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Comment and Crltlclsma Ilaeed Upon
th Happening of th Dy Histori
cal aud Mow Mole.
It It Korea' prlvllcee to furnish the
tent of war.
On touch ot nature sometimes
makei tti whole world grin.
It's an cny matter for a stingy man
to get rich liut what' tlio uso?
Flour la coins io high that paste
diamonds may toon be worth more
than the real.
8lr Edwin Arnold's famo Is secure.
Ho was tho tlrst prominent white wan
to marry a Japanese girl.
This massaging of tho heart Is no
discovery of modern surgery. Dan
Cupid has practiced It for centuries.
It seems like a reckless waste of
pathological cfTort to discover the
germ of mumps nftcr nearly everyone
has had them.
Tho suspicion that a cigar was the
cause of the Baltimore conflagration
will cause the parlor match to say
"There aro others."
It must be through patriotism or
because they have to do It that the
Russian Boldlers go to the front to
fight for J3.G0 a year.
There Is nothing remarkable about
Queen Alexandra eating a O-cent din
ner; many an American queen tackles
no better fare every day.
If every man would put as much
ginger Into his work as a pig put Into
motion when It scratches Ha back
against a board fence there Would be
fewer failures in this world.
Kouropatkln has promised not to re
i turn to St. Fetersburg until be has un
furled the Russian flag over the Ml-
kado'a palace. Kouropatkln Is easily
, the most . promising warrior now In
"Wealth Is not worth striving after,"
declared John D. Rockefeller, Jr., to
his Sunday school class. It Is surpris
ing how much easier It Is for a person
not compelled to labor to make such
an assertion.
A Kansas farmer Is not bragging
much over his score. He has bought
three gold bricks within five years!
That's nothing. We bought mining
.stock three times consecutively. Hut
It was a long time ago In the eighties.
With the proceeds of eggs laid on
Sundays an English countrywoman has
enriched the Church Missionary So
ciety by 17 shillings. The Idea of re
turning to the Lord the things that
are of Ills day shows both sentiment
and sense.
The wife of on Itinerant Methodist
preacher In Missouri having fallen
heir to $500,000, such a common little
thing as a pants button In the contri
bution box docs not seem to him a
matter of such world-wide moment as
it did a few months ago.
One curious effect of the war in the
Orient will be to send a large number
of Coreans to the Hawaiian islands to
work on sugar plantations. As all la
bor conditions In their own country
are upset the Coreans will be more
willing than before to engage in rais
ing cane in our new territory. As la
borers they are said to be Industrious
and peaceful, a great contrast to the
Japanese, who are given to strikes and
other disturbances.
Boston has to own among Its citi
zens a man who proposes that school
boys shall go to school from 8 o'clock
until 5 six days a week, and have but
two weeks' vacation In the year. lie
thinks they should not enjoy more
leisure than Is granted to offlce boys.
It was to be supposed that the last
man died long ago who did not know
that the boy who never goes fishing
Is as badly educated as the boy who
goes fishing when he ought to be In
A thorough Investigation of the post
office establishment would Inevitably
lead to an Inquiry into the uses and
abuses ot the postal franking privilege
extended to Congressmen (by Con
gress). And such an inquiry would in
all probability prove to be quite em
barrassing to some of the members.
Instances have been known In which
members of Congress have forced the
mall service to transport their house
hold effects, under their franks, and
the tale Is told that one member even
wanted to send a cow free in a postal
car. It is an open secret that some
members of Congress make the post
office do express service for them and
that others circulate various sorts of
literature under their postal franks.
"I am well." Do you appreciate
the force of that declaration? Sup
pose, on the contrary, you say, "I am
sick." Keep on saying It, Begin to
believe It, You will end In your bed.
