Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, October 09, 1903, Image 6

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C. J. Howard . - - .
Carton C. Y. Brown
. . . . Udltor
Business Mt'r.
Knitted tli tlimc i Ci.tti
Orrf 1.11 wwinl el" mU mlter.
iil..ftlplln ptlr.I.BO, In '!
AiUirlWInf llilnmi' hnawn
THIH l-.U'KIl li nn III K.C.
A.Krrlliln Alrtlicr, M .ll'l .M.-Tli.nt .
htn "In TrnrV.. r.llf..r..l. ht (,
irm for dvertliln cn t mrt. lor II
the spirit of progress is taking
root in this city. Everyone Is
awakening t ttic realization tliai
the oppo tunities for n city of many
iI.mchwI nmiiil.ition is within the
province ol Cottage Grove. It lias
taken lots ol talk on the part of
those, who, from time to timeviMi-
nil lit nil it 11 lins also taken the ex
nMillinri of manv thousands of
dollar. 011 the part of many who
have talked it, and who have criti
cised us, who have battered along
here for years without seeing the
gieal future possibilities. Hut
thanks to the energy and faith ot
tittle who have come 'rom abroail
and revealed the light, we are
now beginning o see what is in
store fur us. I" recognizing this
fact, let us be thankful that we have
been lead to see. At the same time
let us remember that ultimate suc
cess is not to be attained, simply b
seeing, but by taking advantage ol
that which we see. Let us lend 1
hand to this new spirit of enterprise
atid show those who have come to
work with us that, a hile we have
I.--., 1iw 111 awakening, we are
Niirti K ""OH PUH1.HUT10N
IjindOfflceat lloneburj, Or g n,
(A Vmnij.)
Ah mini mull l lie Htnft of life Ik,
.so .mill lil 1 1 Ih tlii'Kohl that linj It;
Though the kiiIiI will feed Ids bunner
(lold v III bur the lirt-ml lie Uvea on,
T" will not i.iwii.vh nuiLe bun happy.
There nre other thlngD In-aldes thla
lir which the soul ot man l .vrnrii
hilt Yearns for lore the love ol wonuin;
Anil to irnln thlii nrlcflenH Jewel
Jewel when 'tis pnrenml Holy.
HlnwntliiiHoiiRlit tne goitMieitis
(lold-llelilM, far Into tlie mountains,
Where the richest hidden trenaiir
Lay lliere hidden still in secret.
In the hill' ( old lloliembi;
Unplug; there to Mud the treasure
Which would bring; lilm ieuco nnd
Ami secure for him the treasure
I'tvasiirv that he loved nnd lougvd
t'lie love of ik Iwitittllul woinnii,
she who lie ho lined nml longvd fur.
And by dny ami night he divnined of,
Dreamed of her eye ho soft and
li vely,
of ker evea that were 10 hoiiUuI.
Which liiado bin heart tieiit so mueb
And Ills cheek grow ho much redder.
Until his soul wan lllleil with long-
I .,ii. Hi. r tt ,v-iii, U'lll mill litis,its llt'l .
While he pondered o'er the picture, ,, in-raous In eiieh Hlate to travel
I'rosiieet of Ills love succeoillug:. fr house established eleven ,earx
Hiawatha beht hN efforts, and with a law capital, to call
KffortK to lind the gold. Ids fortune. . ., merchants and ngvuts for siic
Which would buy hiicIi things of lw.(ui llu,i profitable line, l'ernia
lientit.v 'iieut engagement. Weekl.v cash
Ah would nleiihe the maid he loveilsir-, ,,ilirv ,,1 sis Ui nil traveling; ex
ility her ls.'uds ami thing; so pretty, ,k.,m.s ,,hi hotel bllln ndvaneed In
cash each week. lJxierleiieo not
esenttnl. Mention reference and eib
close self-addre-sed envelope. THK
NATIONAL, VAX liearborn St., t hi-eago.
