Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, March 06, 1903, Image 8

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United Stle Unil Office,
HoMburr, Oregon. I)w. 23. 1WK.
Notice In hereby given tlmt In compli
nhd Willi (lie provisions nf the net of
-,..... ,.f .Inn 3. 1878. cntit ftl "All
net lor theanlo of timber lamla In the
Vlnn. has thii day
(1.1. nfllru Ilia awOrn
4181, for thepurchnaoof the SW Ull'lr . ... it A"? .. C.. V
oi ii..,u V.'i i).,.. i . ....I ..'ill .,rr..r
Stale, Ol California, virecon, evaon, mm imoiuiiniun imiiurj, u
7. .mi., n.liuinh,! Kmio. I.v art nl Annual -I. 18112. Xaliuni T. Wila.m. ol nil theriiblle IjiIhI Slatca bv
,i wa.iiiiininn i.rruorv. Baoxienucti loaiimu i nunc; i.iiu -imcp m mn .,..r ithhui,, n
i i ii!o file. AivI.t.oii. n( Tor- Knccnc. Colin tv of Uine. Mate of (lie. sua! 4, 18!)2, Murtlm V. Klin
rebminc, County of lted Kake, Stuto of , has this day Med In tliiaotrice liiaaworii County of Une, State
nrooftoehowtliattholandloiishtisinorelland Fought l more valuable for Its
. .. . . .. .- ! ... I...- a- In, a f l.a. fur aa-rti-llltllral
Taliiame lor us nmuer or aione man icr
III claim to
ware, US
Oregon, on
Mar.. 1P03.
lie names as witnenscs.
U.S. Teeterc, T II Tertcrs, ot ulld
1 n. H-n-nAplliuiiw fl. t-Mminla.
r, nLU.J. i'nZ '
ui v.i..ra,
Any Hml all persons ciainuni! auvertc
lythe above describeit lands are r-
i ... in.. .i.i. i- tl.i. nfllr -
on orlicfore said 10th day ot Mar , IPftt.
Nolle lihrbrflTn Ihstthe nndsralnied
li. tn rnolnteil bT lb Countr lout! of lb ,
Matrol Ormi for tune Connljr, aamtnlitra
lor of lh tt of John 8. MniflM, tacd.
lbttOIJonnB. nintw, n-crmacu.
r Wrtbr reonlrpd to nnaenl lb Mm torn
t.rowrlr Tfilrif.1. abj law rulrd, al lh
rfflc of J. E. Youri fn Cottaj Orov, Uni
r., Oregon, wltbtniit tnonlbt from tb ilat
PatJthlilI7thdayotrbniarT, 1!W.
Reroi.rH M. rum, Admlntitrator of lb
ttatcof John 8. ManarlUl. ilcit.
g 11
New backgrounds and acces
sories. Best Lenses and Cameras.
15 years
8 years
Portland. Nothing but first-class
work. All work guaranteed.
Lowest prices, call and examine
Opposite Masonic ball
side, Cottage Grove.
Tk First National Bank
Cottage Grovh, Ork.
Paid up Capital, $25,000.00
Money to loan on approved security.
Exchanges cold, available any place
n theUnited States
Short Line '
TO t
St. Paul, Duluth,
Mltmeapolt, Chicago,
Through Palace and Tourist Slecjiers
Dining and Rnffet Smoking
Library Care.
For Kates, Folders and Full Informa
tion regarding Ticket Routes, call on or
3. W. I'HALON, T. I. A.
122 3d St., Portland Ore.
A. 11, C. DENNISTON., G. W. P. A.
3 Kbit Avenue, rattle Wat b
fast Ma aiath aal ImaOiJ
. T? '.'.',"? ' "Xnlual lUaaaaa
la lb Warli. i
Ortatut attract ta tka CVJyL 4
d dlasaaa.i
tb bldaat I
Voxtu JSalaliUakaaMaan.
i i
Tam mm aa4 ai4aie f I
IT . V.. i i-raiHUtr. m
i at UrlHallBK. ale. ny combliiatloo el J
rtlQedlaa. of arMt eurallva naa.r.ih. rm...... T
rtinedlaa.otKrtateuraUtra nonar.ih
A aearraiiainl lilt tbat It will not A
V onl atr.iiil fmnirtllala itllrf. but permaiianl f
1 1 b! Uw-'to' "Jo" claim to Mrfora
X S.r"!:.''' w" kn"n la be a lair and 9
A f'tV e''riHaii and uriron, pramlnaal
S la blatpa. , iiv -Ul.ra... of Wi7 i
"TMUI.I" llmrourhlr aradlratad from
4 Iba ajataai uiiliti Ui.laaolMarrairi.
Tru... fllta.l I. - - I- . . . . V-
for ltiii(i.ra. A quick and radlZil J
:;"!0',r,., '''' aud F
Dr. Jordan'. lwcii Daiolne amhoda; A
Kl'KIIT MAN aprlrlnctoaawlUraealTa
our ayavil 1lHnlon fir Ularntiiplalut.
Il'aulll Uwtrtmlf a tO&tTlVM CVXM
alfry rata it widrrlnk.
nn.iillail.iti H1KK and atrtetly irlTale.
Traalmaul paraonally or by lattar.
Writ a f.,r Raok. V-ft tr.n ivt aa
Uoklaraua,) Call ar write
M. jetBAN a CO., 1 01 1 BHMMr.
lk'iisou DrtiKCo., the popular pre
ncrlptlou dniK store.
pttrposea ami to eatabllall purjiose", anil iu muniMi cur vimm i m v-inuusii ma f-iniiil III auiu mini wiuiv
said land before Marie I, I id land liefon- .Mario l Whiv I! S Mario 1. Ware, I' S Commisaioner at
CommisB oner at Kncene, I diiimlioner at Kiigeiic, IaneCo., Ore. KiiKene. Oregon, on Wednesday, the
TucMay, the 10th dav of ' on Tnemlay the 7th day of April, ItHM. .'list day of Dee., 1W2.
lla lldllinB UIU ItllMltl. ! I 111 I, a tll.,a U 1 1 ll.ta.U..a
lnmkwHHaBKM 1
1 1 raara. ici
United Statea Land office, ,
Rorcuiire. Ore.. Jan. S3. UHXI.
Notice la licicliy given that In com-
nliancc with tlio provialona ot tlio act o( , Notice it liercby given that In compli
Concrces of June 3. 1878. entitled "An nncetttth tlio provisions ol the net ot
Act for tlio aulo of timber Ianda In the
Statea o( California, Oregon
, tti'tHiin,
V- I.
nun 11 ttsiiiiiijiuii avrrnurv.
I... .. ..I
and will offer nroof to show that the
tnmi-i r ........... ..........
lie names as witnesses:
IN II Martin, of Cottage tlrove, Ijiiic
Co., Ore., J W l'arrisli, A J Shumaker,
II II I!cevea. of Jefferson, Marion Co.
. , ,, .., ,.
,,, , r
verscly the bove-.U;ribl lands are!
I reo nested to file their claims in this
lomco on or before said 7th day of April,
J. T. ItRirxiKs. Krgicter.
Uniteil States Land Oince,
Jlop.lmr(- llni . Jtt!l. IS 11HV1.
N'otlce Is liercby given that in compli-
' .!, ,,, ,..;i.i
' Congress ol June 3, 1878, entitled "All
Act for the sale of Timber IjiihIs in the
States of California, Oregon, Nevada,
and Washington Territory,,' as extended
to all the Public Land Slates br act of
August 4. 1892, John Kestly. of
Kugene, County ot Lane, State ot
Oregon has this dav tiled in this office
his sworn statement If o. 4300, for the pur
chase ot the lots 2, 3, 8 1 Dot Sec No. C.
