Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, November 30, 1904, Image 7

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Whether It U il llin Mow, lliruitt, stomach,
himnla, or morn (leltrato (ircnin, rntnrrli I)
olwayi debilitating ami thoiiti nover mil ol
tllrn ttnll.
It l ft illsclisriro from Dm mucous mem
brane when kept In a it Mo ol Inflammation
by an luipnr c. comriiuiiiy acroluloua, con.
(llllun ol ilia blood,
Hood's Sarsapar ilia
Cures nil for in ol catarrh, radically ami
ixrmaiiantljr t- It removes tin eaiiso and
uwcomea ill I ho eRncta, Oct llood'i.
llMlnr I'rrimtriiit.
The riiiikvlllo lluhiillng Hoeloly win
In regular kchkIoii, nml (I. Wntkliis
HiurIli)K was limiting mi i-nriiint pica
on I lio iillliiiuillvii slilo of llm (jui'xtlnii,
"Itrsolw.l, That man's nvciy net In tlii
result of ii tcllUli inollrc."
"I go further tlinii tlml, Mr, I'resl.
dent," tin mild, "About three-fourths
tf III" tiling II lllllll does lire IxYUUSM
he's I'IivIuiim of wliti t miiucliiiily else
does. Tint pliidinidi'd speaker Unit
had llio Hour last cm llin oilier alitu
lied like n pirate when ho sold "
Hern tlm president of thu society
rniK'tl on lint desk.
'"I'lio gentleman iniiat not iiso audi
language n a Hint," lio anlil,
"Why not)"
"llpi'fliiau It lan't parliamentary."
"It inny not ho parliamentary, Mr,
resident," voolferulod Mr. J. Wat
Llna Hpurllng, loosening IiIh collnr nml
rolllnic up hit sleeves, "lint by gum,
U'a congressional,"
A Tcmlicr'a Testimony.
Illnton, Ky Nov. 2H (Bpeclal) It
liaa Ioiik loii dnlmed that Dlsbolr It
Inciirnlile, hut Mr. H. J. Thompson,
teacher In Ilia Illnton school, has plrss.
Ink evidence to llin contrary. Mr.
Thompson had Dlalwtra. Ho took
Ilixl.l'a Kidney I'llla ami la cured. In
a statement lio makes legardlng lila
cum Mr. Thompson tnyti
"I waa troubled with my kidneys (or
morn than two years and itaa ttesled
hy two ol the boat doc toil III thla part
ol the slats. They claimed I had I)la
betes and thel aa I It t lo to be duno
lor mo. Tlirn 1 started lo ue Uodd'e
Kidney I'llla and what they did foi inu
waa Kondrrlul. It la entirely owing
to Hodd's1 Kidney I'llla that 1 arj now
enjoying good health."
Many doctoia still maintain that
Dlalwtea la Incurable. Hut Diabetes la
a kidney dlm-asu and tlio kidney disease
that Ilodd's Kidney I'llla will not cure
hai yet to bo discovered.
Tlio Clintiitrnlilc Mnn.
"Mr. Vulio says ho won't aco you,
mill Hint gciitlrinan'a clerk.
"When did you nak hi in J" Inquired
Mr. IlorroiiRha.
"Why, only a nilnule ago, of courae.'
"Welt, nak htm ngnln, won't you. He
may have chanced his mind alucc
then." I'hlladeliihla l'rcaa
for Infant and Children.
Tiia Kind You Have Always Bought
Door tho
Signature, of
WihmiiI mi' Slurried unit A.
Mr, (IqilJ Oli, have you heard tbe
tirwuj Miss Da 1-edger and tier fathrr'a
bookkeeper wcru secretly married all
uiontlia ago.
Mr. (labbDrarla met How did It
leak out?
Mm. (ladd Koine one overheard them
Forlimnehlal Irmii'ira Irr IMso'e Cure
for Coniiliiiptlnii. ti la triHid cough
idouiciiiv, ai uniaW". pries so renia.
Iln Coilgltml.
"No, boo," Mid thu liuaky beggar, "I
never asked iioIkmIv for inonev before.
