Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, April 08, 1904, Image 1

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Devoted to tlic Mining, I.uiabcring mid Farming Intcrcntn of this Community, to Good Government, and Hustling for a Grub Stake.
NO. 11
fiiereil Irom llolicuila MlniiiK
Rjlstrld mid lite Various ,Min-
Sj; Camps of OrcKim and
per States.
01 Ml"1 Ili'Kry. "i"-inmiiunil
lir riiivuit iniKTty III Ilu-
pSfe. ' "r "own " vuiingc
Mram mirivirtv, he said: "We
jSWt'"l,r'l ilif work this winter,
SfffiSjpilu i Iiiviiik what iii'iillcd
tjm 1 .11 it iinmiH r .move lllc
tu' ''' "en iclcrtcil (is n
MUiSIt-- He itnteil filllltrr thilt
ftgflriK tur m .iuli "I March the
(unnel wui'l"vr' "held a distance
fSS!fcf m.ikiK total distance
tOTptl' "' '" ,,r ,"ci,,t 'iiie
.'hTtigi'ui ,,r ,',J" '"" '''',e
TfrllVUli-- ' l't. h the tunnel is
Tm?li ' hi. ,,rrl continuous
5lh)iH , . I- I i tf"'! grade of ore
, r t 11 r uirttmes tlic
, , t w i I il 11 o t he
4 l"it tlic greater
1 . 1 li '.4ii. p linn !crn
1 . .,1 .,1 ilir mr being uf a
ra lr v.iin-inncs showing Irec
I rtliinalr, l.llil lie, tlut we
lore ! p-iviug the expenses
tunnrl with the ore produced
led hi' " tlic ilmup. This
:t u Hhh'H; ilepth mid when
lir-l 11 point tmilcr the
wnli"i:'. it will lc sonic
like 1 ' lert l)rlow llieill
(Hit drpih from the Inchest
I ih- tpx the vein ol ,
JfiKoniimiiuj; ilii" tiiimet, Mr.
ilwfcey siiui tin '"je-iive pomi
CtoSZw 01 l4tri4l liimieli will le
Ulyctt cuhrr wm and tup several
Strong pjrullrl Ic.lgrs which have
tSNftftdlscovcred at or near the Mil
Irtecjfcllun making it pMSihlc t
Jtopcltlif ores ol ull these veins uml
trjirajtlicm direct to the mill site ,
litfSnpt. Hirkey's opinion, mid
Mafias been familiar with the camp
jtlJTtl'ls property lor yens, the
EgMjpauy has one ol thr greatest
Mftfertles 111 tlir diMrnt, anil has1
iffclit natural conditions for ceo-!
JfWtUCal and profimtile working.
ins tiiiuiel together with the
ore iMMhrs onencd ,
All tllai is now needed, he
a mill ol inlli, irnt dimity
t the or. s Mr Ilickey re-i
in wile wli.. it will I re
rr! (m , lr 1 in lit out bv the
on a suci' liri uuie weeks
'rices Lower at
s i arc unitii; iiitiiilv nut ol business, vc arc closlnir out our entire line
)l uu .it less than
Hem. ami by buying now
I We still have ft good stock of Clothing and Underwear to pick front, and
U iinecs that will suit all. Come find examine them. A'wavs willing to
Show tlu'tn il you buy of
We are trvinv to close
Hue much cheaper than could be bought in any of the
jooti goods as could be got ol any merchant in the northwest.
Cottage Grove-
The very Latest Styles. Our Heavers are the
our line before buying. We can please you.
BjcatlerN in Merchandising.
li:o, us ulmiit well iikuIii.
Hu tcports the Riverside tunnel
Is still sliowlilg well mid the Ole
Kou Colonido tunnel Is in K"'l ore.
