Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, November 06, 1903, Image 8

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Ballasting going steadily on the
0. & S. I:. Yards greatly Im
provedBridge soon to be
Bclnf Done by Lorn & Bingham Lumber
f lnrr.. ,1 Mill r.n.rltv Ail.
Co. Increase ef Mill Capacity Ad -
dlllonal Territory Acquired.
There is something; doiiiR evcrv
,:.,, n ? If h - c -
minute on tlic O. .V t. U. tHe
days. The new gravel bed has been
thoroughly opcued up, and hun-
dreds of car loads of the finest kind
of Rtavel has already bee,, dumped
on mc roauueu aim is now pracuc- i
ally in place. The road is now all
ballasted with the exception of
about one mile between this city
and Mosby Creek bridge and a
quarter of a mile on the other end.
The yards in this city have received
splendid treatment, the grade hav
ing been raised to a level with that
established by the Southern Pacific
and the tracks are now being rap
idly ballasted to that grade. Last
year the yards were in a very un
satisfactory condition, owing to the
lowucss of the tracks. This has
now been overcome, aud both rail
roads are making proper arrange-
xnents tor drainage. At the new
bridge site across Row river, work
is going on in good shape the false
work is up and the main cords of
the bridge are in place. As fast as
material can be secured the bridge
will be completed. A soon as this
is donet ttack laying will again be
commenced on the grade already
completed on the other side. It
now looks as though the heavy
work will all be comfortablv taken
care of before severe weather. The
r c a r r i . i- ,
O. & S. E. Co. is also taking much
pains in putting the wagon cross-J
ings in good shape,
There is a spirit of hustle and
bustle at the grounds of the Long
&.Hingham Lumber Co. in thlsU;oore jjjca Kva and Bessie Suiher-
ciiy. x'or some lime, owing 10 me
shortage in cars for shipping, the '
mill has not been running steadily,
but no time has been lost to the
company. New territory to the
east of the mill was secured, the
grounds cleared and the erection of
a dryer 20x88 feet in the clear was
commenced. The frame work for
this building is now up and the re-1
ceiving and delivery decks are rap-' fen and family, C. L.. U II. and K. W.
idly being completed. In connec- M'df:
tion with these improvements, ttie'ani, nessle Sutnerland.
company will also increase the ca- The following is a list ol the preseuts
pacify of the mill to 50 or 60 thous-' received:
and. The comoanv will also install ,' One wool bed, pair pillows, fourquilts.
a track to the east of the new dry
kiln connecting with the O. & S.
H., which will place their grounds
in the best of working advantage.
Brain ditches are also being dug
and flumed which will connect with
the drain work of the O. & S. E
and boutuern 1'acitic. 1 he man
. mi .1 - 1
agement will th s week commence ,
running the mill again on regular
time and it is exoected that the new I
machinery, among which is one 100 1
., J3 .... .
horse enirine and two too horse
boilers,iwill be in working position
some lime in December.
. Continued from First Page
as iniiininlllnr.y Incrustations, or
they huvebeen partially tilled with
Tery finely crystalllieil Iron pyrites
which look like 11 muss of semifluid
concentrutea dropped In and dried
out. Sluty looking f momenta occur,
pule ywllow or white In color, but
these, may lie derived from the thin
bedded material previously deicrlled
and probably tufaH. On one or
other wall there Ih often nn accumu
lation of quartz, which nt one time
evidently carried considerable Iron
pyrites, but Is now thorouKhly
carlotiH nnd oxldlied. This type
curries free gold and hitherto bus
furnished the bullion of the camp,
and not Infrequently Is prcMiiit to a
considerable thickness, and to date
has been found to a depth of 400 feet.
Such oresoccur nt the 4000 foot hori
zon In the Hiawatha gulch, or 1200
feet below tlio Muslck tunnel, and In
the same culch the similar ores are
found aslow down ns 3S00 feet. At
the 4000 foot horlzomi In the Chum,
plon sulch we find, no far nsd know,
only Hulphuretted ores. Since the
formation of the eltin there has evi
dently uceu'coiiHldernble motion for
the tnIco8ctwullH mIiow both vertical
and' horizontal sllckensldeo, ho that
the queutloiilof.fpermauence In depth
mid the presence of ore for some 2500
feet at least, k-cuih to be nurtured.
