Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, February 12, 1904, Image 3

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Dr. Lowe, Oculo-optlelnn, Hugonoi
Itoht. Phillips Is down from Black
Hurry Clarke wns In town tlilm
Hcluml Books and supplies ntMrs
Field's (look .Store.
For first class meals th ICicIiuiikc
Hot rnffeo ami lunches at tho Ki
change restaurant.
Hiiro mold cure without piilii at
Allison mill Hastings.
Clem 1 1 mm spent several days In
Eugene till' punt week.
The. Doronn mill I lining un order
twenty cnrtoailH of lumber.
Tim Winters anil Campbell brldgo
will iHieoniplatod thlH week.
Lou l.Itov returned from 11 busl.
Mini trip to Portland Friday.
For your shaves and 11 neat linlr
cut ilrop Into AIIImoii mill HnHtlngs.
Feb. tlio'J'Jnd mill Sriril Dr. l-owo
the optician will boln Cottage Grove.
'PImmi llul'lltllOH III Ml'H. Field's
llookHtoro itro tlio conditio article.
Try tlii'tii.
JltlllPH Hawley and fnmlly. of
Divide, left for their homo In I.oh
Angules Saturday.
FOR HALE 72 iiitvH. H tnlli- from
(JroHwell. line liottom land. Mini ulro
of Mkim.kv A Mtl.Nli.
II. R. WIIIh. of London, left Friday
for Han Francisco to attend tho
AyiTH llllslncmi College.
What everybody likes 1 something
to snusiy mcir iiiicnu-, me
chnngo restaurant has It.
Hpcnd your business liourM In read
ing Mlmidard book from Mm.
Field's Circulating library.
Mis EllleHtewnrt returned Friday
from a visit wlthfrlendsnnd relatives
ut Eugene mid Urov, nsvllle.
MIhh Nellie Gulp, of Applfgnto.
Josephine enmity, In here visiting
with her brother. CIiiim. Culp.
T. M. Medley went to Eugene yes
terday on business connected with
the Hiile of lands In thin vicinity.
If you are looking forutlmlicr elalni
KO to Medley and Milne, they ean
tell yon where to gut u good one.
Don't forget to take your menls at
the Exchange restaurant. Every
thing tlio best Hie inarketeun supply
l.lHt your property wllli iih If you
Wlllll to hoII It. We ean llliil you u
buyer. Mi:nt.i:v .V Mii.nk.
TheM. V. A. Orchestra will give
ItH Initial dance at the em Hoiimo
on February Kttli. They assure a
good tluio to those who nltouil.
Wo have n good eight room hoiihe
and one noni of ground In .Iiiiicm nil
dltloii for mile, n good buy at $1,030. & Mii.nk.
II. Venskn till week purchased a
block In Mcrarland's addition with
IntentloiM of building more bonnes
to rent.
You uru Invited to attend Malo
nev's Wedding nt the Optra House
Feb. 17th. Remember tho date.
Come overyono.
.1 nines llcmenway returned thin
week from Grants I'nss, where he
Iihh been In tho Interest of (Inruiau
mid lleineuwny.
P. K. Cerould. of Portland, Hpeclnl
. agent for tho National Fire liimir
niico Company, im In tho city scv
ernl days thU week.
Foster IMillllps, who bus been here
looking alter his homestead on Row
river, left for his home nt Mountain
Homo, Idaho, Tuesday.;
The Keith Theatre Company will
play a weeks engagement at the
Opera House commencing Feb 20th.
Different pl.iy every night.
40 iicreM of timber land, about 16
acreH cleared, only one and one-half
miles out. A line place for chicken
mul fruit raising. Price If taken hood
5(lr,U. Mi:di.i:v & Mii.nk.
JoHcph lllekov. coiihIii of Norman
Hlckey, arrived In Cottage drove
WcdneMilay froinTrnvorseOlty, Michi
gan. Mr. Hlckoy expectx to remain
In thlH locality.
