Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, June 12, 1903, Image 1

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    Devoted lo the Mining, Lumbering nnd forming ItmrenUof tliltf Community, to Good Government, and (uniting for a Grub Stake.
NO. 20
Mines aod Mini jki
I i y2- Dovotod fo Bbhcmlt. Nor3 t.rA
I ttbms of tfarxortt.! inrpyor to Minim,. w'rj
TliiiHliin.ti.iiiilnini In Iii front tl"' ''nHt H ,n' number carload of1
rimm t i l U w T I "'"I'I'I'HT.v wi.h M.-t nicked (it Hit.'
Chnniplotl thW week. 1 Hiiiithern I'lullh pot hen tolmtor.
KMru. 11. ii iiiillii nmi Alex. Hiinn. warded over tlit On-iron mill Motith
have-gono to tliohlllsfortlieHUniiiier. .I'liHtern 11 in 1 1 to t In end of ciitiMtruc.
. I linn anil then hauled into llolieinln
Conl inliiiTM nt tin Murk I .nun Col-' dtHtilt-t . Thin machinery I from tin
llery, Mlrllchl. Kiwhtud, IiuvoImimiou l.e,viier vorkn nt Deliver, Colorado,
atrlkit lor 112 w'iekK. I anil coiiHlatM of three nlrciiiMptt-NHurH
mill t- 1 1 1 1 1 It 1 drill iliintM willed are
W. r, lily, of Kelxo. WiihIi. arrived t K. um., on tho iri-rty ol the Or
In Cottage lrov thlx week mull rgon NoeurltleM Cnnipiiny. Duo of
now In Holiemlii Initio Inlerrxt of them flue plant Is to lie liiHtulled nt
tits mining iroNrtleH. ! the Mu-lek, one nt theUiitmploiiiiud
... .1 1 . ..ii.. . one nt the Helena No, 1. Tliemotlve
Itmloliili mi.l llerlM-rl (Mm , if ,,tm.,.r rcy ,riiKlit
lloimoii, were In tlio elt v tlitH week. fr, ,, iIk WW.Iiorw power plimt
They ri'p(rtinerytliliiir li)okliiooil ,luw. , cllrHl. of eoiiHtructlon on
111 llli'ir Heciinn 01 uir iiimrici.
Wnllor Cochran went Into Ho
Jiomtii on Wodnemlny morning over
tlioO.A H. K. roitil Ho will Join
tho force nt Hie Crystal Coimollilnteil.
McrU-rt llgh came ilown from
Kukoui ami took pintHitgn on the ().
& 8. K. Tuesday morning for llo
lieinln. He will look nflor the Noon
day affair nnd nlao visit the North.
Fnlrvlow property.
new mill Ih ItiHtiillcd. From the Itest
lliforiiiiitlon obtainable the Star
CiiiiMiillilnttil will iiuiku a record on
the right Mlihiof Hie ledger when the
proK'r time comes.
Mr. Trygittut, who hat lieen hand
ling Hie l-yner drill for Huveral
1 tl 1 1 1 1 1 1 h nt the l.eltny projierty came
out from llohemlii thin week mid
Hiiydthiit 11 criiKMciit In now being
run from the main tunnel liVl feet In
lo tap Hid tlilnl parallel ledge on the
north. TIiIh emsveut Ih now In 40
feet ami Iimh encountered many
hi ringers of hruvy gnlenn mid cop
o r lending Inward on slititct. It la
expirliil to Ntrlke the third ledge In
alioiit :m feet. All Indlriitloim now
point til the near enciiuuter of n
large lioily of ore. The drill and air
plant on IliU proin-rty are working
to the entire siitlHtnctlnn of the man
iigcnicnl and the future look bright
for the I-elto.v.
.1 ol)M llolland took the O. & S. K.
mute hiMt .Monday morning for his
hold over Job with the On-gou Se
curltleH Company on the new wagon
road up the Champion canyon.
John came down from llolieinln
Home ten days ulna- feeling under the
weather mid hud n Hprained ankle.
He Intended to Homier return to the
cooling Hliaderi of the canyon but
found It very dllllcult to break away
from IiIh little grandson "I'etu", to
whom he Ih very much attached.
That boy "I'etu". Ih a .11 in dandy.
