Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, November 13, 1903, Image 3

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    Dr. J.owo oculo-oiitlclitn 1'ngeim '
The lient alloc ill .1. II. DiivIiIhiiii'm
KoiliikN uiiil miilk'M ill The Mod. 1
cm I'huruiucy.
lluy your hcIiooI hiiiIIcm lit Ihu ,
Hnulu llook More,
It will 1 1 1 1 o plme Hiilnnliiy dfU-r-1
lltlllll. Hl'IIIUIIllllT It, I
Attorney .Icroino Knox illil profi-M. .
hIiiiiiiJ IiuhIiiiVin In I Ciincnc IIiIh wrclc. I .
A ilimlll.v ill Mclt'Cli'iUti'il wtit'ii I for
Milit lit (In CntlMU" drove Hour
H' ji. ji u jt. u.ui...ii..a.ji.i...ii. lit Ani AiLi.a.jy,
We linve Just received n complete Shipment of
Ciill mid Bcc Tliein mid Ret Prices,
Wynne Hnrdwure Co., Proprietors.
'Itrtf TJ 'T' W vyf-ni w vrrvfr-vjrft fr-prr-trr---- "if if 'T"1T,lT, 'f5
rl hn i ii.Xt v I CB",, ' llvur 0,1,1 kl'lney comprint Imve
K I SS 'I1'1"'! ncKleeted coii.llntlon
, . L1 1 Much ilei.lort.lilo condition in unne.0.. ;
I Undo Vch Veiilch luiHii turlicy crop
IIiIh yenr that In ivortliy of mciilloii.
Ili will tniirki'l anywhere n un
Htiveuty-llve to one hundred,
luivlnu nliviiily placed thlni ihree
on t In' luiirkct. Several of them
U'vliilii'il mm IiIkIi iim rlulitii'ii piinnilH,
anil he received 111 ruulH itr poiinii
llvo ticluht. Anil Htlll lie re are nco-
ilu In thin count ry thin ilonolhctt
uiiylliliiK to wlili'li i uny can turn
tlii'lr liiiuil to make ii living.
0. !' Homcm, of the firm of Home,
Olion tc l.orcnicii, proprietor ol tliu
HiiKenu riunliiK .Mill, wiih In tliuclty
Tuemlny In tliu luicrcNt of IiIm linn.
.Mr. Hoiihth rcpnrtH Hit! pluuliu; mill
iMiHiucHM iiouriHiiiuir, in uuniiicr
J.C Ciiac, o( I'orllunil, IIiIh week
piircluiMcil tlio properly known im
tun "iiliickHiiiitn property, ncroMH
the Htrrct from tho llvnry liiirn, from
.loiiu urowicy uiiil
commence the erection
nuil lecoinpoMil Krunlte ImlldliiKtho
ioiiiiiiiiiioii oi which win cover tliu
entire lot, .Mr. Ciimmi retired en
Klnecr from the S. I'., mul Iiiim heen
cimtlmr nbout for u location for
Homo time. IfuNlateH tluit C'otlnirc
(Irovel lookH better to lilm tlimi uiiy i J.'""'
t.ii..... i... i.i.m .....I i .uiin mora
ttilni up ImihIiickh Interi'HlH liere.
Ifrnltli In nlnoliilcly IiniKlhle. If'
coimtipnllnn lie nrcucui. Mnny Mirloiu
nry . There la euro lor it. iieriiino'
will uprpillly remedy mutter". 0. A. ,
f.liiilnuy, 1'. I ., Hntunon, Kin., wrlltn,
Feb. VI, IIKK: "IIhvIiik tried llerhlne,
I llml It i lino medicine for constipa
tion." fiOc bottle nt New Km Drug
Htock. now undi'i' lli'Miiiiiiuui'iuent of
Mr. liny, who U well known to the
citlr.ciiK of till iiliicc. It h nci'dlcim
tOHiiy thnt. every effort will be iimdo
to kIvu to tlic public the bent value
for tlio mon,e . In either hihIi or In
MtnllmentH, Inclcnuliur out for now
lil.l'lf ,.Vf.f,,l Mtlf.f.ll.l tut ripit llIM ( f.
i... i.,.. i ' .f. V. Itfilcer. Hlfitj. triune wtirilMti. '
J imw. . . v . "
. . . . . reiurneii irom n lour oi iiiHpeciioii in
0. Vt. Ilruilforil, thii photoKrnp lior, , KiiHtern Ore;ou, nolnjcmt fiiriiM l'cn-
ii now locuuii in, iiownurK, iionroi dleton, liiHt TliiirMiIny. lie reporlH
liiHtmit relief, mill u Hiieeil.v eure fol-
Iowm. Ank your ilruKlHt for Ken-1
I nedy'H Chain UK'litnlnk'. Take no
other. Write I". I. Kcnneily, HhkI- ,
nuw, OreKon, for lint ttMtliuonlalH.