Asnn Illustration of continuity In
length, the two followlusr examples
mnybe quoted. They Include only
u small fraction of the camp, but
happen to bo the only oueH with
which I became familiar. With more
time It would bo poudhle totraceout
many others, but there Is no jj-ootl
map of the district, on which to call
for assistance. Starting fit the
lowest point examined, tlio folio whifr
claims occur In the sequence named
nutl probably on the same zone.
Helvetia, IHawuthu, AJtix. Stocks &
llnrlow, Vesuvius, Anaconda,
?, Uroatlwny, Champion, Knott;
on the second nerloH to tlio south, and
illverKliiB slightly irolii"; east, we
lmve the. Helvetia, U, S. A., Fraction,
Jones, Muslck anil Hoyal t'roup.
Krom enquiry, I lenrneil that the1
railroad rates nn concentrates from
tlic mine to Oottneo tlrovc would tic
nliout $.1 to U per ton, ho that by
oKnln tlic mlnoH on tlio western
slopes nt low altitude, It lookB ns
though tlic ilrnwbnckH which have
hitherto l)CBct the district, nrv likely
to I to overcome In the near future.
KiY..SHt'Ll,-ln the city of Port-
hind, Oct. 2S. um, nt ;i 11. m., iiev.
W. 11. Hollliundiouil olllchitliic
Mr. V. (1. Kliv, of this city. Mini
Miss Tolu Shiill. of Portland.
Tin. uromii U the well known nt-
I torney who located InCottngvllrove
I In .Miiv, ltXK), untl who was associated
with Attorney .1. C. Johnson In the
i practice of their profession. Mr. I'.by
I ' tllC City tills Week IHlcklllK llln
1 m,rnrv mJ ot'ior otfecta preparatory
: to taking; up his tieriiitiiient residence
In Portland, where he will engage In
the practice of hi profinMon. making
, a Hclalty of mining law. having
cstnbllaht - dotllcesiitl'SI, Uinmlierof
, Coll,lllorw ending. During his
- .leace hero he bus lieen h foreinont
worker In mlnltiKcnterprlwii, and Isn
gentleman of much public spirit nnd
afc.l.'t-y" n'nS SlKtc SR
RI(w,ilallv added to the list of bright
u-jtal light In the metropolis. The
i re. His noli Karl nccomimtiies oim
to the new iiotno in I'ortianu.
The Wedding of two Popular Young Peo
ple ot Coast Fork Solemnized
October 25.
It was a verv pretty wedding, thatof
Mr. Cieorco Powell and Mm hmma
1 Sutherland, which was solemnited L
the residence of the bride's parents, Mr
and Mrs. Sutherland, nt London, Octo
ber 25, 1003, ltcv. John utiierland,
father ot the bride, officiating.
The contracting parties are two worth par or more,
very popular v ung people of the pro-1 -i thj,,; tbe railroad is working
ductive and prosperous valley of the i ,, " . , .
Coan Fork, coming from the noble old I Itself out nicely. Manager Pear
pioneer slock of Oregon, a large circle sons aud Hugiueer Wood are two
of friemis were present to witness the j invaluable men in the management
ceremony and to wish tne your.g couple
a thousand happy thoughts. The fol
lowing were present at the wrdding:
.Mr. ana .Mrs. jonu ;-uitierimi, nr. ami
Mm. J.G. Powell, Mr. and Mrs. G. L.
I Moxley. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rice, Mr.
i i?,,0vt,rho,rnl.,u.iJyI kJt
Henderson and family, Mr. J. i . Doak
I and Umiw Mr. Levi Geer and family.
Mr. George F. Sutherland and family
Mr. 11. 1!. Melteeaud family. Mr. Km
est McRevnolds and family, felder J. II.
Moore, Eider .. M. Sweaney, Mrs. V.
Henderson, . C. I-, R. B. and K. W.
I'owei;, Master J. II. Powell, Master J.
