Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, December 25, 1903, Image 2

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Bohemia Nugget
S'a. p. nnni!RwoRTM. rt.
Cornorehenslvc Review of the Import.
' ant Happening! of tho Past Week,
Presented In Condensed i-orm, most
Likely to Prove Interesting.
Vto ,.
ptitMirn linnroM .Wlwra nnvn pnno on
ft attiko and many funerals havo been j
The senate
with China,
ha fetMed Hio treaty
IttiMin la ntit nt all
pleated by It. f
Women have been selected to net as
Jurors In n Chicago trial, for the first
time In the history of the nation.
John It. Benson, a San Francisco tim
ber operator, has been arrested on a
charge o( bribing a government official.
81r Thomas Upton, in accepting the
silver scrvlco presented him by Ameri
ca, says ho will try once mora for tho
Senator Fulton, before tho senate,
slated tho alma of tho 1D05 fair and
made an eloquent plea for federal aid.
It was Ills maiden speech
Tho search for tho -wealth of Tope
Leo has been ended by Cardinal Gotti
turning over $90,00,000 and an electric
- Ian accidentally discovering $1 ,850,000,
The lato pope asked Cardinal Gotti to
keep the money four months in order
that tuo now .popo migm learn now
difficult it is to ruts without money
Senator Hoar severely criticises the
Panama policy of Roosevelt.
Japan will reject the answer of Rns
sift to her far eastern demands.
y Tho house has passed tho pension ap
propriation bill carrying f 133,1dU,iuu
Tho Nebraska grand fury lias re
turned an additional indictment against
Senator Dietrich.
Tho kaiser's sister la found to be
suffering from a cancer and the nows
created a sensation in lierlin.
American troops who have been
landed have discovered a force of Co
lombians which ia probably building
road toward Panama.
Colombia has ordered tho American
cruiser Atlanta to quit the gulf of Dar
ien, but tho order has not been heeded,
The Atlanta haa discovered a detach
ment of nearly 2,000 Colombian troopa
on the western sido of tho gulf. Siio
also camo upon a schooner carrying
armed men.
The Lewis and Clark exposition is
rapidly gaining friends in tho senate.
Tho senate committee will recom
mend tho promotion of General Wood.
Tammany will put up Bomke Cock
ran to succeed Mayor-elect McClellan
In congress.
President Roosevelt has refused to al
low a lodge cf Orangemen to use hia
photograph on a banner.
Perry Heath and other ex-officials
are seriously involved in the Conrad
Boneparte report on postal irregulari
ties. W. A. McKowan, secretary of the
board of regnets, robbed the univeristy
of California of $40,000 and spent it on
The friars are to got $7,250,000 for
their lands in the Philippines. They
originally asked $13,000,000 and Gov
ernor Taft offered tbem $4,000,000.
A Santo Dominican plot to kill Min
later Powell baa been unearthed.
Southern friends of Hanna still have
hopes that ho will run for president
Mayor Collins, Democrat, haa been
, re-elected mayor of Boston by a large
plurality,. ,
f J. Henry Booth, receiver of tho Rose
burg, Oregon, land office will not be
Chicago citizens have organized to
put an end to the lawlessness which
reigns there.
A Connecticut bank cashier, whose
accounts are short, on being surprised
by the bank examiner, committed sui
President Loubet,
visit Rome in April.
of France, will
The remains of Herbert Spencer, the
philosopher, were cremated
Marines from the cruiser Proirio
have been landed at Colon and sent to
Tho Utah fuel company says any
miner who desires to return to work
must givo up the union
Senator Bailoy holds that the Cuban
reciprocity bill is invalid because it did
not originate in the houso,
Rev. Edward Everett Hale, of Bos
ton lias been appointed chaplain of the
senate for the session beginning Janu
ary 1.
E Senator Foster has introduced a bill
dividing Washington into two judicial
districts, north and south. His bill
places Seattle in one district and To
coma and Spokane In the other.
Tho cotton mills at Adams and North
Adams, Mass., and Norwich, Conn.,
- have made a 10 per cent reduction in
wages. Tho order affects 0,000 opera
tives. O. M. Stuart Is llkley to bs reap
pointed postmaster at Seattle.
Comment at St. Petorbaurg on Roose
velt's message ia very friendly.
W. J. Bryan and aon, who are tour
ing Europe, held an audience with tho
United States Senator Clark, of Mon
tana, is much Improved and should bo
out In threo weeks.
Secretary Hitchcock may remove. J.
1, ,"n5S ! 9tr ' U'e nSabUr8'
..tJohn.W. Troctor, president of the
civil sorvico commission, died very sud
denly In Washington.
