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    Bohemia Nugget
HOWUtl) UltOtVN, Pub.
J .
Comprehensive Review o( the. Import
nnt lloppcnlnga o( the Paat Week,
Preacntcd In Condensed Form, Most
Likely to Prove Interesting.
Kdltor Gontalca may recover from
tlio wound Inflicted by Tillmnn.
John Mitchell lms dollvorod 1) is final
address lo tlio coal striko commission.
5 Tho Chicago grand jury found Indict
ments against -10 men engaged In Uie
coal conspiracy.
Tlio big 10-Inch coast defenso gun line
passed successful trial. It Is the
largest gun over mndo in America. .
Admiral Dewey lias returned tf
Washington and praise tlio conducfof
Formal Ceremonies at Salem In Pretence I
of Immense Crowds.
Salem, Jan. 15 Gcorgo K. Cham'
berlaln, Democrat, lccamo governor of
Oregon yesterday and Theodoro T. Geor
rallied after four years of'scrvlco. Tlio
ceremonies at tlio slato capltol were at
tended by a crowd that packed every
avallablo nook, ccrnor and aouaro Inch
of snaco In the great legislative halt.
Ity 10:30 o'clock tlio corridors of tlio
capital had Ukon un appearance of un
usual activity, and by 11 o'clock tlio
entrances to tho leglilatlvo hall wore
rioral Offerings Completely Covered the
Cotnn Many Societies to Whkh lie
Belonged Took Part In the Last Sad
Kltes-ttUlsboro Almost Too Small to
lloM All Who Attended.
Editor' UonValet Wounded by Lieutenant
Uovernor of South Carolina.
Colutnbta, 8. 0.. Jan. 17. In tlio
vory shadow of tho South Carolina
statohouto, Meutcnant Uovernor Jiunos
11. Tillman shot and probably mortally
wounded Karclmi lienor llontaiea
toundor and oilltor of tho Columbl
Stato, a newspaper which has slnco Us
Inception bitterly eppotod tho so-called
unman lactlon in South Carolina poi
lues. Tlio two men havo boon swori
enemies tor some years, and Tlllman'i
animosity was accentuated by Oonialrs'
pronounced editorial opposition to him
Ulllsboro, Jan. 10. Thomas II
When tho sonato appeared to go Into Tonguo wont to his grave yestorday "acandldato for governor during last
lolnt convent on. tlio scrgeani-ai-arms r lh a 1 tlio honor that li s state could "r" ." """f
the fleet in maneuvers in the Caribbean monies would net occur till afternoon
sea. fcpeaker Harris announced Uie joint tbe aisles open until tho Odd Fellows
a weaiuiy uj,ianom.ym:cn comnrn-, cumm. 10 ranyMj IUb t ior gov- carried tbe coflin In, but after that ports of the United Kingdom for the
iw lujuuc, umuH'uju.s uw.a.ou c.uu., ...ita. .i.j .nu .iv- i every man siruggiou ior tno Deal place I united States,
lie was jouu n uses ihxjiu buu kujcu
(all's primary. In that
.1 v.r nn itnl.i imnl.lnl . .. ........... ... , , Uoniale mado editorial reference
r'v:.r,:c:i; ""1 ;r;::; K,vo"im- "reKn "w,uru Tinman n.r. .,n,tri mi do-
iW ma., but thcr finally made. "M ,HW", " '""". " " bauchcr." A challenge to a duel fol
1, ..!... wiu.n ilm ivnitinra had impressive services, mo preaensr sain loweu, out uontaiea ignored it
latnn Ihntr adata alld I'rpali lent llmw. most fittingly: "It is Oregon that is Tho shooting ocitirrcd at Main and
nn had assumed Ihn cavel. he read mourning today, for it is Oregon that Gervals streets, In full viow of tho
i.rlAilr from tho stato' comlltiitlonrthat has lost a son " A commlttco from state capitol, and tho most frequented
.UiiMi hearlne unon canvass of tlio voto congress, mano up of moo who ropro- corner In Columbia, Policeman Hoi
sr .vimmnr. ni! il, en bo cansnl tho ecntcd every part of tho nation, was and, Immediately after tho shooting
waiting and expectant crowd todlspcrro Precnt, but the tuuoral coiemony was arrested Lieutenant Uovernor Tillman
. . 111. ,n. .....i .ll..., !.. in,l t.L. I. il ll I !.......
by announcing tnai mo inaugural core-i v.... mvui, m mu utui in.... .w mm tu .uu ihwiuai .
uiiibuuiu nsfl uui uia cuuugu 10 iiom i rro, niiuru no was roiiovcu ui im
in comfort all kwho wanted to attend pistols, tho ono with which he shot
Mr. Tonguo'a obsequies. A special Mr. Uonialca and a second largo re
train from Portland carried down a volvor of 38 calibre. From tlio police
multitude, and hundreds poured into station he was taken to the county Jail,
tho town from all parts of tho slato. whoro ho la now under protection of
Nearly all tho state olliclals weio prfs. the ollicers.
