Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, January 23, 1903, Image 1

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S 'imi, Aiivi'.iniHisii Mi niiM
i& & u i&i
Devoted tii the Mining, Lumbering mid Pnrmlng Intcrcstn of this Community, to Rood Government, and Huitling for n Grub Stake.
vOL. V
NO. a
Bohemia news.
lit I lie Orluly Mining mid llitlui
tlnu lUiiupmiy'N olllci In (IiIh city Ih
ti Mm display ot on from the prop
ertles owimd by tin' eomimiiy. A
limp drawn by A. I). Whlttlcr dim
punk knot showing the company's
Kronp ot claims In iiIno on ox lit 111 ( Ion.
The window presents u very pretty
ivpiKMiniiicc, mill gives to tin' passer
liy 11 kooiI Idea of tlx) richness ot Ilo
lll'llllll. iiivicii.
Saturday the Oriental MIiiIiikCoiu.
puny (lied articles ot Incorporation
In tlio Lino county clerk's olllci. The
Incorporators lire Nciil V. Miirrny, .1.
II. Wyatt.J. Otto Uv. .1. II. Itoli
orts, J. I''. Vcuncr and (J. Sullivan.
Tlx articles ol Incorporation recite
Hint, the capital stock ol tliuutiw
company Ih I, tKXUK. divided lutb!
one iiilllloii assessable MlinreH, vnlned
at one dollar each.
TliiH'onipnny Iiiih JiimI purchased
three of t In In'mI milling claims In tlm
lllue Itlvi r Mining District, (lie Artie,
Vermont nnd Oriental,
The affairs ot the corporation are
to Is miuinged by a lionrd of live di
rectors or trustees. Tim principal
olllci ol the rnmpniiy Ih In Alliauy.
The Ureal Northern Mlllnnil Kliiuie
(,'onipauy liusulso Urn Incorporated i
by W. W. Ituls.
and J. II, Ulnss.
eorporatlou statu tlmt the capital ,,, (t,,i ,H ,Vii vote and IiIm total
Htwk Ih llH.IXKI, divided Into shntm tniigtli at the present time Ih ai.
of one dollar each, The principal tn.t's votes constitute practically
olllrelH at llrownsvlllc. 'l IiIh coin- . numlH-r exiMrtwl, and
puny aiHii oMrau-H in mc
District Uuard.
j i'iksi; vtnu i'ok siinaiok.
Ninety Vote Cost Tuesday I'ultori
Lend (leer liy llluht Votes.
Nulein, Ore., .lnn.'(Hsvlul dlHpatch
to the Telegram.)
I 'll 1 1(11 1M
(leer '-11
Wood IH
(lenrgo 0
Plttoek :t
(IIIhiiii 1
Williams '.
Hewitt 1
Curvy I
Hermann 1
Staples 1
I'enton 1
Kunilrvt 1
AliHent :
Total Wl
TIiiih did the Oregon State legis
lature record Itself on the llrHt ballot
for milted States senator today. The
ballots were taken by the two
Hcparntely, Is-glnning nt noon. In
the senate the process required only
the length of time necessary for the
clerk to eall the roll. There wen' no
nominating Neclie. Ah hooii an
the rcHiilt was announced the senate
In the limine Ml minutes were re-
" o Local Brevetie. o 51
t lie negative.
State House, Salem, Or.. Jan J
n i. uuvcnior tinier l; in will
BanoBaasBCBSBOB i hIjjii tlic Portland charter bill to
" , moirow mornhiK unlett in looking
a11 LMA Ti iZVu ,m, erT ,of
the central olllce. Mll,e so,t' which is an unlikely
J. K. Yoiiiik Iiiih pinvliaw-d thu ,C0"''"Kcnc , i
tract or limn mmr jutohh uie hi reel
and JiihI north of llcrlxTt Kakln'H.
Mrn, W. II. Illair leaves for
I'ottlaud toIay on business con
uecu-d with her laud case.
1 w
Unlti'd Htaten liuil Office.
ltOHelmr)r,(ri-..Kept. in, wrj.
