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    Bohemia Nugget
Benrmla Nufgtt Pub. C.
Comprehensive Review of the Import
nt Happenings of the Put Week,
Presented In Condensed Porm, Most
iJkely to Prove- Interesting.
Officers havo a bandit rlflo for a claw
In search lor Oregon express robbers.
Japan will face big oddt on the Yalu
river as tbe Russian forco ! tho larg
est. Russians believe that tho Chinese of
Manchuria are secretly aiding tho Jap
Wichita. Kan., women show their
disapproval of Bmoot by hanging him
In effigy.
Circulation of counterfeit Japaneso
money in Corea is causing great an
T.nnn ATnocta a Ions war and urges
all her citizens to come to tbe defense
of the country.
Tin.olo will let China mate protests
If anv are made, against the Btitish
advance In Thibet.
Tho Santa Fo is building Blockades
around the Topeka (hops preparatory
ffor the expected strike.
Kouropatkin is willing that the Jap
anese shall win a few victories In the
hope of luring them on to Harbin.
Secretary Hitchcock has assured Ore
gon entrymen that filings made in good
faith will stand, even If the timber and
stone act is repealed.
Japan has finally allowed war corre
spondents to proceed to the front.
Tbe house has voted down the senate
amendment to build a military road in
St. Marys, Ohio, reservoir, one of the
largest in the world, is in danger of
Odessa gave a warm welcome to the
Russian survivors of the battle of
Russians captured a Japanese steam
er, sclred maps, telegrams, etc., and
then sunk her.
Semi-official advices give the number
of Russian troops in tho Tar East as
nearly 200,000.
Russia is too busy with Japan to fel
low or make any objection to British
advance in Thibet.
Another attempt has been made on
the life of Pope Plus, this time by two
men disguised as clergy.
It is reported that Japan atfer bom
barding Vladivostok, dropped a numbet
of floating mines in that vi:lnity..
The three bandits who held up the
Oregon express"and killed a messenger
got no loot from the wrecked express
Rains make the flood situation In In
dlana more grave.
French court decides tho Panama
canal case against Colombia.
The Botkin murder trial has been re
turned with the nrr alleged to have
been bribed.
William J. Bryan has been decided
against in contest for (60,000 in the
Bennett will contest.
I'ans of the Jamestown exposition
prove an obstacle in the passage of tbe
Lewis and Clark lair Dill.
Senator Clark, of Wyoming, says
land ring boasts of spending money to
secure repeal of present laws.
F. A. Helnze and superintendents of
his mines have paid flies of (20,000
for contempt of court in Montana.
The Oregon express was held up at
Copley, Cal., and Express Messenger
O'Neill killed. The treasure box was
carried away.
Bell, of Callomla, created a sensa
tion Jn the house by declaring that vet
erans in the soldiers' homes In his state
are robbed by the canteen system.
Russia Is found, technically, to have
fired the first shot of the war.
John Mitchell will come to Colorado
to conduct the miners strike.
The Lewis and Clark exposition bill
received a setback in the house.
It is estimated that the damage from
floods in Michigan will reach (5,000,
000. Admiral Makaroff is expected to as
sume the offensive at the first oppor
tunity. Foreigners believe martial law at
Kin Chwang will cause all save tbe
French to vacate.
The Servian government will remove
from office all who were implicated In
the assassination of the late king and
Many towns in Indiana along the
tributaries of the Ohio and WabaBh
rivers are still suffering from tbe
The Cunard Steamship company's re
port for 1903 shows a profit of (1,360,
Ten deaths are reported as a result
of the storms In Northwestern Arkan
Colorado mllltla has thrown throo
miners and two business men in tho
French deputies have passed the bill
to suppress teaching by religious
A report that tho railway merger is
seeking refuge In Cuba is a surprise to
President l'alma.
The Anglo-American league of Lon
don favors an American-British arbl
tration treaty.
Tho French textile workers' strike is
Wnmlnc nerious and Is liable to in
nlrn all of the large factories of the
The Vladivostok squadron Is re
ported to have returned to the harbor
with a number of captured Japanese
vessels, among them a warship. i
llnglaeers Are Readr to Report on Qreal
Irrigation Project.
Washington, April 6. The Boise-
Payctto Irrigation project In Idaho has
reached the stago where, having re
ceived the endorsement of tho engineers
of tho reclamation service, it is ready
to be reported to the eecrctary of tho
interior for his approval, as soon as
tho etato land board has designated
what disposition It will make of tho
00,000 acres of land belonging to tho
state and lying undor this project.