ent, and so was a maioilty of the legis I There was only ono shot fired and
(autre. And Irom others whe could that enterol the right side between the
not attend, came n wealth of floral (eighth and ninth ribs and patcd
ollerlugs that were piled mountain high I through tlio fore part of tho body, coin
over tno alter 01 tno lime iiiiishoro tng out lust above tho tieo rlhs. Tin
Methodist church. Tho colli n was (air-1 bullet was nicked un on tho uavciuent
ly buried In Dowers, and they, too. I Surgeons iierformod an operation on
came Irom all parts ol Oregon. lUontales at tho City hospital late )os
Committees renrexenting tho various 1 teruay afternoon. Tho operation wa
societies to which Mr. Tongue belonged, regarded as successful, but in tho
were at the depot to meet the parlr. judgment of the physicians, tho wound
and tney acted as an escort when the
remains were taken to tho court house
at Illllbsoro.
At the comt house, which had been
draped in mourning from tower to bate-
ment, the colli n was placed in tho main
corridor, and all yesterday morning n
lino or people with uncovered head
papjed by It.
Tho special train from Portland Large Shipments In Prospect - Ulcct ol
reached lliilsboro at 2 o'clock in tl.e Repeal of Duty
afternoon. It brought the COnlmilteO I T.nnt!nn. Jn. IT l'rl. In ll... Tr,n
of congroMmen appointed by Speaker don coal market havo thus far not been
Henderson to attend the funeral. Six affected by the action of congress In
nrs were aeeueu io contain mo ouiera providing a rebate of duties on all coal
.1... . .) f .....I. 1 . I . ... ...
nu .cm uumi iiuu iuiinuii on mu I lor a year and placing anthixclto on
same mission. tho free list, tliiiiu-li a lntttHr fi-ulincr
uo Kucsu- were recciveu oy ou mem- nravaila. n liirilmr rm nn vn
oers.01 tno Knights of Pythias In full havo yet been received from America
uuiiorm. ine Kniguts lormed a line The rnoul ImmrUnt linn.... nnt
with drawn swords, through which tho expect largo oxportti of coal to tho
visitors pissed from tho street Into the United Statea. Thnv 1m1I that ra.
court house, ai.d acted as usbera during nadian coal will chietly benefit by the
"ireuiuuiej mere, mey wero in rebate dutlos. It Is added that nearly
cnarge ot Mr. longuo s body while II al the Eng sh coal herctoforo sent to
lay in state, and they mounted a strict America nnlir.l hr n,.i-nlt,iri.
military guard wntcli contributed much the leading American merchants not
to the impressivenese of tho day's ter- being bujors, on account of the length
VtCCS. I fif timR rontllrp.1 in itrrnnpn fnp lnrf
T-i i 1 .1 i i . i I . . ... . n o
xurr curreuuereu llio ixxiy to tno lnhlnmnntu from Knir land.
Odd Fellows, who took it to the church, Uior in the day It was announced
where Jlr. Tongue and his family hae that the price of coal had advanced 13
-uxsuijipeu ior years. conta per ton at the pit banks, partial
ine dlstlnenlehcd asramhlai-R itnnlr 1 i. . ...n...
packed the church auditorium until it and partly to increased contract orders!
as impoasiDie ior anyDouy in uie auu- in view of tho coal situation in America.
lence to utten to the ceremonies In
comfort. The escort
iBaLaBBLaHr iaV'Lam
ed man has only ono chance in five to
live. His constitution and habits of
life, however, are stated to be generally
In his favor. Tho wound Is an ugl
one, the liver and intestines belli
It was said in Liverpool today that
Knights kopt since Christmas over 00 steamers have
been chartered to load coal at various
Naval Constructor Hobson has been
assigned to duty at Bremerton, to
which post ho must go or resign from
the navy.
Colorado and Wyoming hare both
given asFUranco that tbe Lewis and
Clark fair will receive their- moral and
financial support.
A charge f powder for an 8-inch gun
exploded on the battle ship Matsa
chueettB, killing six men and wounding
three, two of whom may die
The long overdue eteaner St. Louis
has arrived in ew lork. Her boilers
wero leaking badly and passengers
adopted lesolutions condemning the
company for sending the vessel cut in
an unsafe condition.
Citherns of Newman, a small village
In Indiana, held up a train and robbed
it of coal.
era Is and two Republicans. The can-1 he could get
vassing committee retired to one corner The services Jn thechnrch were short
of the hall, procured a table and there. The pastor introjuced Dr. C. . Klino
with Secretary of fetate Dunbar, began to make the opening prsyer, and there Strong Evidence of Native Treachery and
to open me seaiea envelopes irom mc were manv damn evea In hn an.llonm rn,rlfv . m.n,. Trti
riiplnm mnnlv pla.lrfl rvi n f a I n t n i 11 mr. .L.. n frl, i . . 1 1 ... . I
. . --o nuau ui, aiiud nwi'iuutu. xjewasiori rMiia i- 17 ut ni
IB,I .l.tomont nl Mm snlra nf tho . .... ., JUnHa, Jan. 17. biX OUlCCrS WllO
.1 jvm.b iiiv 'no iui vi iuo
Aral mntilfaa Tho mIiipH, KA.a ll. I .t If! r. ...
