Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, November 06, 1903, Image 6

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C. J. Howard Editor
Barton C. Y, Drown - Dullness Mg'r.
Grocery Store S
1 Did It Ever Strike You
llleh School Foot Bali Team of
Knitted th ixntofflc. at CotUc (Inn.,
Orjon wrond titan will nllr.
this City defeats Eugene last
SCORE STOOD 10 to 5.
TIIIBI'ArEK liktrlotilll.t E.O. Prakt'i
KiTtiiiaing Aimer, oi.nnw
6Dt,Hn Fr.n?lefl, ClKornL. where eon.
irmcu lor aareriuuii can i. m.fl. for 11.
Friday, Novkmiikr 6. 1903.
For some time the lumber busi
ness 0! the several mills in
Oregon has been fearfully handi
capped by reasott of the inability of
the boutlietti Pacific to furnish cm
to meet the hauling demand. The
reason for this condition is alleged
to be the wrangle in which the
Southern Pacific and the Santa Fe
have engaged in the matter of
handling shipments destined to
Eastern markets. In entering this
competition with the Santa Fc the
Southern Pacific found it necessary
to call off much of its rolling stock
from the Oregon line. In doing so
the lumber trade of Oregon, partic
many, was greatly retarded, so
much so that many mills were
obliged to shut down, at least to
reduce their output 50 per cent. A
telegraphic dispatch under date of
Nov. 3, announces that a traffic
agreement has been quietly effected
between the two companies, and
that while "The terms of the agree
ment are not positively known, they
are said to be the use of the Santa
Fc cars by the Southern Pacific Co.
in California and Oregon, and the
hauling to Santa Fe points where
freight can be readily taken East."
This means much to Oregon, and
particularly does it mean much to
CottaRe Grove. Here is the center
of heavy movement in lumber and
timbers, and since this railroad
squabble has been going on we
have .seen a heavy decline in lum
ber affairs locally. The Long &
Bingham Co. some weeks ago prac
tically gave up running lull time
The Pacific Timber Co., which deal
largely in the shipment of piling
nnd heavy timbers found it impossi
ble to get cars, hence the business
of the company was greatly reduced.
The dropping off of the business of
these two large concerns was
noticeable here, for the reason that
their payrolls were lightened in all
branchesof the business. Thecon
gestion brouglr about by the rail
roads locking horns reached even
into the remote logging camps. As
soon as the decks of the saw mills
were conge.-ted with lumber, the
log ponds rilled up, and then the
dump grounds. Then something
had to drop, and of course it had to
be the payrolls. It is to be hoped
that the dispatch incorporated in
this article is authentic.
The public debt October 31, less
cash in the United States treasury,
amounted to $920,000,000, and in
crease for the month of $2,600,000.
And still some of us wonder why
the young American does business
on tbe credit system aud is contin
ually dealing in futures. He can't
help it any more than a duck can
help swimming. Its born in Mm
his uncle Sam has set the example
before him. And who would not
follow uncle Sam, anyway?
Some of the papers are publish
ing pictures in which is given to
the view, various kinds of animals,
birds, etc., inviting the public to
find one or more that are secreted
in the general lines of the picture.
For a change it might be well to
print the pictures of some men of
which the public has read and in
vite the readers to successfully lo
cate their brains.
From the way the Eugene papers
are howling about the loot ball
game of last Saturday in which the
Cottage Grove High School team
gave the Eugene Hit'h School team
a sound drubbing to the tune of 10
to 5, it would appear that there are
a few sore heads down about the
county seat town.
Natural Conclusions.
"Ef dey's milk In paradise dey mus
have cows dar," said Brother Williams,
"en cf dey got honey dar dey sho mus'
have bees, en wbar bees Is dey's blos
soms, en wbar blossom Is dey's always
waterrnllllous In season, bless d
Lawd!" Atlanta Constitution.
Inside each pound package of
Lion Coffee
will be found a FREE game.
60 different games. All new.
At Your Qrocer.'.
1 1
Saturday afternoon the most ex
citing foot ball game ever witnessed
in tins city was played between the
Cottage Grove High School team
and the Eugene High School team,
The Eugene team was the only one
successful in detesting Cottage
Grove last year and the home boys
were determined to return the com
plimeut this year, which they did
Saturday in a very neat manner.