It Is doubtful it tho secretary of the
Interior will pass on this project until
a clear and explicit statement has been
received from tho state authorities as
to the policy which will be followed by
them in dlspostng of thcao lands. Un
der th" provisions of the reclamation
law ot June 17, 1902, tho right to use
water ot lands In private ownership
cannot bo sold for a tract exceeding 100
acres to any one landowner, ana such
landowner must bo an actual bona fide
resident on such land, or occupant
thereof residing In tho neighborhood.
It is within the discretion of the secre
tary to set the limit of area for each
homestead, which limit shall represent
the acreage which, in his opinion, may
reasonably be required tor the support
of a family. Under the terms of this
law tho farm area under tho Boise-Pay
ette ptoject will probably be set at 4U
to 80 acres, according to tne locauiy
and character of the soil.
Taft Savs Philippines Cannot Qet Nec
essary Railroads Without It.
Washington, April 5. Secretary ot
War Taft was before tho senate com
mittee on the Philippines today to go
over the Lodge and Cooper bills for the
amendment of tho act providing for the
civil eovernment In the Philippines.
Great interest was manifested In the
section providing for aid In railroad
building by authorixing the Philippine
government to guarantee an income of
not exceeding 5 per cent on capital In
vested in the construction and equip
ment ot such roads. Referring to the
sections of the bill providing for the
government building of railroads in the
event willing capital was not found to
undertake the projects. Secretary Taft
said that he did not favor government
ownership of the system, but he had
offered It as an alternative, after hav
ing- investigated thoroughly the expert
ences of the British government in In
dia and the Dutch government in its
Senator Burrows inauired if it were
not noesible to interest capital in rail
road building in the Philippines with
out government aid. Secretary Taft
said he believed a few links of a sys
tem might be constructed, but not the
general railroad building needed lor
the progress of the islands.
Diplomats Confident Britain Is Moving
Because Russia Is Buy.
Paris, April 6. The British advance
nn Thibet is attractlnz widespread at
tention, the general view being that it
is due mainly to Russia's preoccupa
tion in the Far East. Government
officials are inclined to Bhare this opin
ion. An ambassador said today:
"It Is manifest that Russia's hands
being tied gives Great Britain an op
portunity to advance in Thibet. As
part of the same diplomacy, Great
Britain is re-establishing friendly rela
tions with France, thus neutralizing
any French opposition to the Thibetan
In this connection the ambassador
related a conversation with Foreign
Minister Delcasse regarding the Fash
oda incident. It was pointed out dur- Is conversation that If tlie incl
dent had occurred while Great Brit
ain's hands had been tied by tbe Boer
war, the future of Central Africa would
have been entirely different. It was
the conclusion of those taking part in
the conversation that tbe time to settle
minor scores was due to the preoccupa
tion of your adversary elsewhere, and
it is the diplomatic view that Great
Britain is now adopting that principal
and advancing in Thibet while Russia
is elsewhere engaged.
100,000 Men Have Crossed the Lake.
Berlin. April 5. One hundred thous
and men and 0,000 horses, besides con
siderable artillery, have crossed Lake
Baikal Blnce the outbreak of the war.
according to the Tageblatt's military
expert.' Writing from Lake Baikal un
der date of March 19, be says that he
found that the authorities bad done
everything Imaginable for the comfort
of the soliders on the railway and the
lake, and that the railway equipment
was admirable. All the bridges are
steel, with stone abutments and are
carefully guarded.
Will Drive Agitators Out.
Denver, April 6. A Republican
special from Telluride, Colo., says:
A detachment ot 200 troops left here
at 10:30 o'clock tonight on two special
trains for Rldceway. under sealed or
ders. They are under the command of
Colonel Barnum and Major Naylor. It
Is rumored 'they are going to make th
expected cleanup In the San Juan dis
trict and that many men will bo do
ported. Four alleged agitators, names
unknown, came in on the ovening train
tonight and were prontntly lodged in
Damage Will Be $2,000,000.
Cincinnati, April 5. Floods In
Northwestern and Central Ohio today
broke all previous records, but uis
patches Indicate that the wstois are re
ceding, especially along the Miami val
lev. The damage from Findlay south
through Troy and other points as far
as Hamilton is estimated at z,uuu,
000. Four lives have been lost,
Twenty towns are without natural gas
Several cities are without power or
Working Hard to act Fleet Ready.
