Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, April 22, 1904, Image 5

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    Second Cousin arah
fM nr r avtiiok or
fa Anne jVDue. arinnrr.H." "time katk mnnr."
II U Hum Unit lie follow the fiiiiiii"n
of Hci'intd fniiahi Hiinih, ulmtn wo l..ft
Willi Iut sltnhhy sister in Inw In the
KID I "f HmIku lllll. Taken .iff her
KUilhl by Mra. 't'hoiiinn I vm x 1 1 ,-l I'n amhlcii
"ll"n riiuiv, disturbed liy I ) events nf
I he IiIkIiI, iiihI ever conscious of the .Inn
Iter which tin. presence of din tun In
tlililcra In Iut mini' Ixmi foreshi,!oive.,
nil folloVll'll lllll MIIHWIII III KIHIi faith
I" dlslniire nlimit lint garden pnlh
mill lii tln illrrclliiii ir din illicit riiml.
"Wo nlll kii nil further," aim milil; (II
iiip iilint I linvo In frnr from jnur hu.
mud mill Peterson, nint I will wunnl Jim
"Listen then nil well na )oii mil. I
nlli'l n KnlliK to apcnk loud fur lt)body."
"I mil listening.,"
Hnrnli Ensihcll Inclined hrr bend re
closely In the nniiinu, who li.'tnn whin.
I'i'Hiik iiImiiii hrr hiishnmt In n niinl.lliu
in. Mlim HUH Wns lllllllMIII In fllllllW, nit
in iiiiii nent aii.l.lctilr Imrk lliri'i- slepa, In
tii ixi a aurpriac, nmi stowi gniliiit nt
her, or nl "iiini't lilnn nrnr her.
"Whnt la H J" exclaimed Hnrnli; "ttlittt
There win mi opportunity to any mnro,
to scream, or to alriiKiile. Two alrimif
nulla clnai'il riiiiinl Iut. and n rlolli, wet
and alrkly wild driiita, wna pressed In
Imt niuiitli mill nostrils by n merciless
linn. I, Hint scenied to auntch her nt uittn
frntn active lift, to olillrlott
When all., rmne hnck to cnnaclonaiie
It una In n I If,. ainrt from Hf lllll.
mill those wlm Invnl Iiit there. Hho wna
lying oil n liil, Willi Hophy Enathcll tin;..
IliK by the aliln of n scantily
life. Titer wna n nnrroxv nlnilon In I In'
able of Hi.' room, with some IsinriN mill
ed serosa ll lo keep III.' Mailt of on,, apl'It
IitIiik cindlii from hctrajiuir llaelf In tin.
Suddenly Hophy wok up, mnl gave n
licrroiia Jump In lirr chair nt uiiilliiir Imt
alaterlnlnw crouched upon the bed, wllli
her ureal ilitrk cyca itlariuic nt her.
"Where linn. )ou hriiiiKlit tnc 7 Why
mil I In Hila iln-nilfiil plneo?" Harnh nak
nl III all eager voire.
"You've come riiiiinl. have you?" aal.l
Hophy. "Well. I mil uls.l nf Hint. West
If I illilu't think tlny'il overdone it with
their klnry-whnt'a-lta name, nmi aent jo"
bane off afore thry mi'niit It."
Hnrnli Kntlhcll wna alllluit nl tlu edge
of the hiil ninr, regarding hrr Jailer
with rngrr nlli'iilluii. Slip wna aeurrrly
Imrk from ilri'mnlnml yi-t.
"Wliy hnvn I horn liroiiifht Inro)" ahf
flakitl Iran pnth'iilly.
"You'll know In koihI llinr, rkI. IliiTo'a
no Vnalon fur n hurry, or n Hurry. Tnkn
it cool, You'ri anfn t-uuf."
Hnrnli llnalla'll wna alniulliiK nt Hip
door of llu room when hr hail ri'rovrrol
licrarlf. It wna locknl, ti ahe hml aim
icctnl. It a Ik tia your thlnkliiK nf cntliii:
out. Hfllly." anl.l Tom'a wife; 'Moii't ImlM
oil Hint, or linrm will lmppvii In joii.
Tlint'a crrtnlu."
"Do you think I nm-thi wrnk i-lrl
w'linm you ri'inrmliiT InatV anlil Hnr.ili.
wnlklin; f rum thu ilnnr In Hip wmunn'a
alilo, mul rliitrhliiK Iiit tlulitly liy tlii
wulat, "or I lint I mn to Im fiighti'iinl liy
tlila trlrk of youra, mnl of tho wri li'ln-a
who hnrp naalatiil you? Do you know III
what imtII you Imrp put youraclf"
"Oh, )ra, wi nil know; It'a nil liccn
tliouclit on," no il thu winnan Irnnirnllr.
"Wfl'ro of tho ilon't cnr." aort, nmi hiiro
rhnurril It. Von cnu't any It wnan't w.'
ilolip, Hillly."
"(Ilrp in tln kry of tlio Unor, or vou
will fin.l hip thu alrmiKcr woiiinn nf thr
two" rrlnl Knrnh.
"Don't ketch hoM of my wrlat like
Hint, crlnl her alaicr-iii'lnw, "or toil II
Im anrry If I co nwoy, or if nuy one
ilnwuatnlra coinra up Inalcml or hip, in'
cnua.i you nrc too w lolent for my citni-
pnuy. You enn't Iwlinvn likv n Inily, for
nil your line nnali allk. I hnro only tu
ahrcfk out, nm Hirrc arc thrcu men lie
Jow who tlon t ntnml nonacuac alcli
Hurah nnalholl rclcnacil hrr liohl. Yea.
ahc wna in ilnliucr, nmi muat he mil
t toilet. They who brought hrr lo
drii hml rlaknl n Krent dcnl In rntritpiiltnt
Iter, nmi wnulil rlak more rnthrr Hum
nllow Iiit to camp.. Klto mitat ho pru
lent mnl on hrr nunnl, not uYliiint mul
"I nln't cot Itn key, If you muat know,
nhl Hophy, na alio rctiirnrd to Iiit rhnlr
nmi ant ilnwn; "thia la my room, mil
we're liiith liH'knl In totirther. I'm In
tnko chnri!i of you, Hint a nil, my snl,
mnl think youracir lucky II n me."