The eonato committee on privileges f
tmutelecuona win ass eunooi to repiy
to thech,rgei made against him, "
- " The national Republican committee
lias chosen Chicago as the convention
city and fixed June 21 as the date.
areat Britain Detltvcs That Otherwise
Japan Will Qo to War.
London, Dec. 22. Official England
tonight almost to a unit is convinced
thero is but one way to avert war be
tween Japan and Russia, and that is
for tho latter to accept the demands of
tho mikudo, made on the advice of his
rr.lanlstry. Thero has been consider
able commnnlcatlaon during tho past
12 hours between the British foreign
ofFlco and the Japanese legation in Lon.
don, nnd the presumption almost aek
nowledgM M & tact in offioial etrelw,
Is that the British government has
asked the Japanese minister for ids ad
vices as to Japan's position In tho pres
ent state of the negotiations "between
that nation ond Russia,. ,
Freift tho reports current tonight it
is assumed that the Japanese ministei
has been advised that the relations be'
tween his government and Russia hav
reached the breaking point. The be
lief has become general that the spark
which may strike fire into tho inttanv
mobility of Japanese sentiment is ni
eventuality to bo expected now almost
any time.
The most that can bo learned from
tho Japanese capital is tho acknowledge
ment that tho situation Is now more
menacing tlian at any previous stage of
tho negotiations between Japan ana
Tho dispatches from St. Petersburg
are practieally being subjected to a cen
aorshin. They are meagre In extreme,
and merely announce that In spite of
public opinion and alarming newspaper
reports, the Itussian othciais ocnevo a
peaceable, outcome of the far Eastern
situation is still possible.
Syndicate Is the Real Owner ot the
Philippine Lands.
Rome. Dec. 22. Considerable ex
citcment prevailed in the mother houses
of the Dominicans, Augustinlans, rran
ciscans and the Recollects over the fri
nrs lands question in the Philippines,
Tho friars were glad tho negotiation
had been concluded, but think tho ord-
era got little for tho lands, since the
price they originally asked, $13,000,000
was, they declare, under tho estimated
valuo of "tho lands, the value of which
haa much increased, especially since
the Ameican occupation and the re-
establishment of order in the archipel
The friars say the money they will
receive is scarcely enough to pay what
they borrowed when they were deprived
of everything by the revolution, re
sides, they point out that only part
tho money will go to tho friars, as the
lands were really transferred to a com.
pany formed in Madrid by the Marnui
Di Comillias, the head of tho Spanish
Trans-Atlantic navigation company.
Tho Dominicans succeeded in so thor-
ouchly concaling their ownership
lands that the Vatican Itself threatened
to punisli them severely for having
tried to deceive even the ecclesiastical
Students; at Tennessee College
From Windows In Droves.
Nashville. Tenn., Dec. 22. Five per
sons are known to have been killed and
perhaps 30!! injured, 19 of them fatally.
in a fire here tonight, which consumed
the Central Tennessee college for young
negro women, a department of aldcn
university. It is possiblo the ruins
mavc ontain the remains of other vict
ims. Tho property loss la estimated at
The Arc broke out about 11 o'clock
in the tin of the building, which was
four stories high and without fire es
It was occupied by about 60 students,
who were asleep when the alarm was
given. The wildest panic ensued, wo
men and girls rushing to the windows
from which they jumped in droves, tho
dead and injured lying in heaps where
they fell to bo fallen upon by those
following them from the flaming win
dows. Every ambulance in the city
was soon on the scene, and the injured
were hurried to the hospitals.
When the flames wero first discovered
they seemed to entirely envelop the
building and it is considered almost
certain that some of tho terrorized oc
cupants were overcome by smoke before
reaching the windows.
Steals $200 per Day far Months
Chicago, Dec. 22. While working
on a salary of $9 a week, Gua A. Grigs
by has robbed his employers at the rate
of $200 per day, according to Manager
David L. Hose, of 11. I.. Barrett & Uo
When arrested $250 worth of costly va-
nila beans were found concealed in
Grigsby's clothing. In the few months
that his meager salary haa kept him
aiiacueu to mo urm u is ueueveu ie
haa stolen between $12,000 and $15,000
worth of stock. Grixsby held the
position of chemist's helper. Ho says
he needed tho money.
To Carry Out Reforms In Turkey.
Washington, Dec. 22. Senator Pen
rose has introduced a concurrent reso
lution requesting the president to use
the good offices of the United States to
induce the signatory powers to the Ber
lin congreea of 1877 to convene to seo
that tho provisions of tho treaty which
guaranteed protection and reforms to
the Christian population ot tho Otto
man empire may bo faithfully carried
out. The resolution sets forth that the
enforcement of tho treaty is necessary
to insure the safety of citizens of tho
United States.
