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    Opinions of Grcot Papers on Important Subjects. 1
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Hotter Stny til Homo.
9 ICT tlin I 'ii mi in n lil nut nf jour head.
ir yon ii;ivi' packed your trim u aim thrown
1 1 1 your Jnli, iiiiini'k II mill ask your fcjnnrr
employer Id tnke ymi hiicli. Them nro u few
tliunianil of young follows In thin roil n try win)
Iiiivp nil Iden Hint In llio ooiistruetloii of the
KM'iil ii mi 1 fnl John will go begging, n nil tliut
It will ln ii tine llilntt tn t'liiit'k up tin' fill) 11 intiiilli place on
tho farm iiinl ttraw fiNsi every thirty ilnya (in tliu great
ttltrli. Applications fur plm-cm nro icnohllig 1 lit Ciiniil t'uiu
mission lit the into nf I ,ihxj ii tiny nlrt'iitly, In tlio face of
llio fuel Hint there urn iiti plnroa nt tho commission' tils
Homo tlmo there will bo n tot nf work, nml imiloulit
rdly the Mto of pay will bo high. Hut you couldn't Hl.iud
It. There Isn't n mure pestiferous hole tin tlio kI"I Ihaii
tlint kiiiiip ni mi I alto. 'I'lii- I'lluinlo In na different f mm Hint
of I In' United Mlnton iih tlnrlt In from ilnyllyhl. Strnugc
fevers, Hint atny nl l In n nllilil, iilioiinil, if nil dlai-nti' lit
lu tin found everywhere. (Intloulili'tlly, nil Hint mil tit- thine
lo tnnko tlio surroundings healthful will bo tlonn; but oven
thi'li It U prolmblo Hint tlio digging of llio niinil will lie
tlonn nt t tic tint of t IniiixriiiitH tif liuiiinii lives. Tho men
who work mid survive will bo largely Ihosn who Im vo
Crown up In hot countries, who nro used to killing Inbor
mill who uru phyhii-ully stronger limn tho average AnifH
If you hnvo may l.lml of n position Hint pnys you tin
rt'titly nml linn n fiituro In It, yoll will ho wlno to Kt the
I'atiiiiuu Iden out of your bend. If. when tho time comes,
you will ki, nml Imvt) ii fmiilly, In Juittlco to them got your
llfo Insured. If miy liimrmiir company will taku tho rlak.
OltiL'limiitt PonL
How for Is tlio Trnveling I'ulillc Renponiiu!c?
" tit .1 f .i.l vi.llr..n.1 ill.,, at... I a imtltJ.r
Ij " I startling douionnirulloii of tho fallibility of tun n
H I i f rln I privuiitlon In tho opt'riitlnn of railroads
llio rliilltiotiril which I'lHiaotl llio wnTi nntl ro
.Mlml lii tlio loan of no tunny 1 1 in wax one ol
hum' eihlblttnua of elemental force which not
In, i. .ii upnot every theory of milium foresight nut!
mako n ii kery of engineering skill. Such act'ldruta rnu
ho avoided In only olio wny, nntl Hint 1 by holding nil trains
(luring ain-h terrific storms nntl till tlio 111111110 woiiltl nol
tolerate. On tho contrary, thoro la n constant tlouintul for
a reduction In runuliiK time, for greattvr speed, for nnnllil
lotion of distance. Ily yielding to thla pressure mllronil
matiagcra nro In (In 11 kit of Ion ug sight of the cardinal factor
Of anfety. 'llio American people nro nllUctod wlUi tho
niaulit of rapidity. No train, no trolley car, nn
automobile, no horao ran co fnat enough. If a
cotupauy wore to run lta tralna nu n aafoty schedule ll
would tie boycotted by tho traveling public.
How far. U1011, la the public responsible for mllronil
accidents that nro caused by Uir lack of proper preeau
tlonary inenaurca In the running of fnat trains? Accltleuta,
of course, happen which cannot ho avoided. Unfortunate
ly too many of them roil It from tr-e recklestiiPM bred by
the tlorll ninyrarc tmpulae of "icetllng thoro at any rlak."
It would nccin that we have About reat'tml tliat point
whern a rend Ion uiiiat aet In. A few mora hormra like
that tn Colorado and the recnit ono near Chlcajro ltrlnlita,
ami Uiero will bo u revolution of public aentlmrnt which
may reault In Uia aubordlnatlon of apeed to aafoty. Chi
cago Journal.
Teach tho Boys to Swim.
IllfUI. mrm tltj. !), wlllll tli lilMnd Al .n..1l
w 1 I tioya fori anxloua leat their offaprlng may aeek
I I deep water and come to grief. Tha youugatera
ire commniHicti not to go wtiiiiuiug, iiiey nro
punlahed If they nre caugbt with wet hair.
