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Bohemia Nuaatnr publishing
Was. D. Root, Editor and JrUaiftr.
KnUrrd it tht vottoOr at Cotiaf Oror,
union u Meepa ciam nui i
I natttr.
0 month 1.00
J year. 9i.m
1H month 2.oo
If paid Hindrance.
Till PAl'Kn likciitonntt K. DrtU'i
AdTrtlln Anntr, M.rchanlt Kx
ehnnio, Han rranMwo, California, con
rtt for Klwium ran U mad. for II,
MlisJSva Winter Secures Third Prhe
la (be Commercial Club Conteit.
Clubblor Ratei.
The llohomla Nugget one year
with nny one ot the following pub
Mentions one ypnr for amount ivt
i orinonlte:
Clilcniro Inter-Oceon (weekly) $t.Ki
Weekly Orcffontnn (Portland) S2.C0
Weekly Journal (I'ortlnnd) f2.00
Wkdnksday. Januarv, 4, 1905
fllK Silverton Miner places it
JL self emphaticnlly on record in
i a recent extended editorial as being
! in favor of the "Boosters Club
After reviewing the opportunities
in the mine of San Juan county,
the Miner calls upon the towns'
DeoDle to lend tbetuselcs to a con
certed movement to make the out
side world know as much about
these oppottunitics as theSilvcrton
ltes do themselves. The name of
Silverton is one of special historic
significance in Colorado, for it was
to this region that one of the ear
liest mining stampedes occurred to
jtart and keep alive the prospecting
ipirit in the days when Colorado
was only a part of Uncle Sam's vast
territorial domain. Years of devel
opment, with modern enterprise
i piled on top of them, have not cut
Idown the chances of success among
these hills. Capital can still go in
1401 find a profitable welcome. The
jnaln mniHmlinn t!irfnriv is fnr
Bapital to appreciate the fact.
"Experienced capitalists, who
Iare ever alert Tor sale investments
which will afford belter, than ordi-
inary returns," says the Miner, "are
quick to recognize the promise of
wealth and gain in the mining in
dustry, and that they are rapidly
becoming convinced of the golden
opportunity existing here today is
I most convincingly evidenced by the
I continued and constantly increasing
inflow of money for the opening up
and development of the many ex
Icellent prospects for the erection
and equipment of extensive milling
plants for the treatment of the out'
put of the mines already producing
are of a pay character. No district
in me great boumwert uasgone
(forward with the almost phenom
lenal strides that have characterized
the doings in San Juan county dur
ing the past season. Down every
Mountain stream, from every gulch
fend alontr every trail comes the
lews of activity, of new strikes and
f recently inaugurated enterprises,
ill of which tend to an increased
neatness of the district and the ex
panded property of all who have
past their lots in this, one of the
Inost favored spots of Nature's do
uain. As the season ol warmth and
Iuushitie passes and winter with its
ales and snows comes on apace,
ctive mining operations in various
barts ot the district will neces-
Iarily have to be abandoned,
irhile many of the more favorably
ituated properties will continue
gheir activity all the year. How
liver, the coming of another spring
frill witness a general renewal of
"While work on a greatly en
iirged scale is assured throughout
he district, much in the way of ad
ditional development and activity
fliay be brought about turougu the
Suited effort oi those who are per
manently located here. There is
uardly a citizen of the county whjK
not some correspondent n
Cottage Grove is situated in the
center of a very pretty little valley
being 144 miles Irom Portland ami
6j8 miles from San Francisco.
is connected with both places by
the Southern Pacific Railroad
mi . ... .
1 nere ore mils on almost every
side. The population is about 2500
There is timber on the hills sur
rounding the city.
Cottage Grow is the gateway to
the famous Bohemia mines situated
about 38 miles from there. The
Oregon and Southeastern Railway
which is built for 18 miles in that
direction will connect the tw6
There are some famous Mineral
Springs about twelve miles from
Cottage Grove where there is
large Hotel ana fine camping
grounds surrounding it. There is a
bottling plant there where they
t-..i-.t , . . .
oouic mc mineral water ana are
putting it 011 the market all up and
down the vallev.
The Blackbuttequicksilvcr mines
are five miles beyond, where they
mine quantitiesof quicksilver. There
is a stage running up to the mines
making the round trip in one clay.