"Vou didn't, eh?" reilk-d lliv fut little
man. "I don't believe you.
"l'nct. My came lino ulnaya been to
soak a mug wld n leail nine an tnko w'at
I want, and dat'a w'at I'll du ter you. If
yer don't couth up," Philadelphia
Mothers will find Mrs. Wliulow's Hoothtng
fljrrup the rumour iuuio lor ihotr cmiurcn
auruig mo teeming poriou.
Hlr Michael Hlcka-Hntch. who has
Itiii a member of the llrlllili limine of
Comniona more than forty year, will
leave public Ufa aud may be offered
lu tlio fall of 189s I contracted that fear
ful disease, Wood l'olson. It jjalncd tucli
headway that I waa forced to resign my
Kition nun aecic relict at 1101 spring.
After spending all thamcans I I w. ut
to Memphla. In less than three weeks I
was In n hospital, and nftcr nine weeks of
sulTcrlng I was discharged, an cunl. In
lew than a month every bono In iny body
rccmcd to bo affected and felt as if they
would break nt tho least exertion. Again
I was compiled to resign, and I returned
to tha hospital for a acven weeks etny.
When I camo out I was advised to try
fanning. When I first went on the fanul
prevailed, on tho only firm who handled
drugs to get ma ono dozen botttesof S. S.
8. At that time lxtli of my hands were
broken out wlthbllatcrsniidlwascovercd
with lioils and aorcs. In themeantlmomy
dnifglst had gotten two dozen bottles of
8. S. S. for me aud I began its use, and
after taking tho thirteenth bottle not a
sore or boil was visible, R. II. 1'owst.z
East gtli St., Little Rock, Arlc.
Of all human dlaeases, Contagious Blood
Folson la the most hideous and hateful.
Tho victim Is tortured with eatlnjr ulcers,
sores and abscesses, unsightly blotches,
eruptions and other symptoms of tho mis.
emtio disease. 8, 8. 8. has been used
successfully for nearly fifty years for
woiuagious iiioou
1'olson, It con
tains 110 mercury,
potash or other
mineral. Ourhome
treatment book
gives nil tlio symp
toms of this ills.
ease. Medical ad
vice free.
Tho Swift Speclflo Company, Atlcnta, Giu
LIJOmI Ooui Sjtui ViliJuooIl,lr
rVl In lima. Kl
Hloiiner for Hecentnele",
In tho iiiiijnrlly of tho InrKo cities
trliiui'iit Inwa huvn been cunrtcd In
ri'lnthui to tho atornKo of lulhiiiiiiiuhlu
lliiuliln, tho ninny
nerldclita duo to
ciircleaaneaa In
ImnillliiK tho 11I
making thla an
nbaolulo lieera
ally. In n grent
111 n 11 y fitctorlea
nml atoioH, whero
oils of nil klnda
urn uaed lu great
ijuuntlllf, proper
cnn Is not nl
wnya exorcised,
and tho receptn
clea In which they
alu kept generally
aro left with tho apout open or, per
hnpa, 1111 old cork, which should have
been discarded long before, aurvca aa
n stopper. Ilealdca being uncleanly, It
la through such cnruleaaneaa that fire a
atari, A Saw Orteuna mini hna pat'
ented a very good atoppcr tliat can be
attached to either metallic or wooden
receplnclea uaed for tho atorngo of
oil nml other flulda, tho uao of which
would overcome both of tho objections
atnted above. It la tapered to n point
nt lis lower end, with a llaligu of rub
ber or other yielding mnlerlnl fn stoned
on tint outside, so that when It la In
scried lu tho spout It will fit na tight
as ponalhlo uud prevent evaporation of
tho couleiitH of the receptacle, Tho
stopper Is pivoted 011 the end of a
rod, this rod being attached to n bar
fnatened to the receptacle, na shown
lu thu Illustration. A spring mado of
wire la wound around tlio bar, one end
reatlng agslnat n small handle designed
to pull open the atopper, white the oth
er end la secured to tho top of tho re
ceptacle, thla aprtlig keeping the atop
per In place In (mn tho receptacle la
tilted or upset. Projecting from tlm
lower end of tho atopper la n guide
rod, which extends Into tho apout, hut
la only partially withdrawn when the
atopper la pulled out. Thla guide rod
Insure the stopper being seated In the
apout, the weight of tho atoppcr, aug
mented by tho action of the spring
causing the whole to fall Into placo af
ter tho spout haa boon opened and tho
ijunntlty of lliiuld poured out.