Cabinet Finds No Cause for Alarm.
Washington, Dec. 22. At the cab
inet meeting today the situation in
Panama and tho situation In Washing
ton, relating to Panama, formed the
principal topics of discussion. At tho
conclusion of tho meeting Secretary
Moody said official advices from Pana
ma corresponded in salient features
with tho news dispatches from the isth
mus. Assurance is given that there
"0 important developments to
aroues concern.
Bloodhounds Unable to Trail Men.
Newcastle, Colo., Dec. 22. Blood
hounds wero unable to follow far tho
trail of the ;nen who blow up five
buildings hero occupied by striking
union coal miners and their families,
and no clew to the perpetrators of the
crime has been found.
Sets Forth Facts Showing That "Oregon
Country" Well Deserves AM of the
Ucvcrnmcnt Holds the Rapt Atten
tion ot All by Ills Powerful Argument
for the Lewis and Clark exposition.
Washington, Doc. 19. "At thocon
elusion of this political battle I ask the
senate to consider tho Lewia and Clark
Centennial Exposition bill," said Sen
ator Mitchell, as ho rose and was rccog
nited by tho president pro tern ot tho
senate, nt tho termination of a heated
Pauama debate that had engaged tho
leaders of both sides of tho chambc
during the fore part of yesterday after
Commencing nt 3 o'clock, Senator
Mitchell spoke continuously for mora
than two hours, Senator Fulton presld
Ing over tho senate.
During the Itnpressivo delivery of his
elaborate appeal for government aid,
Senator Mitchell held tho rapt atten
tion of tho senators present, among
them being Senators Aldrich, Lodge
Hoar, Forakcr, Gorman, Ankcny, Fos
tcr, Hcyburn, Dubois, Cullom, Warren,
Fairbanks, Clapp, Daniel, Scott, Bacon
Galllnger, Ncwlanda and others, while
every Orcgonian now in Washington i
behalf of tho fair occupied a seat in tho
Senator Mitchell's speech will form
the main argument on wihch tho Ore
gon delegation will base its plea for
liberal federal appropriation. Care
fully prepared as to facts and details,
it forms a convincing argument, not
only showing that tho government is
in many ways Indebted to the Oregon
country, but tho event whoso 100th an
niversary it Is proposed to commemo
rate is of such importance aa to warrant
federal recognition, especially in view
of the government aid heretofore given
to expositions held In various cities of
the United States as well as for exhib
its abroad.
Senator Fulton bad intended speak
ing this evening, following his col
league, but, owing to the lateness of
the hour, he gave notice he would ad
dress the senate for 20 minutes or half
an hour at the conclusion ot tho morn
ing business tomorrow.
Senator Mitchell, in beginning his
speech, said that almost half a million
dollars had been raised by the sale of
stock in the Exposition company, and
over $700,000 had been subscribed by
different states for the purposo of mak-
L. M.1.tnn - ( -1 I ft. non
uiK (.uiiiiu, making a uiiui.i,uou,
vji oi available money lor the enter
prise, lie said a magnificent site of
over 400 acres had been secured on the
Willamette river, which had already
been graded and planted to shrubbery
Speaking of the event which the ex
position is intended to commemorate,
Mr. Mitchell said:
"No other historical event in ourna
tional existence of an Individual nature
has done so much toward tho develop
ment of American occupation and set
tlement, American commerce, domestic
and foreign, and American civilization
as has the geographical scientific and
military expedition across the then
trackless American contnlent by Cap
tains Meriwether Lewis and William
Clark, 100 years ago."
Mr. Mitchell made a careful estimate
to show that the contributions of tho
"Oregon country" to the national
treasury exceeded the amount expended
there to the extent of $37,000,000. He
said that if the United Etatea could
afford to contribute over $0,000,000 to
the St. Louis exposition, it could afford
to give one third of that amount to the
Portland exposition.
Arizona Fugitives Caught.
Tombstone, Ariz., Dec. 21. Of
10 prisoners who escaped from
county Jail Tuesday night, two wero
captured today. John James, indicted
for murder, and Pedro Sandoval, sen
tenced to the penitentiary for two years
for smuggling. Jamea was captured
without resistence. He told the offi
cers his comrades had separated and
are now trying, to get across tho Mexi
can line. Tho Mexican officials appro
ended Sandoval. Mexican ruralcs
have six of tho fguitives surounded in
the San Jose mountains.
Rich Strike In Lardeau.