Tow nship20Soutli,ofHangel Wand will
offer proof to show that the land sought
is more valuable for Its timber or stone
than for agricultural purposes aud to es-
tablish his claim to said land before
,arie ,- Ware- v- s- Commissioner at
Kugene Oregon, on Tuesday the 3lt
Oav of .Mar.,
lie names as witnesses :
William It. Parker, of Zion, Lane Co.,
Ore., Mert James Mcklin, Ueorge Whit
nev, William Whitnev, of June, Ijine
Co, Ore.
Any and all iiersous claiming adverse
ly the above-described lands are re
quested to tile their claims in this office
on or before said 31st day ot Mar., l'ACt.
J.T. IlKIIHiEs, Kegister.
I'nlteil .Statin Laud Office,
IU)K!liurj. Ore., Oct., SI. 1902.
Notice In hereby given that In com-.
pllmice with the provisions ot the
Act of Loiiuiwh of J une. I, lsrs, en-
tnietl "An Act tor the tmle of Timlier
l.nn.l lit tl,. nf r'nllfririitii
Oregon, Nevada, and WiirdiliiKton
iririujr, ll exiciiueil U) till llie
I'll' lie LnmlStuteH by act of AllRiiat
H, IMC' urn WIIhoii, of Kucvne,
County 01 Ijine. state ot ureRon,
linn thlH day tiled Iu thin otllce
her sworn stntement No STisfor the
purchase of the Ntt'jj SK K & Lots 1,
10 & 11 ot Section No. 30. Township
SI South of limine 1 West and will
offer proof to show that the land
Rouglit In more valunbloforits timlier
fir MtmiM thim fur iKTrlmiltiiriil imr.
! poses, and to establish her claim to
lav llleil in ( fUitrnicnt No, AStA, for the imrchaae of has this dav llled In thlaoftlce lii sworn has this dav tiled in this ofllce hta snorn
.. IV Ul.. t- I. V-tl- 1. Vt'1.j VU 1.1 X VI.- .I.l.niidi,l V.. tttl? r....l.n ...irl.A.. .,1 lit n t.Ull.,1, 1 V.. J'll t., f I... ...m.l. t.u.i ..I ( li. I
aiaieu.eiH 4o. mv :v " " -.-- - , .n.-...v... ........... .,..- .......... .....v,, t,.,,,,...... u.irv. .....
V 8KX, 1-4 Sw 1-4 of Section No. ."2, tlio N 8K4 AN4 SWij of Section No. N N v tolng Uila 1, 3, !l Mid 4 of See
T Tnunalili. LM Snntli. of lUlife 2 West STouiiahin L;1 South, of Itniiee 2 West. No '.. In Tn 21 Smith of ltmii-t'5 V. hiiiI
1 saui lanil Deiore -Miirie l.. are, l . n. J JV5
I Commissioner nt KtiRene, OreKon on
'Monday the 12th day of January,
! She names as witnesses:
: It. S. Huston, of Kiicene, Oreirou.
J. W. I'nrrlsh, of Jefferson, Marlon
Co.. Ore., J. I. Palmer. N. II. Mar
tin, of CottiiKe (irove, LnueCo., Ore.
ror.u.'ii- ti,,. ,,i.m-a,i..riiii iiin.i
Any ami all iiersous cJaliiiliu; ail-
requested to tile their clnuns In this
office on or before said 12th day o
January 1903.
.f. T. IlitiuoKs. Iteslster.
Unitetl SUtes Land Office,
Koseburg, Oregon, Dec. 24,1902.
Notice is hereby given that In com
pliance with the provisions of the act of
Congress ot Junes, 1878, entitled
act for the sale of timber land in
States of California, Oregon, Nevada,
ami vtusmnglon territory, aa ex
tended to all the Public Land States by
actof August 4, 1892, Mattis Momb, of
Mirth, County of Lane, State of Ore.
gon, has this day filed in this office his
swornstatement No. 4191 tor the pur
chase of the SJ NK V & NW JjKEJjA
fit-' V V V nf V. T,.'S K..?,ll,
of Kange No. 3 West; and will offer proof
toshow that the land sought is more val-
uaVlefor its timber or stone than forag
ricultural ntiriioses.uiid to establish his
claim to said land before Marie I. Ware
U S Commissioner at Kugene, Ore.
gon, on Itiuixlav, the 12tli dar 4
March, 1903
He names as witiieases.
Martin Haagenson. of Eugene, Laoe
Co., Ore., Charley Olson, of Cottage
ftmi'P tlllll- rV. Clru ir.rlin f lu..i .f
lllue River, utio Co., Ore., Peder
Oplius.of Rlue Hiver. LaneCo.,Ore,
Any ami all isersons claiming adverse-
Iv the aliove-tlencribed lands are re-
quested to file their claims in this office
on or before said 12Ui dav of .Mar.. 1903 .
J. T. liiiiixiEK. Ilegister.
. .. - .'.
Lnltt 8tati Larst OnU,
Itubnnr.OiJail. . 1HOI.
KwtireU bcrtby jrlven tbat In rtmpllance
1 June 3, 1S7S, eiitlllt "An Act for
the sale of Timber Laruta in Ihe Statea of Call.
I fornfa. Oregon, NewU, and W'ashfng'ton Ter
I rltiirjr," at extendetl to all the I'nblle Land
I Statea by act of August 4, 1892, John II.
Pea ley, of EuzeneXo. of Lane, Hlaleof Oreron,
haa tbfs day filed In tbtaoffiee bla sworn atate.
ment So. tSH, for tl pnrebaae of tbe H M NW';
ttWlSWJi of Siretlon No. 12, Townabip 238
I oflUune 2 Weal and will offer (iroof to ahow
I that tbe laud totigbt la more valuable for Ita
timber or atone than for agricultural puriiOKea
and to efUbliah hla claim to said land before
Marie I Ware, V 8. CoinmlMloner at Kuicene,
I Oregon, on Tuesday tbe 24tb day ot March,
. 1WO.
He names aa wltneMtea:
i jamea a. Handle, or ralrmouut. Lane vu..
James N'. Handle, of falrmouut. Lane Co.
ore., Anaiiiltit, ofHiringfleld,MiieCo.,Ore.,
Ore. ' uc..,..,
I Any and all iH-raonatUlmbiK ailreraely the
"re aprt tied iaiida are requ-ted to riko
IdlVof Maret, f liw. " """'-""-
J. T. UaitMics, IteKlfter.
IioMburr.Or... .Oct. K, 1902.
y given that In rampllaiiM I
Notd-eis berebv
with tbe tirorlaloiu of the actof Coiigresi cf
June 3. 1878, entitled "An art for the sale of
timber lands In the Statea of California, Ore-
lareVdedro-a'.liir. liblielnd Bla't'ea'tyart
ofAogutt 4, mi. Alberta, llovey.of Kugene
S?iUI,Jr ,u.ntu.i'UL,, of Oregon, hai i
this day tiled In this office hla sworn itate-'
ment No. 3w, for the pu rebate of the EU BW H
of Kectlon No. 10 TownihlpNo. 23 8, tUugeNo. 1
a weit.and will offer proof to ihow that the , Krank Holland.George Holland, Wal
landiougbt more Tafuable for ita timber or iniin,i r Am r,lnH i' n.
lonetnan tor agricultural purpoaea, ana u , :;, :: . T; ' , . "
eatabll.h hit claim to mid land before Ed Hoeelton, of Mound, LanoCoOre.
vv,re- V.- 8i Coinrolaaloner at Ku-, Any mid all persons claiming ad
gene, Oregon, on Monday, ihe th .lay of Jan., 1 versely the aboveHlescriled lands are
Herman t. Dow.ol Cottage Urove, Orexou, ,
I. II. JfoTey, of Kugene.Oragon.Joaeph sclilee,
fCetUge drove, Ore., William Wltte', of Amot,
Anj and all partoni claiming adiertely tbe
above de-brleed lands are reonetled lo Ale
thlrelala( In this office on or before tald Mb
Cay cf Jan., 1W3.
J. T. BaiwM. Rtgttltr.
I'll In-1 State Und ORlre,
ltiwebunr. Ommn. Oct.. l. 1W2.