Paris. Anrll 6. According to a St
Petersburg correspondent of the Echo
de Paris, work Is carried on night and
day at Cronstadt in order to prepare a
fleet to leave there at the end of July
or the beginning of August for a war
port In the Far East, which is expected
to be free from Ice in three weeks.
Will Try to Bring Matter Up Under Sus-
pension of Rules Mouse Leaders
Hesitate About Granting a Special
Rule and the Session Is Drawing to
a Close.
Washington, April 4. The leaders
ot the house hesitate to Invoke tho
power ot a special rule to secure consid
eration of tho Lewis nnd Clark expo
sition bill, if It can bo avoided, and
Chairman Tawncy hat decided to tty to
bring the measure up undor suspension
of rules. Ho will call tho bill up to-
ilav. unless tho Oregon men do not
deem tho time opportune
Those hi charge of the bill bollovo It
will be better to find out Just what
strength tho bill has In the house, and
this will bo sliown on a suspension
vote, even if two-thirds of tho mem
bors ot tho house necessary to supsenil
the rules do not volo for tho measure,
The time is drawing so near tho end ot
tho session that further delay may be
Panama Company Has Perfect Right te
Sell Its Property.
Faris. April 4. The first civil trib
unal of the Seine today decided the case
of the Republic of Colombia against
the Panama Canal company in favor of
the defendants. The decision holds
that the complaint of Colombia is not
receivable, and condemns the plaintiffs
to nav the costs of the action. This
decision has the effect of removing the
legal ibstaclea in the way of the trans
fer of the canal concession from tin
company to the United States.
The decision is a long document,
fullv reviewing all circumstances of
the commission and reviewing tho ar
ticles of the treaty, etc., principally ar
ticles 20, 21 and 22 of the treaty ot
March 20, 188S, whereby the company
acquired its rights.
"These rights," the decision says
"have the manifest purpose of assur
ing the full exercise of sovereignty over
he canal. It results from what is es
tablished before this tribunal that Co
lombia is not in possession of the terri
toiy traversed by the canal. By com
ing before the French court in order to
obtain its rights over tne canal, Uolom
bia tacitly admits its inability to itself
control the canal. It therefore follows
naturally that It has lost sovereignty
over the territory traversed by the
canal. It also appears that this sov
srelenty is maintained by tho new re
public of Panama, which is in actual
possession ot the authority and power
and administration and its policing,
Under such circumstances it only re
mains for the Panama company to ac
cept the actual situation ot authority
and tbe facts relative to tne territory
embraced by the concession. There
fore the action commenced by Colom
bia is not receivable."
Although no formal notice of appeal
was given, it was stated at the close of
the court that Colombia and Bonaparte
Wyse, the original concessionaire,
would appeal. It is said that an ap
peal will not cause delay, since today's
decision Is held to confirm the com
pany's full right to transfer to the
United States.
Consul Miller aires Notice Regarding
Martial Law at Nlu Cbwang.
Niu Chwang, April . United States
Consul Miller today informed the cltl
zens of bis nationality of the United
States' acquiesence In the proclamation
of martial law by tbe Kusslan author!
ties here. The United States gunboat
Helena will leave Niu Chwang tomor
row. The British gunboat Espiegle
awaiting additional instructions.
Russian authority has been estab
lished here without friction. There
no apparent alarm, although movable
property is being partly removed.
is understood that immediately after
the 11 ships now here are loaded, the
port and river will be closed, as th
work of providing for a system of de
fense at Niu Chwang is prorgessing.
Nation Wins Point In Land Frauds
San Francisco, April 4 The govern
ment won its second Important point
in tbe technical battle over tbe alleged
land fraud case today, when Commis
sioner Heacock denied the motion of
the defendants, F. A. Hyde and Henry
P. Dimond to dismiss the complaint
and discharge them. Commissioner
Heacock is deciding against tbe conten
tionof the defendants, said that the cer
tified copy of the Indictment established
a prima facie case against Hyde and
Dimond and that tbe competency of the
Washington court bad been proven.
China Not Seeking Trouble.