Vancouver, B. C, Dec. 21. Poplar
creek, in the Lardeau, is again excited
over a marvelous strike of free gold on
the Swede group. Frank Marquis, one
of the original discoverers, has brought
down immense chunks of rock at least
ono half gold. Marquis states that
such rich ore has never been discovered
elsewhere. A New York syndicate has
snapped up the property and tried to
keep tho deal quiet and the nnd a se
cret. An armed guard has been placed
over tho mine.
Noted Bank Robber Again Free.
Chicago, Dec. 21. James Dunlap, a
notorious bank robber, is again at
large, through tho clemency of the par
don board. Dunlap was serving time
for a bank robbery at Monmouth. Ill
which occurred two years ago. His
criminal record extends back a scoro of
years or more. Among his most dar
ing exploits was the robbery of the
Manhattan bank in new York, where
Ills booty is said to have amounted to
nearly $1,000,000.
Russia to Make Orcat Exhibit.
St. Louis, Dec. 21. According toad-
vices reccivod at the World's Fair
headquarters Russia will have the most
extensive exhibit which that country
has ever made at a foreign exposition.
The exhibit space will cover more than
750,000 square foot, which will bo oc
cupied by more- than 2,600 individual
Secretary ot Interior Aska Liberal Ap
croprlalton tor Park.
Washington, Dec, 10. Tho Interior
department recognizes that more lllier
nl appropriations are necessary for the
Improvement ot the Crater Lnkn Na
tional Park than have been made In
tho past. Tho last sundry civil bill ap
propriated only $2,000 tor this work
and out of this nn allowance goes to
the salary ot tho superintendent.
With such a meagre appropriation lit
tle progress can lio made in tho direc
tion ot constructing roads and making
other Improvements which will facili
tate tho access to Crater Lake and
other points of scenic interest scattered
all through tho park. This year, the
secretary of tho Treasury hopes to have
at least $4,000 made available so that
tho improvements can bo made during
tho summer ot HUH.
Mount Rainier National Park
Washington Is so tar without a superin
tendent, and, beyond a road survey
made last summer, little has been done
looking to Ita Improvement. The sec
rotary now asks tor $2,000 to bo ex
pended In tho management and Im
provement ot this park and on tho lm
provemont.of roads. Tho Washington
delegation will ask for a larger amount
although thero is somo doubt it they
will succeed in getting it.
Make a Sensational
Tombstono, Aris., Dec. 18 A sensa
tional jallbreak occurred hero tonlgh
and 13 prisoners effected their liberty
by sawing tho jail bars and breaking
through the jail walls. Two ot tho
prisoners, Bert Alvord and W. A
Stiles, were held as tho principals 1
the Cochise train hold-up in this conn
ty a year ago. Tho former was undo
sentence of two years to tho peniten
tiary, and tho latter had six indict
men la hanging over him on tho si
charge. Tho other escaped prisoners
are Mexicans held for petty crimes.
Tho prisoners left In a hotly, headed
toward tho Mexican lino. It was
learned that tho fleeing escapes appro
priated a horse bolonging to a citizen
living below town. The Mexicans on
the outside are suspected of assisting
tho prisoners to escape.
Immediately after the alarm two
posses of well armed deputies started
in pursuit. Tho territorial ranger
force and all tho local officers in tho
county liavo been notified, and orders
have wen given to patrol tho boundary
lino to prevent the prisoners from
getting into Sonora. This is tho sec
ond jail break made by Stiles nnd AI
vord within a year. Stiles wounded
Jailor Bravin at the tlmo ot tho first
CarnegU Makss This Prediction Regard
Ing South Africa.
New York, Dec. 10. At a meeting
here today ot the Armstrong associa
tion, Andrew Carneglo surprised his
hearers by asserting ho believed Great
Britain would surely some day loeo
South Africa. Ho said:
"It is about as certain as we are Ik
ing that Great Britain will luso South
Africa, becauso tho Dutch population
there Is Increasing, whllo the Brltlsli
i not. Tho Kaffirs won't work
What would Great Britijln give tor 0,
000,000 negroes, as peaceablo and as
loving as thoe in this country. These
men givo us about 11,000,000 bales ot
cotton every year and this, I contend
helps make tho United states the most
powerful nation In tho world. Supposo
a fleet ot British warships would attack
us. The president need only raiso his
hand and say stop exporting cotton, nnd
the war would bo won. What a happy
country this Is to havo tho negro.
'My knowledgo ot tho question leads
mo to the opinion that no political
measure can over save or benefit tho
negro. Tho Hampton Institute shows
tho only useful solution."
May De Ordered to Isthmus.
