Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, April 26, 1905, Image 4

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Nuatmr pudlisiiino
i. Root, Editor and Manager.
.1 th. nmiomro KtColWIO OTOTC,
t docond clM null ronltcr.
.iii: i
It pivUl in advance.
IWrKil iikoit oil Mont K. U. ltrnVo i
"a2S Frent'too. CnUtornU. whore con
r adTetllaliiiC fn bomiuio ior
KDNESDAY. Al-RII. s6. 10.05
Pnorctal Otul.
Commercial club hold
hr meeting Monday night,
e rerjorts ot various commit
Rvere received.
T I.'; JAf jicv-um 1 11 ft t-
rpltSiattcr for distribution report
3 S ' W.'C'r ., . . r
t: m. I'lniiins cua rmau ui mm-
a ' . r r ..:
)arrnugeior curauuuui.ui
1 J 5 'iVflf Volunteer Firemen reported
'1 lL1 fThursday, night May 4th had
I ' if S Idecidedupon for that occasion.
I '1fLvJH- Rosenberg owing to his
'' Q JYAg accepted a position with the
'1 U ' Mii-Kell) Limber Co. at Coburg
! 4 if SE,..H nwrretarv. Mr. H. O.
1!! 'A'Ln, tvai elected to fill the
.1 :tr Wir
r TJ . t o r
lift'! ft
ri 1
1 L
r.' . . .
V t.J 1
Rockefellers Money
W York minister ia so oxnr-
l.i. 1tnn.!ail TIM-inm tllllt llQ
imSicm tn invcatiL'ato thu uediirree
I trnmA fnr nliilnntlirnnic
HJUUUjr .... ,
fk, especially tno money 01 juuu
nrnoclics ireo saivauou wj uu
without innuirinc into their
-r . 1 1 1 , I
,1 antecedents, in iaci, uo ions
, they aro totally depraved, but
can bo washed whito ns snow
1)0 taken into the church soul
l.n.l.. 1,., o fittln rnnnntauco
, ,1 uuu 1 - i .
It! Ithoir money: that troubles him.
M. Jnn, can linn, linnt nnin in to
J Wormed by putting it to good
.yaiis minister cannot accept thu
'I C Tnlm Ti HnlroMli!r for
iVScb anil philanthropic work,
'litwl.A TJrt . li'.l nl.iivli TTIa mnnnr.
.1J!4.1. ?u n!nfrl l,V PonolllRIOM
UlUj . CI bUM.VM "J " " ......
mil rniil h. Locicullv. we
Iii etinnnsn ha would refuse tho
foy of tho Vaudorbilts and other
n'ateB in tho collusioD. But
1 money appears to be clean,
lis minister Bhould tako lessons
immon sonso from tho frontier
ionary. Old-timors in iieau-
will remember Parson UzelL
i:;vas a reloruieu gamuier. ms
iVjr,an vrion rnvftrhnrfttnil nvor
r and Carbonate bills and down
valloy of Malta. His zeal uud
lid prayers were ccod lor tue
(In Iiir wnv to Leadvillo ho
Ined at Buenavista, then u rust-
1 1 i'l Vm camP- He asked tho owner of
5 ! gambling and dance hall to lot
I will keep ordor." Ho put a
on tho Btago for a pulpit, tuou
tlio dinner bell ana tno nan
filled. "Now, boys, liston to
parson." Then, Uolding up n
jlver, "tho first man to make n
. , I . tl mi..
, u mtl lurnanco. uowu uo noes. J.uo
fix ISQjon gavo them a stirring talk.
JU'lUflf " Raid Jones, tho saloon man.
' f 'yl'Rfiting to one of Uis bunco men,
rl f.dmlsU.- n , lia ilnnt wiMi vnur
' .11 1 ...n' ..ovu
UUU ujnno diuij uuu-ui u uu
, J 41
.Vii . 1.: t i ...:ti.
Jillb OU uiu wuv lu luuuviuu null
fill nncket.
a-"- 1
Jf'Ho nuickfv beuan the erectiou of
Ho knew
v to take mem. iuey must
J5j ,'ke thnir money do somo good,
cit i s11! quiKKiy ucjjuu iuu ci
tf1) 01 Wlothodist church. Ho
iU J 2 sporting fraternity.
r . iVivuTer oumwcu, iiu uuu
IP .1! XluffdB iii the church with Laio
iJ.Ao walls aud boni'hes and started
Lf" ' . . 1 .W..l.nrintinn tn flnmnlntu it ''Put
3 sftvn my friends, Jones, tho bunco
'-llln for S10.'
