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Devoted to the Milling. I.umlterinn mill l'nriiiliiR Interests of this Community, to (lood Ooverumcnt, nnd Hustllnn for n Orub Stake.
NO. 37
News From Holiemln anil the
Various Alining Camps at
Oregon and Oilier
l'ipor nnd Vhm Donhorg on K-tl-urdnv
sold to Miinniror !'. !. Hiird
to bo sent to Holieiiiiu for iimi in the
tunnels, iMOO of eiuhl inch air
l"po. .
Mr. mid Mrs. I'oaso o! New
Voi k arrived 111 Colliiyi' (iron.
Friday niglu mid took I do (). and
S. K. for HuliouiW to wsit Mm.
Poaio's father dimles Dectul wh
ims heell t)'OI ,l IIIU 111 till) 'IIHtllil
foruloug Hum ntid li ih itcipiiitil
Vlltll'llllo 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 LT propel t
.Mr. IViimi is ah olil inn., iniiiiiic
11)1111 II 111 I tl IH lu'tlll Vl'l MllTOtlsful in
his vcniiiii N.
L.J. nnd It. V. Hnnlov arrived
in the city Saturday ninht fiom
Bohemia. Kor Mime time past they
Imve been ctoiitK assessment nnd
development work on the Twin
Hocks propel ty. They icpott hav
ing extended several tunnels with
Krcnt imptoveinent in the workings.
In the longest tunnel the value of
the ore has about doubled ill the
last twenty feet as shown by assays.
Work will be continued until late
in the season. What will lw known
as the Oakland toad, to be built
from Hardscrnbble toad to the Oak
land properties, witl cross the Twin
Kocks claims nnd will make them
much easier ot net ess.
C. C. Mathews, snpcthitcudent
of the Oregon Securities Mining
Company til lloliemiu, leturueii
from Portland on Sunday wheie he
had been on business affairs for the
company. An electrician whs
wanted to takeclinie of the eleettir
power nnd light plant til the coin
pany nnd Mr. C. li. Wanner was
engaged. The exceptionally dry
season and consequent small amount
of water in the Row liver, we nie
power as is required for a full com
plement of men, and are at present
able to work but one shilt on the
power drills in the tunnel. With
the recent rains the wntcr supply is
.increasing and another shift will
soon be added.
A strike or groat impoi tnnoo was
miujo nt the Granite Hill mini) this
week. While working in tin- it
drift nt the !!00 foot level, n P..
foot body of very high grudii oro was
encountered, tliu IouuhI usuiy h on
jvhich run over $.'!()() pi r ton. The
najnu body of out was ulso om-nunt-oreil
nt tho .'!()() foot level at nboul
tho haiiki tiiuo, assays on nil of the
oro running very high.
Tli oro is quite it city under
ground at tlio (Intuitu Hill- Fifty
live moil nro working in the different
shafts nnd drifts, aside from those
.above ground.
Tho ltcd Jacket is now down 105
foot nnd tlio workinen nro constantly
nt work. Kinking deeper. Tlio old
machinery of tho Granite Hill niino
ban been taken to tlio Itod Jacket.
Itoguo River Courier.
The money you save in this closing-out sale
is worth your while to lay in a supply.
Gold Dust, - - 20c
Dew Drop, - - 3Hc
Kelt's Naplliti, - (Vt-c
Savon 12 oz soap, - JJM;c
T.'it Soap, - - 4e
(lasLilc, - - - 20c
(riant Lye, - - 8c
Machine Oil, - - 7c
Stove Polish, - 0c
Grape Nuts, - - 12c
Force, ... 12c
Vim, - - - - 12c
Coftee, - - - 10c
" .... 15c
(Jilt IMtfc Stove Polish, 20c
Otiile an assortment of furnishings, shoes, etc., tlmt are sold at and
below cost. Take advantage of this stile. Terms cash.
Mnimuiir Frank Jortlon on Mini.!
day sent, out n kiiii f to
in iku uetmswiry ropiiirM on the Itolie
min him preparatory to tlio winter,
Tim lino Iiiih been winking satlsfse
lory nil Hiiimner.