Paris. April 4. The Journal this
morning prints an interview which its
correspondent at St. Petersburg has
had with Secretary Cu, of the Chinese
legation there, who is In dally com
munication with Pekin. The secretary
said that China was determined to re
main neutral eo long as tho Chinese
frontiers were respected. Considerable
excitement, the secretary said, ha,
been caused by the Chinese who wero
creatine disturbances within the area
of military operations. All was qule
In Southern China.
Factory Olrls are Killed.
Scranton, Pa., April 4. Six persons
wero killed and five fatally injured by
an explosion In tbe factory ol tnt Dick
son Squib company, at Prlceburg, near
here, today. Twenty girls were em
ployod In the factory. What caused
the explosion is not known, but It is
said that one of the girls threw a squib
Into the stove and that the force of the
explosion was so great that It wrecked
the building and sot lire to u. une
squibs are used in coal mining.
Draft of River and Harbor Dill.
Washington, April 4. The house
committee on rivers and harbors today
completed Its draft of an appropriation
bill carrying approximately (3,000,000
to continue existing contracts for river
and harbor work.
Uotkln Jurors Approached to Clear
Alleged Prisoner.
San Francisco, April 2. Tho second
trial ot Mrs. Cordelia Botkin on tbe
haigo ot having caused tho death ol
Mrs. J. P. Dunning by means of pois
oned candy virtual' ended In n sensa
tional manner late this afternoon.
Acting upon Information that four
Jurors had been bribed to favor tho
prisoner, Judge Cook ordered tne jury
Into the custody ot the sheriff until to
morrow mornini!. when he will for
mally dismiss tho Jury and begin tho
impaneling ol a now one. it is ai
leged that besides four Juiots who are
said to havo been Influenced, an at
tempt was mado to brbo tho fifth one,
When the denouement came in couu
todav. Mrs. llotkln's attorney nmdo a
passionate speech, disclaiming that
Mrs. Botkin or any one connected with
her case was implicated. Ho also said
that ho would not continue Willi mo
present Jury. Tho state's attorney
concurred In n motion to dlschargo tho
Jury. A brief investigation was hold
bv Judire Cook after the jury left the
Chief ot Police Wlttman testified
that ono of tho iurors had followed him
to his office aftci the noon adjournment
veaterdar and said that on tho prevl
ous evening a strnngo man had called
n ixi n him and said:
"Wo havo secured lour iurors ior mo
defense and want a fifth; we will glvo
vou 150." Tho luror told the chief
that ho turned down tho offer, assert
lne :
r.- .... 1 1
"I am ho sucli dirty man. i woum
not take 160 or tSO.000."
Continuing, tho chief ol pollco said
that when the luror left the court room
yesterday afternoon ho was shadowed
by a detective, who saw mm secicuy
meet a woman with whom ho talked
tor several minutes.
JndueCook declared that the man
had violated his duty in talking with
anybody about tne case.
Leading Russian Paper Now Urge
Alliance With Britain.
St. Petersburg, April 2. Tho Novoe
Vremva today executed a lacoaboui
strongly supporting tho idea ot a Ruseo
British understanding in an editorial
entitled "The Blindness of England,"
in which the paper argues that tho suc
cess ot the Japanese would bo more in
jurious to Great Britain than any other
European nation, and points to me
United States as the common rival ot
both. It describes Japan as "Ameri
ca's sharpshooter," aid says:
"Remember that nation, in ine per-
on of tho commander of ono of its
men-of-war at Chemulpo, rtfused to
join In the collective protest of tbe oth
er foreign commanders before the Jap
ancse destroyed tho Variag and Koricti.
"Remember wlioso llag alone among
all did not bike on board the crews of
our perishing ships. To the honor of
England, tho ally of Japan, It was not
her representative, but the commander
ot an American ship.
"The Americans wiBh to convert tne
Pacific into an American Mediterr
anean. Wonld that be to tho advan
tage of England? Does England not
understand in her blind policy and
hatred toward Russia that she is turn
ins this ocean Into an Aairclcan Medi
terranean? Sooner or later the Euro
pean countries will rccognizo that
America is their mutual enemy. Why
should not Russia and England, In
view of their possessions outside of
Europe, combine?"
Mine In River.
Niu Chwang, April 2. The Russians
have improvised mines and anchored
cables across the Liao river. This it
expected to prevent the Japanese from
comlns nn the river past Yinkow. The
Russian officials here aie disappointed
at tho news received ot the engagement
between tho Japanese and Russians In
the vicinity of the Yalu river. Trust
worthy details, however, are still unat
tainable. Mine Exploded by a Whale.