"Whnt plncc la HV" Hnrnli naked nKitlii
"A pine., of tila'ucaa," wnn the rulifiimt
1c miawiT.
"(oIiiitb the old KmiK from I'otlcr'n
Court llui rclcraoiiB," crlrd Hnrnli
Mra. Hiiallicll did not nuiwcr. Hlio
wnrmcd hrr thin Iwiiida nt (he lire, mid n
roiireulcnt c.uieli prcrcutcil nil pnaallill
liy of reply. Hho wna n prudent wommi
nnd not likely tu commit heravlf mid her
frleiula liy reipomllnir to Icmllnt; ijuea
tlnnn of I lila clinrnclcr.
The aplrltliiu nwny of n younjr Indy
from homo without her conaent, nnd with
out Icuvlnif n cluo wlicrew llh to trace her,
la no light fent In the nineteenth cen
tury, ami Mm. Thomna Mnatliell hml
ahown n niiturnl pride in tho lientueaa of
the nehlcTemi'iit. True, tho houao wna
five or alx lullca from n quiet city, nnd
win ilrnolnto enough nt nil times, Hm
hour wna Inte, thu clrcumatnnren were
opportune, nnd how to prolit by the lichci
of old Mra, Knatliell nnd her grnnddmuh
ter hnd been the ntudy of alx months, but
allll .Mra. Tliomnn IZnathcll hnd aoine
tiling to tnko credit for. It wna a bold
troko carried out by deapernte men, nmi
it bad nuccecdcd whero a more timid
lino of policy would hnro nanurrdly fail
ed. It wnn tho boldeat bit of bualncan Hint
tho I'eteraon gniig had over been ungiu
rd In, mid the I'etcriiuiia hnd been en
lingeil, under vnrlmm nllnaea, In lunumer
nlilii iilindy triiuanctloiia. They hnd comu
to "frcali llelila mul pnaturen new" by
ndnptliiK tlio fair county of WorceatiT iih
n apliero for their operation; they had
rented n lumblo-dnwii old edillcu In u
wild part of Hie country, nnd put on iho
door tlio iinmo of JnrliHon, button iuiiIht;
they liiid even mndo a fow nciuaiutmicoa
In .1 in t mi t rilliiRca, mid bore n reaiu'ctu
hlii iimnn nmniiK hniicHt, iinauaplcloua folk
who bi'lleved III tlieiu mul their butluin.
No one vlalled them certainly It wnn nil
niit-oMlie-wny placo, to which inihoily
wna Invited, nnd where only button mnk
Inn wna the urder nf the dny.
.No one confounded tho iiiimo of Jack
mil wllh l'i'leraoit and it wna poaallily
good policy In tho C'liptnlii ndnptlng lila
own mime when be went with TIiouhim
Haathcll tn Hedgo Hill. It kept mntt'Ta
rlear nnd illnllnct, thiiugli he had not luir
cnlued for Knrah KiialheH'H good mem
ory, or Imagined that ho waa known to
her by night.
It wna ho who unlocked Iho door of
Hnrnh'a extempore cell nt seven in the
morning, anil atom! before her, the uvuw
ed n gent of her captivity.
"I hnvo como to apologise for my
frleiula' rough treatment of lust night,"
Uo aald, r.'fllnlng luiiguldly aalnut Ihu
wall, and crotalng hla gloved lunula, nun
Willi n very glnaay lint III II, "mid In ex
piraa n hope Hint you hnvii Buffered no
i rii'ini Ti n l.-iiir frnm our teiupornry Willi
iirnwiii rriiin it Iiimiio wlilrh you nre n
i iialiimi'd lo ndorn. I. for one." hi. ml.
id wllh n low bow, "ahoilld regret very
iniii'ii in near one word of riiuiiilniiil.
"I'hla la your work Ihen," auld Hnrn
bitterly; "II la na I aiiaperti-il. Tell me
whnt my brother wniilaV"
"I would any n fnlr reilreaa fur Hi
Injury which you hnve dune him. Yon
Kimidiiiolher la rli h, nnd will leiive )o
mi hit money. Alnl your only brnllir
n lilNM of many iidiiilrnblo iiunllllea
will Iw left tu ,lrng on hla life In hull
genre, iind In illo In utter nlijerliira o
aplrll, without you naalat him na fiilrly
nun uiieriilly na n mini alaler ahould d
Ihouiiia, who la In dimeiilllea, wmita II f
tun Ihouamiil iioiinda!"
Hnrnli druw n audileii nnd deep brenll
but did not reply. The thin fnce of Ih
Moinnii atnoiilng over the llro I n
round nt he, horrible In Ita cagiTiieaa
mm greed.
"(''Ifleeii Ihouamiil pouuda only fnn
Hint Immi'Hae rorlune Hhleli muat run
lo you when old Mra. Knatbell .Ilea, ll
Imple hrlug Hint tho tutu
iiiuat l. pnld nt once, na your brother I
lery poor, mul there la n bnlnuce of tlx
Iran thoiianud three hiinilreil mul twenty
eight piiuiiiia loilgrd nt your luinker a, li
your Hume, for Hie couvenleuen of u cu
rent nrcoiint."
"How do you know whnt money
lodged In my inline nt the bank?"
"Thomna tella me Hint la nil. II
nt me here wllh your check book h
found Hint In your ilcak, ton, he tella me.
loll hnve only to drnw n drnft for Ih
ninount, nnd you nre free, Mlaa Kaaibrll.