G. and C. II. Sutherland. Mr. W. A
land and .Miss Jessie Lmmon
g"ng w people.
The Infare wan held at the home of
the groom's father and inother. Mr. and
Mrs J. G. Powell, at winch the follow
ing were present, aggregating thirty-two
in all:
Mr. and Mrs. J. U. Powell, Mrs. John
Sutherland, Mr. I.. J. Henderson and
family, Mr. John Ujsk and family, Mr.
Levi Geer and family, Mr. Krnest Mc-
Reynold and family! Mr. John Overhol
! one set of jelly glasses, set jelly clasee
filled with jelly; Mr. ami Mrs. John
Sutherland, one set of knives and forks
and one cow; Mr. and Mrs. John Over
holser, one table cloth; Mr. and Mrs.
McKeynolds, one coffee pot; Mr. and
Mrs. John Doak, one lamp; Mr. and
I Mrs. George F. Sutherland, one set
'-sauce dishes: Mr. arid F. Rice, one set
of eauce dishes; Mr. and Mrs. L. G.
.woxiev, one linen siauu cioiu ; .nr. nnu
Mr8. jVi Geer. one set of plates, ,-ups
land saucers; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hen-
derson. one lelly dish : Mr. and Mrs. II. 1
?cilee one laef f1f,;Mr- If
J. II. Moore, one tiair pillow cases; Miss 1
r. r. L . .1
Emma Ooolittle. one stand table covei
Miss Eva Sutherland, one set glass tum
I biers; Miss Jessie Lemon, one spoon
holder; Miss Bessie Sutherland, salt
and pepper (hake; Lettie and Vera
'Henderson, toothpick holder; C. L
I Powell, rocking chair; W. A. Moore,
fancy cake plate; James and Horace
Suthrland, two fancy towels) R. B.
I Powell, one set table spoons; Joseph
, and Robert Geer, lamp.
Do not forget Kdmund Vance Cooke
next Saturday evening at the Opera
House. He is an ehtertainer of national
Sirs. S. K. Cochran left for Pendleton
this week, where she will visit relatives
(tis winter.
United States Land Offiice,
Roseburg, Ore., Aug. 26, 1002
Notice is hereby given that in compli
ance with the provisions of the act of
Congress of June 3, 1878, entitled "An
Act for the sale of Timber Lands In the
States of California, Oregon, Nevada,
and Washington Territory," as ex
tended to all the Public Land States by
act of August 4, 102,
of Ktigene, Co. of Lane, State of Ore
gon as this day filed in this office his
sworn statement No. 5057. for the nur-
cbaee of the W JSV Sec 8 Tp 20 S of
R 2 W and will offer proof to show that j
the land sought ItTluore valuable for its .
timber or stone than for agricultural
til rnnuou umltn a e 1 .1 I. 1. 1 u .,ll,.. an
purposes, andto establish his claim to
sain lara before J.J. Walton U.S.
Commissioner at Eugene, Lane Co. Ore
gon, on Tuesday the 24th day of Nor.
He names as witnesses:
Clark P. Deveraux. Gideon L. Mc-
Ginnis, Ora Wilson, Kdward Wood, ofj
bugene, Jane uo., Ure.
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely the above-described lands are re
quested to file their claims In this ollice
on or before said 24tliday of Nov., 1003.
J. T. IIhiiioes Kegitter.
Ves, August Flower still has the lar
gest kale of any medicine in the civi
lized world. oui mothers' and l-'ranil-
inotliers' never thonght of using any
thing else for Ini!!ge6tiouor Biliousness.
Doctors were scarce, and tlioy seldom
heard of Appendicitis, Nervous Prostra
tion ot Heart failure etc, They used
August Flower to clean out the system
and stop fermentation of undigested
food, regulate the action of the liver,
stimulate the nervous and organic ac
tion of tlio system, ami that is all they
took when feeling dull and bad with
headaches and other aches. You only
need a few doses of Grevn'e August
Flower, In liquid form, to uiakoyou sat
isfied there is nothing sei Ions the mat
ter with you. You can get this reliable
remedy at Garman A jfememvuy Co.