Valdivostok. April 2. One of the
mines in Possiet bay has been exploded
by a whale. The mangled carcass sub
sequently was washed ashore. It bore
evidence of the destructive qualities of
the mines laid by the Russians in ex
nectatlon ot a Japanese landing at
Poesiet bay.
Alabama flakes a Record.
Pensacola, Fla., April 2. With the
arrival here today of tho gunboat New
port and Castino from Colon, tho larg,
est fleet of United States warships ever
assembled in target practice, Includes
seven battleships, five cruisers, seven
gunboats, five monitors, two torpedo
boat destroyers, besides a number of
lenders, colliers and supply boats.
The fleet includes more than 25 vessels
of 'various classes. The battleship Ala
bama has established a new world's
record for rapidity and accuratenesa
in firing all classes of guns.
Flood Breakt Levee.
Vincennes. Ind., April 2. Tho Bel
grade levee broke today causing great
damage. Many houses were washed
from tiieir foundations and much live
stock drowned. The break increased
the water at Wcstport, where the flood
is now in tho second story of evory
house. Tho town has been abandoned
Two-thirds ot Lawrenco is under water
and in many places is 20 feet deep.
A hard rain is falling. Tho damage
caused by the breaking of tho Belgrade
levee will bo enoimous on the Illinois
Will Make Channel for Warships.
Cronstadt. April 2. The Ico-brcaker
Ermack Is bound here from Revel to
cut a channel for tho warships which
are awaiting tholr armor at the St,
Petersbuig yards. Lights will be
burned to help the Ermack steer a
straight course through tho Ico at
night. A coirespondent of the Itussky
Viedmosti writes from Port Dalny that
the Russian cruiser Boyarln sank two
hours after striking the mlno there,
Six of the crew were lost.
Request American to Return.
Seoul, April 2. Tho military au
thorltles have requested Brigadier Gen
eral Henry T, Allen. United States
military observer with the Japanese
army, to return to Seoul from Ping
Yang until they are able to provide
fitting accommodations,
Heavy Snow Palling and Temperature
Drops to Zero.
John Day A snowfall of more than
a foot occurred last week in tho higher
valleys of this county. The storm It
quite gsneial, but the fall Is not so
great In the larger valleys. The tem
perature foil to 14 below icro at this
placo. It Is almost zero In the colder
icvtlons. With vory few exceptions
this it the coldest weather ol tho year.
In some ot tho higher val
leys the stock situation is decidedly
serious. Bear valley stockmen are en
tirety out ot teed. Although ratlle are
generally strong, grave feats are enter
tained. A disquieting rumcr has been grow
ing, started by message! over the tele
phone. In tome places, herds being
moved to better feeding grounds, have
hom nrei taken br the storm and are
now sitting along the public roads,
staggering and tailing dead. In one
instance the road supervisor found it
niwnflirv to clve orders to owners to
remove carcasses from tho road.
Rtm-kmrn are srlmlr whetting their
skinning knives, preparing to save the
hhlra. Onlr a spccdv raise In the
i.mnrilnm can save enormous losses
Sheen and hotees havo not suffered
much loss yet.
rVnnnmv Is Hxsendltures firing! War
rants Nearly to Par.
Baker City Baker county it fast get
ting out of debt. Four ycart ago the
bonded and floating debt of the county
was over (250,000. County warrant!
were way below par and the county
burden was Increasing fast.
By practicing economy and calling a
halt on reckless expenditure, the float
Ing dobt has been almost wiped out
At the present rate the entire indebted
nest will be discharged next year
County warrant! are now worth 90
cents on the dollar, which make! them
practically as good as cash, because In
vestors do not care to handle them on
such a small margin.
Last week tho indebtedness ot the
county was reduced about (30,000 by
the payment to Union county of tho
amount due on account of tho "Pan
handlo" annexation. A portion of
Union conntv. known as the "Panhan
dle" was annexed to Baker county by
the lrsielatuie four years ago. Baker
ronntv had to nav Union county about
(40,000 in settlement ol various claims
All this debt has now been paiu.
Domestic Animal Commission Orders
Slaughter In Umatlua.