I promlanl a friend or youra that ym
ahoilld be nt Hedge lllll thla evening.
Mlaa llollmul will tell you ererytliltii; In.
night, he anld na he. drew the checl
hook from hla pocket nnd pitched it cute
leraly upon the deal table Hint waa there.
"I hnve left everylhlng for Hint yniuu In explain. It la n atory nimrt from
.Miitra, mid nulla not my atjle nf itarru
"Thla mnner la held In trnai for mi
other, ahe aald; "It belnnga iicllher t
me nor lo my grnndinother. '
If to Mr. lulu l b, we I ahould any
ynur brother I liomna object to the title,1
11 hlin! crl-d Hnrnh with n auJiteii
oiltburat of nnger.
Am I to underalmid then "
Hint 1 will not lgu one of thoan
check. ea, undiTatmid Hint for 3 oil.
friend. You may kill me." ahe rrled
"but you ahnll not touch n penny of lieu
lien I ulivlek a money."
Cnptnln I'eteraon, mrrchnnt aervlce. re-
celvril the ulllmntuui of Mlaa Knrnh l.att
bell with Ida cuatomnry aang froid. lie
wna n man whom it took n great deal to
dlatiirb, or who cnncenled hla miunyunce
ny nn rlivmine cltililauce nl liuperturlui
"After Hint, I need not treapnaa furlliiT
on your time," he anld. "I will commiiiil
cnte wllli Thninna nt once."
lie unlocked the door nnd went tn the
lauding plncu beyond, cloaing nnd locking
the door behind hliu. Finally he went
low it Hie rickety tnlra, which
crumbling to piece wllh the houae. hnlt
e.l nt the bolt. nil of the next tllghl, mid
llatetied nt the right hand door, na though
(hero were nnothiT prlaouer clone nt
hand. The door wn not locked, mul he
nprtied it aoftly, l.nil put hla hend Into
thu room beyond, withdrawing It In l
letice, na If cnnteiilnl with what had met
hia kmc; nnd proceeding' down nnother
flight of atnira, to n room on tho ground
llonr, whore three tail men, In ahlrt
aleevea, wero cowering before a fire. If
theae men were l'etereona, Cnptnln IM
wnrd hnd taken the good look a of the
fntuily to hlmaelf.
"You've done your parta well, boj," he
anld In n quick, aharp voice, "but there
may l more to do.
"How'a that?" Inquired acoundrel itutn
lier one; "wo'vo done enough now to get
ourcelvri laggeil for ten yenr. '
"ll' not enay," anld I'eteraon, "but
It muat be gone on wllli nt any rlak.
Fa I hi re menna Worccnter jail, aucctaa
ineana ten thouaattd pound between tu
He hnd mentioned fifteen thousand
pnutida upstnlra, but he mid Thomna
llaatbell were keeping an extrn fire thou
amid to themaelrca. IMwnrd I'eteraon
did not tell hia brothers everything whon
money wna In queation.
"Whnt more la to be done?" naked the
flrat acoundrel, who wna the worat-tein-peied
nnd moat diaputntiotia member of
Hie gang.
"You will know when It'a neccasary,"
wnn the abort miaircr; "at preient the
young Indy is refractory."
" ill tlio irl alcu the check beforo the
dny la out? that's thu queation," naked
number one, "for wo can't go on like
I bare anld that It'a her money or her
lire, nmi I mean it! sue will be hack to
night nt Hedge Hill, or alio will never re
turn again. Mark Hint. Do you think
nuy woman would prefer to bo found In
thu Severn, to paying nwny money that
alio can nllonl to part with 7"
"We don t want to henr anything about
the Herem," anld tho llrat hcoundrel; "you
know whnt'a anfo better than we do, hut
wo II have no iiaml In It, Dennis nnd I
nnd Mike hnro talked It orer, nnd won't
go further than we've dono already
"You fuolM, hnve I naked you?" shout
ed I'eteraon, aprlngliiK to Ida 'eel;
you vo done the work I've act you to
do, and I will pay you for It nnd bu rid
of you. Tlio money's safe, and I'll keep
my word na I nhrnya do, nnd always
w III, I don't want your help you are In
he wny, nnd muat go."
"Mnl" echoed tho men.
"Thia house, will bo utianfo after to
night, nnd wo muat vanish beforo it's
Kpotted. I will bo In London to-morrow
evening, at tho old place, with your
money. "
Olio liy one these men drifted nivuy
1 1 om home, without n thought of Hnrali
Knathcll a safely, mul with an liiuuciiso
niunuut of consideration for their own.
It wns not murder Hint troubled their
mind an acutely its complicity with It, rio
tcctlon, nnd sentence. If Ned would
tnko nil Hie risk, ho might murder half
Worcester for what they cared; but It
wna out of their line, nnd they would pre
fer to return to I'.ondon na quickly na
possible, nnd wnlt for tho money that ?tid
been promised litem, or tho bad news
they half expected Instead. It wns two
reloek in tho afternoon before tho last
of Iho three men passed out of the house,
mid went nwny down tho narrow lone
which led from tho high rond.
Cnptnln Peterson stood nt tho front
door. He waa in excellent spirits, nnd
he waved Ids hand to tho dlsputntloua
Harney, who was tho last to leave, by
way of friendly salutation at parting.
"They're Kone," ho muttered, "nnd
they're better gone, whlcliover wny thla
iifToIr la likely to turn out."
Ho lingered nt the door meditating cu
the great scltemo of hla life. Tho sky vrm,
ot errant, ntnl ho looked up nt It and
prophealed to hlmaelf Hint It would rnln
before the morning, tin wnlked round lo
the oppoalle aide of die bona., mid fil'cd
moodily nt Iho wnler (lowing twenty
pnren from him, nnd nt n hunt lying mi
Iho long grnaa above the river bunk. One
glani.i nt Hie darken.. I window In Hie lop
moat alory where hla fortune Iny, Im
thought, mid then he returned to Iho
hoiiaii ini'dllnllng on Ih illtllrulllea In
i Ida way. mnl of Ida genius In surmount
lliem. i went Into Hie bullae, mid up
stnlra lo the llrat Ilnnr roiini, wherein wo
hnve aern hltti gim. wllh Inlereat nt on
enrly 'hour of the morning.
