Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, May 08, 1903, Image 6

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C. J. Howtrd Editor
Barton C. V. Drown . Business Mt'r.
XntrtUt the poitofflc t CMUM Oroye,
orseon Bend cum ram mttitr.
Sakaerlrtlan rlct,ISO, In dTnr
Advertising IWiimii1! knwn upon
If plication.
THIS PATKR II kept on fll t K. C. Drift's
AUTcrtlSlnc ArtnCT, ua ireo;nu aa
shsnn.Ksn Krsnclseo.Cslllomls. where coif
irscti lor krtrettlilns cn be lor It.
Friday, May 8, 1903.
Mr. Rcamcs, in his "confiden
tinl" letter to the members ol the
Native Sons of Oregon, says:
"They say (referring to the repub
licans) thnt inasmuch as the House
is already elected, and republican,
I cannot do them any injury from
a public standpoint." Now we
would like to ask Mr. Reames il he
is in a position to do "them" any
good, or to do his state, a republi
can state, with a republican dele
gation, elected to a republican con
gress, any good?
There is a movement on foot in
this town to establish an early clos
ing hour for all business houses.
It is a move that has been carried
to a successful issue in nearly
every town of the importance of
Cottage Grove iu Oregon, and it
would appear to be a good move
for the business houses of this city.
Of course, if the compact is agreed
.to, each business house must take it
"upon itself to follow it most re.
ligiously. If we do that it will be
a success. It will show that the
town is alive and up-to-date. It
will add to its moral appearance,
and at the same time it will not in
jure the business interests of any
firm in the city. Let's try it, for
six months anyway.
The republicans ol this section
last spring were accused of being
disappointed with their candidate
for governor. Be that as it may, it
now appears that a goodly number
of democrats, good and true, are
acting in a manner not unlike that
of their republican brothers last
spring. While tbey will no doubt
in the majority of cases "support
their man" so far as their indi
vidual ballot is concerned, they go
at it in a half hearted way. Their
enthusiasm seems to have cooled
with the advent of Mr. Reames in
this city. In fact it is hinted that
they discovered very little in him
to enthuse over. It is half hinted
that the impression he left here is
not of the kind that will gather
votes into the democrat c fold.
The democrats are saying all
sorts of mean things about Her
mann because be did not enter into
joint debate with Reames. Mr.
Hermann could not consistently do
such a thing. There was no need
of such an arrangement. It was an
insult to Mr. Hermann and the re
publican party of the State of Ore
gon to ask it. The idea of ex
pecting a man of Mr. Hermann's
standing at home and abroad a
man who has served the people of
his stale as a public servant, and
who has done more for his state
than any other congressman
going into the field with a young
man respectable to be sure who
was not known outside of Jackson
county until the democratic con
vention "recognized" him by tying
the congressional rock to his neck,
whose only means of introducing
merits, therefore he scours his dis.
trict from length to breadth, hop
ing to make it one wny or another,
without taking into consideration
the hann he may do to such organ
izations as the Native Sons, by
placing them in a compromising
position. In fact it would appear
that he is out for anything that
will land him in the congressional
office. The status of the case ap
pears to be this: He has created n
partisan feeling in an organization
that should be, and to exist, must
be, nonpartisan. If he is elected,
the members of the Native Sons
who by reason of their political
affilation could not and did not
support him, will lay it to a non
partisan organization oecoiuiiiK
partisan. If he is defeated, the
Iriends of Mr. Rcamcs will lay n
certain share of the blame to the
Native Sons. So there you are.
Mr. Reames says he wishes to be
elected upon his merits. In view
of the gentleman's crack at the
Native Sons and similar other
breaks how can he expect It?
fTlie following 1100m whs written
by Allen Baker, of till city, and rend
at the public school Arbor tiny exercises:
01 11 lh holllIt. the whole J fr rounu,
lUVe the one when we till the ground :
Aml plnt the Hoe.n.l the sturdy tw.
The kinds whleh I like the thrte.
Tint the inn pie. Vnon tor It itroit hr,
And teeond the evergreen. drly nme:
And lt but not IeM, eowea the tli, you see.
The spreading ml nwkurd.set sturdy old
0 before Arbor Py. wteh upour room,
Bribe aid. ol the dustpan, the r(t. ndthe
Forweeipeel visitors trom llroad.
TOBetrootproerou. lb Vsrt tot round
Oar teher it the bwt anywhere.
And when II to nxtBfC up she's 1
y there.
So the Siee the room up nice Mik
And when she gels through, how ttfVlct
tre we.
When we (me to Khool on April th, we're
1 hsppy hpjr be.
For we Vbow we won't he to study on Ar-
oor ttsy. you w
So we cone to reboot, dremd In our very
bett clothes,
rorwemutl look nl on Abor Dy nd
tbot everyone knows.
Our colore ore beautiful, "LATendr nd
And you couldn't find prettier ones, try as
you talent .
So with colore all a streaming, ud all the
Mg array.
We come to meet together, on thl fair Ar
bor day.
On Arbor lay. not like Chrttai, we hae
nocandy and cake1.
But we hare to Sx up our Hower garden, by
the hk ol the rpade and the rake;
And when we get our garden llxwl, well It
look line
And the teaehera ol the other rooms say,
"1 wish It wa mine."
I think the manle l the belt for tbladay
And I'm ure last's what you will all sy.
So we'll get a maple to plant Inour whool yard
To geta better one you'l have to try bard.