Yes, there is something In Christian
Science. There Is something In The
New Thought, or Suggestive Therapeu
tics. These systems contain the germ
of a great truth the Influence of the
mlud over the body. More than that
The mind influences Itself, It Influ
ence Itself by the subtle power of
suggestion the foundation of hypno
tism. So that It will not do to say
that It makes no difference what one
believes. It matters tremendously. If
you believe you are happy you are, for
the time, happy. If you believe you
nro pure, and keep on believing It, you
will be pure. If you believe you are
strong, co long as you believe It, you
nre strong. Of course there are limi
tations to this power of faith. Cir
cumstances and conditions affect It
And it may be carried to n ridiculous
extreme. But It Is a workable
nower and every creature ought to
know It Keep In mind the fact that j
you are captain on the deck of your
mortal vessel. The helm is la your
own hands. Storms nnd currents may
deflect your course, but, these aside, ,
you are supreme matter of the royngo
and ot its destiny,
Carroll D. Wright says "the wage
system will pass away" and n system
which will be composed of the profit
sharing and co-operation Ideas will
succeed it "The fashion ot this world
passeth away," says St Paul, and the
fashion of paying for work In wages
may pass away, although It has exist
ed from tha beginning of recorded
time. The system, like all human sys
tems, has Its defects. It docs not give
to everybody the exact equivalent for
his toll. No new method of compensat
ing labor which can be devlted and
introduced will be fair to all at nil
times, and the complaints that the
worker docs not get enough, which
have been heard slnco the first em
ployer hired tho first employe, will not
cease. Tho laborer will contlnuo to
complain that he does not have a fair
share of the wealth he assists In pro
ducing. A system which has endured
for thousands of years does not fade
away In a day, even though the ono
Mr. Wright talks about has defects,
one of them being that workers are al
ways striking somewhero to get better
pay. Probably Mr. Wright does not be
lieve he will live to see the day when
profit sharing and co-operation will
rule In the Industrial world. The Ideas
of worklngmcn will have to change
materially before they will surrender
the certainty of the wage system, in
equitable though It may be sometimes,
for the uncertainty of the profit shar
ing system. They would accept It If
business were always good and proflU
always large, but It would not suit
them when lean years came. If It
were Introduced they would agitato
for a larger sharo of profits, as they
do now for higher wages. There would
be the old conflict under a new name.
When a man has nothing to talk
about which Interests htm more than
the shadowy possibilities of the dis
tant future he may discuss with propri
ety the passing away of the wage sys
tem. It Is not a living question. It Is
one which is of merely speculative In
terest to the people of this century.
They will hire nnd be hired after the
fashion of their fathers.
Moore House and Farm at Torktown
Mar Be Bought by Nation.
An estate owned by a Detroit man.
which Is creating national Interest and
discussion and which may soon become
the property of the nation. Is the fa
mous old Temple farm In Virginia.
now In the possession of Sidney A
Witherbee, says the New York Her
As one of the most Interesting relics
of United States history aud the scene
of Washington's triumph over Corn
wallls, this beautiful spot Is a center
of interest to thousands of patriotic
Americans. So closely Is It connected
with the Important events In the for
mation of the country that It Is often
called "the central spot of history,"
and from all sides petitions are pour
ing In to the government to buy the
farm and bouse and preserve them as
a monument to the memory of the.
first President of the United States.
Temple farm was the home success
ively of Lord Spottiswood, Washing
ton. Lafayette and It
Is situated In one of the most pictur
esque spots In America, and undor the
ownership of Mr. Witherbee is being
carefully cultivated until of Its 500
acres nearly 400 are now In a state of
To the east Is an uninterrupted view
of Chesapeake Bay. To the north can
be seen the marine traffic of the York
River navy, to the west rises the
monument erected by the Federal
government commemorating the sur
render of Cornwallls and that other
spot sacred to the memories of heroes
the National cemetery.
Barely a mile away is quaint York
town. Not only are the surroundings
of Temple farm historic, but the farm
itself, with the famous old "Moore
house" upon It has hardly a spot
which has not borne the footprints of
The famous "McCIellan rond" is
here; the remains of the first place of
worship In Virginia are another Inter
esting relic, ns well as the oldest mark
ed grave In the United States.
But of the many historic associations
of the place, the most Interesting Is
that of the event which won for Wash
ington the title of "Father of Ills
Country." Here. In the corner room
of the Mooro bouse, facing the war
spoiled fields, the articles of capitula
tion between Cornwallls and Washing
ton were drawn up by the commis
sioners, and nearly 0,000 English sol
diers and sailors marched through the
old farm toward Yorktown, prisoners
of war.
On this same spot in 1035 come the
first revolt against British rule, so
that Temple farm has the distinction
of belug the spot where the first and
last act of revolt which led to the
birth of the republic took place.