Keel 111M lilvrrlngt, aching In the
October 0. 1 iu.1. milieu, mv "i ninu, nv,im, ,
, l,v KUen l.utthi'ollov. nt depieolonT Tiiw. V'l;''"
itl. r l.M filed nutleo of Ids' flowed hy vhlnt lie.lehe,
N'ullce li" he
itiif-ii.tiiim M'
.i.iiiiiiinii t, ihmLi. llnnl nnxif In hiiiv
Kiit of hi ehilni, mid Unit mild lirixil
III lie iiiiulu Uloio lUcislcr mid He
eeirer U 8 lnd Otllco nt Itonelmrir,
Onwn, on NoveniU r 17,1003. vlt: 11
K No 0.2T, AiiisiittSeliische, forthe l)l
1, 8, 9, 10, Sim 0, T p 22 8 H. 3 W.
Iicnaineallie louowinic wonetfcs u
nrove li rfliilliitiniiR realm-nee. upon
umlcultivntloiiof enl.llnnd.vli:
rutmllli. W Jl van uonion, J
Van Oortlon, J Akllon, of Cotugo
flrove, Oregon.
J. 1. UHI1X1IK, nepiner.
"Our little ttnugliti r hd an ahnot
fatal attack of It pllitf eoiiitli and
broiichiil." writes Mr. W. K. Ilav I
Iniid.of Armonk, X. Y., "but, when Ml
other reiiuslicK falleil, wefavevl herllfo
with Dr. Kiln:' New Disi-overy. Our
nleiv, ho Imil Oiiii-iiinplton In an ml
tntietil Muitr, l niil lid" wonderflll
uie..i-ine hsul luil.iV rw ! pciieeily
well." IXtperate tln.iil nml hint! ill
pertseii yield to Dr. Knit:' New Hih
nuw an to nn othe ' medicine oil cm lb
Infallible lor t'oimlis nml Cold-. faK-
ami jt.00 IniIIIch irnin nntiil by New
Km Dnij; Sluie. Trlid Iniltles free.
hiuli fever, extreme nervoniiiifi', con-
ilillou known an malaria. Ilerliliit
euirtit. Take It bforutbdliieaeKta
n fair hold, thoimh It will work a cur
In any matte. J. A. Hopklna, Man
eliHter, Kan,, wtltcal "I have Hied
JOIir Rreai nicoicine, iiviluiiv. iu, r
llieru in iiuiiiiiik ,-iv-i i.'i
eral veara
inaiarlii, chills
and fever, headache,
billoune, mid for a bliMi-nurlfybit
Ionic, there ia notblnit at ttoixl." WW at
New lira iiniR Store.
Which woald pleiisoher;lrllKh fancy.
HopliiK tbim that he could win her.
Woo and win her lor bin own.
And bo elliulK'd oVr hill nml moun
tain, Waded aiiow and HtiviuiiH of water.
IUIIh and Htrcaiu of 41I1I lloheinla;
After many iIii.vh of banlHhlp,
Which would try theHoulxof trou,
Hiawatha Htopped to ponder,
I'oiider o'er Ida life of hardship
In the laud of 11I1I lloheinla;
And he rested by the Htreanilet
Kev. Jim. S. Oix, of Wnke, Ark.,
us. "For I- vears I autlercd from
Yel ow Jauiuiice. 1 iimsiiltwl a mini'
ln-r of pliyaiciiiiia ami tried nil norts of
imsllcinej, but got no telief. Then 1
X S rubbed j W. eh no. dovvh '.e w-len. blUsble fc
"sleep" from our eyes, and that re ZT. W,"' "t
from now on we kneel on the altar
of Progress and Unterprise ana are
?ver ready to work, hand in hand,
for till that is calculated to develop
and push into the foremost rank
this magnificent country.
The attack upon and the robberv
of Mr. James Kerr, on Koiv river,
one day last week, should convince
anyone mat it is not policy 10 carry
airy considerable sum of money on
One's person nor should it be kept
in one's house. A man may be
suspected of having money alxui
him, and be may be knocked on
the head, but if he hasno iuo:;ev in
his possession he gets off with what
ever injur es the footpads may in
flict, and with the satisfaction that
ie tnnnt i enfe iii the bank. ! II. it, llm- rnxt Hilt II 1 he llUHlies.
While the physical pain may be as 1 Lent be d fall, and falllnt; buckw anl
1 , .1,.,.! .m i- enmp -.:;. Lone the heij;bt he bad ahcended:
great there would be some satis-1 m . UOHr- ot cumblnK
taction 111 knowing that tne robbers OVr the rockH lllItl up t(ie hiiialde.
met with disappotntmeiu ana tuai Hiawntha kiivu a war-wnoop.