There arc extensive hop fields
in the regions around Cottage
Cottage Grove has many of the
modern improvements, nnd has
progressed very rapidly in the last
four years. It has a good system
of electric lights and sewers and a
fine national bank. It has a good
telephone system, connecting with
Portland, San Francisco and sur
rounding towns. There are several
drug stores and general merchan
disc stores. There are two good
newa-papcrsand a good depot and
a past-office.
There is a flour mill producing
50 or 60 barrels of flour per day,
and a planing mill. It has a good
system of water-works and is well
supplied with churches and schools
and the schools are graded. There
are about 12 teachers- and 600
1 nere is soon to be built an
electric railway that will run
through Cottage Grove, connecting
with Portland aud other cities in
the Willamette valley.
Cottage Grove has a fine Com
raercial Club, its members being
amongst the prominent merchants
and business men of the town.
. . . .... .
xoeir rooms are nicely littea up
ana they have already done a good
deal for the building of the town.
Among some of the things Cot
tage Grove needs is a creamery be
cause the people have to send
away for most of their butter and
cheese; an ice plant which would
furnish them with ice .and cold
storage; a florist which would fur
nish us with plants and shrubery;
an opera house; a new and up-to-
date hotel; a good lumber yard
and a public library where scbor
children and others could no
There are other things tb , '
needed in Cottage Grove hi , nr
blacksmith shops, throo hardware,
throo drug Btorot, four coufoo
tionary stores, four churches, and
tho Episcopnls hold meeting oneo a
Thoro are oovoral navr mills and
logging camps nround hero, of
which over 0110 thousand mou nro
now employed in tho louging camps.
Collage. Grovo is especially
minuted to fruit culture, Tho va
rieties that tlirivo best hero nro
prunes, cherries apples, pours.
grapes, quinces nnd peaches, whilo
berries of every vnrioty roach per
fection in growth nnd flavor.
Cottage Grovo has two publio
school buildings, of which to-
gothor contain nbout fivo hundred
Twenty years ago there was but
ono business I.ousc nnd but a fow
dwelling houses on tho cant side, of
tho Willamotto river, whoro tho
niniu pnrt of tho city now tttnnds.
Tho climate of .Cottage Grovo is
very mild and ngroonblo.
Cottage Grovo has just Intoly com
pletod laying tho finest sowor system
n tho whole Willamotto vnlloy.
Tho Southern Pacific Kuilwny
Compnuy has a-largo do pot, while
tho Oregon and Southeastern Rail
way Company nro building a rail
road lrom Cottngo Grovo to Bohe
mia mining district. Somo.twcnty
miles of this lino being completed
nnd tho work is rapidly increasing.
Tho Company owus their own depot.
round house, nnd fine yards, sit
uated east of tho Southern Pacific
depot. Warner.
An niirvculilc movement of the
bowels without nny uniilensnnt ef
fect Is produced ly Clmmtierlnln'n
Stomach nnd Liver Tablets. For
wile by The Modern I'lmrmucy.
(Concluded from om page)
and CURE thk LUNG8
Dr. King's
Ne Discovery
Frt Trill.
Burnt and Quickest Our for all
GO WITH oirn.
Chase & Ssaunborn
Theory ol Djnimllc.
Mthough dynamite is not ex
ploded by an electric spark, but
simply bums away when a current
of electricity passes through it, it
ought to be adopted ns a general
rule to keep explosives at a dist
ance from any electrical machine
capable of generating strong cur
rents. When tamping charges hav
ing electric fuses embedded in them-
press gently with the tamping rod,
and do not give forced blows
Never attempt to pull out a prisa .r
holding an electric fuse by Ityp) ,tg
to drag it out by the wires; nav ,x.
plosion may happen. In tansr per.
ing a charge, grains of pov ft" ,er or
explosive lying upon the aJ ,! 0f
the hole, and sometimes f V injR n
train to the charge at th iC 1 jottom,
undergo a great amount r friction
1 1 rn i.l (I.. ......
u.v,,.h.. vu.u,; 1.11 jg ma.
terial. which may ca jcn:.j0
and premature exp on 0f the
charge; therefore, V iOQt wUU carei
use omy si.gut p- mu, ,,
not resort to any nf
g h
domestic ntoi ItU'S
it la to 11 II' I a tiimtlv
when tlicro art' no doiiu-Htlc riliturvn
iK'CiiKloindlv. hut thwo '" "u ';
HtiiuMl by Imvlnu Dr. KIiik New l.lto
l'llw iirmuiil. .much irounif ui")'"
v their iirvut won.- 111 nmmm -
Mver trouhltw. Tho.v mi mij
Hove you. hut run' !', ui iu-iihou
the wooden
(rtnirod. Mining
which would last for years. There
is no longer need for experiment.