- w - I.UH1.JCIMIIUU i u . 1 1 1 1 1 1 iitturvmnuiiiHii ... .. . ....
1 in ,v noinrn ma mnpi ma.iiai wnipii
I V, ii T , 'ue serve-I in the Island of Samar testified
congretation to which Representative i.f , .,.i.i.
most precisely tbe same as tbe un- Tongue belonged, and bis prayer took a , . 'i . """''""'""-""
official record Ubulated by Secretary Lder range than usual Zr tlTxZ '8 "IP n the charge o
Dunbar, except that an error of 4tf Lm. Hi. eloquent apV.I was.
The 1004 sersion of the national
livestock convention will be held In
The French government has forbidden
the use of the Breton dialect by priests
of Brittany.
Lieutenant Governor Tillman says he
will bo able to show that lie had ample
provocation (or shooting Editor Gonzales.
Two of the public schools of Philadel
phia have closed on account of lack of
fuel. More will follow unless relief
arrives soon.
The president is going over Uie Hat
of candidates to become United Statea
attorney for Alaska and will announce
his decision soon.
Germany has denounced the most
favored nation ciauso in the treaty be
tween tho United States and Cuba, say
lag it will shut out all other countries
trim trade.
A Denver Rio Grande passenger train
was dorailed In Colorado and 30 of the
60 pastengers injured. Only four,
however, are seriously hurt.
Each member of tho Isthmian canal
commission la drawing a (alary of $1,
000 a month and traveling expeniea
added. Tho salarios wero fixed In 4809.
Senator Mitchell hag been assured
that the Improvement of the mouth of
the Columbia will begin soon and that
tho work jvlllgo forward without delay.
W, Jj Lewis, tlio Seventh Day Ad
ventlst,' who refused to .work in the
pottolllro department Saturdays, will
have that day oft without pay,
Atapaity gtvon by the students of
St. Francis' college, Brooklyn, 7,600
persona played ouchro at one time at
1,875 tables, and 12 bands played In
It la reported that Lord Roaebury
.iilll 111. .FU Mlfl A nltt
formerly of Louisville, Ky,, but now of
Oanno8,'Fratico. Her younger aister is
tho wlfo of Lord Nenborougii.
votes nau Deen mane in uie rurnisn haps, tho best verbal tribute paid to
vote ior Jiallienr county, ine llgures Mr. Tonene dnrinir the dav. Tl,n a
show that t ornish received an aggre- pa8.age of ocripturo was read by Rev,
gate of 41,611 votes, and Chambetlaln k. h. Kennedy, of the Ulllsboro Con-
ti,oo,a plurality oi ;iu. opeaaer grecatlonal clinrch. and Hv. Dr. T.. R
Harris then performed briefly and Rockwell, presiding elder of the Metho-
iinoui noorim uis ouiy oi oecianng rti8t church In Northern Oregon, thpn
- ., I- f l.. l 1 ! .- .1 .. I .. I 1 . I ..... . '
ucurgu ii. iuiiuucimiu uuiy emiou nreacned trie funeral mrmnn
governor oi uregon. i.ommi(iees were
war in Samar. The wltnersoa mostly
detailed the enemy's acts of babrarity.
such as burying persons alive, mutilat
ing living and dead persons and tortur
!ng and murdering prisoners and na
tives In sympathy witli the Americans.
Tho defense produced an ordor ol
General Lukban. directing the use of
poison against Americans. Tho court
E.EK P?t revealing. ddltionalfearureaof the
ready to receive them, and then the tlfni
joint convention took a recess till 2:16 when the church eeremonle w .
- M. conclude! the bodv was turned over to X .T"? . ' ,
. . . . . . .i. inn i. t t I , tii ouiiin was necessary ami mat 11 enuee
At 2:15 tho proeeasion of atate officers the II illsboro Masonic body, which cs- tho naarracllon ln Hamar.
it irm oejow nj wu , , ,. TOa,r, am, mirrreu Captain 8mith testified that the
S u r " . Pirju '"' friendly natives who wero refugees In
the mountains In his district petitioned
filed down the aisle.
Governor Geer. followed by Governor'
elect Chamerlaln. Then came the leg- Worshipful Grand Master W. F.
islative committee and the chief fuitice Butcher conducting the services. Over
and others. the grave Mr. Butcher paid ono last
After all had tak.n .hnh- at.. finr. e,ylUeD.t .ribl".8 '.0 Mr- Tongue's mom.
rnnr f?.r dllvrl h!a farewell a.l. . ? "u U,H """,e "cmeiery was
, . , I with thoso who listened to him.