Notice Ih hereby fflvcu that In com
pliance with the provlHlmiH of the act
of Cotit;nHH of June ft, 1h7h, entitled
"An act for the Kale of tlmlx-r Inndn
In the HtatoH of California. On-Kon,
Nevada, and Watdilnnton Territory,"
an extended to all the I'lihllr Land
f taten by act of AiikuhI 4. 1WK, Dantd
W. ItlcharilHou, of Ht. lleleiiH ci. of
Calumbla Ktnte of Ore., Iiiih (IiIhiIiiv
Itt.ul l tl.l ..fffl,... 1.1 u.. .
nil rueil. , Vn fivwfor lli..ifiirelu,,.,.t tl,..uul..f
lloware of air dried or half dry MecNo'M, TowiihIiIii I'l H,, of ItainnU
noiinilK, U'lllUK anil rilnllc. I lie "t-nt mm win mier iiniiii in hiiow
llooth-Kelly I.uiiiIht To. aru makliiK t,,",lt,tm,, biml hoiikIiI Ih moiv valu
. , , , , , , , able for IIm tlmlHT orHlour than for
HHclnl price on klln drled lumlier. ' Krlcultural purpoKt-n. and to t Htab
Several new ads in this issue HhIi IiIh claim to wild laud iH-fon the
that will be of ercut benefit to von IteKlnter and Itecelvcr of thin ,llce at
Thulomr dlHtance tdione line wan
down near MarrlHhuriryeHtcrdaynnd
fora while no meHHaue could iM-nent
,Ihvoiii1 that point.
I'earl llentiett, the l.orunit mall
carrier, wan forced to abandon IiIh
trip WedueHilay on account of Silk
Creek bcliii; on a rampant. The
lirldKVH were all either alloat ornub-
V. A. Tflilpleton i ,,n., ire letlou of the ballot
The artlcleHot In-j ,. ,( .,H V,,.M nrorded for Fill-
to read, liargaius arc therein of-
I'Olt HA lAii I iu'1-fH of Handy loam
bottom laud with Htock and lin
provemeutH, 2 iiiIIch from CottaKe
drove. For further Information en I
on the owner. ('. W. Uii.iikiit.
Illue print mapH of any towiiHhlp
In llowburi;. UreKon Land DlHtrlct, 1
hIiowIiik all vacant IiuuIh for UMk,
each. If you want any Information
from the V. S. Land Olllce, inliln-xH,
Title (luurautci ic Loan Co., ltoe.
buru. On. 1
ItOHchlirir.Orccoil.on W.iIihkiIhv the
4th day of .March,
He imillfM (IH WitlM-HM.-H
It. T. UoiiIh, of lavicer. On., v.
I'. HlaiiKhter, Ht HeleiiH. Ore.. J. K.
(Hack, I'ulton. Ore., A. I.. Ilutler. of
Klkton, Ore.
Any and all inthouh claliulni; nil
vernely the aliovi-ilm rllM il IiuuIh art
niiucKteil to lite their clalniH In thh
office on or Ix-fnrc nald 4th dar ol
.March. 1!HKI.
t T. IIUIIMIKH. IteKlHter.
TIiIh com-
Illue Itlver ,.rt i Mtnmrtli of Wood Ih nil there
'.Multnomah ineinlxTH, accordlm; to
proKramme, divided: but each voted
for a Multnomah man. On the
whole, toilay'H ballot may Ihi hiiIiI to
hut it iIcvcIoimmI nothing unexHvteil.
von:, WltllNUHIIAV.
Tin vole for wnntor Weduenilay
wiih an fotlown:
Wood 17
Scattering '.'I
VOTI), TllltllHllAV
I'ullou Ill
(!isr I"
Wood II
The Hulled HlateH Hiipivme court
Ih hearlnK nrKument In a cum luvolv
Iuk the ipii'Htlou whether or iioi
Kraulte nhall ItrroiiHhlcredn mineral
ThU Ih In I he caw of the N. 1'. Itall
road VH. .1. A. SoderlHTjf of the Stale
of WaMliliiKtoll, dcfeliilnut IiiivIiik lo
caleil a Kraullu ipmrry on railroad
laud. The railroad -ople aii en
deavorliiK lo prove that Kranlte Ih
not mineral, with what Hiiccen. ie"
malliH to Ih' ms'II. MlulUK and Scien
tific I'n-HH
The following fHtlmate Iiiih Ihs-ii
made on the value lu the oivh of I h.i
KreJit copier inlneH of the couiilry:
The t.'aluinet and Hecla oi-e carrli'H :l
ht cent copiht: (he (luluco' l.ft ht
cent copH-r; thu Tamarack 1.H per
t,nl f-jiniMir! the Onitmbl I IHir rt'lit
.i... ..i... i i prouietw at
" !' ....";::. r.'. ,o..Tiir will eet.tlniic
IMMMK'li Mini iiiimmi. nnn- ,
....... it..... lmii ..I ,. Mime tune yet.