As be nut there 'neath thealuuletreiH,
In the HlimleH of lir anil hemlock,
ijuaffed the pure and liiinld water.
Ate bin venUon. the "How-wlch".
i'hiiikliiK Hi"' of her he lox ed ho
And how futile neemed Ids effort,
lllawatlia fell in similiter.
.slumlM;red far into the eenlus.
While the water rippled onwar.l
Dowu the hills of old Itoheima.
lllawatlia still while sleeping.
Dreamed of Kold. the yellow metal,
That he found It on the hlll-sldi
Found a lede all full of metal,
ltlch In koUI andstreakeil wi'thsllver.
And Ids dream niiide lilm . happy.
Filled lilssoiil wltliHoiuuehi-hi .uess,
I'hat awakening from his sluiulier
With tlie vision on his iiiiml,
liiawatha took Ids outfit.
1'ook his blanket, pick and old-pail.
Straight-way climbed the rocky hill
side, o'er rocks ami los and
1htioi tlit- life 01 Klectric Hitters nml
it'cltliHt I mil now curcn 01 11 ihmmi-c
its i!inn I r twelve
mil tellable medicine
i..,. I.i,.,.r nml Iviillli'V trillllllt'. stiillllicll
iliviiiile r or ucMenil debility, Kel Klec
tric Hitter. It's ttiinriiiiteeil by .New
Km Drill: Mine. OnlyWV.
ljiml Office Jt Hoteliiins, Die.
Sept. IS, i'.HU.
Not ire it liereliv clven Hull the follow
iii)!-nnmcd pettier lias tiled notice ol his
intent ion to make final proof in sno
mirt of Ida claim, nml that saiI proof
will be untile liefore J. .1. Walton, L'.
I'ommiMiiuner at hinrene. Orecon, on
Saltmine. November 7. 1903. i
Pmirlp-'' liRiidlcr. on II. K. No. SS71 foi
il..- N SW . Nk, SK . See. 31 T. 19
S.. It. 1 V.
He mimes the mltowitii: ittie.-Ji-s to
prove Ids continuous reviilencu iikii
ami eullivalinii of raid l.iud, viz:
Kldslt. Parker, of Dexter, Oiei-oii,
James Citrr, ol .lunei Oregon, Thomas
llamlsaker, W. It. l'aiker, of Ion, Ore.
J. T. Hriimies, Itegitter.
for $al.
Diiubte rolttry etitnplcle saw
mill .11 1 il t . exeeptlnu ion'ir
This iilaltt lucltliles main belt,
Inslile lK'its. saw dust carrier,
two Inserted tooth Piston
saws. Willi HI horse power
."1.IHHI to s.tKMi feet 01 binilHT can
Ik rut K'r day.
i Bargain
ami will tuty you to luxestt
Kte. The entire plant l In
piod working onler nml con
venletitlv liM-ated. Will eul
true and entire cut can be sold
no the Kronmt ttuilci present
eoutrueta at nood tlj;iires.
Surprising Skirt Sale
Some Rcnmrknbly fine oircriiiKS in Ladies' awly t wear Skirts,
Silk, Wool, Muslin, Utc. This lot comprises a most complete
assortment, includin),' all sizes ami all styles ol" finishi.u,' and trimmings.
Prices Reductions Arc Very
Noticeable and Sale ailbrds
Rare Opportunities for Buying.
fall at llohcmla Xuep'l
fui'thur partleularH.
I Pacific Timber Co.
rffi I'mler Oiltl I-VllnwV Hall
M CotlJlLl'i' (il'OVC.OlVU'Dll.
1 "Welch & Woods Have il for Less'- i
one had monev enoucli to pay the
doctor bill. The bank is the safest
place for your surplus cash.
Gov. Chamberlain, it is an
' One which made the mountains echo
Kcho then and Htlb to echo.