When linked uhout other properties
in the rn nip he sold, owlti).; to re
cent severe storms, linn nut lnul nn
opportunity to lenrn much iibriut
1 them; have only kept trnek of the
proertlcs which in this ubsenre of
Mr. Haul I tun employed to look
Mr. (i. II. IleiiBen necotnpanied
bv Mrs. HciiKeii, arrived Irom
Portland on Tuesday. Mr. Hen
, eu is here to look after the in
terests of the O. vc S IC. railroad
ami the Oregon Securities Coin
pan) . He states the water has h?en
turned on nl the power house and
the electrical plant is found to be
in first class condition, there are a
few leaks in the pipe tine which
will be renalrcd The power drills
will soon be In operation. As .0011
u n few small attachments arrive
fur the mill it will Ik: in readin -si to
start. 1
The properties known as the Tom
Johnson Kroiip consisting of three
claims noil mill situ adjoining the
Vesuvius oil t'.iirview mountain,
have been purchased by (1. It
Hriieu. who states that active
work will begin upon them as soon
as condition will permit. j
I'. I). Wheeler, treasurer of the
Crystal Consolidated Gold Mining
Company on hst Tuesday received
a lix containing samples of the ore
now being taken from tunnel on
the procrty of that company.
The tunnel has been driven
ahead alt winter and for a long dis
tance the vein has lccu well filled
with ore which is being piled up uu
the dump ready for the mill when
started up in the near future. The ,
samples scut show two distinct
kinds ol ore, which are reiorted by
the suciiutcndent as lying parallel
and Irctwccu tlu- same walls.
One body is couixmc! of orc f a
Ins character carrying a heavy
per ccutagc of galena, while the
other equally as strong is thor
oughly oxidicd and is a free mill
I lug ore. It is seldom tlut such
conditions arc found in the same
! vein.
A new automatic ore samnliiiL'
machine is being introduced by
WitliHiii I.. Rain. ofSalt J.akeCitv '
savs Hlue Mt. American. Sumptcr.
Orc. Mr. Raht claims for his latest
work the advantage of n lieltcr av
regular cost, lor we must
you can get good bargains.
out its soon fts nosible therefore selling our entire
erage of the value of the ore
handled than the devices now em
ployed to this end. He says ills
! obtained by more thoroughly mix
ing the orc, and then making the
portion separated more representa
tive of tills whole. He alsosas
mat toe machine is more easily in
spected and cleaned, ami docs away
willi the elevators usual with other
types. The correctness ol the
sample is not jeopardized by slip
ping of belts, and it docs not catch
the sample while the orc isdropping.
In behalf of this latter alteration
the inventor says ri marked im
provement is had, as by old methods
a lump of ore that should go to the
sample, or at least a portion of it
should, strikes on the edge of the
partition and is bounced into the
main dump. Tlic form of the ma
chine is cylindrical, n icrew con
veyor passing through it axially and
the gearing being so arranged that
the hollow cylinder and the con
veyor will rotate in opposite direc
tions, thus insuring thorough mix
tug of the ore as it passes through.
The opening for discharge of the
sample is cut in the cylinder near
the discharge cud of the latter, and
when the cylinder rotates so as to
bring this opening down, a portion
ol the passing orc drops out lor the
sample pile.
Mk W. II. Root. liditor IIo
hcinia Nugget, Cottage Grove, Ore.
Dear Sir: Mr. J. Krank Watson,
President of the Merchants National
Hank of this city, has been elected
bv the Hoard ol Directors of the
American Mining Cougaess third
vice president, to fill the vacancy
occasioned by the death ol Col.
John T. Grayson. At the same
meeting the Merchants National
Hank was selected as the treasury
ol tins organization.
It was alsu decided by the board
of directors that in arranging the
programme of our coming session,
convening in Portland, August
next, and continuing thereafter, 23,
14. 2$. sf and 27, that ample time
should be provided for some dis
tinguished gentleman to be se
lected by the managers of the Lewis
and Clark Exposition to deliver an
address pertinent to this subject;
also that some distinguished gentle
man, of national reputation, be in
vited to take up the question of
establishing a tederal department of
mines nud mining, whose secretary
shall be .1 member ot the Cabinet of
tlic President of the United States.
Another important subject that
will receive prominent consideration
will be that of the establishment ol
a branch mint or assay odice in
( iHlltlil.l un tr.l MIM
et our money out of
larger cities, and just as
best Hats made. See
Ivast and West Cottage Grove
lilcct Delegates to the County
UlllVCnilOn WHO Will atippori,
Isaac Blnxham for Represen
On last SUnrdav nftemnrm nri
un last Mtnrday arteruoon pri-,
manes were UelU in hast and West
Cottage Grove precincts for the
Cou'ntT StSS1? Inlene1 1
Conn y Convention to coiiTenc n
hugeiic on the qth of this month.
