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jL Uy Pun I Dc Loncy jfc
1 ydji Author of "l.rilif the Desert," "Orreion Sheteiies," i rllfchJ
fcjTrvJ nnl oilier Pniltlc Shirks Wfw
t'llAl'I'lilt XVIII Continued
Mm (numl It VNcHiit anil cntnriid
Tim bunas Hern poorly fiirnliiliril, and
wiiilltl liitvii in'tfi iiriiiioiini'Kil ii u 111 In
iimi hy girls imlur different con
illlloua Iriiiu tlinaa whhli IibiI mir
rounded HrfiiknlM'a life, hut alio km
Hceunlmiied til Urn fl'lieriitrii and lliui
hiivk niul viewed thlnga hii lliey vlewoi!
1 1 if in .
Tlirro win it rrmln (Ircplaro and some
dry driftwood, lint Ilin girl knew Unit
tlm non thlirn went In clu proximity
mill woiilil probably he driven linrn
nml li" Ion r i'l to kimllo Urn whirl
woiilil give warning o( lior preacnce
Wirt rolled herself In tlin dingy liril
clothing ill tlm mint decent BipnrlriK
hunk mill atUnmted tii un to sleep
Hhe expected to awaken before dawn
when plin hoped the atorm would have
mibaltlnl unit tho might llml Dan about
I In- leland.
Hiw loon aim had lain there aim lia
not tlm hunt to verify. Imt alio was
awakened f rem a half dozing statu liy
voices litim tlm otltaldi). Theao roan
loivti Ilin atiinn which lieat upon tlm
f rnll atructuie with mi appalling nolan
As (liny annrtMched nearer and nearer
aim knew that alio waa about to have
Hankala had ollen visited the ol
ahaik Hiid knew ol a lltllo loll In the.
cook room ol tlm atructurn whom flh
einien ollnii stored lliolr net. Taking
two ol tho old nullta with her she
vient into the adjoining room am
t'limlied Into Ilin lolt.
I ho aoiilhahlcra lieiian to enter tho
plain (nun all direction!. They lift'
.been driven odium hy tho itorin am!
naiurally took rcfiu'e In tin ramp
Thoy soon had a crackling fire In Hi
llreplarn, and lieiraii illrciimlnn tho
daya' ovenla In loud voices. Hankala
waa 1 1 1 11 eiianlrd to learn what hail
taken place on their aide ol the fight
Hut what ahe wished to know above all
other Ihliurt waa not spoken. The
name ol Dan I-ailiam waa not men
The atorm continued throughout the
entile night. - The men talked, aang
and ewoio. Home tried to aleep, while
others planned for the following day
Morning dawned upon the atorm at
ita height. It waa nearly mltltlay be
fore It eubaidrd. The aea did not lw
come ralm enough lor the email tlahlng
lioata until lain In the afternoon. It
waa then that the men began to leav
the place fur another attack upon the
Hankala had heard their plana
They thought they could reach the
tiapi ami deatroy them before the
iiorlhildera could come to their defenae.
It waa then the second afternoon alnco
the war had begun, and the aoutheldere
began their attack. The 'northaldeia
were on the alert and acclng tho move
in en t ot the enemy came like an ara
lanche to meet them.
Hankala waa compelled to remain In
concealment, though ahe could eeo what
waa going on through a crack in the ill
lapidated tool. Hho saw th men "cut
ler on both aldea and readied Ilin plan
of attack, and tho mannei ol dofenae.
Tlm aoiithaldvra had divided Into
rquada, aa they had planned to deatroy
the trapa at one fell awoop, while the
nrirthalldera divined their purpose and
not tlinin accordingly.
Ktialn her eyea na alio would tho girl
could not dlatinguiah one from another
aiiiiiuir her (rifiids. They wero an far
nwny that they looked like sin-cka upon
tlm Miller.
The ami went down upon tho content
nnta with hnnora divided almost equal
ly. They had practically abandoned
their fire anna, and wero cnpigtsl in r
liniid-tii-hand light with their omri
Thrro wan murder 111 tho lien its of
only a few on either aide, and but few
ahota weru uicliunged. The caaualtien
wele llglit In tho afternoon engagement.
Aa darknoaa cloaed In, Hankala waa
about to como from her hiding place
and attempt an escape (mm the inland.
Hut alio heard a number of tho south
alders returning to tho alinrk, find aoou
learned from their talk that they had
boon atrongly reinforced, and that oth
er were coming.