Sonietlmca the. alirewd mother ties peculiar
kuota In Hie faatcnlnga of ahoei and clothea and tliua de
tect the outdoor bathing cntrrprlan of the boy. Then
coinc-t trouble, and U10 avernge txiy. having once taated Uie
Hweetji of 11 ill vti lu n pool, will only awnlt hla chnnco to
icpciil hla ndventuro. When hiicIi (IUjhihIiIihi la (Uncovered
It la fur bettor that tho fnthor of no delcruilnrd a hoy, In
alond of puiilahliig lilin, tnkc In hand the Ind'a natatory
ntlveuturoa nml eacort him peraonnlly to tho bathing beach,
lo aiiperliiteiid hia awlinuilni. The mom Hie youugatrtr
la whlppml for hla awrul awluia tho more ahrewdly he will
contrive, to hldo them. And In hla hiding ho la likely to
aeek dnngcroua plncrx, whuro ho ennnot bo enally acen. Hla
(xiiupfiulona nro muiilly hoya of hla own uge, who can
not help III 111 If ho gela Into trnuhlo In tho wnter. Ha
Khould, of (xiurae, be kept nt homo If polhlo from audi
plucoa, but when tho wiitvr-mll In heard In luldaiiinmor
nothliiK ahort of Ixilla nntl burn onn keep tho boy awlmmor
from hla plunge. Tho bnthlng bench la provided In large
pnrt JiiHt to offaet till iliiuger. It la not till It ahotlld ho
yet. In point of cill!pmoiit Mini reguliitlonn for ltn une, hut
It In nevortlieleaa 1111 excellent Inatlltillon, whore uvory con
illtUiu la nn nciir to anfety na ponnlhle, and where the dan
ger lo tlio youngaler who goei awlmmliig nlono U n-dllced
to n mliilnium. The boy who Is tnught by bin Hither to
awlm la n hnpplet hid Minn ho who Iiiin to anenk nwny wltli
other boya nml lenrn In aouio muddy hole lu tho creek or
wmn dirty whnrf hnaln. Hvery. boy ahuiild bo taught to
H'lm an noon nn ho linn tho utrength to maintain himself
In the water. It In nn Invaluable lU'coinpllHlimcnt, which
nt any time mny nave a Ufa. Waaliliigton Star,
I lllto tho man who facen whnt ha must,
With Htcp triumphant nnd with heart of dicer)
Who Uglitii the dnlly Imttlo without fenr;
fieoa bin hopen full, yet keepn unfaltering trunt
That (Jotl la good; Hint noun-how, true and Jut,
Ilia pinna work out for mortnla; not n tenr
In abrtl when fortune, which the world holds tleflr,
rnlla from hla grnap - hotter with lovo a crust,
Tbnti living In tllahonor onvle not
Nor lours fnlth lu man; hut tioea hla boat,
Nor ever nnirmiira nt hla humbler lot;
Hut, with n unllc nnd wortln of hope, give zot
To every toller; he nlono la great
Who by a life herolr eomiuera fato.
Snnih K. Holton, In Knnana t'lty Kt.-ir.
Whoro In tlio Itutflnn Army?
Ili;iti; In tho enoruioun Kunnlnn army which
the jilvnucn iKillcea of tiic wnr uild would he In
Mniii'liurlu by thla tlmn? What hna become of
ihut mlglity boat, aa niiinvroua na Hint which
followed Xeriea? Ilefore Iionttlltlea began tho
cntlmnto wnn thnt the Czar hud iliiO.omj troops
lu tne 1 jr Knnt. At home, Willi the eolora nun In reserve,
wore several mllllona ready for trnnaport. Nearly flvo
iiitiiithn luive elnpned. Iloea the Mnneburlan Army tuntilfeat
the phenomena of preponderous blgnenn?
On Hie contrary, the excuse of every Ituaslan com
mander who haa yielded hla line Inn been tho presence of
the enemy In greater numerical auperlorlty. At tho Yalu,
Nanahan Hill. Tellaau, In fact, everywhere contact Iiaa oc
curred, the Itusalan atory of a few against many of an
oncompanaliig Japanese title at once sweeping over the
front and lapping the Hanks. Hvcn Kuropntklti hna Joined
the chorus, Hum confessing weakness, and aa a JunttllcnUon
for Uie withdrawal, not merely of a detached force or an
advance guard, but of hla main army, says tho Japanese
Kiaaeaa the via major.
Yet tlio most liberal cntlmnto doea not placo the Mlkndo'a
noldlera In Manchuria at more tlian 2a,ixiO. An army In
defense, according to accepted modem military canons,
ought to be able to hold twice lta number In check. Did
not Ie stay (Irani from Itlchmond with a force less than
half that of hla adversary? Were not the lloera able to
nrreat the progress of an army many times larger than
their own? Kuropatklo'a dlsiioalttona. unless Ituaslan In
capacity la colossal, suggent a commander who hcllevca hit
enemy exceeds him. Whcro, then, la the Ituaslan army?