Salem Six hundred horses, afflicted
with contagious diseases, will be
killed In Morrow county In pursuance
of an order mads by the domestic ant
mal commission. The horses are
owned by Indians living on the Uma,
tilla reservation and are afflicted with
mange. The state board has made re
peated efforts In the last two or three
years to Induce government authorities
In Washington or at the reservation to
Jake steps to stamp out a disease that
threatens to spread to all parts ot the
state. All efforts proving fruitless
tho board has at last determined to
take radical measures, and the state
veterinarian has been ordered to kill
the diseased animals and bury them
The horses are declared to be valueless
because of their diseased condition.
Warner Settlers Prepare to Sue.
Salem J. L. Morrow and other set
tlers in Warnor valley, Lake county,
are in Salem perfecting their papers
preparatory to bringing suit to regain.
if possible, tho lands which wero
awarded to tho Warner Valley Stock
company by the department of the in
terior. The suit will be brought
the federal courts and will ralso tho
question whether the lands were swamp
in character in 1880. Tho Warner
Valley Stock company holds nndor
deeds from the etato, while the settlers
claim as homesteads.
Settlers Crowding Into Union.
Elgin Notwithstanding tbe fact that
this particular section of Union county
has enjoyed a good healthy Increase In
population for the past several years,
the present Indications are that this
year will far surpass any previous one
In that respect. The vanguard of Eatt
crn emigration is now coming in, nnd
In addition to this a number ef families
have recontly arrived bore from West
ern Washington, having bocomo tired
of tho almost continuous downpour of
rain which prevails in that section of
the country.
Fallen Trees For the Fire.
Balem The heavy wind storm last
week is likely to increase tho amount
of cordwood cut in this vicinity this
year. Timber enough to make many
thousand cords of wood was blown
down and the farmers will cut much of
the fallen timber Into cordwood, A
thousand cords ef fallen timber on
slnglo farms has been reported In a
number of cases. So far as timber Is
concerned, the wind was an advantage
to farmers.
Change Union County Seat.
La Grande A petition has been
filed with the county clerk by Recorder
William Miller, to bo presented at the
next meeting of tho county court, ask
ing tho court to make the petition an
issue for tho June election that the
county seat bo removed from Union to
La Grande, its former site. This peti
tion was signed by 2,670 of Union
county residents,
Association Portntd at Eugene
to For-
ward the Work.
Eugene A meeting was held at the
ourthoiise which wai well aitcmicu
ml had for Its object a consolidation of
Interests ud enerlges In the direction
of mad Improvement In this vicinity.
About 160 Interested oltUcns were pros
cut, and the meetingorganised by tho
selection ot M. Svarverud chairman ami
M. Wllklns secretary.
Professor J. M. Hyde of tho unl-
l.n ) Inntr made a ituuy oi
road engineering, de the first ad
Irris on the snbject and gave mnch
valuublo information for contlderntlon
President Campbell aleo made a good
address, as did a number of others.
A i-iiminlttpe on organization made
its report, and the Good Roads assocla-
tion of Une county look tangible and
twrnianetit form. A constitution was
adopted and a good membership "
cured at once.
It la the Intention of this association
to take active steps toward the securing
ot first-class highways In all parte of
the county, and to work in the direc
tion of seeming Judicious and scientific
lelurnt for the money amually ex,
pended for road improvement. The at
eoclatlon declared Itself In support of
the Hrownlow good roads bill new be
fore congress and will use its Influence
In its behalf.
Tlmbertnen Matt Pay Taxea,
Astoria All the holdert of targe
timber tractt la Clatsop county, with
Ihe exception of three, have paid the!
taxea on the lt03 roll. Reprreenta
lives of these thrre syndlratre were
here nnd tendered the sheriff 00 per
cent ot the lax. but the tender was re
fused, although the sheriff said he
would accept 60 per cent at a first pay
ment. as Is allowed by tho state law
The timber men now assert that they
will appeal to the county court lor
reduction, although the chances
getting a rebate are small.
Eastern Oregon Sheep Suiter.
Pendleton Tho cold, wot and stormy
weather of tho past tew daya is causing
the sheepmen of tho southern part of
the county a great deal of worry. HI
teen Inches ot Irrth snow lias alien In
the vicinity of Uklah and the sheep
which havo Ih-vii sheared and tho young
lambs are suffering with the cold, and
will perish unless a thaw seta In In
few days. I-ced Is getting scarce In
this district, and part ot the stock it
being driven into the more sheltered
parts ol the county lor better protrc
riih Prka Will Be the Same.
