Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, October 23, 1903, Image 6

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C. J. Howard
Dirton C. Y. Hrown
Business Mg'r.
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AiU.rtlnlnr Itnlr. mm' kn "I"1"
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How about that sewer question?
It is self evidcnttliat a city like
CottoRC Grove must make provision
for correct sanitation. The question
of a few dollars does not enter
into the discussion at all. A state
law should be enacted directing
that each city or town of more than
500 inhabitants construct and main
tain' a sewer system of sufficient
capacity to drain and cleanse the
town of all filth and refuse. There
would be no question then of rights
cf cities to transact such business.
If the city has no right under its
charter to construct a sewer then
the charter should be changed and
nn effort should be made to get the
change at the earliest possible
The farming and fruit growing
ofSouthern Lane County has re
ceived marked attention this year
and as a result some very fine
samples of fruit and vegetables have
been brought to Cottage Grove for
display. This is as it should be.
Southern Lane County ought to
produce sufficient fruit to attract
the attention of outside buyers.
The soil is here and also plenty of
good land, but not sufficient sur
plus, after supplying local demand
to pay outside buyers. Good or
chards will always pay large divi
dendsand farmers as well as bankers
are looking for dividends.
The release of Tillman in South
Carolina came as a great surprise to
people throughout the United
States. Either the Associated press
failed to report the shooting as it
really occured and the particulars
leading up to it, or else the jury
who turned him loose had too
much talk, or some other good old
southern product that rendered their
judgment extremely bad.
Cottage Grove can boast of a
school that is equal to the best in
the state, if boasting were permiss
able. The school is under the
management of an excellent corpse
of teachers and a very wide-a-wake
principal who makes the school his
business and study and the results
are seen by all.
High-crowned hats are the seas
ons preference, but there are shown
many pretty pleaux which are bent
and twisted into becoming shapes.
The moderate sized Gainsborough
trimmed with ostrich plumes is per
haps the most popular hat. One of
the distinctive features especially in
evidence among the small hats and
toques is the Directoire crown; it is
flat on top and straight up the sides,
while it varies in height from two
to three inches.
Braids are being used to fashion
novel hats. Velvets were never be
fore so attractive and are shown in
all the stylish colors. Moleskin
felts are adapted to the fashionable
shapes and almost rival in beauty
the velvet creations. Fur hats are
The toque and other small hats
of velvet are trimmed with birds,
wings or quills aud ribbons, and
lace enters largely into the adorn
ment of the dressy hats. Buckles
are again conspicuously employed
on hats, a fact partly due to the
prominence of high crowns. Rib
bons are an important decorative
item, and the new samples are
broad and extremely soft and fine,
of either taffeta or liberty satin
texture, aud in plain colors. A
novelty introduced in the trimming
of some of the smartest bats is the
herring-bone stitch. From The
Delineator for November.
Wnlt Garouttc, somo time ago
sold to Slorso & Metcalf 11 cabbage
weighing 2S pounds and tho Nugget
noting the slzo of It offered oneyear's
Bubbcrlptloa for a cabbage that
would bent It. On Tuesday Mr. Ga
roittte presented himself at this olllce
with one weighing thirty-one pounds
and of course we gavo him the re
ceipt for 0110 year's good reading.
It Is tho opinion of the Nugget that
he must have a large size ranch or
elbO theso two were tho only cabbiigo
lit) raised doubtful If ho had room
for uny more. The Nugget now
challenges tho State of Oregon for a
larger cabbage, by measurement and
weight. Tho 0110 delivered at this
olllce Is In our display window and
tho question of offering u rowurd for
a barrel largo enough to kraut this
0110 head la -Is being considered
scaled bids for building tho barrel
will bo received from cooperage
works In any liart of tho state.
An astonishing situation is re
vealed by nn article recently pub
lished in the Independent. Hvcry
one has known that Kentucky
mountain people were addicted to
guns, feuds and ready vengeance,
but were scarcely prepared for the
utterly unparalleled showing here
made. According to the teports
made by the coroners ol the various
counties there have been 798 homi
cides in the last five years in the
state, exclusive ofllrentliitlcoutity.