Price 25c nnd 75c,
ilCLlJII 1 ICiJ.
George W. Crosby Tells What He
Saw while in the District
Realizes Great Value of the
In a recent interview, George W.
Crosby, of New York, president ol
the O. .t S. 15. R'y, lias the follow
ing to say regarding the Oregon
Securities holdings, the O. & S. 15.
R'e and the district in general:
Pnttfiitr rm
Tlmdnv- wnl the nftemoon
looking about the depot and
grounds. Next morning we started
for the mines, nnd on the way up
saw the power plant, Hume and
dam. We arrived at the ruiues on
Saturday morning; alter looking
-"""i""" ,
from there went through the Mu -
sick. I stayed with Sunt. Math ;ws;
over night and returned to Cottage 1
r l .. : Vl. 1
urove on ouimay iuihhiuk. uc
weather could not have been finer
than it was while I was there.
"Regarding the improvements,
would say that they are very ex
tensive and substantial, and will re
sult in great profit to the Company.
Eastern people have no realization
of the great value ol these mints.
We certainly h ive a prire, and in
less thau two years the stock of the
Oregon Securities Company will be
i -f , ,,, anfi .1,,,-is no ouestiou
as to its success under their care.
As I had walked myself lame, I
gave up the journey over the hills
to see the timber, but was greatly
impressed with what I saw of it
along the road.
"I had a long talk witu .Mr,
Pacific Timber
Alexander, of the
Co.. who seems to be well posted
on timber matters. I also bad an
interview with Judge Ryan, of
Oregon City, who knows all about
thatcountry, its timber resources,
mines, etc.
"I was treated royally by tile
people out there and enjoyed the
visit very much."
United States Land Office,
Rosehurg, Ore., Sept. 2nth. 1803
Notice is hereby given that in com
pliance with the provisions of the act of
Congress of June 3, 1878, entitled '"An
act for the sale of timber lands in the
States ol California, Oregon, Nevada and
Washington Territory," as extended to
all the Public Land States by act of Au
gust 4, 1892.
of Cottage Grove, Co of Lane, State of
Ure., has tins (lay tileil in tills ollicelier
sworn statement" No. 5756, for the pur
chase of the VM NE Jf, of Section
28 in Tp 20 S, Range 2 W, and will
oTer proof to show that the land sought
s more valuable for its timber or stone
1'ian for agrieliitural purposes, and to
establish her claim to said land be'ore
J. J. Walton, V. S. Commissioner at
Eugene. Oregon, on Saturday the 12:'i
nay ol Dec. lUOd,
& lie names as w itnesses :
J W Parrish, J. D. Palmer, Jnmes W
Ilotick, of Jeirerson, Marion Co., Ore.,
Richard Green, of Cottage Grove, Lane
Co., Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adverse
ly tile above-describtd lands are re
quested lo file their claims in this office
on or before sain 12th day of Dec., 1903.
J. T. Briiioes, Register.
1'roprletorn of
...The Miners Supply House...
,-Our Motto: Good Goods for Low Prices.
General Merchandise, Miners' Tools and ."immunition
W. S. Chrisman & Ely Bangs
Imm The Fashion Stabes
-r,. . . vr A,0 OFKICK OF fllK
SSllybl, Bohemia and Llack
first ws iimouts, DoiiUle or e
Wall Paper.
The beauty of your house depends on the
pattern and quality of WALL PAPER you use.
The latest' patents, the best (rood and prices to suit.
Just received a hirue Invoice of tlicf-o Roods ntid wo
take pleasure In showing them.
Elections were held Tuesday in
Massnclmtctts, Colorado, Pcnnsyl-
vnnin. New Icwcy
Iowa, Ne
brnskn. Uhodc Island
braska, Uhodo Island airl Ken
tucky, ntid in the cities of New
York nnd San lfrnucisco. The Re
publicans carried l'ciunylviiniti,
Massachusetts, Colorado, Nebraska,
Iowa and New Jersey. The Dem
ocrats carried Kentucky, Uhodc
Island and New York city, while
the Union Labor people carried San
Francisco, re-electing Schmitr.