The patentee la Kmll C. Htaudliigcr,
of New Orlenna, l,n.
Adjustable llrncket for Mirrors.
Ono mirror la seldom deemed
enough hy tho average woman for ar
ranging her dress n ml ntso for comb
ing thu hair, and Hint Is where the lit
tle hand mirror la convenient and use
ful. Its one drawback la tho fact that,
aa It takes one hand to hold It. It al
lows only tho use of tho other to work
with. In tho Illustration la shown a
aluiple adjustable attachment for a
small mirror, In conjunction with tbo
larger ono on tho bureau, enabling tho
former to be adjusted to any desired
position and also to compactly fold It
out of tho wny when not lu use. The
upright supporting arm, mado of tubu
lar motal, Is fastened to the edge of the
bureau dresser or other support. In
tho center of this rod Is a sleeve of an
arm extending outward, which arm Is
attached to an outer arm and nn Inter
mediate arm. Tho sleeve Is adapted to
slide In the support nnd provided with
a clamping screw for securing It In Its
adjusted position. All the anus aro
hinged together to permit thcin to
swing horizontally, whllo tho outer
arm Is provided with resilient Jaws to
hold tbo mirror, Hy tho uso of this
contrivance the small mirror can bo
secured In various positions and tho
user can stnnd between It and tho mir
ror of tho bureau or dresser, dispens
ing with a hnnd glass and leaving both
linmls freo for dressing or other pur
poses, i
Frederick Uhlo nnd Onrlnml 13. Mar
tin, of Norfolk, Va nro tho patentees.
Ilressiuakev's Mcnsnre,
Men have one advantage over worn-
on In tho buying of outer garments,
such as suits and coats, In that they
can purchnso what
they need In this
lino In tho "ready
mado" clothing
stores, whereas n
woman has to have
fresh measurements
every time sho has
a now dress or coat
made. As men's
clothes aro mado
up Into graduated sizes, it is an easy
matter to go Into tho storo, solect tho
pattern of cloth that Is most pleasing
to tho eye, try tho suit on In the store,'
and perhaps order u few minor altera
tions hero or there. At most It takes
au hour, nnd tho gnrmont Is delivered
tho next day. How different with the
other sex, They must llrst solect the
cloth desired, decldo on tho trimmings,
next choso n pattern, aud last, hut not
least, have tlio dressmaker tnko the
measurementi. Womon's clothes bo
Ing so radically different from men's,
It Is an absoluto noccsslty to have tho
several parts of tbo garmont flt ex.
actly. To do this no mistake must
bo mado, but mistakes do happen, and
tbeu there Is trouulo. in tho illustra
tion li shown a very bandy measuring
ilovlco for tho dressmaker. Complete)
iiienaiiremcnta of all parts of the body,
eapeclnlty tho waist, which U (tin most
trnulileaomu to get exact. Pun lie made
easily nnd ipilckly, with practically no
danger of any inlslnko,
Tho pnteiiteo Is H. Wnkerield, Mount
I'leasunt, l'a.
Novel Plra I'.acntie,
Everybody la uioro or leaa familiar
with fir eaenpea and their uses, but
It has been demonstrated that Are pa-1 United Htates suggested Hits failure of
enpea nro absolutely useless In case of government n n pretext for assisting
panic, Tower fireproof Ilro escapes Texas lu her strugglo for linlepeiid
nro supposed lo Iw cnllrely snfe, hut eiico. Trnlny, otitsldo of tho United
when n crowd striving lo get out of n 'Htntes, Mexico Is probably (he best
burning building- Iobo tlielr heads, nVvcrnod country on tho hemisphere,
panic follows, nnd mnny lives nro lost I I'orflrlo Dior, wns born In tho city of
by persons Iwlng knocked down and
trnmpled on. Hope nnd chain flro es
capes nro useful lo u certain extent, as
aro also outside frame steps, A novel
HEBcrmis wncn loaded.
