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    Bohemia Nugget
npwAim wuMvtf, ruin.
nt first, Imltnttng the bodily gesture
of n cntm mini. On ttic other hand,
the giving wny to quick, Irritated bodi
ly morcuicnti Is sure to cause an ac
cession of Irritability,
, It'a nlioiit tlmo for Mr. I'd I son to
nbollsh the horso again.
There la little hope for the young
$ man who borrows money to frame his
college diploma.
v i i a
Hmtiloves of the ateel trust Boom dls
poseci to look thnt profit-sharing gift
-horsS Tii'lhS mBulh,
e The 'ullcnljf.. partner In nn English
, Arm. hns d'ecnmped,wltli half n million
jl dollars. Alicffher proof thnt silence Is
Henry Wnttcrson says the "smart
set" Is doomed. Hut the smart set
".ahowA, nojnclluatlon to take tho Qui:
There arc said to he 1,000,000 mor
phlnc flends In the United States, but
this estimate may have been dreamed
by one of the fraternity.
? A Missouri court has decided that
1 tho mule Is a treacherous animal. Let
5tii'-hope the"1court' deetston wns duo
merely to hearsay evidence.
Say, hut the laziness germ takea a
bite out of the boy when the latter
faces up n cord of hardwood and fa
ther hands over the bucksaw. .
A Wisconsin Justice has given n hard
knock against that good old adage
IK Fmtodi a i 28
which says that blood Is thicker than
their second cousins, who came upon
them for a friendly visit and remained
with them five weeks. They sued for
$35 for board. The Justice held that 1
the claim was Just and the visitors had ,
lo pay. 11 was or no avail mni mo
visitors pleaded relationship. Futile j
was their plea that they did not agree .
fn nut- luuinl K.innlli- minvlllnc was'
England calls the American method
"shirt sleeve diplomacy." Honest,
straightforward methods, saying what
you think, have Indeed broken all Eu
ropean precedents.
It Is estimated that the peaceful
blocknlle In Venezuela will cost the
blockaders aliout three times the
amount of the original debt, besUts
scaring everybody half to death.
How to Succeed In life.
lit; problem of how to succeed In life will always
exercise human minds and human curiosity. Every
successful man ha, no doubt, n theory by which to
explain his own success. And some of them have
been generous enough to publish these to tho world
ho' fact Th. the Plaintiffs had urged Accord'iig to a famous mer can m llllonalrv f we rem -
them to stay. It Is proverbially an In- ' '" u.trlow Is to s cvey I. I . dictum
hospitable age, but It would seem that n"st delivered 111 an lUiiilllc moment, or out
Invito guests must still have some ' PW ' iild disclaim for Itself any
Hci.t. In Urr If nnt In nilniin otuer virtues. vie cannot mwi uini in.iu.iry mum-, vi
ih. i.ti,- !, i.n. nri.t,,tw -. even Joined with temperance, will necessarily achieve sue-
porlenco himself, Is of tho opinion that w ,)r- " K0"'"" col,Brnlk,,u!L ,J',1lt'lm- "r-
the perfunctory "Stay longer-do" Nf"lau, In his Instructive essay on "The Conditions of Sue
must not be taken too seriously. To-' "" ' the Fortnightly, divides success lulo three classta-
llt..,,.c I. r. iMn. nn.l.lnt.. nt 0110 PCCUnlnry. ntlOtllCr POlltlOBl. MM tllC tlllHI lirtlSUC. 11
high prices nrc quite another. If the should be pleasing to artists generally to know that to the
t,r.wvuinni ni.Mi.i.i i,.- n.i. t,.-.. ! last lie couuncg me use 01 me ivora mini-, i.r. .iuu
tn Iwmiii, nuuni i.n- ii ...... i ihn.,r. wnrus us not to despise money, which we should hardly
all persons contemplating a visit to do- have looked on as necessary advice lu these days. He also
mnnd that n recelptol board bill be considers tnat unusual qualities go ui inane money, mum
forwarded with tho Invitation. I ties "not possessed by one man In a million." That Is not.
of course, why he Is called a millionaire. It is prouutue.
A query. Important to mathcniatl- however, that there Is not so great a difference between
clans and athletes ullke. Is. What ar human beings ns between their circumstances and the
the natural limits of recortl-brenktng? chances which fall to them. The tide may come once lu
For twenty years pajt the records tn the affairs of all men. and the flood pass unnoticed by
all track and Held events have been most, but It would look as If some men had many tides,
nnnroaehluir a limit a familiar mathe- Hut Dr. Nordau. we are glad to observe, does not on the
matlcnl nhenomenon. Thst limit la ' whole recommend a search after riches. On the other rnl.-Ml.ilil,. in tho hundred- hand, he amiroves of ambition to succeed In public life.
yard dash, for example, the recording ' which may come of "honesty. Brumes of character, sound
of good time means merely the pos-! common sense, public spirit, sympathy with one's fellow-
man, n little geniality, ana n mite gm 01 me guu. iaju
dou Morning Tost.
session of sufficient muscular and ner
vous energy to make a certain num
ber of strides of a certain length with
great rapidity. A physiologist should
be able to tell us within a fraction of
a second Just what Is the theoretical
limit for this distance. Hut the facts
have In the last played havoc with
such theories. For a matter of ten
years, ten seconds seemed the short'
Parisian society women now put rub
ber boots on their pet dogs when they
are taken out In the rain. lMy the
case of the society woman's pet dog.