New York Globe.
Dig repositions Played Out
Hi: plain truth la tint tho country hna had n
surfeit of expositions, and that thero la not
fllha popular Interest In thla one. gret aa It
I nntloubtrdlr la. which lta liroteptir utiHrl.
pated. It la useletia to nay that the people
ought to be Interested; that It la a patriotic
duty to lend aupport to auch an enterprise.
Perhaps Hint la the Idea that Secretary Shaw baa In mind
when he complains Uiat the management haa not made
sutnetcut use of the uewapapera. It In of no use to talk
of that If the people do not want to go to St 1-oula,
thoy will atny away. In the autumn, when St. IxjuU Is
cooler, the attendance wUl doubtlejsn be larger, llut there
la little reason to hope that It will be large enough to
make U10 enterprise financially successful. Itocliester
Union and Advertiser.
The Dividends of "Laura Leigh."
Curlotia Itotlc One llelonued to Uucen
alury of Hcotlaiitt
The dest-emlanta of Mary Krtoun,
-one of tho four mnldn of honor to
Mary Queen of Scotland, hne In their
poasesalon a curious watch, which wnn
given by Hint queen to her favorite.
The wiitch, which Is In Hie shape of n
miniature skull. In about two liu-noi
nntl 11 half lu diameter. It la aiipposcd
to have been purchased by Mnry Iht
aclf when on 11 visit to Illoln with her
liuahnnd, tho diiuphlii of Knince, as
It linn the name of a eelelirnted Illola
innnufiicturor engrncd 011 It.
Tho outlro skull In curiously en
graved. Uu the forehead there la n
picture of Dentil, with the usual
acythe nntl hour glass mid sunil glaan,
1I Is depleted aa atnntlliig between
n palace nml a hovel, to show Hint ho
If no rospector of persona, mid under
ticiiUi la thu familiar quotation fro.n
Horace, "Pallida nioro aitiio puUat
podo putiperluin tnhernan Itcgumnuo
turres." At the buck of tho skull la
another representation, this ono being
of Tlmn devouring everything. Time
nlso carries n scythe, nnd beside blm
In the emblem of eternity tho serpent
with Its tall In lta mouth.
Tho upper section of tho akull Is
divided Into two pictures. On one side
In Hie Cruclllxloii, with the Marys
kneeling nt tho foot of the cross, and
on the other sldo are Adam nml Kvo
nurrountled by nulmala lu the Uarden
if Kden.
rtuow theap pictures, running right
round tho akull, Uiere la an openwork
band, to allow the sound of the strik
ing of the watch to ho heard, Tho
openwork U a scries of designs cut
to represent tho various emblems of
tho Crucifixion, such ns scourgOB, the
cross, swords, spears, tho lantern used
In tho garden, mid so forth. All of
the carvings hnvo npproprlato Latin
Ily reversing tho skull nnd holding
tho upper pnrt In the palm of tho
hnnd mid lifting tho under Jaw on lta
lilngo tho watch may bo opened, nnd
on tho plato tnsldo la n representation
of Hie stable, nt Ilethlehem, with the
shepherds and their Hocks lu tho dis
tance, Tho works of tho watch are In the
brains of Uie skull, tho dial plate
being where the roof of the mouth
would be In a real skull, This Is of
sliver nnd gold, with olabornto scrolls,
while tho hours nro marked In largo
Itomati letters. Tho works nro romnrk
ably complete, oven to n large silver
bell with n musical sound, which
linlila tho works In tho skull when the
watch Is closed.
This curious old watch Is still In
perfect order, nnd when wound ovcry
day keeps accurato tlmo. It la too
targe to be worn and was probably In
tended for a (leak or private ultar.
Knnajia City Journal.
Ilettcr Prek nn Ildiicntlnn ut 70 than
ltcinalti Igiiorniit
A few years ngo two American wo
men excited some comment by enter
ing college for a complete course, one
being 70 years of ago and tho other
nearly as old. Due guvo na her rea
non a life-long ambition. Having mar
ried before her aspiration for a col
lege education could ho realized, ahe
devoted herelf faithfully to her do
inestle cureer, hut never censed to de
plore her meager schooling. Her chil
dren having grown Into men and wo
men and hnvlng married and left her
alone tn her home, she could see 110
reason why alio should not undertake
lo enrry out her early purpose She
found greater pleasure lu study than
In anything else and although sho
might die before graduation, still she
would hnvo enjoyed bor later years to
n degree which no other occupation
would allow.
Harvard reported four venerable stu
dents In tho summer school, ono a New
Hampshire preacher of 83 years; an
other a Congregational minister (Dr.
Leonard Woolsey llacon), who haa
written n good deal for the mugailne
nnd who la 74 years old, and two oth
er preachers of about 00 years oach.