During the centennial celebration
Moore house was thrown open to dis
tinguished guests of the nation the
descendants of Lafayette and Rocham
beau. Locating the Guilty Idiot.
Jones waltzed out of the bathroom
in a gorgeous and purpllngfury. "Some
iuiot has been using my razor," he
"I know It," responded Mrs. Jones.
She looked Jones right square in the
"Who was it?" demanded Jones.
Ills voice shook with emotion. "I say,
who was It?"
"John Henry," remarked bis wife
dispassionately, "I'll have you know
that nobody uses that razor but your
self." New York Evening Sun.
"What Is the age of your wife?" in
quired the Immigrant Inspector.
The Mormon elder made a rapid cal
culation. "Ono hundred and seventy-eight,
sir," he answered. Cleveland Plain
Turbine Engines.
Faith In the new steam turbine en
gine Is shown In the ifact that two
manufacturers have contracts to fur
nish In tho aggregate approximately
640,000 borso power capacity of them.
! Rf. Rer. ft corn r. Seymour, Bit sop of Spr (riffle M
Tho mistake which tunny tnnko Is that they
'ondemn with a sentence of absolute banishment
.'crtnln classes of amusement which nre often
Abused, It Is true, but which still have their
.ightful place lu the sphere of human relaxation
i ml enjoyment, such ns the drama, nnd dancing,
nd specified games. Now,
ae things which nre proscribed, put under the
..hi, as Intrinsically evil, ore
evil tw ad.
A story drawn out Into detail under the guidance of the
principles of art and Illustrated by appropriate scenery ami
dross Is not In Its-elf evil. The story may ho vicious, nnd
the actors tuny be bad In conduct, but these faults
nro not Inherent In the drama; they nre
that the play Is bad nnd the players aro
drama In Itself Is high art; Indeed,
tlou lu Its successful production many
and culture. It may bo made an Instrument powerful foi
good as well ns evil. Us principles arc
of the teaching of the Old Testamcut
Dancing Is the poetry ot motion; It
the eye of what music conveys to the
spontaneous and Involuntary. The
faody. will without our thought or consent keep time will
the tune which HoAts In upon us from the voice ot tho
sweet singer or the notes of the Instrument. To tench.
therefore, that dancing Is In Itself evil nnd Is to be avoided
cs sin Is as crave an error as can well be committed. It
Is an Impeachment of the truth of God;
against the handiwork of our Maker In the highest and
best Instincts of our nature; It Is calculated to bewilder
the moral sense, especially ot the young, as to good and
evil, aud leave thorn a prey to the direct results In the
ethics of their dally life.
A safe and simple rule to guide us In deciding whni
we may lawfully and properly do In any case where we an
lu doubt Is to ask the question: 'Could we Invoke God't
blessing upon what wo are about to do? Could wo brlni.
It Info Hod's presence?" and If we can respond "yes" ti
these Inquiries, then we nre right, nnd may go forwan
with the confident assurance that we shall not Incur con
demnatlou for our conduct. Times nnd manners. It Is true
have changed since the old days of Miriam, and David, and
Solomon, but evil has not become good, n6r good cvlL
By Andrew Kfson.
It Is at least a cheering sign of the times that
earnest men and women who have regard to the
serious side of life nre beginning to evince ai.
Active Interest In the physical welfare of chll
dren. The deterioration In physique, especially
of the children of the masses, may be taken to be
a real nutter. There Is no questioning that th
cll, nnd a serious one It is, exists In full force
The testimony of teachers and doctors alike l
unanimous lu Its strong protestation of the reality of th
degeneration, nnd of tlm need for Its betterment.
Of .ate some Interesting and Instructive details havi
been afforded through the Investigations of Dr. W. Hal
In Leeds, Engl.ind, on the physical condition of school cliil
dren In that city. Oue part of this research Is of highly
Important character. Inasmuch as It bears upon the rclatlvi
development of two races, Jen- aud Gentile, and upon the
causes which may be held to account for the variations
noted. Dr. Hall notes that the Jewish child as a rule Is
better developed than his Gentile neighbor
while he tells us the former shows better teeth than the lat
ter. The test of bone development Is a fairly good one.
In a Jewish school In a good district Dr. Hall found only 5
Ia the United State Minister to Korea,
II. N. Allen.
The formost personality In Korea to
day is the American minister, II. N.