The action and effect of the present
aws are well known. There are
precedents and decisions for almost
every case to cover existing mining
claims. Other countries where no
extralateral rights obtain have fur
nished sufficient data upon which
to base a new code, when desirable.
The only thing in connection wit'
square locations, some, think '
son mm- liSVe. "TKht HitcTc m-"'
is not apparent, as the poor
will not take more than he niiner
for or renresent. ami the 0011 l,a'
poration would buy all
Under existing lawr
mav take as manv oue Pcr!u"
cares to, and the sar "a,n,s ab "c
to corporations. " ue thing applies
t. - r tUn
corporations wo iuc ,ca'
available grou- M absfrb a" the
cedent. Min' ja ,s wllnoul Pre"
Press. an Scientific
.Incoln J. (
ontltled "The
will hold fort
Monday. .In
nhnutidrt w
while Ronu
of everyr
ffftsr's tiopnfnr play
Iwvi Little AVnlls.
a' jipcrii Iioiibo on
Utinry nth. Tho Htory
rtli t lios nnd comedy.
1 -of tWo BceneH nro very
It mv enl to the feelhiB
Ui nnd w 1 a rule the luiuil
1 of tho rindlw nro much In
A Tho ct impiiny iirvHontliiK
; iKHtroiifr and the chnriictern
east. Mueli pretty scenery Is
.and dcllcntec ITccUiiro produced
A the nBHlstao ee of the lncanile
it llghtH.
In f a-ct nothing goes witn
our coffee but cream and
... ..cutc rnti riiA;r. m SANUOII.N
Unllnl SIMM OIUmi.
KmcliurK. Orri. !
. 1 ...... .itui ihil In nunt.11tim
wlUttli vraxMuunol lh net ol t ..ngrl oJ
Jun. s. lsVx, enlltlM " Mi t lh mI ol
.S.l and k ...lilIIKlull T'rtlitry," MIIlld-
tJ toll Ihe ,ml-!li- ihiiU U!ol)ir CI 01 AUu,l
f, Wfi.
joiix v. kiiaiiv
... , ,v..i,.fv ..I ijini suio of orvrut,
hU this ,!yi In IHH oniio I'l' "'
',' it wt Un No. Timn.lilj, 31 Nmtli. ol IUiim
lin.l louiiht if moro' lor IM llmwr
lo MUlilWl UU cUHii to Mill lanil '""'"
J.J. W.lton. V 81' oHInj at i,ri.ion. on d.ihhuj, -
Mrrh. liifl. Ilo namH. M wllnw..
ilunu VM AU.tlson, K l. llanliiton ami Arty
irrTuRloii. all ol Loraii-. Uii. '.';.
An ami all iroin claliiiliiK aiUi-rwIy, l
clalim In Ilili omfii on or lfore anl 4Ui ila or
M"Ch,(!o!o) J T. lliiiiKir.-t. llcgWir.
rich cor-
it wanted
For A col.
After January list my fine large
Tftnro room. reccnUj occupied by Mr.
Shirk will lie foe rm t nt iv reoHonnhle
price. A goon-iocul on for Jmalueua
Dr. 1 1. 0. Rnl-.::
Pinnos und Orcnmi repnlnxl rtfld
tuned at Jlnrtln nnd L aWHon's. Flrft
rnm ivoik niinrnntFe il.
1 ..n the old
.jnD d IntereBtli
entity whlc
i0t slnnl nnd plwi
are amongst the foremost
In fact Cottage Grove off
prospects and more Vjjdoc 're
that any other city tr lowtt ,e,lts
state of Oregon. ' J .n the
Maiiki Kosr
iist who niicbt be induced'' e
Vest in San Juan counts to in
aperty, were the acttK mining
otidltious made p'. j! prevailing
ortunity for pr .ain and the op-
"roperly dtr . jfitable investment
w adverti' lousiratcd. "It pays
JWlf ' e 's an axiom fully ac-
..ccially does it pay to advertise
.ue resources of a mining camp.