Uf course tills Is not like entering for
a full university course, but each of
this remarkable quartet has a special
branch which ho wishes to master wlUi
tho aid of tho collego professors. They
recall tho caso of Hie learned black
smith, who, after he had reached tho
term of life prescribed by tho I'snlmlst,
been mo nn unusual linguist with the
complete mastery of many tougues.
Thcro comes a tlmo In tho llfo of
nearly overy iimn when he realizes
that lie Is growing old. Perhaps It Is
In tho very prlruo of life, about tho for
tlcUi year, thnt this recognition of his
mortality gives tho most distress, nnd
ho Is disposed to doubt whether It Is
possible for him to accomplish any
thing worth while. In tho faco of
much evidence to U10 contrary it has
been nlllrmcd Unit a man who has
dono nothing groat beforo Uiat age will
nover do it; that llfo after. 40 consists
mainly In learning on previous ncqul
slUons. However, as tlmo goos on
many a man dovelops a new courage,
and especially ho resolves to live thor
oughly and heartily to tho last mo
mont. As a French philosopher urg
ed, n man should keep at his work
as though Immortal, ovon though ho
should know that death would como to
morrow. Anotner moralist asserts that
a man who, on a sinking ship, should
not tako his pill at tho prescribed tuo- j
mcnt and wind up his wntch Iscks a
manly quality. Anyhow, the man who
at 80 or any oUier ago at which he
retains a healthy mind does not shrink
from nn undertaking merely because
death la near gets the best out of lite.
Philadelphia Itecord.
Covering the, Truth.
A certain man In Philadelphia, who
goes fishing two or three times a year
and brings home more stories than Ush,
was talking to n friend not long after
his Inst trip.
And what did your wife say?" In
quired tho friend, "when you told her
you had caught thlrty-Ilve Ush, none
leas than a pound weight?"
"That wife of mine Is n queer wom
an," was the reflective response. "You
know the statue of Truth wo had
tlicro In tho parlor without any
clothes on?"
"Well, do you know, when I told her
what I had caught, she didn't say a
word, hut went right over to thnt
statue with tears lu her eyes and
wrapped a rug around It. Now, what
do you suppose she meant by Uiat?"
nnd his friend assured him Uiat It was
entirely beyoud hla explanation.
Htnven In China,.
At preseut. If the latest advices from
China arc to be credited, that country
Is tho great slave country of the world.
Of a population of 400.000,000 there
uro slaves to the number of 10,000,000.
ICvcry family of means keeps Its nlrl
slaves, and a man's position Is usu
ally gauged by tho number ho keeps.
At any ago from 8 to 1!5 girls aro sold,
eight being tho ago at which most
clmngo hands. Tho girls nro supposed
to do housework, It being chenper to
buy than to hlro. Slaves vnry In
price; $10 Is about tho average, but
much depends on the girl's appearance.
.V good-looking girl will fetch f'M or
even ?40.
A Buliktltute for Cork.
Notwithstanding nil the achieve
ments of practical science, thero are
somo Indispensable materials tho mak
ing of which Is sUll nature's secret,
and for which no entirely successful
BUbstltuto has been fouud. Among
these substances Is cork, and It Is pos
slblo thnt in this caso nature offers a
substitute In tho wood of a tree, grow
ing on tho east coast of Lake Tchad,
In Africa, which is of even less speclllo
gravity than cork.
Itoat Iinngungo tor the Tolophono.
French Is said to bo more easily un
derstood over Uio telephone than Eng.
Wo know of only ono way to make
tho moat go 'round, and It Is old-fash-toned:
Mako good broad, and double
tho amount of tho gravy.
H soon ns tho mnll nneii was se
curely fnnloned to her buck, nnd
she fell her mnntcr'n weight In
tho stirrup, Swinging Small lost no
time In milking her departure. Him
(limbed through the outskirts nf the
town, mill mounted the up trail with
Hint oiiny awlftnran Hint hail given her
the euphonious name she bore.
It In not to bo presumed, from thl
dnlly morning burst of speed on leav
ing Hie Ouray poBtoIIIee, that Tom Al
(leraoii wnn nn unmerciful hontemnn.
Swinging Snrnh knew better tlmn Urn',
nnd on sight of a certain petticoat
traversing tho mountain mad ahead,
nhe had learned to regulnte her n-pecd
to n most unassuming gait.