UIC, UUUUVIUK BllJUl IU 11UU I X UW I , . , . , , ,.,
oath of office was then administered to l": ... " auon "V1
Chamberlain, and immediately after iVw .Vri 1 """.1',':
For tho present be will be
uregon'a sole member of the national
house of reprosetnatives
Urn nnur nn.rnnr .lltvrBl liln In.nn. ovcillllB, w leoume HIS
. ,,,," I work there.
ii l u l auuivED.
Must Protect Seal Industry.
Washington, Jan. 10. Becaure of
threatened invasion In the Aiaksa real
Industry by tho Japanese, tho ttate
department has opened negotiatlona
Mob Appropriates Coal.
Toledo, O., Jan. 20. A mob, in
cluding over 200 men, women, boys
Ilk uao JlCKUliailUilO I i i , . , - . ..
that will induce that government to LTi'. STr it T.7 .i."
m.u...n,i.i, mm. m..i. nt col which had Just arrived In the
u.I n" ;V .1.7. '.r.ii i "'' " Wheeling & Lake Erie rairload yarda.
M,"'7:C.nul"fr,V.r1 consigned to the National Malleable
r.n.n ir! tiV Casting company and local oil men
i :: ;: "r, v.:. There
waa no attempt to stop the
to be allowed to relnrn to town, and
promised to support the Amreicana
Captain Swayne, said the witness, told
General Smith they would die of starv
ation If left in the mountains, and
General Smith, the witness added, said:
Let them die. Tho sooner tbey
aro dead the sooner we shall have
Winter Holds drasp on Britain.
New York, Jan. 17. England is in
the grip of winter, says a dispatch fiom
London to the Tribune. North, south,
east and west, the conditions are the
same biting winds, brisk weather.
with a dash of frost and in some places
enough ice to nTake skating safe. Tho
movement of tbe barometer inidcatea
there ia no reason to look lor any
startling atmospberio changes, and
II CUh UBS UXXU lUIUIIUCU ur iTlCUUa I . ..... ... - .. -
cutter offlcera that 16 or more Japano-e Tt'-iT !i"BLV ,,C8 "or frost, occasional snow showers, with
.....I. ,!. I (l. .l.ll,ll.l v. mo lu.iiuau ur -
veesela took reals In the prohibited
area, but that no seizures were made
aa there waa no agreement with Japan
CaSting Inlo.ln.U. l Illrnlu llm.ilk..
a ham n Iha bIT.I. I . . . ' . ' ...
" '.'. ... ... m .m.lln. MttiA tlma In
London's meteorological program
Tbey Agree on One Thing,
Philadelphia. Jan. 10. The law.
yera for the anthracite coal operators
and lor the mlneworkers, who are now
company taking
rue luei was carried oil In wagons.
sleighs, soap boxep, buckets and baa
keta, leaving nothing but slack.
Tratntoads Kept on Suburban Sidetracks
but None for Sale,
Chicago, Jan. 1(1, The tetiiporattir
hi Chicago tonight dioppud 24 degrees
In less than two noma, ami tonight
hovering around tho aero mark. The
....t.t i.i. it... i ...
MAH. ill Ik. 1-.1MI..1.I.. i.... I VUHI ItlltUllRO lUl-V.llil . "I" Mil,
l'ni vt i i I liiiiivv aiinw alnrtn 111 ttm fpaMlli
mg, rrodiKing as Much as uerore ine Toward nightfall a brisk northwes
Strlkc-Ono Dealer Statea He Pays $H wind sprang up and 111 tho outlying
for What was formerly SI. 25. and districts the snow ia drifted several feel
.- i-.i.. . I deen.
i,un.V 1, I...U...U. - .
iiivm nMD iii.iwi. RIIIIVllllM t. mi" n .
natir. but as tlm worst rases of doetlttl
asliIngton, Jau. 10. A number of t011 had boon provided for by charll
wholes-do dealers In coal who do busl hlo Institutions, no deaths wore report'
liiaiai lit I'll) lAititl Hill) Hat I I I llttlf A at till inI during tho day. The coal situation
,. ,. i,ii .i , ..... remains unchanged, and Its catiwa and
fellthel of lnde,Hmdent oporatora I oM thl, ufrvrlii of hiiinaiilty
testiiieit oeioro tno senate omim wero tlbcusseil by a largo number
which Is Investigating tho scarcity of Chicago astora during their rormona
null In tM i-ltv. Tun nl tlmm do. HtllllUy.
