Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, May 29, 1903, Image 5

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u ' -UnnllimwW I her under those very beeches, ami talked
i.i 'T? , ' 1 Wl'1" ""'r i l fascinating (mini P
Willi IIiisIIuk, lis J on Imuiv. ii u.l "fli-r mllnr lo lilm when addressing women,
lunch wit luhl ii uiiiiin t 111 I llii nix. mill a,i .1 i i .i .i i,.. i..
ii I'll'", They had met more than
net, tlm adventure In I ho wood
l" nun ii ;ii mi' r miliums, aim And sho
llii'ii went Into Hi,, stable to look ill lliu ,,.,,,, ,
Jiumtm. Ami micli Iiiiiih'ii, inn! Well, nf- ,. ,
lor vrc liml loft , atiililu nml dialled a
Mil lin unified lliu rhcatutila round, nml
Mil hliiilcil In i'omiii over lieu'. Iluiv those
horse ,11, 1 fret, nml ,rn n , niul lear!
inn no (uok it iu coolly im possible, nml
soothed nml iiili'li'il I In ni, until they went
nit lllio lambs. They continued vwy iiili't
fur nlioul ii inllo, tvlii'ii ho luino to ii full)
where n girl Willi alumllng, and llion they
shied iiihl ri'nri',1 iitfiiln, iititll I I lioiiK'lit
Hit' would have upacl n In lliu tl licit.
Illlt Hustings mid not n lilt disconcerted;
Iio Iiclil the reins with inn, hniid, nml wltli
lliu oilier dink lift Ilia Inn t ili itlrl in
If li liml been nil empress. Hho wm ao
grateful, nml hiul such bm-ly cjoal I
Wim anxious to know ln alio could be,
ntnl asked him. (lucsa, I'hi, wliu It win,"
"Mow should I know'" answered lit
sister, pettishly, "lluw provoking joii
"Well, llion, It was our cousin, Alia
I'yri'i nml I can loll juu aim la nothing
til l naliiiini'il nr. either. I i'iuil,l ,-,
bow iniicli liu admired hor, mnl wna Just
going lo Ivll lilm of our connection with
Iiit wlifii lliu chestnuts liolti',1, ii ii,l. Iy
lliu llmu lio not llit'in In Ii a ii1 mtiiln, It
liml guliu out of my inlml, However, the
inniriiiiillon III keep till another IIiiio,
"Ilcgliiiihl," pried his sister, wlillo to
tlm lip with rage, "joii will not ilnru lo
It'll lilm Hint low-born girl l related lo
in v juu will nut dure?"
"llcifliiahl knowa liollor (linn In il,i mil-
thing no foolUli," nti,rriiiti',l .Mra, Chain-
piuu. "lint In cast, you alioulil Iw tempi
fil lu ilo ao," alio added, turning In ht-r
wm, "remember tluit not n tllliu of Hint
llvu liiimri-il io,in,la I promised yon for
your mat season's dcbla shall pas into
your nanus,'
"Olit very well, lliul'a enough," re
spondcd Itcgluaht, sulkily. "Hut I rnn
It'll joii uno tlihiK, l'lo-l believe he's tre
mendously rut with that ulrl, nml Unit
)n-' gone on nflfr Iiit now."
And having tillcriHl llila remark wltli
the ninlnlilo lult'lillun of annoying lila sla
ter, lio proceeded to quit lliu room.
"I think Ilcglnahl get wore uubciira
Mo every dny," exclaimed I'lorn, nil
Kfllr. '"rwrulyono la not jioncrnlly n very
nurt'onlilu ni!o In n youinj man," rt'inarkt-il
lior luuihi r.
Anil ao tin- fiilca ronaplriil to ktt-p n
crrt't from Crrol llnitlus), wliltii, na It
InriitMl out, wna vrry linp'orlniil lio ahoiihl
Ho rnlltnl nt llurat Mnnnr llio ilny nf
tor Ki'itliiiilil liinrlio.1 with Mm, mnl nt
Ci'Pttil Jlra. Chniiiiilon'a Invltnllou lo atny
iitnl illut'.
".Mm. Cliniiiplon," ln aulil, na tlioy ant
loitrllitT In Iho driiuliiK mom, "I nm eo
I'llt In t'k' n fnvor of J oil mnl .Mlia Clinm-
"I am aiiru wc almll In, hut ton happy
to Kruiit It, If It la In our poniT," ahu ro
ttiriml, inllltn;.
"I Ihluk of ulvliiK n hull nt (lio Court."
Mr. Ilnatluga fonllnuiHl. "mnl liofor.. I
lamic my Invltnlloiia I ivmit to aocuri- lliu
nml lio liml nlwnya atoppi',1 lo api-nk In
Iiit. Alul Iho prorlotia ilnj, na hn Jin it
lioon altiliiK roniliui! In llio itnrilon, hn
liml honril tlm (irniiclliu hnofa, nml, look
I llC up, liml ai'i'ii li I ill pull lip hla firry
I'lioalliula. whll'h liml frlKlllPUKil IllT "
nil hour hofiiro In tho Inno, nml, llirowlnif
Iho ri'lna to Iho Kriiuin, Jump ilown ami
I'liliT llio lllllo itntr.
Ilkcii rri, nnd , ,n't tfrild of1'
that, for you ha. ... weu m klml
In your Wnyn to mo, wliliti you wuuliln't
linvn lii'i'll If you limlli't iiii-mit ii a I ilhl."