For Hiile by nil ilrnKl"'.
I'opular novelH the very lul rut
it the I'mkIi- Hook Hlore. Vou chii
buy them outrluhl or rent thelu.
dike I'lirn of your orderx In u ImoiIiiomm I
ami workmanlike manlier.
School children are iiiiulo huppy In
liliylllKthelrHehool bookH.Ktutlouery,
puiiN mid I'diicIIh nt the I'iikIc Hook
llook Htore.
Nice, cheap reHldeni-e loin In all
pnrlM of town, (.'all and be nIiowii
iirounil. Medley V Mllue, cor. L'nM
and Main SIh., (Jottuue drove. ,
Itoiuly made mIkh'H, llrnt cIiihh In
tivery iinrtleular, my perHonnl uuur
atiliv to mako koimI any unit all de
fect m koth with every pnlr Hold. .1.
II. HhvIiImoii.
All pcrMOUHkiiowliuc tlieniHidveH In
debted to Tlh lleiiMiin llrili;('o., re
reutly Holdout, will pleiiMo call at
my oil Ice mid pay the Hiune, tluiH
hii ve t rouble mul coHtH. A. II. KIhk.
'J'i men wauled by the Month
Kelley l.iitnber (!o. lit SiikIiiiiw, On..,
to work In yanlH and wimili, In-1
oulre it I'. H. Walker. Mala St. near
depot, CollUK" Drove.
Stock, unilu and fruit fui nw, hiiiiiII
plneeH for cardeiiH and chicken nil"
uk, hIho timber lumlx fur xnle or
trade bv Medley ,V Milne, cor, i'nd ,t
Mnln NtH Cottaue drove.
Ilent creamery butter. "I'iiiii mer
clal" butter uiiiile at Salem won lt
preinlllin at State I'alr thin year. If
you want butter that Ih nlwn.VH
troll and full welKht, )nt order a
Hiuare of your Krocer.
Irwin Ia', hoii of Mr. mul Mm.
(leorne U'li, of thU city, who Iiiih
been Ideiitllled with a Inrue Hiiiriir re
llnery at Honolulu for the parit two
yeurn. arrlvisl Imme on .i Hliort vl-lt
with IiIh pareutH hiHt Monday. .Mr.
l-ii left later In the week for New
Next Mouiluy, 'I'lienday and to
noon eilneHiliiy, .Noveinlier III, 17
' iltiil IN. Dr. I.iiti'it. (In, u'f.ll.Ltu iivii
i oculo-optlclan. will beat thndraiiam
J I ol t-1. roltaue drove. linve hllil riirkerM. eiioLli-. hIIpoiI ni'iielwu
tent youreyen for kIuhmcm. mhI trip tlevlteil ham, plcklcn, iniiHturil.corueil
thlHyear. beef mid chopped beef, call at the
deow. Coiner, the well-known dep. ' ' ' .'V." i. "" ryV i il,H" '.":r-' for the Modem Wood-. ' ll,",lln ''f"'"1 ."' '''ff"1 '"""
ten. left Mondny afternoon forj '"'"-u. .1. . 1 iioiimov.
men, left Monday
Hiiiithern poluU, mul will Hpeml two i Wake up mul buy a piece of OodV
or tluee weekH lookliiK after the ln-lureeii earth In Cottnue drove and
IcrcHlM of IiIh order In the coHHt have a home of your own. We will
be pleiiHed to hIiow you Home of tie
bent Imivh In town
,i, r t.i..i . .
i . i . j I ii un it i hoii , recrewir.v oi mo t vnno up iiiihiiichh inierrniH acre. i DID YOU KNOW
wrltcM 1 hut new kooiIh will nrrlve for1 J. W. dlnnn, formerly of IIiIh city. That every one who trie Kennedy
the iiiiihIi- hi, ne nt Mil place by the 1 member of tlio firm of dhow llron.. ''U"lu Uxhtnliuf for rheiimatlHiii,
hint of llm w eek. Tim ureut MiicceHW who ODeratcd the iilanlinr mill In thin HeiiralKln. dhirrhwa and all other
achieved l.i t lit Smeller Co. Iiihiiich 1 city for two yearn, now of llrotvim- l"lu or Inllnmuiatlon will hhc no
tho Deriniiiient IncieiiHe of the Lnwiitl vll e. wan la the city WedneHilav mul 1 "Dier lliilinent.for tlio reanoii It Klye
i iiurniiay. Air. inn wiih accom
iiauled by hi wife, who Ih a Hlnler of
.Mth. I'hllWyatt, of thin city, and In
hmmIhIImk In the caro of the little hoii
of Mr. and Mr. Wyntt, who wiih
xerloiiHly hurt while at piny atHrliool
Home ilayH Hluce.