Allen. The story of his entrance upon
the stage of Ko
rean affairs and
his steady a d
vancement In the
fnvor of the peo
ple, as well as In
official position. Is
as romantic a s
any of the better
known stories of
Amerlcau enter
prise, adventure
and achievement.
n. . aixex.
Minister Allen was born In Dela
ware, Ohio, In 1858, and when 23 was
graduated from Ohio Wesleyan Unl
veslty. Two years later, in 1883. be
married a classmate, just preparatory
to retting out for China as a Prcsby
terlan missionary.
The young missionary doctor had not
been long in China before be made his
way down to Korea, on a tour of In
spection, at his own expense. Evi
dently he sent back favorable reports
to bis superior officers In New York,
for In a short time be received a cable
gram containing the single word.
"Korea." This be understood to mean
that he should undertake to find a
foothold In the capital of this nges
old nation, with Its avowed Intoler
ance of Christianity. He wns thus
the first Protestant missionary to Ko
rea. The United States minister, Ocn.
Foote, made him physician to the lo
cation, thus giving him nn excuse
for remaining In Seoul which no Ko
rean could cnlnsay.
Two months later the young Amer
ican's 'opportunity came. An Insur
rection broke out In Seoul, and six
Koreans were murdered at nn official
dinner party, and n seventh, a rela
tive of the King and the most prom
inent of nil, I'rluce Mln Yong Ik, who
had been Korean minister to this coun
try, wns badly wounded. Pnnlc at
once seized tho city. Everybody began
to look out for himself. Even Ocn.
Foote nnd nil the Europeans fled to
Chemulpo, to ho under tho protection
of the gunboats all except the young
missionary doctor. Within hnlf nn
hour ho was nt tho side of the wound
ed prince, disregarding all danger to
Ho found thirteen Korean doctors
gathered' mound nbout to pour black
wax Into tho gaping wound. Dr. Al
len plucklly withstood them all while
ho tried what western sclenco could
do. While these looked on wondering
ho tied up tha arteries and sewed up
tho wounds, and continued his treat
ment until the prlnco got well.
It was a heroic thing for Dr. and
Mrs. Allen to remain where buildings
were burning and bullets whizzing
through tho streets, and treason and
fanaticism wcro on every hand.
As If to fix firmly tho place of this
skillful Yankee missionary In tho royal
favor, tho Emperor himself felt sick,
to bo cured by Dr. Allen, This gave
him the title of court physician, and
a commanding position at the palace,
which latter ho has held to this day.
Another evidence of the, high favor
tn which bo was held was bis appoint-
It Is obvious Hint
not In themscivei
due to accidents
demoralized. The
lays under conmnu
departments of art
embodied In much
and of the New.
Is the expression to
ear. It Is oftentlmo
hand, tne ucnu, the
It I an Indictment
Or Ktr. C. W. Tlntltr ot Terre Haute.
thrust nt
ot the same age.
The Illustration shows a torpedo boat In action, firing u lorpeuo direct
at an anchored warship, as In the attack oil I'ort Arthur. Torpedoes aro
usully fired from turntables which can be directed to any point Tho torpedo
Is shot Into the water cither by a very small charge of powder or by coin
pressed nlr. Torpedoes are also fired from submerged tubes as they aro
called, but these cannot be directed In the same way as the turntables. Tho
famous Whitehead torpedo, n typo used by both tho Jnpnneso nnd the Rus
sians, Is a crowless submarine engine of destruction, equipped with gigantic
Iiowcr. It carries an explosive chamber containing 200 pounds of guncotton,
and when Its nose comes In contact with a ship's hull, n pointed plunger Is
driven In against tho detonating cap, an explosion ensuing that usually blows
an awful holo In the Ill-fated ship which may bo the object of attack, and
perhaps sinks It at once. The torpedo on entering tho water sinks to tho
requlred-deptb, running submerged till It meets Its prey. Its wonderful little
engines are driven by compressed air, and it Is prevented from rising or
sinking by a pendulum valvo und rudder, nml kept on n straight course by
a spinning wheel attachment' Tho first lesson of the Russo-Japancso war
was the high effectiveness of the torpedo.
ment by tho direct wish of the Em
peror, to be foreign secretary of the
Korean embassy to the United States.