John (Irmvley n tumuli u' of the
It ynl Kliinh mining C' went
up lo Itolieiiilii Ihis timi'iilng. Word
from Alov liundbHrgeoueeriiiug tun
evoeiliugb good Hlmwing leciuilly
made In the prcipHrtios of the emu
iiu. iiid'ieeit .Mr. Ciovvli'.v lo go up
and ten for hiniHiilf,
Pulling n-priatelv even in the
right diiertlon is tiMially pulling
awit. l'uiliiig as one mint always
iceouipllslifH wntnU'n. the
people of Snmpter ninl Sunipter '
lisirid t iki' this to (part.
Tile above item is mm the llltie ,
M'. Auierloan. The sn jesllou
'iitnin ii therein Is applicable to
hi r own litilf cbv.
The miners mi mi.iiiig Coiii
Linies .He .dreiiilv in.ikiug propar
itlnns 'i)i tin. winter eamniiiun im
lite Ilnlieillta distriul, TliM). .Si ':.
H en ,ii.- iit ivily lind d wi'li
Ntinp les a. ,d liinililie rv lo lite euif
)lthe ti.u k wheit'lliev ate taken bv
iraius 'ii llii it ileslljl.llloii. Now Is
the tune while the to ids are in u 'l
fiuditio'i to piepjie for the winter.
The lie. Ui. In grolip of three
.'hilliis. on the south mdn of Mnt-
Iticn ildgo, owiiod hy . W It. Shiiiin
Hid l'liink Plexlier, in sliuwiun up
line. Tlio hiiiiii uoikhig tnuiiid is
nun in Till fi ot no lug vein, nnd
the drift life ih Miliil ' oiiallz of
i ...u to:it. ii... i... (
Kl'UU llllllllllC 1IIII1IU, IllilJ lllU Mini
wniL- irb ..I t i.-, si...- wi.i..
en .he wuil has limm oueounte.ed. -
vl,., i tl..,.Ml r,.rll, .,,irnl
uliliili h. It is a blue-gray ipinrtx
mid liiiits to tie vory null.
1 lie nHiiers Honk it cairns lollur
iiitii.HuiiipleH have been win out for
.Mi). Tins new Mrifce Iiiih yie.illy
liii'oiiini;ed tho owiieiH to rennWfd
nlfui In. mid itevelouuiiiiil in guinu
liriskly fonard Jf ibis ore hIiiiiiIiI
prove to enrry tnlluiium the wiiith
end of enmp will h i be a bonhive
of iii.biHlrt Telotfrmu.
Mr O. A. Pease and wife arrived
in the drove Tutsdny after a very
pleasant visit in tlu llohimi.i
list i let
Colorndo and oilier slates nml
is I
now extensively oiiernlinir in Ari-
zona, lih opinion of the district
teteutly visited wa sought. Mr.
Pease, stated: Unit he had not
been able to go over Hie entire
mineral section, but bad visited
ipille a number ol mines and he was
surprised nt Die great ipiantities ol
ore, being exK)seil. Ills opinion is
Unit wbtle there is criusulcmlile
milling ore yet, it is eseutuilly a
concentrating nnd unfiling proposi
tion anil when the proer Incilties
for the treatment oflhe oie arcobtaiu
ed, it will Ik: one ol the greal . min
ing districlsof the country. Mr. and
Mrs. Pease left for Sin Francisco
on the afternoon train.
Mr. ClinrlfH K Wagner a grad
uate of the elasH of l'.IOl University
of Oingon at Kilgullu, iiiiimilin tile
Cil-y .Monday morning lioui Poitlalul
and to ik the O. k H. 1) train for
Itoliomia. Mr. agnur is an I'M.'rt
riciau and has hacii ongiiged by
Siipt. O. C. MathuWH to take elniruo
of tho hlectric plant of tho Oregon
SoeuritioH eouipany.
Store ?y
50e Stttr tobacco,
Suiokino; tobacco,
Corn Beef,
ii u
no of the linn propeilles in llm
Houth nnd o tips district at the. heart
of Miirllu Crook is tlio Star CoiihoII
dated group of l!i elailiui. This
splendid gioup Iiiih iceontly under
goiio leingauimtlum and is uuw main
lv owned and eonlrolled by Poitlalul
capilal. Imports hnvn latulv exami
mid mid uuide lepoit on this pio er
tv. ami wuil; will hiiiiii be leituuied
mid riinilnued. Under tlin former
niiiniiueiuonl a long croHseiit tunn:l
wiim Hliiilnd and inn in several bun-
dred feet lo out ill u gient depth
tlio hiivuii parallel viiiiih llmt truveiHii
thu gioup. On Hie opposltn sldii
the last tnnnnl run in In about 100
f ot in line inllliiitf ore.