Tho nei a of the number wounded in
tho former daya' engagement had
reached the aouth shuro und tho (labor
men roao up in their fury, Joined by
many ouUddo (rienda, and aworu that
they would come in uulllricnt numbein
to aweep tho river and bay of tho
iiorthaldo tlahermon and their trap.
Hankala leurnod that they Intended
to renew the attack at midnight, at
which time tholr relnforcementa would
arrive in larger boata, armed to com
ploto the woik, and that it waa their
determination to win at any cost of
property or life.
How to glvo the warning to her
friends, waa the question. Tho plot
ters remained in tho shack while run
nera were aent In different dlrectiona to
organize the men for the midnight ad
vance. OIIArTKK XIX.
A Traitor At the Helm,
The train pulled Into Knlanm short
ly aflor dark. It waa n rpeclul char
tered by tho atitto. Tho eherilT of I'u
clllo county waa thoro to moot It nml
hnd been waiting muny hours. Mat.
tore managed by itato arc always de
layed. Kalama la on tho hanks of tho Co
lumbia rlvor and also on tho lino ot
railroad that croeeus Irom north to
An old fashioned boat was tied up
at the decaying and totteilng wharf,
A dark form nat In tho pilot house
looking out at the crowd as It emerged
from the train. A dangor light hung
from tho port aldo, and at tho ap
proach of tho train, dark smoke, In
tormlniiled with bright rod sparks,
hot skyward from tho smoko-stack,
"Contemptible tin-soldlorsl" mut
turod tho man In the pilot house.
"Fine lot ol dudes como here lo shoot
down our fishermen. Ilut they will
not shoot them tonight."
Then lie turned tho pilot whee
back and forth to aea that tho rudder
waa In woi king order. Tho boat gave
a lurch ami trembled as If frlghluiioi
at being dlaturbrd while swinging ac
quietly to its mornings.
"I will give theao assaaaltis a trip
for their money tonight, mutloiet
Ilin man at tlm wheel in meditative
tmioa. "When they find tlm (labor
men limy win Ira no alck ol the aea
that thoy will do well lo hand!
themaelvea let alono a gun."
A company of the stain nations
guard illeil on the train at the com
maud of their olllror, Captain Hud
long. Tho ehcrlf! of tho county let
dm way to tlm lioat. Tho aoliliera ha
roine under indellnlte orders as
time and brought along a sufficient
amount of luggage for a alegn. Moat
of ihe men wero clorka In atorca, an
some n( wealthy men who had Joined
Ihe guard for a good time and they
were poorly drilled. It required more
than an hour to got their baggage
aimanl the boat. The man In tho pllo
houao watched tlioin patiently. II
dlil not care how long the) were kci
there. He waa out lor delay and
would just as lle( have It at ono poll
aa another.
The pilot ol a Columbia river boa
la universally called "captain." II
la acquainted with tho river aa ono I
acquainted with his own neighbor
hood. Ho knows every enag in the
rivor ami oiery point, aa Is required
ol a river pilot.
When the soldiers wein aboard
waa (ound that It only contained tit
pilot, engineer and one deck-hand
There waa no one to Instruct the olll
cera aa to tho point at which tho fiah
el men were assembled,
'Tills la strange," remarked th
shorn: to captain liuuiong. "I rx
pected a man here to give ua the In
formation as we should proceed. We
will go aloft and Inquire of tho cap-
The boat was now pulling at Its
moorings. The stoam waa up and the
captain waa trying the wheel. It was
a aUrn-wheeler and the great, wet
thing turned over like a sea monater
as the long arms Irom the cngiue-ioom
played on the crank at Its axis.
The aherlfi and military commander
airrnded the little Iron atalrway which
led to tho roof ol the boat and ap
proached tlm pilot houao.
worry, gentlemen, but you can't
enter, said the pilot.
Ilut tills la the commander of the
militia and he wishee to direct the
couree of the boat when the ecene of
the trouble la reached," aald the aher
I lie government regulations pro
hibit all peraona eirept the captain
Irom riding in the pilot house," salt!
Ilia pilot. "ilesldcs, there Is no
necessity for It. I know where th
fishermen are and will take you to
them. Thsy am a harmless, hard
working act ot (ellovis like myrelt and
will give you no trouble. They will
disperse as noon as they see us com
hy hnvo tho owners of the boat
which wo have chartered through tho
state sent a southsldcr as a pilot
Inquired tho sherllt.