He returned after a time, to take up
his routine missionary work, but In
1800, with the consent of the Mission
ary Board, he was made secretary of
the United States legation at Seoul.
During the World's Fair at Chicago ho
served as commissioner for Korea. In
1603 be was made charge d'affaires at
Seoul by President Clovelnnd.
Awaking Hunter Thought iltffui In a
Lund of I'ulrjr Phenomena.
Once upon a time It wns in 1853,
to bo exact a hunter In pursuit of a
wounded bear found himself at night
fall In a dark forest The air was dry
and warm, nnd being weary, he
stretch himself upon tho ptno needles
which covered tho ground, and went
to sleep. Ho awoke at daylight, and
when he saw what kind of a forest
he was In, he rubbed bis eyes and
pinched himself to make sure he was
not dreaming, On every side wero
monster trees, such as no man had
ever seen before. They reared their
heads seemingly Into the blue sky,
and their enormous trunks, bright cin
namon in color and ribbed and seamed,
rose like mighty fluted towers. The
hunter felt like Gulliver did In Brob
dlngnag, and looked, half expecting to
see tbo huge forms of giants come
striding through tho forest. Ho knew
that If the tallest church of bis native
;, ran1 ;
per cent of rickets nud It per cent of defective teeth. lu
the Gentile school of the same class 8 per cent of the chil
dren had rickets nud 33 per cent defective teeth. Tho poor
district of Leeds wns equally Instructive ns regards coni'
parlsou. There the native children showed 10 per cent
rickets nnd a percentage of CO ns regards bad teeth. Tha
poor Jewish school, as regards statistics based on the
same lines, gave percentages of 7 per cent rickets and 115
per cent for defective teeth.
For long age the Jew has practiced a rrllgton of health.
No oue can rend the code of hygiene comprised lu the books
of the Old Testament without perceiving Hint n wise Icgl
Intlon wns exercised by wny of Insuring the health of Ilia
Jewish rnce, nnd by wny of preventing dlsense. True,
tho code wns extremely drnstlc In some ot Its applications
witness the casting of the leper forth of tho camp; but
Its very rigidity served to Impress not only tho Idea of
prevention of dlseaso but of the practice to which that
Idea gave origin. A nation which, lu Addition to super
vising Its meats with the acumen of n modern aanltnrjr
Inspector, nnd which know that tho essence of health was
to be found In tho maintenance of elennlliiess, could not
fall to reap a rich physical reward In tho development ot a
sound constitution and In the possession of length of days.
Br Senator CUtunrty ft. Dtp.
There Is no talent moro common
than the ability to speak and none
mora rara than the gift of speaking so
as to command tho attention aud sub
stantial assent of tho nudlenco. Tho
ordinary, talker In n deliberative body
kills time and murders patience, Irri
tate: the indifferent and tires hW
friends. Ileal debating power Is a gift
as brilliant as It la useful. It does
not consist lu elaborato effort, In the
length of tho speech, lu superiority of logic, grace or dic
tion or rhetorical finish. Any or all of these may prove a
detriment, though with the master they ore tools to bo
used or not, ss the occasion mny require. Many a massive
structure which tho orator has spent hours In erecting has
been demolished and has burled Its author under Its ruins
by tho dynamite of a ten minutes' speech. Ieglalatures
fear bores nnd resent pedagogue They love good fighters
and hard hitters. Like veteran troops, they do not wnnt
to bo Instructed, but to bo led. They mny sleep through a
ponderous oration of Charles Sumner nnd rise with delight
to greet an Incisive sarcasm of Thaddoua Stevens. There
aro occasion when a labored effort Is necessary to outline
or defoud n policy or to nppeal to the party or tho country.
But In the exigencies of dally discussion It Is the crisp,
lucid and direct debater who carries or defeats measures
The skillful parliamentarian knows Instinctively tho torn
per of his audience. His greatest triumphs arc lu humoring
Its moods.
A community without n home Is almost of
necessity a bad place. The Immorality of lum
ber aud mining camps Is easily explained. There
Is no real home life. It la almost n aln against
society when a family lakes to boarding, for It
makes one home less and destroys the unity.