"How ilnru you any I know whnl you
mount or Knvo yon oiicoiirnnoiiiom!" ahu
rtillillnoil. immliilmloly,
"llt'cniiau you illill" lio rt'turnort, with
touipor. "If you illilu't Mioiin nuylhliiK
hy your amlloa, nml trloka, nn,J wnya,
you inuat l,o na fnlau na flr."
"I'iioiixIi of thial" crloil U'lnlfrcl, Imp,.
rlomly, "uuiloratnuil, unco for nil, Hint I
lioviT liml mnl iiovit ahnll linrc, Iho to
inolrat fot'lliiK of lovo for you; mnl If joii
wlali lliu lo I'liliTtniii tho allKlitmt ri'Knnl
for you, you will nutor nxnln nilopt amli
n loiin lo iiiii na you hnru ilonu to ,loy."
"Ho," lio nnlil, In nu luanlcnl tono, "joii
roulil do nil tor well to Tom I'Vnnor, tint
fiiruior, uiilll your lino now lotor on in 4
nloim; hut you uiuat turn IiIkIi nuJ uilithiy
ill root 1 you'tu lii't'ii ai'i'ii with n Lumlnn
dm I'll. Hut I ran it'll you mm tliltiK,
Mlaa U'lnlfroil," ho uihlod, with an In-
aillllliK ulr that wna iniluacrllinhlo, "llaat
lr r.i-fritlltnl Ororer CltrtUnd.
It la fnolUh for 111 ( Idlml our eyca
10 tun rnct that more Hlioulil ! ilono
to linjirori.' tho condition of our ni'-fro
Iioiiulallon. And It nliould tie cnllrely
lilnln to nil of 11a that the nooner thli
la undorlakpn llio winner will a aerlona
duly ho dlwlinw'd and Iho moro aurely
will wo Kimrd ouraolvi-a Hnlnat future
troulilc nml ilatiKi-r. If wo are' to be
alio cried, atninplni: hor foot; "lunro thli
ilaco Imuii'illflti'ly, nml noror proaiiino 10
on (or It mtiilnl" nml aim tiirnoil Into Iho
Iioiko mid ahut Iho door. Thrn nils ran
up lo hor room mid, throwing InTaolf 011
Wlnlfrcd'a lionrt heat fnt a ho aw LliiT knooa hy hor hojihlo, alio aohhod and
Mr. I (natlncn comlni: up the krarden 10- frlt-d piinalonnlcly,
wnrd hor. At Inat ah roo and wont to hor piano,
"I havo rnmo to mil on Mr. I'yro 1 Hhu ant tliero mull It urow ipilto dark,
ho nl homo?" lirrhl iinkod. ulniclnic low, nwrot aotiKa lo heraujf, un-
"No," ropllnil Wlulfri'd; "lip tins hoon III at Inat Iho cloud wna chnapd' away
out alnro two o'olook, nml I do not 01- from hor faro, mid lirljtht Ihouiilita Jw
port lilm 11 lit II lliu ovi'iiliiK." Kim lo hrliiK amlloa In Jco of tonra.
"I nm aorry," I'rrol hnd miaworod, look- "Ho inuat enro a lllllo fur mo," alio
Inir III Iiit faci', aa lio nlwnya did now; llioiiulit, "or ho would not have hold my
"hut If you will nlloir 1110 to mnke hla hnml ao loux, nnd lookod Into my fato
alncnrn to ilny an cicliao for railing aa ho did."
iiKUln, I ahnll not ri'irrot It too much." Hit thounlita wrro auildonly interrupt-
"('in I anr miylhlui; lo lilm for you?' I 0,1 hy a rim; at Iho boll, nuJ alio pauaod
ankiil Winifred. In her playing. '
"I nm nfrnld not," Mr. Unatlng aald, "Homo hooka for Mlaa I'yro, with Mr.
aiulllnit; "It la on a nuoatlon nf a now Haatlnga' loinplliiifiita," aald a man'a
mollioil of fanning, which I foar la too voice, to the aorvant who anaworod tho
Inat nitfl tnl ,.,a.n.i ... i 1 n
Iix.m ,ln ,., .I..,.", ,..l .ultl. I vnu,,i ui fJUIUtUti lllllllW
farmo ' I , ugl t.Ta " I " CMtv,:,-Af"' "- "' 'f they nro to be more
"You lnwlu.1, ,n'on-.,lrlted coward!" c""""H1t,lyI '"""' " l''""f. u-'fl nml aafe tnombora
. . ,"un i- umgiit to no aoniotning
more man 10 now tvoou and draw wnlor. The wny muat
bo optiiMl for Iht'in to eningo In aompllilns bftlnr tlian
menial aervlce, and their Inli-reata inuat be aroilncd to
rewnrila of Intelligent oociipa,tl(iii and careful thrift.
I lii'llevo that the exigency can only be adequately met
iiiroHjin tne inMnmiemniiiy of well Ulijwd manual train
ing am! ImluMrlnl aohoola, eoniluetnl elthor Independently
or In connection with ordinary educational Institution. I
nm convinced Hint good cltlzonahlp. un orderly, contented
life and a proper conception of civic virtue and obligations
lire alinoM certain lo grow out of a fair chance to earn an
lioneat. hopeful livelihood nnd a natlafjcd acnac of secure
protection u ml conalderate trentinint.
nbatruao for 1110 to dlaciiaa with you. Illlt door.