At the Knulo Hook atoro can be
found the lalext mnKniliieH, a good
lino of blank IiooIh, up to iluto Htnn
durd bookH In the clrculntltit; library
uud IiIkIicIuhh iwrlumeu.
At tho M. K. Church next .Sunday
tho Uev. Uardiier, of iSiiKlimw will
occupy the pulpit In the inornlni;.
Tho liliicolu aiitiiverHary will bo hold
In tlio ovcnliitf under the aiiKplcei of
tho Kpworth l.pnciie.
A hoi'Ioih ntltvct of Inforiuntlon on
the lounge may bo avoided If the
lioyH will Houd their Klrtx a valentine
from tho Now Uru Drug Store. It
doen the IniHlneHH. There In nothing
jnoro to nay.
"Maloney'H Weddltis:" a farcical
conceit, replete with healthful comedr
mid affording opportunity for pleiiN
Ing tMiHciuhlcx, catchy daucoH and
novel HpeclnltlenconieH to the Opera
Home on WcducHilny lght, Feb. 17.
Tho cast Is made up of twenty on
tmhlft urtlHtu. nrett.v ulrU In ultra
continue, novel hcoiiIc effect and a
well conceived plot are tho nallent
feature of tho micccusful attraction.
For Cold Feet
take n sent by tlio lire, or
'take to bed with you one of
our Hot Watur lings.
For Cold Hands
take nioro exercise, or build
tip your circulation by taking
our lllood Tonic.
For a Cold
Heart . . .
tuko a look Into the Iiouich of
tho poor, or got your liver
Into hotter Hlinpe by taking
Von will Hud just what you
need ut
Ileitis of Interest in and about 3
Codnec (irovc and vicinity. 3
with n bewildering iibiiniliuicu of
beauty, a Hare of iiiiinIc and n wealth
ot koii;oiih Hennery thn now "M if
lotiey'H Wedding" a mimical comedy
of mo re tliH.ii ordinary pretentlotiH
will tniiko ItH bow nt th Opera
HoiiHoou Feb. 17tli. Tlio piny hnx
iinderuoiio n thorough renovating
mIiico the liiHt vlHlt and little romnbm
of tlio old play Have tho title. Anlde
Ironi Hh claim iih a rcciiIc epcctncle
Mnlonry'M Wedding ponHedten n capi
tal ronieily plot tlirougli Wlilcli n
rich vein of clean wit ntid humor
ruiiH riot. Funny Incldcntx. ijmilnt
NiiylnirN, novel Hemic mid applnimo
lunplrlng calcium effectx lend their
potent charm toward ridding tho
troubled world of ItH work-a-ilay
care. It Ih an attraction calculated
to luuplro laughter mid miiUHi'iucnl
and tho maxim of the uiaiiiigement
Ih that "one Inuith Ih worth a hun
dred gromiH In any market." There
fore, go mid Hen "Miiloney'd Wed
ding," laugh mid grow fat. Will
make you brighter, happier mid
prove a pleaHant ncipilnltlou to your
HiorcnoUHo ot pieaHimt memorlea.
II. '. . Ilrowii for n long ll mo
a remdriit of Cottnge drove and for
merly hiiHlnoH inmiKKer of the Nug
get, left WcdncHdtiy night via the
Southern route fur IiIh old homo In
Republic, Mo. Mm. Ilrown preceded
nun aouie two weekH ago. .Mr. mid
Ml'H. Ilrown will vIhII frlemlH and
relative until the opening of the St
I.oiiIh ICxponltloii, when they will
Hpund louie tlmo In Hint city and
then return home. Mr. Ilrown I In
terallied In the Oregon Mineral
Hprlngi. A No the paint mlntn.
Tho flt'Ht of the week wan uiiuhu
ally Nloriny and cold throughout the
Willamette valley. .Snow to tho
depth -of vovurul Inchon fell mid re
mained on tho ground. Tuesday
morning the old ilmum hunted the
Hlovce mid the now comerx admitted
It reminded them of their former
Intuitu. 'Phone whoarofamlllnr with
the usual order of thing say Us tho
harbinger of Hprlut;.