Improvement In Are escapes, tbo Invon.
tlun of a Mouth Dakota man. Is shown
It comprises n car In tho form
reranda. which Is held normally
ui a Ternn m. which is uem iiurumiiy
in a position to oo enicrcu iroin
window of a building. This car slides
on uprlghta, so that when a sufficient
weight Is placed on the car It de
scends, being operated hy counter-balance
weights attached to n sprocket
chain. The weights can bo so made
as to not only overbalance tho car or
balcony, but also the weight of a man
thereon, so that when the car Is In a
lowered position a fireman may enter
It and when released It will ascend with
Its single passenger. Micn two or
more passengers are on tbo car It will
descend, and after Its load has been re
moved It will ascend again. Hy the In
troduction of a brake mechanism tho
car can be arrested at any point
811ns J. Ollnioro and William 8. Ter
ry, of Huckmere, S. D., arc tho paten
tees. A New Lock for Doors,
One of tho hardest problems of tho
household Is to keep track of all tho
keys to the different rooms. This Is
especially true of the keys to the bed
room or bathroom doors, as children
will remove thein to play with, and
the consequence Is they are easily lost.
In some cases latches are attached
to tho doors, and are Invariably found
more practical than keys, but, of
course, they aro only useful In locklhg
the door on the Inside. An Improve
ment In this kind of lock Is shown In
the Illustration, but Instead of Insert
Ing tho key In n keyhole lu the door to
unlock It, the keyhole Is placed In the
knob of tho door. Tha mechanism of
tho lock is so constructed that a per
son on tho Inside of tho door cnu, by
turning the knob In one direction, lock
the door so that It cannot be opened,
oven by a key on tho outside. Hy
turning tho knob In the opposite di
rection tlio door Is locked, but can bo
opened on the outside by the use of a
key designed to fit In tho lock. On
hnthroom nnd bedroom doors this lock
would bo especially valuable, as the
.person on the Inside could bo safo from
Intrusion, and there would bo no neces.
slty of looking for lost keys.
Ilyron l'helps, of Heattlo, Wash., is
tho, patentee.
What Hlie Thought.
"Oh, Julln," exelrtjmcd the girl who
was carrylnc weight for age, "what
do you think?"
"Why," answered 'Julia, who lived
around the corner, "I think mnny
"Ob, I don't mean that," said the
other. "I havo bad three proposals of
marrlngo slnco I last saw you."
"luflecdl" rejoined her fair friend,
"Then thero must bo something In the
rumor that your undo remembered
you In his will to tha extent of
$10,000." Chicago News.
Only Ono Ilu ICver Unit.
"Does your coachman hnvo any per
quisites?" nsked Sirs. Oldcnstlo,
"Ho had ono once," replied her hos
tess, "but the doctor said It. was
brought on by beln' out too long In
the hot sun. Myl I don't know what
I'd do with n person around mo that
had them regularly." Now York Her
ald. Every one likes tho man who, hav
ing his cholco of tbreo or four seats
In the parlor, takes one beside bis
Ileninrkslile Cnreer of llin Mimr Tlmei
liloileil I'mldenttif Meiico.
Hlildvnts of Ilia llfo of I'orllrlo Diaz
miiilo tho tin I in Hint history does not
hold, this slilo (if tho cniftAdm, 11 per
sotinl record so vnrlwl nml eventful,
snys thu Hun Antonio Hxprcan, Tlm
mail of Mexico Is credited with tho
most knleldoNcoplL' rnreer slnco tlio
days of Itlchnnl tlm Mon-IIenrted.
Halo nnd hearty at 70 yenrs of age,
clenr-eyeil, nnd firm-footed, his llfo
spans half n century of Incrcdlhlo nil-
venture, nnd alntida for political dovol-
opment Which probably la shown by
no other nation lu tho nineteenth cc:i
Within tho momory of Han Anto
nlans Mexico wns tho most revolution
ary of countries: o Infested by ban
dits, so ioworlcss to nfford security to
llfo and property Unit parties In tlio
Oaxncn Kept. 10, J8.T), the night -before
tho anniversary of Mexican Independ
ence day. ills grent-grandfather, com
ing from Hpnln, had murrliil n woman
of tho native race and to that extent
h Is an Indian.