What shame must fill Its heart when I (,own by fl' th. of a (ecoBj ,o 0 3
11 uil'l'ia uiuvr uuj,s.
A club woman proclaims that men
should share In domestic labors help
to look after the house and viuah the
dishes. But why should club women
Insist on men doing something that
they wouldn't do themselves?
Now a German (met has set his quill
lance against Kipling and declares
Study Doth Sides.
K nrc nil partisans by nature, and the judicial
habit of study tioth sides of a question must
be acquired. Hut few acquire It. The average
man takes his opinions oxparte from some
biased authority and never bothers to inquire
est time for a hundred yards. A don 1 aro ?ht , "f ""TlV. ,
! athletes equaled It; none surpassed It I f' "Ithout question, and enw having adopts them and
i Yet since that time the recordhas gone.! lu ,u,nJ;, 19 uot unU8l,al for Wm to rcnt
Hut the limit Is clearly being npproach-
ed. Not so long ago the mile record
was successively broken by many sec
onds at a time; this year a groat En
glish runner, nftcr several unsuccess
ful trials, beat the previous four-mile
record or ill minutes 33 4-0 seconus by
just two seconds. If the limit has not
been reached earlier. It Is because
tracks, training and paraphernalia of
. . . i i ..... . ... ,
that by writing "The Itowers ' the Ku- I ' ..... , .
ii i i . . i , i , ,, ,), ' But the time Is well wtthlu sight when
1 I I.n l.lon nf t-..rn! .hr.ui L-In r- tnttat Im
memory of all Germany. Let the poets ! "' """" -
r VV " , . ... I given np. or else performances must
fight It out and demonstrate for all f . i , ,i. .i.
I'l; liivtis uiiu ii j iniLiiuua ui null;
fciualler than a fifth of a second, and
by distances and heights reckoned In
time that the pen Is mightier than the
After a hasty glance over the state
ment of earnings of the Standard OH
Company for several years past we
lean slightly toward the conclusion
that the company's plan for pensioning
Its aged employes will not force the
concern into bankruptcy for at least
two years.
An authority on the subject says:
"A corn on the foot Is nn effort of
nature to protect the soft tissues of
the toe from undue pressure, by form
ing a hard or callous substance to re
ceive it." Then nil we can sny is that
Nature, If it consldeis a corn any "re
lief" from anything. Is latorlug under
a mistake.
Maine has discovered that game
laws are profitable. Uetn-een eight and
ten thousand hunters from other
States visited the Maine woods dur
ing the hunting-season, and paid from
two to three dollars a day to the li
censed guides whom the law requires
hunters from without the State to em
ploy. Counting what they spent on
fuldes, hotels, camp rentals and Tall
road fares It Is estimated that the
hunters left a million dollars in the
Etate. It Is evidently profitable as
well as humane to protect game from
Indiscriminate slaughter.
And now It Is stated that China has
anthracite coal fields that are Im
mensely greater than those of Penn
sylvania, It Is hardly possible to sec
anything- nowadays without finding
out pretty soon that China saw It
Brst It seems as if about the only
things of which China U shy are an
appreciation of Its own resources and
an ability to make use of them. How
ever It may be Just as well, as these
things would undoubtedly Interfere
with some very desirable spheres of
Influence, which will eventually, no
doubt, transmute the natural wealth
of the country Into the coin of the
various realms represented.
Simplicity and economy are to be the
watchwords of the women students at
one of the great Western universities.
Expenses for decorations at parties
and banquets are to bo reduced by the
use of tissue-paper hangings Instead
of smllax and ribbons. The large or
chestras are to be cut down to fire
pieces; Invitations and programs to be
printed plainly and without ornamen
tation; refreshments to be limited to
simple and Inexpensive dishes. All
this because the college entertain
ments have become a burden upon
many of the students. The girls have
wisely concluded that social life from
which any are debarred by expense Is
a failure. What again It would be, If
their example were followed by so
ciety outside of college!
