfield Or.
painiuiiy allllcted witli granulated
conjucti vltus, complicated with ulwrs
01 me ejenallH lor nine iiionthH cured
years ago.
J. A. JiindHley, new agent on the
m. r. n. it. residenee Mt. Tubor Or.
Consumption bronchitis and catarrah
cureu and gaiued hfteen poundn.
ICrnest Jthodes, Pendflton, Oregon;
kidney trouble und disabetes, ho had
to relievo bin bladder hourly, night
and day, all hU Ilia, cured in seven
moutliH by Dr. Darrin.
Dr. Darrin can bo consulted freo
from 10 to 5 dally; evenings 7 to 8 ut
the Smeedo Hotel, Kugeue, until Oct.l
All curable chronic, aeuto, and dU
eases of u nilvate nature tr.iiori with
electricity and niedicineH; before and
after July i: and hi. Letters of In-
juii y MJiBwereu. vircuiurs aim ouest
Ion blanks eeut free.
D. A. and U. II. Find I ay of Long
Prairie, Cook Couuty, Oregon,
from whom Jeff Tarter, alias Teth
row, recently stole two horses,
succeeded in tracing him to this
place where he was captured on the
29th. The men had little trouble
in tracing the horses as the shoes
they wore were of an exceptional)'
large patteru. Tarter tried to dis
pose of the horses nt many places,
but awakened suspion everywhere
because of his low figure for so fine
a team, but he finally sold them to
Mr. Chrisman here, after which he
btarted in to disguise himself, by
cutting off his beard and mustache,
and getting some new clothes, which
however was of no avail. Sheriff
Fiske took charge of him until the
arrival of Sheriff Tom Smith of Cook,
Co. Tarter was recognized by some
one here as beiug Jeff Tatter, who
formerly worked for the Pacific
Timber Co. at Latham.
Ira Conner, Sr., had u very se
vere stroke of paralysis last Friday
evening. Ihe stroke eiteeted his
right side, his arm being completely
paralized, and his leg partially so,
however Dr. Corpron says that the
trouble is now stationary, and hopes
that in a month or so it will bo re
lieved. Mr. Conner is fifty yours of
age and has always boon very ac
tive, and until a week before the
stroko had no premonitory sym
ptoms, and even then ho paid no
attention to them until the day of
his aflliction. It is to be hoped
that he will rapidly recover.
Itl.NT lli:i: Dol lUd:
"I knew no one, for four weeks
when I was sick with tybhoid nn 1
kidney trouble," wrilcM Mrs. Annie
Hunter, of Pittsburg, Ph., "and when
I got Itetter, although I had one of
the hot doctor I could tret. I was
bout double, and had to rest my
knees when I walked, l'ruin this
terrible nllliction I was rescued by
Klcctrle Hitters, which restored my
health anil strength, ami now 1 can
walk nn straight an ever. They are
simply wonderful." liuiuranted to
cure Ktoniuch, liver and kidney dis
orders; nt Pcnsou's pharmacy: price
Subscribe lor the Nugget,
iteglstration of Land Title.
of Oregon, f'r I ho County of l.ane
in the niatUT of the aiiiirtum of Krcd
M. Cole anil Mary E. role 10 roister Inn
ttt'e lo tho Sou' Invent fourth of Soiitlio.i-t
rjuartemnd Southi'tut fourth of Soiuhwi-nt
iiir!er of iection 31 In towimliip IM Sotnh,
range a West of W ll'te m.-riillaii
n lining
Arthur M. Hyre, Troy I.. Hayre, KuNsi-l
K. Hiiyre, Mgie H. Hayre, Mmol K. Siiyre,
Frank Jordan and ail whom It may con
cern Uefendiin'.H
'lo AM Whom It May t'oneerii :
Take notice, that on tte rin iny 01 .nine
A. l. I'Hjian application wax tiled tiy ald Kred
M. 1 Die and Jlarir t. role ill tnei irrun
of Ijoih rmiiitv for initial reKoitratlon of
The medal contest held by tho L.