Made the ilow-wieh Jutnpand startle
I Still afruld ol miin when startled:
' Made." the sipirrel, Adjldauuio,
I Peep and chatter from his ambush,
1 And the rabbit, the W'nbnso.
1 u .1... i.m . 1.1 iiim
.l ...ill nmKhU. Ipm.p Rnli-m nca uper iroi 1 e .....s .... .... ,
"""'""'i 1 ' , ; 1 Anil tlie uiueiiiru, me ohiiimii,
next Saturday for Washington to , Ai.d the robbln, the OihIkv. i
confer with President Roosevelt ! fluttered through the limbs and
resatding land iattew. 1 bis is a , ,mt wev Ilottorll llowI1 1 At Medley & Milne's real estate ; g
Muove in the right direction. When 1Jy tl(, ecl() , the (ort.stHi , olllce, the llnest suinplcs of Luuejo
I'rehident Roosevelt thoroughly tin-I t-r,,,,, tlu Wkoop of Hiawatha leounty prtidiietK, and a list of the a
1 fur treasure best and cbeanest farms anil town,
I It in said of John Weslev that he once
I (aid to Mistrem Wesley : "Why do you 1
tell that child the same thing over and
over aitaln?" "John Weley7 liecatite,
once tellinu is not enoni:li." It is lor,
' this same reaniit that von are to il
jaain.nd aptiii ChamlierlainV
'Cough Kemeily cuies colds ttndKrip:
1 that it counteracts any tendency ot
. these dii-etoes to result in pneumonia.
ami it is pleasant ami safe to take. I'm
i sale by Tlie Modern 1'liarmncy .
LOST: llct ween the New Km
Drim Store mid the I'ostolllce.
one leather purse eontaluliiK tbe
Three llumlreil Dollars
l$:hM)tM) In bills, sexea illincs and
thirty-five cents In nickels and
IH'iinli's. also one spool of thread
and one box of
"Pup 'Bin All Salve."
The finder may keep the l'tirse.
Money and Thread. hut learnestly
nspiest Hint thefOUN SAl.VH Ih
returned as It Ih
Tlie .Must Valuable Preperaiion On The
for the curt1 of corns,
return It to.
etc. 1'lcnse
Yours Itespevtfully,
Mls N. O. t'on.NH.
Pou't complain nhoiit the coiil iiijilits. Welch i: Wmuls have
Hlankets from li.'icts to $S.(H) pair. Also comforts plenty. Wc also Iwive a
nice line of Wool I'ntlerwear, Socks anil StoeUings, find any other old thin :,'
to make von comfortable in winter weather.
We have Mackitiaws. Arctic Soxs, Rubber (Joodsof all kinds. We received ibis i.eek
auotber invoice of Men's ami Hovs clothing which wc have .10 room to 0ven up, so lor the
next lew days we arc goiiiK to give the pv iple of Cottage Crove n rate opnrtunilv t- pur
chue a Mitt at u very small margin above cost price. To those ol our customers who have
been vvnliinu for the Old Lady's Comfort Shoe, and fat Inby shoes att 1 P'clt oods we wish to
say they are here.
i "Welcli & Woe ids.
When you see It
our nil It's mi.
Welch Woods. S
o aaHoceoaoBOBBBonaBOBiti onneuenoenoBsRcriQna,
g rocrry Store
Central Botei
l.ii'ileil inn lilnrk- west
,111.: mil' hi. i k mirlli uf
t1 e S. 1". Depot
gardless of politics or political affilia
tion are dissatisfied with the Inter
i jr Department's actions toward this
state there will evidently be some
thing doing in behalf ot Oregon,
regardless of Hitchcock's, little,
measly excuses for his past actions.
The policy of the nation toward
a state should be from a broad
minded standpoint and will be
when the "kicks" are properly
in the bills of Old Bohemia.
lots. Corner Sntl and Main Sts., Cot
tage drove.
Through the efforts of Professor
Briggs n course of lectures and en
tertainments will be given in this
city this season, by some of the
brightest entertainers before the
American public. These enter
tainments are in every instance of
high standard not only entertain
ing but decidedly instructive be
sides permitting 11s to become ac
quainted with the brightest minds
in the United States. Un
doubtedly the entire course will be
liberally patronized.
Thus It wan that Hiavvntlia
Full of votitb, love and ambition,
i." I ,.!.. ... ....... It. (li., (rfil1l.ti4.llll.