I'Vnm the old workings on Ibis
property Home of iho finest speoi-
ilielm in wile ami nugei Kniii run
he pinked nil, Under the new num.
luonieiil this prnperty is to be put
in iii-lo.ilnl(i norkinif nr.lnr, it hiiIi
ii n i ml u'litron road built lo the
iii'titji of Mai tin Cneek, mid uniileni
nisnliine'V iimtulbd, looking to mi
iltimHte poruinneut paying mil
im.lriid bmiKM. k
('.nlfitv (itnber ime nl ihe funn
el .. ni-isii the Vesuvius piojieity
in Itnliiiiiia who has been for the
oast Mivirnl months ituing nsseiu-
meiit work in that diatrlet for oilier
pa i tics an i veil iiithe city a lew day's
lie rciMirts that on the Dexter
lode IwUniging lo Kuowles nnd
Ofttys, a fine body of free milling
ore was encountered, the 4i?e of
which was not determined as hut
one wall wasieached.
On the White llear nlul lllnek
... Ill i ..... i,
J'iamond belonging to same pa ties
iw'W"rPIr and galena
(lilhcrtson and Coehrnu on their
projierty just lielow the Wnll Street
group, have been at work nil sum
mer. The main tunnel is leing
driven on a very strong vein which
eairies a copper ore, suitable for
Peterson nitd CUuckey, with
property on the north nloHof Pair
view mountain have ojicped up
good IhhIIcs of both milling and
concentrating we.
The Royal Plush Mining Com
pany has been lining a considerable
amount of work the past few
mouths and have also liven success
iir."lirancr says, i uat inr me
amount of work done by the
Companies, mineis and prospectois,
no such showings in nil iiiuls of the
Camp has ever been innde as has
resulted from the work done this
Cii'iipcralinii In Alining.
It iscstihmled that there ate over
one million stockholders in the inil
tond compiniesof the United Stales,
and that there ate even a greater
number interested in mining and nil
companies. These latter stcck
holdersnie, asa general rule, people
of moderate incomes, making good
wnges, but who could not individ
ually either finance or manage a
company. The co-operative .system
is so nicely applied in mining nnd
oil investments, tlist the small in
vestor can invest in these com-i-anies
and earn just as much pro
portionately as does the large in
vestor. The combination of the
capital of a number of small in
vestors gives the necessaty capital
lor the development of the enter-
. ir.c
. oc
Makintf Powder, .'I5e
Golden West UaUff Pwd
K. C. Baking Powder,
Spices, - ' -Yeast,
Milk, -' -Oysters,
. 4c
iiflse to n successful conclusion.
The stock company Is therefore the
best road for the small Investor to
lake when he is desirous of limiting
u small Investment. Ilonds and
When one takes tlio truiibln to
I thoroughly invissligatii tlio merit of
! himiio uiiiilng coiiipiinins mid tlio
standing of tho ullleeiH of tlio enler
i piiNoH it uill generally be found
I tlmt ir olio iiuiti cuidinu H"
! iropoHiliun, and upon IiIh jihUuiimi
to a great oxliuit depumls tlio hih-i
leesH or failuru of thu ent'-i i in. h
This one man will be found i ie
one of tin. ollloers of tho enii i.piMi
aim 01 coiiiho H oireuior 01 me "n
puny. I Hem mo otliet (liieetoiK hii-i
oIIIi'iiih, but In luniiy lustaneu'i tliese
Kniilleiiian mo nicio l)gurn lieml. iti.-l
know little or luitlitng ill.
opi ration of llie eoiupnuy. Il is
i'Oiiiinihi pruetie.i loi1.' pistinniei ul
OV ii Hiiuie of tlio b t iiiimiii'
iMimes t irf.iMiie pimuliieiit. p. i i
iioI iin nllli-i'iH ami dilfctois f... lie
.iii'pii"ii of gmug llm niili'i )ii ih
tin. e. IjiI.ii tlio uiiili leliilid tie
of nliom punts hnvn hud no into li
siv, llie until belilud the i.hiihu
I n.iiiiiitny U
I tint invesioi
Dim iiiiiii to wlmiii
sIoih in liiauy luslanei'H
hnvn to look to for lesults Not
only in mining companion ii Hum
tl lie, but this Hiiuie oonilitiuii pre
vnilH in thu iiinjority of industiial
on turpi ihoh. Thu Idunl iiiiuiuu com
pany ih thu company in nliiuh llie
ollleers and dinictors eouililtiit limit-
jinlgmnnt lo uol tlio best possible
niKiiltH.- Ilonds mid Murlgiigus.