Marriage Is not so much a matter of personal
ns a social duty. Divorce Is n direct
the homo nnd social unity. We mnke
much of the polygamy of Utah, but polygamy Is the very
whitest bird In the whole nest; and this polygamy of Utah
Is not so great a the evil of the progressive polygamy ptac
tlccd all over this universe by means ot divorce.
town was set down In this wood, the
cross upon the pinnacle of Its aplre
would be sbnded by tho branches as
would a doll's bouse beneath nn apple
tree. Ho walked up to one of tho trees
and spreading out his nrms to their
full extent, be clasped tho bark. Then
he moved sldcwlsc, placing his left
fingers where his right hand had been,
spreading his arms as before Ho re
peated this again nnd again, nnd he
did It twenty times heforo ho had cir
cled the trunk. This hunter wns A. T.
Dowd, nnd the forest ho hat discov
ered wns ono of the "hlg-trec groves"
of California. Of course, when ho re
turned to civilization, his description
of tho trees wns laughed at ns a yarn,
and ho wns necorded second plnco to
Baron Munchhuuscn ns an Inventor ot
As n matter of face, his stories were
much less wonderful than the trees
themselves, and tho best of it Is (hat
many ot tho trees nro still standing
there to provo It Woman's Home
Merely nn Artist
Miss Footlltes I'd have you know
I'm tin artist In my profession!
Gobbo Ob, that's It, Is It? I've
beard people say you are no actress.
Boston Transcript
After buying a revolver for tho pur
pose of committing suicide ' an Ohio
man roconsldercd tho matter and mar
ried, an auburn-haired widow with sev
en children.
Off tho coast of Newfoundland Ilea
amnll Island known ns the lalo of
Demons, which holds within Its rocky
shores a romance ns thrilling and a
tragedy ns real as any told lu fiction
About 1510 Marguerlt da Robarval,
nleco of the French viceroy, fall In love
with a young cavalier nud promised
him her heart and hnnd. Her uncle.
tho viceroy, considered th youth un
worthy of Ida niece' proud position,
and angered by her refusal to glvo
up htr lover, ho passed a aentenco of
oxllo upon both of them. A vessel car
rlcd tho couple to the lalo of Demons,
leaving them there atone, with an old
nurao who hnd attended tho Indy Mnr
guerlto from hr childhood, aud who
wished to share her exllo.
At first tho banishment did not seem
so dreadful a thing; the young man's
strength atood between his wife and
suffering, and for two years nil went
well. A child wns born, and the pa
rents began to plan for the establish
ment of a colony which might thrive
In this talnnd home. Then cam Iron
ble, swift nnd terrible.
Disease smote tho little family, nud
the young wife and mother saw her
husband, child and faithful liufao all
sicken and die. With her own hands
alio dug their grave and hurled all
that wa dear to her; and then began
n life aloue. 11 fo In which th mere
question of existence became a prob
lem hard Indeed for a frail woman lo
solv. By means of the gun that hnd
been her husband', sho kept herself
provided with food and with skins for
her clothing.
For two year she lived a Roblnaou
Crusoe life, this gently nurtured, high
ly bred girl. Once a boat filled with
Indlnna come near tho shore, but the
painted faces nnd fierce aspect of the
savages frightened her, so that alio hid
Instead of hailing them. She spent
wreka of labor lu making n crude rn
hoc. but her hands wcro unskilled,
nnd when alio launched her craft It
would only tip orrr.
At Inst alio waa rescued by aonir
fishermen who ventured on the Island,
hnlf-frlghtenrd at first by what the;
thought waa an evil apparition.
Marguerite wna sent to Franco, but
her uncle discovered her whereabouts
and continued to persecute her. She
finally found n retuga In n small
French village, where she hid until the
viceroy's death. After that she came
Into the world once more nud lived to
a good old ng.
Publicity of Hie Proceed I la a Guar
autee Auuluat Any l-'ruud.
The divorce mill does not grind Its
grist so rapidly or so easily In I'aundn
as It does In tho United Slates There
aro no alar rhnmber proceedings
wherein tho details may lie smothered;
on tho contrary, from tbo first to the
Inst there la absolute publicity of nil
the matters which lead to the applica
tion for divorce. The notice of the up
pllcaut must be published for alx
months In two newspapers In tho ter
ritory wherein the defendant resides,
which notice must give the nniuo of
tho applicant nnd tho defendant and
the ground upon whlrh the application
Is baaed, and a llko notice must he
printed In the Canadian official news
The matter doea not then go to a
court, for no Canadian court has the
power to annul n mnrralgo tie. It
goes to the Dominion Parliament.