I nm Interrupting your reading la your
book very t'ligroaalug I '
Ami na ho apnke ho glanced nt Iho
cover of tho bunk nml ohwrved with
aomo aiirprlau Hint It wna an old I'ronch
"Will you lot 1110 aond ynu nonie book
When It wan closed again ahe J 11 in nod
up mid railed)
"Yea, mlaa."
"(live them to 010, and bring tho lamp.
And alio began with eager ilrllght to
o rend?" I'rrol naked, gciitlr. "I mnku etnmliw tho hiindaouioly bound roliiuioa.
a point of collecting nil Hie beat worka, It wna a hnppy errnliig; hor now occll-
liotli foreign and llngllah, unrit would pallou chaaod all unplonaniit iiii-inorlea
bo aiioh n filenauro to 1110 to think aomo I nWay, olid when alio wont lo tcd alio had
0110 hcaiilea myaelf would tako nn In- oven forgottru tho t'llatenoo of Mr. I t-U'
tereat lu rending thein,'
"Oh, how kind ynu nro!" ox, Inline,!
Winifred, engorly. bltuhlng with delight:
"It would bo auch a trent to hnvo ume-
thing new to rend."
"Whnt ahnll It bo?" naked Mr. Hnat
Inga "hNtory. nnvtla, pm-try, or theol
ogy T When you read Tcnnyaoil, look for
my favorite poem, 'Ornono; I am aure
ynu will agree with 1110 In admiring Hint.
!u ynu aoini'tlniea Indulge In romance.
aim liyroY'
"Sometime. Inugliiil Winifred. "Do
j 011 1
'"lea," aald l.rrol, "I muat Iiload guil
ty, although I nm long pjiat tho nee whin
Hint youthful folhlo la perinUll,le. Hut
when I am nlonu I like to alt and look
Hut the next day poor Winifred wa
plunged into tho deptha of sadiieaa again,
for Mr. Ilaallnga paaaeil, liendlng orer Ills
aoiblle to tn lie to hor stately eoiHln. aud
had never onco tiirnod to look for her.
tlo be continued.)
Yon Canimt Move About the Country
miltnnl tne Document.
The (ruin kIouh down an It crows
nr OmtM 3. Jur'mn. rrstlJenl ol Ltltnl Sfntord ValverHty.
The twetitlitli century will be strenuoun, com
plcx nml democratic. Streiiuoiia It tnunt be, na
wo can all ace. Our cenlury linn a boat of thing
to do-bohl thlngK, noble tilings, tedious things,
dllllcult thlnga. enduring thlJiga.
Moro Hum any of the otliern, the twentieth
century will be democratic. The grenteflt din
eovery 01 tne niueieenin century waa that of the
reality or externa! things. That of Hie twen
tieth century will lie thin axiom In geometry: "The
ainiigiiiem nne is 1110 soonest distance between two
poliita." If something needs doing, do It; the more plain
ly, directly, honestly, the better.
Democracy does not menu equality Just the reverse
of this. It means Individual responsibility, equality be
fore the law, of course, equality of opportunity, but no
other tiiualltr Knve Hint won In- fnlil.r,,! uar,.i ,ri...
Hoclnl system Hint bids men rise must also let them fall'
ir they cannot mnntnln themselves. To become the right
man menus the dismissal of the wrong.
The weak, the Incompetent, tho untrained, the dlssl.
pnted llnd no growing welcome In the cenrury which Is
coming. It, will have no tilace for the unskilled laborer
A bucket of water anil a bnsket of coal will do all that tho
unskilled laliorer can do If we have skilled, men for theli
direction. The unskilled laborer Is no product of democ-
racy." lie exists 111 spite of democracy.
statute colncldo with equity. This condition educated
lawyers cum brine about.
In politics the demand for serious aervlce mutt grow.
Aa we havo to do with wlso men nnd clean men, states
men Instead of vote manipulators, we ahnll feel moro and
more Hie need for them. Wo shall demand not only men
who can lend In action, but men who can prevent unwiso
action. Often the policy which seems most attractive to
tho majority Is full of danger for tho future. Wo need
men who can face popular opinion and If need bo to faco
it down.
Tho need of tho teacher will not groty less as tho ccn
tury goes on. Tho history of tho future Is written In the
schools of to-day, and the reform which gives 11s better
scnoois is the greatest of reforms. Free should the achol
ar be free and brave, nnd to such an these the twen
iiein century will bring the reward of the scholar.
The twentieth century will mark an epoch In the his
tory of religion. Home say Idly that religion Is losing; her
110111 iu mese strenuous days. Hut she la not 8he Is
simply changing her grip. The religion of this century
will be more practlcnl. moro real. It will deal with th
days of tho week as well as with the Sabbath. It will be
as potent In the markets of trade as In the walls of a
cathedral, for man's religion Is his working hypothesis of
life, not of life In some future world, but of life right here
to-uay. me only day we havo In which to build a life.
to those over whom they have control.
Br DliHop Patfr, ot new York.