T. M. Doyle of Vaneouviir, who re-j
centiy purvniiHeu tno.iooiiiirneitpro
Iterty at tho Ited llrldgooiiltow river
and placed lieu Pitcher In charge of
It, Iiiih been liack iigulti to look over
IiIh purchase, nnd wos so pleased with
tho outlook thiitliohaHtiownciUlred
poHKeHHlou oftwoother proertleaon
Sharp's creek. Mo goes buck to bin
homo, nt Vancouver hh a llvlmr, talk
ing mid walking advertisement for
the abundant reROiirces ol thin sec
tion. It Ih not unlikely that he will
later on clow) out IiIh lioldliigM on tho
Columbia rlvorand transfer IiIh bane
of future nctlvltyto thin point.
I). (I. (lover Ih It from llohemln
t IiIh week. He Iiiih liven running u 200
foot crosscut In the Itlvernlde In an
Hoclatlon with Alticrt .lulker. and
reportH a line showing of ore. .Mr.
(lover Buys the entire Horwhoiiven
country Ih looking Hue. Tlie.Mtneral
King owned by Alliert Zlntker In
miikliiK a good hIiowIuk. Ho alno
nays the Calapoola property, owned
bv Kniri'iio nartloH Ih looklmr uood.
Jlr. (lover Ih now eiiKiwd In running
l'Vauk HriiHH creek IuhUh'Idw IIiocoii-
liueiicooi that HtiTiun wnn tin watern
ofChnmplourreek. ThlMlNouly a fore.
runner of tho machinery that the Or.
etfon Hecurltli'H Company lutendntoi
iiihiiiii on iim nno iioiuiiikh in none
mla. Thcmt drllln will doaway with
much of the nlov hand work and
make rapid proKrcH In drepdnvelop.
l'Vauk Illinium left tor llohemln on
.Moiiilay morning. Ho him nrcepted
lii. iul. ..iltilmr umutplfitMtifl.
Mr. lU-aifan returned to Hot a ,.t ,,( Uio Htar CoiiMolldated on
on WiilnoH.lay morning He will jullrl Cnvk. Kr n few ilayn be
probalily do coiiNtdcrable coiitrnct will put HiIiikh In Hhnpo for the re
work on tho Mnyllower mid (loldru .eiitlon of a fom of men. Much ili
llpiM?rKroupH thin Hummer. velopment work will U done on
... . ., Hint property tliU Hummer mid a
K.8. Holderman, ionnm, on the , Knimtmitlal wagon road will
new road from tho aiyhotiH. up ,M. mM, (1wl te Cl,y,, n,0ut
Champion canyon, arrlvitl In town f0r,nw , ,wt tho wtago road.
Wislnonilay, looking for men togo to v lll Htamp mill ban liven contracted
work. Mr. Holderman U ileHlroiiH fnr Mui . w iM-ing built Infill
ofBecurlufc fKV l,"'u' eago for liiHtalluient on the Star
, , proHTty, but It linn now been de-
rmnk WllllaiiK. altera few dnyn, ,.,u.(. ,,, to , )t ,,,, ,mtll Iluxl
lay off In town, roturned to llolieinla -prlug and In the menu time to
on WediHwIay niornlng. I rank Iiiih. ,r,IK(H.,lU. ,1,.,-olopiiieiit and get
mini vnrv Una rlaluiH In that ciiinii I i.i,,,, i ,.,,i.,,.i i lit I ui yii It it
and ho Intend doing much develop-' iUr, fM.Ht n-HiiltH will follow when the
mellt woru oil tlieui nil miiiiiner.
I). J. V. MacU'iiimii came out from
llohemla on VeduiH.lay. He ha
for Home tlmo Ihvii employed by the
Oregon Swurltlen Coliipauy. lie
goen on n vlnlt to Vancouver. II. (.
torn nliort tlmo and will then re
turn to Holiemla.
KdJeakH came out from llolieinln
TurHday evening on IiuhIiii'hh run
nected with hi mining profH-rtleH
Ed Ih exteiiHlvely IntereHieil In wv
ernl parU of tho dUtrlel. He ba
JilHt made n horm'bm-k tour over
much of tho camp nmi llmU the out
look Inileod bright. Mm Hayii the
huow Iiiim entirely gone except In a
low imthen hern niid.thero where
the drift" were deep,
John (Irnbor went Into llohemlii
onTuendny innrnlng to look after
hlH milling IiiUtomU tlien. Since
Johnny Hold hi IntereHt In tho Vc
hiivIiih IiihI year he ha waiiilen'd
over much of the world. Including a
vlnlt to IiIh parent nt tho old home
In Switxerland. but bo couldn't long
koopawav from tho haiintH when
tho glittering instill poop out from
tbooverliiHtlng rockn.