Ik-cause there Is not a man on the
north side of the river whom tho own
ers would risk with tho bout," was th
pilck reply.
Tho mcietary of state had wired i
big company at Portland to supply tho
iiillitln Willi a bunt to convey it to tin
neat of tho trouble between the flrh
ermeii of the t'Ao states and which tho
northalde state chartered for an in
definite time. The steamboat men all
lived on the south side ot tho river,
ilio Hen pints all being on that side
In sending out a boat under an cnu'r
gen 17 tho company had picked up a
Hot who was rclatod to and more 01
eas identified with tho southslde flth
Ho knew ol tho proposed midnight
attack ot his friends upon tho north
aiders and did not Intend to leach tho
actual scene of conflict In tiniu for In
tcrlerenco on the part of the militia.
llo hud Intentionally loft the repre
sentntive of tho northsido fishermen
who was to have accompanied tho ei
pedltlon as a soit ol scoot, on tho
south shore and was prepared to evade
a collision with tho belligerents until
lis friends should have the opportun
ity to do all tho damage thoy desired.
Tho olllcera knew that under the
government regulations they had no
Ight to enter the pilot house and niter
Instructing the rilot to convoy them
mmediatoly to tho seat of tho trouble
thoy ratired to the upper deck.
Ihe boat steamed down tho liver
like a thing ol life. Tho water was
aim and tho craft moved with tho
current without effort. Only the
swishing ot the wheol that propolled
the vessel broke tho silence ot tho
Whon onro out into the river tho
pilot gradually turned tho none of tho
rraft In a southwesterly direction.
Tho Coluhlnia widens her channol as
sho approaches tho ocean until she
reaches the width of over fifteen miles.
It appeared as a wldo sea to tho 0(11
corn and soldiers and tho flickering
lights on tho north and south shores
looked like so many stars lining tho
distant horUon.
An hour aftor midnight had been
reached. Tho ofllcem hnd ascended to
tho pilot house and asked impatient
"I cannot bo responsible for tho de
layed train," ropliod tho pilot, "My
boat is doing her best and will got you
thoro as soon as possible."
Ho was now to lha south of tho
eaBtorn point of Hand island. He had
discovorcd tho dark outline ol the boats
ot his frlonds lying In tho shadow of
the island shore. To tho south he saw
another Una of dark shadows which ho
knew was tho flotilla ot reinforce
ments. He could not account tor this
except an unforecen delay which often
attends the organization ol forces.
Ono thing ho did know, and that
' was that he would never take the
soldiers whero thoy could Intel fare
with his friends so long as ho could
avoid It.
Hudik'iily a fishing host was discov
ered In front of the vessel. Tlm oc
cupant of tho llttlo craft waa waving
an oar frantically ovorliead U attract
the pilot. Ho signalled tho engi
neer to roverse tho lever and tho wheel
began to pull back against the current
which was taking tho boat rapidly to
ward the ocean,
Tho officers down salra rushed upon
deck to ascertain tlm cause of the boat
coming to a halt. They soon discov
ered tho figure In tho (lulling boat and
went to tho point where the small craft
waa about to collide with tho larger
With an care brought about by years
ol experience on the water theWlguro in
tho arnall boat guided the little craft
alanalde the linger veanel and the two
com 11 together without acarcely a Jar.
A rope ladder was thiown over the
aldo of the largo vessel and tho form
left the fishing boat and glided up the
(rail atalrway like n shadow.
"Why, it's a woman a girl!" said
Captain liudlong as she stepped on tho
"Yes, It Is Hankaial" said the sheriff
as he recognized the girl.
(To t contlnu4)
DUIl Orlilnalrd In Hun Franclaco and
Nnl In China.
If people can be required to pay roy
alties on gold teeth that they bavo
worn (or years, and on driven wells
from which the Ir (allien bare drunk
before them, there would seem to bo
no reaaun why they might nut hare to
pay them 011 copyrighted dishes which
they hare long ngo eaten and dlgraUd,
aaya the New Vork Mall. There la a
Han Kninrlioo Chliinmmi In town who
claims to hnvu a copyright on the dish
cnlliit chop auey, ami ho wants bis
buck royalties aa well aa his front
It must bo explnlnrd first of all, that
chop auey la not a Chinese dlah. This
la no news even to amateur Oriental
ists, but probably It la to the nvrrago
American citizen. It la a Han I'ran
rlsixi Invention, or rather adaptation;
It la an Irish atew translated Into Chi
nrae for purely occidental deguatatlon.