11 uas occu conceoeu ior some
time that I H. HiiiKham was the
choice of this portion of the county
lor the nomination upon tC repub
lican ticket for representative.
Saturday's primaries were largely
attended and the following named
gentlemen were chosen delegates:
Kast Cottage Grove C. H. Ilurk
holder, W. II. Hlair. A. I.. Hrimrs.
John Harker, Wm. I.andess, C. J.
Howard. W. C. Chrisman, C. H.
VanlJeiiburg, James Hemenway.
West Cottage Grove W. C.
Conner. W. McParland, J. G.
HUege, W. T. Kayser, David Mc
Parland, J. K. Young. P. II. Phil
lips, George McQueen.
Eugene Responds.
lunne ItcHiler. iprll 4
Those high in authority in man
agement of the Southern Pacific
railroad will fully understand after
last night's meeting at thcCommer.
rial Club, that the producers and
shipers of the Willamette valley
arc determined on a united struggle
to remedy the freight rate condi
tions that have paralyzed not only
the lumber industry, but also af
fected other lines of business.
Last evening at the club fully
200 representative business men and
citizens of Kugene and Lane county
met in pursuance of call to discuss
from all points of view the ques
tions now confronting the people.
Promptly a 8 o'clock the meetiue
was called to order by H. W.
Thompson, president, R. S. Ilryson
serving as secretary. The object of
the meeting wasstated by the chair,
the resolutions adopted by the Ore
gon Co-operative Association No. 1
at Cottage Grove being read.
On motion a committee was ap
pointed on transportation, consist
ing of Hon. K. A. Booth, P. E.
Dunn and II. Gordon.
Mayor K. M. Veatch, I. II. Bing
ham and Dr. Lawbaugh were pres-
cut from Cottage Grove. Mayor
Veatch was the first speaker of the
evening, and presented in vigorous
manner the situation existing at
Cottage Grove, which led up to the
movement inaugurated there and
which bids fair to spread to all
parts of the valley and over the
state. After showing how the pres
ent freight rates on lumber and
other shipments is a discrimination
against this part of the valley, Mr.
Veatch said the company had been
asked to remedy the conditions,
but had not done so, and it was
time to do something. He declared
that nothing short of legislation can
accomplirh what the people demand
in this respect.
At this juncture Senator Booth
was called for, but asked that the
business men express themselves
first, so that he might see how they
were affected by prevailing con
ditions. Then followed addresses by Hon.
S H Friendly , II Gordon, Geo T
Hall, Sr, G W Griffin, Hon J M
Shelley, Hon A C Woodcock, l)r
Lawbaugh of Cottage Grove, I? C
Smith, B LBogatt, P. L. Chambers,
S. Klovdahl and others.
The hardware and furniture mer
chants especially dwelt on the long
haul from the Kast to Portland as
compared with the short haul from
Portland to Kugene and Cottage
Grove, showing that in some in
stances freight hauled 3000 miles
cost, say on wagons, $1.25 per 100
from Chicago to Portland, 3000
miles, and from Portland to Ku
gene, 31 cents per 100 for 123
A C Woodcock declared the
movement as inaugurated to be a
good thing. He said we must have
railroads to develop the country,
the railroads must have rights, but
so must the people. He said rail
road can take right of way through
a man's land, the law gives them
that right; but it also gives the
people the right to coutrol the rail
roads by legislation. If, by humble
petition, they refuse to do what is
right we should do by legislation,
what we can not do by petition.
Mr. Woodcock said that not only
the lumber industry suffered by the
high rates, but the producers like-
...1..- -...1 .1 .1. .
a..u mcu .c lalc uu wueai 10
Portland as 7 2-5 cents per bushel,
wneii 11 is carried irom I'oruauu to
Liverpool by water for about 18
20 cents
1 1 . c ,. Km merniMTM snail commute n
Ur I.awbaug, of Cottage Grove, quorum t .my meetm ot tho Amho
followed Mr. Woodcock in a very elation.
convincing address, showintr the1 ':'lc'' member shrill lj entitled to
fllvrtmmalltlir r.-llfrnnl Hrll,.t
y; - : ns u olo ot tin; AHsnclntlrin U taken;
1 to Lottatre drove as airainst the:,..,,i ,,...1... .... .......
rate Irom Seattle to Portland. For
S' as' ' sLSTe
.11 .1 , , 3ca'
to Portland, a distance of 185 miles.
while from Portland to Cottage
Grove it wai tio6 for iaa miles.