Astoria Judging from present indi
rations the opening price ot fish the
coming season will be the same as dur
Ing the past few years 5 cents per
ponnd for those under 35 pounds and
cents for those weighing 25 pounds i
over. Tho cold storage men are now
endeavoring to reach an agreement
among themeolves to Increase tho
weight limit of what are known as
"cold storage" fish from 25 to 30
pounds, but with little success.
Wheat Walla Walls, 76c; blue
stem, Sic; valley, (lc.
Barley Feed, (23 per ton; rolled
Flour Valley, (3.00O3. 95 per bar
rel; hard wheat straights, (4G4.20
clears, (3.8504; hard wheat patents,
(4.4OQ4.0O; graham, I3.605J3.00
whole wheat, (3,S64.05; rye flour
Oats No. 1 white, (1.16Q1.17K
gray, (1.1031.12K per cental.
Mlllatoffs Bran, (ISO 10 per ton
middlings, (24.60025; shorts, (10(9
20; chop, (18; llnteed, dairy food
Hay Timothy, (16016 per ton
clover, (10 O 11; grain, (11 S 12
cheat, (11012.
Eggt Oregon ranch, 17)fo.
Butter Sweet cream k-utter, 30c per
pound; fanoy creamery, 2927He
choice creamery, 2324c; dairy and
ttore nominal.
iiutier ai bweot cream, zs$c;
tour cream, 20c.
Poultry Chickens, mixed, 12K3
13c per pound; springs, small, 16(9
1 17c; lions, 13914c; turkeys, live, 16
16c, dressed, 18620c; docks, (899 per
dozen; geese, live, Bo,
Cboeso Full cream, twins, 12013c
Young America, MOloc.
Vegetables Turnips, 80c per sack
carrots, hoc; boots, (i; parsnips, 111
cabbage, 1 (S Zc ; lettuce, head, 26
40c per dozen; parsley, 26c : tomatoes
(2(32.25 por crate; cauliflower, 76c
(1 per dozen; celery, 65080c; squash
2c per pound; cucumbers, (1.76(92,26
perdoton; asparagus, 8$ Quo; peas
0c; rhubarb, 0c; beans, 10c; onions,
Yellow Danvers, (202,35 por sack.
Honey (303.50 per case.
Potatoes Fancy, 00c(l per cental:
common, 00(3 80c ; new potatoes, 3c
per pound; sweets, 5c per ponnd.
Fruits Apples, fancy Baldwins and
SplUonbergs, (1.6032,60 per box;
choice, (131.50; cooking, 76c.
Hops 1003 crop, 2325c per
Wool Valley, 1718o; Eastern Ore
gon, 12316c; mohair, 320 35oj
Beef Dressed, 67Kc per pound.
Mutton Dressed, 60 7o; lambs, tc.
Veal Dressed, 738o.
Pork Dressed, 77Kc
Mutilans Move on Japanese Fort but are
Driven iiaca,
Bt. Petersburg, March 31. General
Kouropatkin, In his first report to tho
emperor from tne sconu ui war, nn-
llOUIU'ed llllll OllVlimu lllllil Ujn'iiiiiwnn
iad taken place against uio Japanese
upon tne sum wiimnmj
ctipatlon ol Port Arthur by Ihe litis-
lana. Tlieao opeiniiunn iu um
,ia ,.lrv attack yesterday by six
roiupnnlMS ot Cossacks, led by General
Mlshtchenko against tour miiadrtmn ol
Japanese cavalry which the general Ik-
.. 1 . I . 1 .....I Pimm .Til lull
llOVPll lO IH1 UVJUMU -"
which he found to lie In occupation of
that town.
Despite a cross fire which ueucrni
Mlshtchenko clovetly directed against
tho enemy, ho pnyt tribute to tho
tenacity and bravery ol the Japanese,
who only ceased to lire nuer "
.int. which lasted lor nan an nonr.
Before the Russians could follow up
their advantage, three Japanese squad
ron galloped toward tho town. Two
otthem succeeded In entering, while
the third wai driven back in uiaoruer,
men and horses falling.
The lire maintained on the town was
so destructive that Ihe Japanese wuro
unable to make an 1'ffcctunl return.
Further Japanese lelnlorcemcnts ar
rived an hour later, and lu view of the
superiority ol the enemy, itenetai
Mlshtchenko diiiermineii i reuie, lin
ing so without eniba.rnssment.
funeral Mlshtchenko's Cossacks have
been endeavoring for some dayt to como
In contact with Ihe Japanese patrols,
but the latter reluwsl In combat.