Hot ween the surprising Intelligence
of Alderson's mount nnd tho loitering
pnee of Prince, the worthy pony which
convoyed Miss Nellie McSwnlu, sclil.
ma'am at Potosl school, to and Com
her duties each day, there was mi en
counter every morning which It would
be strangely humorous to attribute to
Hint greatly overworked "hand of
fate." After she had Hrst accepted
her dnUen at Potosl
school, Nellie McKwaln had found tho
rule over the rough mountain trull
long nml monotonous, nnd nt tlmea de
pressing. She aoon dlscoveretl that
this agreeable feature of the trip was
not apparent on tho mornings whjn
t-he rhnnced to be accompanied by
Tom Alderson. bullion guard nnd mnll
enrrter for Hie Iiura I.elgh Mining
nnd Milling Compnny. WlUiout being
distinctly nware of It, this ride to
gether over SnefTera road, as the trail
waa railed, had gradually become In
dispensable to them both.
Thin morning ride wan particularly
enjoyable, na It was tho Hrst day of
Uie fall school term, after two weeks'
"I'm really glnd to see the placo
again," said Mists McSwaln, an she
drew up at the stile In front of tho
yard. The schoolhouse was loca'ed
conveniently at the Junction of Snef-
lel'a road with the trail leading up to
the ltevenue mines on the right.
"I'm awful glad to see you back,
too," was the embarrassed response of
Tom Aldernon, who was far too sin
cere to be a graceful lover.
The girl watched him depart, realiz
ing, with the wisdom of a woman,
Hint nothing but the spur of unusual
circumstance would ever lead Tom Al
derton to speak of love.
A hen that lays that kind of eggs
In a pretty valuable bird!" ejaculated
Thaddeiis Whipple In his otllce at th
Laura Leigh thut afternoon. He wan
holding up a retort fresh from the
gold room, which the shipping clerk
had been hnstlly preparing for ship
ment. "Just one more trip this month.
Alderson, to get thin 11 1 1 lo nugget
safely In the hniids of tho expren-i
company, nnd the dividends of the
I.nura Leigh will stny where I put
them Inst month." The latter clame
was added with some little show of
pride, to which Manager Whipple was
no doubt entitled. He had been In
charge of the mine from the begu
iling, nntl his successful development
work hnd plncetl It In the front rnnk
ot new workings In the San Juau
country. He had been a little anxious
this month, ns the output bad been
i-erlously retarded by several mlshnpn
to the milling innchltiery. Ily hurried
work, however, It seemed likely the
month's showing could be brought up
to that of the previous month, If the
bullion was not delayed In Its Journey
to the mint In Denver.
Alderson hnd uindo more than tho
usual number of trips during the past
week, and he could he seen sometimes
two or three times n day riding with
his Winchester noross his knees, and
the precious bullion hanging In tho
lings slung over tho horn of his snddle.
When shipments were large he some
times hnd compnny, but ordinarily this
was thought unnecessary.
"Now don't fall luto the canyon, Al
derson," the manager culled after him
as he started out "At any rate, don't
let that bullion go over with you; It
gives us Just the proper per cent this
The bullion guard laughed carelessly
at the good-natured Jest of his mana
ger. Ho was used to Whipple's tlnul
Injunctions about not losing the "yel
low stuff." He had nu hour ami a half
to make the eight miles Into Ouray,
nnd felt very easy about arriving In
tlmo to catch Uio passenger train be
fore It left. It had been years since
uny trouble had occurred on Sneffel's
ron it.
Ho rodo along unconcernedly, min
ing over bis morning ride with Miss
McSwnln. As ho nenred Uio end of
tho third mile Itetwoen the mine and
tho Potosl school, he wondered If she.
would bo working late and If ho by
any chance woulil seo her. Thero cer
tainly was a girl's figure at the utile,
and a pony favoring Prince tethered
nt tho gateway. Could sho be waiting
for him? If so it was tho first time.
Ho put the thought aside. It was too
much to hopo for.
As ho camo Into sight, Nellie Mc
Swaln, for It was Blip, rose, and began
walking rapidly toward him.
"Mr. Alderson!" sho gasped with
breathless excitement, "you must turn
back. There's something wrong to-
night!" Sho leaned against Swinging
I Ha rah. putting out a hand to catch Uie
1 bridle rein.
! "Why, whnt's the matter. MIsn Mc-
1 Ktl'fllllV AllliiMnn'a ,nir.Rnn,nUijnMi
dlsapponred nt sight of her agitation.
"Jnko Andrews Just rode down from
the Itovcnuo 11 few minutes ngo, and
said Illack Jack and his gang from
the Hlue Hills nre In this neighbor
hood to day. Ho thinks they aro lurk
ing about In tho hills between hero
and Ouray. The telephone wires nro
cut, and there are no means of com
munication ivlth town."
AIderon remembered vaguely Uiat
the chief accountant had been vainly
endeavoring to get central a few min
utes beforo he left the o.'lice.
"You know the gang," she contin
ued. "They stop at nothing; they
would kill a man for flvo dollars."
He looked down upon her wlUi
quiet regard. "And you waited hero
to tell me this? It was good of you,
Mits McSwaln." Ills wortln conveyed
the reverence he felt Then he drew
himself up in the saddle and laughed,
bin gray eyes snapping with the zest
of adventure.