Mr. mid .Mr. H. K. Lauder enter
tained a nuiulH:r of their friends at
their homo last haturdny night.
iJmiiuH wore played until u very Into
hour and all enjoyed a plcaKiuiteven
lug, together with rcfrcHluucntH.
I Iiohb pi-enent were Mr. mid Jim. M.
Vealch, Mi. and Mm. C. K June and
daughter, .Minn Marguerite, MIsh llar-
lou. I'rol. liny. I . Yi . JeiikiiiHmul
Mm. Couch.
.Stockmen who wIhIi to graze Htock
wltlilu the Southern DlvUlon of the
t'acado Kutigc FolVHt lteKerve, ure
rpijuuHled to miiku iiiillcatlon at
once to the fol'i-Hl HiiliervlHor, at
ItiiHchurg, Oregon, as all appllca
tloliH for thla privilege during the
MNinun of r.KJI, uiusl bo on tile In
in olllce not later than February 111,
luol." ts. V. Ilartriiin, ForeHt Huper-
Chief Unglncer Wood, of the O. &
S. K. railroad, on Tuesday Ihi nnt
Hie neceMHiiry niiipM together with
the aiiiilleatlon to Washington pre
paratory to tile construction of the
load through the Forent ItcHcrvu.
I'lii" In In eoiiiiillaiice with tlio law.
and In only a matter of form.
KM orthiuutoii. of lleatrlce, Nc-
luiiHka, Ih lietu vlnlting Col lllalr and
fanll.. Mr. Worthlugti n Is a
brother of Mm. lllalr whom he linn
not noon for :ll yearn. He Ih looking
over the IhihIiicsh pronpeetH of our
thriving' Utile city and may Hcttlo
among iih.
Tho II nil of darman & lleineuwny
are putting in a nailery over the rear
part of their Htoro In order t make
more room for their big Htock of
goods. It will cover about one
fourth of the more. The bunltieHn ol
llce will be pluccd In the center and
the Hide used for the storing of
1 hereby authorize Anna IS. HmUr
wood to collect my iiccoiiutH. Any
one knowing themxelveH Indebted to
me will pleuse call at my rvaldcnce
and pay tho Maine, deo. Wall, M
D. it.
And ImrmtHiil by a Imd cough? Ue
HullHril's llorelioiuid Syrup, it will se
cure you sound sleep mid clfoct n
prompt hiiiI rmlluid euro '.Tie, TiOo anil
tl.OU. Hold by Now Kru Drug Store.
The Southern Paclllc railroad has
Just llnlilieil the hbistlug out of Push
canyon and placing around the plem
of Its bridge along tho lino over
live hundred car londn of largo rockH.
J. V. Thornton ban completed III
building next to the poHtolliceanil on
Thumilny opened a cigar and co:
fectlotiery store. Ice cream mid
frultH will be added In tho hciuou.
MIhh IiOiioriv Ilcnolt, ateoogrnpher
and bookkeeper for the CryHt tl Con
solidated Mining Co left for her home
at .Salem Wednesday for mi Indef
inite tlmo.
Prof. F. H. Day went to Kugene
Thursday and from there ho will go
to Portland where ho expects to re
main permanently.
Mr. .1. M. Ahrmns last week pur
chased the cigar Htoro store In front
of the O. K. harbor nhop of (). O. Mc
Clellen. A hair cut, a shave, and a good hot
bath at AUIhoii mid Hastings will
make n new man ot you.
A False Report.
I Huh been Htarted to the effect that
1 liavo quit ncaiiu-n in iruib ucen, eiu.
I have Hold propagated and
planted trees and berry biiHhes In
1, lino county for twenty years and
expect to continue to furnish the very
nest stock at reasonnuio prices.
More thun that I hIiiiII keep a good
Hiinnlv ot ntandaril vurlctlcH on hand
(luring the planting hciisou, mo that
liuvpi'H mnv Heo tno tntu oetoro nuy
lug ami have no Iron-clad contract
to slirn.