Come at once and have your holi
day photon taken In time to hciii! to
Do not wait
I'wo more I tllt' '"nt mouieiit.
arrenlH were made In Kimtern Ore-: W. F. Hhanakki.t.
Koii. j dallery on Went Hide, opponlto
The many friend of Mr. .1. K. MiihoiiIc Hall.
Ilarrett, who underwent a Hiirulcal 1
operation at a I'orllunil hoHpltal n
lew flay iiko, will bupleaxeil lo Irani
i that nlie Ntood the ojieratlon nicely
nuil at liiHt accoiinlH wiih nlowly
i biillilliiK up.
Iav Henry tlilx wtrk Iciwd IiIh
i bowling alley In tliu Lurch IiiiIIiIIiik
I to McHnrH. Hurry nuil HIiiiIh, who
will open It between now and the
Noveinbor (he I it 1 1 1 and 1 7 1 1 llr
l.owe. tliu opllclim. will be In Cot
liW drove.
We ran Klve you Home extra iiiIcch
on lloheiulii inlnliiK Hlock, (.'nil anil
Five hundred itolliirn In hcIiooI
bookM mul hcIiooI Hiipplle at Hie
Krttfle llook Stole.
A II uc re place only one inlluout
I'nlr linproveincntH. will Roiinlck ut
I'.ll. MKIII.KY & Mll.NK.
tlnwlrn dny'i Im'ln "lir 'if TMile cVuunin yo.i will iin.r'a Jard UIuk tho ncatlvcH he made In CottKo UU depuiicH ail b.d and n'lkliiK 1 '"r Cl.rlHliimH.
mid avoid the runli of IiIh hint davn. l,lt' 111,11 u.u'-v "r" y l" ..Jn """" '"' "r worlt .""y
larKi'd lilcturcH will pleimo addrcHH
III fit at HoHchiirK, OreKon. All mall
orderH will rerelvurarefulaud prompt
alteulloli. C. W. Ilruilforil.
! ! -1- -I- -1- -I- -1. -1. -1. .1- 1. . a. a. ... ... M. y
fLoaR and f eeo
The highest grade of Flour, Kcetl and Hay
of all kinds. We handle none hut ahsolutcly pure
goods of all kinds, and guarantee every pound
Wholesale op Retail.
Uo not make either lnrgc or small purcliases without
first examining our goods. Phoni Main 293. Call us up nuil we
will deliver anything you want to any part ol the city,
eikdge & f)ujgiti9.
For cold liineh of oyMcrM, Hiirdluei'.
, Sunt. City Wnter
! Henry I), llnldwln
I U'rL- MlmUalmrir
I linve tried muiiy kinds of liniment, hut
I I Imve never receiveil much bcnellt un
til 1 in-c.1 ll.illnrd'1) Snow Mnimeiit for
' rlieiiiiifltinn and imlna. I think it the
liectbiiiiiient on enrlh. 'She, DOe, $.00
at New Krn DniK Store.
DCiibUH 5 central jotei
Pharmacy I
located two blocks went
anil one block north of
thoS. I. Depot
I CounlleH.
Horace Cochran had the mUfor
tune lo lone two of IiIh hent milch
cowh hint Friday, which ncccHHltntcd
Mini droppliiK Home of IiIh milk cilnto.
inern, much to their regret.
Mciii.uv .V
In nmkliiK your piirclmwH of IiIkIi
Kriule clKurn, of conrne you want a
11 rut cIiihh Hinoke. Vou will llml the
very bent brainlH iHTfectly kept at
the Wave Colifwtlonery.
I). II. ChainlH-rlen, who Iiiih been III
the employ ol the OreKon ScciirllleM
Company In the election of the mill
ImiliiliiKH nnil power Iioiihc at the
nilni'H, came In Saturday.