I itu... .......I . ....i. . - ..!.!. t
dined to answer niiestlons, but Henator . t ,
tHiiiiblim of rail dealers for tho purpose
ati-nnii, miu .liiii .n.i u. i.i- 0 mg Up thO prlCO Of fllVl III tl
lugs, told them lie had no intention oi Chicago market will bo undertaken t
repotting thoui to the senate. morrow morning by tho sptelal gntni!
ii... wi.i... ..i ii... ll..., I lury. twenty-iivo coai men, somu ti
... ivniiiiiiik if iiiiiiht, ui inu iiiiii 1 -. - , , . i . ... 1
' M.u Ill ullinlna.lM 11. ..II. fllnl
., i. , I.I ll I I I tllWHI !" m-.n li. nnwivB.1.
ui ii iiiiiii'T nvaiiuorur, ui i iiuauui- l,i..,.- .1.1.. i il,n nmiull nl .n...u..
luiiivin unpin ... iiiv .u...iv..a w. mi iv
pbla, said that his firm la now paying I rations otwtatlng mines, have been
18 per ton for anthracite at the mines, summoned to appear before tho gran
minus 10 per cent commission, whereas lury to toll what they know of tho
liefoie the strike the ptlco waa 13 25. "ring" which It Is alleged elU. It
la tho Intention that no ono hut coa
men shall he examined
Trainloads of coal cars sidetracked
and labeled with placards Instructing
tho railroad freight crows to hold In
It wai luiposaible, ho raid, to get all
the cinl doaintl ev 'it at the advanced
price, lie said that Instead of lucrear
lug, tho coal supply la diminishing
"If." ho raid, "tho miners wou'd do
as Mr. Mitchell says, the supply would consignment Indefinitely have be
be im rcaiod, but none of the producers, discovered, It was said, by the parti
except tho lieadlug company, is pro- who can Mil tho investigation to
duclng as much coal as formerly." made. It Is also asrerted that beyond
J. II. Read, of tlaltlmoro, declined tho city lines on one and probably two
to state tlio prico at which he auppllos roads, countlets tnna of coal havo lcon
bituminous coal to W. J. Koath, a local taken from the car and heaped up on
coal dealer. In connection with his con-1 either side of the tracks for three
tiuct to furulth coal to the treasury quarters of a mile. The grand lu
building and the bureau of onuravlnu I wished to lx informed why tlio coal ha
and printing. Ho raid, however, that not been brought Into the market and
he had not been uula to furnish a suit)-1 put on sale, thus relieving the famine
dent quantity to fill tho contract. Ills Two thousand person In Chicago a
reason for not wanting to answer was suffering from ailment directly d
that ho did not want to reveal his mar- to cold and expoaute reililtlng from ll
gin to competitors. Senator Stuart told coal famine, according to the weekly
the wltnoM that tho question pertained bulletin ol tho health dopartmeiil, I
to government minimus and not to hi aned today
(witness') private business, but (till I Serious remits aro alieady soon In
ho declined. heavy Increase In tho death rale, and
The tenator exclaimed: I the health departiient brands tho men
"You follows aro too cunning for rrsponaihlo for tho situation ai guilty
tho people and 1011 aro all gottlng rich." of constructive homicide. Tho death
I.Mr. Head denied that this was truo rate last week lor children miner
in ids caea.
year old wa 10. 2 rier cent greater than
in tho ramo week of lait yoar, and
among perrons over 00 yoar ol ago
was 3D. 7 ir cent greater.
Trains Crashed Together Tour Dead and I
Three Injured.
PiinilM.rla,nl Mil Tan lO TI.Hinnli I
tl.o alli.1 lnlrfmnr nf . m...r..r M H1 lionur. .-opuuir jul'
boy. a wreck was caured on the Ila'tl- ' Th"t suu
moroA Ohio railroad oast of Cumber- Boise, Idaho, Jan. 14. -Judge W. 11
land early today, in which four em- lleyburn was yesterday elected Unlte
Ploves of tlio Baltimore & Ob o ra road male senator by the two home I
were killed and throe Injured. TJio oepa'U session. He received Ilia vote
wreck was due to the displaying of a I of every Republican mumbor, while tho
false signal, giving a clear track for I Domocratlo vote wero cast for James
eastbound passenger train No. 10. when I H. Hawlsy. The voto In the senatu
In tho next block alioad there was was: iieynurn to, iiawiey u; in ti
standing on tho track a rabooto and house, lleyburn 35, Hawley II ; total
two engines. The passenger train was lleyburn 60, Hawtey 17. The voto
drawn by two engines, and theie will be canvassed In Joint motion today
crashed thiough the caboose and en
gine which obstructed tho tiack. Stifled by (Natural Oat.