I'm no traveling agent but nm hero
nl tho tlmo mid will sell the sumo
k nil ofutock iih I nlnnt in my own
orchards. LtiHt hut not least I have
nicked un rouio Items of experience In
twonty yoi r wltli fruit that may be
worth something to hoiiio planters
and will throw that In Instead of a
H. II, Moiihh.
There will bo service In the Catho
lie Church of this city next Sunday
morning at 10 o'clock. Father M.
H. Strnveu will urrtvo from Hose
burg Snturduy uttomoon ntid will
preach at tlio 10 o'clock iimsn Sun
day morning on "Tlio Necessity of
IUllsilou." All are cordially Invited
The Connecticut editor who wrote
the following evidently knew what he
was talkliiK about: Calling a boy
tt In tho tnornliiK can hardly be
clnsned tinder tlio litnil of "pastime,"
especially If the boy I fond of exor
cise tho dny before. And It I a little
lingular that thn next hnrdcit thing
to patting a boy out of IkmI Is getting
111 in into It. There I rarely n
mother Hint Is a succesH at rousing!
n boy. All mother know thin; ho
iliill.Al. l,.,vu A tt.1 fix. m.tliMpI
scorn to go at It In tho right way.
Hho opRim tho stair door ntid insinu
atingly observe, "Johnny," There
Is no rraponse. "Johnny." Htlll no
response. Then there I a short,
sharp "John," followed a moment I
later by a long and emplutlc "John
Henry." A grunt from the upper
reglonH HlgiillleM that mi ImpresHlon
has been made; mid the mother Is
encouraged to ndd, "You'd better be
getting down Intro to your breakfast,
young man, before I come up there
an' give you something you'll feel.'
I'IiIhho HtartleH the young man that
he Immediately gocH to sleep again.
And the operation has to lio re
peated several tliiien. A father
knows nothing about this trouble'
Ho merely opens IiIh mouth a a soda
bottle electn Its cork, and the "John
llanry" that cIoiitoh the ill r of that
stairway goeH Into that boy like
electricity, and plercen the deepest
rcceiHOH of his nature. And ho pops
out of that bed and Into his clothes,
and down the stairs, with a prompt
ness that I commendable. It Is
rarely a boy uIIowh himself to disre
gard the paternal summon. About
onco n year I believed to lie as often
us Is cousiatont with tho rules of
health. He saves his father a great
many steps by his thoiightfuliiess.
A Song Story.
'Just Ono Olrl." It makes me feel
sud for It reminds nic ol "My Old
Kentucky Home," for "She Was
Bred In Old Centticky," "In the dood
Old Summer Time," On a Sunday
Aftoroou" Just as the Hun Went
Down" "Where the Cotton Hlo-
som Urow." VJust lieenuse sue
Mndo Those Goo-tloo Eye," I nld
Hollo, My Ilaby;" she said "It'ajuat
because I Love You So" "I'd Leave
My Happy Home For You" "Down
Where the Mississippi Flows," She
I not "The Olrl I Loved In Sunny
Tennessee" but "My Olrl from Dlxlo"
and "Her N'amo Is Itose," for she'
My Little deorgln Rose," and I
loved her "When She Was Sweet
Sixteen" nntl "I Hnren't Changod
my Mind Since Then." "One Night
In June" 1 told her "Tfco Old Story"
and "Then I Got Mluo" but "My
Mother Was a Northern Girl" and I
had to get her consent. o I started
whllo the "Ieav Came Drilling
Down" for "My Old New Hampshire
Homo" to "llrenk the New to
Mother," and there I got n "Letter
From Ohio" stntlng that my girl
had eloped with "A Little Hoy In
llluo" mid asking me "For Old
Time's Hake" to "do Away Ilnck
and Hit Down " When I showed the
letter to "My Old Dnd I'he Blow
Almost Killed Father" and ho said
Ain't Dat n Shume?" I decided "1
Must Have Keen a Dreaming,' but
I Ain't h Ooln' to Weep no More"
lieenuse I'm doing to Live Anyhow
until I Die." Hnrtlngton Herald.