I" fjlllll. 111" .Ull. mi"? i.. . ... . 1
In the Kold-lieliln of old lloheinla, ' V hen iainnr irritation exists 011 any o
After niaiiv vears of hardship. ' part of the body, the appli -11111111 of Hal-
Oft discouraged, yet still hoping, 1 lard's Snow I.ininient will give prompt n
Full of hope, with love and courage; j relief. "It i-uea right to the sot. said e
r tided streams, with ice so chilly, an nlil man vvIhiuh ruhbitiL' it in, to 15
Over hills and rocks, through can-1 cure his rlieun.aiiMii. C. H. Sinith. In
...u Pronr. Smith IIoue. Tenaha. Texas, I
TbrollKh the interminable forest, 'writes. "I lutvo ui-ed Mallard'! bnuiv
In the lillls of old IJoheuila. Liniment in my family fta tcveral yenrn,
and have foutiil it to w a line remedy,
.Many days and years have gone by fr all a. lies and pMins.ainl I reeoiiiiiieinl
Since the vouthful Hiawatha it for pains in the throat and ehe't."
.Strodo o'er the hills and mountains j.-,e, 60c and $1.00 at Kow Kr.i ri
Metcalf ! I Cargc Rooms
Well vent biii'.l well fur
nished and 11 'hi -el hs In
every p.trtleiinir
Oottaifo Grove Flour Mills
o ART UNO & HANSEN Proprietors
g Having ptirchasi'tl the ah.ive mills we will put out
g Hour ecpi.'tl to any on the market.
We cam- a full supplv of fill kinds of feed such as
- Rolled Harley, Outs find .Mill I-ecd.
Special attention jiiven to Ivirmers rist work.
2 We pay hiirhest market price for fill kinds of irrain.
If square dealing and courteous treatment will .secure
It is announced that President
Roosevelt will touch upou the
'PostofEce and other government
scandals iii his message, and will
express the intention of the admin
istration to prosecute all oiieuders
to the bitter end". It is quite
probable, judging from reports and
certain allegatious,that if the prose.
cutiou of offenders is taken up with
the determination that usually marks
tlieproceedureofthe President, that
the Secretary of the Interior will
have a close call nlong toward the
"bitter end".
The recent heavy ruins should
be hailed with gratitude through
out the inland of Oregon. In many
towus In Oregon the sewerage is
anything but good, and during dry
falls more or less sickness appears.
Nature's great remedy, a down
pour of rain will purify the atmos
sphere to the gratification of all.
The public schools of this city
opened last Monday with n heavy
increase in attendance. A splendid
staff of teachers has beeii secured
and the season's w rk is now well
under way. It is only a question
of another year until the district
will have to face the problem of
creating a fund for another school
In the laud of Old lloheinla
And he has never yet repented
That he spent the days of hardship,
Where ho found the hidden treasure
Am he'd dreamed ami hupedtolindlt.
In the hills of old lloheinla.
Thus It wiih he won his sweetheart,
Won his love, tho Indian maiden.
Won her with IiIh wealth of "Wuni-
Pum" . . ,
With the tbliiBH ho bought with
" Waiiinuin".
With tbe beads and pretty dresses,
With his HinlleH aud Hweet curessoN,
With bin boasting and his Hlhlng,
For poor "Lo" was almost dying,
When he drew her to Ids bossoiu,
"Trembling Htlll upon hi.s liosum."
Took her to his Lodireuf'Slabtovvn"
l'luced her in his bark-bullt wlg-vvam
Kver Hlnce had iieuco ami plenty,
Italsed a family of twenty,
Spends his life In Joy and comfort.
With hlHclutchimiu and papooses,
Near the land of old lloheinla.
A ChlcaKO man has observed that,
"Oood deeds are better than real estate
ilveils tomu of the hitter ale uortlilens.
Act kindly and gently, thuw sympathy
uuu letni a iieipinv! nanu. 1 u uiuiuui
nossihlv lose bv it." Most men appre.
eiatea kind word ami encouragement
more than subntantial help. Ihereare
persona in this community who might
truthfully say : "My good friend, cheer
1111. A few 1 loses 01 t.uauioenaiu 1
Cough lleinedy will rid you of your cold,
mid there la no daimer whatever fiom
nneuuioniit wlitn you use that medicine.