Ho was left nn orphan at 3 years of
ngo. When a mere lmy he helped nt n
country store. At 17 lie cut himself oft
from tha help of friends by leaving the
theological seminary, but he gained
the friendship of lien I to Juarez, the
great commoner tof Mexico, then Oor
ernor of Oaxnca, who obtained for
him a llbrarianshtp. At the ago of 1U
he was mado a professor of Iloman
In a plebiscite offered by Santa Ana
Diaz wns one of two In Oaxncn who
dared openly to register a vote against
tho dictator. lie paid tha penalty of
banishment, escaping narrowly with
his life.
lio now tasted warfare In a guer
rilla organization operating against
Santa Ana, and within eight years had
risen from a captaincy to commander-in-chief
of the Mexican armies and to
a placo In the government second lu
Importance: only to President Juarez.
During that tlmo he won many sen
sational victories, and made a series
of hairbreadth escapes. At tbe
same tlmo he evinced a remarkable
talent for civil administration. In the
midst of the stress and rigor of war
be paused, to establish girls schools In
oaxaco, which are now the models for
lmIIar m.tltutlons nil over the repub-
lmIar institutions nil over the repuh
an. Hiraii. , i, i,
gave Mexico ono of her national holi
days by winning on tho Clnco do Maya
tho battlo of l'ucbla with raw Mexl-
can levies pitted against armies tralu
ed In France.
In April, 1877. he was elected Presi
dent nnd except for tbe Interregnum of
Gonzales from 18S0 to 18S1 he has
been at the head pt Mexico ever since.
Tbo chsotlc country experienced Its
first peaco In seventy years.
Corruption In public service was re
formed, taxes were reduced and public
Improvements begun and prosecuted
upon nn elaborate scale. The country
was cleared of bandits. Laws favor
able to Investments were passed and
Industrial development Invited by the
liberal spirit of granting concessions.
Factories, libraries, telegraphs and
scientific commissions were ull fos
tered and bnve been brought to a high
standard. Tbe valley of Mexico has
been drained. Education has been
made free and equal to all.
Change In Mexico has progressed nt
such leaps and bounds as to lie almost
Incredlblo nnd all bus been wrought
by tho "Orphan of Oaxaca, tho savior,
uulller and father of tho United States
of Mexico."
Ideal Vegetables I'lllown,
Do you llvo where cat-tall flags
grow? If so, you may easily procure
down to Ull pillows for sofa or beds.
Ijite In the autmumn, when they are
golden browii In color, gather a quan
tity, Hushcls mny lie picked In a
short time. Put them In sacks and
strips the down from the stems. This
Is quickly nnd easily done, and there
need bo no litter If cure Is observed.
Tho down, If not quite so light and
puffy as that of llvo geeso feathers.
Is preferable from a sanitary, as well
as a iiccuulary point of view.
Our New England forcmothers made
not only pillows of cut-tails, but beds.
They are soft and warm, and cost
nothing but n few hours of labor. Yet
many n country housewife, living neat
a lake or stream which Is bordered
by these stately reeds, sleeps on a
hard, cold straw or husk mattress and
uses pillows of hen's feathers.
Ideal pillows can bo made of the
silky down of milkweed. The gather
ing of this Involves some labor, but
children enjoy such work, and a pair
of pillows tit for a king light and
airy ns swansdown may grace your
Hops may also be used to Ull pil
lows. They often prove beneficial lu
cases of Insomnia. Poppy leaves tend
to Induce somnolence. Their odot
might not bo ngreonblo to some, but
roso leaves could bo mixed with them.
National Magazine,
CliullongliiK tlio Field.
A Cliineso woman of distinction,
now In this country, was recently
nuked by a New York Trlbuno reporter
to tell him what appeared to her to
bo tho dominant American trait
"Ilopcfulncss," was tho quick re
ply; "a cheerful porsovcrunce, an In
dustrious optimism.