Irom which no returns were made,
s no one has been willing to accept
the office of coroner in that county
for three years.
This is iticjcounty in which the
grossest lawlessness exists and in
which the killing of three promi
nent men last May aroused the en-1
tire stale to an outraged demand '
for law enforcement. I
It is easy to see where the
trouble lies, when it is known that
1,131 persons have been pardoned
by governors since iSSq before
they even entered the penitentiary
walls, although regularly convicted
for crimes by the courts of the state.
Of men sentenced for life, 120 have
been pardoned after an average
term of seven aud one-half years
All this shows the utter laxity of
public sentiment since official law
lessness of this sort would be im
possible except it were indorsed bv
an overwhelming indifference.
Jauics B. Marcuin, a promising
and already prominent man shot
last May, headed the petitioners
who, n few months earlier, had se
cured a pardon for the murderer
Jett, who killed Macrum.
Such occurences as this ought to
he more effective than any moral
izing. General O. O. Howard has be n
going about among the mountains
of this state preaching against feuds
and the Salvaticu Army has begun
an engergetic campaign for the
same purpose. Telegram.
W. C. T. U. NOTES.
The Woman's Christian Tem
perance Union holds its Annual
State Convention in Salem, Oct. 20
to 25, President Mrs. Helen D.
Harford in charge. Miss Lillian
Phelps, a noted sptaker from the
Canadian W. C. T. U., will be
present and add interest to the ses
sions. An executive meeting of the
county officers of the W. C. T. U.
was held at the home of the presi
dent, Mrs. Eva C. Wheeler, Cot
tage Grove, Oct 17. Business rela
tive to the county work and prepa
rations for the State Convention was
fnllmved hv thp snnninimunt nf ,Ip. i
,.,.,,.,... ,.,,:..rij.... t m 'got no benefit from them. We pur
partment superintendents: L. T. iasC(1 60tne o( chamberlain'i Stomach
L. Secy., Miss Edna Houston, Eu-1 mid Liver Tablets ami he commenced
gene: Sundav school work, Mrs. 1 taking them. Inside of thirty davs he
Clara G. Esson, Eugene; evange-' B"'""' forty pound in uYeh. He
lisiic Mrs P V Wilcn,, T?nfTn- ' now fully recovered. e have a pood
listie, .Mrs. u. . u usoti, liugene, , ,.., ,. Tnl,l..t. iii.iifv itm...
medal contests, Mrs. M.J. Hou
ton, Eueene; lumbermen and
miners, Mrs. M. J. Barnard, Co
burg; anti-narcotics, Mrs.. Lizzie
Norris, Coburg; social and red let
ter days, Mrs. Frances Miller,
Saginaw; flower mission, Mrs.
Marcy, Saginaw; purity, Mrs.
Helen M. Baber, Junction; mother's
meetings, Mrs. M. 0. Howe, Ctes
well; literature and press, Mrs.
Louise H. Johnson, Creswtll. At
the close of business asocial hour
was spent, the hostess serving de
licious orange sherbet and dainty
This clever piny, which will I19 In
terpreted by Clemeut-Keefer Co., 1h
perhaps the liest furce comedy ever
written. It has been done by only
the lwst companies and In the large
theatrical centers, nnd tho Clement-
Kcefer Co.. which has no superior ns
a traveling organization, nav 11 hlirh
royalty for the play. This company
proposes producing only high-class
standard plays of which a "Iinche
lor's Honeymoon" Is a fair type.
Tho management requests those, who
do not enjoy a good laugh to remain
away. The play Is credited with
130.1 laughs. Tho characters are all
finely drawn and true to life, which
places this play far above the ordi
nary farce. It bus sufficient logical
plot to furnish legitimate surprises
and Is wholesome as well as laugh
provoking. This will be the only
opportunity to see the comedy.