Wits Ita uaual black Ignorance of ori
ental ways, tho American public ac
cepted It at once as the Chinese na
tional dish, upon which the son of
heaven and his Imperial houaebold are
suppoaed to dine every day. Kven
American ofllclala were surprised when
I'rlnce I'u I.un blandly Inquired In
Chinatown the other day: "What Is
chop auey?"
Oriental or occidental, It la a good
dlah. It constitutes a ration In which
a nice balance has hn reached be
tween the animal nml the vegetable.
between protein and mere bulk. If
Mr. I.em Hen, of Han I'ranclaco. can
establish hl copyright on the line of
tho dish for the future, he may becomo
a millionaire, honorably and utcfullr.
If be succeeds In making his patent re
troactive he will produce a certain dis
tress In regions where the Ingredients
ot the Itself have seldom wrought
any disturbance.
The Girth at Man Incrrmlnjf.
All excellent Illustration of tho talus
of records has been anorded lately re
tarding the question of physical degen
eracy. A firm In the north of ICnglund
Ii:in compared the mrnnirements for
clothing made two generations ugo
with thine of today, tLe results going
to show that elicit nnd hip measure
ment are now three Inches on the nv-
erngo more than they were sixty years
ago. The name conclusion Is reached
by the exiM-rleneo of the ready-made
clothiers. These facta, whatever may
ho their geueriilltj , do not quite dis
pose of tlie iiui'Mion of degeneracy.
They are what we should expect from
tho more nhuiidniit nnd cheaper food
of the people, their better housing nnd
Improved sanitary surrounding; hut
the testimony regarding the untltness
of recruits and progressive lack of
Mniulna In town, and especially manu
facturing, populations cannot be disre
garded. The girth of man may he In
creasing, but. like n fatting hog, Is not
corpulency bringing clumsiness?
Limit or Laziness.
Two darkles lay sprawled on the
leveo on a hot day. Moses drew a long
sigh and said, "lleey-n-h-hl Ah wish
Ah had .1 hundred watermelllons!"
Tom's eyes lighted dimly. "Hum-
yn-hl Dat would suttenly be fine. An'
ef yo' had a hun'ed watcrinellloni
would yo' gib me fifty?"
'.So. Ah wouldn't gib yo' no fltty
"Wouldn't yo' gib mo twenty-flve?"
"No. Ah wouldn't gib yo' no twen
Seems tcr me youso powabful
stingy, Mose. Wouldn't yo' wouldu'l
yo' gib 1110 one?"
"No. Ah wouldn't gib yo' one. I,ook
hyoh, nlggah, are yo' so good-fer-nuf.
(in lazy dat yo' riilhn't wish to' yo'
own watermelllons?'
How Celluloid Is Made.
Celluloid, the chemical compound
which bears so close a rescmblanco to
Ivory, Is a mixture ot collodion and
camphor, invented In 1853 by Porko
slue, of Birmingham, whoso name for
time it bore. Tho process of manu
facture Is us follows: Cigarette paper
soaked In u mixture of nitric and
sulphuric acids until It becomes nitro
cellulose. After thorough washing, to
freo It from the acids, this cellulose Is
dried, mixed with a certain quantity
of camphor, and coloring matter If re-'
qulrfd, and then passed through a roll- '
er mill. It Is next formed Into thin
sheets by hydraulic pressure and after
ward broken up by toothed rollers and
soaked for somo hours In alcohol, A
further pressure and a hot rolling proc
ess finish It, and results in lvory-llko
sheets half au Inch thick.
Not Up to Date.
"Mamma," said tho pretty fluffy-
Jin I rod girl, "I think I ought to go to
cooking school, don't you?"
It Isn't necessary, my dear," replied
tho mother, "I can teach you to cook."
But that would never do, mamma,"
protested tho fair daughter, "you only
know how to cook tho ordinary thlugs
that people really eat."
Opinions of
Clicnp Prcnthnr Mnko Ui -up Oiurcuct
AT a recent church conf"renr-e, held In 0110 of the
Western Hliites, It develiipiil Unit several of the
ministers received leas than $.KXI n year each. A
few wero paid tISO, while 0110 whs struggling to save
souls on a snlnry of (I'M a year. In the llglit of these ills
closures the frequently deplored scarcity of ministers Is
not so much of n mystery as some have considered It.