The girl's form grew tense, and she
clung fiercely to the rein. "You sha'n't
risk It, Mr. Alderson. The cowards
may be waiting down there now to
pick you off. You have no right to
place that gold In Jeopardy!"
The gold! How the words stung
him. She wan thinking only of It,
and she was right. Whipple would
not thank him for losing the bullion
by a rash move. Yet It must reach
Ouray In time for No. S.
"You don't understand. Miss Mc
Swaln; I must get this gold to the
station within an hour. It must be
"Yes. but you need not go alone.
Leave It with me while you go back
for help: Swinging Sarah can move
faster without It I can protect It:
nobody will know; It will be safe with
me. Go back, for my sake, Tom."
Had he heard aright was Uiat his
first name on her Hps? He seemed to
iee but dimly the clinging figure, as
through a mist Then be reached down
nnd lifted the carefully sacked retort
from the saddle-bag.
"What will you do with It Where
will you keep It?" Ills throat wan
burning and he could hardly speak.
"Here!" sho cried, "my dinner
basket!" "Good! I've no time to lose. I'm
afraid I can't make It, but you shall
have your way. Walt here till I
come back."
Nellie McSwaln stood motionless for
a moment as she heard blm gallop
away. She looked at the white napkin
over her dinner-basket concealing its
heavy load.
"What have I done?" Her first feel
ing was one of fear, and she was
white and trembling. "He will never
make It, and Uie gold must be there.
Ah!" The Idea came to her forcibly,
and for a moment unnerved her. Then
came that flash; her eyes for a mo
ment resembled Alderson's, reflecting
the fearlessness of the Western spirit
"I'll do It!" The resolution calmed her.
Prince no doubt felt It an Injustice
to carry such an unusually heavy dinner-basket
at such an extraordinary
pace. And to think that bis faithful
service should be so far forgotten that
he should be rudely stimulated with a
rltllng-whlp! Yet he was merely being
urged Into a simple trot, and no ob
server would have accused his charm
ing rider of cruelty to her beast
She glanced back once or twice. The
sun was disappearing rapidly from
view behind Uie treacherous paUi of
the U. S. snow slide, and the canyon
was narrowing perceptibly In tho
gloom. This she knew was due entire
ly to her Imagination, and tried to
maintain her courage by glancing
ahead toward Mt. Abram, the last
peak to release the lingering rays of
the sun In the evening. She blessed
It for Its kindly brilliancy as It stood,
a guardian sentinel over the mining
camp of Ouray, nnd was glad it
seemed so deceptively cloae.
Two of the most dangerous places
on the trail, the hanging rock and the
switchback, were passed safely and
without Interruption. There was only
one more place to be particularly
dreaded, tho watering trough, now
half a mile ahead. She tried to forget
tho frightful disasters that had occur
red at this spot, which had proved the
setting for several tragedies every
year. She endeavored to shut from her
mind the thought that tho canyon
was deeper there than anywhere elso
nlong tho road, and that the rocks
Jutted out as though attempting to
push travelers over tho edge. Yet try
ns she would, In (hat brief halt-mile
every Incident she had heard about the
placo came back to her with startling
Tho day had almost faded as Prtnco
slunk Into the narrow passageway
leading around tho watering trough.
They passed safely along for a con
Bdernblo distance, and her heart gave
n bound of Joy as Uie trough camo
Into view. Surely tho worst was past
and her fears were groundless.
As they reached the trough, how
over, her worst fears woro confirmed.
An arm shot out to tho bridle rein,
nnd three figures sprang from tho
shadows. Prince snorted wildly, and
I"; was bnito strength that kept blm
from plunging frantically over the
Two of the fellows, all ot whom
were 'masked, stood at Uio horse's
henil. The third advanced slowly to
ward her, and sho felt the cold barrel
of a revolver touch her cheek. Ho
laid one hand upon tho horn ot her
inddlo and leered up at her; Uio white
mask gave his fnce an unearthly as
pect. "Why, lhln ain't our man," ho
growled, sullenly, nfter n brief Inspec
tion. "It ain't 11 man at nil; It's n
"Ily gad, It's the schoolma'am," said
n second voice. "She's purty, ain't
she, boya?"
Tlio Hrst speaker Interposed. "Let
her go, boys; It's dangerous to tnlk
here. She can't get to town In tlmo
to Interfere with our game."
The second man reacheu out a hand.
"I'm powerful hungry, miss, and that
dinner-basket looka good to me." Iloth
men relensed tho bridle rein at he
Nellie McSwaln felt her heart throb
wildly, and then It almost seemed to
fall her. Kor a moment It seemed sho
would faint
"I'll give you a sandwich; It's all I
have left In the bnsket" Her volco
was a mere whisper. She reached In
under the napkin and her hand camo
out holding something bright and shin
ing. "This sandwich Is buttered with
powder and lead!" she shrieked, "and
I'll give you all a bite of It If you
don't look out!"