Itfirrv Hn.hiilll. fif the drill? firm
ol llreluiut Ac Moi'Kiiu, returned from ' her people for Home time.
a Heveral iIii.vh' vlHlt with iuh motlitr 1 , . .,, ..
al I'i.nli nt NiiiiUimi. WiihIi.. ' llpple crop III tlllH HeclloU of
hint Moiniav. . the county appenrn to be exception
' Mrn. I-:. '. I.OHK. of llowlmrK, vIh
lled III thlHclty a fewdayHthlH wifk,
and then continued her trip north to
reiiiiieiou, wnere Hlie will vihII wltli
.lolin HiiHkliiH, the l.oraue uiiill
carrier, had the iiilforliine to have
one of IiIh liorrcn break IiIh Ick la the
barn Sunday nk'lit.
A biiMketotllue npplen wiih brought
to thin ollice l IiIh week from the or
cliur.l ol D. W. Sear. near CreHWcll.
They were beautleH.
MIhh OHtrmidcr returned Monday n.iKcne. wlierv nl.e atten.led the , nil.ulK,ll( wnIlt,.,l.''
IV. i l . iiaii.K'!" ". iiiinii ijwiiKi,
liiHt I'rlduy.
Have Dr. l.owe cure your head and
eye-ache by removing the ciiiihu with
a pair of IiIh Hiierlor kIiihwh.
.toe LaudeHH, one of the clever
ally kooiI thin year. The yield Ih
larcu ami the fruit Ih iilte free from
SO ncrcH only T, iiiIIch went of town,
one of tile Hiiapn yon don't llml every
day. I'rlce $"00.
Mkiii.kv Ac
TIiIh week John lUrlelH purcluiHcd
the Interent of IiIh partner, Marlon
Veatch, In the meat uiurket biiHlncf
on Mala iitrcct. mid Ih iio'.v Hole pro
prietor. Molvln, the little Hon of Mr. ami
Mth. Frank Jordan, In quite III at
the family homo with pneumonia.
Dick White was In the city thin
week, HhaklnK hnndn with frleniln.
Notice U hereby ulvcn that the old
linn of Loiik Ar Illnjf huiri I.iiiiiIrt Co.
will collect all iiccouutH due the linn
and pay nil oiitHtundliiK Indebted
iichh to Octolierll, 1IX11.
.1. C. I.O.MI.
I. II. lll.MJIIAM.
C.v Illnuham Iiiih returned from a
him tliu; trip In lloheinla HereportH
lelnr lucky enough to "kill what
Mrn. T. It. I'nrker returned Hatur
day f i o in a several ww-kn' vlnlt with
frlenilH mul relutlven at Albany.
I.lttlo MIhh Mildred Walker cave a
party on hint Saturday lierOth birth
day auulverHiiry to a uiiiiiImt of her
little playiiiate, who Mieiit the af
ternoon In Kmncri and doll iIivhmIii.
At the coiicIiihIoii of the cmmiIii'h
play .Mrn. C. F. Walker, MllpredV
mother, nerved luncheon to the little
Klrln and they left for their home-i
very happy. TIiohc preKcat were
drace Heed, vane and ribbon; Mary
Wlllnrd, cup and Hnucer; Carrie
WooiIh, llatidkcrclilef; Kdna ICllcclce,
hnndkerchlef; Allc and MnbleCochlln,
cup mul Hiiucer; Dorothy Dutty, k'u'h
IIhIi; l.lllle Wolfer. cup mid Himcer;
OladyH Drown, cup ami Hnucer.
I wlnli to thank the' ladlcH of the
Woodmen Circle and the many frleniln
who aided In admlnlHterlni; Keutle
caro to my dear wlfi iliirlue her III
nexH mid death, and for their kind
wopIh of H.vinpnthy 1 doubly thank
them. .1. M. Kmkiiick.
Doiit neglect that holme any
longer, but call at the exprem ollice
ami have Tom Awbrey write you up
a policy. In cither the ,i:tnn IiiHtir
nnce Co.. or the Oregon Fire Itellef
Ahh'ii, of McMlunville, Or. 1-!IN
OrlemiH on IiiihIiiwh In Hie Itilerent of .Vnuiiif inlnerH of lloheinla, blew in
IiIh coinpany.
To relievo inilM'ular Hiriiln of the
c.vt'H. that rob the vluor of the lent of
the body, line Dr. I.huc'h kIiihwh
lie putH the cream uf ner 17 .vearn'
eXM'rlence Into tliein They tire In
teieled for inure tlliin ttie nliHim "'
vUloii. Do not ir ci'iiHiluaie In tin
matter of hinlnu .ir eve e n
froui theillHtrlct thin wtrk.