I believe In strikes, shocking as the
statement may seem. I believe In the
conservative value of the organizations
from which tho strikes come. The ccn
dltlon of the working man was never
improved unul In reply to the demands
of a labor organization Itself or by the
interposition of persons not Interested
as capitalists or laborers. The real
value of the labor organization Is that
It aiipears to be the only method by
which the great Interests which serve
themselves best by exacting most can
be obliged to yield some consideration
at n beautiful Inn.laoapc. until my very 'tnltvart men uniformed In the Ilusalnn
power or tlalon la absorbed In thought; '''' nun wearing tne peculiarly Hus-
mnl, I like lo go back centuries, nnd live 'Inn top boots. The polite conductor
In the past ngca. that from their wide tomes to the compartment and bids you
dlatnnro from us seem guidon. Do you eet tlm iLissnort reudv. After n r,.i
ever rnnoy joti woui.l like to nave been mllilltcw of wnltlng. durlnir which 1111
Iho frontier, and creepi gently up to I, "l Iu,urn wm not P'enuers before
the platform of the llrsl station on Huh- ' 7 . c'"-,- "om neptl of a Judge
Hliin soil. Kuril vely peeping out of,,' , " , "a" '"wyors must be
the window, ynu behold 11 number of I, ,a'j;K,v,r"- e sword has given place to the green
..v- uciiuiiu ui niu inoiuiLui century win be that the
Br Jtcob bould Schurmtn. Preildent ot Cornell Valrerillr.
State schools are, so far as mental training
and the acquisition of knowledge go, vastly su
perior to either church schools or private schools.
I'rlvato and church schools tend to breed caste
nnd division among the children of the com
munity. The public school, on the other hand,
Is the mirror of the republic. In the public
schools of a town you have the purest democ
racy In" the world. When we look at hard facts.
we see that It Is folly to blame the schools for defects of
blood, lapses of virtue nnd blight of character, which
neither our laws nor our policy requires the schools to
combat You must blame the church, you must blame the
offenders, you must blame yourselves, when your children
become the victims of Intemperance, vice or Impiety.
promlsu of jour preaoiu-o 11 nil co-opera-
"A bull nt Iho Court; that will bo
rhiirmJiig!" exclaimed Miss Chniupl
with uiiusunl miliiintliiii. "Ilnt-helura nl
ways give such charming pnitlen; besides,
whll'h, It will frill Ify my tuug-felt dealro
lu go dVor your liuuse."
"If J oil reully have liny curloally to see
my iluiiinln, I trust you will not wait fur
Hie ball. Why nut iblo over this nfior
lioun before dlniiar? Your brother. I hnru
no dmibt, will accompany us."
Ml a Chnuiiiloii looked nt her mother In
n dutiful iiiterrugnllvo inniiiior, nnd .Mrs.
Uluimplun replied Immediately:
"Certainly, my love, If yun persuade
Iteglnalil. You look 11 little pale a rldo
will no all the good lu the world."
Keglnnld being agreeable, tho horses
were ordered round, and Alias Champion
lolt 1110 room to equip,
"Apropos uf Hie ball," aald I'rrol. "I
am expecting nu iiillux uf visitors to the
Court, nml I shall bog of yuur charily
to come mid help me lo eulerlnlii H10111.
Kir Clay Inn nml l.ndy Irnco Knrquhnr
are coming rur a fortnight, until their
plncu at l.mlon 11lo Is rendj-, and she
lins promised In play hostess for thu 00
eiisloii. I.udy St. Kgo nml her daughters
will como up from Hertfordshire." Mr,
mid Mrs. Itlvers, l.ady Marlon Alton nml
her niece, nnd several bachelor friends,
so I shall need sumo assistance In my
novel' part of host."
"When Is tho ball to tako place?" In
quired Mrs. Chaniplun.
"I hardly think I nm Justified lu digni
fying my gathering by the naiiio of a
ball; but I menu to Invito every one round
for twelve tulles; nnd as this Is such a
very quiet tlino of tho year, I do not ap
prehend iiiniiy disappointments. Indeed,
I only lutein! giving leu days' notice."
"That will bo qultu enough," Mrs
Champion agreed; "no uno thinks of giv
ing parties lu Hie country at this time
of year, aud 11 bull will bo qultu n boon
to tho young people. I prophesy your
entertainment will bo a great success,"
"I hope so," said Mr. Hastings. "I as
sure you I shall spare 110 pains to maku
everything go off well,"
Flora on niu In nt this Juncture, looking
very hnndsonio In her perfectly fitting
habit, and they nil walked out of tho
window lo Iho horses, which were wait
ing nt the door, Ho placed her In tho
saddle, mounted himself, and bidding nu
lovnlr to Mrs, Chaniplun, they started
lor llielr ride,
Iteglnalil usurped the greater part of
tho conversation on the way, much to
his sister's annoyance, but sho had no
Intention or betraying any Ill-humor be
fore Mr, Hastings, When tliey arrived
nt Hanoi! Court they dismounted, sent
tho horses to the stables, mid proceeded
to explore tho house. Miss Champion not
unly expressed herself, but tvns In real
ity, delighted with uverylhlug she saw.
Flora was rather silent as alio rodo
homo. SI10 was thinking how pleasant
It would bo to lio tho wife of n man llku
Drrol Hustings, and tho mistress ot n
plncu like Hiizcll Court. Ho was speak
ing to her In low, earnest tones; ami
as ho passed tho Kiirm did not turn to
look for Winifred, And Winifred, sitting
under her fnvorllo clump of beeches,
book In hum!, looked wllh wistful eyes
lifter Iliem; and when ho had passed out
of sight, without once tinning to look
one uf tho celebrities of Hie olden limes?