To Leave In November.
Siiuietlluo during the mini tli of
Novemher next Dr. (leow Wnll
with Ids family will depart for
AiikcIch, Colli. Till step Is taken
not from u dcrlrv to Jenve i.'ottitKo
lll-iive, but by the advice of u nuin
lier of pyliHU-uns with whom be Iiiih
eoiiMiilleil uuil wliohne uiIvIhciI the
Some leu .M'lirs ugif the Dr. hud nu
iitliii-l; of rheuumttMUi which eonllni-d
him tn Ids Iniini' for Home wis-Kh.
Anil ulioiit CliiNtnms time ol IiihI
yenr he was iikiiIii Htrleken with the
IIm-iihc, nnd It wiiHjinly liy tho most
HtrenuoUNfffortH uifll lull' received
nt Ihe hoMpltuI In I'orUand Hint he
Hiirvlveil. lie however rcoiiNorcil
HUllleleiiU.v tn reHiiuiu olllen prncllce
and Iiiih nHHiieluted Willi hint. Dr.
Iloi-Kctt lo nlteiiil lo onlHiile prae
llie. l-'or mine than ci-vciilct-n yen en
tin Dr. Iiiih licen it prominent citizen
In tlio community, Iiiih Ik-cii nccoriled
a huge prnctlce lint It In the city ami
HiirrounillUK country, lie has hulll.
nu eleniinl liouie uuil Iiiih one of the
liertt cipilppeil olllt'CH III the Htllte ami
Il Is here ho hits Inlcnilcil to reinulu
until Iho cIohc of life.
Twice Iiiih he Horu-d Ihe elly iih Its
Mayor, and II wiih during IiIh uiliuln
IstrutloiiH Unit the wnter woi-kh wore
liiHtulleil hy theclty uuil the electric
light plant friiuchlHo wiih grunted,
I lo Ih HcrvhiK IiIh second .your uh
eoiiiiellmiin nml was uu eurnertl ml
vocute of Iho Hewer system, now
being laid throughout tho elly. Ilus
been prcHldcnt and vice president of
the Comity .iledleul Society
nnd Iiiih taken great Interest In the
MiihouIc, K. of I'. uuil I'oiojtet- or
Tho Dr. hiij-h while ho regrets the
ueceoHslty of dlspoHlng of Ids pro
perty nnd moving to other clinics, he
IIiiiIh tho hardest of nil Is to Hopumti)
from the many warm frlemlH ho Iiiih
made during IiIh i-chIiIciico In thu city.
Dr. Iloeketl will hiicccciI to the
Agcd.Odd l:elluv Dead.
On Monday morning thu news
euiiui of tho deutli ol Samuel (In
rimtte, u long lime icmIiIciiI of this
cll.,bul who i-ecentlj;went to Cnl
Iforiilu for Ills hen Uh.
Mr. Guroutto wiih burn .May 11 tli
at I'lciiHiitit lUUs In thu Htute of
Now York, unb went to Cincinnati,
Ohio, with his pureiitH hi lS'.'l), From
I hero to I own In 1S.1G unit cuiuo to
Oregon In tho onrly SIxIIch. lie wiih
one of tho oldeHt Odd KuIIowh In thu
Hluto having been u member of that
order over fit) yours. At thu tlnm ol
IiIh death he was u member of Cot
tage Grove lodge No. 00. Tho re
uiiiltiH were brought hero nnd will Im
burled Utility under the iiuspk-i-H of
Iho Odd l-'ellowH.
Mrs. J. P. Hart, who has had
charge of the culiiiery department
tit the. Oregon Mineral Springs the
past summer, arrived In the city
Saturday and spent Sunday at
Hugenc visiting her two daughters
who are attending school nt
tlmt pltice.