Washington, Dec. 19 Brigadier-Gen
eral Gcorgo E. Elliott, commander of
the marine corps, may bo ordered to
the isthmus to mako a reconnaissance
of the country and, should the situation
demand, to ossumo command of tho
marine forces thero. Tho matter has
not yet been decided, hut It was said
by a high official of tho navy depart
ment today, that the subject was re
ceiving serious consideration. Tho de
cision to send General Elliott will do
pend largely upon whether ho
spared here at this time.
America Demands Reparation.
Washington, Dec. 19. Acting Secre
tary of State Adce has taken a firm
stand in the matter of tho assault upon
United States Consul Davis by tho
Turkish officials and pollco at Axan-
Iretta. Ho has cabled Minister Lolsh
man to present tho facts to tho Turkish
government and Inform that govern
ment that the caso is ono seeming to
Invito an expression of regret and re
paration. Tho statu department docs
not indicate wiiat measure of repara
tlon Is expected.
Warship at Ills Disposal.
Washington, Dec. 19, As a result
f Minister Lcishman's advices respect
ing the Alexandretta affair tho state de
partment has requested tho navy depart.
ment to place a warship at tho disposal
of Consul Davis, now at Beirut, upon
which ho might return to Aloxandrotta,
at his pleasure. Tho navy department
accordingly cabled Instructions to Ad
nlral Cotton, on board tho flagship
Brooklyn at Alexandria, Egypt, to
placo a vessel at his disposal.
Friar Land Issue Settled.
Manila, Dec. 19. An ngreomcntjhas
been reached by Governor Taft and tho
friars providing for tho settlement of
tho friar land question, Tho popo has
given his approval ot the terms of set
tlement, and tho approval oi tho war
department is awaited.
Covey Turned Loose In Linn Count)
Has Multiplied.
Albany A number ot Inquiries as to
the success experienced It li the
llsh partridges which were turned loose
In l.inu county have been received In
Albany. These queries riiiue largely
from prominent Portland sportsmen,
who were Instrumental in securing the
valuable additton to Oregon's stock ot
game birds., Edwin Stone, who
cured tho covey ol birds that were
turned tutu l.inu county Holds, and who
has kept nn eyu on tho birds since they
wero freed, said today thnt he had
heard from the English partridges re
cently, nnd they seemed to be thriving
Twenty-tout ot tho birds wero turned
looso In Linn county by Mr. Stouo In
January, 1001. The jiartrldgeawcro
secured by popular subscription.
When released, tho birds Immediately
How away In divers directions, but soon
begun whistling tu each other, nnd in
a short tlmo they wero gathered Into n
covey. They wero turned looso on the
Lines place, at the luiso ot Knox lmtto,
about four miles from Albany. Wheat
was placed In the field tor them, but
they did not remain to partake ot tho
hospitality ot their lllcrators. They
soon took to tho hot to, to orchard
small groves, etc.
Since that tlmo a numlier ot English
game birds have Wen seen about tho
butto und in tho surrounding tletds,
nnd always are seen in coveys. A Com
plaint has been registered that soma
ono was following the birds with n gun
last fall, and killed a number ot them
Several coveys of tho birds, ranging
from ten to sixteen In number, have
been seen this fall, and any numlier of
tlioni hnvo been heard whistling In the
fields around tho butto.
Expert Saw There Is Every Indication
ot Uood Quality.
John Day County Surveyor C. G
Castutry has returned from tho nowly
discovered coal region below Mount
Vernon. Ho stated that ho had Just
completed the survey ot 22 claims that
have been taken up by local Investors,
chiefly Canyon City promoters. The
claims are located under the United
States laws governing coal hind entries,
and aggregate 1320 acres. They are sit
uated north of tho river, anil n few
miles below the original discovery near
the farm ot James Small.
Mr. Cospnry, in sjienklng of tho
probabilities of success in opening up
largo bodies of coal said: "You may
say fur me that thero is every Indica
tion ot good coal in largo bodies in tho
newly discovered fields, and there will
most certainly ho great coal mines
opened up. I havo had a great deal ot
experience in tho coal fields of Pennsyl
vania and tho middle west, and havo
mado a careful study, of tho conditions,
formation and indications of coal de
posits, nnd I , am sum they aro there,
that Is In that section.
Robert Hinees, one of tho most suc
cessful metal-mining men of tho dis
trict, has taken chargo of development
work on these now claims. He has n
crew of men at work sinking and tun
This makes tho third enterprise un
dertaken in the last few months. Tho
first to begin prospecting on a largo
scale was tho Sumpter Vnllcy railway
people on tho James Small placo. The
P. A. Snyder comiiany then began de
velopment work near this placo, 20
miles above the original location oi tho
Sumpter people nad Boise peoplo.
Shlpmint of Decf Cattle.