eopH'r. TIichv .MIcIiIkuu uilueH yield
no other mental. In coiiHlderalile
iUautllles, and the oren (rtiu the-.
pr.otH'rtlCH do not ispml, In copH-r
valueH, the oix'H from our wwlern
roiHr mtiieH. Our wenteru eopHr
inlneH have iiIho big valilen In lead,
gold and xllver. The Anncotida
carrliM about 4-.1 per cent ropH'r: the
CopHr (Jlleen. about S per cent cup
INT, the t'nlted Nerde, 7 hi' cent e--p-IHir.
The .Mountain CopHri'oiupau.v
la Cidlfornla prodiieeH an s Hretnt
eopMr. .Milling ami I'iugluis-rliiK Ite-vlew.
The whist club held their teini-
the demo-! lar semi-monthly tueetiut; at the
Woodmen hall Tuewlay evening
and enjoyed an unusually inter
esting and enjoyable session. Re
freshments were served by Misses
Stewart and Hakcr committee on
same to which all did ample jus-
t'liited Ktntt-n Ijind OHiee,
ItonehurK, Ort-xuii, (let., 10, IVQi.
Notice i herehy Klven IIimI in roinpli
HiicuHitli the proviaioiix ol the act of
Coni?reiii of June 3,187s, t-iititltsi "An
act lor the ride ul UiiiUt IuiiiIk in the
Htaten of California, Oregon, Nevmla,
ami WiiHhiiitfioiiTerrltorv,Mai extended
In nil the I'lihllc IjoiiI Mutvn hv act of
Great Reduction Sale
Wc have debided to close out our entire line
of Ladies and Misses
Wc have some J.'tckcts and Coats rvrnammj that wc will
Sell for Fifty CentH ou The Dollar. We will
Also sell ous entire line of
Now is the Time to make your Purchase.
"Money Saved is Money Earned."
i-'iiitnti ' at Thc l'rize was wo" h' MrH- L- w-
I uiiMii i ; i .1 i... :.
..wiiiij tuiu mi: wuiimjiuiiuii u mi
I A IUfW it... f IV. I- t v.. i
ticc tint! the sesiion was oro-. K.e!""V"m..l.v "!', ftme ulOrtunn has
, c ., . ., nimuy men in tin. i.mee inn nwnm ,
iiouncedone of the most enjoyable , -i,,,..,,,,.,,, v -iihi rr ,'
hince the orttnuizatioii of the club, the S . XW V.' A W K SW V
ol Six-. Nil. I2, Timiiilii J8 South, ol
limine '.' Went, unil Hill elfer proof to
tihow t lint the hind fought ih more
valuable for Hi timber nrrtotit lluiii for
aitriciilluriil purM.eK, mill to etttnhliidi
Koby IJaker, Guests of the club
were Mr. uud Mrs. Wood nnd
Harrv Clarice. At the session two, bl elulm to mid In ml liefore Marie I..
weeks previous of which no men- l-miniioiu-r at hit
.. 1 . , I lene,Orit!on, on wtiliifwliir the th illa
tion was made in tliesc columns .in . nSw
Mrs. Morphy carried off the honors
ami Mrs. Johnny Aiken the booby.
A Wayu.miii Hi hiiami.
II. 1.. IliiHton, formerly engaged In
liiiHlueMH In thin city, who arrived
He name. hi wiluett-H:
.luiiieo N itiiiidle, of Kairiiiount. Oie.,
Jninei HoHnum, Annie Wilnn, of Ku
lieiie, Oie., AiiKlln IliHit.ol Sprinnllelil.
Any mill nil r)ii. claluiiiiK iiilvemi-
'Phi teivnl iiieelliiirK nre 4itltl iti
belt In company with bin wife. froinMv the Una
i!... -i i I -Meivcil, California, on a vlnlt With IiIh : uuwtml to lilt, their elal.n. In this orliea
.1. ilItT.Il.f.I.KLlI...ll..It.... ... ......... (. ...... .1 . . T' .