W. II. Lincoln .t Son have opened n
butcher idiop on tlio Wen Side in Ilia
Newt .Iouoh building on Water tUtect.
There gentlemen aro thoroughly ac
quainted with every ilrtnilnf llielirH-
Henri mev aru engaging in, mm win n
ownihtf Oil th Vtt Siito till tt vncanry
! '"' ' K"'1 ,,u,"t lw,
of town.
Monday, November a, the direc
tors of the LcRoy Mining Co., held
its first meeting since the annual
stockholders meeting held last
month, and elected the following
officers: I L. LcUov. president
jand general manager. Dr. Geo.
Wall, vice present and II. II.
Veatch, secretary and treasurer.
. .. ... .
m conversation wun rresiueiu i.e-
Roy, he stated to a Nugget man
that the business of the company
was in a most satisfactory condi
tion, and that the present outlook
was all they could ask.
It is reported that the LeRoy is
breaking into some hea vy galrun
ore again.
Ray Gill, of Garman, Hemenway Co.,
of Scio, is in the city.
W KEdwanls is down fiom Bohemia
this week. He reports the camp look
ing better than ever.
Some ctfbrt U again being mailo'to
build a sidewalk to the cemetery. The
project is a woi thy one and should Iw
made to go.
Laud Office at Rotehurg, Ore.
Sent. 18, 1003.
Notice Is hereby given that the following-named
settler has tiled notice of his
intention to makn final nroof In sun-
! P0'1 P"'1" .l1"'1 "?d1tl,,.l."W r,"''
win iw inatio wiorpj. J. miuu, v. t?.
Commissioner at Eugene, Oregon, on
Saturday, November 7, 1903. vl:
diaries Chandler, on II. K. No. 8.S7I for
the N'a SW V, JJi, SK Sec. 3 T. 19
S., It. 1 W.
He names the following wltnesrsto
prove his continuous residence uhiii
and cultivation of said land, vie:
F.I lis R. Parker, of Petter, Oregon,
James Carr, of June, Oregon, Thomas
Handsaker, W. R. Parker, of ion. Ore.
J. T. BuiiMiKs, Register.
United States Iind Office.
Roschur. Ore.. Aug. .'11-1. 190:1.
Notice is licieby given thai in com
pliance with the provisions of the act of
Congress of June 3, 1878 entitled "An
ct for the sale ol timlier hinds in the
States ol California, On-con, Nevada and
Washington Territory," as extended to
all tlio Public Land States by act of An
gust 4, 1S92,
of Thurston, Co. of Lanc,State of Ore.,
has this day tile 1 in this office hersnorn
statement No. oUtio for the purclmsuof the
S 3 SE 1-4, !:.., SW 1-4 of Sec No. 32
in'fp23 S., Range No. 1 West, and will
offer proof to show that the land sought
is more valuable for its limber or stone
than for agricultural purtMues, and to
establish her claim to said land before
J. J. Walton, U S Commissioner at
Eugene.Oregon, on Saturday tlie2Istday
of November, 1903.
She names as witnesses :
Charles L. Austin, Clayborno F.
Rhodes, Jese Seayy, James Seavy, of
Eugene, Ijiiio Co.. Ore.
Any and all persons claiming adverse
ly the above-described lands are re
quested to file their claims in thisolfice
on or before said 21st day of November,
rr.oritiEToiis or
Butte Stages.
or m
W"H paper.
Activity is the Word A Large
Force ot Men Employed Pre
parations For the Twenty
Stamp Mill Almost Completed.
Advices from thcCrystilC'invili
dated Mining Co. arc to the ellcct
that the saw mill recently imtullctl
is now running on full lime sawing
out bills ol lumber for the null
building, new bunk and cook
house, office and assay office.
The underground w rk fur the
time being lias been sti-.'iidel ami
tlic force put on the outside work,
with the view of rushing the mill
to completion nt is curly u date its
poNsible. The grounds foi the new
mill arc being cleared and let meed,
and the foundation made with all
speed. The mill machinery atrived
at the depot in this cityTiiesd.iy
mid Wednesday was transferred to
the O. &"S. 15 line, and is now at
the Red lltidgo depot aw.iititiK the
teams oi the Pitcher llros., wh cli
have been enad to convey the
heavy machinery to the mine. The
mill when completed, which will be
nt the earliest possible date, will
have n capacity of 35 tons per dav.