"Ilea," he anld lit n sharp vnjee, mnl
nt the BiimmoiiB n attinll Ihhi-fnced child,
In n lint and clonk, appeared nt the door.
ion littvo ronio bnrk then, father.
IMward I'elerson went downstairs, fol
lowed by the little girl. At I ho front
door he said
ion were wise lo Keen in your room
-. .... . . . . . - i
lo-dny, little woman, for they hnve been
ems, nun:r & !rr
.l..llou-,t. know II, where the red m.,1
green light slilni' out tike big eyes alter
dark. You have run nbout here n good
drnl, mid know your wny well, and you
nn find the station. Now, Hike enre of
Hull tiionry."
lie placed aoine money In her linlida,
mnl she wrapped It up in n corner of n
dlily while handkerchief, mid tucked It
down Iho bosom of her dress, wrapping
her rlonk round her nflerwnrd Willi nil
the rnrefulnra mul ronnilriicu of n
"At Hie railway station ask for n thbd
clna ticket for WorceatiT. When tho
train comes up to the platform, get In.
U'l,..., ll,., ..,,11 .
At WorceatiT n Indy. very pretty, nnd
wllh hand full of toya, wilt be waiting
fur you nt the poatolllce. Aak the wny
lo the poaloirice like n woiiinn na you are,
mid when you ae thu Indy under the
rlork, any, "I'n keeps Ida word I'm Ilea
le." "
"All right," tfr.l the child ngnln. with n
rare amount oi conndeticc in her own
comprehension of thu detnll, which.
however, he naked her lo repent, listen
ing attentively lo the recital.
Hho iiii'ded uo aerottil bidding to lie ff
It hnd not been ao happy n home Hint
he ahould grleie for it or lilm, mul 'hero
hnd Is'eu n promlae nf n glorious elimico
for her, nnd a bright rblld-worl.l. r'bo
inn off quickly townrd the narrow lane,
already full of shadow that murky ifter
noon. (To be continued.)
1 lilrtynlne Ceitta Im the Coot of Muka
IllU One In the (11.1 Dominion.
A local Intuitu' 111:111 w ho wiin once
Iho rrpreiioiitntlvo of one of tlio blc
iiTi niiiiii. HKi'iieicH u na 11 siory or
how be becnini' n member of Hie Imr
III the Statu of Virginia 11 number of
yenra 111:0. Ho linil irriislun to l'o tn
0110 of tlii- Inland counties of tlio Htnto
to iniiki. nil of the county
rccorda In order to naccrtnlu the af.iiil-
IliK III the county of n number of conn-
try inerclituita. fpon rcichlni; tho
nil I rond station he found It ncersmiry
to drive distance of ten utile or more
over n mail which wn 11 mere nuology
for n hlgliwny. ItcnchliiK Hie county
sent, lie went to the clerk'a olllce In tlio
courthouse nnd iirocecded to look over
he record us lie hnd ilotie In ninny
other plncea without nuy objection be-
in; offered. While he wna still on I1I1
llrat book he wna naked by one of the
clerks If he wn n member of the linr.
Not In Virginia," he nnswered In n
tone Indicating that he was a member
of the bar elsewhere.
I'm sorry," said the young man.
'but In this- county It Is against the
rules for nil) body other than n lawyer
to handle the books."
It wn explained to the clerk that the
legal talent In the linn's employ could
not be found, nnd ns the lawyer lived
more than two miles nway he would
not have time to get him unless ho
missed the next train.
"There will be no trouble In arrang
ing the matter," the clerk Informed tho
Filtering n prlrntc room, the oath
subscribed to by attorneys wns ad
ministered nnd a certificate showing
the stranger wns n full-tlcdged lawyer
wns handed over to him.
"Whnt shall I do now?" tho clerk
wns asked.
"Pay tho fee," he answered.
"What Is the amount?"
"Thlrty-nlno cents," wns the clerk's
prompt response.
The money wns pnld and the man
frnm Washington returned home nnd
told how he became n lawyer for the
small sum of 30 cents. Washington
Tribo of Ilskliuns Pound.
Tho icinmiut of a remarkable nnd
hitherto lost tribe of l.sktmos has re-
.J . J. - o t
.uiii n..i ......iiuiiiiiisliivii
........ ,.o .... 01
, ou.u ......1 .1-
......!.. l.n I....I ....
lr,l"f """" 1'1 "i"1- '- "" "ii
opportunity of scolug a white man.
Their huts nre built of the great Jaws
of whales covered with skins 1, the
middle la an elevation, on which Is n
stone lump used for lighting, heating,
COOMUK, illcillUK snow null urjlllK,
,lnll,nd 'PI... In..... I ....It. ., ,111. e '
.Ui..vr ... .....'i' ... ...
w mul- 011, iii hiiicii is 11 wick ui ury
moss, iiiuecii, me wiiiue is me ciiiei
llicniis ny which uicse people live, UIO ,
uiu'n ui-niK uiiiiwi "i lunuiiiK pinii's, nieiii, gnvu up iu mu viiriueiuo oruer anj sober citizen In a banian of sky
cups and slcdgck but they nlso uso n huertn of considerable size. Hero hlue brocade, a scarlet turban anrl er.
us tusks, with deer f
pieces, mo mue is
uiuioai cAiiuci, 11 uiiiy some Murai
nro left. They speak a dialect peculiar
to themselves and are very daring .