Conere-a of Juno 3, 1S78, entitled "An i
..... f.. t. ... I.....I I.. .1...
in t ittr mo eitit' ill inn uvr limn 111 mo
Mate, ofCMliforiiia.Orivon. Nevada and
u...i.i....i.... t .,,. ....I...I ,,
act of An
of Orepin.
and will oiler nrtiof to ahow that the land
I nought la more valuable for it timber or
.lima I l,a t.t- u ..!.., . I 1 v., I ...p.u.k.u a it. I
lie names as wltiutn'n
lula It. Ilond.of Kiigene. Lane Co..
, Ore., James Hoffman, of Kngene, Lane
Co., Ore., Kniiiia N. Salttmati, ot Cres-
i well, Uiuie Co , Ore., James N. Handle,
i well. Un
,,1 k'.l,Il,..,.l l.......
--". .-...v v.... y...
Any and all persona claiming adverse
ly the aboveilescrilied lands ate m
...... i -.. t,..
quested to file their claims In tlila olt'ne
on or before Mid 31t dav ot Dec.. ItfOS.
J. T. Hrukik. Kegister.
Ullllnl 8lalrt Uiul OrSi-,
Hewburf. Oraw,lK .!.
Null li brbr itlT tbat In eoinollanc
with th prmltlonaof tbe apt of Concrvw ol
Jun, lTs,ntltlU "An Act forth al of
Titular Urnln In th Ptatct of tUillfornla, Orv
iron, Nctaila, an,t Washlnictoii Tvrrltorr," at
ratnl,l to alt tbe rmblletanil mata bv act of
Aukuii 4, Natbanl 1 L. MmhIt. of 'Ktitf 11
County of Ian. Stat of Ortiwn, hat
IbUiUjrfllcil tnthlt offlcehla fworn tattnnt
No. IIAllor the purrha of th SW 14 ofae
tlon No. Si.tovnihlii;i 8. rans T !t, ami will
offt enwllothowtbat th lamlaouiht Ii more
a.uabl for lit ttmbrror ton than lor aurtrul
tcral urpoa, an.1 to ,tabllh hla claim to aalit
lamt before C. E. llaaaM. V S Commlailoncr at
Drain. IonelaaCo.. On-.. 011 Thnr.liv th aoih
day of Aurll. 1S03.
of Artl
p names
II names aa wltnea
rhlllltiCaron. IturS. lttt. I. k! Hall
Jair. of Enif ne. Lane Co., Or.
Any n.t all rTon! claiming a.lvcf-ly tb
aUv-leTlbJ lanils are reuueme.1 to file
their clalrci In thla offlcr 011 or ficfore said 90th
lay of April, WW.
J. T llali.UK. Keclater.
United States Land Offlw,
Hosebnrv, Ore . Feb. 7, 1903.
Notice is hereby given that In com
pliance with the provisions of the act of
Congress of June 3, 1S7S, entitled 'An
act for the sale of timber lands in the
Slates of California, Oregon. Nevada,
ana vtasmngion territory, as ex
tended to all the Public Land States bv
act ot August 4 1892. Ouy S. Potta, of
htigcne, Co. of Lane. State of Ore., has
this day tiled in this office his sworn
statement No. 4419. for the puichare
1 01 me 54 01 section o. 20 Town-
"'P ' -1 a. nange 0. west ami
will offer proof to show thai the land
SOUffht la llinrn vulnnltl.i f.,r ita
is more va uab e fur iu
timber or stone than for agricultural
nun iu rsmuuaii 111a Claim 10
aid laud liefore C. K. Ilatard, U S.
v-omniissioner at. Drain, iiouglas to
Ore., on Thursilav
, the 30th day of Apr,
He names as.witnes.-es:
Phillip Curou, Jacob Jaser, L. J.
Hall, Nathaniel L., ot Kugene,
Lane Co., Ore.
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely Hie above-described lands are
requested to tile their claims in this
office on or liefore said 80th day of Apr.,
J. T. Hkiimiem, Kegister.
laaml Office at Koseburg, Oregon.
Nov. 10, 1U02.
Notice is hereby given that the follow
ing-named settler has filed notice of his
intention to make final nroof in sumiort
of his claim, and that said proof will be
made before Marie L. Ware, U.S. Com
mlssioner, at Kugene. Oreuon. on Janu
ary 3, 1903. vu : Edward L. II Hand 011
X SK li A Lots 3 A 4 See. 18 T.
19 S.,
7 w.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon
and cultivation of said land, viz:
Kdicar W. IIoelton. of Mound Ore..
Sylvester Lewis, of Puntlier. Ore..
Church A. Stevens. Walter J. Holland,
of Crow, Ore.
J. T. ISnnxiF.s, Kegister.
Unitetl SUtes Office,
Koseburg. Ore. Feb. 11. 11103
Notice ia hereby given that in cotupli-
noewith the provisions of the
Congress of Juno 3, 1879, entitled
act 01
act for the sale of ti miser lands in the
Stiles of California. Oregon, Nevada,
at,(1, "ash ngton Teintory," a ex-
nueu 10 an me ruiiiie i.atsi statea by
act of August 4, 18!).', Joseph U. Hills,
of Jasper. County of Lane, State of Ore
gon, has this day file. I in tin's office his
fcworn statement No. for tbe pur
chase of the SE V SK 1-4 of section No.
14 in Township No. 1 S Range No. 1
est and will offer proof to show that
the land is more valuable for its timber
or stone than for agricultural purposes,
ami to establish his claim to said land
before the 1 Register and Itecelver of this
office at Roselmcg, Oregon, on Thurs-
wv, uir iay .ivtiitfi Arit, JUU.1.
lie names aa witnesses:
Geome M. IlUcJclwrn of Snrinefleld.
.In.. . 1 . .. .1... qmi. ..I I ,AAn
Ore.. William Tate of Zion, Ore., llenry
S. Tilton ol June, Ore., .IS Mills of
Jasper. Lane Co Or.
Any ana all itersonsclalmlngailverse
ly tlie auove-tlesrribeil lamia are re
quested to file Uteir claims in thla offica
on or liefore said 30th day of April, 1903.
I, t, Huikiks, Register.
Ujiltol States Land Ofrice,
Hoseblirg, Ore., Jan. 30th, 100.3.
Notice is hereby given that In comnll
unce with the prorisiouH of the act of
tougreKH ui j line ., ino, eillltieil "All
Act for the sale of Timlier Land, in the
8tate8 , ijaiirornia, Oregon, Nevada,
and Washington Territory." as ex-
tended to all the l'ubli Ijind States by
act of August 4. IHS2, Emma
Uever. of Mound. County of I.ant'
State of Ore,, has this day flletl in this
office her sworn statement Nti. 4379, for
the purcliase ol tlie lta H & ol Mec Wo,
2 in Township No. 20 8, Range No. 7
West, and will offer proof to ahow that
tl , goul,ilt i. . vui.,1,1., fnr i ta
timlier or stone than for agricultural
purposes, and to establish Ilia claim to
;?''"" ore rt I-, Ware,
U. 8. Cotiiliilssloncrnt Eugene, Oregon,
on Wednesday the I5tli day of April,
Hhe names as witnesses :
repuesteil lo nie tlieir Claims ill hub
office on or Isifore said Ifithday of April,
J.T.Hhiikikb. Register.
repuesteil to 11 le tlieir claims in tins
The Horseshoe
day find night.
ItcstJiiirint oim'ii
NOTICK Kilt l'l'llUCATlON.
United Statea I-and Office,
HoM'Inirc, OreROli. I'l'li 0. ItKX).