I Ijilo wus right. Ho boliuved in
itning evou tho dovil's to sere
1 llfT Lord's work. That waa his
J .nfnciple uud doctrine, und rathor
1 'I'uf.nannrv on tho frontier, for liiuua
:i jfnoy had not come in over-much,
'Kjjwould seem good policy iu older
jlLSVe are glad to say this minister
I not insiuuato that contract with
rnlnuiu is an evil association.
) referred only to the niauucr of
haudling. Of course tho world
lows that petroleum is a great
lysical and moral antiseptic.
ITIin miniittorfl of tho West would
Miilillcomo somo ot Mr. Rockefeller's
ftfraney for any good work in our
H fttc. Out west we think of hard
'Wi Vitfu in tuo abstract. Wo don't
Y&or participation in raising it in
Viilawful waye, as in a church rulllo,
1' instance. A dollar with Undo
" lui'a stamp ou it, "In God wo
f'l'iist," is a dollar, and romoto liu
Vigo cannot (leiraci irom 11s power
In nraiil It sheds its uistorv
t west as quickly as a cattorpillar
rns iuto a b utlerily. l'icks aud1
Manager lkunls Will Bxlilblt Ills Mer
cury Snultcr for Public Inspection.
Orccon l)lly Jonrnnl.
.MAr.ifii W. 11. Dennis of
iyi the IMackbutte quicksilver
mine. Lane county, owning
the largest mercury property in the
tinrflitvnCt nil il nerharus the largest
ever opened iu this country, has
completed his new furnance. T ests
have been given the plant, and it is
stated by those wtio were lavu.tu
with the privilege of witnessing the
first work, that the furnace is suc
cessful!. Details have not been
furnished the public yet, but will
soon be, as Manager Dennis has con
cluded to put a working inouei u .
nvhiliitinn at the Lewis and Clark
fair. Whilo this exhibit will not
be large, it will have sufficient size
to illustrate the principle employed
by Mauager Dennis iu his now
smeltimr process, and will have the
nMMitional value to the laity of giv
intr an insicht into the metallurgy
of quicksilver,, of which little
known in the northwest.
The lllack Butte has been equip
ped for several years with Scott
continuous furnance. the type used
in California. When the Black
Butte owner begau experimenting
,i,li n rlinniTH from this, it was
with the purpose of attaining great
er mechanical efficiency, while not
departing radically from the old
i,ri,i-in1p of volatiiiziui: values
aud precipitating them in a settling
chamber. Tue lilacic uuue nas uu
immpnse roserve
of low-grade ciua
bar. alongside of the higher grade
of material, and it was for the pur
nnsi. of nerfectinc some plant that
would handle the eutiro mass at
profit that the experiments were
rmiutirnred. Mr Dennis set to
work to evolve a furnace that would
enable him to smelt an average ore
carrying three-tenths of one per
cent mercury. When he has
achieved this, the engineering fra
ternity of the entire country will be
eager to know now tne uregon
man has ottaiued such results, aud
hence his exhibit at the fair will
have as creat interest as any work
done there for the mining industry.
Memorial Day
Appomattox Post, G. A. It. mem
bors are already making prepara
tious for Memorial day the 30th of
Tho various organizations in tno
city will bo invited to tako part in
the parade and exercises. Tho usual
afteruoou services will lio held in the
Opora house or one of tho churches.
Trout Kggs Hatching.
The rainbow trout eggs imported
by Tom Awbrey from Verdi, Ne
vada, arriving hae on tue 17m,
have been dying at a rapid rate
since their arrival.
But few died on' the way, but the
loss has been about 300 per day for
the past few days. Old uatcliery
men who inspected the hatchery
and mode of handling were at a
loss to account for the loss of eggs.
as everything seemed in perfect
order, tlfe most modern apparatus
being used.
After a few days the problem
was solved by the suddeu appear
ance of hundreds of what appeared
to bo minature pink tadpoles, but
in reality were young trout which
since have been hatching out at a
lively rate.
The trout eggs which aie very
delicate, and which should, not be
handled for two or three weeks
previous to their hatching, much
less being shipped for several
hundred miles, were by some mis
understanding shipped too far along
toward their maturity, hence the
heavy loss.
While the loss will be consider
able, a good portiou have hatched
out aud are doing well, and stand
a fair show of becoming one of our
chief attractions to fishermen iu the
years to come.
over S3.nnn IK1""1'' w,"c" nl,s
cents pa hundred equals $266.67.