Poor Prince has never understood
Uie cruel blow he received from tho
schoolma'am'a rldlng-whlp at that mo
ment though she has tried to explain
It to him time and again. He respond
ed nobly, however, and then began a
wild flight over the winding trail,
during which the schoolma'am wan
conscious of nothing save the rever
berations In her mind of the discordant
laugh that followed from Uie ruffians
It was a wild figure that rode up
to Uie little station, where the train
men were giving the air brakes on No.
5 a final test before its departure.
She gasped out her story to Uie open
mouthed staUon agent and almost
dropped Uie heavy basket on his foot
In her anxiety to perform her self
nppointed duty to Uie end. She
breathed easily only when she had
seen the gold safely deposited In the
bands of the express messenger.
Nellie McSwaln was not Uie only
rider who dashed down Uie Sneffel's
road unmindful of all danger Uiat
night When Tom Alderson returned
to the scboolhouse, accompanied by
several sturdy miners, armed to the
teeth, and ready for any affray, he
found the place deserted, and both the
girl and the bullion gone. One of the
men said afterward that Alderson was
"plumb locoed," and agreed that he
was bard to follow In his mad chase
over Uie trail.
They reached Uie watering trough In
perhaps a shorter period than the trip
had ever been made before, and Uie
party burst upon the three crouching
scoundrels In a manner Uiat was en
Urely unprecedented In Uie history of
their carefully planned misdeeds. They
were entirely disarmed, figuraUrely
and literally, without so much as an
Interchange of shots, and Uie men
roped them together, preparatory to
n march on foot down Uie bill to
Alderson personally engaged Uie at
tenUon of one of Uie luckless vil
lains. Inquiring almost IncoherenUy
about "Uie girl." lie coupled bis In
quiries with so generous a use of bis
fists Uiat Uie poor devil was rendered
quite Incapable of performing the
function of speech for a time. He
finally managed to state Uiat she had
passed theni without Interruption It
was well for him that he lied and
had no doubt reached Uie town safely.
On Uie outskirts of the mining camp
Alderson, who had dashed on ahead,
met a party of horsemen who had
been quickly mustered together to go
up the trail and see what they could
do toward "fixing things" for Black
Jack and bis gang. Alderson told
them In a few words that Uie wretches
were In safe hands, nnd made further
Inquiries, In a somewhat restrained
manner this time, as to the where
abouts of Uie schoolmistress. He
learned that she bad ridden over some
where In Uie neighborhood of Box
Canyon to await further news.
The Information was accompanied
by significant grimaces nnd ill-concealed
smiles, which the early moon,
now visible, revealed with undesirable
clearness. "There'll be someUiIng
doln' when them two meet." was tho
comment of "Dad" Austin, stagu
driver, as Alderson moved away.
Tlio sudden neighing of a horse,
which he recognized Immediately, nnd
which was quickly answered by
Swinging Sarah, came from the mouth
ot the canyon. The girl sat quietly on
her horse as though waiting. Aider-
son was first to break the awkward
"I'm glad you aro safe," he said,
huskily. She felt the Intensity behind
his words.
'Thank you " her voice went off
Into a whisper, and he could not be
certain she had called him "Tom."
"I found this nt the watering
trough." lie held out a silver case
knife. "I 1 didn't know but It would
bo all I would ever see ngaln that be
longed to you. I was afraid "
The girl stopped blm with a subdued
Laura Leigh," said Alderson, laying a
I was going to feed to Black Jack and
his unpleasant companions." Then she
told blm the story of her ride, and
how she bad delivered Uie bullion In
time for No. B.
"You saved the dividends of tho
Laura I.elgh," asld Alderson, laying a
hand gently on Prince's mane.
They sat without speaking for a
moment or two. The horses moved
closely togther, and Alderson was
trembling with the nearness of this
brave girl who ho now knew was
everything to him. Over on the trail
they could hear the lusty voices ot Uio
miners and townsmen, gleefully bring
ing the culprits to town.
"I thought for a moment that you
might have gone over the sldp of tho
canyon, MUs Miss " Ills voice
failed. '
"Would you hate cared TomT
She was looking at him with tho ono
look a lover always knows, ami ba
gazed at her long and earnestly.
"Would I havo cared? Nclllol" !!
reached over In Uio saddle and drawl
her to him.
Tom Alderson has been described n
ungraceful In tho art ot love-making,
nntl an Swinging Snrnh and l'rluc
rubbed nones In tho moonlight, It Is
prolmblo they accomplished fully as
much In tho mnttcr of n caress ns did
their riders In tho awkwardness of
that first kiss. San Francisco Argonaut
One that KetUlied Orange You Cam's
Make Hole. About Their Tantea,
"I see Items In tho papers sometimes
saying that all cats llko Uilt or Uiat
arUole of diet" snld Uio man In the
household pet store. "Now those tales
are true and at Uie samo Uma they
aren't true, becauso no two cats thai
I ever saw liked tho samo kind of food.
