Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, June 28, 1905, Image 7

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    The Song
of the Hair
There arc four verses. Verse
I. Ayer'i Hair Vigor makes
thehalrerow. Verse2. Ayer's
Hair Vigor stops falling hair.
Verse 3. Ayer's Hair Vigor
cures dandruff. Verse 4.
Ayer's Hair Vigor always re
stores color to gray hair. The
chorus is sung by millions.
tutors B.lnf Iter's Hair Vlenr I halt ar
thin and wmrj umir hair. Iliti I muuimed to
use tl Vigor until nf hair groailr Improved
In aver war. I have used It nff mul on fur
III Inn )HII,"-MU. M. Imi MMllKII,
Neerk, N J.
Made hy J. O. jot Co , l.nwall. Hut.
Alio uianuieuiurere ur
I'll I H.
cmuRV I'ixtdbai..
orjr I'rupr r.
"Now, liiiiilalii," km i J tint plioli'K
rniilicr iifUT rsiicnilliiK a, bout Jut If 1111
hour k'UIK tl IhiIv H'udy to poHf,
"lilifin look at inr mul niiiIIp swwtly."
"Kir. I nm in.llKiiit nt with )ou! I
didn't ronif here to riitfiitfi' In n flirta
tion, I'd have on know, but to liuvn
Some photos tsken."
Might Have. Raved Money.
Ie tirlpix-a tJrfiit heuveiil There's
goliiK to bo a collision antl we'll all Im
Tljjhtwiitl Just my luck. I went and
tiouiclit a round-trip ticket! Cleveland
Helen Keller With a Rote,
(future, in January, ll'06 Century.)
Other may si-e I lie; 1 hrlinlJ then not;
Yet nnitit I think thee, leauteou
blossom, mine :
For I, win) walk in ahaae, like Pros
erpine Things onre too briefly looked on, long
Seem by iiinm tender miruclu divine,
When breathing thee, apart,
To hold the rapturoua Kummer warm
withiu my heart.
We understand each other, thou and II
Thy velvet petal laid against my
Thou feeleatall the voiceless things 1
And to my .resrnirig inakest mute reply
Yet a more H-cial gool of thee I seek,
For (iint who made oh, kind!
lleuuty for one and all, gave fragrance
for the blind!
Florence Karle Con ten in July Century
The Woman of It.
Hunlinutl Hut you intuit admit that
my tame-In better tliaa yours.
Wife Yea, of courne It lit.
Ilimliaml I'm surprised to hear you
aay so.
Wife Oh, tliere la nothing surprising
about It. The mere fact that you mar'
rieil me ami I married you prove that
Tour taste U much better than mine.
5; x , .
1 . Aw. v.v:
it v
v.V.Vv tt'.
r.::ss ctNCvivc may
M'ihs (Jenevivo May, 1317 8. Meridi
an St., Indianapolis, Ind., Member
Fecund High School Alumni Abh'ii,
writea :
"Peruna is the finest regulator of a dis
ordered stomach I have ever found. It
certainly deserves high praise, for it is
akillfully prepared.
"1 wan in a tetrible condition from a
neglected case of cutarrh of the stom
ach. My food had long centied to
lie of any good and only dintrcHood me
after eating. I whs nnuHeuted, hud
heartburn and headaches, and felt run
down completely. Hut in two weeks
after I took l'eruna I was a chunked
person, A few bottles of the medicine
made a great change, and in threo
months my stomach was cleared of ca
tarrh, and ray entire system in a better
condition." (ienevlve May.
Write Dr. Hartman, President of The
Ilartman Sanitarium, Columbus, Ohio,
for free medical advice. All corre
spondence held strictly confidential.
Couuti byruu. Taatuii Umxl. Via
In tliiiH. Holil li
by tlniKtf tt,
"Hay, pup, nhnt's a flontlng debt?"
"Your mother on her annua) trip to
Europe." Town Topic.
"On you tell me the rjulrkest way
to gfrt to Uie poaUilllco?" "Yea; run."
Cleveland I'laln I 'enter.
Johnnie Miitnnile, I Just feel ill all
over, somehow. Mother Where do
you feel It the moat? Johnnie In
chool. Hnlf Holiday.