If the railroads would penult 50
per cent of the load to be short
stuff uml tho balance long timbers,
bringing the cars up n "heir maxi
mum loading capacity ,,f miv ,
pounds, the earnings i-l the two
cats loaded in this tu inner would
be $130, n against 260 67. or 11
net gain 10 the railroad ot J&VM
The reduction in the piiceoflhe
freight would incidentally benefit
the lumberman in two ways by
being able to ship umbers ton
greater distance, thereby inlatging
the market, and save the lumber
men several dollars per thousand
in freight. Iu the inaugurating ol
tariffs governing certain commodi
ties, where, the most ludicrous in
equalities are maintained, 11 is often
impossible to reason out the causes
which prompted their initiation, ex
cept, in tho languag" of Topsv, they
just "groweil. ' i ne 1 nuucimuu.
(Coiclmio.! Irnui tlri w)
has secured tone "cctigai" (legs
and upon request, the eldest boy
took them to the Hiiwley place,
where they caught the scent and
within a mile, had the cougar 111 a
tree. Win, a son of Mr Ilawlcy,
following closely with his rifle,
with a shot brought it to the ground
but only in a wounded condition. It
at once tried to escape but the dogs
set upon i.t and for a few minutes
there was a general mixup of dogs
and cougar. As soon as he could,
young Hawley put auothw bullet
in the right place, which finished
the beast.
Three of the dogs were b.ully hit
ten and lacerated I lit will likely
cet well. The dead animal, which
measured nearly nine feet was car
ried to the house and the hide soon
stretched on the grass.
The little Damewood boys arc
quite proud of their dogs and want
ed our informant to be sure and tell
the Nmicet man. it was their dogs
that assisted in the good work of
ridding the locality of such a big
ill,;.,.r Shirts mnileol all w'l
WH in tan, lilue, l!ack,
1 ri 1 ri' v itll new
(tt Trimmed;
fancy Miking
,. 1 . .
ln-owu or in,"11- K"y wvcn
I...,.... .........
KcVOrc 8lnip III win. win Kin vp
itll bullous. I'riee $3.75,.
S5.00, $5.50, 5.75.
Perfect grnmmtee k h with glasses
A now suppply of hoso nnd
spriuklers at AVynues' hardware.
Real Estate Mortgages.
I am propnrod to buy good
chase monoy mortgages ou
class of real ostate.
II. li Noblo,
Comniorciul Blk.,
Portlnuii, Orogon
A Sensible Move.
Havo Tom Awbroy writo you up
a policy ou your homo und furni-
turo 111 tlio Orogon riro lionet As
sociation, or your stock of goods in
tue Jitna Insurance Company.
Heo luvox and supplies at Wy lines
Engraving done frvo on nil goods
liu.ilin.xtil nt It. C. AliidwiiV.
Any parties caught tresspassing
ny pri'iinsca wiin nog or gun
will ho prosecuted.
Ahv parties caught trespassing
on my premises with dog or gun
will be prosecuted.
I). G. McKaklani).
Keep vour bowels rck'iilnr by tho
iiho of Clminberlnln's Stoumcli und
Liver Tablets. Therein iiothlng bvt
ter. For wuV by Tho Modern l'lmr
mncy. Otori;o llolilnmir, tlio tnllor ontlio
west side bus 11 now stockof tho lute
spring styles fur stilts mid spring
orereoatH. Terms reiisoniible.
Boo smokers and comb founda
tion at Wynnes' Hardwaro storo.
11 ivoyo.iroyoi tnto.l f gliiB
AlltKimnintocd ut MuiImiu'h.
Have your eyes tented ut II l"
Honey section boxes aud separa
tors at Wynnes' Hardware.
Contract to Let.
Wanted to let contract for burn
ing 100,000 to 200,000 brick at
Black Butto mine. ' Address or call
on W. B. Dennis, Blackbutte, Lane
Co., Oregon,
The re-organization ol the catia
commission is at last an accomplish
ed fact and it is -believed that the
new men will be stronger and
more effective as they are nearly all
younger than thoe whom thoy
have succeeded. The best avail
able engineering talent in the
country have been brought to the
work. Whether it will be a lock
canal or a sea level catial has tiot
been definitely decided, but since
the price will run into hundreds ol
m.llions the country is entitled to
the best canal that can be built for
money. Of the seven commissioner
in chief four are experts in construe
tlve work, Wallace, Haines, Undi
cott and Earnest. Burr and Par
sons as members of the Advisory
1 board indicate President Uoosevelt's
desire to havn the most available
men iu the profession. Here are
six engineers ol great reputation
as constructors and administrators
of great enterprises. They have
done much in the past in similiar
work aud will bring to this enter
prise theoretical learning ripened
by experience In choosing as a
head of the commission a private
citizen the president lias gone to
railroad and selected a man who
has demonstrated executive ability
and wlioso capacity as a sup.-rvisor
is well known tn an analagous held.