John Uiirrnn, ouo of the owner of
tho (Irlxuly property, went Into the
enmp bwt Saturday and returned
TuoHilny evening. Mr. Curran In'
more than plconed wltli tho outlook
atthodrlxxly. Ho win iropared to
find tho proimrty in good nhniio mid
Ihiiow more than over liuprcHcl
with tho future outlook for the
property. A hooii a arrnngcmeiiHt
enn Ik miido oxtennlvo develnpmciit
work will golorwArd on tho Orlxily.
Work Ih Hteadlly IK-Ing drlvou In
the lower tuniiol of the .Mountain
Mon claim of tho I'ryntal CoiihoII
dated Company'M property. Thl
tunnel I now In IM) foet and hIiowh a
solid ledgo of II foet of oxtdlxad ore of
good value. Work I to bo con
tinued on thl level tor 11)00 feet. A
AiiliHtantlal wagon road Ih Hoon to
liohullt from tho proinrty down the
Fnlrvlow canyon to connect with
tho now road now nearly completed
up the Champion canyon.
Jack J amen lit out for tho no
homla hill on Tuefiday morning,
Ho Iiiih accepted a poHltlou with tho
CrjHtal Conolldatod Company mid
for tho next fow montliH will burn
tho head of a drill on tho .Mountain
Lion claim. Jack Ih a thor
ough miner, n goiilul companion
nnu on all round good fellow, and
Until July 1st, 1903
Conic and see me. My Stock is
and MCiatltf pain ylvlil In tlie Mnetrutlng
Influence ol ll Hit rtl'n Sium- Liniment.
It I.eiielrnt-K tutlienerve anil tuiie,aiiil
llii iilwurbed Into the blXMl,slta hcal
init proHTtle arerouveyed tocvery pjrt
of the IkxIv nmi rffei't mine wonderful
cures. Mr D. I'. MiHire, Agent Illlnoiit
Central KuIWhv, Milan, Tena . ntnlin:
"1 have ti-ed lliillunl'i Snow Liniment
for rhrriiiiitlnii, bnekarhe. etc. , in my
family. It in u Hilendid reinei v. We
could not do without it." '-'.V, fok- mid
l.OOitt New Kra Druis Store.
1 have Innugunitcil a genuine cloa-
, lug out wile ol plauot;.r:ntiH nnu
' all mtmlc good now In utock.
I'rlcen are loHtHlght of In thl sale.
The goods must go and go nt once.
Thl menu a big Having to iilnno
buyer and kiicIi opportiiultleHdonot
occur often In one"H lifetime.
A line ot .'SO different mnkes of
plniioH, Including the very lieHt on
earth to select from. Sold either for
ciihIi or liiHtalluient. Terms easy.
T. A. IUnkin, S2-S4-7tli St., Kugene,
, On-.
Depnrtiiieut of the Interior,
i: nlted StatcH Land Otllce,
lUiHohurg. Ore.. Apr., 25, 100.1.
Notice Ih hereby given that the ap
proved plat of Hiirver of
Townahlp -'I South, Itauge 4 KnHt.
TowiiHhlp ' South, Itauge 5 KiiHt. ,
TowuhIiIi South, 1 tango :t KiiHt. ,
TowiiHhlp "-M, South, Itango 4 Hunt. I
have lieen received from theSurveyor
Oeucral for Oivgonaud on ,
. ThiirHilayMa LN, 100:1, at clock I
n. in.
the Malil platH will lie tiled In t IiIh ;
olllce, and the laud embraced there
in, being In the I'iihciiiIo 1'oreHt Ito-1
nerve, will Ih open to entry on and j
utter Hiild date, only to'.eraoiiHhow-:
lug Hottloment tliereon prior to I
September '.'4th, ISiKl. tho date of tho
executive order Netting upart nald
land aa a forest reserve.
J. T. IlmixiKH, Iteglritor.
J II. Uootii, Itecelver.
Something new and effective. Tho
1 aafcat ami tx'Ht burglar alarm on
' earth, for anle by Trunk Hinds at
the Imperial hotel. A wimple niny
be Heen at the Nugget olllce.
..... I... ... ....!. l. .....1 .1... I... .. tti ,lila iipniu,rlv mill him
Wlieruver liu II IH in no lilfiLn uir III" , I " ,.. .-. ...
torcHt of IiIh omployerH IiIh own. ' already cut neveral Hplendld Htrlng
tboreforo ho Ih alwayH In demand ern and oxpectn to cut a line ledgo In
when bo want to go on hlft. the next4U feet.