Added to the terrors of the donation party, such niggardly
salaries are enough to deter the bravest man from entering
tho ministry.
Men capable of being preacher enn earn more In almost
any other vocation, mid no innti who is not capable Is fit
to preach the gospel. It la possible, of course, that some of
these poorly pnld clergymen receive nil their services are
worth. In such cases the church and the community would
he better off If they were to put their talents to some other
Tho church cannot thrive upon cheap preaching, any
more thon a school can flourish upon cheap teaching. The
railways and tho great financial mid Industrial concerns
of the country employ none hut the
they pay the highest price for It. The
of the gospel Is worthy of his hire;
ho sufficient to maintain him In accord
his calling. Chicago Journal.
Carcfulnesi and Cnglncerx.
ONIJ reads, almost dally, accounts of an accident that
lias occurred upon some steam or elevated railway. In
which n number of people have been killed or Injured,
through n rear-end collision. What Is the cause of the
frequency of these catastrophes? This
answered by tho single word carelessness. And the blame
generally Is ntttibutnble to tho negligence of the engineer
at tho throttle or the controller bar, as tho enso may he. It
Is due tho public that every preruutlon should be observed
to insure safety In travel, and It Is doubtless a moral duty
that devolves upon the officials of railway corporations to
employ only competent men as cnglnccra or motormen.
Competency does not merely mean the ability to run a
locomotive or train of cars, for there arc other qualifi
cations of far more Importance required
the lives of persons in their care. The first nnd most Im
portant rt-qulslto which an engineer should possess Is care
fulness, and until this Is the standard of qualification,
manslaughter, which Is now generally termed accident, will
continue at the present rate.
There are comparatively fewer collisions and accidents
In Knilanil than In this country, as can be shown by sta
tistics. Is It because greater care Is observed In the selec
tion of engineers, or Is It that the men nr better tralned7
At any rate, our railway accidents are too numerous, and
they must be reduced. Make care the motto of every
engineer so employed, and a solution of the problem will
be found. The American Inventor.
Squelch the Student Rioters.
COLLEGE students all over the country to-day are
nursing broken heads and bruised bodies. The sym
pathy that Is being extended to them wouldn't com
fort a sick cat The day may come when students
wilt cease making asses of themselves, but the hope of the
thing is pretty near dead.
ltlotous 'Tech' students In Boston attacked the police
and were pounded. Sophomores and freshmen at the Uni
versity of Illinois had a fight. One student was seriously
Injured and now lies on a hospital cot. Others were bat
tered and bruised. Four students living on the North Side
of Chicago played pranks with tombstones, things ordinari
ly held sacred by all but savages, and when the fun of
the thing palled they smashed the windows of a passing
trolley car with stones, winding up their peculiarly student
like actions by attacking a citizen. These precious young
sters were given a chance to cool off In a cell.
The people are too prone to wink at the deviltry of
students. It's called high spirits and animal energy and n
lot ot other rot about lack of criminal Intent Is Indulged
In. This sort of stuff breeds riot The students, every
one of whom has reached the age of moral responsibility.
I l l 1 1 I I I I H I I I I I llli I I I I H
When tho "tenderfoot" first strikes
the desert country ho is surprised to
learn that ho Is expected to pay for
tho water ho uses for himself and for
his beast. A little Inter, says the au
thor of "The Mystic Mid-Region." he
becomes Indignant upon finding him
self unable to purchaso even a small
quantity because of the extreme cau
tion of the proprietor of some desert
well where ho has expected to replen
ish his stock ot water.
It is not an unusual happening tor
the desert traveler, who has tolled
hours over the burning sands after his
supply of water has been used up, to
find the desert dweller unwilling to
spare a drop of his scanty supply. Not
all desert wells are dependable, nnd
souietlnu-s the solitary dweller of the
oasis Muds his supply exhausted. He
then has to haul nil tho water ho uses
forty or tlfty miles until such tlmo
aa tho w!nttr ruins come to replenish
tho vein which feeds his well.
Men tortured hy thirst become des
perate. A thirsty man knows no law
save that ot might. Not long ago a
respectable citizen of a little Califor
nia town had occasion to cross the
desert at a point where water holes
wero few nnd fur apart He depended
upon obtaining water at a certain
ranch, established at one of tho oases
on his route, and when he arrived thoro
ho and his gutdo nnd burros were In
sad condition, having been several
hours without water. He gavo his
guldo n live-dollar gold piece and told
him to see tho rancher and purchaso
tho water necessary to carry them to
tho next watering place. It happened
Unit tho rancher's well was In danger
ot going dry, nnd he declined tho mon
ey. Ho refused to pnrt with any wa
ter. Pleadings wero unavailing, und
tho guide returned to his employer nnd
reported his inability to make a deal.