Rate on a car of salt from San Pran-
J cisco to Cottage Grove was 2ti'j
itst.I,er '.00. but on a carload from ,
San Prancisco to Portland it was 15 1
cents per 100, or only about half!
for the Innvpr haul Tl if,
Ft P ? $,3 3 ,0Vhey
could afTord to ship lumber at $3.10
a ton.
Senator Hooth was next called
for and said this was tlu occasion
for a family talk. We don't want
to look at it in the light that only
the lumbermen are to be benefitted
by better freight rates, but that
such would benefit other lines of
In our business and that of other llun ,ur wtvIcc as Hhall ho agreed
lumbermen here represented, of ' t'le, Adrtsory rommfttee.
t. such airreemaut to Ij eflectlre not to
every $10 we receive for our pro- exceed the term ol the officers con
duct we distribute 8.50 for labor, cerned.
timber and cost of production. I
am surprised that the prevailing
conditions can not be remedied.
Oregon is to great to be held down
by any railroad company. Rail
road legislation is the last resort,
but if we have to use it let us use it
vigorously. He said it makes no
difference who cuts the lumber
when only local business is to be
supplied, but it does make a differ
ence when we are to ship it away
and bring back the other fellow's
money to distribute by the millions
of dollars to pay the men who have
the lumber, cuts the logs and helps
produce the lumber. I
Mr. Booth declared that the rail-
rnnrl rntrmanv .liH u,,, ,!, tl,,.
. , '.! c, . 'ideem beneficial to the Association
agreed to give a freight rate that nm, h,H -ucccsor to ofllce. and -hall
would phce valley mills and after
granting ttie rate, took it away,
put higher rates in its place and
crippled the lumber business of this
section of Oregon. He said the
company could restore the $3.10
rate to California points because
. . ' . ..11
ouiy aooui i5 per ecu 01 suiHmems ml(1 ,lIcn ,, cougUlered a per
went at that rate, while 85 per cent 1 mnnent record of the Association,
brought the company a better rate. He shall collect all dues and other
The hisinrvnf ir.nisnnrinrinn U that 'moneys due the Association, and
. , ' !.
co-u increases uiMeau 01 increasing. f i a b.iok set apart for that pur
1 11 closing Senator Booth said we poe. All moneys coming luto Ills
should not do anything radical, but hands shall Ik turned over to the
studv the question carefully and not tre'isuwr promptly, and a receipt
..... ,,-... taken therefor. He shall attend to
iwuiuuuiu mat ujca.11 iiuiumj,.
At this juncture it was moved
that the entire matter be referred to 1
th- rnniitiitt nn tr.insiwtntinn i
... .u . .-.. 1
lugciuer wiiu uic jcmiiuuuus ,
adopted by the Oregon Co-operative
Association, w no were empowered
to draw up resolutions to be con
sidered at a meeting to be sailed by
the president of the club.
The meeting was enthusiastic in
indorsament of the speeches made,
1 .1
showing that the people are in
earnest oil this question.
Cottage drove. Ore.. Mar. 21. HKM.
To tiik Mkmiikkm ok tiik Ohkiion
t'o-oi'KUATivi: Association, No. I:
Cottage drove. Ore.. .Mar. 21, 1U0I. !
(.iKNTl.KMK.s: Ah your Committee!
on Constitution and By-laws, we
il Ilv-hiWH, wel-Vn 1 1 '1U""S'S'""'';
1 .i,,.i . tin. I shall perforin such duties as
"uiTrut tohlm ly thB se
mi .1p.iV "im- ..'xnld duties, at all times, ti
beg to state that. I
affairs of similar argiitiUuttuiiH
have refrntucu from uruftli a
Constitution, as experience has
demount rated tiuit ior an
, . , ; "a- urn a Y 1,1,
...-........ ....... n
lsn detriment rather limn an advan
tngc, and In many lustancer. serving
as a medium through which many
uniKvesHury complications arise.
With this explanation ot our work,
we tender you tho result ot our la
bors. Very respectfully,
Com. on Constitutions anii By laws
Per 0. .1 . Howard, Sec'y.