Clemen t-Keefcr Co. has solo rights
for Its production In the northwest.
This company will nppear at Mar
tin's Hnll, Oct. 30. Reserved seats
S3 and acts Tho C. M. A. Hand of
this city will furnish street and or.
chestra music.
To Whom It M.av Concern: Notice
Is hereby given that any and all notes
due Dins, orders, accounts ana any
and all other evidence of Indebted
ness In the bauds of or purporting to
bo due or owing from the under
signed to one O. L. llaluey, or order,
or otherwise, are wholly void and
worthless for the reason that the
saino were given without any con
sideration whatever and have been
kept and retained by thusald Itulney
through fraud and misrepresenta
tion. Dated Cottago Grove, Ore., Oct.
nd, luoa.
SlTldlntr the Deolr.
'Now, Johnny," said the teacher,
who had been describing a war ship to
the class, "how Is the deck divided?"
A deck is divided," replied tho
bright boy. "Into spades, hearts, dia
monds and clubs." Philadelphia Tress.
Absolutely Pure
"Our little iliiii)!liti r had an almost
fatal attack of nhoupiut: euuuli anil
bronchitis." write Mrs. W. K. llavl
liuul.of Armouk, X. Y., "but, when all
other remedies failed, wo saved Iter life
with Dr. King's New DWcovery. Our
nieoe, w ho had Consumption In an ad
vanced stage, also used this wonderful
medicine and today she Is perfectly
well." Desperate threat and lung dl
seatca yield to Dr. King's New Dis
covery .is to no other medicine on earlh.
1 Infallible for Coughs ami ColdJ. Wo
1 ami $.00 Kittles guaranteed by New
i Kra Drug Store. Trial bottles free.
A LKtrallH.
TVenlthy Citizen Hut I Raid distinct
If In luy advertisement that I wanted
"n reliable colored coachman," nml
you are n red faced Irishman.
Applicant Hut sure. sor. Isn't ml a
reliable a color as blackj Ualtlmore
A Chicago man has observed that,
"Hood deeds are better than real estate
deeds some of the latter are worthless.
Act kindly and gently, show sympathy
and lend it helping hand. You cannot
DOssiblv lose bv it." Most men appre
ciate a kind word and encouragement
more than substantial help, lliereaie
persons in this community who might
truthfully say : "My good friend, cheer
up. A few iloses ol i.naniDeriaiu s
Cough Remedy will rid you of your cold,
and there is no danger whatever from
pneumonia whin you ue that medicine.
It always cures. I know it for it has
helped me out many a time." Sold by
The Modern Pharmacy.
Lumber. 3000 ft., two inch suitable
for sidewalk, stable Moor, bridge floor,
etc., price $4 per M. Call nt once.
II. K. Jovck,!', miles eastof Saginaw.
For SMveral months our younger
brother had been troubled with imli-
cestion. He tried several remedies but
Merchants, Long Urauch, Mo. l or sale
by The Modern Pharmacy.
A two-yeur-old Foxhound, solid
light color, with one white nnll cm
fore foot. Finder return to the Cash
(irocery store, Cottage Grove, and
receive suitable reward.
It is said of John Wesley that he once
said to Mistress Wesley: "Why do you
tell that ehild the same thing over nml
over again?" "John Wesley, because
once telling is not enough."' It is for
this same reason that von are
again and again that Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy cures colds nml grip;
that it counteracts any tendency of
these ilitean's to result in pneumonia,
and it is pleasant aud safe to take. For
sale by The Modern Pharmacy .
At Medley & Milne's real estate
ollice, the finest samples of Lane
county Jiroduets,
and a list of the
best and cheapest farms and town
lots. Corner 2nd and Mala Sts., Cot
tage Grove.
When pain or irritation exists on any
part of the body, the application of Dul
lard's .Snow Liniment will give prompt
relief. "It goes right to the spot," saul
an old man uhouas rubbinc it in, to
cure his rhuiiii.atlsin, C. It. .Smith,
Propr. Smith House, Tenaha, Texas,
writes. "I have used Mallard's Snow
Liniment in my family foreevcral years,
and have found it to be n flue remedy,
for all lichee and pains, and I recommend
it for pains in the throat and chest."