Tho score was 10 to 5 in favor of
the home team, Eugeuesconug one
touch down on a fluke in the
second half. The ball was punted
by Eugene from the center of the
field and full back Hill of the Cot
tage Grove team missed the punt.
It passed over the goal line and was
secured by a Eugene player. Um
pire Ford, of Eugene, claimed Hill
touched the ball and counted a
touch down for the Eugene team.
At no time was Cottage Grove's
goal in danger. The entire game
was played in Eugene s territory.
Cottage Grove's line seemed invin
cible. Halfback Harms made the
Star play of the game by breaking
through lingerie s line lor a touch
down near the middle of the first
half, making a 45 yard run Knox
the other Cottage Grove half also
played a star game. Fullback Hill
and Quarter Emmerson were very
much in evidence. Finerty at cen
ter is hard to beat. Allison and
McKibben as tackle, Hawley and
Martin as guards made a strong
combination for the line. Last but
not least by aiiy means, Taylor and
Griffin, the ends, carried the ball
for a pretty little gain of 20 yards,
Crabtree, Kesley, Farrington and
Dillard played good ball for Eu
A reception was tendered the vis
itors in the evening.
The Itev. Mr. MurM preached here
latt Sunday.
Wasn't lnot Saturday nlcht Hal
lowe'en night?
Albert Chapman and wife were vis
iting here Inst week.
Mla.s Uleedo UrluK returned Sunday
from n visit to friends near Lornne.
Seth Howe nnd wife, of Eugene,
have been vlaltlng friend here. Mr.
Howe was formerly a resident of thlx
Mr. Jacob Celwltz, who had the
misfortune to dlxlucate bin right
ankle 11 short time ago. Is KettitiK
along nicely but it will be Home time
Before he can walk.
W. W. Tucker, Itculxm Tucker, It.
H. Lee, A. Soderntrom nnd E. F.
Smith left here Inst week saying that
they were going Honing at ScottH
burg. We will tell you more about
It next week.
The Hold wnw mill here'la having
more trouble. Mr. Frank Chapman
1ms quit occupying hU position ax
engineer while ncveral other have
left. The mill In now in fairly good
ahnpe, having two main sawn, one
cut oil Haw, edger, etc., and Im capa
ble of cutting from 12,000 to
feet ier day.
The tlrnt of the Public School
Iecture Series, which has tieeii ar
ranged by Professor Brlggs, will
open November 7, with the famous
poet and plntform eneertalner,
Edmnnd Vance Cooke. Mr. Cooke Is
known throughout the'United States
nnd Is greeted with rousing houses
Speaking of him the Detroit (Michi
gan) Evening News says:
"Cooke while a poet of purely
American Ideas, Is In the broader
class, and does not confine his writ
ings to any particular environment
In this respect he differs from James
Whltcomb Jtlley. Mr. Cooke has the
advantage of being an accomplished
actor, aud recites his poems with a
fine and natural art. His impersona
tlons in stories of the stage showed
great talent, and the poems, under
the title of Notable Narratives, are
Rheumatism, lumbago and sciatic
pains yield to the penetrating influence
oi oaiiaru s rcnow imminent, it pene-
absorbed into the blood, its healing i
properties are conveyed to every part of I
the body, and effect 'some wonderful i
cures, zoc, ooc. i.uu at new tra jrug
Cottage Giwe
HARTUNG & HANSEN Proprietors
Having purchased the above mills we will put out
flour equal to any on the market.
We carry a full supplv of all kinds of feed such as
Rolled Barley, Oats and Mill Feed.
Special attention given to Farmers grist work.
We pay highest market price for all kinds of grain.
If square dealing and courteous treatment will secure
your patromigc we will have it.
Correspondence solicited.
Absolutely Pure
New Way of Using Cliamlierlaln's
Cough Remedy.