When a man is depressed he may be
sure thut tho Indulgence tn physical
actions characteristic of depression,
such ns moping and sighing; will still
more Increase his depression, while
his first attempt at more senslblo con
duct will provo that the deliberate and
at first artificial assumption of cheer
fulness nud activity will, after a while,
nctually bring about a more cheerful
frame of mind. Slow movements, slow
speech, physical action of every kind
deliberately rendered slow, is nn anti
dote to tho Irritation of a man har
assed and pressed with affairs, which
good senso will suggest to him, al
though ho may know nothing about
the psychological theory of attaining
tbtdttvl candJ"v of mental quiet by,
less than quarters of an Inch. The
prospect of running records won by
hundredths of a second, and weight'
throwing records determined by trl-
angulation and a jury of mathematical
experts. Is not alluring to the lmaclna
tlou; yet to this complexion must we
come, unless we are willing to forego
the somewhat factitious Joys of record
breaking, and to fall back upon the
more primitive satisfaction of merely
beating a worthy opponent
Advertising may properly be consld
ered by the merchant ns an Invest
ment from which he has a right to ex
pect quick and large returns, but In
making this Investment the merchant
must be ns prudent In placing his an
nouncements as Is the careful Investor
of cash In selecting bonds or property.
Philadelphia Hccord.
It Is advertising that brings In the
money to pay nil the other expenses.
Advertising Is business Insurance. Ad
vertising what you haven't got or
what you don't do Is worse than not
advertising stalL You can't lie too
careful about 'this. Make your ads.
strictly true In letter and In spirit I
believe that the majority of business
men do this now, but as It Is the most
Important thins about advertising, it
will bear repeating nfid reiterating.
When merchants and laymen come to
consider advertising In Its legitimate
character of "business news," It will
pay better pay tho advertiser better
and the advcrtlsee, too.
If you toot your little footer and
then lay aside your horn, 'here's not a
soul in ten short days will know that
you were born. The man who gath
ers pumpkins Is the mnn who plows
all day, and the man who keeps It
bumping Is the man who makes It pay.
The man who advertises wltb a short,
a sudden Jerk, Is the man who blames
the editor because It didn't work. The
man who gets the business has a long
and steady pull and keeps the local
paper from year to year quite full;
he plans his advertisement In a
thoughtful way and keeps forovcr at
It until he makes It pay. He has
faith In all the future, can withstand
sudden shock and like a man of
scripture has bis business on a rock.
The way to think of advertising Is
to consider flrst the goods you hare,
to see if they are really desirable.
Then' figure on the number of people
likely to sco your announcement In
the paper, the proportion of possible
customers among that number, and
what you can afford to pay for each
dollar's worth of new business. That
will give you the slzo of the ad. you
ought to use. Then make your ad.
clear, logical, convincing. Don't try
to bo funny, unless you arc naturally
so, and even then don't do It too often.
What people want In an ad. Is exact,
definite Information, It ought to be
given to them lu a smooth, more or
less argumentative way, and as strong
ly as possible. 'Tlie other fcllon," U
after the samo people.
anr attempt to correct them,
It Is a matter of observation that the most violent aud
fanatical advocates and partisans are those who know least
about the other side. Ignorance Is the mother of bigots,
but knowledge tends to make a man tolerant
No man has a right to have nn opinion and no man's
opinion on any question is respectable unless he has studied
both sides. A man ought to 1h ashamed to give Judgment
on any question unless he hns heard and considered the
arguments for and against
We decide the weightiest matters wlihout either Infor
mation or reflection. How many eltiicns are In favor of
tree trade or of a protective tariff and yet cannot argue
intelligently the great problem Involved In tho tariff ques
tion 1 Tow many people shouted and voted for the free
coinage of silver who cijuld not deflne what the term
If education and culture train a man to study both sides
of a question before he voices nn opinion of It they accom
plish all that can lie expected of them. Even among edu
cated men It Is the exception to find one who studies both
sides of questions. Snn Francisco Bulletin.
A Universal Language.
UHING the Purls exhibition of 1000 several con
gresses and committees met to take up the question
of "an auxiliary International language." and signed
a report euibodylmr certain conclusions on the sub
ject A committee was permanently established.
with Dr. Ion Leau as Its secretary, and it has now begun
an active propaganda.
This Idea of n made-up tongue was flrst suggested ns
far back as 1010 by Sir Thomas Urquhart, and has re
ceived the approval of such men ns Leibnitz, Grlmm and
Max Mullcr. But most of us can rememlH-r what happened
to such a language actually constructed by Schuyler some
llnw lliillliiu nmt I'reesluit I'oliiUAr
1 'ml ml Mint llKra Mnrksil.