The Oregon Co-operative Associ
ation, No. I, organized for the pur
poiof promoting and fostering tho
commercial, iiiuuutaeturing aud
other material Interests of theClty of
l ottagu drove and the State of Ore
gon, adopts tho following by-laws:
Section I. The control, govern
ment and work of this Association Is
vested In tho whole body of Us mem
bership, and ouch member In good
standing shall have an equal voice
therein, with all other iueiuber,i.
Section II. Any cltlieu can become
a member ot this Association by fil
ing an application of membership,
with tho secretary and by sinning
the membership roll, or by authoriz
ing In writing, tho secretary to sub
scribe his niiiuu thereto.
Section III. The annual meetings
of this Association shall he held at
tho hour of 7:!0 o'clock p. 111., on the
tlrst Tuesday of December of each
year, and tho regular monthly meet
lugs shall bo held at the hour of 7:31)
p. rn., on tho first TueHdiirot enali
month. HiK'clal rni-etlrisrH rnny he
1 cn,e(, Uj t,10 present ft Myume
! urid sluill b culled by him whenever
hiiiiii lie requested, in writing, ho
to1""" - H'K'icd riy not leu than ten
rncmoers or tli" AHHocmtlou.
Olie ImllOt Or VOt lit HIICll tltllOS
proxlen Im; reeoRnlwd or roted, (it
speak twlee upon nny Htil)ect under
.lUcim-loii. the time limit of each
Mpcech to be llv iiiinuteN. Only by
uriiinluioiiH eonxentiof nil memberH
"Pwon, Hl",n ,",'t,mi! ,H!
Kectlf)I1 ,v The offlcerM ,)f th
Association Hlinll be i president, Ove
vice preslileritM, secretary, assistant
"ecrctary (when deemed necesHarv.
1 ol'ttuWy "com"
,nttec. the recommendation to come
from the .eeretnry). and treaHiirer
all of which plflcerH, except thenanlat-
ani secretary, to do elected nc rue
regular annual meeting: of the Asso
ciation, and each of said officers hIiuII
hold omce for a period of one year
irom tue date or election, and until
his successor to olllce shall bo elected
and qualified.
The seeretary and assistant secre
tary snail receive such recompenga-
Section V. The president shall
prealdc at all meetings of the Associ
ation, aa well as at all meetings of
the Advisory Committee, of which
he shall tea member, ex-ofllclo; and
shall appoint all special committees
not appointed In the motion or reso
lution creating the committee. He
shall at the annual meeting, at the
cIomj of hla term, report the general
work of thr Association, and bual
ncH and other interestx of Cottage
Urore and the State of Oregon, that
has come under the recognition of
the Aftxoclatlon during the year, and
shall make such suggestions, aa to
to him shall seem pertinent, touch
ing upon the welfare of this com
munity and the atato at laree. He
ahall make such explanations and
tender BUCll suggestions DM lie slinll
perform such other duties as art-
usually Imposed upon presidents of
similar associations.
In the absence of the president the
vice-president shall perform hla
duties In order of their number. The
secretary shall keep tlu minutes of
all the meetings of the Association In
book asnlgneu to that purpose.
Hhall Keep an accurate account there'
Mle correspondence of the Association
. Hhall act as secretary of the Advl-
ory Committee nud na secretary of
such other committees as the Advi-
sory Committee shall see tit to nn-
,,olIt ,,. ,,e Mdvse u coh.
mlttees of all matters consigned to
mem ior action or investigation.
iie huuii iuhi in convenient ami pun
lie places a notice of all special meet
ings. He ahull at thoclohe of .each
mouth make an accurate and de
tailed statement ot all moneys ro-
ielvV'(1 mid expended, and thuumount
.ill mtml mill minli nth.. nw.ntlili?
aim annual reports as may como
within the province of the office of
secretary; and shall tile said reports
that they may oe open Ior the 111
apectlon of any officer or member of
the Association. He shall jerforni
all other duties as pertain to the oft
lice 01 secretary ot like associations.