Itinerant News.
Locals not numerous hut thought
you would bj pleased with these few
gathered lurrledly In the rush of my
Itinerant work.
Hew Hayeck held servlcos among
the SweedcH at Llewellyn last week.
J. It. Klllott and S. Ilurchttm from
Silk Creek, wiih In the drove Inst
llov. Mulkey did not fill IiIh ap
pointment at Loranc tho last time.
Itov. WcHtrup Is Boon as we learn
to leave Silk Creek, but have not
learned where he Is going.
C. S. Counmit has been In Kugeno
for two or three months on business
but will soon return to his homo In
Lorauo .
W. N. Crow, of Lorane, lost a 1400
pound mare a short tlmo ago in the
mire. A cow Is In tho same plnco
though likely to live and nuother Is
Snow, snow, tho beautiful snow,
twoorihrco Inches In tlio bottoms
nnd two or three feet on the moun
tain! today.
Miss Suslo Smith Is the new teacher
at Llowellyu.
A. W. Ostraniler lately came to
Silk Creek from Minnesota.
Nichols nuil Gillespie, two well
known restaurant men have pur
chased tho Kichnngu restaurant and
aro II ting It up In good shano. A
lunch counter has been put in tho
front and private dining rooms In the
rear. The mauugemont proposes to
kevp n lli'Mt class lunch nnd short
order house.
The efficacy of Ciinmberlaln's Pain
Balm in the relief of rheumatism Is
being demonstrated daily. Parker
Triplett, of Grigsby. Vs., says that
Chamberlain's Pain Balm gave him pel.
manent relief from rheumatism in tho
buck when everything else, fulled, and
he would not bo without it. For sale
by Now Era Drug Store.
A splendid new organ for sale A
great bargain for the one who gets
It, Mrs. Ellia J. Miller, near grist
Thlr.y horso power bollor and on
glue as good as now, will be sold
cheap. For particulars call at
Lurch's Store.
11110 DriigN
Mail orders received
prompt attention.
Successor to J. P. Currln.
Ilert II oilman, In Pendleton Knit Ore
From uunint New FiiKlnnd'e loved and
riiKgid shore,
Hold icnmen pretBeil, a hundred yearn
or mora,
Toward the perils of yon southern
To aeck nw worlds beyond its coasts
forlorn ;
What if they find tie hidden Indian
In all its splendor, at the Gates of
Or if bofore their dazzled view should
In California, a new Paradise?
The fragile bark rode all the storms
that beat
In Titan battles 'neath the Andes' feet;
And past the sentinels of wild Darien
Still wilder seas beat on those fearless
Hut onward,
still toward yon Northern
Toward yon
waiting empire's gate,
Ah, what to them these perils ever
Tried were those hearts and found full
bravo and true.
For Oregon lay wreathed in cloud and
Her headlands by the bold Pacific klat.
The during Spaniard, lustful for her
Turned from the fury of her river
Twice thrice, laid eeige on yon un
yielding bar
As oft was hurled, a craven crew, afar;
Then with deep curies turned his bark
With supersitlons boding and dismay.
So fierce the breakers bent his fragile
So wild the wave! which emote him fore
and aft,
Tho shrinking sailors vowed a demon
Within the river gateway, unrestrained.
One morning rode two Yankee craft at
The mists had lifted and tho mystery
The wonder and the beauty of the land,
Lay open, like a dream, on every hand.
Green meadows smiled, the purple
woodlands lay
Robed like a queen, in the first tints of
Flowed down between her guardian gods
at rest,
Tho loved, majestic river of the west,
Those i xer hearts straight through that
gateway bore,
To view the Eden spread on either ahoro;
Twas left for thee, brave Yunkeo hearts
to find
Columbia and her empires, for mankind.
Cottage Grove
public School
Wkkk Eniii.mi Feb. 5, 1004.
Total Karoltment 497. .
Ntw Enrollment St....