Pendleton Threo carloads of beef
cattlo wero shipped to Seattle from this
point last week. On Saturday after
noon two wero shipped, thus making n
shipment of about 200 head. Tho cat
tle shipments at tho present time are
about tho same ns they were last year
at this time. During the enrlv part of
tho fall, how over, they wero heavier
than they were last year. Tho sales of
tho season aro not as great of last year.
lluyorsq note lower prices than last sea
son, and tho growers aro determined to
liold against tiio markets, '
Fine Exhibit of Spruce Timber.
Seaside Tho Seasido Spruco Lumber
company Is collecting a fine exhibit to
lie sent to tho St. Louis exposition and
one for tho Lewis nnd Clark fair at
Portland. It consists of spruce lumber
nnd tlmrjer. A log measuring ninofect
In diameter will lie exhibited in Port
land, Spruco in its various stages,
grain and manufactured products will
bo exhibited, Tho company will
spend over $500 securing material, and
it will probably bo the finest exhi
bition of Oregon woods at either expo
Handle Much Wool.
Pendleton Just ono year ago the
scouring department of tho Pendleton
woolen mills closed down for tho year's
run. This year tllo run will oxtend to
January 1C nearly ono and a half
months longer. Lstlmatlng tho work
ot the coming mouth tho mill will havo
handled 8,L'50,000 pounds of wool.
About 4,760,000 pounds passed through
tho scouring department, whllo tho rest
was shipped in tho grcaso form to tho
Coming Events.
Traveling Passenger Agents' annual
mooting, Portland, December 20.
Northwest l-rultgrowcrs association,
Portland, January 11-13.
National Livestock convention, Port
land, January 12-16,
National Wool growors' association,
ortland, January 12-16,
Poultry show, Albany, January
Anogra Goat show, Dalles, January
Sales of Swamp Lands.
Salem As a result of a rccont con
test over swamp land in Southern Ore
gon, cast ot tho Cascades, In which con
test there was mcuh ovidonco oi keen
rivalry over tho right to purchaso, tho
state land hoard has adopted a now
rulo, ordering that hereafter all sales ot
unsurveyed swamp land bo mado to tho
hlghost bidder. Sales will be mado
after 00 days' advertisement. I
Importance of a Corporation la Urgril
at I'rccwater.
Frfowitler A, 1). Bllllinan, u 'prom
inent attorney of Pendleton, delivered
nn millions on tho Irrigation question of
this district before n largo attendance
of fruitgrowers ,o( this district. The
mooting was held In Llho sehoulhousu
north of here. Ills principal object
wns to show why government Irrigation
districts should bo formed.
An election on this question will lo
held December 21. A deep Interest Is
taken. Mr, Htllliuan snld in putt)
"An Irrigation district, organized un
der tho statute, Is nulhlug more not
less than a municipal or public cor
poration. Tho Irrigation district an a
municipal corporation Is ot such recent
origin thnt It Is not generally under
stood, nnd It Is probably (or this reason
that tho Inhabitants of n proposed dis
trict hesitate to nsvnno tho powers nnd
obligations of an Irrlgntionldlstrirt.
"Tho Irrigation district is provided
for by the general laws ot the stole of
Oregon, act of 18t)ft, which provides
thnt tho Inhabitants nt any given or
limited area thnt Is Irrigated from
common source may form an Irrigation
district and assume the powers usually
exere.sed by n municipal or public cor
Incandcscents Taka the Place of
Old Arc Lamfs.
Salem Electricians have finished In
stalling a complete equipment of Incnn
descent lamps in tho rotunda of the
capital, to tako the place ot three arc
lights that have been used heretofore
Tho arc lamps hung In the center
tho rotunda, on each of the threo Moors
Tho Incandescent lamps aro arranged
around tho edge of the largo circular
openings In the second anil third floors
There nre 30 lamps In each ot those
circles. Around the base of tho Inter!
or of tho ornamental dome n circle
00 lamps has been placed in such ft po
sition that tho light will bo thrown
upon tho ornamented surface. At the
top of tho Interior dome Is n rlrculn
opening about 20 feet In diameter, cov
crcu with ornamental colored glass
Aliovo this has been nrranged a group
of 30 incandescent lamps. When all
these lamps are lighted at nlg'it the
rotunda of tho capltol will bo a placo o
rare beauty.
Creamery Talk at La flrande
La Grande There Is n move on hero
to bring about tho establishment of
creamery. George Uoodhiio, of r-alem
and Mr. Harper, ot the Union cream
ery, are looking over the country with
a view to getting the ranchers .Interest
ed. The matter has been brought Ix-
foro the Commercial club, but no ac
tion haa been taken. Mr. Goodhue
and Mr. Harper have also been looking
over tho field around l'endluton, and
they aro desirous ot establishing
plant tliore, which they say Is an ex
ccllent (ountry for such a plant.