Mr. Arthur Chapman wrltliu: from
Durban, Natal, South Africa, says: "Ah
a proof that Chamberlain's Conga
Remedy is a cure suitable for old and
young, pen von the following, A neigh
bor ol mine hail a child just over two
months old. It had a very bad cough
and the parents did not know what to
give it. I suggested that if they would
get a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedv and put sonin upon tlm dummy
teat the babv was sucking it would no
doubt cure the child. This they did
and bioucht about a quick relief and
cured the baby ." This remedy Is for
sale by New Kra Drug Store.
The finest quality of granulated loaf
sugar Is ueeu in inu manuiaciurn ui
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, and the
loots used in its preparation give It a
flavor similar to maple syruo, making
it quite pleasant to take. Mr. . L.
Roderick, of I'ooleivllle' Md.. in speak
Ine of this remedy, fays: "I haveused
Chamberlain's Cough Rmedy with my
child. e for several years and can
truthfully say it is the best preparation
of the kind I know of. The children
like to take it and it has no injurious
after effect. For sale by New Era Drug
Perhaps you have never thought of it I
but the fact mint be apparent to every
one that constipation is causeu uy a
lack of water in thn system, and the use
of drastic cathartics like the old fash
ioned pills only makes a bad matter
worse, unaoioeriain s luiuacn uu
Liver Tablets are much mora mild and ;
gentle in tneir effect, and when the
proper dote is taken their action is so I
natural that One can hardly reatue it is ;
the effect of u medicine. Try n 26c
bottle of them. For sale by New Era i
Drugstore. I
Mrs. 11. W. Evans, Clearwater, Kan.,
writes : "My husbahd lay sick fur three j
months, i lie doctors saw mat ue nuu
quick consumption. We priicuu-d u
bottlu ol uanaru b iiotenouim syrup,
and it cured liini. That was fix years
ago. Since then we have always fept
a buttle in the house. U'e cannot do
without 't. For coughs ami colds it has
no equal." 2oc, 60c, 1.00 at New Era
Drug Store.
Carelessness is responsible for many a
railway wreck and the same causes are
making human wrecks of sufferers from
Throat and Lung troubles. Hut since
the advent ol Ur. King's New Discovery
(or Consumption, Coughs and Colds,
even the worst cases can be cured, and
hopeless resignation is no longer neces
sarv. Mrs. lois Cragg of Dorchester,
Mass., is one of many whose life whs
saved by Dr. King's New Discovery.
This great remedy is guaranteed for all
Th i oat and Lung diseases by New Era
Druggist. Price We, and fl.UO. trial
loltles free.
Terminated with an ugly cut on the
leg of J. It. Orner, Franklin Orove, III.
It developed u stubborn ulcer uiiyii ldiiig
lodoctors and remedies fur four years.
Then Bncklen's Arnica Salve cured. It't
iust as good fur Hums, Scalds, Skin
Cruptions and Piles. 'Jon at New Era
Drug Store.
It's shambful when youth fails tu
show proper
respect fof old age, hut
iust the contrary in the rase of Dr,
King's New Life Pills. They cut off
maladies no matter how severe ami irre
spective of old age. Dyspepsia, Jaun
dice, Fever, Constipation all yield to
tlusptrfect Pill, local 1'rug (store.
Henry D. Baldwin. Supt. City Water
Works, Shullsbtirg, Wis., writes: "I
have tried many kinds of liniment, but
I have never received much benefit un
til II used Ballard's Snow Liniment for
rheumatism and pains. I think it the
best liniment on earlh." 2.5c, 60c. 1.00
at New Era Drug Store.
Come at once and have your holl
any photos taken In time to send to
friends for Christmas. Do not wait
1111 tllL' IllMt moment.
W. I'". Siianakki.t.
fjallery on West .Side, opposite
jiusonc Hull
Flour Mills
the place to
your groceries.
Ijvcrything is clean,
new, fresh and of first
grade quality.
Tor Sale.
Double rotary complete saw
mill oitttlt, excepting power
1111 plant iiiciiuicm main it'll.
llll IIVU,
carrier, f
lllatnu 4
Inside licit, saw dust
two inserted tooth
saws. With IR borne po
.".,XX to S.0OO feet of lumlior can
be cut irt day.
J Bargain
and will tiny you to Investi
gate. The entire plant Is in
good working order and con
venlentlv located. Will cut
true ami entire cut can Ih sold
tin tho ground under present
contracts at good llgures.