The baseball players bere have
organized a first and second nine
and intend to practice nil of their
spare time. They will probably
meet the I.oraue nine here next
Sunday and see which nine can
play the best.
Reuben Tucker, George Tramel,
Albert Mackey and Richard Tnpp
attended a dance at the home of
Joe Willettf. on Stlk creek Saturday
night They report a very en
joyable time.
Mr. Hucket has finished his new
bam, thus Improving the looks and
increasing tho value of his farm.
Miss Floy Lee visited Mr. and
Mrs, Will McCoy of Sluslaw creek,
the last of the week.
School closes a week from next
Friday, after having a good term
under the direction of our able
teacher, h. M. Tucker.
Mr. Huff and family, of Cottage
Grove, have moved here for a short
time, while hauling wood on a contract.
ouh iHTHon In each tate to travel
for Iioiiho eHtnbllNlieil eleven year
and with a large capital, to call
upon merchants and agent for hiic
ccHHful and prolltable line. Perma
nent engagement. Weekly cash
Hillary of ?1S and all traveling vx
liense and hotel bill advanced In
ciihIi each week. Kxncrleucc not
eHentlnl. Mention reference and en.
close Holf-iiildroHHed envelope. THE
NATIONAL, :l Dearborn St., Chicago.
For Sale
Located on the West Side. It is
Neat, Clean and Airy Throughout,
huvlng 21 Iletlroom9, laritoOfllce, Parlor,
Dining Koom, Kitchen and Family
Rooms. The house will be sold nt a
Great Karain
with It Ueila, good range, tables and
ill alien, anil may be mailo one of the best
paving propositions in tho city.
Address, W. C. II0RKN, Cottage
0 rove, Oregon. 5-29-8 tp
The lenn, tho fat
Tho Htnut, tl.o tall
(lod lilens their soul
Wo lovo them.
And llko toHCo them pleased iih
they are nrt to Ih If they ubo any of
tho toilet article from tho New Kra
Tho Nugget take this opportunity
to notify Its HiibHcrlber that here
after thOHO who wish tho Nugget and
tho Weekly Oregoulaii will Ik ox
pectcd to pay $2.50 for tho two
import). TIiIh raise Is ntccHsnrv on
account ot a rahui on tho Oregontan
John Hooker yesterday nt the reg
nlar June term of tho county court
through Ida lawyer, I.. Illlyeu,
brought suit ngnlnst tho county for
$250. Ho wns awarded $150 but it
will not Ixi ncceptod. The suit was
over tho accident which happened to
his team May 13 while crossing a
brldgo spanning a small canyon near
Panther. They fell through tho rot
ten timbers and one wns killed, the
other maimed so that It Is unfit for
nun future work. The above Is ta
ken from the Springfield News and
cites another Incident of tho county
court's economical bridge coiuul
From the Sentinel Gebo, Mont.)
In tho first nneuitii; of Oklahomo
settlers In 188!), the editor of this paper
was niiiong tun many seoKt-rs alter lor
tttiio who made the hig race one (1 no day
In April. During his traveling about unit
afterwards his camping upon his clal.a.
heeneoiintereil much bud water, which ,
together with the severe heat, gave him
a very serero diarrhoea which it seemed
almost iuiposs bio to check, and along In
June the ease became so bad ho expected
to die. One day one of his neighbors
brought him one. email bottle of Cham
berlain's Collu, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Ilemcdv as a lust hope, A big dose was
given III m while lie was rolling abouton
the ground in great agony, and In a few
minutes tho dose was repeated. The
good effect ol them dlclno wnasoon no
ticed ami within an hour tho patient was
taking Ilia first sound sleep font fortnight.
That one little bottle worked a complete
euro, and bo cannot help but feel grate
ful. Tho eoasoii for bowel dlsordersbolng
at hand xuggests this item. For sale by
Benson Drug Co.
A voting contest will Ik held for
the Helectlon of a queen of the Mid
summer 1'nrulvnl to bt held Juno 21,
25, 20, and 27. Voting in this contest
(will begin Saturday. Juno C, and
to i close tit l p. in. June 17. Thoso wish
ing to vote win nniKe incir own
Bcclectlon of cnndldutcs mid cast
their votes accordingly. Votlug
tickets or ballots will bo placed on
sale at all the business houses where
they may be procured at 1 cent each.