The limiting of n Ihoriuoincler may
bo either n dellcnlu scleiitllle opei'iilluii
t....i 1..-1... ii,..
in one in inu rimini'iii iniiin ."".t
skllled mechanic, according lo the urt . J.H r r
of thermometer made. With tne ex- .w.
tremely sensitive nnd minutely necur w n (h(1 N(,w Vork ,,.,, ,nyi,
ale Instruments designed for scleiitllle M)( Twn WM n ymm
uses great cure Is taken and they ''iiml r,mK, newspaper writer
ncpi in sunn iur i.i.Miui". n ............ . u ... i',ii,,.iico. a lady of hi" nc
twenty yenrs ngo, when he put together the limctilous lin
guistic system which he willed Volnpttk, Vohtpuk abso
lutely fulfilled the requirement of u universal language.
It was perfectly simple and unvaryingly regular. Its vo
cabulary was baaed three-fourth uihiii wouU of Tculuule
origin and one-fourth uprn word contained In the Itomaiu-o flly
lllllKUUKV. UN ffUIHX 1VHH ftlUipilCliy 1111-11. tin out. Will
ever Invent an nrtllli-lnl language belter than this. It was
taken up everywhere with great enthusiasm. Schools for
touching It cropped up In nil countries. (Irnmmnrs of It
were published lu every Occidental tongue. At least twenty
lexicon of Yolapuk appeared, and no one had n word lo
say against It. Neverthele It may be doubted whether at
thl moment there I a single human being who uses It
studies It, or even speak of It Loudon Chronicle.
rumeulH designed for -elentlllc ' ' ;
Ml care I taken and they w, lf
slock for month, smiiellmes , " "
year, o bo compared with Ii In , lnm.0 nw Mni one day Willi n
incut thnt are known lo bo trust-, ' ,HIX 1m,(,r nrm, looking In nt
worthy. Hut so much time cannot be wlml.iw. "Mr. Clemens," she
"I always see you with a cigar
- u .1 .... ..It.ulll
, .M'II1 111'! Hill 1-llllllUIUIH. VIJ ...
ti.ernmmeler n common use, nun u miUt im , lfn(( yo
nn- iimue nipuuy. iiioiiKii iiinm ,. ..,,.. ..... .......i," '.. Un't Unit." I M.ipb - "I'm iiiiivtllif M trill II."
IZiZ "hen the press In tin, Ciirson
for alcohol hccuunu It I cheaper. The Appeal had Ju.t l. rled lo r ...
alcohol I. colored red with aniline dye. 1 he la W John Mackny ru.l ri I I.. II.
which doe not fade. The editorial sanclu .. and called to H . . .
.Mi.r limki-r 1... .-I,..- lube I.I I HIV1 III 111. esi lli ii ii.iic oi . .... v. ..... ..
letter Writing.
LI. children should be cnn'fiilly Instructed In the art
or letter writing, nud should be encouraged to write
to parents nt regular Interval when away from
home. An tiiHtauce I recalled, and such Instance
nre not Infrequent, where a daughter win married
i... ......, ...
long strip from th.. gtasi factories. !' i--"' ""'
i-1 "What's tho nuttier, John?' Ilavli
1 III- 11.1 l.lli.ll-l 1.11 nil' ll!-lllinvn . . , II , ...
these tube to ll.o proper length, and asked. I" nlnilii. W hy. old man
with hi gn Jet nud blowpipe limkc Crook" (fan.oil for III stl.iKll.em.J
i... i i... i i ! i. ..ii.. "old mi... t'rook ha Jut presented ii
I l III.- I'HIll till IIIU IllttVl till
are then tilled with colored alcohol nud I'eek or apple in me orpn in .
it... iiu,. .I....I r.., ...inr. 1 nnd he'll be l.nikeii l.earted If you don t
On the following day another workman have a cili.i.iii and a half about II In
. .. ...... .... .1 H .LI- .. tl.. It
i.o.ii eacii I hi ui in turn over n ga j" r"i" 1
until the oolorcd Mold by It expansion In connection will, a slight affection
and left her old home In her early womanhood wrote to her f1"".'' " 1,0 . ' . .. " . !"T "r ...... T,.Z?i . 1, ,
. HUM IIIU lllllllin 111 III.- fi.l.nn ....... , , I". J r.',,J n.x, 1- '"-'- -
imrcnta every week for fifty year. In too many families
the tie Is broken when children depart, or Is not strength
ened by faithful aud syslenintlc correspondence. Tho
strongest family '"eetlon I subjected to n severe test
when brothers hi. sister separate and very rarely or
ticver renew the old family life by frequent visits or com
munication by letter.
Owing to cheap postage and ense of communication, the
arrival of a letter I not ueh an Important event n It was
when postage wa costly and mall transit was slow. In
former day letter from absent friends were warmly wel
comed and carefully preserved.