Vicar' Haughter Well, John, I aeo
fou are liMiklng a young ti ever.
John Yea, mUi, thnnkyee. An' they
tell me I'll aoon bu nn octogermilum.
"Do you take nn Intercut In aorlely?"
"No," auawcred Mr. I'uiiirox, "I niiiku
the ItivcMtiiieiita, but inntlier and tho
girl take nil the Interval." W'iihIiIuk
ton Ntnr.
"You're aucli m w ii'ti hed writer If
a wonder you wouldn't get n typewrit
ing machine." "I would, only that
would show what n uilaerablu speller
I am." I'hllndelphln 1'ieaa.
Mia Ahcuiii I've often wondered,
Mr. Itymea. why you tiocta always
peak of the moon na "allver." Mr.
Itymoa Well er I auppoae It's be
cauae of tho ijunrter and halve.
Philadelphia I'reaa.
Kat tJentleinon (gnaylrT) W-what
do you tn-mean by making in m nit
run after the ear ao? I'll protiably die
of apopleiyl Polite Conductor Yea,
air. Tranafer to mmt ear going pnat
the morgue, air? Kx.
Mr. Slack Johnny, don't ever let
me hear you talk that wny again! I
won't have slang lined In thin houae!
Johnny Hut, pn, I Mr. Slack
Cut It out or I'll hand you one. ace!
Itrownlng'a Magazine.
Tho Ientlt I'll hnve to charge you
two dollars and a half for pulling that
tooth. The Pntteiit-OI thought yea
charged fifty cinta? The Ientlit
Yea; but you yelled ao loud you Beared
four other patient out of tho place.
Husband Have' you heard of the
latest cure for nervous prostration?
Wife No. What la It? Husband
The patient Isn't allowed to tulk.
Wife Pooh! One might a well die
from ppistratlon a exasperation. Il
lustrated Hit.
"What's the matter, dear?" her
mother asked. "I waa Just thinking,"
the beautiful heiress answered, "hour
terrible It would be If the earl should
decide not to take papa' money on
the ground that Is was tainted."
Chicago Ilecord-Herald.
Mamma When that naughty boy
threw stones at you, why didn't you
come and tell me Instead of throwing
them back at him? Little Willie
Huh! What pood would It do to tell
you? You couldn't hit the side of a
home. Washington Life.
Hlcfe How do you happen to be
going Ashing on Friday? I thought
you believed Friday wua an unlucky
day. Wicks Well. I always have.
Hut It occurred to me this morning
that perhaps It would be unlucky for
the fish. Somervllle Journal.
"You don't recognize titles of nobil
ity In this country?" snld the distin
guished foreigner. "Oh; yes, we cuu,"
answered Mr. Cumrox; "mother and
the glrN can not only ni'ognl.e 'em,
but they fan iiole their market valu
ation ofT band." Washington Mar.
Miss Fleyiup- Oh! Mr. Nocoyiio,
how lovely of you to bring nie thcst
hcawd'ul roses! How sweet they are
liud how flesh! I do believe there U
a little dew on them yet! Mr. Noinyiiw
. W-well. yes there Is. about Hfty
cents. I think; but I'll pay It tn nmr
row. K.
Police Judge With what Instru
ment or nrtlch? did your wife Inflict
these wounds on your face and head?
Michael Mooney Wld n inotty, yer
anner. Police Judge A what? Mi
chael Mooney A niotty wan o' these
frames wld "Cod Hllss Our Home" In
It. Cleveland Leader. '
MarninduUe Hcfore we were mar
ried she used to say "by-by" so sweet
ly when 1 went down the steps. Mont
morency -And what does she tciy
now? Marmadiike--Oh, just the smmio
thing, "buy, buy." Montmorency
Ah, 1 see! She exercises a different
spell over you. Washington Life.