The haul at this season of the year
is more or less slow and burden
some, but when compared with
what it was in lortuer years it is an
easy task The machinery will be
taken in over the new Champion
cauyo'i roatl to tbc head of the can
yon and then up the new Crystal
road, which hasjust been completed,
lothe site. Altogether twenty-five
men are now employed at the mill
and as fast as they can lie worked
to advantage the force wilt be in
creased. Owing to the weather
conditions always to be taken into
account at this season of the year,
Manager Lloyd can not state posi
tively when the mill will be tendy
for operation, but not n day
will be lo-t in an effort to have it
pounding rock at the earliest mo
ment. Many tons of rich or arc
in readiness fur treatment.
laiml Office at Itosebitrg, Oirgmi,
October II. UHI3.
Notice is hereby given that t'le'olliiw
iiig-nauicd settler has tlic I notice of his
Inteullon tc make Html pro ( in sup
port of his claim, and that said proof
will be mado before Itegister and lie-ci-iverUS
liud Office at Itoseburg,
Oi -gon, on Novembi r 17. UH13. vis: II
E N 9227, August S.-insrli.- for the lils
1, S, 9, 10, Sir H, Tup 2 S., It 2 W.
Ilu names the following witnesses to
prove Ids rnntiniioiiH rentdeneo upon
and i-iilllviition of said laud, vis ;
PC Smith, W M Van lloidoii. J W
Van Guidon, J A'-kson, of Ciittagi'
Grove, Oregon.
J. T. Bhiixiks, Itcgistrr.
Notlrs l hrrrt.r Kltrn llitl I, (. A. rrrklno
Ihf iliilv n,ilni., iusllnrt ami rilna r.
itlannf Lull I'rrklni.a minor liy rlrtue ol an
onlrr ol Ins Conntr fourl nt fJinc County,
mule ivi. 31. 1WK1. Mill m'H al private aale for
I raih In haml, tlis follnHlni rral properly Nv
lonrlnir to uM minor, luwlt
One un.llvi.1ol half liuereal In the properly
ttticrllHNl as follows:
I llrKlnnlnrat a polnl N. 39iteicrr,' Katt lOSi.s
links from the Houthwel corner of Mrt (' A
Terklni a.litltlon to Ihocltr of HoUage (lroe
In lAneCoiinijr. Slate of nrrifou. Inrnre Kait
nvjllnki. tlieni Nortli J ilenrws Kait M49
I llliL, thenre MealKVu link., theni-e Hoiith xl
! leurei Weilftll.l llnka 10 tlie plan? ol lcirlii
nlnir.all In eotli.n3s, Tpai.NMiib rameawttt
I of Willamette tnerUllaii In Une County, Slate
of Orenoii ... ...
Still ale lll roininenre oil lonilay Die ilh
1 ilay of ImeioUr Iweiat ti.ltatp ilroe Orenon,
I amlivntllllie till aal'l lallU la aol.I
M u. A. riaaihs, (liianllan
that i$ made in
i ii ,t
I .We
If you want the Best
'w. 3 . IT
I, list Filihiy nlKht the nenu'iil
Kilter DuiiiiiiIIcCo. pivseli fd to lh
public for tht-lliHt tlino the t'le 11
, (Utlo tmvo cotiiedy "A Ib r H
lloneymotin," Tlio .WW v"
milled with crottded hiuiHoutit
evcrv inlnuto (if thn time wnselijo.ved
by tut- audience. Phr-plny w'Wt'U'iJ".
well acted nnd full of liiuglmbli' it v
from start to IIiiIhIi. I 'r t U-tila r
endlt Is duo fllntoii 15. I.tnyil. l it
IchiIIiih; ninn of the company. Mr-
1. ...11- 1., lull 11 tlulNlied nclitr
nutl Ih well on llie'pnthwii.v to tietoi--fiiine.