Htm. It. M. Veatch wiih a north
bound piiHieiiKer hint .Monday.
Atioruei .1 S. Mettley attended
court In Kiikciic hint week.
f In Ih :k' iht Iiii at the Flour Mill.
I'h. ..ii- in t ii-iler tf
I it lllnuhiim iih n r.nueiie Mm
Attorney J. ('.. I oIiiihwii npent hint
wwk In atteiidauie upon Circuit
Court In F.iikciic.
Fr'hIi Oyntern any Htyle, Oynter
cocktallH mid lint hoiIii ilrinkH at the
Wave Confectionery v
New crop KiikIIhIi waluuU nt the
Wave eiinfectlonery.
l.tiwne.v'H caiitlleH at The Modem
llere'H for Koo InenH I iiniiei '
ll ni HiitiHiii The Modern I'liarmaey
i:.Mi:illCK At her home In thin city
Oct. no. 100:1, Mm. J. M. Kmerlcic.
DeceiiHctl wiih the ilaiiKhter of Mr. ,
and Mm. Win. I'iikIi, of Corvallln, I
Oregon, and wiih aueil 17 yearn. Ijsh i
than a year iiko hIio wiih married to
I.I. M. Kuierlck of thlnclty. and happl-
iickh wiih quern In that youuu IioUhc
liolil until dentil Htruck that cruel
blow. The remabiH were taken to
AhIivIIIc. I.Iiiii county, the birth place
of ilcrciiHctl and wiih Interred In the
AhIivIIIc cemetery.
"The Southern I'aclHc Coiupmiy
will mdl tlcketH at one and one-third
faro for the round triji lietween all
pointH on ItH Orecon linen, account
TliankKulvliiK Day. TlcketH will lie
Hold on November 25th and Slith, and
will be limited for return to the27tli.
All who denlre to take ndvntitutre of
t IiIh reduction cun wen re tlcketH from
uearcHt Snuthern I'acltlc Agent, on
ilateM inentlnniHl.
Pure bred white I'lyinoutb Itoek
CiM-hrellH for Hale. Leave urilei-Hiit
I hi Ik & Veatch'H Htore. 4ti-4l
Is showing this week
new line of
get our priecs hefore making jS
your i)tirehases.
Our line of Drus;, 1'nlntH and
SiindrifH Ih complete. We have nit
of the latent
Lam Rooms I
Well ventilated well fur-
iiIhIiciI mid tlmt-claHH In J
every particular
! Rates $l.per days
Hoard by the week 4 RO
without lied $3.S0 per
week. Itomcuiber the
place. The beHt tablen
ami the lHt IiciIh, tho
beHt nccommodatloua In
every particular.
SucceHHor to .1. V. Ctirrln.
i Central l)0te
Cottage Grove
public School
Mrs. Ida E.
ioaDieiB BaoipS
Wekk Oct IDO'I
Total Enrollment..
Nw Enrollment...
Iter Atlendawe ..
AWnee 91 ..
AlerKe Dally itltin!n.
Averc Nu. BelonirlBff SK...
TlraM Tanljr..,
Time Truant.
llojrt Glrla
Th-e not ilolngr cood work
Saw Mill
Three miles east of
Cottage Grove on the
old Jackson Kile place
A.11 Kinds
of Rough Lumber, at
reasonable prices.
If you nre In need of nny
thlwr In our line call nt mill or
nddrcHH us at Cottage Grove.
McKibben Bros.
l I BRIIiGS. I'rlnrlpal
Found in our Big Closing out Sale.
IadlcH Wrappers.
Former price 05c now 75c that were 1.15 now S5e
Marion Checks, formerly 10 cents now 5 cents
Virginia Fluids formerly 12VL cents now 15 cents
These tire the very best values and cheaper
than you can buy the material anil make them.
Formelv $1.00 now 75 cents
" " $1.25 " $1.00
" " $1.50 " $1.25
" $2.50 " $1.50
Extra Larjjc Heavy Turkish Towels.
Formerby 55 cents now 25 cents.
Tape Gridlc Corsets lormerly 50 cts now 3S cts
Jersey !' " 50 cts now 38 cts
Our Entire Line of $1 Kiel Cxloves. at 75 e a pair.
100 pairs Lais' Black Hose 7c per pair
liest Grade Carpel Warp 2-i cents per II)
Baas 20 .cents
Trosiks, Valises, Grips, Telescopes and Hand Bag-
a u ooc ' " 45c EllS iBlllSill some one else will get them