"This trait certainly governed a
soung mini whom I met tho other
tllght nt a dinner party," tho lady con
tlnucd. "lio wns a medical student,
nnd eonio one sold to him:
' 'Don't you despair of over building
up a practice in medicine?
"Indeed, no,' ho answered,
' 'Hut you will admit that tho pro
fession Is already overcrowded?'
" 'Oh, perhaps It Is,' Bald tho young
man. Ana men, witu a taugii, bo
added, 'Hut I proposo to graduate, lu
tncdlclno, lust tho same, and thoso
who nro already In tho profession will
hnvo to tako their chances.1"
It you lose your patience thrco times
a day, waiting for your meals, cut one
of them out. Two meals will do the
kverago man, and he will reel bettor. '
One dose of Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral at bedtime prevents
nltjiit coughs of children.
No croup. No bronchitis. A
doctor's medicine for all
alTcciIons of the throat, bron
chial tubes, and lungs. Sold
for over 60 years.
I hart n1 Ayer'si Chtrtr rac!f In mr
ft mil r tttt tifhi j ntt, ThertlinntMns
in It rortftttarlitarxl P,I"I'F tottMU
drta.M'-Miiiu vr. it, HnrMzn,bhij,AU,
2V ,VU,tlM.
All drnirrtiit.
for '
Night Coughs
Koop tho bowels open with ono of
Ayor's Pills nt bodtlmo, Just ono.
It has been scientifically demonstrated
that eorly marriages in India have re
sulted In racial degeneration. Iloya and
(Iris of nine or ten years are married In
that country, with the consent of their
gusrdlans. In some sections laws bar
been passed prohibiting th marrlsgt of
flrls nnder fourteen.
To Break In Mew Shots.
Alwsjs thske In Allen's Koot-EsM, spoirder.
It cures hoi, swesilos, aching, swollen leet.
Cures corns, Inxrowlns nails and bunions. At
sll drurrliti snd iboe ttorts.Zr. Don't srrrpt
snysulntllute. Htmplo mallei
Allen 8. Olnited, U Hojr, N. 1
Lou Dillon, tbe famous trotting mare,
la a California No matter In what
part of the country abe Is, ber bay is
brought from ber natire State. This Is
to avoid stomach trouble, caused by a
change of diet. Tbe freight on tbe hay
sometimes brings its pries up to (100 s
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Pollsrs Reward for
any caie of Catarrh Ibat cannot be cured by
Haifa Catarrh Cure.
.. V.' S&ffifeJiSSS:
Cheney tor the lait 14 vesrs, and believo him
IS&ilrLSttm' P 10 h" her about
Illations made by their arm.
Wiluiko, KiKKAMAMian.v, W noleiale Uruf.
gl. n. Toledo, o.
In dlrcetlr urion the blood and mucous iur-
iiiiiiuiHrsvairiiuiaa uinuiir, w
races ol the ijitcm. l'rice ibc. ir bottis.
bold br all lirugsliti. Testimonials tree.
Hall' r.nll. Mil. a r- ih. 1.,
A HpenklnK Likeness.
Sirs. Kondniar Don't you think baby
trows more like me every day?
Kondmar Yes, dear, especially so
since she began to talk.
CTQ rermanmtlr Cored. Nofiuor nerrooiriMwi
THO anrantdraB cirDr.KUoe'sUrratNrrTS
Ilttlnrrr. xnd for Fr S3 trial bnttlt andtrrathr.
Irr. IL II. Kline, Lid., Ml Arch nr., rhlladtlphla, Pa.
How It Happened. j
vvasmngton, sr. vwiot. you young
rascal, do you mean to stand up there nnt, and then snap off the machine be
am! say Uiat yon cut that cherry treel fore tbe expression fades away. You'va
nsnington, jr. sea, uao. i didn't
, ,. . .
i out a BUliaoie
Penetration is tho cardinal virtue of
St. Jacobs Oil
In the treatment of
It penetrates to the seat of torture as no other external remedy
has been known to do and thousands certify to cures.
Price 25c. and 50c.