At the expiration of his term of
olllce he 'hall tender to the Assocl
atlon all property aud material, ot
whatsoever kind, belonging to the
Association. I lie assistant Mvretary
mum uo
to iiave
bearing uuuu the Interests ot the
The treasurer shall receive all
turned oyer tohlm by the sec
rotary , and shall receipt for the same;
keeping an accurate account of said
funds lu a book suitable for such
purposes. He shall pay out the
money ot the Association upon tho
written order 01 the preldent, prop
erly drawn aud countorsigned by the
secretary. No order, check or draft
duill be drawn upon tho treasurer,
aud he shall honor 110 draft except
upon onler of the Association. At
the expiration of his term of otfleo ho
shall turu over all moneys, books
and other proparty and material lu
hla possession, for which Ids office
has made him responsible, to the
Section VI. There shall be an Ad
visory Committee consisting of nine
members ot which tho president and
the live vice-presidents shall bo mem
bers, ex-olflclo, three other members
to bo appointed by tho president at
the annual meeting.
There shall bo appointed by tho
Advisory Committee, standing com
mittees ottlvo members each, to con
tinue forthe current year and until
their successors shall havo beeu ap
pointed, as follows;
Committee on Legislation.
Committee on Hlverand Hallroad
Committee on Mines and Mining.
Committee on Finance.
When In the Judgment ot the Ad
visory Committee Immediate action
should be taken upon any question
or questions brought before the Asso
ciation, thla committee shall hava
the same power aa tho Association,
mid the minutes of the meetings of
said Advisory Committee shall be the
Continued an 3rd ime.
Spirited Contest over the Elec.
tion of Mayor Medley Wins
by 31 Votes.
The election on Monday for city
officers for the ensuing term was
one of the liveliest contests
ever held in Cottage Grove. The
strife was confined principally to
the candidates for mayor. Both of
whom were well known, having
lived in this community for many
years. There was nothing ol a po
political nature entering into the
contest as each candidate is a pro
nounced democrat.
All elements in tho city were
considerably divided but the church
and temperance people as a rule
favored the election of Medley,
while 'the partisans of each side
were ery much in earnest and
worked faithfully. No trouble oc-
cured. The result of the vote is
given in the proceedings of the
Council which met Monday night
and canvassed the returns.
Monday night the City Council
met in regular session Mayor
Veatch presiding, minutes of pre
vious meeting read and approved.
An official canvass of the vote
for city officials was had and
showed the following results:
S. Medley 204 votes
M. Veatch 170 "
Medley's majority 34
Herbert Eakin 386
F. D. Wheeler 199
Joseph Young 183;
Wheeler's majority 16
D B Chamberlen 61
C Jackson 44
Chamberlen's majority... 17
I H Bingham ..62
G O McGilvray 14
Bingham's majority. .. .48
Fingal Hinds 149
W T Kayser 43
Hind's majority 106
For sewer bonds 283
Against 43
Majority 240
J. S. Medley took the oath of
office as mayor and D B Chamber
len 1st ward aud I H Bingham 2nd
ward were sworn in ascouncilmen,
adjourned until Tuesday night.
Adjourned meeting called to order
by Mayor Medley. The report of
Recorder Young of receipts and
disbursements for the closing mu
nicipal term was read and referred
to Finance Committee. The bond
of F. D. Wheeler, recorder, was
read and approved. Councilman
Hinds took oath of office and F D
Wheeler assumed bis duties as re
corder. The mayor addressed the Coun
cil in a short speech. He stated
they were all expected to look after
the best interests of the city. That
he from time to time would very
likely make suggestions to the
Council, at the same time he de
sired each councilman to study
these matters and then act as his
judgment dictated regardless of his
opinions. Was desirous of having
harmony among us, and hoped and
believed nil would work together
for the best interests of the city.
Applications from lid Under
wood, Robt Martin, James Ostran-
der and Chritchlow for city mar
shall were read.
Upon a ballot being taken no
one having received a majority of
votes, balloting continued until the
eighth, when Kd Underwood was
declared the marshal for the ensu
ing year. Upon motion the salary
for marshal was fixed at sixty dol
lars per month.
Dr George Wall was elected city
I He appointment of night watch
man according to the city charter is
is a perogative of the mayor aud he
desired further time to consider the
Al Churchill, secrotarv of thu Uo.
hemle Miners' Association, cma
down from the Vesuvius mine whero
lie has been employed since tho holi
days. Ho will spend a, week or ao
visiting at Eugene and other place
nearby. Upon hla return to Uohe
mla ho will begin developing some ot
Ids own property. He peaks hlhly
of tho showlug lu the Vemivlua tunnel.