Children should be encouraged to write letter, liecause
the habit Is educative If practiced under the direction of
Intelligent parents. Nothing reveal one' knowledge of
the language more corlnlnly thnn a letter or other written
er. Ho cliwe the upper end and turns ileiivral' tender devotion In her.
the tip backward to make a little l'k. When hu wn President slm became
which will help keep the tube In place sou.ehal sensitive about her eyes
Ill the frame. i she suffered from strnbUinus and con
The tube rest until some hundreiU ultcd a specialist lo see what could hu
of them, perhaps thousand, am ready, ilone for her. The specialist told Lit
Then the process of gauging begins, lie thought he could Improve her eyes,
There nrn no mark nn tin' lubo and imt the opcriillou would be painful,
tho first gutde-inark to bo made Is the si.o consulted her husband to learn
freetlug point, li degrees Fahrenheit, wbelher he would advise the operation.
This I found by plunging the bulb "Don't have It done, dear." said the
Into incltlinr snow. Nn other thermion- Gmcrnl, prtwsliig her cheek wllh hi
eter I needed for n guide, for melting ttvss hand; "let those dear eye stay
snow gives Inrarlably tho exact frees- just a they are. If they were changed
lug point. This I an unfailing lest for, miuiit nut recogulte my sweetheart."
iiuy tiierinouieter wl.en accuracy may
family, nnd not In the schools. The accuracy of one's writ
ten and spoken language depend upon parents, rather than
upon tea.ehers. Philadelphia Public ledger.
What tho llnguo Court Is.
effort. Our forms of speech are acquired chletly In the h " " ' "7,' ' 1 "' ,"," OtUWm once
, . . .. . ' . '. e suspected. Hut melting now is , , .,, , ,...ii.,
not always to In. had and a little ma-, ,.:ilsU,,1MWI, wn, ,.M,t.r,aIKsl s,.,v
chine resembling n sau.age grinder Is, V(k u U ,K1m. ,,
brought Into use. Thl machine .have. () ( , ,,,,,, wn(1 r,,.
a block of Ice Into part lee, which , lltm, f
answer the purpose a well a snow, i , .,. . , , , .,
misconception that The Hague court Is a body of When the bulb have been long enough ' . . . ,.,,. .... u,,. n.,..
mi ii mniuuiii jui. nit mill uf.-.i-iiiinu 111 till, liniiuu ' . ! .", .. .,..,....,,
wheuever called on Is so rife that It may be time- them one by one from their bntli, selx-
ly to reH'nt how the court I not a trlbunnl. but '"g each so that hi thumb nail mark
consists of a large number of men "of nrknowledired the exact spot lo which the fluid has
skill on questions of International law, possessing the high- fallen. Hero he make a scarcely per
est moral reputnlon nnd wlllluu to accept the olllce of arid- ceptlhle mark upon the gins with n
tralors" when called on. Each of the signatory wwer has file, and goes on lo the next,
appointed four mcmticra of this court. The tribunal In nny ' The tulx'. with tho fn-eslng kiI.U
iwrticulnr case, lu the abseuce of nny special agreement to marked on each, now go Into tho hand
the contrary, consists of live nrbitiator. chosen from of another workman, who plunge the
among the momlK-r of the court, two bo:ng named by each l,llll n vessel tilled with water
party to the dispute, nnd the four so named choosing tho k,,pt constantly nt l) degree. This
fifth. If they fall to agree on the fifth member he I to bo 'ed "'0 other, and the tube
chosen by a power agreed upon, or If no such agreement ' 'supplied with these guide
can be reached, by two powers ..Breed on. Just bow the mn- each .T." degree from the next,
tribunal to consider the Venezuelan case will bo selected W"" ,,H Individuality thus establish
will not be known until the terms of .1... nrotnnit nr.. i..n,l l. the tube goes Into the hand of a
public. The Hague trenty Inteiitlonnlly Klves a very wldo '""ker. w' lit Its bulb and hook
latitude so far as the constitution of tho tribunal Is con- """ ,r"",u " " -n.y mm
cerned. Its frnmers were sinking to make arbitration "" slight scrntehos on the frame
agreements eny, and therefore did nnt Impose any mors
restrictions than were necessary. St.
rorresioi.dlng to the H'i degrees, (H
Paul Pioneer Press, "egrees ami mi degrees mam on me
. tulie.
Go Dock to tho Tarm.
The frame, whether It lie wood, tin
or bras, iroe to the cnuclmr room.
HEItE la no cure for conditions of depression In where It Is laid upon n steeply shiplng
euner orgnnizeii innor or organized capital, liottj table marked exactly In the position
dciN'iid on the markets and neither the one nor tho for a thermometer of thnt size,
other can command them. The real remedy for hard A long, straight bar of wood or met
times, the enforced remedy for redundant Inbor. Is nl extend dlimouallv ncros tho table
n rcverkal of the townwnrd tide of population. As n last from the lower right-hand corner lo
resort men must dig to live, and they must go linck to tho the upper left-hand corner. On tho
land to dig. The reviving movement for tho occupation of right thl rests upon n pivot nml on
tlie public mini in me west is n lieaitt.y one even where the left It rests In n rachet. which let
It take the form of migration to the cheaper arable lands It nsceiid or descend only one lintel.
of Canada. Philadelphia Hccord.