Notice la herein- trlveti that in com
pliance with the provlainnaof the act ol
Conareca of Juno !t, 1878, entitled "An
not for the rule of limber landa In the
Stales of California, Oregon, Nevada and
WnahliiKton Territory, u cxte'idctl to
nu mo i nunc ijinn Mine ov nei in .u
gut 4,1$2, lieoree N. 'McU-ati, of
i. wmi Creek, Co ol jne, Stale of lire.,
will offer moot to ahow that the hind
wmuht la more valuable for Its tlinlier or
atltll.l I ltd l, f.,a t, i. ... I n.,,1
- -kii r i".
toeslahlish his claim to said land liefore
Marie L. Ware, I' S Commissioner at
Kugene, Oregon, on Saturday the 2Mb
dav of Apr., HHXt.
lie names as witnesses
(ieorge M. Miller, ol Eugene, Ijtne
o.,ure., w. n. nu'kor, 01 Allium, vre
Kdward J, Frailer, ot Kucene. Lane Co
Oregon, Kd 1). liessler. of Monmouth,
Any and all persons claiming adverse
ly the above-described lands are le
ipieMcd to tile their claims In this otllce
on or iH'fore salil Vflth dav ol Apr., IW3,
J. T. Hkiihiks. Kegister.
Unlttnl States Und Ottlce,
Uo't lmrg, On-gon, Oct. 10, 1902.
Notice Is hereby alvcn that in ihiiii-
lillnnce with the provisions of the act of
Congress of June 3, 1878, entitled "All
act for the sale ot timber hunts In the
States of California, Oregon. Nevada,
and Washington Territory, ' as extended
to all the Public I .ami States bv act of A n
gust 4. 1892. Annie Wilson, of K11
gene. County ot Ijuie, State of Oregon,
has this dill tiled In tlila n!Tui Ma auorn
statement No. 3033, for the purchase of
iiie.-M'; i-4 a k,, swi-H 01 section
No. 12 Towiishin 23. South, of ltaiiL'e
West and will offer proof to show that the
land sought is more valuable for ita
timber or stone than for agricultural
purposes, and to establish his claim bo
lore A'arie L Ware. V. a. Commissioner.
at Kugene, Lane Co. Ore , on Wednes
day the 7th day of January, 1903.
ne names as witnesses:
James X. Handle, of Kairmount Ore
gon, Austin Hoot, of Springfield, Oregon,
James Hoffman, of Kugene, Oregon,
llenry .M. llson, of Kugene, Uregon.
Any and all personi eliilming adverse
ly the ubove-deecribed land" are re
quested to tile their claims in this office
on or liefore said 7th day of Jan., llHtl.
J. T. IIkiiIok". Kegister.
United states Ijind Offic,
Koseburg. Ore., Jan. 20. 190.'!.
Notice is hereby giien that in compli
ance witli the provisions of the act ot
Congressol June 3, IS78, entitled "An
Act tor the sale of Timber Uunls in the
States of California, Oregon, Nevada,
and Washington Territory," as ex
tended to all the Public I .and States by
act of August 4, 1.'92, (iideon I.. Mediu
ms of Eugene, Co. of I jine. State ol Ore
gon has this day tiled iu this office his
eworn statement No. 4344, for the pur
chase ot the K,SSV 1-4 AW ' SK l-4of
Sec 8 in township 20 South, of K 2 W
and will ollcand all persons cluiuiin
land sought the uboveilescrilied lands
timber or st to Hie their claims in thi
purposes, and to establish his claim to
said land before Marie L. Ware, U. S.
Commissioner at Kugene, I jine Co. Ore
yon on Tuesday the 7th day of April,
He names ns witnesses:
Archibald J. Shumaker, J W Parrish,
of Jefferson, Ore., N II Martin, Herman
T Dow, of Cottage Urove, IjineCo., Ore.
Any and all nerron claiming ad
versely the above-descrilwd lands are re
quested to file their claitiM in this office
on or before said 7th day of Apr., 1903.
J. I. lliilisiKH Kegister.
Cniteil States Ijind Otlice,
Koseburg. Oregon, Dec. 24. 1902.
N'utice is hereby given that in compli
ance with the provisions ot the act of
Congressol June 3, 1878, entitled "An
act tor the saleot timlier lands In the
States nt California, Oregon. Nevada and
Washington Territory," as extended to
all the I'ublio I .and Staiex by act ot Au
gust4,lK92. Hiram E. wimkI, of Eugene,
Co. of Ime State of Oregon lias this
day llleil iu this office his suorn statement
No. 4102, for the purchase of the N
Sw i ft S S, Ntv H of Sec No. 10. Twp.
'.'3 South, of Range 2 West anil
will offer proof to show that the
land sought is more valuable for its
timlier or stone than lor agricultural
purmsies, and to establish his claim lo
said land ls;fore Marie I., ware. 17. S.
Commisi-Ioiier at Kugene, Oregon,
on Thursday, the I2l!iday ot Mar., 1003.
He names us witnesses:
J. V. l'arrisli, of Jefferson, Oiegon,
Nil Martin, James tv llouck, of Cot
tage (trove. Ore., Ray N wilson, of Ku
gene, Ore.
Any and all rersons claiming adverse
ly the aliove-described lands are re
quested to file their claims in this ofllee
on or Is-fore said 12th day of Mar., 1903.
J.T. IS id ixi km. Kegister.
Culled States Iunl Office.
ltowliur,Ore.,Kept.l8. 1902.
Notice is Iwivby kIvcii that In com
plIaniT with the provisions of the net
ofCoiiKtvHM of June 3, "IH7H, entitled
"An net for the sole of OiiiImt binds
In (Is- States of Citllforiilu, Oivkoii.
Nevuila. ami WasllIllltoIlTerrltor."
iisexlemh'il to nil the I'libllc laiuid
-fates by act i Aliittlst 4. 1S92. Hanoi
W. Itlclianlsoii, of St, Helens Co. of
CaJuinbla fStaUi ofOrc., has this day
filed In this office Ills sworn Htateiuent
No.SKiSfortlwiiurcliiist'of theSWof
ne;o at, iviwiisiup i'i n oi uaiiw
west nun u-jii olfer proof to snow
that the land xouulit Is iiiiii-c valu
able for Its tlmlsr or stone than for
UKrlciiltiiral purjx'scs, and to estab
lish his claim to xnM land iM-foro the
Register and Ifcti-iver of this ofllco at
itOMi'liiirK.Urcffon.ou WeilneMiluy tlie
4th day of . March, 1903.
He iiiiincs as wlliaeMses
R. T. llonls, of ItiiyKer. Oiv W.
F. HlauKhtcr, Ht Helens, On:, J. E.
lllack, Fulton, Ore., A. L. Ilntlcr, of
Klkton, Ore.
Any nml all ihtsouh claiming ad.
versely thealiove-ileKcrllietl lands an
requested to file their clalniH In thb
office on or Is-foro suld 4lli ilny ol
Marcli, 1903.
I T. 11kiikii;h. Register.
Main itreel. Collage llrat., 4rai.
I'nllisl Slates bind Oll'lce,
Itoaebutit, Ore., Jan. l'.'tli. 11HVI.
Notice Is hereby iitvvit that In coin
pllance lib the prnvlalona of the act of
f-.........- ..r t n iit-u ....tiil.ul
.iiikivfh Ul II1U" 11, IPlPi Wlllllll.l ...
actfiirthe saloot tlmln-r lamia In the
Stntea of California, Oreuon, Neviuln ami
Washington Territory, a extended to
nil the ruhlle Unit Statea bv act ol Au
Iliisl 4.18U2, William Mct)ueen, of Cot
uii!e tlioe,Coof I.unn, StatoofOie.. has
this day tiled In thla office hi' sworn
statement No. 4293, for Hie puicliiise ot
the NK Mot Section No. 32 In Town-
ship No. 19 S, Uange No. 2 W. ami will
offer prool to show that the hind sought
is more valuable lor Its timlier or stone
than tor agriclutural pmposes, and to
establish his claim to said land liefore
the Heglslcraml Kecvivcrnl tlua olllce said hind lietoru 7. I, Dciiimli'k 11 1 ll.ik
at Koseburg, Oregon, on Tiiesibiv the hind, Ore , on Satuiihiy, the lllh. day
7th day of April, 1903. , of April 1903.
lie names aa witnesses: I She names ns witnesses:
Herman T. Dow. Ueorge W. McOiieen. I O. KMkiihIs, Edgar Hone, ol Oakland,
C. A. Coatcs, Joseph Schlee. ol Cottage
lirovo. Istne Co., Oregon.