Of Our Method of Extract
II ynur piste tails when eating or talklng
by ufinir our varumn valve we eau mase
you one thatwlll be ratlifactory Wa do
uork for people from out et tbe city quick.
If. so that vou will not be nelay d
We du crown ana bridge work without
pain. Our 17 years' ex erlence In plaie
work enables us to at your mouth eoiufoit-
Mr. The bert It the cheapest In tteend.
We have feeling as welt as you.
oiu evenings ilu i Sundays from 9 to L
Phone Main via.
PK. T. 1 W1SK.
WISE BROS., Dentists,
Write for Catalogue and Prices
Ask. Your
mm -srrlgu u, .oca. grocers, wriu Wsdnaius
Color more goods brighter and taster colors thsn any other dye. One 10c package colors silk, jool and cotton equally well and ll gusrsnleed to
give perfect results. Ask dealer or wo wUlsend post paid at lOcapackage. Write for tree bookfet how to dye black and mlscd colors, AlONkOU
OKUti CO., Unlonvllle, Illinois,
Always llnppj nml Unmt-NntiiredAVIien
HhvIhk Ills Own Wny.
Ono evening the rtagfl driver set
flown on my Invfn n wmMleu box, from
which proeeetleil curious nolsen. "Uhl
jUlil Uhl Wowl Wow! Herntch,
j sernteh, scrntchl Wowl Uh h-h-li-h!"
These were n few of the sounds which
i were pouring out of the cracks in the
box, and as wo went up to Investigate
1 wo snw a largo card, on which wns
written: "I'lenso water mo nnd give
1 mo something to cat, but do not give
mo fruit or sweets, as It makes me
, sick. I like milk. I am for Knicst
Harold Ilaynes, Tho Haven Cottnge,
I Newport, N. If." T...S was nil very
Interesting so far ns It went, but no
1 clew to tho contents of tho box, so
I with n hammer nnd chisel I pried off
the cover, and out popped the little
black head of n baby bear.
I "Ob, the little dear" cried a lady
' who was present, at the snmo time
springing forward and catching up thn
i cub In her arms.
i "Tho little deor," however, had been
penned np for more than forty-eight
hours, nnd moreover be was literally
0K "iingry as a licar and In no Humor
iur ueiug pcuea. no ne promptly oil
the lady, tore a long rent In her dress
win! ins lima paws, and she quickly , remain troubles, ino aocior urn not
dropped him, having learned one of elpmo. I remembered thntroy mother
tho most Important rules In the study l'?'' J.''"1 l" I'lnWiam'B
i.,.. '..A : ,,, Hi "... VcKCtnlilo Coinpounil on many oo
of animals: ".Never hike liberties with for ,r ',arltlc, and uterlno
any creature until you know some-1 iroubIcs. and I felt sure that It could
thing of Its habits." Tills rulo applies
In the case of skunks. A bowl of
crackers and milk met with his In
stant approval, and without waiting
for It to be set before him, he stood
up on bis bind legs, seized tbe rim
of the basin with his paws .and hoist
ed himself Into It Then It was set
on the ground, whereupon he lay
down, throw his fore paws around It,
and fairly burled his little face In the
Except when he Is hungry "Jimmy'
Is not cross; he simply wants to have
his own way, and then he Is as happy
and good-natured as can be. Hut
having his own way means getting
Into all sorts of mischief, and while
bis antics are often very amusing, they
are sometimes very embarrassing. He
! " Popularly fond of ladle, and girls.
; and he seldom sees one without run-
I the skirts with his fore paws and blt-
ln w i . nlnvfnl mnnner If
" ncr a P'ayiui manner, ir
she happens to be nervous, and runs
ntcriir "1mm," ( aft., h f l.l.
best pace, and never falls lo catch
ber unless she takes refuge Inside the
house. Woman's Home Companion.
Wanted a I'leasunt Expression.
Mr. Cramps Good morning. Do you
take pictures by tbe Instantaneous pro
cess? Photographer Yes, sir.
Mr. Crumps Well, this Is Mrs.
Crumps,' my wife, you know. I want
ber picture taken.
Photographer Certainly. But are you
particular about haring It Instantaneous?