The Owner Met In a Great Depart
inent nturc.
Bargain day" lu a city Is generally
productive of comedies and tragedies.
vblcb appeal especially to the feuilulne
mind. But at least one man, who was
stranded near the door of a big Bos
ton department store, wnltlng for his
wife, witnessed an Incident which
cheered his spirit.
Near blm was a handkerchief coun
ter, and as he Idly watched the tide
of women surging round It his glance
was arrested by a remarkably pretty
and somewhat conspicuous blue Jack
et, curiously braided In black. He
gazed at It with approval for some
moments, as the wearer's back was
toward him most of the time.
At last- he looked away. As be
turned his eyes toward the door, his
glance fell upon another blue Jacket
exactly like the first The woman who
was wearing It was Just entering the
store. He glanced back to the hand
kerchief counter. There was the
other Jacket and what was more.
the eyes of the woman wjio wore It
were fixed on the approaching coun
terpart of her own garment As she
looked, nn expression of anger and
disgust crossed her face, and the mnn
who was waiting said to himself.
"There's trouble ahead."
The two womeii approached each
other slowly, but with evident Inten
tion. Tbe wearer" of the second Jnck-
et had a conciliatory air cs she pre
tended to examine a fur scarf that
hung near tbe door.
"She won't speak unless the other
one does," thought the man, but bo
wns mistaken. When the woman from
the handkerchief counter reached her,'
the other suddenly turned with a smile
on her face.
"I know Just what you're thinking,"
she said. Impulsively. "You are tho
oue who was coming back nt the end
of half an hour, aren't you?"
"Yes, I am," said the other, quickly.
"Anil she told me the lady who had
bought the first one lived In "
"Providence!" said the latest comer,
nodding violently. "Well. I do. 8ho
said you told her you wouldn't mind
hnvlng another Jacket Just llko'yours
If you weren't afraid somebody who
lived within a stone's throw of you,
or went to the same church and be
longed to tbe same clubs would buy
"That's Just exactly what I said,"
admitted the other woman, with a re
lenting expression about tho corners of
her mouth. "I've had that happen
with a bat, and It's so exasperating!"
"I know. I bought a golf cape once
one of three; nnd both of tho others
are on my street."
"How horrid! She said there were
ouly Just two Imported, and when I
went back, and shenld a lady from
Providence had bought It nud worn
'It off. I felt perfectly safe."
"Well, you see my train doesn't go
for two hours, nnd I'd seen the hand
kerchiefs nnd stocks advertised here,
nud I just had time to run lu. I
hardly ever come up to Boston after
this time of the year until late In the
fall, and this Jacket wouldn't be warm
enough for that season. Well. I'm real
glad we met I'm glad she was such
a truthful girl. You know sometimes
they're so anxious to make a sale,
poor things, thnt they "
"I know," said the first comer, now
dissolved 111 smiles. She heslti.ted n
moment, nnd then bending forward
whispered something In the other wo
man's cur, and then stood off lo look
at her.
"Yes, that's exactly what I paid,"
was the gratifying reply to the whis
per, "and I think we got great bar
gains, don't you?"
"Yes, Indecdl Good by!"
"Good-byl" And the little comedy
wns over.
I'rnpnaeil Kxpenttlture This Year br
Vurlon NullroaJ Corporation.
The Hallway World, adverting to the
prevailing opinion of prominent bunk
ing and business men that "we have at
least another year of business activity
nhcad of us, and that the railroads, In
tho work of reconstructing their lines,
and upon which hundreds of millions
remain to be expended, will bo an all
powerful factor In continuing business
activity," gives Importance to the fact
that enormous expenditures by various
railroad systems are scheduled for the
coming twelve months. It Is stated,
tho Pennsylvania Itallroad will enter
upon contracts calling for an expendi
ture of over $50.'000,000, provision hav
ing been made for an Increase of f 100,
000,000 In the company's capital stock.
Some tO.000,000 Is to go Into new yards
and buildings at Pittsburg, f 10,000,000
Into real estate, etc., In Now - York
City, ?.',000,000 Into tho new union
station lu Washington, ?3,000,000 Into
track elevations, etc., In Now Jersey,
$1,000,000 for tho Trenton bridge, nnd
j'2,000,000 for Improvements In Phila
delphia. Tho Baltimore and Ohio also hns
work In contemplation that calls for
tho yearly expenditure of many mil
lions, the total not falling below ?30,
000,000. Tho New York Central bus
$25,000,000 to spend on general Im
provements. Tho Southern Pacific and
old Central Paclllo aro to have nenrly
$10,000,000 of new capital put Into
them. Atchison, Topcka nnd Santa Fe
will spend $20,000,000 on now lines
In Oklahoma. And theso aro but a few
of tho largo outlays to bo mndo by
railways, the effect of which upon
at n lime. ISncli notch marks the ex
act distance of two degree.- IjikIoii
business must lie very considerable.