Any and all pcrsonscliilmiugiidvcisc
ly tlie nliovp-dfKcithcd lands me it'
niiestiil In tlln thi'tr eliilins 111 tills office
on or liefore sain 7th dav of Aur.. 1903.
J.T. IIiiiihikn. Ilegister.
United Stales Laud Ofllce,
Hoselmrg Ore., Oil. II, 1902.
Notice Is hereby given that in com
pliance wilb the provisions nf the m l of
Congress ot June 3,1878 cuilllcd "An
act (or the sale of timlier hunts In the
States of California, Oiegon, Netada
and v." ns extended
mull tin. I'nblli. loin.l Sim... bv ,i..t f
1., 1 1 mi- it. .. l i. ...
iit Hlooi.icr.'Couilty'of I 'liipneua. Slate
of Wis., has this tin v llleil 111 this
olllce bis sworn slaleiueiil No. 3H3S, lor
the purchase of I he S W t of
Section No. 10, Township 20 smith, of
Hangel) West aud wi',1 offer proof In
show that the land sought (a inure
valuable for its timber or s ue than or
agricultural ptiritoscs, and ,0 establish
his claim to said laiul benuo the Keg
ister and Heeclverof lln olllce 11 1 Hoe
burg, Oregon, on Tliui-dav Ihe :'illli dav
of Feb., 1903.
He names as witnesses:
William Moore Hoi'lnirg. Ore., Nick
Moore, Walton Ore., Sim Carpenter,
ot Sulpher Springs, Ote., Ptter A.
Durcli, of Hoseblirg Ore.
Anv and till icron claiiiiiugu.lteise-
Ir the aliovf -dcscrilnil lands ate re !
quested to tile their claims in this ofllce
on or U'fore said 20 dav of I'eb., ItHVI.
J. T. Iluiini.s, Kegister. 1
I'nilttl Mules I jin. I Olllce,
Roseburg, Oregon, Oct., 10, KHW.
Notice is hereby given that in compli
ance with tlie priivi'ions ot the actof
Congress of June 3,1878, entitled "An
act lor the sale ul timber lauds iu the
States ol California, Oregon, Nevada,
and WashingioiiTerritory'as extended
to all the Public lauul Mutes bv uct of
Augii't 4, IMI2, llenry M. Wilson ol Eu
gene Countv of Ijint', State ul Oregon has
this duv tiled ill lids otlice his sworn
statement No. 3034, lor the purchase ol
Ihe S i, NW t4 A. W SW
of Sec. .Nu. 12, Timushii 23 South, ol
Range 2 West, and will offer prool to
show that the land sought is more
va'oahle fur its timlier or stone than tor
agricultural piirHes, and lo establish
his claim to said hind before Marin L.
Ware, l S. Ciunmlssloner at Eu
gene, Oregon, on Wednesday the 7th day
of Jan., 1H03.
Ho names as nitnessea:
James N Ituudlc, of Fairmouut. Ore.,
James Hoffman, Annie Wilson, of Ku
gene, Ore., Austin Root, of Springfield,
Any anil all sarson9 claiming adverse
ly the nbove-descrilicil lands are ro
ijiifstcd to tile tlieir claims in this ofllce
un or Is-foro suld 7th day til Jan.. 1903.
J . T. llniixiKs. Register.
tanil Orllre at Itoaebtirg. Orr.,
Dec. , loj.
Nollre la hereby glten tbat the following
named aettler hai rlied notlreothls Inlentlon
to make final proof In support of hla rlalm,
and thai aatd proof will Is? made liefore Marie
1, Ware. r. s Coiiimlaafonrr. at Kugene, ore.
on January 17, liau, via; Calvin Caalrel on II. f.
No. mtn, for ihes UHK i. NK'. SK !. ASK'.
NKI-4re.'.Tp. .HR.It.aW.
Ilr ttantea tlie following wltliraaea to pru t
hla rontlniioiiB rcaldeiirv upon and rultltt
lion oi aiu latin, til
Perry Caalrel,
Mndrra, lrtlnr,
lion I lly. Oie ,
saglnaw, Ore . John llenry
ore., Charles Krlabrc, Junt.
Jainea kaglnaw
J.T. Ilair-3rs.lteglaier.
Culled Klale, Uil'l (inter, lloaebiirg. Ore.,
Nollre Is hereby glten that In ronipllance
reb. 7, iiwi.
with the iirovlaloii, of the actof Congrea, of I
Junuil, !,, cnililcd "An act for the aaleufl
tlml lands In the Sl. of California, Ore -
gori, Netada. and Wa.hlniltoll Tcrrllory." aa
eilended tit all the I'olille Und state, by act
ol Angiiat 4, lnw, Jartili Jaaoer. of Kugene,
County .01 .lnc, .NUM. oi . Oregon, ha.
nf tainc. Klatta llrarim. haa
naailti.nay lieu III tni, nnit-e IN a .aiiril a aie.
la -lav mail I ,. I h I a ntn M li I a u. I a la.
meill J, 4U1 lor lite Iilirrnaae lor ins i nn 4i
of Heflloil
all..,. v.. 'Ml T..wn.h i. -li u
Ita ii iff 7 t Bfiu will nflf r nrtNii
tbe Und Mi-ighil mora VAhutjte for 1U timlier
or ftoiie i n tin tor aKnenuurai purpoit, ami 10
cMtabHli hi claim to fa Id land before C. K.
IIard. t'. H. Coin ml ml oner at Drain, Ihnijclai
iSH. .M.rv....-.r
Ue nanKH wn wIiiwhmi;
Nalbanlfl I,. Mo.kIv, Our H. Cottti, I'lillllii
aron, L. K. IUll,..f ku
.gene. Ijne Co.. Ore .
clalrnlnK adverwly the
abote ilentrllarNl Und tf reiueited to file
their fUlniP In on or before aald inh
aaroi Apr., lira.
J.T. PImiKJii, KecUfer.
United Htatei Und Onlce,
Koocbarjr, Ore, Kept, tub, 1003,
Nollt) la Ik re by Klven that In compliant
wltbtlie proMoimof the art of Cong re of
June 2, liCK rntltlfd "An act for the aale of
timber Uu-1 In the Htatei of California. Oregon.
NeraU aitd Waxblnxtoii Territory" et
K nded Uiall (be I'libllc Und Htatea by act of
A 11 (cunt 4, 1 Muriel W. Uwe, of Eugene,
Coanty of Uue, Htate of Oregon, hai thla
day llled In thla ofllce hla sworn itatement No
:U1, for thepn,rcbaof the Uta 14, AWof
Hue. Notiiti T.rnhlp No'IH, Itange No I W
and will offer proof to nhow thai the land
nought la more tluahle for Its timber or Mono
than for agricultural puriMtw-a, and to cMati-
llah hla aUlin fn mil, tan.t laiifnra Uarla. I.
Ware I'. H. Omitnliuiloncr at Kiigene, Ortv
N. II. Martin J, W. Vrrh. John It. I'almer,
Any and alli-awm claiming adveriely the
alxie-4leHrrltM-l Unda are re-jiickted to file
thelr.laina In tliU office on or We fore Mid ffth
nay oiApni,
JTIiaiwJM, itrgUter.
lllille.1 Btatea Uiul OflUe,
Itonehtire.Ore.. th.iMri.
