Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, July 24, 1903, Image 1

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Devoted lo the Mining, Lumbering and Farming Intercuts of this Community, to Good Government, and Hustling for a Grub Stake.
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'Geo. W. Lloyd, ol tho Crystal goes
to TJVittco to PurchoHe a Reduc
tion. Plant. Cottage Grove
JUrigineering Oo. gel s C Jon tract.
Ito ee Urlsht future lor the Camp Speaks Well ol Ills I'rupertlea Thej
Vetuvlua, Oregon-Colorado anil "Jvcrslde. ;
Secretary I'. Jordan, of the Crys
tal Consolidated Milling Co.. Inte
last week closed ti contract with the
Cottage Grove Engineering Co. for
the Installation of a iifty-horse power
boiler, engine and a sawmill. The
work Is to !)- completed in thirty
days. Cottage Grove Engineering
Co. is making preparations to com
mence the work this week. The
plant will be installed on the
Mountain Lyon claim at the foot of
the No. 3 level. In connection
with this and which is included 111
the contract, will be installed a log
hauling apparatus which will bring
the logs to the mill for a distance of
500 feet.
(ieo. W. I.loyd left for a ten days
business trip to San Francisco last
Friday. Mr. Lloyd's business is in
the interest ot the Crystal Consoli
dated, and when he returns he will
have closed a deal for the com
pany's 25-ton stnmp mill, which
will le Installed at the earliest pos
sible moment. With Mr. Lloyd
the Ciyslal is beyond the experi
mental stage, anil he feels that in
tliis piopcrty he has one of the best '
mines in the Pacific Northwest. 1
However. Mr. Lloyd is interested
in. other properties and just before
he left for San Francisco, In con
versation with a reporter, he said:
"I was particularly pleased with
our property known as the Bo
hernia Gold Mining Co., which
owns is claims in llohemia Dis
trict. The conipanv has expended
over in the last year in the
development work of its properties.
The principal work has been done'
on the Gold Cross and Bohemia (
Girl claims. The drilt on the vein
of the Gold Cross has exposed an
ore body 535 feet in length. A
crosscut shows the width of the
vein to be 17 feet. 1 lie average
value of all the ore is 510 per ton.
Tests show that this ore will con
centrate eight to ten tons into one,
and the concentrates make fine
smelting ore, carrying gold, copper
and lead.
"On the llohemia Girl a tunnel
is being run to tap the Gold Cross
vein which passes through the en
tire length of the Bohemia Girl
claim. This tunnel is over 300
feet in length. Quite a lot of ore
has licen found in the tunnel, but
the management believes that an
additional length of from 200 to
300 feet will have to be driven be
fore the Gold Cross vein is reached.
"The company during the vear
finished paying lor the Gold Cross
and the llohemia Girl claims, and
its officers feel sure that they have
a great mining property in the
"The other groups belonging to
the company show fine veins but
only the annual assessment work
has been done on them. This year
the company proposes to patent all
its properties, and next year it will
erect 11 large concentrating plant to
treat the ore of the Gold Cross
F. J. Hard, ot the Vesuvius, was
in tliis city the last of last week
and the first of this, in the interest
of his company, his principal busi
ness being the purchasing of sup
plies, and he was chuck full ot
business from morning until night.
These supplies run into thousands
of pounds and will be taken into
the district this week. In connec
tion with this he also received and
billed to the mine ooo ciiiids of
assay supplies, among which was a
Cary furnace anil n set or Ains
worth's best scales.
In conversation with Mr. Hard
that gentleman said to a Nugget
man. "The early spring has
hastened the commencement of
work on many properties in the dis
trict that heretofore have shown no
activity until much later in the
season. A large amount of money
' is already represented in ttic de
velopment work now going on,
iintl in fact there has probably
1 been more work accomplished this
spring tliau in nuy lull season lie
fore. The roads arc in splendid
condition either by way of Hard
scrabble or the Warehouse. The
new road up Champion basin gives
to that part of the district a long
needed inlet, and will be greatly,
appreciated by the property holders
in that section "
When the reporter asked of Mr.
Ilurd what he thought of the Ore
gon & Southeastern R'y,. he said:
"It makes rue smile all over when
I think of my first trip witli a pack
train into the district. I tell you
riding on a train halfway and the
other half on one of the fine stages
from the I-asliion stable beats the
old way of travel all to nieces.
"Though llohemia is moving
slowly, marked improvements can
be seen in all directions, and for my
part I would be willing to see a
regular boom 011, as would be the
case if llohemia was in any other
section of the world. There is
enough ore to be seen, the ledges
are so strong and every advantage
for economic mining nnd develop
ment so apparent, that if the people
of Oregon would place more stress
on mining than they do on agri
cultural and stock raising, the
demonstration of llohemia alone
would attract to the state the same
rush that has marked the growth of
the states that have pushed mining
to the front, as their most attrac
tive feature of production. It is
tlie precious metal that everybody
wants; that the crowds arc after
and the faintest news heads them
to the section of the latest strikes.