- -"I 1V1.HM ...n.. .' ... AI l...,r M, .... rt- lu.(nn. I.I "T. I. t. .. ..f'.un
I IV't.u' 111,. time llsi 1.'. .1
URIlt nlOHR tor'few ilrtjH ano. Iiiih agulned bloomed
The attendance is , out Into a gay man. It will Ik n-
i.... . u 1 1... i,nrci memiH'reil tliat lie left IiIh llrxt wife
- .- ............ M UlMl.Vi ani lmH, tllntlliH
1 he subject at the Methodist treatment irlor to filial Hepnratlon
chutch Sunday mnruiiiK is "The ' wiih anything but eoiiHlHtent with
ff.r..nliv. nf Hi. Httmnti Heart. " IM 1 te part ot a weiuneauing lillHltaiul.
theevcuiuK "Thc Holy Ghost Con
verts the Soul
J . T. IlllllHIKH,
Odds and Ends
In Holiday Goods
Sold at Cost Next Week
Commencing January 1st our En
tire Stock of Goods, Excepting
Groceries, will be olfered at a
Great Reduction.
Leaders in Merchandising.
.1. 1. .1.
New York, Jan. ai. George
Ware, of the firm of Denny & Dros.,
ol Duubattou, Scotlantl, who are
buildlnn the Shamrock III, orrived
today on the steamship Ilohemiau.
ITe is on his way to San Francisco,
Sjicakiug of the new Challenger, lie
said she is being built in .secret,
under thc direction of Mr l'ife.
Steel and not btou.o or aluminum,
lie said, is used in her coiistitictiou.
When he lclt she was ubout com
pleted, and the opinion in Huglaud
wns that she Mauds n good chance
The executive committee of the
Christian Kndeavor of the C 1.
church met Tuesday nnd appointed
committees the various depart
ments and planned fur nclivc work
which will lie put into oietatiou nt
thc next meeting Friday.
On last Friday evening the lvn
deuvor Societies of the Christian
1 and C. V churches met tu Wood
man linll. ami iiiniti uie oesi
Christian spirit and good feeling
Organized n Local Union with thc
following officers: President, A.
II. King; vice pres.,Thos. Aubrey,
sec. Miss Darwood: treas., I.ouiso
i Newlnud Meetings are to be held
once tr month alternately between
the two churches.
The new addition to the M. 15.
parsonage is about completed nnd
I will be n gteat convenience when
i finished.
1 Rev. Heck s subject lor Minilny
i inorulnt: at the L. 1
'.Vow.HohlHHccond wlfcHii.VH he Iiiih be
come Hinllteii with the chnrniH of a i
Salvation Army girl at Merced, Calif.,
; and from the letter, which IiIh wife1
and her mother took from Mini a few
dn.VHago It would apiH'ar that life'
I henceforth Ih not worth living iiiiIcm
he can Ih In the pitwnce of the HWtvt
face under the Salvation Army bon
net. IliiHton left. iiiVHiiiuably for
California, when IiIh wife confronted
til m with the letter and Iiiih not I urn '
heard of since. The letter ImineHllon
wiih addrcHHcd to U'lin KauhlH, and 1
u mh tilled with all hotIh of Hweet ex-'
iutended for the fair
IIciiIho w'tH forth the In
telligence that he wiih clerking Inn
store In thin city at $1 jier day, and
that lie Iiiih left IiIh wile ami iIoch not
exiect to ever mco her again, lie will
no doubt now licconie a follower of
theSalvatiou Army, dealing out hmI
vatloii at ho much. per.
f plt'HHlOIIH,
Salem, Or., Jan. 2t. lixcepling
in Itebnte, while the body was in
committee of the whole, no oppo
' sitlon was nnuifestcd to the Lewis
! ami Clark exposition bill, which
church is passed the house of representatives
1t... l?..- 1 t...r- i:....- ..nP,AV.ln..
of winning the cup. It was jms-1 ilimonisI the Disorderly; Kn-just before adjournment yesterday
sioie, ucsaio, iiiui me oiniarocK ii collrnRc the Fnint Hearted." liven-, alternoon, by practically a unont
will be brought over to try out tlie j,,,, i,enii,lcitsOwnConfirmer." mous vote, only Ive nnswering in
new Iroat.
rn itt Al MATVtf Hi ATUTAT1 A I
Cottage 6rove
Wc have opened up in v
DiiM Cllv opiMnsile the Depot for peruiaiient Location
Rurrab for Qnck Com.