Nollre la herrhy Klten thAtln rompllanre
with Ihe lirovl.lon. of that art of L'onaraaaof
Junes, !,, eutltleil "An act for the aale of
timber lanua in the mate, or California, ore
iron. Nevada, anil wa.hlnirtoii Territory," a, ex
tended toall the rubllc Land fftatea by act of
I'ounty of latne, mala df Ore., hai title tlay
Aiixuai t. inw. lattira a. avt. oi iiirene.
men in iniaomro neraworn aiaiemeni Noam,
iiirine iiurrnaaeni ineor.. oi oeciion noo, iu
TowuahlpNoVIH, llanre No 1 w, and will offer
liroof to ahow that Ihe land aoualtt la more
taluahle for III tlmtierorilone than for egrl
i iiltnral purpokea, and toeatabllih her rlalm In
laid laud before Marie 1.. Ware, 11. 8. Com
mlailoner at Kugene, Orajon, on Monday, the
i;ilt day of April., 1WM.
Hhe name, aawltiieaiea;
N. II, Marlln.J. w. i'arolah, John I), I'almer,
J. K. lounc of Cottage Ornve. Oregon.
Any anil all rona rlalmlnx adreriely Ihe
tbove-deacrlied land, are reue.ted to file
Ihelrrlalim In Ihli ofllrr on orbaforaaald tih
ilair ol Aurll, .Mm, J T llaila,llriliUr, I
NoriCK rOlt I't'lll.lOATION.
I' Slnlea l.uud Office,
ltoaebtiru, Oto.,,tnn. lit, IWII.
Notice Is hereby Klven Ihsl In eom
pllancc Hlthlhe piovlaloiiof the act ot
.-..- - .
' act for the aule ol timber landa In l ie
I'onureaa nl .nine ;i, inn, i-miuni .n
Slali-s ol California, tiicgon. reviiila
nml WaslilmilonTeirltorv,"iisixli'iidti
to all the Public bind Stales by act ol
August I, 1892, Mi". Till 0 KiImiihI-. of
Oakland, Count v ot Douglas, Stain of
bo.. Ima I hi dav llled ill tills olllce
her attorn statement No. 4310 tor the
puiehaso ol the lots ft, II, 1ft A III ol N'
No. ISI11 Township No. 23S, Hiinge Ni.
I W.iind will offer prool to sliott that
1 tlio hind sought Is more valuable fur ll
timlier or slime ihan lor ngrlciiltuia
1 purposes, mid to establish her claim ti
t)ie.. Dim llriiml gh,iitCottngoHroc
Ore., (ii .i. Itlk'iis.of Kugene. Die
Any and nil prisons claiming adverse
ly the iilMixe-descrlliod lands are 11-
luucstcd In
e Ihcli claims In Ibis nllii'i
1 011 nrbefoie
mid I lib day of Apr., 190.1.
J T. Mmiihiks. lti-ci l 'i
Unllcd Slntcs Ijiii.I Olllce,
llnschiiig, Oregon, Oct. 22, IIHI2
Notleo Is heiebv ifivi'li tlmt ill emu
pliiiuce ttitli the pinvisloiis ol the act ot
CougiesMit June 3. 1878, eulitlcil "All
acl forlho sale of iIiiiIht lauds ill the
iu the Slates ol I'allforiiia. Ilreuoii.
1 neviuln. 1111,1 y a.iiiiigloii leniiory, as
'exlembsl mull tbe I'ubllc l.nud Slates
by act of August I, 1892. Ardcllu Mar
,,'!; ir"'. 8J",
iicrsnniii siuleiiicut No. .'IT'.'.I, for the
1 11 1 1 i-l 1 it - of tln NK . ul Sec
lion No. 30. 'Iiimislihi 2M. South, of
Itiing!' I West, mid will offer proof to
siiini 111111 un' i.iiiii suiigui is untie
valuable lot Us limber or alone thai (or
iigilculluriil purposes, mid In i-liilillsli
her cliiiiu In s.iul I11111I hcloic Mnrle
I.. Ware. U. s. Coiiiinlssloiier at Ku
gene, Oregon, ult Moinliiv, tbe I2lh
lay ol Jan., I1M.I.
she names as witnesses:
It S Huston, Ora Wilson, ul Kugene,
Oic.N Martin, '( I'ol'Hgo tlrove, Uinc
Co.. Die., J W Pan irh, of Jefferson,. Ma
rlon Co., Ore.
Any mid nil iersoua claiming adverse
ly the alsivc-ilcscrllied lands are re
quested to tilt; their claims Iu Ibis olllce
on or In' fore said 12th day ot Jan., 1903.
I T. IIhiikiks. Kegister.
Mineral Survey No it.
I'lilied statet land omre. Itmeburg, Ore ,
I'rbrnarjr 7, nam.
Nnlli-e It herebr gl.rn that In itiirananre ol
the an of t'nnirrta aiirotr. May IU, lJl, '. J.
Hard. II. K. rlaurnl.hl.airltl
andaiioriury, whi latainrllre addreta lai'haiu.
iwr in i oiiuneriY uuiiiiing. rorlland, oresnn
naa main
lr apiillratlini for a tenl fur the e
roitxillttatFd Otiarla t'lalltt. illualr In
afiutorvaltlleifl Mlnlna ln.lrlrl lama
livlllt t
ami Ihtllali
and Ihtllglaa I'ltiintlea. Orrgtill, alul niitilatlng
of ln Veauvlui, llrrinan. Mshtlligale, W llllain
with aarfai-e tlearrlliiil by lite orrl
I .al Itlal hatwatllh l.t.tH.1 a... I I., at. ll.t.l
irii. it nil una. i.iiaii.. ami .. m
note on ale In lht oAire m tl, tli'ai.irr ol
lloaeburg lati.l Otnfi-. lln-gun. Iivwll
VKSl'Vlt'H l.i'bh lieiiiiniiK .i ...i v.. i.
wltenre th- I' S. mln ,.tn vai'd u, m . ,ijii
brat. 70 ,lr ., tbei.aee .tit U l
aera II and II, I III r le w in'll.. 17 dr( 2A
mln w loljfi, thenrei IQtl-gwMI No
1. Ihenre n sSdrir lulu w .W7 ft lumi NnS.
ihenreu tidrg M mln w Tsuft to ror No I.
tnrnreu luiiegeTDV. ll to ror .Mi. s. tbeiiree
UilrrlS Mine Itrju ft in rtir Sn; ihenre a m
Irg .i mln e i II loror .No I. the plare uf Vgln
nlag. OKI1MAN' U1IIK Itealnnlne at nir Ni, I
i whent-e the t' M in in eal'd In in a No leara
ii 7ldgj; mln r ;nsfl, lt I, arc cor Vl
aera 11 and lit 2a a r I e, w m t-eeri Is deg VI
milt tttl .1 II; thrum a I'idrg w Ml ft to ror Sn
1 ): Ihenre n sudrg II mln w lett ft toeor No. .