The mines, the furnace, the machine '
Hhops, nud tho factories will lie kept I
busy In filling tho contract mndo nee- t'si In HronWIyn Miimiuii Over lilsvcn
essary by the extensive wnnU of tho 1 K,'e' '" '"nineter.
railroads. All branches of business ' ho biggest crab ever discovered. It
will doubtless feel the benefit of tho "hl. I now mounted and on exl.lhl
l.irge outlay, provided everything goes H"" hi the Brooklyn .Museum of Arts
right In tho financial world. Balti
more Hun.
nnd Sciences. The n.iturnl home of
I this crenture Is under from 000 to -I.IXKl
feet of water. The crab measures 11V4
'feet 111 diameter and for thu most pnrt
It ha n very beautiful complexion
for n crnb-rnnglug from n delicate
rich. In the course of the evening
Lord Lonsdale told many thrilling
stories, and an audible "Oh!" wi-ut
around the .utile when he finished tell
ing of a petrified forct In Africa, In
which he found a number of petrified
lion and elephant. A tin' llngllnh
man lapsed Into sllihee and the ap
plause sank to an ivl.n, all looked In
t'ol. Ochiltree lo defend hi nationality bent till petrified Hon story.
"Texas." said the t'olutiel, after u
pause, "tm It petrified forest, but, al
though they contain no petrllliil lions,
they are remarkable for having petrl
lliil bird Hying over them." ".Son
sense," said Lord lmsdale; "II. at I
liuHislble. Such a phenomenon Is con
trary to the law of gravitation." "Ah."
thnt' easily explained." responded Col
onel Ochiltree, quickly; "the law of
gravitation down tin re nre petrified,
Mjslcrjrof Vllul 1'r tni' I'rulinil ti
Dr. ( eh urn If.
Ilr. Sacharoff ha written a treatise
on Iron ns the active principle of enzy
mes, and of living substuuee. Thl
ha been translated Into German and
I published at Jena. The author hold
thai the behavior of protoplasm cniiuot
be ntlribiited cither to It organization,
II chemical ciiiupimlllou or It struc
ture mill suggest that all the vital
proc-KNcM arise from i!cco!iki!IIoii of
the living In consequence of
the iicce of oxygen followed by a
serle of recoi.iHiltliin. Studying ani
mal and vegetable cell, he irk for
something iliilvermilly present therein
that I capable uf early oxidation and
of yielding compound which ran be
attain reduced, nud thl substance he
concludes to be Iron. Vital phenomena
nre, he says, set up by the oxidation of
Iron In the living substance with sub
sequent or concurrent hydrolysis. HI
experiment lend lo the conclusion that
there exist lu all enzyme Iron In min
ute quantities containing miclcln, nnd
he call this hypothetical substance
Now the chemistry of nil
No Present for film.
Up on Columbia Heights there's a
cunulu' little boy-che-lld with many
flaxen curls and ultramarine eyes like iM rose Hut on Hie. tup of the carapace
mosH-ngi.ti-s, wno was tommy cut out ond leg lo n pale brownish shade on
of his inoldeii aunt's gift-giving scheme tu underside.
at Christmas. yw .- front ,.K, mvc tho usual blo-uucleln
About ten days before Christmas the rrnh i-lnw. which aro blir ciuinirli tn1 vital lihenoii.enn must be fundamental
maiden mint wns visiting her sister, crush n man, but the others cud In ly the snine, nnd the processes, which
the b-jy's mother, when. In a violent narrow brown hoof without toe. The arc tho foundation of enzyme action,
expkslon of Inughter, her store teeth ,.yi. on tho branches nro enormously must also bo tho foundation of nil vital
became loosened nnd fell on tho floor, Inrire nnd the feelers nro ns blir as Phenoinenii. and all must depend on the
The boy happened to be In tho room at garden hose. I oxidation of blo i.uclelii. These actions
tlie lime, nun tlie dropping or til spin- The crab was tnken off tho Japanese ' he trace throughout all the variety
ster mint's teeth caused him speechless .nat nud formed n pnrt of n collec-' of cell modification. Competent special
amazement. Hon mado by Professor Bashrord Ists regard his work a worthy of care-
Three evenings Inter there was a din- Denn. of Columbia College. Inst year, fill consideration, though It Is yet too
hit party nt tho Columbia Heights nnd It wns presented to thu Brooklyn soon to pronounce upon Its lasting
house, at which the innldeii mint was museum by Eugene (1. Blackford. It value.