25c, 50c and $1.00 ut New Era Drug
A good :i-lu wagon. Anyone
wanting a wagon can do no better.
Price .L'3. Eiupilro of .Medley &
While opening n box, J. C. Mount, of
Three Mile llay, N. V., ran a ten penny
nail tlnouidi tholliwliv partofhls hand.
"I thought at onco of nil tho pain and
nnrAiWHH tlilu wnntil ffiiifip mn Iia uaitu
"anil iniineuiaiciy appueu unamuer
Iain's Pain Halm and occasionally after
wards. To my surprise it removed all
pain and soreness and the injured parts
were soon healed." For sale bv The
Modern Pharmacy.
Wood nnd country produco taken in
exchange for photographs at Shanefelt
gallery, West Hide.
Are spoiled by using any kind of
preparation that fills tho pores of the
skin, Tho best way to eecuro a clear
complexion, free from sallowness,
unipies, oiotciies, etc, is to Keep tne
Ivor In L'ood order. An occasional dose
of Ilerbine will cleanse the bowels,
resulato the liver, and so establish a
clear healthy complexion. 00c at New
I'M urug (store.
Kiel cold aliivvrinita, Rolling In the
bonc, luck tit enenjv, hrmlHchr, nnd
(treat deprcudmi? TliCTO n.vmptoiim
limy Iks followed by violent headache,
lii!h favor, oxtremu ncrvoitsneM, n eon-
union known 11 mitlarln. Heroine
. cities ll. Take it before thodlcaiUKCttt
a fair IhiUI, tltomtli It will wont n cure
1 In any Blaite. J. A. Hopkins Mini.
Chester, Kun., write: ' I h.Ae u-e.l
yonrKmit medicine, Hcrbine. or scv
oritl year. There Is unthiuK bolter for
iniiliiiiit. chill ami fever, headache,
billounieni, and (or a blood-inirlfvliiK'
tunic, there la unlhinit a good. We at
.i I. tu iirntf Mote.
for Sale.
Double rotary complete saw
mill iiiilllt, eccpllng power
This plant Includes main belt.
Inside Ik'Hs, hum dust carrier,
two Inserted tooth Dlsttm
saws. With III horse power
."i.IHHJ toVWH! fivt ul lumber can
bo cut Hr day.
E Bargain
and will pay yuti to Investi
gate. The en 1 1 iv plant Is In
good working order and con
veniently located. Will cut
true and entire cut can lie sold
mi the ground under present
contracts at good figures.
$3 00.00
Call nt Iloheuila Nugget
furthur particulars.
LOST: Hot ween the New Km
Drug Store and the Pontolllce,
one leather piuo containing the
Three Hundred Dollars
$:UM.00) In bills, seven dimes and
thirty-five cents In nickels and
lieunles, also one spool of thread
and one box of
'Top 'Era All Corn Salve."
The finder may keep the Purse.
Money and Thread, but I earnestly
request that the CORN SALVE ls
returned as It Is
The Must Valuable Frcperatlon On The
fur the cure of corns, etc. Please
return It to,
Yours Respectfully,
Miss N. O. Coiixh.
Grocery Store
is the place to
3'our groceries.
Everything is cle.-tn,
new, fresh and of first
grade quality.
" " imirnir.iiirs.-i. w i Vtlkl II M ,
WIIIHMHIWIMIMHMl'M"""","M"i"Mf"i f llmlM WA I
ftew Mp or fa . mm
I n jiij o
Wrc are making an early exhibition of the
Latest Styles in in Fall Dress Goods in order that
you may be fiblc to judge the styles find make
your selections early enough to get the most good
out of your Fall Dress before the rainy days
of the
Lai test.