Luckily tho ttnln had not attained lis I Chicago. Jan. 15. A special to the
full speed, and was only moving at tho Tribune from St. Mary' W. Va., says
rate of about 20 mile an hour when Nearly tho entire gallery audlenco at
the collision came. The postal car of the Auditorium theater, at well a the
tno passenger train wa derailed, but I members id tho company on tho stage,
the passenger coaches did not leavo the I wero overcome by tho lume of natural
track and tne occupant escaped In- ga heio last night during a perform
jury. It is charged that a messenger lance. Two of the actresre are at the
boy named Turner, who wa in the hotel with only slight chances of ro-
block lower when ISO. 10 came along, covery. Many of the spectator In th
and hearing the engineer' whistle for I balcony and gallery wu'o overcome a
clear tracks, pulled a lovor, giving him they sat In their scat and had to bo
a clear signal. Tho operator had, it is carried outside, wbero, however, they
explained, previously rot the signal at soon recovered. The theater Is heated
fanner. hllo hi attention wa being land lighted by natural ga. and a
devoted to communicating with the overflow of unconsumed gas caused the
block station, the boy. It la alleged, I trouhlo
pulled tho lever that gave tho oncom-
ng train the signal that it had a clear tuD i avora Treaty.
block ahead and tho tower operator waa I Havana, Jan. 15. Domingo Mondei
not aware of what was done until the I Capote, president of the senate and
crash came. I member of tbe forolgn relations com
rnltteo, baa completed his report on the
reciprocity treaty, lie lias Informed
the correspondent of tho Associated
I'res that hi report recommends th
ratification of the treaty In toto an
The roport will
Fire Caused Panic In Hotel,
Chicago, Jan. 10. Fire which broko
out at an early hour today destroyed a
largo manufacturing block at Canal and
Madison streets, causing a loss cstlmat- without amendmoiit,
od at $100,000, and caused a panic bo aubrnlttod Immediately to the full
among tho guosts of the Grand Central commltteo, which Is expected to report
notei, anioining. i-or a time It waa to tno senate tin week, lienor Capot
feared tho hotel wonld be destroyed. I believe there will not bo discussion of
and many of tho inmate flod In scanty the matter eithor by tho commltteo or
ttlro Into the street. Among the I tho senate.
heaviest losers aro tho Slmonds mnu
lecturing company, F. F, Gump A Co., To Compel Operation of Coal Mines.
r.ureaa manuraciuring company and Wtah natnn Jan. ik a mm.,...
too tioniorii urns worxs. most OI me Intrnlnnvl In lh Imnan ).
concerns occupying ine ouuuing were atlvo Gibson. Tenn.. making it tho
ngagou in f no macmnery uutiness. duty of the attornoy general to annlv
to tho federal courts for n rucAlvfir In
London DUcutsea Our Cuban Treaty. h,0 event of a striko or disagreement
Liverpool. Jan. 10. At a special which atop the operation of coal mlnos
mmllni tulav fit Im f .tvatrmnl .liamtinr It also provide that tho court shall an.
of commerce called to consider the pro- ; 'Vhe Wl. p7o"vId"e. f'urther To,
posed reciprocity treaty between tho the appointment of a receiver for any
united oiaiea anu uuua u wa an- transportation lino wnoso operation la
nounced that Foreign Socretary Lans
downe would receive Important deputa
tions from the various chamber of com
merce fo the United Kingdom on Janu
ary 22 for tho purpose of discussing the
suspended by any disagreement be
tween the company and Its employes
Five Thousand Men Idle.
Another New Trust Dill. Liiucago, Jan. ll. uuainees. in i-.aai i.n on i,iii i... uincago, jnu., naa txen Drougnt 10
II otj(A.usa wh4( U 4t Mill llHD I , i .tll ' . , . ,
iin ini.ii.i i, nii Btanusiiu oy a lack oi coai, taya 1110
in the city in attendance on the strike of Colorado, nrnvldlm? that .n. nrn. Tribune. The plant of tho Republic
commissioners, who havo drafted a bill du, er, dealer; transporter, agent or teol nd iron company and Emylewyn
limiting the ages for children to work other person in any territory of the rollIn8 mill have abut down and 6,000
in or about tho coal minea and in United States who shall Join with any " ... v"" ,B"'
milla and factoriea. It raises tho age otlmr nnraon nr nnrmn. fnr tl.n mirnnt- " town aro Idle. T,ho two planta
of boya permitted to work in the mlnea 0 raising the price of any article of jpnaqme zoo tona o coal a day, and
I i i. in . t l i I . " ' . . I tlm annnlw van .l.n.l I n f Rnliipilni.
ITU!!! Lt LH 1U Ttiara. Ol UUVH WOrKini7l run, rt rim fr lla m.f .nan, unH nn I bi'"J ruuiw ,
ln the breakera from 12 to 14. and in .I...1I i. n..i'i ni n,i..i,,n a when only one carload arrived. No
mills and factories Irom 13 to 14. mum nenaltvof a 15.000 fine nr linnrln.
tV-.l. I I I- - I- l I.IJJ- 1 , .-,
"ui lur icujuiva is I'liuiuuuil uulwuhd nnmiinl rnr nnn vpnr la nrnvliltwl.
, l . .. I . . . I n , i , n . . r I
iuo uuum ui u i. ai, anu a. Jil.
fuel lias been secured slnco.
Castro Must Pay First.