They Aro Sensitive
Tho sensitiveness or the families of Th )lnll9 for ,lleso buihilngs wero pre- hi.torv
distinguished men ns to tho enrly oc- lmr0(1 1)y tho celebrated nrchltect Fray 1 ..Thi. nn",
cupiuious or tueir nncesiors is some-
hut remarkable. Iteccntly an nuthor!of
as asked to write n brief history of
the Ilfo of a man who had done service
to his state. I.lko Lincoln, this man
had been 11 woodchoppcr, n fact to
hlch his historian gnvc prominence.
"Don't Bay ho was n 'woodchoppcr,' "
said tho spokesman of the family.
'That will never do."
"What shall I sny then?" nsked tho
"Say let me see now, Just sny that
ho was connected with the lumber
Kaiser Wllhelm takes great Interest
In tho work of tho Y. M. 0. A. In
Tho rarest of flowers Is enudor.-
Tlio lliirrfont Hoy,
Messing on thee, little man,
Ilnrefoot boy wllli eheik of
With thy turned-lip pnntnlonna,
Uid thy merry whistled tiitiea:
Willi thy red Up, redder still.
Kissed by strawberries on the hill
ith the sunshine on thy face
Through thy torn brim's Jaunty grace!
! rom my heart I give theo Joy;
I waa niiro a barefoot boy.
I'rlnre, Hum art; the grown-up man
only la republican,
i ... .i, ti..,. .i,.nfc.i i...
i,nr,,fW), trudglitir nt Ida aid
b.-s! ; f r tr
"'""l 0,1 ". '"'"' W
,.. . , , ,, ., . ,
'"f ' bwl n time of June,
"'m"",f V:"" ,rlef 'mon
" " 1 1 "r '"w'
"'. "iclr master, walled fori
J,wn" flch In Ilowera and tree,
Jl'ilKblril and honey been;
''" "l",rt ",0 "'l'llrrel played,
1 "'', 1,1 "noutnl mole Ids cpfliie;
"f '"c tho blackberry cons
1 urplea over lieilge ami atone;
I.nughed tho brook for my delight.
Through tho day nnd through the night,
lilsperlng nt the garden wall,
Tnlkrd with me frnm full to fall;
Mine tho aand-rlmmed pickerel pond;
"" wntnui aiopes oeyona;
"''"' nn hendlng orchard trees,
Apples of Ilcaperlde!
1 n" nf horlion grew,
, '-nrger grew iny runes, too:
All the world I saw or knew
Heemed n complex Clilneso toy,
Fashioned' for a barefoot boy!
Oh. for festnl dainties spread
I. Ike my bowl of milk nnd bread!
(Pewter spoon and bowl of wood)
On the doorstep, gray and ruds!
O'er inn like a regal tent,
Cloudy-ribbed, the sunset bent.
Purple curtained, fringed with gold,
looped In many a wind-swung fold;
While for music came Die play
Of the pled frogs' orchestra,'
And to light the noisy choir,
I. It the liy hi lamp of fire.
I was monarch; pomp nnd Joy
Waited on the barefoot boy.
Cheerily, then, iny little mon.
Live and laugh a boyhood can;
Though tho flinty slopes be hold,
,:,ery miirn aho ,,.,, lte tlirouscli
I niuuote apeareu tne new-mown swaru.
. Fresh baptisms of the dew:
Krrry evening from thy feet
Shall the cool winds kiss the heat;
All too soon thole feet must bids '
tlie. I'1,11""1 'll of Prlu:
l"e "mom 01 '?",
"k " 4 ".''JZ '
i-.-, ,. ,i,.n , rr,elesa moll.
Happy if their track be found
NeTer on forbidden ground!
Happy if they sink not In
Quick nnd trencherous snuds of sin!
Ah, Hint thou couldst know thy joy
Kre It pnases, barefoot boy!
John O. Whlttler.
Home of the Cnriiiclltc in Mexico la
Now 11 Mnaa of Dclirla.
The suburban town of Snn Angel, nt
Hia baso of tho foothill, tlirec-qunr-
ters of nn hour from the capital br
electric car, Is every year becoming
more fnshlounble as n summer resort,
and every year, as modern conven
iences nnd better houses are provided
in thu outlying districts, more peoplo
tnko up their permanent abode there.
To the casual visitor to Sau Angel
tho most Interesting feature Is the
hundsomo old church of Nuestra Sen
orn del Carmen. Its trlplo domes, with
their tiles shining brightly In tho sun
light, are the first objects that arrest
the nttcntlon of strangers npproachlng
tho town. Its Cnnucllte hell tower,
or cnmpnnarlo, Is distinctive, nnd tho
edifice Is one of the' handsomest eccles
iastical monuments In all Mexico. It
wns dedicated to tho worshop of God
In 101", or three years beforo the pil
grim fathers of New F.ngland landed
1,1 , I. m.ji InlAn. .
handsomely decorated and contains
somo notnblo paintings by tho famous
Mexican nrtlst Cabrera. Pious women
have adorned tho chapel of our lady,
which Is 0110 of tho features of this
ancient church, and the magnificent
Churrlgucresquo ornamentation of tho
northern transept Is a splendid sped-
men of this most distinctive tpnmsn
mode of decoration. Ileueatb this
IrntiRciit rest In their eternal aleen 45
Amcrlcan soldiers, who were killed or
.ii.,., of ,iisf..,so during tho war of tho
----- ......
North American invasion, wnen tne au-
,oIulI1B monastery ot uio carmcilte
rniiiers was converteu into a military
. : . . . ...
hospital nnu unrracKS, mo goou miners
nursiuc tho wounded Americans with
such christian devotion and good will
,lmt wlien tho troops evacuated Sau
Allgoi monks nnd soldiers fell on ono
another's necks nnd wept.
Janvier speilKS 01 oail .ngei S CUUrCU
ntj lOUUWB.