The American people now expect
CIIAMllKULAIN'.S toroii ki:m
Motliui-H buy It tor crimpy children.
mllrcmcl men buy It for novere coughs
anil elderly people buy It for la
urlpiie," iay Moure llnm., KI1I1111,
Iowa. -'Wo sell more of Clwimbur
Iain's Cough Itemedy than any other
kind. It scouts to Imve taken tho
lend oversev.iral other good brnmlx."
Them Is no iiuchMoii but this medi
cine Is thu best that can lie procured
for coiiglm and colils, whether It bo
a child or an adult that Is nllllctud.
It always cures and euros niucKly.
Hold by Tho Modern Pharmacy.
M M. Aimtirr "f Winclii'itter,
1 ...... 1.1. .., 1,. ,li in tin, hour ol uro'l
Ilia wifu had ueh an nnutitml o.iso ol
stiinmi-li unit liver truiiblu, pliyiwiiin I
unulit not help her. II" thought of a'"J
i.l.l l)r K'ln'd N'mv l.lfo L'Ull Hllil
hIio uot telle! ut nueo nn.l wan Hindi)-
cured. Only wo, t llfimou
' 1 1 J
Lowis and ClaAi souvmiifir i, 1 m
nt Mailson's.
A iiotv Iii,.. Iin
list leootvrd iii W
I'Kiil 1. 11 li.
1K.I t 1 ' l
WINM. 1-11 'I V l KM. I. lit A
Mum tri I -uhK 1,1 -.''ft.
r w 11 m m ir mr m mt u a mi mt m tu w
runM 01 1:
1 m 1 v 1 liif tl m m m m mm i i -w . 1
Tho Fountain Sulivtod fur I.x. IiihIm- iik at Hi. w
St. Loiii. miw nl Iih
a Klll I II II UH-II 1 It 81 IllrU III (i il.l
Syrups in Sterilieil Oil- Oiiit.niu-r-: on b
Sight. No Corrosion. No (lernii Drlieiou.
kit n ima 1 nut
MODF-RN P H A K M '1 1
r n
Rational Request for a Lower Rate.
Repeated efforts havo been made
to induce the transcontinental lines
to rescind their present rules gov.
erning double loads and the re
moval of the 10 cents per hundred
pounds additional tariff which now
applies. The financial reasons gov
erning the lumbermen s requests
are entirely 111 lavor ot the railroads
fionv the standpoint of revenue. For
example: Take a load of Co-foot
sticks which require two 40,000
capacity cars to transport. These
cars can only be loaded to two
thirds of their capacity, or a trifle
Modium I can tell you .about
buried troasuro. Patron l'lcaso
don't! My husbaud is always toot,
log that iu my oars. Medium
Docs ho kuow auything about 11
bunod troasuro? Patron Yes: his
urst wifo. Tit-Bits.
The merchants of Cottage Grove
will close their places of business
at 7 p. 111. after May 1st, Saturdays
excepteu. Hoping their patrons
wiu.iaKe Kinuiy to tins change and
nsMiM in wus movement.
liny your fish hooks aud linos at
I Wynnes' Hardware,
Roosevelt's Old Buggy.
Itiehard Johnson of Minot, N. D.
owns n buggy which wus usod by
Theodore Itooscvclt on his Maltcsn
Cross ranch in North Dakota nearly
iwrnty-llvo yoars ago. Tho buggy
It-id boon in uso for lifti-.en yenrs
prior to tuo tiuio young Mr. Kooso
volt usod it. Mr. Johnson will sond
the old vehicle to tho Lewis and
Clark ' Exposition ns an exhibit.
SInny of tho trappings usod by
Itoosovolt during his two year's so
journ iu Dakota havo been prosorved
Ly his ailmirerHj Uno of those
rulics is a dinky littlo old straw lint
which looks vory funny now, but it
was the Now Kork City stylo whon
tho young man wore it out to Dakota
in 1881 Efforts aro boiug mado to
send this hat and other Itoosovolt
relics from North Dakota to tho Exposition.
Either Cash or Trade for
All kinds of Country Produce,
Hides, Pelts, .Wool,
Poultry and Eggs.
Beginning May 1st our store will close itt 7 p.
'Phono Muln 63
Tho liohoinia Nuggot ropresonta
not only Cottago Grovo, but tho Uo
hnmia mining district us well, sub
scription price por year $1.(50
Bullard-Snow Liniment Co.
Hold ami rovonimiiiiaod by Modcra 1'Uatraacy
A s
First Class Turnouts
, Double or Suite.
frs r
T V I '
u wi u 1 u viiitvi
The CC'Branda Straight iocQ
One door east of Mctculf & BrttnU