Stetson's 0rit-S"'l,,c
Unck Corn's Cabin o
The Itanium of All
Under the management of Leon V. Washburn, more
Grand Xovelttes than ever. Gorgeous Scenery, Me
chanical Kffects. Prof. Uerr's Military Band. Creole
Ladies' Hrass Hand. Hlood Hounds. Beoutiful Char
iots and Tableaux, Wagons drawn by Handsome Shet
land Ponies Genuine Cake Walkers. Buck and Wing
Dancers. Male and Female Quartettes. Jubilee Sing
ers. Grand Vision nnd Transformation Scenes. Eva
and her Golden Chariot. Watch for the Big Parade
It Beats a Ciscus.
On Salon! NKW Kit A
mtl'O STOltK.
Bverythine foe Need.
Some things you dont need, in the
hardware and home furnishing line
is to be found here. Gas range,
oil stoves; pojs, pans and ksttles;
about every culinary device that
war ever invented and stood the
test of time and trial is on our
counters nnd shelves. Come and
see for yourselves. "
Griffin t veateh Co
3j Reserved Seats 7C.
Ti-rrr- --T -r-
- -1- -
iew ami
Second Ifland.
With n full Stock of Tailor
Made Men's ami Boys'
OLOTI-JCI3Sra Ol? OUR own make
of the best Wnrkiimnship, Pinett Patterns nnd in Great Ynncty.
"Wo Invite Youi
Closest Inspection,
nnd assure you tlmt we will and ,cnn easily
give you better values and at lower prices
than any house in Oregon for reason we will
explain to you dersonally.
Moderate Prices For Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing.
CCKUiams & Ratcb-
There is nothing that beautifies home more
than good furniture, and nothing that looks
worse than a poor grade of furniture. I have
a first class line ol lngit gratte gooos in tuenew
furniture and will make
Lower Prices
'!, unvnra tluin can lio obtained elsewhere, nnd to thowe
wlsliliiir Second luvud floods i can make prices tlmt are stir-
nrlHlII. 1 Ktt'Il OUiy lilt' UIKIH'nv ui ivitimih-u..D.
Ecieirvc; the baisies
Ami irut a Wiirrnnted Solid Hold itlnu; Free. It eostH you
nothmir. Tlie liuliy muat be under one year old,
'Tliere's 8Iaee Like Home"
and there's no cooking like mothers, but
if you will stop at the
You will be mi well pleaded that you will come again and
bring your friemK Kverything new. neat and clean.
Plastered Boons Newly Furnished.
Conveniently Located, Two blocks West and One Block
North of S. P. Depot.
Win. T. Knyser, Proprietor.
Reduced Rates From Thc East.
! Under date ot December 10th 1he
ply via, Sacramento. TteketH routed
vbi Union Pnel(lc,Oref;(m Short Line,
O. It. &N. to Portland, will bo ill-
aentleman requires room (or room
nnd board) with quiet tnmlly whore
there nro no other roomers. Keply
to olllce ol this imper.
Buy your toilet nrtleles tit Benson
Drug Co. A choice line, well selected
(rout thu bent goods obstivhmlile, eon
Btmitly on lmud lor your Inspection,
i .. i. . : : , lowed Htoo-ovcrs not to exceeil
wouttiem rnemc senos out etrniiiir aiivs. ut nil nolnts west of rocutullo.
letter to their agents wliieh rrndx ii; nnd In order to ennble Intending set
tlors to iook over tlio ivummetto
Vnlley nnd Western Oregon thorouhly
this Company will allow as many
stop-overs as desired at stations In
termediate to dual destination ot the
ticket, each stop not to exceed ten
i'hls announcement Is ot apodal
importance as It Insures the neces
sary cheap rates and arrangements
to bring a largo Immigration to
Western Oregon next spring. Please
have your nowspairers glvo It publi
city, us no doubt a great tunny ol
our peojilo who hnvu already moved
to Oregon trom the middle states
and thu east will advise, tludr friends
and relatives who will tuko advant
age ot the low rates to visit Oregon,
Yours truly,
W. K. ('OMAN. Q, P. A.
It has been decided to jitnee In
effect on February 15th, 1U0.I, eontlii
Ing until April :U)tli, Inclusive, the
same one-way second class Settlers'
rates to all Oregon Lines joints,
and north ns were In effect during
months of KeptcmlHr and October
last, viz:
$J3.00 front Missouri Klver points
Sioux City to Kansas City Inclusive
$.10.00 from St. Louis.
$31.00 from Peoria.
$33,00 from. Chicago.
Bates to bo no higher from Inter
mediate stations.
Tlio rates will apply via all routes
through Portland, but wilt uot up-