Ibenre n 10 drg e nil ft In ror No I; Ihenrv Nl
I drgc 1197ft loror No I Ihe plare of lieslnnllig
S'inllTINIIAt.K LOOK; lleabinlng al ror No
I, wltenre Ihe U H ra tit eal'd In m a No ZA!
brara 74dr 2 mil. emit It; Ihe I. are ror Ul
1 area II and II. I 2S a r 1 e w in bcara a 77 tlrg .'al
S'l" .,QM 1,1 '"J" 1" ' w ' r
.ii inriirv ii ni ,ira nun w ii in rir
I No S; Ibenre n ill lira e Vfi It In for No I llirltre
altdrg mine Itsi It inpor No I the plarxol
WILf.taM TKf.t. I.OIIK llmliinllig at ror
No I. whence I' H in in eal'd III in a Nn JJU l.rara
a an ilrar 2 mln e 7M ft. Iheifarr mi liel II
aud II I 3Sa r 1 e w m heara a SA drg 2.1 mill i
1M! It: llianre a lain w un n t ror No. 1.
thenrenTa drg 111 mln w ll'jti ft lo rur .Nitl
i Ibenre II H mill e A97.A It loror No I. thclire a 7S
drg S7 mln e llWrt fl to ror No I tlir 1'laienl
; Is-glniitng
Wll.ll 110(1 1.0 UK beginning at nir Not.
whenre I' H in m rat'd 111 in a No S-JH l-rata aTrt
l ilea U Inlur laws II. Ihe l.arr nir 11 acta II
and II I 2S a r 1 ew III beata a r.7 ilrir .U nun r
I isftj II: tlirnrea 111 drg w Nil ft to rur No 2:
tbcnreaNlilrg rat mln w ItM.H It to mrNo a
Ibenre li ludege nin s ft to ror Nn I; thriire u
SI drg II mill c II7U ft to tor No I I be place ul
CIIAIlt.rM MMIK: lleglnnlng at tor No I
whem-e t' Hln in eal'd III m No uvj U'ara a th
drg -'ill mln e 77.VWI, thel, arc ror hel arra 11
and II 1 21 s r le w in brara a TV drg 21 mill n
til.4 ft. thrrrea a mln w irj.7fi l. r.N'oJ:
Ihenre n so deg 2(1 nil a w IIM fi to ror No .1:
I Nldeg II in I it e ISM fl to ror No I. titr place of
i. v I u.,,i. L'L-vr f.llll- II I....1 . ....
,, whence t' s n. ni eal'd Iu m , S , tri be,,, ,
, ,u. u m)n e Hm , Kr ror ,w
, f, , a , r i ,v , )K.,rJ llBJ rtrK M ,,
ftryttn. thence a S mln W Mil in cor No 'i
ihenresal draw 7lfl toi-or No a- th.nn.
i . . .... .
M ,eg w lu w 7!i7 ft lo ror Not! Ihenrcll
I ,!,, li lornr.Ni, :,. a Ml ,. Jilinli. ..
: .. . .. . .
The eel vrra of the iiivIiik ('..nuilliimMi
CJimrti rlahn In W.1A aorci (mrluolvo of von
flirt Hlth the Fawn, A. I. A., II 111 Hide, Idaho,
mid 1 1 axel miiurve)ed l.Mlea.audulth Itlmof m
Nu aLland tbat portion of Hlhle of in No 41.1
mV" '' , u. m aim i.- i
'aCi r I w m (iujeiile-l aurvey).Th nnmeH of
the adjoliilriktmid coiilllctliiic rlavlrua aithown
by Ihe plat 11 kiirvey are A.I' A., Jnaier and
Kawn nniturveyed) I'mIb 011 thu norlliwtnt, the
Itlroand Hlldo of 111 No IMonlhe north, the
Aiiaoondapinii'd,)oii the nortbfHKt.the Huui
iiilt.lllll Hide, t-Hllfornla, llutte, Idaho, and
Ii4uci uuaurvcyru nxiei uu lite pou.n.
Any and alt teiioiii clalinhiK edvermly the
aUtve dei(rlled land or any portion thereof
or any portion thereof
imiruj iiutioni in uiu tueir mi vvrv rial 1111
lu this ofllce within Ihe next OMaji foltowliiK
tbe date of thU notice, and thoiild they fall to
do mi, they will he barred by jnovlilom of law.
J. T. JinibOKN,
Klrnt publication on 13th day of February, MUX
United KtutcH 1-utnl Oirico,
HoHolmrtr. Oienon. fJec U-l. Ili0
Notice Ih hereby given that In coini.
ati with ttiu provieioilH of tlio net of
CunareM of J.H.O H, 1878, entitled "All
act fur tilt) mile o timlier IiiiiiIh in Uiu
HtMU'H ol Uiillloriilu, Ort'iruii, Neviuln
and U'uHliliiKtonTorrll(irv."ii8i!xl(inilii,
to nil tlio I'tilillu Land Htutt'H liy uct of
Auicimt -I, 1H02, Itay N. wllnnti, of Ku
KCiie, County ol I.ano, Ktulo of Oreuon
nun una ititv moil III llllBOlllce Ilia BWOrll
ututciiifiit No. iUKl, for lliu tiurcliuso
of ttio W'f,HKJ&H U BW Li of Set)
iu. aiiooiiiz v.ii(i wiiiollurnroofto
iiliotv that tlin liind doiikIiI In moru vulii.
ulilo forltH timber or ntoiiotlian foruitrl
culturul inn iioaea, und to eatalrilali lila
claim to mild lumi IxiforuMiirio i,. Wuro
u n LiOiiiiriiHaioner at Kngeno, Ore., on
Tliiirrxluy tno l'.'tli day of March, 11(03.
Uu niiniesua wltneosea:
J W I'arrifh, of JelTurtioii, Oru., N II
Martin. James W llouck. of flntinirn
Orove, Ore., Hlrom K wooil, of Kuirone,
Any and all persons claiming ad verse.
ly the auOTe-deacrll'cd landa Arn ro.
H ue ted to file their claims In tide olTice
on or liefore aulil 12lh day of Mur., IBM.
j. i. jiuiimiiH, iieuuter,
Read real estate harralna nf .lro,n.
Knox A Co,
t'lilli-il HIhIi'h I .nml Olllif,
lltiHclmi'ir, i)ii., I't'li, 7. 1IKKI.
NiilU'i Ih lii'ivli.v Klven Hint In I'lilil
lllltlH'( Willi till' iirtlVlHllHIM tif (lie
Art nf Ciiiikivmm of ,Iuiii!I, 1H7N, n
lltli'it "An Ai't fur tlio hiiln of Tlmlii'r
I.iiihIm In Hm Hlnti'H uf Ciillfornlii,
DiVKnii, Nnviiiln nml WhmIiIiikIi' i
Ti'ii'lloi'.v," iih fxit'iiili'tl to nil tin.
I'nlillf l.mnl stnli'N I i.v ml nf AuuiiHt
I, 1MU, l'lllllli (ihiiii. ul llii
unic, Cnuiit.x uf I.iiiii', Sliiln uf
OlVKiill, Iiiin UiIm ilny'llli'il In UiIh
nllUt IiIh hwiiiii Htiili'iiiciil No, IIW
fin- tlio)illirliiiNi uf thtiNK of we '.li
TowiinIiIii '.'I SiiiUIi uf Itniiuu 7
Wi'hI mill will iiffci' iii'tiof In hIiiiw
Hull tlie IiiiiiI miiiikIiI Im iiiiiiv vnlti
nlilo for IIh IIiiiIh'I' nr Htii)ic limn for
iiKl'U'iiltiil'iil iiii-iim'h. uiul In cnIiiIi
IIhIi IiIh t'liiliu In kiiIiI lumi In-forv
C, II. lliiMiutl, 1. S. ColiltiilMHlom'r,
at Hinln, DnimliiH ii., (iii'uun on
TIiiiixiIii.v lln'.'Ultli tlnv ul ,jir IINKI,
Ilr niiini'M iih wIIiii'hm'n:
Niillimili'l I.. Monily, ilny S. I'iiIIm,
.lllfllll ,IIHM'I I.. K. Illlll, III ClIKI'lll',
Liuif Co., Hit'.
A 1 1 nml nil ih'I'hiiiin iliiliulim nil.
vcim'I.v Hit' nlioviMlcKi'i'llit'il IiiiiiIh mi'
li'iilii'Hlt'il In llli llii'li' i'IiiIiiih In thin
tllllt'i' till III' In'fnlT km hi :uilli iluv of
April, IINi:t.
,1. T. lliiiniiiiM. IIi'kIhIit.