"Now about those noomerous scan
dals," obesrved the Pohlck philoso
pher, "the situation Is Jest this: The
papers say they wouldn't print Vm If
the piHiple didn't read 'em, and the
people say they wouldn't read 'em If
the papers didn't print 'em, and thera
ye be." Iiulsvllle Courier-Journal
"What do you believe Is the ultimate
solution of thl 'good roods' move
ment?" osked the farmer. "One part
water, eight parts cement, three part
sand and the balance In broken stone,"
replied the engineer absently. "Say,
pnrd, I naked you for un opinion, not
nu analysis." Cincinnati Commercial
"Oh, fleorge, dear," sho whispered,
when he slipped tho engagement ring
on her tapering finger, "how sweet of
you to remember Just the sort of stone
I preferred. None of the others were
ever so thoughtful." George was stajj
gered for but a moment Then he
came back with: "Not at all, dear; you
overrate me. This is the one I've al
ways used." She was Inconsistent
enough to cry about It. Cleveland
Leader. v
You should be entirely too consider
ate of To-day to spoil its visit worry
ing about To-morrow, which may not
Find of Vnliie Hninel I itu Made
, HI ii in p to I, link (Hit For.
"Never burn up or throw iiwny old
letter or pipers without llrnt giving
them n en refill xi in 1 1 in t Ion," ml vim a
Twenty -third street Mump denier, "for
then)' ninny mi nppnrently wortlUi-s
plecfi of piiper that l'iirs n stump
which would bring In open mnrket hiiii
tlred iiikI mnybu thousands of dol
lars. "TImto are plenty of tho old post
master stnini still In eilntenre, for
limtanoe, a there wiith a great many
'of them originally Issued, and It baa
not been ao king ago, aay fifty-five
yearn, when they were In active use.
Now, any one of these iwirly Iiks I
worth from f.'M) up. Any one who
ha aw to old file of correspond
ence from 1840 to WV ought to hunt
for Niii'Ji stumps.
"Tho chief rivison why more of thefte
old HtJiuipfl have lint come to light Is
probably that they have so ordinary
and unattractive an npM-ara m-e that
a person u nit'-ij iki I n I cc with their value
would not waste a sci-ond glani-e ujhiii
them. They were very similar In iiiohI
eases to tli p mtiimxtcr alicellatioii
iiiarktt now In use In the pontofllccs,
with the exception that the postmaster
was required to sign hi name to them.
"The rariit of Uu whole lot of ost
mater btsu- La the 10 cout Haltlmore
stamp, with the name of James M.
I India ruin. One specimen of thla stamp
okl for 4,4O0, which Is Uie record
prfi-e for a stamp of United States
laaue. There's no reason In the world
why there shouldn't be more of these
at amps pricked away some where. In
the cams of till stamp none of them
waa umd on envelope, but all on let
ter. "The ditdgn of the Haltlmore stamp
la a box made of hair line rule, one
and a half Inchon long and half an
Inch wide. In the center Is the signa
ture, Maine M. liiichannn,' while un
der the name Is the denomination, eith
er 6 or 10 cents. There are two kinds
of these stamps, In black or blue. The
lOcent black Is the scarcer.
"Next to thU wrles probably comes
the New Haven stamp, at the bottom
of which 1 the signature of 'E. A.
Mitchell, P. M.' In the center Is the
figure 5 with the word 'Paid' directly
underneath. At the top are the word
IV)t Offlce, New Haven, Ct.' The
word are all Inclosed In a black bor
der with a mall curve at the corner."
New York Sun.
Girl with One In Her Home Always
Popular with Tonog Men.
It la needles to say that the tele
phone la a great Institution, says the
L'tlea Press. It has long been an abso
lute essential in every' place of busi
ness. Just now there la a great In
crease lu the number of pnoues In pri
vate house. It Is possible to tulk
with pretty much everybody at his or
her home. The companies are evident
ly endeavoring to boom that branch of
their business, because they are ad
vertising It extensively. The other
day a St Louis paper had a big dis
play ad. at the top of which was a
picture of an attractive young lady
telephoning and represented as saying:
"Is that you, Harry?" The text be
neath It Includes tills statement: "It
is a well known fact that the girl who
has a telephone Is the girl who has
tho most friends, and consequently has
the best time."