'I'he euiiiuiu.V ns n whole Is
well ImhuuTil nun mix lew "ii""
thi'i-oiiHt. r. II. t'leint'lil, the jnnli
nuer. In certainly to liei iiimrnllllnted
in his cunt nnd II "A lliii'helor h
lliilievnitum" enn be cited ns 11 crite
rion liv which the other iIiivh ivnro
iliiccdfiv thocoinpiiiiy limy liejudgt-tl
lln t'leinent Ki-eforCo. will nitvl. with
tmliirthm Hin-ceHM, nnd eun play re
turn dntes n often its pi'iUltiilit
"I was taken severely sick with kid
ney trouble I tried all sorts ol iiihII
eines, none ol which relieved tne. One
day I saw an ad ol your Electric Hit
lers mid dt'tei mined to trv thai. Alter
taking a few iWs I Udl tellevfd, and
thereafler a eutltelv eureilj nnd
have not seen a U-k day since, Nelgli
Isirs ol mine have been cured ol Itlieil
malisui, Sriiralgla, Liver and Kidney
troubles and Heueral llehllitv." 'Plus
Is what II, F. Hhsm, of Fremont, N. C.
writes. Onlo MV at New Era Druggist.
At n-Ktlliir inecthiK of flt v Cmnicll
held hiMt Motiduy evening, Miiviir It.
M. Ventch, Itecorder J . K. Voiiiik,
Coiiiiellmcli tleo. Wnll, S. It. I'iier.
t'luiH. ViiltdeiiluirK. J. V. Ciirrln. .1. I
.loncHHtid Oliver Ventch were pnn.
' Petition for HkIiI nt tiortheiiNt cor
ner, block 2, Wynne addition, re
ferred to light. cnmiiilttfc.
On motion comuilttiv of four wiiH
appointed to preiun new churter to
lie prew'iitctl to extra nchhIoii. If
On motion the. recorder w iih or
ilered tt charge till hIiowm eitremo
limit for licenses on .Sunday,
lllt.t.N AI.I.OWKII.
.1 M llurliain M 75
Munduil foe 1 40
(irllllu Ventch 91 Of
J B Yoiinjr H :tt
Booth Kelly LuiiiIht Co I CI mi
tieo lllsliv '. 7 7."
PIiht A Viiiidf iihurtr :i'.'.s :u
It it Mnrthi 2S no
Water rcceh.tH IIH OR
Sonic fellow who had an in ei Mini o
A-alkiug went into Krank llauibriek's
bam last Kriday night and helped lilm
self to 0110 of Frank's horses and a lmhmI
saddle. The nrxl uniriiiiig Mi. llnlti
lirlek notiliiil the ullii-eis inntli and
eonlli but tl.i Irui-e of llie i-iiap i-uiild be
foiiud toiler mi I lit. hum- uhm found
near Pleasatil Hill inter li.auii belpel
the light tiiigt-itil eosH nn In. wn,
Frank is very Ibiitikbil In get Ins hoiae
ami saddle back
5 Spring is berc-So arc wc j
Willi Sjiray Pmnps and Sjiray Coiiipoimd.
Hoc, RnkeM nnd CiiltlvntorH.
Ullver'M Steel mid Chilled I Iiiwh. 3
FIbIi Brew. Wiikuiim. 3
A full and complete Line of Hardware, KIovcm and 'riiiwim.
y . . zS
Mining Supplies our Specialty. 3
Piper & V
Griffin & Veatch Go
Don't forget to eall Jit the
West Side Store.
Everything First Class
find prices the lowest possible
tor high grade goods.
II I PD West Side Store "
Cottage Gove, O
Phillip llolil Pnrclmscs lie Inter
est o(Cluiiinnn niuLSoii in (lie
llolil, Cliapiunn nnd Siiiisl.uiii-
. her Co. at Divide.
TIiIh week Plillllp llohl, the M'lilor
lueiiiber nt the llrm of llolil, Chap
mail A Sun Lumber Co , with mill ill
IHvlile, fimr mllt'H Hiuith otthlx dl.v,
iilwuilied Ibe liili'ifsl id IiIm pnrtnerw
mid U now Note iiwner of the Hlock.