Tlicti tho staid iiltlzen arose, and, with
n ten-dollar gold piece In ono hand
and a revolver In tho other, sought tho
"There Is ten dollars for the water, If
you will sell It," ho said, "and If uot,
Ishnll take It, anywayl Now which
hall It bo?"
Thero was but ono reply to an argu
ment ot that kind; tho rancher sulkily
accepted tho money, tho brackish wa
ter was drawn from the well, and tho
journey was soon resumed. As a re
sult of this transaction, however, the
rancher was obliged to tako a forty.
mllo Journey over tho desort and back,
to replenish bis water supply from an
other welL
Great Poocrs on Important Subjects.
nt the University
lias) Japan
nation can
highest ability, nnd
average minister
termined by
nnd his hire should
endurance of the
cost of the wsr to
with tho dignity of
question may be
of those who carry
Lawyer Telia How He Saved
Clleut a Lot of Trouble. -"Our
cleverest work," said the old
lawyer remlnisccntly, "Is not always
done In court"
"No?" said tho young man Inquir
ingly. "Possibly you could give an
"L'ndoubtexlly I could," replied the
old lawyer. "In fact, I was thinking
ot the case ot an Irascible old fellow
who once kicked a servant out ot the
bouse. I believe there was a differ
ence of opinion ns to tho amount ot
wages the man was entitled to. At
any rate, the testy old gentleman put
himself In the wrong when he ejected
the man with violence of both lan
guage nnd action and the man was
smart enough to know It
"He hunted up a lawyer Immediate
ly anil put tho case In his hands and
then I was called In. The wrathy old
fellow was mad clear through and he
was going to fight the case all tho way
up to tho highest court and back again
If necessary. Ho was a personal
friend of mine and I didn't want to
sec him waste his money foolishly, so
I advised him to compromise it
" 'Not If he offers to compromise
for 10 conts," ho asserted vociferously.
'I'll fight this case clear to the limit
no matter what It costs.'
"I argued with him, but It waa no
use. He'd pay ine anything I wanted
to fight the case, but be wouldn't pay
the plaintiff a cent. I would have been
Justified under tho circumstances In
going ahead and letting him run Into
a lot of expensive and useless litiga
tion, but I didn't like to do It So I
went to see tho lawyer on the other
side. Ho knew ho bad a good case,
but-he also know tliat my client had
lots of money and could make a pro
longed and costly fight. Consequent
ly he was Inclined to bo reasonable.
He hunted up bis client and talked It
over with him and tho client said be
would compromise for $23. His law
yer mado n reasonable charge and I
closed with on the spot and paid
"Then I went back to my client, told
htm I had put up such a bluff that he
never would hear of the case again,
turned In a bill that covered tho cost
of the settlement I bad effected and
ho paid It without a murmur. He
sometimes speaks to me now of the
clover work I did In that case, but ha
doesn't know how clever It really was
and what a lot ot cash It saved him."
Now York Press.
Whonovor wo eeo a woman wnlklrur
up the street with several children and
a valise, wa wonder who Is going to
draw her.
strengthens their vandal desires with the very weakness of
tho public view. When they are taught that the laws of
decent conduct ore for them ns for others and that the
penalty falls on all alike there may be some chance of
The shining heights of student asstnlnlty were reached
of California. Tho students ot "war
tactics'' rebelled became they wero to ho taught to march.
They would take the truly royal road to learning. Could
there ho an exhibition of more consummate Idiocy than that
of n lot of youngsters who would learn the science of war
without going through the preparatory school of the sol
dier? What they need Is two hours' "setting up" drill In
the sun without a single "In place rest" order.
College students may bo too old to be spanked, but the
hard band ot authority ought to do something In the pun
ishing line and that quickly. Chicago Post.
the Money for a Long War?
wage a protracted war unless It pos
sesses an abundance of cash. In the long run It Is
possible that tho conflict In the Far East will be de
"hard cash" as much as by the valor and
victor. For the fiscal year 1004-05 the
Japan la estimated at J2S4,000,CXX). This
outlay has already been provided for by the Japanese Par
liament, which has authorized an Internal loan of $101.