Buy your Dress Pattern
and get service for the
season. The place
I1II1W &
Just for a lew days, till Nov. 1st. there is oiia,' to he a little extra doita,'
in our Clothing Department. There is no reason on earth whv we shouldn't
do double our present elothin business. We have a splcudidlv seleeted sloek,
and from the way things have been selling this fall we know the price is riht.
However just to make it interesting for 10 days we will make a sweeping eut
of 10 to 1" per cent on fill Children and Men's clothing.
Hoys Suits were $l.l,inuw ! '.II. Men's Suits
wcrv (15 00 now lU'.UO. Our Suits have always
Ihhui marked In plain llgttros and those who hni'
looked through our stock "Just rubbering" will
readll. see that the prices liavn't been marked up
for this sale, no it Is a bonallde reduction hi prices.
We hae Hoys Suits at ?1.:1I. SI .."SI. Jl.Vi up to
s 10. Mens tt.i to fJil.HU. Hoys Overcoats ?:l IK)
y When you sec it
r our ad It's so.
iajujuiiiiUiikiiuuiiiiaiUiaiiiJiwiiaiiUiikiiiiiuiwaiUiiiaiiuaiiikaiiUiUia iiwiiiiui&iiuu
ll&mn Grove l(1o,u" Mlls
1icated two blocks west '
and one block north of
theS. V. llepot
Large Rooms j
Well ventilated well fur- J
iilshed and flrst clnss In
every particular
Rates $1 per days
Hoard bv the week ?l..) J
without bed $:i.fi0 per n
week. Iteineiiiber the J
place. The best tables J
and the best beds, the
best accommodations In
every particular.
Central fm
Heather Suitings, Zibelines
Auto Cloth, Yankee Suiting, Drap
D'Alma, Drap Sebastapol, Melton
Cloth and Cheviots.
Look Like Men
The Clothes Ve Sell dive That Manly Appi'iir
utice. The' Clothes are cut in aeeordanee to men's ideas
anil nuulejso they will beeonie real men.
Wc sell 11 Suit or mi Overcoat for 815.
That will serve
Pacific Timber Co.
Under Odd Fellow's Hall
(Jottiigo Grove, Oregon
AKIUNU ec i1AiN5l:i Pronr ctorc
i I hiving purchased the above
Hour equal to any on the market.
We carry a lull supply of all kinds of feed such as
Rolled Barley, Oats ami Mill Eccd.
Special attention given to Farmers grist work.
W'e pay highest market price for all kinds of grain.
I I' square dealing and courteous treatment will secure
your patronage we will have it.
1 Correspondence solicited.
fa n ny n 11 1
Spring is bere-8o are we f
e .
With Spray Pumps and Spray Compound. 3
Sr Hoes, Hakes and Cultivators. 3
S Ollver'B Steel and Chilled I'Jowh. 3
i i . .... .... VMi N1-0'1' WnKoim,
A full and complete Lino of Hardware, Stoves and Tinware. 3
Mining Supplies our Specialty. 3
Piper & Vandenburq
RcatlEakiif&JBristow new ad.
fis well fts anv vou ever
to 7 no. If yon need clothing .vou can't nlforil to
pass this chance up W,. have a xpl lid stock of
MncklmiWH, nnd Woolen l uderwear, and 'Pop
Shirts, llluiiki-ts. ijiillis etc. We Just received ES
another lurge Inwileo of Shoes, Including the
fninoiiH "iM 7H" Hue and Washington Loggers
line. We also bae a complete Hue of rubber IS
goods, lined duck, and waterproof coats etc zS,
I lie Lenders In Low
mills we will put out
of any loot Is always a dsslrablo
one, but of eipml liiiporliuico Is t ho
power of retuliiliiK this iiiallty so as
not to require too fivqueiit sharpen
Iiik. H.v makliiK your piireluiscs of
the ilrilllu ic Veatch Co. you always
receive your money's worth In thu
best quality of tools and cutlery of
properlyjleiiipered steel that Is suro
to hold an cdro.
Veatch Co.