one of the guests. Tho nunt Is Just nt took more thnn u month to mount It. i j"-"""---
an age wheu she doesn't want to look It Is supposed that tho giant crabs nmuirr iorfc
It, and she "touches up" her hair and grow lo twelve feet In diameter, sny V'u w,,Khl earned by the American
goes nfter tho make-up box a-plenty, the Detroit News-Trlbtiiie. but tho ono "oUll,r llt,uvJ' oriU'r disclosed by
She was fixed up pretty Bplendlferously In Brooklyn Is the biggest ever cup- lm 1 ""ii.ce ui aiiuiiiu re
nt the dinner, parly nnd wns talking Hired. Not many of them nro cni- l"rt when he illaciisseH the need of an
animatedly at the table with n widower tured-not moro than ten or twelve n '""'enchlng tool. It appear thut turn
who 1 Just commencing to "lake no- tbo Jnpni.eso nro fish- " ""r 'ryien carries an equip.
tlce," when the angel boy, from his Ing over tho grounds where they nro "u'm or I"""'d "Mi ounce, so that
little chair down- at the end of tho found nil tho time. marches not so much more lightly
table, piped: . The Jnpaneso fishermen set line soy. ",an M" '"reign hrotheiH In the military
Auntie, nuntlcl" ; oral utiles In length, with many huii- "ervice. in equipment, in hh details,
Well, what Is It, precious?" Inquired dreds of hook, which nro sunk lo the W-,K'1 "ll'e iii..oiiiiIh: Undershirt, 1
the spinster uunt. floor of the ocenn nnd left over night. I'01nu -' ounce; drawer, 1 pound:
Sav. nunt e." said the k d. amid thn When the lines nro hauled n tho next hm-'k, ounces; nine snirt, l pound
solemn hush which usually falls upon morning nil manner of extraordinary '' trousers, 2 pound; bI.iic, 2
a table company when ono of the thing nro found attached, from giant Il0,l"dH fi ounce; leggings, H ounces;
youugstcrs of tho family Is about to crabs to sen lilies. blouse, 2 pound I ounces; campaign
say something cule, "show 'em how i , " "unces; woven belt, 1 pound V4
you kin spit out your teeth an' then Popcorn I Kxecllnnt Fond. - ounces; 200 cartridge. HI pounds H
swnllcr 'em again, like you did the oth- "I'opcoru is ono or mo best food wo ounces; riue, iu pouuu i ounce; iiayo-
er day!" I hnvo; people don't begin to appreciate net, 1 pound; scnhbnrd, UMr ounce;
Ah observed above, tho presents that Its value," snld Sirs. Mary I). Cham- overcoat, 7 pounds; blanket, 0 pound;
that boy didn't get from his mnlden hers, lu tho course of u lecture on shelter tent, 2 pound H oiiiicch; p u
aunt on Christmas would fill a largo cereals to n class of women In iIii.uch- cho, 2 pounds 12 ounces; extra alioe.
folio cn'.aloguc, Washington Post. c seiem-u m mo uurnry iiuiKiing In - pound n ounce; extra drawer, 1
. HrooKiyn. Aim men, seeing (lie ur- pound; exlrn sock, ,1 ounces; towel,
Too Helflsli to Carve. ' prlso on tho faces of tho women boforo f ounce; toilet artlclcH, tl ounces; hnv-
"Did you never learn. to carvo a tur- 'ier "'10 w('"' on! crunch nnd HlrnpH, 1 pound 0V4 ounce!
key?" "f-et your children cat all tho pop- meat can, 15 ounces; knife, fork nud
"Never," answered tho Intensely sol- corn wnnt' " eontiilns n vuliin- spoon, (I ounces; ,'l days' radons, U
nun man. "i could never seo tho wis- "lu "" "IK" ""urine power, nmi i pound rs ounces; canteen and strap,
(loin of putting yourself In a position
whero you must offer everybody Ids
choice nud content yoursolf with what
over happens to bo left." Washington
Just MakeIt.
"Sho borrows everything the can
think of."
"Oh, no; she never borrows trouble."
Philadelphia Bulletin.
mostly siiircii council i.ioroiigniy . uy l pound nV4 minces, nud tin cup, 3
l.igli prcsHiiro or sicnin. ounces. A good deal of weight to pack,
even though one-sixth of It Is worn on
Nono to Sparc. ltlu pt.rMOn; but Hint Intrenching tool Is
"Taconin spenks up nnd snys sho Is ,m.lW, probably will have to be
not ,.n ..v. .,, ,ui undeti to tno burden. New York Hun.
Well, there Is ono thing sure, nud
thnt Is that none of tho other cllles Is
suffering from nn overplus," Clove
land Plain Denier.
When you hear n man complaining
of having a wife to support It's a pretty
safe bet that Ihn aforesaid wlfo bus to
lake lu washing lo support him.