It always cures. 1 know it for it has
lif Iped me out many a time." Sold by
llio .Modern ruarmucy.
A kooiI :IJ-Iu wagon. Anyone
wautlui; 11 vviiKon can do no better.
I'rlcu Knqiilru of Medley &
is the place to buy
your groceries.
Iiverythino; is clean,
new, fresh find of first
grade quality.
o I
S PilfAC 4:1 mV taglS -vo,,tl Patronage we will have it.
- aUJW f"UFVB wwyg Correspondence solicited.
Hoard bv the wis-k -l .M)
without bed :i..V) per
week. Ileineniber the
plan'. The best tables
ami tlie U'st be Is, the
liiHt iiceoinuiod.itKuiH In
every particular.
e 1
u 1 o
Mrs. Ida 12.
. iioritu: MILS'
While openini: a box. J. C. Mount, of
Three Mile Bay, X. Y , run 11 lea penny 1
nail tlniiuisli tliellesliy purtollns liaml.
"I thought at once of all the pain and
soreness tlu'H would chum: me, he says,
"aud iiiiuiediutely appliexl Chamber
lairi'M Pain Halm and occasionally after
wards. To my surprise it removed all
pain and soreness and tlie injured parte
weie soon healed." For sale by The
Modern Pharmacy.
For several months our younger
In otlier had been troubled with indi
gestion. Ho tried several remedies but
i:c)t no benefit from them, wo pur
chased borne of Cluimlii'rluin'i Stomach
and Livur Tableta and he commenced
taking them. Inside of thirty days ho
had guined forty pounds in lleeb. He
is now fully recovered. Wu Imvo a cood
ti ado on 'tho Tablets, Ilolley llios.,
Merchants. Long Ilrniicli. Mo. 1'oreale
by Tho Modern I'luirniacy.
Wodl and country produce taken in
excliiinue for nliotouraiiliH at Shauefelt
gallery, West Hide.
lew Styles for Fall,
Are spoiled by using any kind of
preparation that fills the pores of the
skin, iiienesi way 10 secure a clear
complexion, free fiom sallowness,
pimples, blotches, etc., is 10 Keep tne
liver In good order. An occasional dn-o
of Herhlno will clea so tho liowels,
ri-jnlnie the liver, and ho establish a
clear healthy complexion. 50c at Xew
f.ra urug aioie.
Oood L'rade Amioru nanuv goats for
sale or will exchange for cuttle. Ad
dress J II. Hnwluy, Cottage lirovo Ore
ion, -ltp-35
WouU not iuterostyoit if vou'ro look
ing for 11 giiuriinloed Salvo for Sores,
Hums or Piles. Otto Dodd, of Ponder,
Mo. writes: I suffered with an ugly
soro for a year, but u box of llncklen s
Arnica Sulvo cured me. It's the best
Salve on earth. 2.5c nt New Kra Drug
Wc arc making an early exhibition of the
Lfttest Styles in in Fall Dress Goods in order that
you may be able to judge the styles and make
your selections early enough to get the most good
out of your Fall Dress ' before the rainy days
H '
U, 1
ta 1 '( naii'Mm -1 1 .1
, Putin &
of tiny tool Is always a dsHlrnblu
one, but of equal Importance Ih tho
power of retaining; this quality ho iih
not to require too frequent sharpen
Iiik. Hy uiaklng; your purchases of
- the tiritlln ic Venleb Co. you alwn.VH
nrelve your muiic.v's worth In the
best quality of tools and cutlery of
pi'olKTl.v. tempered Hteel I hut Ih Hiiro
to hold an cIk.
Veatch Co.
of the
Heather Suitings, JSibclines
Auto Cloth, Yankee Suiting, Drap
D'Alma, Drap Sebastapol, Mellon
Cloth and Cheviots.
Huy your Dress Pattern early
and get " service for the entire
season. The place-
1 Spring is bereSo arc we f
iE With Spray Pumps nnd Spray Compound.
JIoch. Itiikes and Cultlvutois. 3
2 OIlver'H Steel and Chilled 1'Iowh. ZX
. , ,, . , r . I'MhIi HroH. WiiKoiiH. 7
A full and complete Lino of Hardware. HtoveH and Tinwniv. S
Alining Supplies our Specialty.
Piper Mimkm
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