This appeal to the young people Is
ndrolt, and doubtless will serve to
make tho St. Louis exchange bigger
and busier. Tho parents who have
marriageable daughters will do well to
consider this Ingenious contrivance and
modern aid to matrimony. It Is some
thing of a bother for a young mini to
call or even to write n note asking the
young lady to go to the theater, go for
a walk or drive or a ride to the park,
but If he can transmit the message by
telephone It Is au easy way of making
nn apiKiIntment. Many n delicious
message Is telephoned these days, and
there is reason to believe the statement
made by the St. Louis company. It
applies, of course, with equal force In
every American city. The young la
dles ior whom a life of single bles
sedness has no charms are not exactlv
buying a lottery ticket when they hire
a phone. They can get much pleasure
and comfort out of It ns they po along,
for It is a constant contributor to con
venience. It Is worth the price, with
the enhanced matrimonial possibility
thrown In as an extra Inducement.
Arabia's I.uuuMtiir 11 nut.
There Is a curious plant that grows
In Arabia and Is known by the name
of "Laughing plant." This name comes
from the fact that any one who eats
Its seeds cannot coutrol Lis laughter.
The natives of the district where this
funny plant grows dry the seeds and
reduce them to powder. A small dose
of this powder mokes those who eat
It act much llk,e those who drink more
liquor than is good for them. The so
berest person will dance, shout and
laugh like a madman, and rush about
cutting vp the most ridiculous capers
for an hour. At the end of this time
the reaction conies. The dancer Is ex
hausted and a deep sleep comes upon
him. After a nap of several hours he
awakens with no recollection of the
antics he has performed.
The noy.
McCall Who Is that youngster?
Merchant Merely our new office
McCall Oh, I see. His face seemed
Merchant rerhaps It Is, but his
manner la more so. Philadelphia
' The poorest thlug you can offer a
trlud la an excuse.
Jivo -yMilVJ- When the avKtrm crrts dcLilitated and in a
scovtrcd that is the tonal
a systemic remedy, because it contains no strong- minerals to derange the
atoniach and digestion, and affect the liver and liowels. It is made entirely
of roots, herbs and barks selected for their purifying and healing qualities,
and possesses just the projertics that are needed to restore to the body
strong robust health. When the blood becomes impure and clogged with
waste matters and poisons
the body docs not receive suf- X have used jovlt S. 8. S. and found it to be an
ficient nourishment and suf- excellent tonic to build up the general health and
fers from debility, weakness, K e tonf nd strength to the system. I have used
i-,.i i' ' other thlugs highly recommended, but S. S. 5. did
sleeplessness nervousness, me more , everything else combined As
loss or appetite, bad diges- properties it give a splendid appetite,
tton and many other disa- refresi,ing sleep, and the system undergoe gen
greeable symptoms of a dis- eral building up under its invigorating influence,
ordered blood circulation, 548 Woodland Ave., Warren, O. Mrs. KaTS IiKCS.
and if it is not corrected some
form of malignant fever or other dangerous disorder will follow. S. S. S.
builds up the broken down constitution, clears the blood of all poisons and
Impurities and makes it strong and healthy. The nerves are restored to a
calm restful state, refreshing Bleep is had again, theappetite returns and the
whole system is toned up by this great remedy, S. S. S. is a blood puri
fier and tonic and acts promptly in this run-down depleted condition of the
8ystem. Iiook on the blood and niedicpl advice furnished by our physicians,
I'ly-lieaf Memoranda.
Kvery now and then you will find In
some periodical an Item relating to the
aubjei-t of a book In which you are In
terested. It la a good plan to enter on
the f)y-lenf a reference to this passage,
ao that you may find It again when
needed. Such notes, neatly written In
pencil, do no harm, and will often save
you much time. You may In the same
way make notes of the numbers of
page In which you have been special
ly Interested. A corresjiondent writes
to us asking whether we rex-ommend
"murklng books." To this extent we
certainly do, provided the liook is not
ao line an edition that ft should be kept
as spotless as can be. Resides, very
light pendl notes enn be removed In a
moment without harei to any page.
Hut the marking of books that extends
to disfiguring them will never be done
by any one who realizes how long a
good book may continue to delight new
readers, and to bring them help In
right living and thinking. St. Nich
olas. Mnindert Ilobbema.
Very little Is known of Hobbema's
life. He appears to have been born at
Amsterdam In 1G38, but, as we have
seen, other towns claimed to be his
birthplace. It Is probable that he was
the pupil of Jacob van Ruysdael, and
certain that he lived In Amsterdam. He
died poor, his last lodging being In the
Itoowgraft, the street In which Rem
brandt, also poor, had died forty years
before. His works were little appreci
ated lu Holland until nearly a hundred
years after his death, and most of
them found their way to England.