Ullllltl St il I lit IjiihI tlllnn,
llllal'llllllf, till'., Hi'.'. VI. IIHII',
Notion ia lii'it'liy itlvtii ilitii hi i'iiiii
tilliini'ti ttilli llic niivlaltiii ul I he ucl nl
I'nnifrt'aa uf .linn' 'I, l""1, I'lilnlt'il "Ml
net fin llit -nie nl inn'"., loiiila In Uiu
rllutt'a til Ciillfnriiiii, Oii'timi, Ni'Viidii,
nml Wiiahliiuliin, ' Mi mini mull I lit
I'libllc Ijiii.I Mull" In ni t nf Miun-I 4,
IMIJ, Thi'il'.ii M. Jut kanli, ul Diluent',
('limit V nf Unit', Sliile nl On1, liua llila.
ilny flliil In llila ullli't' her annrn alntt
tni'iit N". IIIK), fi ir llni iniri'hnati nl lh
I'i ' SK I I, Hi: I, NK l-l , It Uit ltilHco
Nil, ll, Tint ll.hlli '.'I Hitlltli, nf ItnilKtl I
Ural, uiul will tiller iriMil tn allow
llnil tliti In ml rniiiiht Ih iiiortt vuliiulilc
fur Ita IlinU'r or atonn tlmn for agri
cultural iiiiriHHi'H, ami to t'MKliliaii lirr
a-1 it I in to auiil land lu-forii Mario I.. Waif,
U. S. ('oiniiilNiiunrr it Kiik'i'iii'. Ortcnn.
ml Htitiinliiy tin' '.'I.t day of Mur., IIHM,
Miu naint'a , wilucaaea:
Dniiit'l II. Ilriiiiihaiiiih, nt Cottuifu
11...... i I'.. L'.l..ll CO..
ol KiiKt'iie, I jiiio i'd.. Oit'Kun, lliirarc I.
.Millti-nn. ol .MurculH. I.auv Uu.. (lie.
Ahruhnni i. . Kelly, (il Knunii', itinitCo,
Any ami nil K'moiuclaiiniiiit ntlvrrar
i' Ihu ahuve-ilracrllHil laiula am to-
tiiraled to lliu tht'ir elitinn In this iifflro
on nr ifiori'auin i.t ny in .Mar., nnn
J. 1. IllillMika limiairr.
Unltrtl Statin IjiihI Ofllt-ti,
Ilorulinri; Ore., Jim. 111. ItKL'l.
Notice in hereby c.k''" that In coin
illnnee with Ihe irnvl.iiina nf the uct of
'iiiiu'ri'M nl June .'1. IhiM, enlllhil "All
net (nr the unit) of tlinlier landv In the
Mute- ol ( tililiiiniii, (iiecun. Nevnila,
ami W inihiiittiiii Territory," aa eilrml.
iil In nil the I'lllilii' IjiiiiI MuIi-p liy act
of AiiKii.t I, IMC, Jean Seavey, of
(liiwn nr I'ilv) Kmjeiii , County of
l-iui. Mule ul Oiiaiiii. haa tlila day tlhtl
in I ti i a nfllru hla attorn atuleiiient No.
law. lur the pure-ham of the W i HK 1.
A Kl, SW. of Sec No. IS.Towiialilp l
Koiith, ol Itmntii '.' Wwl, and will
oiler priaif to ahow that the land
aoiiKht ia more vnlu.ilile for Ita tlinlier or
atnnu Ihiiii for iiKriciillural piiiiMiaca,
nml to fatiilillah hla claim to raid land
lielnre Muriu I.. Ware, U. S. (Toininla.
alii t'Mil Kiitit'iit', Ort'iton, on Tnuwlay
the '.Mill tiny nf Match, 11HW.
lie niimea ti, llne.-e, :
Jitme, N Handle, of Knlrui'iiiiil, Ijine
Co., Ore., An, tin limit, of Sp.inullelil
Ijiiiu I'd, Ore., Jillnea Seavey, Jtihn
Seuvey, ol Diik'ene, Ijiiiu (mi., (.h
Any nml all peraoua claiming ml
verai'ly Ihe ulnive-tliferlUil lamia ant
riiiii',tiil to MIc their cliilm, in tlila
otliei' on nr U'fore wild L' Ith ilay of Mar.,
J . T. lliiliMiKa, Ileciatrr
voi ici: rem piiiimcation.
I'liiled Statea Und Office,
Itii.eliillU Ore., Jan. fi, ItHUI.
Ntiliei' ih lii'iehy (jlven that In oom
iliuuei' with the irovlaliina ol lliu net of
CuiiL'ie'i-nl June,'), 1K7K enlllltil "An
I fni the aale ol timlier IiiiiiIh In the
Muif, uf Ciililnriiiu, Oreiiiin, Nevada und
W iiahiiiuliin Territory, ua extended to
all the I'ulilie l.itnil Statea liv act of An
lliiat I, IMI.', HelH'i'ca Wil,tui,of I 1 1 n i 1 1 e ,
Co. of I ,n lie. Stale of Ore., hua thla day
lllfd in tlila olflce lieraworn alateiiient
No. Illfit lor the iiirchn,e of tlieHi: S4'
SW l-l. SW l-l NK l- l, NK I--I HW
ANH I I SK 1-4 of Sec No. ! in Tp
No. L'l S., Itn iijiu No. 1 Weat, and will
oiler proof to ahow Unit lint land aouitli!
ia ihiiii) vuhiiililu for ita timlier or atone
limn for iiKrlcultiiriil puriiotea, anil to
eatiihllah her elitlin to audi land Ixitore
Murie K. Wuru IT S ('otimitaaioner
ut KiiKi'iie, Ort'iiun, on Tiieadiiy, the
7th day ol April, lW.'l.
She nuiiiea us wltneaaea:
Nil .Murlln, ol Coltuiie (irove, lune
Co., Ore., .1. W. I'urriali, A. .1. Slut
uiiiker. of .luireraon, Murioii Co., Ore.,
N. T. Wllaoii, of I'.UKfne, l.unu Co,, Ore.
Any uiul all peraoua claltiiliiu adveran
ly the ulMive-ileaerlbed lamia urn re
(Ideated to tile their clalma in tlila office
on or liefore aiild 7tlnluy of April, 11H).'I,
J. T. llmiKiKa, Keiilater.
Unllcd Hlnti'H Kami Office,
HoHelnirK, Ore., .Inn. Ill, 11X1:1.
Notice Ih hereby nlven that III eolil
plluiice with the provlHli iih of the net
of CoiiKn'HH of June ,'l, 1N7S, entlllcil
"An net for the wile of tlinlier IiiiiiIh
In the Stiitex of California, OreKOii,
Neviuln, nml WiiHhliifrtoiiTerrllor.v,"
iih extended to nil the I'ulilie l.unil
Ktllti'M liy net of AllfrilHt 4, 1WKJ,
CluirleH C. OokIII, of McMllinvlllo. Co.
of Yamhill, State of Oirjron Iiuh thin
(lay llleil In t IiIh uff It-it hlMHWorn Hlale
luent No.4:ii'i. for the iiuivliiiHe of I Im
H!,S ofSeeNo. L. To. L'l H. nf llimi...
WeHt iiiiil will offer proof lo
Hiiow mat fin' land HiniKlit Ih ihiiii'
valualiln for IIh tlinlier or Htono lliiiu
for iiKrlciiltnnil iiii'iohch, ami Ioch
tutillHh IiIh clalni tn Hiiid land liefoni
tlio lU'KlHter ami Itecelver at ItiiHe
liiiiK, Oivkdiii on Hatiirilay the 2.1tli
day of April., lo:i.
He nitincH iih wltnoHHCH:
.latiicH N. Itanillo, of Knliinoiiiit,
.aiiot p., Ore., Henry CokIII, of Me.
Mlnnvllle, Ore., Alvln .1, I'ci klnH, of
Crow, Lane Co., Ore., (leoro W.
Hunter, of Kugene, l.ane Co,, Orruon
Any and all imthoiih elaliuliijr ml.
verwly the aliove-ilcHerllieil IiiiiiIh are
reiiiiealeil to llle their elalniH In thla
,.,,""'i!!."r M'" 'ild itnth ilny r I
Apr., IIKW.
J. T. lliiiiniKH, IteulHler.
Prompt attention paid In Mining llualneaa