Pujri Attendance toil....
pays Absence 131....
AuTuge Pally Attendance.... 410. ...
Average No. llelongtnit 4M...J
Times Tanty., 6s,
Time Truant 2
Uiiexcu.eJ 17.
Those not doing good work
A. I.. BRICQ3, Princ Ipal.
tl. imiit'iajr Niuiu.b i;t,i(i, iinmijr,
starting a horrible uulcerou tho leg of
J. II. Oruor, franklin tirovo, ill. for
four vears it defied all doctors and all
remedies. Hut Uucklen's Arnica Salve
had no trouble to cure him. Equally
good for Hums, Bruises, Skin Eiuptions
and Piles. -5c ut Morgan & Hicham
Drug Store.
Sacramento, Cab, Keb. 6. Frank
Miller has tendered his resignation as
president of the National Ilnnk of D
0. Mills A Co. to take effect February
1, to become treasurer of the Booth
Kelly Company of Oregon. Eugene
Ono was pale and sallow and the
other frosh and rosy. Whence the
difference? She who is blushing with
health uses Dr. King's New Life Pills to
maintain it. By gently arousing the
lazy organs they comptl good digestion
and head off constipation. Try them.
Only 250 at Morgan & Brehaut, Drug-gist,
In order to make room for our large line
of Spring and Summer goods we are going to
make a clean sweep of all remnants in the house
by making the price such that no one will
hesitate to purchase at least something.
Do not consist of short cuts that you would be un
able to use, but consist of waist and skirt pat
terns. We also have a number of silk remnants which
will be found in our remnant sale.
Come and look and you will be convinced.
Means tho ability to do n uood day's
work, without undue fatigue and to find
life worth Uvinir. You cannot have in
digestion or constipation without its
upsetting tlio liver and polluting the
blood. Such a condition may be beft
nml quickest obtained by Herblne, the
best liver regulator that the world has
everknown. Mrs. D. W. Smith writes,
Apiil 3, 1002: "I use Herbine, and
find it the best medicine for co: stipa
tion and regulating the liver I ever
need." Price 60 cents. Sold by the
New Era Drug Store.
I'roperly lleiirurrtl.
Teller- 1 e.miiut cusli this i-Ltvk. mad
am, unless I know who you are.
She (haughtily) 1 wouldn't accept the
money, anyway, from any one wli
floeaa't kturw Who I am. Exchange.
E. T. Lucas, Wlngo, Ky,, writeB,
April 25th, 1902 : "For 10 to 12 years I
had been alllicted a malady known
as the 'Itch.' Th itching was most
unbearable ; I had tried for yeara to
find relief having tried all remedies I
could hear of, besides a nnmber of
doctors. I wish to state that one single
application of Ballard's Snow Liniment
cured mo completely and permanently,
Sincethen I have used the liniment on
two separate "ccasions for ringworm
nnd it cured completely. 25e, 50c and
$1.00. Sold by New Era Drug Store.
"Our air mattresses," said the denier,
"are all filled In the months of April,
May and June. That accounts for their
remarkably resilient qualities."
"Is the air of those months better
than others?"
"They are the spring months, you
Begins with the symptoms of a common
cold; there is chilliness, sneezing, sore
throat, hot skin, quick pulec, hoarse
ness and impeded respiration. Give
freqi.ent small doses of Ballard's More
hound Svrup, (the child will cry for it)
and at the first sign of a eroupy cough,
apyl.v Irequently Ballard's Snow Lini
ment to the throat.
Mis. A. Vilet. New Castle. Colo.,
writes March 10th, 1D01 : "I tiilnK
Balhud s llorehound byrup a wonder
ful lemedy, and so pleasant." 26e, 50c
and $1,00. Sold by New Era Drug
Notice Is hereby given to all whom
it inuy concern that the undersigned,
bus by order of the Honorable
County'Court of the State of Oregon,
for the County of Lane been duly ni
poluted administrator ot the estate
of (leorgo Frederick Gale, deceased,
and that all persons having claims
against said estate nre required to pre
sent the same duly vertlfled with the
proper vouchers to the undersigned,
at his residence In said County, which
Is atCottnge Grove wlthlnslx months
from the date of this notice.