The skirmish will havo Ihe efteet (it
encouraging tko Russians to retard at
much at possible tho advnnco ol the
Japanese army.
Russians Remove American llntlgn From
Correspondents Ouartera.
N'lu Chwanii. March 31. As a result
ot Iho proclamation ot martial law nt
this port llin American nag which uio
American correspondents had floating
over tholr inrashouse was hauled down
today. They aro very Indignant over
the Incident, and are exK'Ctrl to send
a protest to tho United States emliaiuy
at Pekin at what they term tho "gross
Indignity" placed upon them.
Tho Rmwan regulations aro exceed
ingly strict and aro designed, it is
openly stated, to coniwl all foreigners
llli the exception oi mo rrencn in
vacate tho town.
A Frenchman named Kreautlar, an
employo ol the Uuaao-Chlneee bank,
hat been appointed i reiicn consular
agent at Niu Chwang. Ho has hnlstnl
tho French llag over tho bank nuiiu-
Ingt. It Is considered probable Hint
this Is the forerunner ol n movement
to fly the tricolor over all the Russian
government buildings at Nlu Chwang.
The commerce of the port baa been de
stroyed by tho now rulo. Tlio general
opinion among the foreign residents is
that should Russia's action I permit-
tod to stand by the powers without
protest, It will bo tantamount to a com
plete surrender of all rlghla of foreign
ers throughout tho whole of Mnnrhurla,
and will bo very costly to foreign capi
tal which la Invested in numerous In
dustries throughout the province.
Corretpondcnta' Versions of the
palga In Corea Differ.
London, March 31. No Jnapneso re
port ol the land ojierationa in Corea
has yet been received hero, and there
is much simulation as to tho slto of
the opposing armies, regarding which
there is no reliable information.
A correspondent nt tho Russian head
quarters at Mukden telegraphs that ac
cording to reports received there about
10,000 Japaneso havo crossed tho river
at Chin Changau and 6,000 have ad
vanced north from Chong Ju
Tho Chronicle's Shanghai corres
pondent asserts that practically tho
whole Japanese army In Cores, consist
ing of 100,000 men, is concentrated nt
I'ak Chen and Anju, only small detach
ments being loft In Southern Corea to
maintain communication.
A Ht. Petersburg special says that a
Russian division ot 25,000 men from
Southern Ussurl Is advancing In two
columns through Coren.. Ho reports
that tho Japnnesa aro advancing north
from (lonann, und that their advance
guard Is encamped at Chong Ping. It
Is probable, how over, that none of thera
reports can be accepted as authentic.
Britain to Restrict Immigration.
London, March 31. The nllon Immi
grant bill was introduced in tho house
of commons today and passed Its first
reading without division. Tho bill fol
lows tho recommendations ot tho re
port ot tho royal commission on nllon
Immigration, issued August 11 last,
that the Immigration of certain chimes
of Immigrants into tho United King
dom bo subject to state control. Homo
Secretary Douglas, in introducing tliti
resolution, referred to tho Increase nt
crime during tho admission of a class
of aliens In this country.
Island Delegates Not Provllcd for.
Washington, March 31. No prov1.-
Ion has been mado either by tho Dem
ocratic or Republican national conven
tion to Boat delegates from tho Philip
pines, In tho calls Issued by Chairman
Ilanna and Jones, neither tho Philip
pines nor Porto Rico Is Included among
the states nnd territories entitled to
representation. However, should del
gates from theeo Islands present
thcmsolvos to tho convention It is
within tho province of tho committee
on credentials to sent thorn.
Flood Still Imperils City.
Saginaw, Mich., March 31, Flood
conditions in this city and vicinity to
night aro not improved. All industrial
plants on tho river aro shut down, and
6,000 men or more aro out of work.
The financial loss In this country will
probably reach (760,000. Botweon
Saginaw and Bay City tho Ico on tho
Saginaw river Is over two foot deep In
places, and dynamite has had llttlo
effect in clearing tho channol. Rcpoits
tell of much Buffering.
Large Machine Shops Burned.
Pittsburg, March St. Tho machlno
shops of tho Pittsburg Volvo Foundry
it Construction company woiodostroycd
by fire tonight. Loss Is probably