A few people want cattle and horses
a few people want hops a few
people want farms some want
salmon and some prune orchards
buj everybody wants gold."
Regarding his own interests in
Bohemia Mr. Hard said: "There
is not 'much going on around my
camp at the present time but work.
The Vesuvius is running a level
from the upraise blocking and pre
paring to stope, and will be able to
crowd the mill to its utmost ca
pacity as soon as I am able to get
the machinery installec. Ar the
Oregon Colorado we are pushing
ahead in the big tunnel, saving ore
every day. We ate also starting
work in the upper tunnel which
will enable us to work in the ore
on both ledges,
"Capital work wilt be pushed
rapidly on the Riverside from the
upper workings. There is every
evidence that this property will
show as much ore as the Vesuvius
or Oregon-Colorado before fall."
And Ivvcrything kept in a First Class Harness
Shop at Lowest Prices.
L'nll and sec me.
Closing Out At Cost
Window Shades Crockery
Mattings Glassware, Tubs
Carpets and Washboards
Our Entire Line of These Goods Will Be .Closed Gut At Cost For
Cash, Here is an Opportunity For Good Bargains.
Eakin & Bristow.
A (looil Substantial Road to be liullt
Prom Cottage (irove Through Ore.
Ron JHInoral Springs anil to Black-butte.
The committee now working on
the coiixtructlcn of the new roud to
IllackhutU' Irnm Cottage (irove,
rather the Improving an I general re
construction of the old rond, held an
Important iiu-cttntr nt (irangolmll
lam Saturday and appointed a com
mittee to coiiler with the county
court. The road fund mixed by pri
vate Niiliricrlptlon by T. K. Camplicll
mid A. I.. Woodard now uitiountH to
$111.11 and It lx pi-examed that with
the inllucntlul committee appointed
the I'imuty court can lie Induced to
appropriate a xulllcleut huiii fit, ill In ir.w.,1 .w.ii, lilt, in 'l'l.i...
i. .... i.. i '., .. i pound it in a
cluxx road Into that dlxtrlct from I
Cottage (irove. The INulllc Tlinln-r!
IRTiiiit. The entire dlHtrlct through
which the road gewi'roin Cottage
Orove to Illackbuttc In wonderful in
natural resources and the men who
have the management ot tlieillffereiit
hiRtltiitionx Iim'aIpiI t lien-Ill iirvwlilt-
awnke progrexxlve biixinesH''- men, I
who are putting forth every effort
together with n large cxvudlture of
money to develop the country, and
they dexorvc not only the hearty eo
oiieratlon of tint buslnexg men of)
Cottage Grove who have ho willing
Ingly contributed, but aim) of the'
county court. A good roid will en
hance the value of projierty nnd the
county will receive back In Inm-nxed
tnxcx many fold imuvthun It luvextx
In enterprlxes of thin kind.
Cut this adv. . out
(From M. .V K. I!vlew)
Aluminum becomes grauular and i
brittle when heated to about 6oo
deg. cent. At a slighly increased 1
temperature it becomes so soft that ,
it can be easily cut with a knife. 1
Hence, all that is needed in order
1 Irt ..i.ti.ArfvA If lu In ltont if tr 1 1m
to putt ""-"- " "
mortar. With zinc a
similar treatment will give the
same result.
Co., Count Fork Lumber Co. and the
Wallace Mlllx are doing a largo vol
ume of huxlucxx along thlx road and
are hauling In xuppllcx and bringing
out fie pruductx of their mill every
day In the year. The lllui-khutto
mlncH at the termlmiH of the ri tad is
one of the moxt Import mi t ludiiNtrk-H
In Central Oregon and Is growing In
volume of buxlnexH every day. Their
After being used for si years
the Brussels carpets which covered
the adjusting rooms at the San
Francisco branch of the U. S. Mint,
were taken up last week. In these
rooms the gold is filed down to
proper weight, and as a result of
the filing a great amount of ex
ceedingly fine gold dust besprinkles
the carpets, but in sucu lutinitesi
mippllcx fur a large force of men kept mal particles as to be temporarily
continuously at work are hauled lot. The carpets were put into a
from this xtntloii by wagon and the furnace which consumed them,
output of the mines lx alxu hauled The gold which remained when
here over the wagon road. Tlio j run into a bar was valued at $9,000.
Loudon Tliulvr.!c .Milling Co., a ?30,.
Bring it to Our Store, and we-
vott 25
cents for it on
any Shoes , we have costing $2.50
or over. Good until
July 25th.
ii, lie
mi a
Leaders in Merchandising.
miners leave the mines, raising him-j
self with his long arms, and as he.
passes the rungs kicking them out
one by one. He is supposed to al
ways d 1 this just before an accident ;
01 someKiiiu 111 me urn"..