I should like to have been Alexander, mid
eomiiiereil tho world: nr n U-onhliis, dy
ing gloriously In battle; an undaunted
hero, like Alelblndes; nn emperor, like
Cncsiir: a Mark Antony, beloved by
11 ly Is not diminished, 1111 olllcer In
smart gray-blue uniform comes along,
ntlended by n soldier wllh a wallet IIu
drinnnds the precious document, nnd,
noting lis foreign origin, casts upon lis
Cleopatra: or 11 I.iiiincolot, If you might possessor n keen, searching glance.
hate been flutiievere." Then he looks for the ull-lmporlniit visa
His voice had dropped while he was nr Indorsement of the Itusslau olllcliil
speaking, and as he uttered the last son-
tc'ico In .1 low, thrilling whisper, his
ejes sought hers wllh a passionate ex-
pri'aslnn nf admiration.
Winifred colored deeply, nnd the tone
uf her voice wna haughty ns sho mndo
ansner, looking fnr away Into Hie woods:
' I would not have Ix'cn Cnlncvcro to
In the country of issue; and on finding
It he pusses coldly on without u word.
All this Is very formal mid Impressive;
you Jcel ns n prisoner feels when the
chain oC evidence Is tightening around
him; your thoughts wander buck to tho
past, nnd you wonder whether any In
iho imhlcst l.nuurclut who ever brenthed. discretion of your Insignificant youth
liml 1 neon ciioson ny such a godlike may not now be brought uii In tost I
Ktiigiit ns mug .ruiiir, l mink 1 eoubl mnnv 11,-iilnst lira.
nave appr t mieii mm loo wen to requllo Tlll. ut,0,t ere is taken In tae stndv
1 hLilulenllmi nt
"I beg your pnrduu. I ought to havo ..""
. . . 1 . .,,, vrt' Itllliulllll llllltlt lltlV.l llle lineu,u,,
romomhereii; nut rur iho moment I did . . ...............
nut think uf her falseness. I only reel- uvl'r I'Ti'iKuer entering or leaving the
peeled that shu wns bountiful and charm
I'rrol hud never onco taken his eyes off
Inlfred s face while he had boon apeak-
country must have It. too. Whether na
tive or alien, you cnmiot move about
thu country without the document;
when you arrive In n town It must bo
lug. And as ho watched hor, he thought submitted to the local police; when you
that of all the women ho had out knuvtn, leave Hint town the police must Indorse
nine had such n sweet grace of womanll- tuc passport with their sanction to the
o- ., u. e. ..u n suiiueuiy 10 journey. The system gives the nulhorl-
1. I . ; 1., 1 . mi - , ' '-' '1" ''"''I over the people;
"ranlou ny Iniriiihin, M ss l'yre; II . , ... . ,
hut.-,0,1 vn.. oloen, u i ,, '" wls0 18 tlie stranger who compiles
And I'rrol Hastings hold out his hand t'"ri'f""y fTJ' I'nrt of the formal-
to her. She nut her own liml, Ilo Int., It. ii.v.-t-iiiiiiiiers journal,
and ho clasped It for 11 moment with
a strong, passionate clasp, looking Into
hor eyes the while wllh a look that
brought the blood rushing to her face.
Then ho turned slowly, and went back
to his phaeton, her eyes looking dreamlly
Inlo the distance. Her reverie was di
verted by seeing n young farmer. Mr.
Turn Keniier, sauntering leisurely down
the ruad, hilling oil thu tops of the grass
ilclously with Ills stick. Hho had seen
III 111 pass before, when she was talking
with Mr. Hastings, and his presence mi-
I if.-cti
Au Incipcmlte Method for Kllllne
Insects Thut Kir.
The Oovernmcnt Ilurcnu of Statistics
Is authority for n statement containing
figures reaching Into the hundreds o
millions of dollars as indicating the ex
peudlture applied directly to fighting
the Insects mid worms which damage
the cotton, wheat, corn nnd oilier crops
which form' such n substantial part of
our revenues. A large portion of this
nmount. no doubt, goes for the Intro
duct Ion of new Ideas which have been
devised to aid lu the work of destroy
ing these pests, and perhaps this latest
trap, tho Invention of a Kcutuckhm
will receive 11 share of attention and
serve Its purpose In many a field. The
Inventor takes nilvnntage of tho well-
known propensity of Insects to fly to
ward a II erli t. the llnnie In this IncinnA
I being mounted within a metallic ens
, lug, to which entrance Is gained
for hor, bIio hid her faco lu Jior hands
and crlod bitterly. '
Poor Winifred! It wns only the dn
bef? Hint IOrrol Hustings had sat with
A Cigarette Victim Detcrlhei
Cult ir,l hjr Hie Habit.