In no other way can it be brought
to the front.
"Above all things, concert of ac
tion is absolutely essential in the
.. n I - ........ w.
mining district- In union is
1 .
... 1 .. I . , 1 i . .
nttl.t. it.... . 1 1 t.
o carry on the good work-without
TniBD'" t
The tollowr " 7 '
the third S Jg essay '
Club Co'' ,irize by tho" C
esiay jimittoe. Thcr
tyS j roceivod from turn;
uts of the Cottage Guv
"Cottage Grovo is sitn
famous Willamette rii
Southorn part of Lano i
is tho very busiest tof
Willamette valley. It in
electricity, n largo pla
The towu is incorpfl
ranyor and commoa com!
Tho city also owns 9it
tern, the water being
mountain spring, no
the city in mains and
householder at a cost
conts per month.
Two excellent ni
published hero weokl
Nugget and Lane Cot
Cottage. Grovo is c
rounded by vast fo
cedar timber.
There is ono saw
and door factory, ono
livery stables, two fe
general merchandise
was given
woro eight
voung stu
vo schools:
ted on tho
er in tho
sounty. It
in in tho
lighted by
t being in
rated; has
i water sys-
o itained at a
,& 'brought to
encriod to each
ol Boventy fivo
iWBpapers nro
r; thoIJohoraia
tnty Leader,
ompletoly sur
rests ot fir and
"Tver "Tw0 Li"le Wa"8"
Unco) j Little Wnlfs." one of Mr.
will ' A-J. Carter's liest productions
hor ttal the lronrdn at tho opera
.ain SIonln' evenhiB, Jan. 9th.
if play Involve n Intensely In
tlnir storv. Tlie plot In built
Pf. n the oldthemo it Inn now
tereBtlng gnrh,. of mlstnksn
hlch Ih treu ted Jn nn on-
axing man nor.
Prominent In the plo't nro '.twin
HlMter?, unknown to eaclr )ther, one
of whom U peruunded by -the vllllnn
to destroy the domoHtlo Jiappfnesi"
which HiirrouudH her hIh tcr. Work
ing cleverly upon the husband'H
JenloiiH feellngH, hIio succijmla In thin
anil the nntortunato mother la
thrown upon tho world with two
hjiiuII children. Tho wrooig 1 event
ulnlv confefwed nnd 2ho villain
hroualit to Justice.
The company Is ono nt tho leat
ever gotten together aiul hanimnlzc
Hplendldly Injthelr portro;vul ot tho
dKIHient churacterB. Tho ciwnedy
elemont comcH In for n 8b nro of the
praise mul there Is a clever dialogue
between Itlchard III mul Plnklu
which Ih brought out tn mi liniHlip
nnd riimtnt Htylu.
The Hcenlo effects of the Dlny aro
especially of nolo HhowJng -tho Hud
bou Hlver home, tl chnn,co from
twilight to darkness, with tho setting
sun, the rise ot the moon, tho river
and the twlnkllnsrlfghtH of tl3 Jersey
Bhoro, und tlnftUj: "Tho Little- Church
Around the Cornon,"
STIPATIOX. "Clinml)orlnhr- Stituieli nnd
Liver TnhletH un the hell; thlnj-for
stomach trouhk-H and ran Btl; nation I
hnvo ever Hold." Bay? .1. it. C iilltnun,
n drucnrlst of Pottervllle. MIc h. Thoy
are eoy to take und always g Ive wit-
isiaction. l rcu my ciiHiojnen w irjr
them nnd If not satisfactory 1 o come
hack and not their iminey. hi it have
never had u complaint." Kor. Hnte hy
The Modern I'hurnmcy.
'mill, ono Bash
flour mill, two
ed stores, eight
stores, three
Broke Her Leg a by Pall.
Mrs, Sarnh Snow on Uut 'I'hurHilay
mnrnlng while on tho' wnlk at tho
home of J. II. LewlH, sllppl and fell,
breaking her right lofc almvo the
knoe. Drs. Corpron unit Kline set
tho frocttiru and tho liuly, who la C5
yearn old, Ih reported to bo getting
along nicely. She Ih at the homo of
Mr. LewlH where hIio barf ltcou Htay
lug for Homo time.