Mrs. Hart will soon take charge
of the boarding house for Mr. V.
II. Dennis at the Illack llutte Quick
Silver Mines,
Tin- a ige Iris just Iffi Iiobeiuia
Inr Wililwooil .talion on the I)
S K railway eighteen miles distant
During the suinuifr months the
itage mnkes three weekly trips be
twien Ihe Iwo points. it stoj)-
ied at one of the camps of the
Vesuvius Mining Company the
photographer caught Ihe above
picture. To those lo miliar with
Mclliuiliil Conference
Tho Oregon Coiiference of tho
Methodist KplM-opiil Chnicli which
litis been holding u k-ix-Ioii for the
past week In IJugene, cIomhI Mondiiy
night ul ii hue hour. Theie weiv
HpiH-lul ovimgulli-ul HorvlooH lliroiigh
mil the week, conducted by Kvun
iralht Mini Hi nml them were ninny
ciinvcrmonH anil it genernl npllfUug
of nil In uttendunco. Illshop Spell.
ineyer gave genernl Hutlliict!ou ns n
pnuldlng olllcer uuil delivered nil ex
c-IIcnt iiddivsH on lust Sunthty morn
Tho uppollilee fur Cottitge iii-oe
us piiHtor, Is llev. I'tHiik II. Mooie
nml the ltev. 1'isve 1 uppnlntcd to
Iho Corviillls Church.
ltev. A. .1. AriiiHtroug was iippoln
ted to supply tho pulpit at Jack son
I'uot Hall
The l-liisl Side School hoys Im ve
ormiulied u foot tnill leuiu. l-'or
their hIzciiiiiI wcjgllt they lire cipuil
to uny leuiu In (he Slate. 'I'ho line
up of the lentil Is :
i:iiucr lliiHtlngH, ceuteri.MurvIn .lor
doii, right Kurd :llurold l-'reileix-ksou.
right lnckle:.Meleln .lorduu.lcfltuckle
JesMle lA.'Wls,rlglileuil lAlberl Wooley
left end: Allen linker, ipinter Hack:
CheHter linker, left hull back: Itobcrt
Shorwood', right half hack: Itud
Lincoln, full hack: Itupert .M ugee, hiiIi
(lrcat Western Snake Show.
Opposite tho Imperliil Hotel at the
red lent, TuoHchiy nfternoou nnd
continuing Wednesday, Prof. Luc
Kellev Ih giving an iiiteivstlng Snuku
show, lie Is the only tnuu In tho
I'lilleil StHtos who hIidwh the poison
iiiih fangs of the ruttlesuuko nnd
copperhead, lustruetloiis given how
to treat veuomoiiH lilten. Visit the
show nnd bo entortulneil.
Extravagant !
to be practical see how
pleasant sensible economy can be.
You can buy Keith's "Konqueror"
shoes for $3.50 at this store.
min m camps, it is very suggestive
oi ..l.l times. During the winter
mmitlM the malls arc carried on
hors- back to the snow line and
limn tlu-ic the carrier takes to his
snow shoes and delivers the mail
as regularly as in the summer.
No more pleasant trip can be
fbuud in the state than this during
the open season.
The Knphia of Miss Oglcshy has
been left for sale at the store of
Ventch & Citrrin.
Christian Science services will be
held in the hall in the Dank build
ing, each Sunday at it a.m. All
life cordially invited to attend.
Miss Annie Oglesby has closed
her Novelty store and on Saturday
departed for Oregon City where
she has accepted the management
of the Postal telegraph office.
"A young man of Kugouo, Clias.
Woltio Kviius, has published a
book in pamphtot form under
tlio titlo "In Tho llowols Of
The Kurtli," from scanning which
the iiSHitmptiou may bo made tlmt
tho author has couio ill contact with
an nutogriiph odition of
"Ktidorpha," n fanciful and extra
vagatit talo of subtorr.tncnn wander
ings published in n limited but oi
ecedingly line edition a few years
ago. In his story Mr. Kuins has
iuingiiiod a population beneath tho
toiTOHtrial crust and has built nbout
tlio pooplo of tho a story
of adventure and thrilling exper
iencoH that will no doubt provo
outert'iiuiiig. Mr. Kvnns has boon n
(.tudout at tlio l'ltigoiii) High School
nnd litis written suveral short stories
Ilow About Your Summer Vacation.