Berlin, Jan. 20. In the negotiatlona
which are about to begin at Washington
Great Britain and Germany, aa tho re-
Fatal Dxploilon at Powder Werks.
Vancouver, R. C, Jan. 10. Through
an explosion this morning In the gun-
cotton room of tbe Hamilton Fowder ault of further correspondence, aro quite
company's works at lNortlillelJ seven determined that tho irreducible condl
lives wero instantly extinguished, and tlon of arbitration is that President
virtually every other employe engaged I Castro fhal I pay or give collateral ee-
aoput tno works more or lees seriously curlty lor the sum already specified.
Injured, The destruction of the gun- The powers will not consent to raising
cotton room was followed a few seconds tho blockado until Venezuela complies
mmr uy a nuconu and equally terrllllc witii hub unanerauie conuuion, ina
explosion in the gelignite building, I allies place the responsibility for fur-
uiu entire piaui ueing wrecked, I the dolov upon voneiuela
President Signs It Gladly.
Washington, Jan, 17. Shortly after
noon thl afternoon, Itepreeentatlvo
Wachter, of Maryland, chairman of tbe
house committee on enrolled bills, ac
companied by Representative Alien, of
Maine, reached the executive office with
the engrossed and enollod copy of the
free coal bill passed by congress. Pres
ident Roosevelt received tho committee
and algned the measure, expressing at
tho same time hi pleasure that con
gress had acted so promptly.
Santa Fe Ready to Compromlie.
Tonoka. Kan.. Jan. 16. Tho erlnv
Tho speaker strongly criticised Unce commltteo of the Santa Km m n
e troatv as 'practically ahuttlnie out iluctora and biakoman nriranlzflllnna In
. i .i i i ii.... ..i.i. .... i . I . . . . ' .
ouier imiiuiia hum iinuuig mui vyuua. session nero, worn today notified by
General Manager Mudio. of the Santa
Six Men Blown Up. Fo, that Third Vice President Kendrlck
Johnstown, fa,, Jan. 10. Four koga would confer with them rcirardlmr an
of powder exploded In a Slav boarding I increase In wages. No action on the
house In Win J nor tonight. Six men Invitation waa taken, but it is oxnnctnl
aro bolievcd to bo mortally Injured. 1 tho conference will be held In Chicago
ine men wero scaiou loguiuer in a, romo lime next, weog. llio mon aro
room and it is said that one ol them holding out for 20 per cent Incicate,
was endeavoring to dry a quantity of
powder when tbe explosion occurred. To Work for 1905 Fair,
Tho aide of the building waa blown out Boise. Jan. 14 O. L. Mlllnp .r-l.i
and the six victims wore found uncon- today from Ilakor City to join 0. II.
eclouaon the floor. Those aurvlvlng Mclsaac In the Interests of tlm
win do urougm to a uospitai nere. and Uark exposition. Thoy aro moot.
Ing with evorv encouragement, n
uomci ia saiitiicu, scorns no doubt that an appronriatlon
Havana, Jan. iu. tho manifesto win no maue, out opinion uilfer wide.
which was issued here yesterday eot- ly aa to the amount. Some think 25,.
ing forth that the Liberal army of Cuba 1 000 all that can be afforded, while nil.
will not wait later than March fcr tho I ore aro willing to mako the amount mn.
completion of the work for the payment aldorably higher.
of the soldiers, and that If longer tlmo
is asked the army will reunite and oc-l Bring Soldier from Philippine.
cupy every town from Point Mayel to San Francisco. Jan. 15. Tho frana.
Capo San Antonio pacifically waa an port Logan arrived here today from the
anonymous one. uenerai womez anu munppjnqa w(tfi 1,0Z discharged eol
tne oilier general navo expressed tnem- dlera on board. Uno.lia If nl tha nl.
solves as being porjectly aatlsfied with dlora were diahoronably discharged, and
mo mmunu ui ma uuuon guvBrnment i ine oiuora. or moai oi mom. wurn wmi
regarding tlio payment of the army. ' od out of tho service aa mdealrahlo.
Had I'lre at Albany New (lovernor Cam
mence Ills Appointment Railroad
llallait I'rom Ihetlrsnd Konde Klvcr
Tlmber Claims Being Protetted Big
New lllectrlc tintcrrrlte,
Governor Cliaiukirlal n has atmnliited
Chief Deputy Manning to Ihi district
attorney fur Multnomah county.
A hill has lieou Introduced In l0
leglsUturo to fix the lioiindary lino be
tween Umatilla and Union counties.
At present eritons living near the di
vide voto and pay taxes where they
please, a there I no way ol determin
ing In which county they reside.
Tho Clatsop county commissioners'
court contemplate making tho toll
road Wuwcon Seaside and 1.1 k creek a
public highway.
The commltteo appointed tu select a
Ite at Vorllaml foi the Oregon voltiu-
teen' monument ha decided on the
Plata block op)lta tho courllioura.