The niiiln ulllrn will belli t lilt illy,
oeciipvlnu riimiiH nt the lohl liluek
Hitillii' hIiuii, iioi'lh of tint I'lraL
1 Nitthiiiiil Hunk. I Miller the new
iiiiituiKf incut t'luiN Moaler hiiM Ikcii
IrtHtulled miiiiiim't' nl the mill mill
thai Kfiitlemiiti Iiiin already taken
up Ills tlutlt'N At piewlit the mill In ,
2il,IHKIeiipaclt.v. but Mr llohl iXm-cIm
'toiidd xullli'leiit-power mid saws to
make It .Ti.lHKl t-npaclty In the aprlnu.
At preecnt tl illl N pa.vliiir particu
lar utleiitloii to the local trade, mill
to heavy (IiiiIh-ih and rnllroml tlt-M.
In cniiverMiitloii with Mr. llolil ho
said In 11 NiiKgct man "I ftsd eon
flileut ol HiiccesN. We have 11 uooil
ehiBH of timlier ladiliiil us, mid llicrt
U no reiiHon why we rdintihl full. I
took hold of tlili prnpiialtloii for thu
iK'iiellt of in.VMelf nnd the continuity
nt hime, and 1 11111I1I like lo have
itliepulillc take Niilllcleut lutercHt In
nil t'lilrrprlac that eiuployM from
twenty lunula up, with 11 dully pay
roll ol VI mid upwards, to lvo inn
11 Hhuri' of IIn palroitiiKe, nnd I feel,
liv prewnt luillciitloiiH In the matter
o) orders already placed with um.
Unit they will do mo.
' Inlhe irenll rmnt nl lite ttale ol Orefoi,
for Ijnieeouniy
J. II. Mrtrr, rialiilllf.i
I Mills l Mn.ler. Iiefemlaiill
I T l.ttllr M Mr.iler, I he alKiieiiame.1
' In tlie name ol tlie afale nl OrrKn, you are
! hereliv iiiiiniotir.l aiul fe'iulrinl to aMn-ar anil
iniarf tlie eoinplalnl tiled asalnat ytul In the
atiove enlillnl t'onrt ami eaiiM- wlitiln li
weeki Irom Ine Hate 01 tne tint iiuniiesiion ol
till, ummoiii, antt If )oii tall to appear ami
an er a. I.arrln tr.illiri!. lor want thereof,
the riallilllTMlll apply lo the salil Court for
the relief ilemamtiHl III hla roinplalnl, whlet.
I. lor a ile, iee ot mI.I I'ouri forever illiMilflnir
Ihe Utinta ol inalrlmon ealitlus belwreu
I'laltitlrTaiol livfrii'tant ferthsrars and cua
Italy nl the minor rhlM ol MetntllT ami Defen.
flatlt. Kra i ra.ler, tor l-lalltlirf'a etMti and Ilia,
ttiirvemrnl. ol int. auli ami tor aoeti olher anil
f 11 1 tier rellefat lot lie 1 our I may arret e.ul.
alee ami Ju.l
Thl. viimmoiia la puiitlahet onre a week for
ail atmea.lae Mreka " ihr lloliemla Ntlssel, a
Meekl, new.lir pulilt. el al rutlaie llrove,
iliea 0 1., .titer .1 I', e 1 llainlllon.
Jmlye "I 1 1 el run lut 11 ntaile al
1 hamliet- al Him. liora ilreKi, tepl Ami,
1 lie lir.l putilli atti.o ol Ihla .iiminimi la oil
-ei.temtar i.Mli,
J X Mr 1.1 v.
Any lot I'lallilltr
Till: CITTIMI 1)1 1 A LIT Y
if any tool Ih ulwiiys a ilsHlrnblo
one, but of equal Importance Is the
power of rctnlnhiK this quality so iih
not to require too frequent sharpen
ing;. By making' your purchuNCH of
the (Irllllu Ac Vcutch'Co. you always
rccelvo your money's worth In tlio
best quality of tools mid cutlery of
properly. feiniK-red steel that Is sum
to hold an I'lluc
5 !ftBWS1ffrgMIS D f '