Tho Parliament has n committee
known as the divorce committee, and
to this committee the matter la re
ferred, and before Its nine membera
all the facts In relation to tho rase
are brought. This committee hna no
set rules and the matter of precedent
does not control Ita actlona. It mny
admit such evidence as It sees fit. nml
may exclude such as, In Its Judgment,
ought not to be admitted.
Before the matter Is referred tn this
committee, however, It must undergo
a first reading In the Sennte. where th
salient facts In the rase are set forth.
Then It goes to the committee, and
from the commltteo It Is rrtiirnrd to
tho Senate. Tho Senate reviews tho
action of tbo committee, and that body
passes on It In committee of tho who!.
If the action of the commltteo bo con
firmed by the Senate, tho bill Is then
referred to the lower house of Parlln
ment, which reviews both action of
tho Senate nnd tho divorce committee
New Orlenns Tlmes-Democrnt.
Mlaa 'LU'lieth' Appla.
Homely nnd protty Is n sketch from
tho Washington Post. It will take
many people back to tho days of big
red apples and little red schonlhouscs
A tidy llttlo silver-haired Indy In
black wns riding townrd Georgetown
In tho front seat of an open cnr. A
handsome, blooming matron of ,15 or
so, carrying a basket stuffed with good
things from the market, hoarded the
cnr and took a scat directly behind
The handsome matron studied the
back of tho llttlo white-haired lady's
head for some time, nud then moved
along to get side view of her face. This
apparently satisfied her, for sho began
to fumble In her basket smiling In n
reininlscentlnl wny, nud finally
brought out n fine big red apple, which
she polished for half n mlnuto with
her silk gloves. Then sho leaned for
ward nnd dnnccd tho red apple In front
of the little old lady's eyes.
"An npplo for you, Miss 'Llz'bcthl"
sho said, laughingly.
The little old whlte-hnlrcd Indy
turned about with n smile, looked for
nn Instant nt tho features of the hand
some matron, and then held up her
hands nnd exclaimed:
"Well, well, If It Isn't my little Vlr
glnlal" "Little Virginia" nodded her head
up nnd down delightfully. "And the
Inst time I gnvo you an npplo, Miss
Llz'beth, was In school In 1877."
"So It was!"
The old school teacher and little Vir
ginia smiled at each other, and three
prosperous grizzled men who were
watching them smiled, too, and then
fell to talking about the way time
does slip away.
Nothing worries some men llko the
expected troubles that nover hnppcn.
The Chlnrso hnve twice snckod
Moscow, unco In 1237 and ngntu lu
The first equestrian statue eroded
In London wns of Chnrtcs I., lu White
hall, 1078.
All mill In Japan run dny nud night,
tho chango of hand being made nt
noon and midnight.
Twelve year ago thorn wero two
thousand Jnpaueso In Iho United
States. To day there nro 2L300.
Tho flrt steamer on tho Thnlnei
wna the Marjory, In 1811. Tho Rich
mond followed her a year later,
British troops In India have Inlety
celebrated the fiftieth nunlveranry of
being permitted lo wear mustache.
No tree ha evor been found larger
than tho Hlclllnn "chestnut of a hun
dred horses." It la no less than WM
feet In circumference.
In Peraln. India and China the lower
clnsaos atlll live, ns n rule, ttllirr
with their niiliunls In the nmc dnrk
nnd unVKiitllnted hut.
A wlno cask hns Just been built In
California to hold ninety-seven thou,
sand gallons. Its Iron hoops weigh
fcrty thousand pounds.
Ity tho flash of an electric spark ono
hundred and twenty Ave millionth of
n aecond In duration a rifle bullet can
be photographed In Ita flight.
Tho corountlon robe presented to
the Empress of Russia wns of fur. It
weighed only sixteen ounces, yet wns
worth d,()00, or $3(13 per ounce.
Th life of a dime Is only four or
Ore yenra, because it changes hand
ten tlmea while n hnlf a dollar la
moved once from one person' pocket
Into the till of another.