Call at Ilohemla Nugget
ftirthur particulars.
LOST: Between the New Era
Drug Store ami the I'tiHtnlllce.
one lent her purse containing t lit
following: Three Hundred Dollars
$:IOO.OOI In bills. seven dimes and
thirty-live i-ents In nickels and
IHMinlf. nl?.!! iiiio tqiiml nl thivail
and line Imx of
"Pop 'Em All Com Salve."
The finder uiiiy keep the I'un-e.
Money and Thread, but I earnestly
request that the CORN SALVE lie
returned as It Is
The Most Valuable l'rfier.uion On The
for the cure of corns,
return It to,
etc. I 'lease
Yours ltesiectfiiliy,
Miss N. O. Coii.ns
Advertise in the Nugget
t Where you buv your Hat. There is three S
. is
s tilings to consider in selecting. s ffl
Style, Quality and price, g J
III. Idea Capacity.
I read Bomowhore tho other day,"
Mid Mr. ITenpeck, "that ono of the bit;
mercantile corporations pays a certain
man $1,000 for each Idea ho furnlshex.
George, I'd llko to haro a chanco ot
that klndl"
"Wretchl" exclaimed Mrs. Ilenpcck.
"Do you want your Innocent wlfo and
rtilld to starve?" Chicago Itccord-IIer-
That the one place
in town where you
could always secure a
stylish Dependable hat
was at our store.
There is a reason
for it.
4 i i m
f I 11. 1 1.1 ,1..., I ..I" I II
we ate pieitseti ui miow mat. pcopic tu tm
Cottage Grove have learned that "When (HHb9 I
J) you see it in our ad it's so." We told them Kff I
in our last weeks ad thai for 10 days we JSIm I
would make a sweeping eul of 10 In lo per Hife. I
wB on till Mens Hoys Clothing MKtfa. I
tHL I As a our Clothing liup.-ul I
BmB H want of room, will continue the clothing JHvHtH H
JH w snlo another week hoping to mtike LIiiiEiV I
HBfegJj When tell tHfw I
IHflffin a boys stiit lo 10 years old lor H
8lilyn you know its so. Come and IvxamiiK . RBT
BKflf Wu uru iiliMireil tluit iuut ol uur sales I lie paol week have Ktm H
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HKtflH Suit at Mm nriee uiual'y o( u "li,iinl-iue-ilin" one woulil Im UBl Hm
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tliu yil, or you may tuKu the roll at (S.0U. Thin m a t:ooil Bj
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When you see It In "VVELCI'I & WOODS Ihe UaJem In Low V
our nil It's so. Prices. H
Here is where s
wc are specially 3
equipped to help 2
"Cluuiberlain's I'alu Halm la con
eldered tliu deat liniment on tho market."
write l'oat A IIIIbh, ol Ucorgia, VI,
Nu other liniment will lieal a cut or
limine bo promptly. No other uflbrila
b 1 1 o 1 1 iiuick rellellrom rheuinaeic pains.
No other Is no valuable for deep seated
pains like liuno back am! pains In tho
chest, tiivo this liniment- u trial and
you will never wish to bo without It.
Hold by New Kra Drug Store,
Pacific Timber
Under Odd Fellow's Hull
Cottage O rov( Oregon. MU
5de Raw purchased
The West Side Harness business of Fred
Gale and will conduct it at the old place. A
firt-class shoemaker will be employed for that
class of work.
All goods and work guaranteed to give
We soliet your patronage find will try
to please you.
West Side Harness Shop.
m ?AVti YUU1 I lUlNtiY S
M Sao. Hip. No.w finnik nml Snn.rifll l.nw him ,it U
: 4
IS. K. Klseas
Cut prices on Shoes,
Lace Curtains, Laces
jk and Millinery.
IS $1.75 IBats 1.25,
Fine Groceries At Cost.
We fire always look
ing about and count
ing on the future want
of our customers, and
we never buy anything
but the leading make
and st vies.
ng mnchines V )
ics; Ribbons w
Clothing, Sewing
aud Fnibroidei
iiii-lo-late Sty
a siaw w.uwviiwu i it VUQI) f,S