"in tne year auu uou rcupe uo
uuziuau, n pious cuciquo- ot uuimaus-
tilt', 111 Illllllimeui Ot UIS tatlicrs testa-
tho Carmelites built n llttlo hosplco.
uon 1 ucpo uu uutuiuu preseuity uiea,
nnu 11 nine- uiicii uim .uou nm wiuow,
childless, liy her will the entire es-
late of which sho died possessed pass-
ed to tho Carmellto fathers, and by
ineso n w is uuiuu-i. .u .... ouiKiing
ui uiu i-Aie....h ...... v.iuivu.
..lrs n0 Snn Micuel. n lav brotliee
,,10 cnrinclllo order, and at that
tlmo held to bo tho first architect of
Now Spain. That this reputation was
well merited Is shown by the beauty of
his still existing work. Tho building
wns begun Juno 20, 1015, nnd wns
pushed with so much vigor that tho
chuvcli nnd convent wero tlulshed with
.v.fc v.w .......iu ,(.u
In two years. Tho church was dcdlca-
ed to San Angela Marttr. whence
.. . . . ..... . .. .
ciuuo tho nnmo ot 1110 iittio town mat
presently grow up around It. Modern
Itelleotlon on Ills Neighbor.
"Paw, what Is a 'splto fenco'?"
"Any backyard fence, Tommy."
Chicago Tribune
Many n woman lores her husband
less than her husband's wife.
Where Inwn and Kiinsn Trlbea Htrng
tiled for the .Mnslerr.
Ocorge Hemabiirst believe lie Im
discovered tho aoeno of a (treat light
Iind between tho lown nnd Kntisn
Indiana nenr wlmt la known na Onk
Mill, In Atchison County. Tlio Knn
sn Indiana held tho country along the
.Missouri Hirer until about Hie tlino
of our revolutionary war, when they
wero driven nwny by thn Hnc nnd lown
tribe, which cninn down from tho
North nnd conquered the region. Tho
Onk Mill location I supposed to hnve
been tho place of ono of their KTenteat
battle. At thla point many human
bone and Implement of war liavo
been plowed up.
Kalian lin been Hie acene of Indian
battles Innumerable and almost every
county lina traditions of fights of this
One of the most remarkable engage
ments of tho kind took plncc In com
paratively modem times between the
Pawnees nnd Hloux In the valley of
Ilenver Creek, near the northwest cor
ner of Kansas. The Pawnees wero
slaughtered In great numbers, the
Hloux being the victors. After the
Imtlle the Pawnees returned and cared
for their dead. This they did by erect
ing platforms out of poles and
brunches, and putting the bodies on
them out of the reach of wolves and
other animals.
When the first fringe of the white
settlement bad reached os far as Phil-
Hps County somo of these platforms
were still standing and still supported
the whitened bones of tho dead repos
ing upon them. A buffalo hunter once
told Topics of a curious sight bo saw
ut this graveyard. Homo "horse hunt
era" were hunting In tho vicinity.
Horse hunters were those who chased
the buffalo on horseback, and they
were hnted cordially by the "foot hunt
ers," who stalked the game, because
they ran the buffalo out of the conn
try. On the occasion mentioned the horso
hunters stampeded a great herd of
buffalo right through tho Pawnee
graveyard. They struck the rotten
Poles In their mad flight and sent the
bones of the dead flying In crery di
rection. Indeed, when they hnd pass
ed not a platform remained standing.
in the years which followed many
passing hunters picked up skulls and
other bonesdnd carried them away as
One of these skulls was secured by n
man nt Hays City. It was remarkable
from the fact that an Iron-pointed ar
low hnd gone through one side and
nearly through the other. People who
had seen the bow only In Its toy form
used to look at this skull and marvel
at the prodigious force which the In
dians could give to their primitive
weapon. Kansas City Journal.
It takes Western people to look out
for themselves nnd give every ruin n
fair show, even In rapid transit. It Is
not probable that In Pueblo, Colo.,
there Is the trouble with overcrowding
In street cars that Is to be found In
New York, but on the Pueblo Valley
Itnllrond every man pays according to
lis welghL If the corpulent mlne-
unor and his fur coat envelop the
slim strip of a counter-jumper sitting
next lilm tho C. J. does not meditate
with wrath upon bloated bondholders
and their monopolies, for he knows
that the bulky Individual Is paying at
least twice the amount of bis own
fare. That Is the way they do It on
tho Pueblo Valley. Every passenger
Is weighed, nnd pays according to his
avoirdupois. Before he enters the car
. B ' ,, n .., ,,,.
ho steps upon a weighing machine, bis
weight Is automatically stamped upon
n slip of paper, which ho gives to the
conductor, who charges him accord
Ingly. Tho moral effects of this sys
tern are far-reaching, and New York
oajclals may tako notice
Kept for Thankfulness.
Mrs. Alice Morse Earle, In her recent
ki.. nn nn.inm. in in..,in.
mucb spaco to that curious 'dressing
e n.e,n... ,.,,m i. ...
v, ivu u uitjiifeiv vvotutuv ut tuvu
caiicd the banian: a flowing garment
B0 popular with the fine gentlemen of
.,i-f nn ihni e, .,.,. ...
' 'J "ew v.iuuig
elected to wear it when having their
rtrnit. u t,i i, i
any dcgrCo of richness In texture-and
hrllllancy In color, and was often en-
hanced In effect by n gaily colored tur-
sometimes worn raklshly on one
,M. renlnclnir Iho warn, mi.t h.nvr
rl, nf full rimaa
Cotilev'a nalntlnc of Dr. Nicholas
Boylston, owned by Harvard Uulver
.Itr ilenlets thnf eminent henr..efnr
et morocco slippers.
Tho unit interesting i.nninn ...1,11,
SDa describes Is still In existence und
u ma(Je ot a ful)rlc ,vlth va'ricol.
nrc., nlm.leaf deal n..H n.,wi -ui,
soft Blll of brownish orange spotted
wth green and white. A piece of white
linen sown nil thn enfr l lneerll.n.1 ..-111.