Mr. (i rumps Of course. When jou
.: ,m T" ,"T. ",' .
gotter De quicker'n lightning.
1 The happiness and misery of men de-
-d no on temiwr than fortune-
1 Itochefoucauld.
& Oo who will advlM wnera ootalnao.a.
UK. W A,
Another club woman, Mrs.
Haulc, of Edgcrton, Wis., (ells
how she was cured of irrcgularN
lies and uterine trouble, terrible
pains and backache, by the uso
of Lydia G. Pinkham's Vegetable
" DcAn Mm. rmrauu: A whllo
ago my health began to fail because of
not harm me at any rato to give It
" I was certainly glad to find thai
within a week I felt much better, tho
terrible pains in the back and aids
were beginning to cense, and at the
time of menstruation I did not havo
nearly as serious a time na heretofore,
so I continued Its use for two months,
and at tho end of that time I was like,
a. new woman, I really have never
felt better In my life, havo not had a
sick headache since, and weigh 20
pounds more than I ever did, so I un
hesitatingly recommend your medi
cine,'' Mrs. Mat IIaui.k, Edgerton,
Wis., Pres. Household Economics Club.
SSOOO forfilt If orlolitat of dtovs tttUr omtma
g aMis coasot as p9dc4.
Around the World
"I havs used 7 oar Fish
Brand Slickers for years
la the Hawaiian Islands
and fonnd them the only
cruel that sultad. I am
now In this country
(Africa) and think a treat
deal of your coats."
Tbo worlJ-wlJ reruU- -tsnrT.
tlon of Tower's Water. "TO"-' J
prvoi vueu bittininz
assurca the buyer of ;
tha positive worth of -
all ferments bearing JtimoOSl
this Sign of tha Fish. 'AJiMJ
Boston, U. S. A.
Toronto, Canada
A Street Car Napoleon.
Old Gentleman Tell me, my friend,
why you are so ugly to passengers.
Hrutst Conductor So they'll hate th
street car company wot employs me.
"N-o, not exactly."
"Why, when they bate tbe company,
they'll Just laugh to theirselves when
they see me cheatin' th" company by not
ringln up fares. See J"
Power of Wealth.
"Has your daughter made her debut
yet?" asked Mrs. Uppson.
"Mercy, not exclaimed Mrs. Neu
rich. "And, what's more, she doesn't
have to make It Her father can af
ford to have one made to order for
'm est, llbtft and stronimt Htump Puller
on the iiuti-sirt, 11' Hlm power oo tti wp
with two hort. VrU lor deMrlpUve rmtaloc
o4 piicvs. :
Foot ol Morritvon Strccl tWIfcin., Ore;on
Dr. C. Gee Wo
Thi wortdrrfat Itil-
duct or ii ciiti
rra bcUf) ht cur-,
lopl wlihoul operv
Iton thai ftr fiTrn up
10 d! lla cur! with
lLuat wniidavrfiiL l"hl-
ptM hfrba, roots, hittls,
brkt and tttciAhX
Hi fcl ar tntlroiy uih
known la medical set-
rnc tn ibis co.iotrr. lUrouxh ih ua o
Ihoa barml'M rrrardtri tb famous doctor
knowi tli swtuxi ot ovrr tut) dmrnt rnv
Milt, wbnh b aiirrairultj uit In diffrnt
d . Jl ftiafamt locor caltarb. a lb
ma. Iuhc, lliruar, rbtMiniaUam, narroutnea.
tiomach, Mv.r, kidiitjra, tc.i baa bundm! ol
Klttniooia.a. Cbargaa moderate, fait and
- b in. t'atlema out of tho cltf writ foe
b'atiata and circular. Hand atania I'UNHUI
lAllu.N rHKh. AblJllKB.-i
The C. Gee Wo Chinese Medicine Co.
25J AUer St.. PctU.tJ, Oraj.i-
Write today lor tree Illustrated booklet,
10th and Johnson Btreets, Portland, Ore,
P. N, U.
No. -l04
tXTIMIN writing toadvartlsersplsBsei
I l uionimn (ills v9Vmr