Wo aro able to fit iwyno wing ma
chine with needles, On July J, wo.
will give away a Charter Oak No,'8
steel rantro. A ticket Riven with
every tl cnah purchase.
Wyjvnb Ijlnw. Co,
ream Vermikye
IW1II or MITtlO. I
tmi aiNuiNf pntpaaiD IT tar
Ballard-Snow Linimen t tZo
ex. LOUIS, MO.
told l;clrcnmrr.dU by McdtmJ'liain ty
xc-v '
vri ill D M Yi
j. JI L,VUl l""W
Is mm i.
U. er rUOUMr-
HV so .. . i- lM
V- nantnuP P UUCCM 'rA&
mp rumiunu a ij".'i-,,
ccnistiiui ("in"'
Opera House
January 9
Greatest Effort
A Revelation in Slory
Plot, Cast and Scene.
The lluiliwm Jtlver liy Mnnnlfjlit
Tlie llluniiiiatt-cl Toy Store
1 Utllo Chunli Aniiind Ilie Corner
Popular Price
I'Iowm. Miiwom
a Bgwii w qji s
W 0 lumiuiuiuiiiiuiuiuiuiiuuiuinawaimu iiwiwiiiuiiiK
CottaieGrov i Ciar Factory
Tlie CG.. Brand, a Straight ioc Cigar id. m. Weils shoes
THOSl. conger
Oppasite Depot.
Stoves and Tinware 1
Aiii'IctiUtirnl InHlelHts
... i
nml ll'iki'M. Sow iweniH " 11 "
l-'ull Stock ot Mining .Suii1Uh.
The London loni-rul Merchiiiullwi
Htoru wlnli to aniiouiHK to tho lmylnjr
imlillc that they now have a very
compli'Ui MtoeU ol tlenurul .MerchiiliillHO
which they Inti nd HellliiB '.' l'ir cent
ier cent liclow all rompi'tltlim.
Wo purchaHO our hoimIh In liiro
.... . ,. I Iriltiilill-rM.
lltinllllllOH UiniHBll rami"
pay ciimIi tor all wo nuy, uuvu uu i
roiitH, no liiHuranco ratcn to pay,
coiitteiiuuntly can wll very cheap.
Think ol CLAY Woroteil HultH.
St $7.50 to $9.00
High (JriuloOooilii anil other llnoH
ol UeaOy Maile ClothlnK " NentCHt up-to-Uato
Htyle at prleeH that will Hinprlhu
icrvowiiBS &
Proprietor!) ol
..,TIie Miners Sup
Our llueoIJAI. I). WcIIh HIiooh nro j
tho heat wearer on tho inarkut ami at
prlcw that cannot 'ho eiiualled.
Try our Uonht CorfeuH, tho hoHt
llnvor iiikI will pIciiho you.
London, Oregon.
Our Vlotto: Good Goods f ?r Lw Pricea
General Mcrc?ianiise, Miners' Too,
's and Ammunition.
L. L i I).
Of Wavcrly. Texn , wrlU .
moi-nli.K, wlien llr it rU ,,X
lln.l a troul.leBOn collott I iilv
p i criii wlilcli prod ac w-r,- .
U very hard to -Hh o1ko ;
ipmiitlty ol Dull ' 1U 1 "'
Hyrup will at otic dlHlo.lli o It. a u
tlio trouhlo Ih ove r. 1 k " ''".
ineillclno that Ih e l' l" Vnoit co -
so pleaBant to talti I ' '"HiHQ1
ilially recominmnl It to al .
, eeilfnK a inodlolu. .for U'W '
trouhlo." '1'hoMo poru i'lmrmucy,
Machine Shop Open.
Ilavlni; eeciirol control of tho
Luthani mauhliui Hhop, I will liu pro
pared to do all UludH ni mauhlno and
Jreneriil repair work Metnl turnlntr,
llttlni?aud ailJUHtlnn ol machinery.
Prompt and caroliil attoutlon Klven
oidoiH. V. I). While. tt
Clint V.. Stownrl returned Monday
from Kukciiu where ho had heen ou
i -