I "This Banyan was made In Canton
In 1702 for Archclaus Hrown by Chi
nese Taylors. It was mado by order
of his sou, Unfits llrowu; Supercargo
of tho bark Tho Lively Nancy. lie
cleared $100,000 of Chinese gold cash
for a venturo of $100 of Ginseng; nnd
1 Uarrel of dried Sago of his Mother's
venturo cleared a Chlney tea set, 2
r,Htt QI,n,.,B nn.l I Art ill l 1...
rT'' T'w'
Shlpwrack but one small Chest of
ninatlv Itooks. lie wn mniirne.1 1 vn,.e
- - - - - ---- - ----
lis Ai;..u v u V.....U ... u.i uoinei.IICK
waring this Ilanyan for tho last of his
clothes was woro out and Itotten with
Salt Water aud Sun. A very llro dress
ho 8.1yd for a Dead Man. Which Is
kept for Tuartkfultiess."
Many n fool man expresses his will
ingness to die for a woman who
wouldn't even take In washing for him.
BTErriNO os wEiamxa uachine.
A child of 0 who has not yet lost
any temporary teeth has In Its Jaws,
cither erupted or noiierupted, no fewer
than fifty-two teeth more or less form
II I n curious fact that the teeth
that are seldom used decay more rap
Idly than thoso that have dally work
to do. It I a fact, however, and, bo
lug n fact, tho thing to do Is to take
pains to ent on tmth sides of the mouth
''ate nt freiprtnt Intervals bar the
country road In Norway, and are n
nuisance to traveler, who hnve to
leave their vehicles and open the bar
rlers. These obstruction mnrk tho
boundaries of farms, or separate the
cultivated sections from the wosto
Nature's Infinite variety Is well ll
lustrated In the collection of photo
graphs of snow crystnl made during
the past twenty years by W. A. Ilent
ley, of Vermont lie has now more
than ono thousand photographs of In
dividual crystals, and among them no
two nro alike.
Tho best rugs of Persia represent
patience, taste and prolonged labor.
On each aijuare foot of surface a
weaver works about twenty-three
nays. A nig 12x12 feet would there
fore require the labor of one man for
3,312 days, or over ten years, not
counting Sundays.
In the Smithsonian report on sclen
title work for 1002. Professor Lnngley
remark that when the bolometer was
invented, some twenty years ago. It
was able to measure temperature to
about one one-hundrcd-thotisandtn of a
degree. Since then the Instrument
and Its adjuncts have been so far Im
proved that temperature can now bo
measured to less than one one-hun-dred-milllonlh
of a degree readily and
with precision.
After a series of experiments with
carrier pigeons for conveying Intelli
gence, the German naval authorities
have decided to erect permanent pig
eon stations on the coasts of the North
and Baltic seas. Every warship, ex
cept torpedo boats, leaving Kiel or
Wllhelmshaven. will hereafter carry a
consignment of pIgons, to be released
nt varying distances from the land stn
Hons. It Is estimated that the birds
have sufficient endurance to fly homo
over a distance of aliout ISO miles
from land.
Fall IUver easily leads all other cot
ton manufacturing centers In America,
It has about one-flfth of all tho cotton
splndes In the United States, nnd mora
than twice as many as any other In
dustrial center in America. It makes
813,000.000 yards of cloth annually.
Every working day its mills weave
more than 1,500 miles of cloth. If all
the mills could be run on one piece,
the fastest expres train could not
travel fust enough to carry off the
piece ns It Is woven, since the product
Is more than two miles a minute.
Nowhere Is the woman doctor more
In evidence than In Russia. Among
the wild and scattered population of
this Immense country there is an in
exhaustible field for women as doctors
and teachers, and it Is the knowledge
ui iuis mci wuicn nasr aisnrmeoTTns
opposition to their going through unl-
verstues. In 1807 Russia had 007
women doctors and the number con.
stantly Increases. In this profession
Russian women have made a dlstln
gulshed name. They have enormous
pracUces In the great towns, and aro
largely employed by tho municipali
Its In Is Always on Time.
In few places on the earth has the
weather prophet as easy a time as in
Panama. In that part of the globe he
can always tell to a certainty at what
hour to expect a down-pour of rain.
At 3 o'clock every afternoon It Is due
and It seldom falls to be on time.
This Is the rule all through the rainy
season. The morning Is clear and the
evening, after 0 o'clock. Is delightful,
and except from 3 till 0 o'clock nobody
ever thinks of carrying an umbrella.
Not so at Colon, only forty-seven
miles away. There It rains all the time
during the rainy season and It never
rains but It pours. Water comes down
by tho buckctfuL At Panama the an
nual rainfall Is In the neighborhood of
nine feet, while that of Colon Is twen-ty-ono
feet, and it all comes In Ave
mouths an average of four feet a
It Is humorously said of Colon that
there It takes tho people all the rest ot
the year after the rainy season to get
In tho dry season the heat Is Intense,
the mercury ranging from SO to 00 de
grees day and night. There Is little
difference in the temperature after
dark, but It Is possible to adapt oneself
to the conditions of the placo and there
Is a certain fascination about it that.
In the case of some people, seems to
make up for the heat.
The Maglo of Carbon.
Steel Is cast iron, half-way on to
ward wrought-lron. It has somo of tho
stiff-harsh, stubborn traits of tho cast
iron, combined with the bending, yield
ing qualities of tho wrought Iron, and
Inherits from Its ptg-lrou forefather the
family trait of absorbing carbon. Car
bon, then, in vnrylng proportions. Is
the great distinguishing mark between
Iron and steel. The subtle, play of this
element, as found In steel, Is ono of
tho most mnrvelously fascinating exhi
bitions of natural phenomena, The
smallest quantity, changed In the
slightest degree, produces efrects as
different as night from day. St. Nich
olas. District Technical School.