The moat destructive Hie that has
occurred In Albany In year occurred
when tho entlro plant of the Sugar I'lne
Mill A Mxturo company wa dettroyed.
The loss I estimated at aver f 20,000,
and represents the entlro capital of
soma of tha stockholder.
Knglncor Drew, of the O. R. A N.
Co., Is exploring tha gravel lutr of the
Grand Rondo river, between I .a Grande
and island City, with a view of getting
a largo amount of ballast for ihn road
lied. Ho has an atslstaut and six
laborer, and la taking measurement
of the bar and the. depth of Ihn graral.
The diqxislt aro In soma place 15 feet
deep. It I Ihn intention, If enough
gravid can lu obtained, to put In a side
track and run It down the river for a
mile nr morn and take gravel for bal
lasting tho road for 100 mile both east
and writ.
The woolen mill at Union ha Just
closed the mutt successful year In It
history, und arrangnmrnt have Just
been erfcctcd whereby the plant will
Ihi enlarged and run to it full capacity
and an older was rent In thl wrtik for
a carload ol new equipment, 'consisting
of looms, scouring machinery, pickers,
etc. i lien the new machinery ha
been Installed It la proposed to operatn
tha plant to It full capacity night and
day tbe year around, with two or mora
shift. The mill will resume opra
tlm about the first of February.
The new town of Palmer Is growing.
Seven new houses of modrii stylo aro
nearly completed, tha greater munlior
containing seven room. Ily spring It
I contemplated there will Im from 00
to 70 houses built for tho accommoda
tion of tha mill employe; also busi
ness house t. Ill Ik erected, probably
Including a mercantile establishment.
Tho mill I busy sawing Inrnlier for tho
building, but It tilling outtldo order
too. Work will probably begin In
ApVll In tho construction of the new
The Kugena electric light company I
to le merged Into a larger and uinro
Important concern. Tho power to run
tho dynamo, Instead of being generat
ed at Kugene, wilt come from Spring
field, whoro arrangement have hen
made for sawdust and refuse from tho
large mill there to bo tired as fuel,
thereby lessening tho expense of power.
The plant will lie greatly enlarged, ami
will not only inpply light for Kugene,
but will furnish lights for Siirlmtflnld
and tho mills, and power for all pur
poses, it 1 also expected that ulti
mately an electric car line from Kimono
to Springfield will Ik put In, with a
possibility of other enterprise.
Nearly all of the tlmUir claim local.
od In the Oravo creek district of Jos
ephine county havo been protostod upon
tho locator' attempting to make final
proof on them. The nrotett Is madaon
the ground that tho tract located aro
mineral lands, and wero located mainly
for tha purpoto of getting possession of
the ledges and placer lied rsthor than
for tho timber. Tho protest I made
through the miner of Grave rroek ills
trict, who. llko tho gold dllrirrra In all
other Mctlons of the county, aro indig
nant at tha wholeralo manner In which
timber claims, or o called timber
claims, havo boon taken up there dur
ing the past year. Torn minor allege
that many ol tho claim taken tin did
not have timber enough on them to
fonco them, tho solo object of the lo
cator Iwlng to got possession of tho
mineral land tlio claims contained,
Wheat Walla Walla. 7I. 1,1,,..
stem, 80c; valloy, 76070c.
Ilarloy Feed. 123.60 tor tail Itrntav.
Ing, 124.
Flour Rest grado, $3.0004.20: crab.
am, 13,25(33,60.
Mlllttuffs ilran. I
middling. 123 ft
chop, 18.
Oats No. 1 whllo. tl.lKAiii.iTU.
gray, 1. 12),'Q1. 16 per cental.
Hay Timothy. Illai2,
18(30; cheat, lOOWper ton. '
Potatoes Heat Rurhanka.KnanAn.. .
aack; ordinary, 4060o per cental,
growers' price; Morcod awoots, 2(8i
2.25 por cotital. 1
Poultry Chlckons. mixed, inail,.
yountr. inert hens, ll2o; turkeys,
ife'an3'50' 16Q 'l0! dllckl
I77.60 per doion; gcose, 17(38.60,
Liiieoso-Fiill cream, twlna, 10),'
7'uOI Young Amurlca. lrUaiuL'..
factory price,, laiXclo..; ''u '
Iluttor Fancy croamerv. 27t'ai(v.
per pound; oxtras, 30c; dairy, 203
22ic; storo, 16Cl8o. '
Kggs-22K32K por dozon.
Hopa-Cholco, 23Q20o por pound,
Wool Vallnv. 191aiiIR..
Oregon, 80l4Ko; mobalr. 20fl28o.
Jlaof Gross. cow. nntinu
nou'"l! "tcora, 404?4'o; droaeed, 7)io.
Million (Irnaa.
dressod, 7Kc
Lambs flrn. An
dressed, 7Kc r??!
Hoga Gross.
per pound;
Oo per pound)
uiunceo, ltSi?bC,