There la only ono plnco In the world
where Iho aun acts twice In the anma
day. and that I nt Leek. In England.
Thoro Is s Jnggcd mountain there nnd
the sun arts behind It nnd It grows
dark. An hour Inter the sun renppcars
nt a gap In tho aide of the tnniintnln,
nnd It la light ngalu until the real sun
Financial and Dietetic Value of n Grow
lni( American Crop.
Th more mellow apples one eats the
better, provided thebe token nt meal
times. It li best of sll to rat fruit
before meals, and freely as yon llko.
This will prevent loading the system
with a benvy weight of I Ilgrallblo
foods. Hrnntor Vest says that If
man wishes to live long nud be nble to
keep up Ida work ho must ent not less
than ono apple with every noon tuurhs
we nre not sure but ho said hnlf n
dozen. The no hrenkfnst fnd tells lla
Hint we must not only go without tho
morning meal, but Hint we must live
much more largely upon fruit. Homo
of Ita disciples Insist that the npplo
may bo taken In the place of the ordi
nary breakfast. John Wesley once re
frrred to apple dumplings an nn Illus
tration of the nlaruilng ndvanre of lux
uries In England. Charles IjiuiIi qtiotea
a friend who aaya that " man can
not have a pure mind who refuses np
plo dumplings," nnd Dr. Johnson
spenka of n clergyman of Ida acquaint
ance who brought his family up almost
altogether on this Anglo-Saxon combi
nation. Wo have recollections of
dumplings which might have been the
origin of Calvinism. It must hit lorne
In mind that the Ideal apple la one that
Is fit to be eaten raw; yet Iho glorious
old Spltzenburg la only fit for tho cook
In whoso hands It be. ;ines tho very
perfection of . pie npples. Tho nine
teenth century went out with n marvel-
ous evolution of new sort of fruits nt
nil kinds; but there wns nothing In
tha list to exceed tho delicious Juices
of the northern spy. the Macintosh red,
tho Khntinon or the Klunrt's golden.
There I nothing In the world to ex
cred the beauty of tho apple blossom!
while the nlr la laden with nn ex
quisite perfume that has charmed a
hundred generations has ndded to tha
poesy, tho lovo nnd the comfort of
Greek, or Romnn nnd of Briton. But
If there bo anything morn beautiful
thnn tbo npplo In blossom It Is the
same treo loaded down with crimson
nnd golden fruit Then It In that thn
apple touches human nnturo nnd wak
ens In the housrekeper tho highest con
ceptions of the science nud the flue art
of dietetics. Independent.
Opal for Hlaiifun! Museum.
Curator Peterson of tho university
museum has Just unpacked n rase of
material collected by Mrs. Stanford In
Ceylon, and Including also a great
opal presented to Mrs. Stanford by
Thomas Welton Stanford of Mel
bourne. This opal la lielloved to be
one of tho most remarkable of Its kind
In existence. It Is a matrix opal and
measures About three by three and
ono-half Inches, bearing Indications ot
having at ono tlmo been nlmost double
that slxe. The stone Is very beautiful
In appearance, containing all color of
tho spectrum, from deep red to nzuro
blue. Almost every shado that Is
known flashes out In the sunlight
Tho history of tho stone Is not yet
known here. Curator Peterson will
communlcato with Thomas Welton
Stanford on the subject.
Tho most Interesting fcaturo of tho
Ceylon collection Is a series ot ex
tracts from the Buddhist Koran writ
ten with a stylus upon leaves of tho
talllpct palm, which blossoms only
twlco In n century. Thero nro about
sevonly-flve or eighty of tho leaves,
which are very thin and of an ex
tended oblong form. They nre cover
ed on both sides with Inscriptions.
Tho leaves aro bound together nftor
tho fashion of a Venetian blind, so
Hint they mny be consulted nnd rend
with very llttlo troublo,
Tho remainder of tho collection In
cludes many exnmplcs of tho delicate
handwork of the Ccyloncso, such ns
embroidery, Ivory and ebony carvings,
and brass, copper and silver bowls."
San Francisco Chronicle.
This Is the season when a mm
olther submits to token about M iitr
being long enough to braid or has It
cut ana taxes cold.
A man Is never satisfied until ho at
tends his owu funeral,