T L. at tho Opera house on Friday
evening of last week was witnessed
by a fair sized and well pleased
TLo recitations were well ren
dered and showed much study and
careful drill upon tho part of (he
participants. The ruling of tho
udges was very close resulting in
the awarding of tho medal to Lucilo
I'arson, wnich was perfectly Batis-
actory lo tho andionce, Tho musi
cal part of the program was very
good and tho vocal solo of tho little
Miss Hooper was especially so.
Ihe hag drill and accompanying
tableau were very pleasing to the
The recitation delivered by Miss
Stella Thompson while tho judges
were deliberating was a pronounced
success. Ihe closing taoleau: Col
umbia and her handmaiden was
finely shown, and the wholo enter
tainment was voted by all present a
perfect Bticcesa.
t lo-
tltle to the laud ahove deorled . Now unlu-n
vim annpar on or before the 4th day of Auiei.t,
A. I). 1'JO'iaud hhow iuh wliynui h Hiipllrnliou
Khali net le Kranled, the name will he taken ax ! 'X
coiilctsed ami a decree ill l entered ai'oord-!
iufC to the prayer of I lie application and you ; 5
will Delorener barren ironi
Confectionery and Cigar Store
ilazlcvvood Ico Cream
L. C. HUTCHINSON. Proprietor
Knowles & Gettys
Dohcmia. Oregon,
Knowles & Gettys
Orscco, Oregon.
21 'J9
lisiiullni; tho name, j y,
K. tJ. l.KK,
'i...i sr.
15. 1", L.'ek, of Conconl, K'y, Hays:
"Tor L'D years 1 suffered itgonlcs, with
a sore on my upper Hp, ho painful,
HotnctliucH, that I could not eat.
After vainly tryintr everything else, I
cured it, with Hucklen's A rnlca Salui'.'
It's grcatforhuruH, cuts and wounds.
At ISeiiHon'H I'liarmaey. flnly 2m.
A Sl'linilSK l'AHTV.
A i.loiiKant euiDilw.' party may h
given to your ntomach imp liver, by
taking a lneuicine which win irnevu
their nln and discomfort, viz; Dr.
King H M'W l.iie 1 ins. ine.v me- 11
moHt woinleriiii renmuy, luionnng
Hlire relier unl cure, for licadache,
(llzzlness and coiiHtlpallou. 2"m at
Benson's rhurmiicy.
OSTRANDKR To Mr.and Mrs.
R. S. Ostrander Tune 20th a 1 Vx
pound boy.
Kuuday evening at Walker a verv
pretty wedding took place, lk-v. C.
II. Wallace joining in wedlock Miss
Pearl .Smith and Mr. J. 1'. Walden.
The home was decorated with lili'js,
and sweet peas. Ihe wedding
nartv entered while Mrs. M. A.
Horn played Lohengrin's wedding
mnrrh Mr.and Mrs. Walden loit
for a few davs visit at l'oriianci
afirr which thev will go to their
new home at Kahlotus, Wash.
Among the many presents were a
bridal book, painting, olive dish, set
knives and forks, tea spoons, salad
set, fruit dish, butter knife, soup
ladle, salad fork, creamers, silver
berry spoon, tea set, lace curtains,
$17.00 in cash, household linen and
utensils, and other things to numer-
. . I All -.J,i1 tn
ous to meiuion. jun.v ...
wishing them the best and happiest
Miners Supplies
at reasonable prices.
O ill
Goods at
Moi to:
General Merchandise
X Miners Tools and Amunitions
WTriTF!!n!nin!F1Tn?n!FW1!F1!f 1!n!F!!F11F1!F1!F1!F1!FWWri!FlfK
Fr1 -v rm ' -'' ar
Slora and Tinware 1
2(iiiciiltijrnl IiiHleinci(ts
l'lows, Mowers and Kakes, Htjo agents for tho celebrated
A Full Stock of Mining Supplies.
iiiiiiiiiiiiiuaiiuiaiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiuiiimaiiaiiiiiiiaiu iaia