000.000 and treasury orders to the amount of $15,000,000.
The balance Is to be raised by Increased taxation.
How long can Japan stand such an expenditure? The
Russian press Is almost unanimous In declaring that It Is
the unalterable purpose of the Czar'a government to con
tinue the war until Itussht Is victorious. That may mean
a war of several years' duration. Evidently the Japanese
realize that there Is to be a prolonged conflict, for the
Mikado, In congratulating his soldiers for their valor In the
series of battles which compelled Kuropatkln to give up
Llao Yang, frankly stated that the end ot the war was a
long way off. If Japan can get the money there seems to
be no question of Its ability to fight the Russians on equal
terms. Ilut will the financiers of Europe keep the Japanese
government In funds? Will the British allies of Japan be
ready to furnish loan after loan, on the theory that the
Japanese are fighting Great Britain's battlea as well as
their own? This Is a phase of the war which must give
the Mikado's government no little concern, for, after all,
the loirgest purse and not the most brilliant strategy may
prove the dsclslve factor, unless the Japanese conduct an
aggressive winter campaign and destroy or capture the
mala Russian army. Baltimore San.
Fore it Growing In Prairie States.
TIIB American Government Bureau of Forestry bas
selected two widely separated sections of the treeless
area ot the West for a study in artificial forestry dur
ing the present season. A field force Is at work
studying tho soils and the kind of timber best adapted
to the States of Illinois and the two Dakotas, the former
being a low, level prairie for the most part, and the latter,
a high table-land, but both without trees, except along the
streams. There bas been considerable private tree planting
In both States, chiefly, however, on a small scale, and for
purposes ot shade and shelter for farm buildings.
The Forestry Bureau la making a study of the subject
with a view to the encouragement of tree planting on a
more extensive scale. Two purposes are to be furthered
by this: one, the growth ot timber suitable for fuel, fencing
and building purposes, and the other, the gradual growth
of timber shelter belts at Intervals sufficient to break the
force of the fierce winds that sweep across these plains.
Some experiments In this line have demonstrated two very
Important benefits, the one being that the winter wheat
protected by these shelter belts survives, where otherwise
It would be blown bare and killed. The other demonstrated
advantage Is that In the drouth seasons tho sheltered land
retains moisture much longer than that which la wind
swept As great portions of the treeless sections of the
American West hare a deficient rainfall at best, the Im
portance of retarding evaporation can hardly be over-estimated.
Philadelphia Bulletin.
The Last Htraw.
Mr. narrtman wnnM linvn Hfced to
employ the half-hour spent In the last j
tram to Paradise Corner In reading
the evening news, but behind him sat
a pair of giggling girls.
"Father thinks the Russians haven't
the ghost of a chance," ho beard.
"Really!" said the second voice.
"M-m; that's what he thinks, and
father knows a lot He's a splendid
weather prophet you know."
"Oh, yes and be always can tell
tho way the elections are coming out
for mayor and president and the school
board, and everything."
"Really 1"
"Yea, and he's pretty generous to
me, too. He gave me the money for
ono of those new long coats to-day.'
"Yes. And oh, did you know every'
thing Is to be brown this season?
Thafs what my cousin says."
"My dear." said Mr. Harrlman, as
he wearily submitted to his wife's
evening salutation and fell Into the
nearest chair, "I am worn out There
was a girl behind me In the car who
said. 'Really!' somewhere near a thou
sand times."
Mrs. Harrlman laid a cool and sooth
ing band on his brow.
"Oh, not really I" she said, as she
smoothed the wrinkle between bis eye
New Gun of Vast Power.
The Inventor ot tho new American
gun Is a man named J. Hamilton
Brown, though the work of construct
ing this particular six-Inch experimen
tal piece Is In charge of Colonel John
M. Ingalls, retired, U. S. A., an artil
lerist of high standing and reputation.
Despite the incredulity of contem
porary gun builders Colonel Ingalls
and the officers with him assert that
this slx-lnch gun will throw thirty
miles a projectile weighing 100 pounds,
which will plerco a slx-lnch steel tar
get A ten-Inch gun of this construc
tion, with a powder chamber of 14,250
cubic inches and using 300 pounds of
smokeless powder, would hurl a 000
pound projectile a distance of fifty
nine miles.