"Soinelliiie.s I wonder If all clgaretto i,i,t in .m,.i, .
smokers have the 8iiiiiesyiiiptoms usj through four fuunels polutltis In differ
myself," said a rather robust young Cut dlrectlotis. Once within the hood,
man, according to the Philadelphia the Insect soou falls to the reservoir
iifcorii. 1 pin 011 1110 lighting or iny beneath, wherein a quantity of lusoctl.
first clgnrctle to as Into un hour In tho clde bus been placed to complete the
tiny ns possible; often It Is evening bo- destruction of those which escnne tho
mi oil her. Ilo cmno deliberately In ut r"! 1 jt'K" to smoke. And this I do actual contact with the Hnme. Slen
t ho garden gale, nnd walked up to where I because I dread the ilaj-'s first lulinln- Hon Is also made of the fumes rising
she snt. Hon. Kor Unit Introductory whiff, go-, from tho liquid nnd Impregnating the
"(ioo.l afternoon. .Miss I'yro," ho said, lug down Into my lungs, gives me tin atmosphere around (he flame to over-
putting out ins great coarse Hand to her. instant ami unbearable sensation of un-
happiness and of weakness almost of
collapse. Soon It pases nwiiy, but It
Is horrible while It lasts, nnd tiny after
tiny It must be em! 11 red before I get
properly, so to speak, Into my smoking
Another thing I surfer from Is a cold
I suppose I limy come In now yuu nro
Winifred wns compelled to glvo lilm her
hand, sorely as It chafed her that his
course, heavy touch should brush off the
tender clasp or .Mr. Hastings II t lie lin
Certainly you may como lu," sho an
come the Insects aud cause them to
fall Into the liquid.
Will eoon Number !200,000 l'cr ectly
Kqtttpped Soldiers.
Mexico, which next to the United
Slates, Is thu most orderly aud stable
swered, coldly; "you might havo done so perspiration of the palms of my hands, I ot n (ho Vluercn republic Is pur-
.teo' P",n'!,c'ow- I not pui- 11 turn, sign that 1 nm exceeding myBu poiu-y ot military expansion
llculnrly engaged." temperate allowance of eight clgnret es ,..,.,,0, ..J.,,, liitolv to develnn n biubiv
"Oh! you did seo 1110, then? I thought daily. pUilch teems like! to let elop n highly
you were too much occupied wltli your
lino now friend to look at me,"
Winifred was beginning to got angry;
this man had never presumed to use such
a tono to her before.
"Do you want to seo my father?" 6ho
asKt'ii anruptiy.
"At times I give up smoking for 11
week or two. My appetite then be
tomes Immense. I can eat 11 squaro
meal every three hours, and lu one
week, without smoking, I have often
gained ns much as eight iwumls. My
"No, I don't; I loft lilm not an hour spirits, too, get very high when I don't
ago hi tho turnip Held I want to seo smoke. I want to tako lots of exercise.
5'u"' and I feel extremely lumpy and hums-
(Hi, very well," remarked Winifred; trlous. Hut It Is Imposslblu for me to
"Illlt llllKIUll l, ..... I .... n ...... ...l.. I ... .
give up cigarettes altogether, though I
but please let 1110 know at oueo what
you want of me, It Is tluio to go lu ami
seo about Iho ten,"
"Oh, you wereu't. In such n hurry Just
now, when you hnd thut puppy of a
Hastings here," said Mr, Kenuor, wrath-
hnvo 110 iluubt Hint I bey do mo n great
ileal of biirui.
Hciraliu- llilim Now.
Stranger (In Pacific const photograph
Winifred roso llko a young Juno, with nailery) Why have you got this eiior-
such 1111 Imperial ulr of uuiaxed Indlguu
tlou that her companion quulled.
.Mr. I't'unei'," she Buhl "have yuu
any Idea of what you nro talking about?"
'took here, .Miss W In fred " uttered
Keniier, with great earnestness "It's no
meaning this lust month. 1'vo loved you
fur tills year buck. And so to-dny, In tho
turnip field, I spoko lu Mr, I.yio, and
hu said ho had no objection, provided juu
outtvi, ,1,111 KlVlIt I-IHIIOSIIIOHS IIS no ..... ...
10 your pretending not to understand ,,, ,. . ,
e, because yuu cuu't hare mistaken toy lrlliune.
Hums stuffed llsli hanging here?
Photographer That Is for tho use of
persons who wish to send to their
ft lends In tho (Cast a picture nf tho
J.IO-pouml sea bass they have Just
Ith a hook and Hue. Chicago
flnlely Is not a proof that tho heart
Is at e.ise, for often hriho midst of
laughter ''ho heart Is sail. -Do dcullc
I etllclent system of national defense. It
Is the desire of President Diaz that
within two years the .Mexican govern
ment shall be able on short notice to
mobilize an army of UOO.OOO thor
oughly trained and perfectly equipped
soldiers. To make this result possl
bio more than 300,000 boys and young
men nro now receiving regular dally
military Instiuctlou In 11,000 public
schools of Mexico, and tho army will
bo recruited from their number. This
program ror tne creation or a
greater Mexican army Is supplemented
with plans for a larger naval estab
lishment, two vessels for which are
now under construction nt tho Cres
cent shipyard, lillzabetlitown, N. J. In
this development of her military re
sources Mexico Is following the natur
al policy of enlightened nations. It Is
believed In some quarters that the In
tegrity of Mexican Institutions will
bo severely tested when President
Diaz retires from office, and that n
strong government, Including an effec
tive military establishment, will bo
WfviK' i urotcct tho republic against
Why Vaiiioils Cofrrapoudsnt Wasfleft
1 1 nit Mick of It. )
Tho Into Julian Italph, ono of llio
best known reporters nnd war eorr
ipomlents, began his career as n copy
nobler In n printing olllee, thence pass,
td Into the olllce of n wenkly news
paper as a printer's apprentice, nml af
terward formed a connection wllh the
New York Hun. Of his expwleiice as
1 war correspondent, Mr. Italph wrote.