Special district technical schools for
Improving thojirtlstlc education of the
worKing gins nnu aesigners uro about
to bo opened In certain centers In St.
Etlenne, France. ,
Water Power Lights City.
The city of Grenoble, Franco, In
stalled Its new system ot electric light
ing from a water power source twenty,
soven miles distant, In tho valley qf tho
Politeness occasionally beats tho nb
mighty dollar under tho who.
Hhe Waa Ono of n Pair of Field Mica
that Had lleen Mndo l't.
Tho wlso llttlo Hold mice seem to Im
fully nwaro of their constant danger
from enemies, Ily day they seldom
como out In tho open, nnd when they
do will lodgo at tho slightest alarm
Into their underground homes. Hut
after twilight they venturo out for
food or to make a friendly visit to a
neighbor, liiith A. Cook In "Along
Four-footed Trulls" tell of catching a
pair of llttlo gray field mica In n box
trap, and putting them In n cago mndo
especially for them,
They soon grew accustomed to tholr
now home. I firmly fastened n small
tree-branch In tho center of the cage.
This afforded tho Utile creatures very
great pleasure, and they would crawl
up Ita trunk nnd out 011 tho slender
branches, which would bend with their
weight almost to the ground. On theso
occasion they used their long tails to
aid them In climbing by giving them
balance, and nlso to twist about tho
slender twigs. They learned to cat
from my hand, would run up my
sleere, and dart bnck again at any
sight or sound.
One night, as I was about to retire,
I heard a peculiar llttlo squeak, nnd
rushed at onco to the mouse-cage. Tho
mice were nowhere to bo seen, I
shook tho cage, n proceeding which
had always brought them from their
burrows, but they did not appear.
Then I noticed that the canvas which
I had used to patch tho broken wire
was eaten away, and nt last my peU
had found freedom.
I looked nbout the room for them,
and c: I did so I saw n sight that
shocked me. The family cat was busy
munching something. Thero was n lit
tle hlood-stnln on tho floor, and a small
gray tall still protruded from her
mouth. Waa It Deacon or Quaker or
both? The only answer tho cat gavs
to my query was to finish the tall and
walk away with a satisfied mew.
A few days after this tragedy I was
awakened ono night by hearing a
sweet llt!' shrill song, not unlike that
of a miniature ennary. Tho song
ceased when I began to more nbout,
and I had my trouble for my reward.
Mght after night I was serenaded by
this mysterious nocturnal musician.
The whole family heard It. and Joined
me In the search for the source of It.
All our attempt to solve flic mystery
of the peculiar sweet sound were fu
tile until one evenlnf I went to take
my hat from a closet shelf, when I
heard the same shrill little song. lie
fore my eye sat dear little Quaker!
Her little throat waa actually pouring
forth the sweet refrnln. She hnd mada
a nest In my rather expensive lint. Hut
Quaker had demonstrated herself a
singer. She wn recaptured nfter n
time, but while I had her she never
sang again. I hare never been able tn
determine whether she lost her power
of song through loss of liberty or bo
cause she wns lonely or for some phy
siological reason: all that Is certain Is
that she lost It.
Indian Found Bear Husceptlble to th
Powers of Arttuniciit.
' ihe most interesting story I ever
heard came from the Hps of old 'Buck
skin Charley,' chief ot the Southern
Utes." said J. P. Adtberger of Phlla-
"As told by a white man the narra
tive la tame, indeed, lacking the dra
matic action and eloqucuce of the red
warrior. It was about a meeting with
a big grizzly bear in the mountains of
Colorado. Charley was out looking for
deer. He was equipped with an old
fashioned, muzzle-loading rifle, which
put him at a terrible disadvantage,
when he was suddenly confronted by
one of the biggest specimens of the
grizzly ho ever saw.
" 'I Jumped behind big tree very
quick.' he said, 'and Mr. Bear came
close, rearing up on his hind legs. I
was scared to shoot, only having one
barrel. Then I commenced to talk. I
said: "Mr. Bear, I nm your friend. I
como out nfter deer. I hope you go
way and so I kill deer and leave big
piece of meat for you." Then tho bear
seemed to get friendly, nnd he dropped
on his legs to the' ground, much as to
say he'd like a piece of deer, and then
ho run off into tho mountains.' "
Washington Post.
Too Versatile.
Poor Jack of all trades! So strong is
the prejudice against him that be is
even denied the right to practice one
avocation lest it interfere with his call
ing. This is an age of narrow special
ization. When John Belcher, known
now as a daring and original architect,
was a young man be gave a good deal
of time to music.
He had a line voice, aud was greatly
In demand at evening parties.
One evening, nfter ho bad sung, to
loud applause, be overheard two gen
tlemen talking him over:
"Who was the fellow that sang Just
now?" asked one. "The profcssolnal, I
"Oh, that was Mr. Belcher, an archi
"Well, ho can't bo much of an archi
tect If be can sing like, that."
The listener never sang again save
at home. He decided that it was bet
ter to be a good architect than a pretty
good musician and a fairly good archi
The Grizzly or Old Day.
In the old days, beforo the deadly
magazine rlflo was Invented, hunting
the grizzly was a very different affair,
and uo animal on tho American con
tinent was more dreaded, his fierce
ness and vital forco when wounded
filling tho most reckless of hunters
with a wholesome dread. It was not
at all unusual for a grizzly with a bul
let through his heart to pursue and
tear to pieces tho hunter, whose long
single-barreled muzzle-loading rlflo,
with Its ono round lead bullet was
altogether Inadequate for such a con
test It Is a strange thing, too, that
while the grizzly bear Is an omnivor
ous feeder, living on anything from
roots and nuts to steer and buffalo
moat, he has nover been known to de
vour human flesh. St. Nicholas.
ICngllsti Walnut from California.
California produces more English
walnuts than all the other States, aud
they are of better quality.