Hay Is Scarce at llcppncr.
Itcppner Hay Is anoxtremolyscnrco
article hero this fall. Loose alfalfa
and timothy is selling from $16 to $17
(er ton. This Is a higher prlco than
has liecn quoted for loose feed in any
other pnrt of hasten! Oregon. Butt
creek Is tho only place in this district
where there Is n largo supply, but the
farmers refuse to sell, as they aro feed
ins a largo numlier of cuttle. Because
this commodity has raised to such
price, there are few of tho cattlemen
and sheepmen who ran afford to bring
it in.
Pendleton Lumber tluslness
Pendleton It has been learned from
tho management of the lumber yards
horo that the lumber business of Pen
dloton for tho year Just closing was
$160,000. This business Is done by
three, yards and Includes the work done
by ono planing mill. It Is estimated
that 400 carloads of lumber were used
in Pendleton and vicinity since tho first
of tho year, Tho lumlier men report
that this Is tho best year In the history
oi mo country.
Wheat Walla Walla, 7172o: bluo-
stern, lie: valley, 7nc,
Ilarloy reed, $20 per ton: breu nir.
suuu,ou; roiled, $21.
Flour Yalloy, $378.03.86 per bar
rcl; hard wheat straights, $3.9034.10;
clears, $3.00(33.70; hard wheat pat
ents, $4.20 4.60; graham, $3.78;
whole wheat, $4; ryo flour, $4.60
4. YD.
Oats No. 1 white, $1.10; gray
$1.0Ti per cental.
Millstuffs Bran, $18 tier ton: mid
dlings, $23; shorts, $19; chop, $18;
unseen, uairy iooi, viu.
Hay Timothy, $10 per ton; clovor,
$12; grain, $12; cheat, $12.
Vegetables Turnips, 05o per sack;
carrois, (oc; ueois, uuc; parsnips, 7fiH
uuc; cauuago, italic; tomatoes, $!!
1.25 per crate; caullllowor. 75cMsl
per dozen; celory, 4000o per dozen;
pumpKins, icpor pound; onions, Yel
low wanvers, nuc(l per sack.
Honey $3(33,50 por rase.
Potatoes Oregon, ciiolco nnd fancy,
oousioc 'ncKj common, ooo per
sacic, grnwera- prices; sweot potatoes,
sacks, 2c; boxes, 2c.
Fruits Apples, 75c$2 por box;
pears, $11.60 per box; craiiborrlcs,
$0010 por barrel.
Butter Fancy Oregon creamery, 30o
per pound; dairy, 20322Kc; store, 15
Checso Full cream, twins, MQlBo;
xuuug simvnvn, iiimioc
Poultry Chickens, mixed, 10
lOKo per pound; snrlnc. lloi lions. J 1
12c; turkoys, livo, 13o; dressed, 16o;
ducks, $07 per dozen; geeso, 80 per
Eggs Oregon ranch; 37o: East
ern, 27030c.
Hops Choice, 22Jo per pound!
prlmo, 20c; modlum, 17c; common 16c. -
iTisui viiiiuv. iiuvinn; i:narim
Oregon, 1216c; mohair. 32035c, ,
Beef Dressod, SittOJo per pound, ' over to a representative of tho govorn
Veal Dressed, small. HfftRUTo. mnnt nn ...ini , ii,.. ,ii, ti,.
largo, 60o per pound.
rom Dcseou, usuftc.
Penrose Would Also Amend Postal
lo Reach (Ict-Ulch-fJutck Mm.
Washington, Deo. 17. Two bills
havo been Introduced In tho seunlo by
Senator Penrose, designed luslrengthen
the laws leguhitlng t lm use of mails,
Ono la aimed at llio "gct-rlch-qulck"
concerns and guessing contests, and In
eludes tho Dlsti let ot Columbia nnd
"nil territory within (he Jurisdiction ot
the llhllcd Hlntes" In the law forbid
ding the use of malls for I ho transmis
sion of lottery tickets. '1 he hills wero
drawn In the law division ot tho post
olllcu department, Tho act ot 1890 for
bidding lotteries Is uincmlcd by Inrert
Ing tho following language In the pro
hibitory sec 1 1 on 1
"Or any person, or company, con
ducting any competition or contest In
volving the award ot prizes, and based
upon the relative accuracy nt guesses
or estimates) or conducting any
schemes or device for lieltlug, wagering
or making pools upon horso races or
other similar contests."