In .May, llsju:
Haltered externally, illsurdrred n
ilde, unable lo dlgoat rood ror weeks,
nursing bruises and ailments a half
dozen ot once, I look upon this war as
having Ill-repaid tne for llw kindly
and Jubilant tone In which 1 havs
dealt with It And oh, how sick of It
( ami How deadly, unutterably sick
I am of Itl
Tho long months of sand diet and
hard faring under Methiien took from
me a stomach which an ostrich would
hnvo envied, and exchanged for It a
second-hand, worn-out apparatus
which turns upsldo down at the ap
proach of any food except dilute!
milk. A piece of Iloer shell which
bit mo on the chest made me faint
and weary for many days, and then a
novel method of ntlghtlng from a Capo
cart Into a trench, with tho cart 011
top of me, left mo one-legged for five
weeks, after which I found myself
with a low-class, no-account limb, In
which I have no confidence. .
Upon my recovering this Inferior
and makeshift otlier leg, my horse shot
me Into a wire fence, which tore both
arms Into shreds, painted one thigh
like an omelet nnd tho other llko n
South African sunset, and left me an
Internal fracture which I must keep
as a perpetual souvenir of what wo
are all beginning to speak of as tho
boro war."
Try to Imagine tho spirits of a man
who finds himself thus gradually
changing Into nn exhibit for a medi
cal musuem, and you begin to obtnln
a glimpse of tho fatigue with which I
now view this war.
4lrir4- &
ONE of the most successful millionaire farmers In the West Is David
Itaukln, of Tarkio, SIo., who has made Jl.000,000 In farming, and who
actually owns the largest farm In the world. Itanktn has 23,000 acres
under his personal supervision, all of which Is under cultivation. He
Dcgan farming with a colt which his father gave blm when a lad. He
traded the colt for a pair of oxen and with them tilled eighty acres of
ix-meu lauu, uiiui ne uau accumuiateu enough to buy a small tract. He had
ueen living in Illinois, but thought better of Missouri as a farming country.
So for fS an acre he bought great tracts of ground, adding to bis fields
ns the income of the other fields would permit, until he had surrounded
himself In thirty years with 23.000 acres, all of which Is sown to crops
""I,)'' " employs juu men on tne rarm. He has 700 teams, nnd In
good seasons he makes ?100,000 clear money. He buys 8,000 to 10,000 head
of steers every year and feeds them. He keeps these cattle, not in pastures,
but in clean stables and lots, where they are fed from the products of his
t.iui uuiii no is reauy to snip 10 tne markets.
Tako tho Forsha ranch, In Kansas, for Instance, where another system
Is carried on cutlrelj-. Mr. Forsha Is n believer In the raising of alfalfa and
be has IS.000 acres sown to that. He also raises and feeds cattle for the
" "ever raises cereals. lie has a mill on his ranch, and ha
u, nmui truui otner rnrmers, mages It Into flour, but he raises little
wheat himself. He makes -from flO to ?100 net profit an acre from the
airalfa, aud the fields In the fall and winter furnish pasture 'for his herds
Forsha began- ranching and farming In Kansas only a few years ago To-'
iTflV lift la IfuWll ansrAfnl l . .1 - .1 l mn
ovivtMi iiuiimuu iiiuiitfuuu uo nurs.
John Stewart began farming In Kansas without a dollar. He was work
Ing in a real estate olllce ns a salesman. He hone-hi- 1 ,
rights to deser ted quarter sections for a mere pittance. A boom came and
in three years he was worth 58.000. Then he went to Sumner Conntr
Kansas, aud begau ranching nnd raising wheat To-day Sumner Countv
produces 8.000,000 bushels of wheat annually, nnd Holds the world's rert
lu quantity for Its size. Stewart bought additional land every year there
was a drouth, thereby getting It at a reduction. He has made a large tortus
111 lean tuuu tiurty years.
serious Internal disorder. It Is pos
sibly with a view of providing for
such nn emergency that the present
movement for a largo nnd trustworthy
army has been Instituted. Army and
Navy Journal.
A Farmer's Daughter:
What She Can Do.
Iu a paper read before the thirteenth
annual convention of the Indiana State
Dairy Association, Miss lvdltb Parsons,
student lu Purduo University, gave
an Interesting account of her experi
ence lu dairying. Miss Parsons began
with the three or four cows kent to
supply their own family, and Is now
selling the product of between fifteen
and twenty cows at a profitable price,
ccuuse of Its uniform excellence and
regularity of supply.
After recounting her dlfllcultles lu
getting a good herd, she said: "After
you decide to begin dairying, the ques
tion arises: Who shall care for the
milk and the butter? Shalt it be the
farmer and his sons who toll In the
fluid all day, or shall It be the tired
mother and' wife who shall do this
work, thinking It one of her many
dntles, Instead of a source of pleasure
to her? No!
"Iu my opinion, It should be the
farmer's daughter who should come
forward and saj-, I am young and
know that I would enjoy taking full
charge of tho dairy work How proud
I will feel to think that I am making
gilt-edged butter.