Increasing this ratio, a slxteen-lnch
gun would have an extreme range of
more than 100 miles, and equipped
with such coust defense rifles England
and Franco could shell each other
across the channel,
It a gltl Is popular sho enters ber
married life with a salad stomach, aa
tho result of parties given In her hon
or, Uotiulno uus witn new shoes, and
then talk about "happy brides" If you
Not Bo Varlona as Woman's bat Bub
J act to Chang.
"We hear a good deal about the va
rlous styles In which women dress
their hair," said the barber, "but w
don't hear much said about th styles
In which men wear their balr.
"Vet men do have styles In this re
gard which they follow closely, though
they do not change their styles 10 fr
quently as women do theirs, nor are
their styles so various. They are, In
deed, confined mostly to changes In the
"Two or three years ago, ns you will
remember, It waa the fashion for man;
to part their hair In the middle, ami;
this was the fashion very commonly
followed, and by many eldsrly aa well!
as by young men. There were many
older men not adverse to following
the fashion of the younger men to
make themselves more Ilka the young
er man In appearance, and then many
an older man found that hy parting
his hair In the middle be was enabled
to cover up the bare spots that time
had brought to his temples, and ho
took kindly to the fashion on that ac
count "So parting the hair In the middle
was really the prevailing fashion, and
men, old and young, wearing their
hair In that manner wera to be met
on very hand. But now a man with
his hair so parted la but rarely soen
pretty much every man now parta his
hair on the side, and a man, old Of
young, with hair parted in the middle
would attract attention.
"Men have Individual ways In the
wearing of their balr, as, for example,
some men who think long hair Is be
coming to them may wear their ball
long, and some men with naturally
curly hair may not try very hard to
comb It out straight There are men
who follow their fancies as to how
they shall wear their hair. Just ai
there are some women who disregard
the style and wear their hair In the
manner they believe to be most be
coming to them; but as to the part
the prevailing style for men now Is to
have that on the side.
"Women say that men look better
with their hair parted on the side than
In the middle, but I don't think this
has anything to do with making the
style, for most men consider them
selves attractive anyway, and I look
In due time to sea the middle part be
come fashionable again.
"As a matter of fact tht aide part,
which Is the natural part for men,
does prevail In the long run, taking a
long series of years; but men like a
change, and the middle part pleaset
their vanity, or In some cases sarres
a purpose, and It will no doubt com
In again, to last at least for a while.
Men change their ways of wearing
their hair Just aa they change the
styles of the shoe they wear." Nor
York Sun.
The Archbishop of Canterbury ap
pealed recently for funds to restore the,
Bell Harry Tower of Canterbury Ca
thedral as it la suffering from "griev
ous external decay." The cost of re-
pairs will amount to no less than $50,.
500, which Includes $5,000 for scaffold.
Ing alone, and $15,000 more will b
needed for other repairs. The bell
tower was finished In 1405 and la 233
feet high.
Mammoth Caves lu France.
One of the strangest holiday resorts,
and one of the most Interesting, Is that
recently made accessible to tho publla
at Padlrac, In the Department of Lot,
France. There a wonderful aeries of
caverns, containing magnificent stal
actites and a subterranean lako and
river, has yielded Ita secrets to the ad
venturous explorer, and the dangers
of the visit have now been Ingeniously
reduced, so that the average slgbtseet
may traverse these "antres vast" with
case and safety.
For ages the caves remained abso
lutely unexplored, but by the enter
prise ot M. Martel, a barrister, they
have been thoroughly examined and
described, and by means ot Iron stair
ways and galleries have been rendered
accessible. One vast crater-like open
ing is 300 feet In circumference, and
when M. Martel made bis first visit ta
tho depths he bad to descend on a
board attached to two ropes after the
manner of a swing. He went down
800 feet and, with several companions,
began an extraordinary series of dis
coveries. The chief ot these is an un
derground river, which he navigated
in a collapsible boat
Cheaper to lie In Jolt.
First Crook How's business?
Second Crook Slow. Dcro's such a
lot of ofllclala lookln' for a rakeoff (less
days a feller can't hardly afford to
keep out o' Jail. Browning's Maga
Japan's Ilia; Illoe Crop.
Japan's rice crop for this year 1
estimated to exceed by 20 per cent the
average annual crop.
So far as we can see, a home on a
farm offers only one advantage ovei
Ine In town: The neighbors can't heai
the fussing.
There's no use denying that a mart
can tlx his moustache In a way thai
makes him look mighty fierce.