Newport on Vuiiilnu liny Ih tho
Ideul hcuhIiU resort of the North l'n
cllle Const, Itouuil trip tlcketH nt
greatly reduced ruten on sale from
nit .Southern I'ucllle points In Ore
gon, on nnd utter June 1st. Ask
Agents lor lurther liuoruiutlou and n
hiiuilHomely Illustrated souvenir
booklet, or write to ICihvIn Stone.
C. & 10, it. It., Allmny, ()ni or V.
Is. Cotiutn. tl. I. A.. S. I. Co.. Port
d. II. DiivIiIhoii Iiiih n nice lot o
new hIiooh for boys.
OP! D on't be mmM'
Ladies' Utz & Dunn's from
$2.50 to $3.50.
Welch &
Died at advaaceJ age.
I.oulsii M. Oliver, Is'tler
known us (iruutlimi Oliver died on
Monday morning at the advanced
ukc ofici yeui'H uuil .'I montliH.
Urunilnm Oliver nt tliu time of tier
deutli wiim living at tin), residence of
liordntiKhter Mrs. It. .M. Thompson
In Cottnue drove, Klio leitveH tlireo
elillilren nil of wliom were In the city
nt tlio Utile of licr dentil. .Mrs. I.
M . Thompson, Mrs, .lull.i HtnlLli of
OKdeii I'tuli, nnd I). I. Ilurtou for
miiny yenrH Assesuor of I.tiueC'oiiiity;
ulso h rufunil iIiuiKliter JIth. .fullii
West mill iji'eut-Krulld dtuiKlitcr
MIhh Mini t Ii uuil WIIIu Thompson
griuul-soti. I'roni cully In life Mrs
Oliver has I icon u iluvoteil lirUtlun
ami illeil MtroiiK In tie' fn. tli mIio
loveil ho will. Her frl"nil i uy
to know her was " o
her. Hhe wits born In Cuynli
oimnli County. New York, .Inly, 'SilU.
Tim fmierul service went belli nt
tbei'lirlKtliinCliuiw on Tuesduy nt
1! p. in. "Unele" .loeSluirp it minister
si) .yeai-H of uire prenclieil the lunernl
Mr. W. 8. Miller and family are
inuvliigto Coyote Creek, G. A. Miller
Is already looateil thero nnd A. D.
Miller Isexpeetliig to move thero in a
short time.
Mis. M. ,T. lllllegns of Creswoll was
vlltlng her sister Mr. I toy Coflln tho
llrst r""ihn week.
Hcliool opened -ff"UL fulr attend
once 25th of September."""''- -
Mr. HoUurstrom hog puri-liuwd tho
Hoy Coflln ranch nnd will soon take
Mr. Jacob Oottwltz, W. W. Tiu-kor
ami families roturiioil IBt week from
the coast.
Mr. Green Is'tiwy erecting a resi
dence and other buildings.
Successful Operation,
About twelve years ngo ltev.
Armstrong lot his left hand In n
plaining mill. Cvcrtdnco that tlmo
liebuslieeu troubled with n painful
Htump. Heeently II became tooHevero
to longer endure nnd on Sept. tho
'Jl'st. he Hiituulttcil to nu operation
for the remorse of thnenlarged ncrvcH
mid other offending portions The
opcrntlou iieceHHiiIted an Ineeslon
some six Inchon long In the stump
nnd wns successfully preformed by
Dr. Copron. It Ih remnrkuble that
in seven iIu.vh the wound wiih healed
nnd the baudago removed.
World's Fair Rates Extended.
Through the efforts; of the Great
Northern ltnllwny. World's l-'alr
excursion tickets will bo sold on
October 1'7. liSth nnd 2ith, In uddlt
lou to October :ird, Ith nnd Sth. For
lull Information upply to nny Great
Northern Agent. :I7 5
Hon. .1. M. GIivhh who Is touring
Oregon In the Interests of local
option, occupied the pulpit at tho
IM. II. Church both nioriiiim; .mil
i evening hint Suiulny.
j At night tho Church was ecu. lot
I with those who were desirous of
hearing what he hud to way upon
: the subject. Mr. Glass Is n very earn.
! est nnd Interesting speuker nnd lulJ
' the iitteutlon ot his uudlnce through
I out. ;