"Many mothers persist In saying that
the work In n dairy Is too hard for
their daughters nnd would soon become
a drudgery lo them, but I believe moth
ers of this opinion forget that any
work, no matter how hard, If entered
Into with tho soul aud willing hands,
ceases to bo drudgery aud becomes an
"Tho dark side to dairying for the
fnrm.r'a ,ln , ... . .. .
day business that can not be put Into
nexperlenced hands, without getting
things out of balance, and thnt -i.m!!
1 ays off must be few. But a girl who
wet anu judgment enough to get
the best results from a Jersey cow, Is
well qualified to win by persuasive
, "u I,,vf s"e may covet
-co , woutu sny to tho farmer's
uuuKuiers, SICK t0 tne farni k
some profession that can be practiced
on the farm, whether It be dairying
i.uu.u, rinsing, aon't for a single
moment let the tempter havo posses
slou of you, but think of your health
and of those little gold mines on the
furm and remember that with health
l Happiness nnd with happiness
I,lfo Subscriptions.
A. Century subscriber recently vm,
to the publishers Inquiring what the
charge would be for a life subscription
to the Century for a man 33 years of
age. Tho question was submitted tn
ono of the large llfo Insurance compan
ies, who reported that by tho American
experience table of mortality, assuming
u.oucy iu euru turee per cent annual In
terest, a man 33 years of age should
pay ?S1.G4 for a llfo subscription tn th
Century. The publishers do not think
it is worm wniie to open a department
tor lice subscriptions, hut It Is Interest
ing to know that a man of 33 can look
forward to the probablo enjoyment of
over eighty dollars worth of futuro
Ceutury Magazines.
' High Freight ltates.
It costs almost twice as much to
scud boxed goods from New York to
San Francisco by rail direct as It does 1
Tla Loudon, tho Suez Canal, Hongkong
aud Yokohama by steamer.
Miss Flyrt Oh, yes, I've had nine
proposals since I saw you last. Miss
Newltt Indeed! And did you finally
reward his perseverance by accepting
him? Philadelphia Catholic Standard,
Fresh men usually tell stale stories.
A big, brown, and white bird came
sailing up the trout stream, his long
wings stretched far out to right, and
left. He flew slowly, for he was look
ing for something something that ho
wanted very much. He was doing the
family marketing. Up In the top of a
big plneMree, a mile awnj-, his wife
was sitting on a nest full of eggs, and
It was both his duty and his pleasure
to find a supper for her. Suddenly he
topped short. He bad caught sight
of the thing for which he was search
ing a dusky, shadowy shape with an
outline like that of a submarine tor
pedo boat, lying moveless In the clear
water. For Just au Instant he seemed
to hang poised In the air, but It wns
only long enough to change the direc
tion of bis motion; then down he went
with a rush and a swoop.
The brook trout saw him coming
and tried to dart away, but It was too
With a mighty splash the osprey
struck the stream and went clear under
and out of sight, while the water boiled
and surged over him. He could not
see for the commotion about him, but
him aim bad been true, and his out
stretched feet touched a slippery,
slimy, wriggling body that was Just
beginning to gather headway.
Quicker than a wink his toes closed
about It and his sharp talons sank
deep Into the trout's flesh. Then up
he came rising out of the stream like
some fabled monster of old, and shak
ing the water from his feathers In a
shower of flying drops. Every thread
of muscle In bis wings and breast was
working with all Its might to lift that
heavy trout Up went tho bird's great
pinions till they were straight abovo
him; then down they came, lashing tho
air like whips. Up again and down, up
and down, up and down," harder nnd
faster nnd fiercer; and little" by little
he and bis victim rose above tho
stream, till at last they were clear
of the tree tops. Then straight nwaj
to the nest In the old pine, where tho
wife was waiting to make them both
welcome. Leslie's Monthly,
Dog Was Disgusted.
The amateur hunter had very llttlo
to say about his experiences. Finally
some ono turned on him for a story of
bis hunting trips.
'Nothlug to tell," he murmuretl. Hut
an experienced sportsman, who had
many valuable hunting dogs, volun
teered .to tell the other man's story.
' lou sec, he borrowed one of my
dogs," be said, "nnd he was eager for
the game he was going to get He
said be bad never shot very much, but
his father was a good shot before him.
loaned blm the dog. After nn hour's
time the animal came back homo and
llttlo later our. friend hero followed,
and he was very wrathy.
'"Whats the matter with j-our
dog?' be demanded. 'Nice sort of n
creature with which to go liuutlng.
What did he come back home for?1
'Did you shoot several Hints nnd
miss good game which the dog had
stirred up for you?' I asked.
"lie was frank enough to say that
such was the case.
" 'Well.' I said, 'that was the trouble.
My dog won't stand for thut sort of
thing.' "
And tho amateur hunter humbly
bowed his head, says the Now York
Times, while tho laugh went round.
Army Lleutcimuts.
There are now some 2,000 lieuten
ants in the army, less than SOU of
horn are graduates of Wont Point.
Most of the lieutenants have been ap
pointed since the war with Spnlu. Hlx
hundred of them were officers of tin
volunteer army, -100 havo boan pr mut
ed from the ranks for merit and CCO
havo been drawn directly'" from civil
life. Few of theso men, therefore,
havo a technical military education.
Spinoza's favorite amusement wns ti
set spiders to lighting, aid b. tv-m'd
luugh Immoderately ut beholding tii, ir
ferocious struggles.
When men complain too tun ' tit
monotony, look out fur a cyclone to
break It,