St. Nicholas.
From Had to Worse.
The Lady Well, Marie, have you
found the ornament for my hair yet?
The Maid Yes, ma'am. Hut I've mis
laid your hair, and now I can't find that.
(Julte Proficient.
Jack Y'our friend Miss oiifherly is
always using slang phrases, isn't she?
Kdyth Yes. indeed. She is quite fa
miliar with the English slanguage.
If a bride should by chance see a coffin
as she starts off on her wedding tour she
i-houlil order the driver of the carriage to
turn back and start over again.
Atgc(able rrcparalionfor As
similating tticFoodandRcguIa
ling (he Stomachs and. Bowels of
Promotes Digeslion.Chccrfur
ness and Rost.Conldins neither
Opium.Mor phine nor liiieral.
Is or N ak cotic.
Jkfprrmutt -
MMhryrww nmr;
Apcrfecl Ilomedy forConstiptV
tlon , Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Fovcnsh
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
Facsimile Signature of
flYH.'-Jf.S t.i"ni't jrH
1 "!
DlHtrmiicr, link Uyc or Induration. A Krcat BLOOD PURIFIER AND CON.
DIT10NES aud a iur cure fur all ailments from wliitu licavca arinc.
1 have been ualug PtumUii llmve I'owilfni the mi eiKla munthi end la thut tliie bmve
cured buniue of lltvun. 14 uf liUUtmiwr anil 9 of t'tironli' Coutrli. Tim 1'i'unnlaa
Keiullig lieve yaluril m ureal reputation in thl aei'llou. Krutt behiuke, Newark, M. y
FgyerM jiatfej"'iirriipr'ii Hunt! Hour. Vhi'h.ii'.k Hkmkhv eo., Bt I'mil Minn.
m Mi ll 3l?TTTTmta
run-down condition it needs a tonic and there has never
of S. 8. 8. It is especially adapted for
At "A ho at BO "
When one knows the age of a woman
one known the woman. The very fact
that she permit you to know her age
exposes her character. She no longer
masquerades. She has lost a certain
uncertainty, an evanescent delicacy,
that was an Irresistible charm. Wom
en, like philosophy, are divided Into
two classes, the knowable and the un
knowable. Also, like philosophy, It Is
the unknowable woman who Is the
speculable. Therefore to get her at her
highest capacity she must be unmar
ried and about 30.
The married woman presents certain
Inescapable telltale data. She has
children, and those children have ap
parent ages, two facts which go far In
determining her annals. If she Is un
married and is not "about 30" she Is
under 30, again a definite fact. Helng
"about 30" Is Indefinite. She may be
n.ore or less. No one hazards a guess.
There Is a delightful vagueness in be
ing "about 30." It has nothing to do
with dates, and many of us who from
our youth up have felt no attachment
for dates can forgive the unattached
their confessed Indifference.
Exact Definitions.
Young Hopeful Father, what Is a
"traitor in politics?" This paper says
Congressman Jawweary is one.
Veteran Politician A traitor is a man
who leaves our party and goes over to
the other one.
Young Hopeful Well, then, what Is a
man who leaves the other party and
conies over to ours?
Veteran Politician A convert, my son.
Boston Transcript.
Natural Sequence.
Mrs. Jolliboy (to sick husband)
doctor has arrived.
Jolliboy Then you had better tele
phone for the u idertaker. my dear.
Mrs. Jolliboy Why, Tom, what do
you mean?
Jolliboy ell, coming events cast
their shadows before them, you know
sunny temper gilds the edges of
life s blackest cloud. Guthrie.
I Good humor is the health of the soul;
sadness is its poison. Stauislaus.
The first step to kaowied.jis is to know
that we are ignorant. Cecil.
Mtilll 1 III I lllllrt.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
tms oirmtua ohmmv, went voaa orrv.
k4 13 i im 13
An orr nr.
Miss Newg What wns dons at ths
New Womnn International I'rogrpmlrs
Club to-rlny V
r.fifin-lur liirl Notliinif. You nop, Mrs.
Hwrrti linii'iifd to emiip in with her
liatijr, and In-fore we all ot tlirotiifh kim
Inic the littlu cherub, it was timo to ad
journ. Fixing Railroad Rate.