Dated, February fitli 1004.
C. J. Johnson,
Attorner for Administrator.
For the County of Liiner In the mat
ter of tho guardianship of Stella I. Red
ford, ami Homer D. Iledford. minors,
To Stella I. Bedford and Homer D.
Itedford, minors, their next of kin and
ali persons interested in tlio following
described real estate, greeting :
In tho name of tho State of Oregon,
you aro hereby cited and required to up-
Iioarin tho County Court of the State of
)regon, for the County of Lane, at the
Court Room thereof, at Eugene, In tho
County of Lane, on Saturday the Cth
day of March 1004, nt 2 o'clock in the
afternoon of that day, then nnd thore to
bIiow cause If any you have, why un
order should not be made authorizing
the Guardian, Harriett E. Iledford to
sell ut private sale all the undivided
interest of tho said Stella I. ltedfordand
Homer D, Redfnid, minors, in tho fol
lowing described real pioperty toit.
Beginning nt u point SO feet east of the
Southeast corner of Luicli Brothers
Ware-house lot, running thence. East
along the south lino of John Cochran
Donation Laud Claim, u distance of 21
rods; thence North 8 roils; thence West
10 rods; thence South to the plaeo of
beginning, located In Townsliip20Soutti
of Range West, in bane County, Ore
gon, except a right of way therutoforo
conveyed to The Oregon A Southeastern
Witness, the Hon. II. It. Kincaid,
Judge of tho County Court of the Stuto
of Oregon, for the County of Lane, with
the seal of said Court affixed, tills 30th
day ot January A. D. 1004, Attest :
Seal. E. U, Lxk, clerk
Published byordor of II. R. Kincaid,
County Judge for Luue County, the SOth
day of Juuunry 1004. 4t
A Remnant
The Giver of Best Values.
The London General Merchandise
Store wish to announce to the buying
public that they now have n very
complete Btock of General Merchandise
which they Intend selling at least 20
per cent below all competition.
We purcliaso our goods In large
quantities through Eastern Drummers,
pay cash for nil we buy, have no high
rents, no Insurance nites to pay, and
consequently can sell very cheap.
Think of CLAY Worsted Suits.
Kt $7.50
High Grade, Goods and other lines
of Ilendy Made Clothing of Neatest up-to-date
style at prices that will surprise
M. D. Wells Shoes
Our line of M. D. Wells Shoes are
the best wearer on the market and at
prices that cannot be equalled.
Try our Itoast Coffees, the best
flavor and will please you.
London, Oregon.
Briffin & Veatch Go.
Proprietors of
...The Miners Supply House...
Our Motto: Good Goods for Low Prices.
General Merchandise, Miners' Tools and Ammunition
Notice Is hereby given thnt my wife
Margaret E. Hlgglns has left my bed
and board without Just cnuse nnd I
will not bo responsible for any bills
she may contract.
W. T. Hiqoinh.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets. A new remedy for stomach
troubles, biliousness, and constipation
and a good one. Price 25 cents. For
sals by New Era Drug Store.
to $9.00
any tool Is nlways a dsslrnble
one, but of equal Importance is the
power of retaining this quality so ns
not to require too frequent sharpen
ing. By making your purchases of
the Urillln & Veatch Co. you always
receive your nloney'a worth In the
best quality of tools nud cutlery ol
properly tempered steel that Is sure
to hold an edge.
Mr. A. R. Kane, a prominent drug,
gist of Baxter Springs, Kansas, says:
"Ciinmberlaln's Stomach and Liver
Tablets are. In my Judgment, the most
superior preparation of anything in use,
t slay for constipation. They are suro
in action and with no tendency to
nauseate or gripe. For sale by New
Era Drug Store.
For sale, lot 297 foot front by 172
deep on Wall street, good tree and
good sidewalk, will sell cheap la
quire at Nugf et office.