This amendment Is held to be neces
sary by reason of thu attorney general
holding thnt contests which Involve
the award tit prizes uhtiilucd upon the
relative nccuracyof guessesor estimates,
as to thu uuiiiIht of votes In n political
election or tho number of bonus that a
certain Jar contains, etc., nre nut In vi
olation ut thu present lottery laws.
It Is sought by the amendment also
to protect the public against fraud, aa
well aa lo suppress gambling which ac
companies betting on horses. Betting
on horse races has Iktii held not tu be
within tho purview of the lottery laws.
Consequently It Is held thnt the only
way by which tlioso turf Investment
schemes run Ihi suppressed under ex
isting laws Is upon the ground of fraud,
In which caes it Is extremely difficult
to obtain sulllclent evidence to warrant
nn action. Such evidence cannot lie
obtained In any event until after tho
scheme has been In operation some time,
nnd after thu company has In Ha pos
session thousands-id dollais of the peo
ple's money.
Williams Also Wants Over-Issue
Stocks Prevtnted.
Washington, Dec, 17. Keprrsenla
tivu Williams, of Mississippi, has Intro
duced a concurrent resolution In the
house proposing nn amendment to the
constitution to givo congress power to
collect tail's on Incomes, andprovhllng
that such tax shall not lie construed to
lie a direct tax within the meaning of
the constitution. Mr. Williams also
Introduced the following hills:
To put nn tho free list, when coming
from countries which permit identical
products ot ours to enter free, bitten ol
nil animals, leather of nil sorts, hoots,
shoes, saddles and harness,
To prevent individuals or corpora
tions engaged In Interstate commerce
from making It a condition of tslo of
their products that tho purchaser shall
not sell or deal in 1 f ir lli.
er persons, firms or rirH,rt',.
To prevent tho liver iMin-. t u- br
corporations or combinations of ir.r
ations and defining oh nyar iau s
"public cheating."
tleqnlrlnr Oo pjiuit of luiwiwl
on public funds dop ,',! will tuik
Panama Will Propose Three Millions el
.Canal Money He Used.
Washington, Dee. 17. Tho state
ment from London'hat England, Hol
land and Germany had decided to In
sist that thu new republic of Panama
must nssurno a part of Columbia's for
eign debt, brought an Interesting re
port hero today. It Is understood that
tho puriosc of Minister llnna-Vnrrlla's
recent visits to tho atato department
havn lx-cn to make nn agreement on
this very point. It is snld that ho has
prepared, and will probably sign, In
lew nays, an agreement by which tha
Panama republic binds Itself to Colom
bia, for application on her fnrelcn debt.
one-third ot tho $10,000,000 which the
United Slates Is to pay Panama. Such
an agreement would bo very satisfactory
to thu United States government, which
is inclined to Iwllovo Panama, aa a mat
ter of equity, at least, should assumo a
portion of Colombia's debt.
Montana Timber Stolen.
Butto, Dec. 17. Certain members ol
tho Mormon colony In tho Big Horn
Basin, Wyo., Just across thotnntana
bordor from Iteil Lodge, nru charged
with wholesale thefts of timber from
tho public domain In Montana, accord
ing to a communication addressed to
United States District Attornov Carl
Itasch last night by the county commis
sioners of Carbon countv. Motnana.
Tho Mormons aro accused of devastat
ing heavy forests In Prvor mountain
nnd having sawmills in tho midst o(
tho timlier on government land.
Sounds Warning to Scrvla.
Vienna, Dec. 17. Tho Nouo Wolnor
Journal assorts that at u recent private
nudlcnco Emperor Joseph gravoly
warned tho new Sorvlan minister of the
risk King Petor ran In Incurrlnr tho re
sentment of Europe by his failure to
punish or remove from olllco thoso per
sons having guilty connection with tho
murder of King Alexander nnd Queen
Drngn, and Intimated that stronger
lemonstnitlons of European feollmr
would follow tho withdrawal of the dip
lomats, If tho assassins were permitted
to retain influence.
Ilodson Miners Determined.
Stockton, Cal Doo. 17. There Is a
possibility that tho local military com.
panics may bo cnlled to Ilodson, owing
lo Btrlku conditions thoro, which aro
believed to bo gottlng aorlous.. A apoc
lal telephone message to tho Mail todav
from Secretary Godlovo of tho Iloynl
mlno at Ilodson, stating that thoro was
held n big meeting of tho strikers last
night and that tho strikers had threat
ened to take forcible possession of the
Canal Treaty In tNew York,
Now York. Doo. 17 Tno steamer
City of Washington arrived today from
Colon, bringing tho signed copy of the
canal trcnty with tho republic of Fana-
inn 'rim tmnttt in n m. n imv in
chargo of tho purser, who turned it
wtta no nows ot Importance reported by
tho ofllcors ond paseongers.