G. G. Graham, superintendent of
the I.eHoy Co., returned Monday
from a trip down to the Siuslaw
country and also to I'ort'aud. Mr.
Graham has considerable timber
interests on the lower Siuslaw.
He gave tliis olTice a pleasant call
while in town.
Lee V. Henry, secretary of the
r t.. r i... 1 1.. ,t.A
l,civu) u, ) viiu una ncwii 111 tuw
mines for several days came down
'Monday and reports everything
iboomiug in the district, and work
progressing nicely, at the LeRoy
Joe Lawless went up into the
district Tuesday where he will re
main for about three months. The
Nugget follows him.
Geo. Ilohlman left Tuesday morn
ing for the Bohemia mines where
he will remain fur about two or
three weeks. Mr. Ilohlman is
owner of the U. S. A. group and
and goes to look after work now in
progress on his property. He has
some very good property in the dis
trict. Secretary Howard, of the Cham
pion Basin Co., is in the district
looking after the interests of his
Secretary Frank Jordan left Tues
day morning for tho Crystal Con
solidated property In Bohemia, where
lie will remain for about two weeks.
D, K, Laid came down from Bo
hemia MouJay and went on to
Portland Monday night.
Frank LeRoy returned Monday
from the mines.
000 lumbering corporation owning
xeveral tliouxand acrex of A Xo. 1
timber laud hi thar illxtrlct are piv
pailug to Ix'glu the building of a
large mill on thlx rond and near ihu
(irauge hull. Thlx mill when com
pleted along with tlieeuormoiiH out
put of the Coast Fork and Wallace
mill will iviiiliv a well constructed
road. That It I the duty ol the
comity court to appropriate
(Uipls for the making of the road, no
one can doubt. The district lx rich
In agriculture, there being along the
little valley nonu ot the richest and
moxt productive furmx lu Lane
couutv. Thlx, with the timbering
The oriental amethyst is really a
violet colored sapphire, which is an
exceedingly rare geji and of bril
liant luster. It is regarded as a
sacred stone, and it is used ti orna
ment the cross and the pastoral
ring of Catholic bishops. The
ancients often used the amethyst
for cutting figures both in relief
and in intaglio, and there is in the
national library of France a deli
cately wrought profile of Maecenas,
.a Roman statesman of Octavius'
time, engraved on amethyst by
Disoscorces, one ol the four cele
brated engravers mentioned by-Piny.
and inlnhu Interest win make It "Among the strange and weird
otic of tho best tuxpuylng com- demons and bogies which were be
munltlex lu the county. BcmIiIch , lieved by miners formerly to haunt
thexo varied Interestx thUxecttouluiH the workings underground not the
a health rexort that lx obtaining a 1 least horrible is the 'Ladder
merited and well dexrved reputation, I Dwarf.' " said a former prospector.
Tho Oregon .Mineral Springs, under I '"I never saw the creature myself,
the management of Mr. (leer, have ! but he is described as a hunch
Krowuiu popularity until they are 'backed, with a short body, large
now pretty well known nil over the
state and ninny people are going
there for health nnd pleasure.
The road should boas thoroughly
Improved iw time and money will
head and enormously long and
powerful arms. Iu fact, he re
sembles an exaggerated gorilla.
His favorite trick is climbing the
ladders by means of which the
Miss Minnie Comer, who has
been visiting Mrs B H Lee returned
home last Wednesday.
Mrs Chas Miller and Mrs Ida I
Job, who have been visiting Mrs1
W S Miller hace returned to their i
home on Coyote creek, nnd Miss
Kditli Applewhite also a visitor'
there, returned to Hugene last 1
week. , I
The Aulauf baseball nine expect
to be at Divide Sunday to make,
another attempt to defeat Divide. I
Hay and grain is nearly all cut
now. The hay crop is nelow the
average, while the grain Is thought
to be all right.
James DeSpain was out here
Miss Chapman is staying with
Mrs John Veatch.
Mcil and Iris McCoy were visit
ing relatives here this week.
Charley Hedrick, the section
boss got a 30 day lay off giving
him a nice little acation. "
Round trip tickets to the
Bridge next Saturday,' 65tts:
The Place to Buy I
The Golden Sun,
finest Ceylon Tea,
Packet containing one
75c per Packet
First grade Guu
Powder Tea
GOc per pound
Second grade Own
Powder Tea
50c per pound
Schillings Best Tea
50c and 25c
per package.
English Breakfast
still holds its renowned
50c per pound
K . ' I
First ' gr'adi jSpfi'ler
. Leg, finest "Jap" Tea
50c per pound
Second grade Spider
Leg, nothing better on
the market for the price
H5c per pound