Voting place atSklllman & Benson's
grocery on tho west side and New
Ura Drug Store on tho east side. The
young lady selected as Queen of this
carnival will be presented with
royal robes suitable for the occasion
Chamberlain's Pain Balm is an anti
eptiolliilmeut,and when applied to cuts,
bruises and burim, causes them to heal
without maturation and much more
quickly than by the usual treatment.
For sale by Benson Drug Co,
Land Office, Roseburg, Ore..
May. 10, 1003.
Notice is hereby glvon that the following-named
settler has filed notice of
Ids intention to make final proof In
support of his claim, and that said proof
will be made befoie J. J. Walton, U. 8.
Commissioner at Eugene, Oregon, on
June 29, 1003, vlt: Isaac L. Brown en
Ida II. E. No. 8902, for the NWf NE.
Hyp NE NEJ4 NW )8eo20tp 20SR
Me names tho following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon
and cultivation of said land, vis:
Joseph Landrith, Manly Crow, L. M.
Tompkins, William Crow, ol Lorane,
Oregon, .
' J. T.BRmaxs, Register.
Closing Out At Cost
Window Shades Crockery
Mattings Glassware, Tubs
Carpets and Washboards
Our Kutire Line of These Goods Will Be Closed Out At Cost For
Cash. Here is an Opportunity For Good Bargains.
Eakin & Bristow.
HirTTfflTiil'liii'i' 'I 111 Wf
Our line ol ready made ladies waists, wrappers, in fact ererything
that is In ladies ready made garments. Is by far the best we erer had.
Our line of waists for up to date style and price and assortment is not
excelled south of Portland. 1'rtce From SOe to $0.50.
We have some excellent values in ready made skirts, a line of light
gray home spun, extra good values. We bought these at a bargain,
and give a bargain when we sell them at $2.50 easily worth 13.60
Dark grays, good material, $.t.SO to $5.00. Black Silk $11.2R
Children's '
It is time now to buy
clothing for the children.
We undoubtedly have the
largest and best assortment
of values in boys clothing
in the country. We still
have some of the Roy stock
left that we are selling way
below the manufacturer's
price. $1.50 to $10 00
" Men's
We have an excellent Una
of men's socks, fancy and
plain colors. We are always
looking out for the latest
things in the market. Our
fancy striped and drop
stich are beauties, no store
keeps a better assortment
than we do.
Con. mon gray mixed
10c to 15c
Cashemers 25c to 30c
Price From
20c to 35c
Hint the majority of people are quick to see and take advantage of a good thinir
when they fee it, is di monstrated by the way our shoes are selling. Concentration
in tho be.-t lines of shoesiswhat people want. Our shoesare always the same.a rood
thins, in good enough, scatteration and new things are verv expensive. Those who
iiuv ilues from us are our customers always.
Hamilton Brown's Shoes, Men's S2.00 to S4.00 Ladles' $1.75 to $3 50
Lenders in Merchniiclisin&r -
fiswww rYoTroTroTnrvsTroTroeTPj
If taken within the next
ten tln.vH tht4l)nctvhllli'nncli
that 1 have Iteen offering for
JGO0.00, can Ih bought for
$.100.00. only part ot which
inUHt Ih riudi. TIiIh place Ih
n bargain nt that price mid
will IiiIiik several hundred
dollnrx mon than that lie
lore the Hummer Ih over.
It Ih located nbotlt three
and ono-half miles Houth-east
of tho city, near Ions &
UlnKlinm'H LoKKing cnnip,
nnd clout to n Rood road.
There Is n fairly good house
nnd Home oil t linllillnvrs on
the place, uIho an orchard,
Koocl feuceii, Hprliiss, etc. etc.
There Ih enough saw timber
nnd wood on It to more than
pay lor It.
If you wish to purchase
a place of this kind, call on
or address, W, Mknhv,
Cottage Drove.
f Extraordinary Values
It Is never too late todo good, but
It la sometimes too Into to get the
best selections In tho latest designs
und styles ot Indies' hats, for the
reason that oonie other lady has
takeu advantage of tho opportunity,
nnd purchased the "very one" you
wanted. Therefore, come its early as
possible nmi make your selection of
your spring lint nt the Fashion
Millinery Store, Miss Mnry Unrteln,
Glass and . .
Look at these prices, then call and examine
the goods:
50-piece fancy decorated full gold
dinner set $9F05
44-piece semi-porcelain dinner set
4-piece glass set , j40
4-piece glass set, flint 65
4-piece " " engraved jl 00
4-piece " " gold enamel jjX 85
Ask to See our Open Stock Assortment
and Stoneware