"There aro no animals Uiat vary so
much In their ways and tastes nnd
habits as cats. You take any two dogs
of the same breed and Uielr ways aro
pretty much allko. But cats vary a
great deal moro than people. This
shows In the things Uiey llko to eat
"There's Tom and Nancy, those two
white Angoras over Uiere. They both
like cooked meat and milk, but after
thnt they differ. Tom goes perfectly
daffy over green peas; Nancy won't
touch pean, but she'll cat beans in any
form until she looks as though she'd
swallowed a baseball. Nancy likes
green com, too. Tom won't touch It
"Then I've known a cat that would
eat oranges after you'd peeled them
as long as you would feed them to
her. She'd turn up her nose at any
other kind of fruit I've heard of still
another cat Uiat liked apples; and an
other, a pampered pet In a rich house,
makes bananas and cream her staple
diet There's a big row In that house
If her bananas and cream aren't there
when she gets up In Uie morning.
"I've known other cats that were
fond of cake and carrots and cream ol
potatoes and boiled onions and cheese.
In fact there Isn't anything in Uie
range of human diet except highly
seasoned dishes, that some cat or oth
er hasn't picked as a favorite food.
"I suppose Uiat olives come nearest
to being liked by all cats, but Uiere
are some that won't touch olives. Even
In the matter of milk their tastes vary.
One cat wants cream and Isn't at all
modest about asking for It One re
fuses cream and likes milk as thin as
possible. I bad one big tomcat who
wouldn't touch his milk unUl It was
"All cats are supposed to go daffy
over catnip, but the rule falls down
even there." New York Sun.
They Demand Illgher Pay, Via Clothes
and lilcyclea.
Times change, and our servants
change with them. The results of Uie
Lincolnshire hiring fairs, which eitentl
over about ten days, and have Just
come to an end, shows Unit Uie old
fashioned servant maid no longer ex
ists, says Uie London Chronicle.
Bach succeeding year recenUy serv
ants have demanded and obtained high
er wages, and In Uie case ot domes
Ucs Uie wages paid for their services
are twice as high as those which pre
vailed twenty or thirty years ago.
Another dlrecUon In which change is
Indicated Is Uie sUpuIaUon for a reg
ular weekly holiday as part of the hir
ing bargain. Very few servants will
go out to situations now without Uie
concession of an afternoon or evening,
once a week, and in one case a girl
asked lor a special weekly holiday
so that she might take her music les
Again, there is the cycling habit So
many servants on bicycles have never
been seen before as during the recent
vacation. They flocked into Kast An
glian towns In considerable numbers.
most of them on pretUly-equIpped, up-to-date
The contrast with tho "old hands'
who remember fifty years aco has been
very marked. The agricultural labor
er is as well dressed now as bis em
ployer, aud Uie dress of each domes
Uc would have provoked the exclama
tion Uiat she was "a fine lady" In hex
grandmother's time.
Another ot tho many nouceable
changes which Uie servant problem
has undergone Is that ot securing a
girl who will undertake Uie duties of
milking. In nlnety-nlno cases out of
every hundred Uils branch of farm
house work Is now delegated to Uio
men servants.
Such changes as these, which make
the lives of servants more enjoyable
than formerly and mark their emanci
pation from the dull routine ot dally
domestic work, aro the Inevitable out
come ot diminishing supply rather than
Uie result ot effectlvo trade union organization.
The Quality or Meroy.
An amusing story Is told ot Doctor
Gruby of Tarls, the physician who Is
well known for his efforts to protect
animals from cruelty. The story
would lead one to Infer that the good
doctor, like "Uncle Toby" In Sterne's
Tristram Shandy," Includes Insects
within the horizon of mercy.
Ono day Doctor Gruby was much
annoyed by the buzzing of a bluebottlo
fly against his windows. The doctor
summoned an attendant whom he di
rected to open tho window and care
fully put the Ily outside.
The servant, who knew his masters
kindness, called attention to tho fact
that at Uiat moment It was raining
'True," responded Uie doctor. Then,
after a moment's perplexed reflection,
ho exclaimed triumphantly:
'At least, you may put him In the
waltlng-roomi Tbore he may stay Ull
Uio weather Is fair."
Ago Limit.
Hook Agent Now, sir, can I sell
you au encyclopedia?
Old John Noa, 1 aon t tning so.
I'm tew old to ride now. Punch.
Women's maeazlnos continue to
blame tho men for not saying ulca
things about their wives' cooking, ana
Uio men go on thinking that If uoj
eat it, that is wmpllmeut enough.