And Arbor JHy with all In grandeur and
Comer around to welcome the tpring time
and Sow er here,
And doesn't our room look alee with all the
wild flowers
That were gathered after many tedious
But oh, how long It takea
The second Friday ol April to get here
We hae to watt so long It teents most a year
And when It doaa get bore how the time
doe ay
uet exactly ltketbe Fourth of July.
When Arbor Kay eosaea with all Itapompand
There? little tinge of patriot lm in the
heart 01 every eoy
rnr ik.Mnl lri njr RmI. White and Blue
To 1: we should ever be faithful and true.
And now my poem la almost through
Please excuse me for detaining you
I'erhaps I'll have a chance to make up some
more some day
Beeaure there'll be another Arbor Lay not
very far away.
1 have Just wrote thirteen tersea that's
enough forme
For I am just thirteen years old you see.
As I lust hare two more lines to write,
I'll hare to eloe, will that be all right?
Opened for Uuests Tuesday Morning,
May 5, and will Remain open both
Winter and Summer Hereafter,
The Oregon Mlnentl SprltiRit' hotel
mill tmth hoiiscH wen? opened totlto
public 011 butt Tuesday nntl In now
receiving Ktientn. Mr. tleer the. pn
prlotorot thin tiuiuuiit health rewortj.
mm put uiriii uut.v i-iiui i iuimv
tluriiiRthe winter to secure nil tho
advantage nntl ncconiinodntloim
possible for thooo who limy visit the
tiprliiRn either for health or nlenmire
nntl ban an a result, succeeded In lilac
lug nt the disposal of the public it
health resort for the Invalid and n
pleasure resort for everybody. Mr.
viwi ,mn nun is ivhw i, v.,..w."
worklnir on the hotel, bath house:
ami swliiimliiR pool diirliiK tho win
ter and hit mtvlo many new anil
valuable additions and they are nil
now equipped with modem con
venience. Ilo ha also had a Hint
clnssartlst at work patnt,wr tho In
terior of tho house nntl tho many
Wnutlful designs nntl scenic effect
produced mum lo scon to lie appre
ciated. Tho hotel consist of lh
room liesulc tho bath department
and I furnished throughout with
new furniture, tho tvest obtnlnab e.
..,., I. ...I 1.. ..II ll.u.n tu f lu.
lltKlUK It "It 111 III! ll.
coiiKratulatetl on hi success In nr
rniiKliiK so lieautlful a well a use
ful place for both health and amuse
ment a tho UreKOii Mineral Sprliius.
This Is the second season for tne
I spring ami their tveneilclal. healt h
. prtslitclug effect upon those who
f:avt (item a trial last suiuim-i.
skmi heralded abroatl and frtim the
Imiulrle received by theproprletor It
would seem that Mr. doer would
have to materially enlarge Ida hotel
and long U-fore thesimi
nier season I gone.
Ton Can Be Fashionable
at a moderate expense if you
will allow us to lit you out in
The only diilerence between
tailor-made goods is the price,
and that is all in favor of the
goods we oiler.'
XJJ flTv -nJ
Under Odd Fellow's Hall, - COTTAGE GROVE, OREGON.
I- "TV
An Invitation
i'r, II. 1'. Iltirlstge, H student at law.
in Greenville, S. C, had been troubled
I for four or five vesrB with it continuouu
cough whivlihe says, "greatly alarmed
' tne. cauelnir me to fear that I as in the
himself is by announcing that he 1 iret nage of consumption." Mr. Bur-
Iuhis, Hating rrvii wiirtiiiwiiuui b w"(..
Hemeily advertised, concluded to try it.
"I soon felt a remarkable change and
ClarkC. Lyons died near Cottage Grove AprI 19th at 12
o'clock p. m. after a severe illness of nine days. He was born in
Naples, Ontario Countv, New York, Dec. 22, 1S27. He crossed
the plains to California in 1S52 remaining in the mines eight
years, when ho came to Marion county, Oregon, locating on a
farm, which he sold in 18S2 He then removed to Lane county
where he engaged in the stock business. He ws a member of
the Masonic Lodge of Cottage Grove.
Deceased is survived by a wife, also four brothers, Irving M.
Lyon, of Naples, N. Y., Sanford W. Lyon, of Grand Rapids,
Mich , V. Mavor Lyon of Upper Lake. Calif., Porter A. Lyon,
of Calif. It was to his home and home life that he was the most
thoroughly wedded. In these relations he was the considerate
and affectionate head where clustered the finer sensibilities of his
inner life. Here he will be missed most.
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called to order by Stute t'onsul C. K.
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is the son-in-law of Thos. H.
Tongue. It .vould be a great ad
vertisement for Mr. Reames to
travel about the country and ex
hibit himself at the expense of Mr.
Hermann, who is known not only
personally, but by his works,
throughout Oregon.
Mr. Reames, the democratic can
didate for congress has placed the
organization of Native Sons in a
somewhat embarrassing position,
in circulating his "confidential"
letter sent broadcast throughout
the district. Mr. Reames is a mem
ber of the Native Sons. The Na
tive Sons is a noupirtisan organ
ization, the same as all other secret
orders. It must be nonpartisan if
it would perpetuate its name and
the organization. It shows the
height of illbreeding and uucoti- j
servativcism on the part of Mr.
Reames to. attempt to secure sup
port fiom a fraternal organization,
which, by virtue ot its license to
existence, must be non-partisan.
It also shows Mr. Reames in a very
poor light, from a diplomatic point
of view. Furthermore, it shows
that he has little confidence in
his ability to be elected upon his
after using two Ixjttlee of the twenty-
41 !- ..A.t '
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Wednesday nlht.
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