Making niilroiii rates is like playing
a (fame of checkers or chess. Common
ities to be benefited, producers, manu
facturers or hiptern to he aided, repre
sent the pieces used. Every possible
move is studied for its effect on the
general result by skilled traffic man
agers. A false move in the making of
freight rates may mean the rnin of a
city, of a great manufacturing interest,
of an agricultural community. Rail
roads strive to build up all these so
t-tiat each may have an equal chance in
the sharp competition of business. 80
Nennitive to this rivalry are the rail
roids that in order to build up business
along their lines they f refjuerit ly allow
the shipper to practically dictiate
rates. Kate making lias lit-en a mutter
of development; of mutual concessions
for mutual benefit. That is why the
railroads of the United (States have vol
untarily made freight rates so much
lower in this country than they are on
the government-owned and operated
railways of Eurojie and Australia that
they are now the lowest transportation
rates in the world.
Female Enthusiast.
Esch evening now my good wife
Kondljr greets me at the door;
And this query she propoundetb:
"Say, John, what's the scors?"
For bronchial trouMea try Tiso's Cur
for Consumption. It is a good ough
medicine. At druggists, price 25 cents.
A Bona: of the He a.
lie never bought a gold brick
Nor tried the bunko game,
But he played at steamboat poker.
Which is very much the same.
Washington Star.
Mother will fin it J4n. Wineiow's Soothing
Byrup the best remedy tonne ior their children
during the teething period.
Small farms 'are the rule in Japan,
and every foot of land is put to use. Tbs
farmer who has more than ten acres is
considered a monopolist.
You Can Get Allen's Foot-Ease FREE.
Write Allen 8. Olmited, Le Roy.N. Y., tor a
free earn j le of Allen '1 It cure
weaUne, hotiwollen, aching feet. It maket
aew or tifrht ihoea eay. A certain cure foi
corns, Inrrowfngnalli and buniona. Alldrng.
gUueelllt. 25c Ixjn't accept any substitute,
Gray Torpedo Craft.
The British admiralty has decided
that gray Is the best all-around color
lor torpedo craft, and a change to It
U to be made from black.
riTB Permanently Cured. Xo fltaor nervounneea
I 1 1 0 after first day' use uf Dr. Kline's (ircat Nerve
Heniorvr. Send for KreeS)3 trial bottle and treatise.
l)r. K. 11. Kline, Ltd., Wl Arch bt., Philadelphia, Fa.
The Invisible Supply.
Mr. Astorbilt I wish a genuine im
ported cigar.
Boy Very sorry, sir, but the boss is
"I don't want the boss; I want an im
ported cigar. Haven't you any?"
"Yes, sir; we've got two, but they're
in the safe."
CLASS corps of teacher, location, build
in l: equipuieut tbe best, bead for cat
alogue. Term Open. September IK, 004
TIIK DAISY FI.Y KII.I.FK d siroys all the
tioMif-111 timing
riHitii, slet'pitit!
r'M'iu ami till
plates where
neat and will
nn! snil ur injure
anything. Try
itifin once and
von will mnrrtii' without them. ll nut kept by
dealers, sni prepaid iir 3k. Harold Soiuer.
1-TJ iJelvalh Af., iroua.yi., .
A!V't v- sT A It is 1 u I li t'ltw se W I mi
ni 1 t'uye t u l.iy. Ii'mi i:nt ,v U'.iiliui;
H'A1; u i nd ni III unit tor k' -d, e'd- a h
iki 11 c uniiui'i fin-t- u d vt .yi' Mi H, s
!e t t.'t'in itll. Made "in. i- Inc. h iu" o(
t:i" M lis 111a te tlii'ii uie t II ruinitiiK, dtiin
Portland, Oregon
B ft tie and lK.u-le. "a-h ii-to i, Utid
iHilb Idnho
Dr. G. Ges Wo
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guarantiee to cure catarrh, asthma, lung, throat,
rheumatism, nervousness, stomach, liver, kid
neys, etc; has hundred of testimonials.
Chargea moderate. Call and see ulin. I'alleuta
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The C. Gee Wo Chinese Medicine Co.
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P. N. U.
No. 26-1 90S
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