Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, November 14, 1902, Image 1

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Devoted to the Mining, I.timlicrliiK mid I'lirniiiif; Intercuts of till Community, to Good Government, and Hustling fqra Grub Stake.
NO. 44.
KcturiilriK Prom Nome,
I'urnlnlied "Die Intormntlon,
i 1 r''-' i
I St H
V, -
' Dovofo
d To D6horVlTv Nofoj and
Party I'rom the limit lour tlio Dis
trict and nra Well I'lcnitcil Willi
the Outlook.
Mention was mtule in our'
columns Inst week or the nrrlvnl
from the cant of a party consistlne;
ot Georj-c W. I.luyil, A. II. ncKm,
S. H. l'oster mid I'riuik Slmouds,
from Mas4ncliUHetts and Khode j
Island, also of their departure the
following day for the Jlohcmin
Mlnlue District, whete they put in
a week making an Inspection of
properties uicre iiiciutiiiiK tne
Crystal Coiwolldutcil and the Ho
hernia, both of which Mr I.loyd in
intercstcil in ttitc extensively.
The party returned to this city on
Monday, rcmniniiiK here a short
time before leaving for their return
trip home.
, The visitors who accompanied
Mr. I.loycl were more than pleased
with the outlook and especially of
the property which they came to
especially Insiiect, that of the Ho
hernia Gold Mining Co. which fact
is best evidenced by their actions
immediately upon their arrival
from the district. They at once
proceeded to it telegraph office i
where Mr. Hston authorized his
broker iu Iloston to purchase too,
ooo shares of the stock oi this com
pany and Mr. Simonds authorized
the purchase of worth of ;
stock in the same company oy
those whom he represented.
The party left Tuesday on the
southbound train for home via
San I'rancisco, Salt I.aUc City,
Cripple Creek and Denver, which
plnccs they will visit a short time
on their return trip.
These gentlemen who accom
panied Mr. I.loyd on his trip
through Hohemia were surprised
beyondjneasure at the extent anil
richness of llohemiaand willdoubt-
The following short description
of the liohcmla Gold Mining Co's
property is from a recent dispatch
to the livening Telegram from this
place and indicates the condition of
things iu that camp and the pro
gross ol development on the prop
erty: "On the properties of the Ho
hemia Gold Mining Company ex
cellent work has been done, and on
the Gold Cross claim ore bodies
. lmvc been opened up which are the
largest ore bodies ever seen. At
present it has shown for a length of
500 feet in the tunnel, and the face
of the tunnel is iu good ore. There
is no reason to doubt but what the
oielxxly will "continue for a long
distance'. Mr, Higgins, the super-1
Intcndeut, has done his work in 0 1
. 1. !!!. I...- I
Iiiosi wurKiuumiKc uimiiici. mm nun
erected most commodious buildings!
upon the Hohemia Girl claim. All i
the supplies for the winter are now Mr. Higgins is running a
V . . , -I
.1tti tmiiif.1 frnni Hit- Iniver end nli
the Hohemia Girl along the vein.
This tunnel will be about 800 feet
vertically below the Gold Cross
tunnel, and there is not any doubt
but what enough ore will be
opened up to last a lifetime. A
conservative estimate places the
amount of ore iu sight at not less
than 50,000 tons. The company
contemplates erecting next spring
n 106-tou plant on the Horse Heuv
eu creek, a short distance below
the Hohemia Girl tunnel, where
sufficient power can be obtained to
run the mill every day in the year."
Test A New Kxploslve.
HiiccoKHfiil tests wero recently nimle
ni'iir (JlovHuml, Ohio, of a new ex
p(iHlv(! culled lintlmmlte which Is
tlio Invention of Prof. 11, M. llittlm
wuy of WcIImIidio, Ph.. itiul. may 1 10
tlio imwiH of hoIvIuk till' question of
. iixploslvcH In intuitu; 11ml of iviIiicIuk
tlio diingor to a minimum.
To (loinoiiHtintc tlioabHOlutosafot.v
of tlio now uxploslvo It was pounded
iiiwiii mi iinvll. 'twos thrown 11D011
tho lire and as 11 llnal test waHplaccd
Iu it tin box and 1III0 lmlletH tired
through It. It Ih said thatthoex
PIohIoii can only take place when a
dynamite percussion cup Is used.
Homo of tho explosive wiih next
fnjwm Into a cuke otlio and exploded.
Circular pieces two Inches 111 iiiiimoier
wore blown from Hill boiler plate,
cutting tho plato clean, 0110 and 0110
liulf ouncoH of the explosive being
simply placed upon tho pinto mid
detonated Iu tho open .air. A oner
miiiid l-eirulatloll ilflliy h!i( wiih
oxploded within iv receptacle and tln
H:.oll blown Into iv thousand pieces.
, . 1 ... ... ... ...A.K.Mr.1 ,,.. ir.
W MvTZX Hohemia Mining District in
good to this and other procrties 3 S.. t h where there arc at
h?,.L.i Mr .level, met present three producing mines
, , lfiimtm mum. 1 tit- tnii(rnl is
oncrivi Infor-tajr fo MlrUnrj Mon
I 'ore sin of the Cnncoile Kcnervc, and
AllnlriK In tlio Various Mln
liiK DIMrlct.
Wash inhton. Octi aO. Accord
ing to late nud thorough examina
tions mnilc by rcprcucntntlveflofthe
Geological Survey, the total stand
of timber In the Cascade Potest
Reaervc slightly exceed 50,000,
000,000 feet. The total nrca of the
reserve, .1,883,588 netcs, is classified
as rnllous: I'orestod, .l.iOijOt
acics; burned, 377.171 acres; open,
366,7.16 acre; logged, 5,589 acres;
cultivated, 630 oi res; water surface,
27,568 acres; glaciers and barren,
4), 120 acres.
The quantity of timber of each
variety in the reserve is given
Red l'ir,
Noble l'ir,
Lovely l'ir,
White l'ir,
Subalpiuv l'ir.
Yellow Pine,
White Pine,
Lodgepole Pine,
Sugar Pine,
White Hark Pine,
Ued Cedar,
Incense Cedar,
I'wet. lt. M.
27 088 89s 000
3 a.. 033 000
3 37- 2j,j O00
1 rXVt 085 000
160 541 000
242 999 000
3 -145 07 000
689 746 000
689 639 000
13 375 000
3 120 000
914 578 000
63 465 000
5 346 000
4 368 398 000
5612 693 000
126 848 000
I 915 Ooo
14 000
294 000
Mflikn Cedar,
Mmteu Hemlock,
l'Attou Hemlock,
'I.oggint; has not been catricd on
within the boundaries of the south
ern extremities of the reserve, thai
is, the section examined last season
3272 square miles, embracing por
tions of I.iiuc, Douglas, Crook tiud
Klamath counties. Considerable
crolly free millinjf gold ore on the
surfuiv. but runs into base as they
descent. This seriously retards all
work, as to ship ores to the smelters
at present is impracticable; but a
railroad is being surveyed from
Cottage Grove iu that district, and
when it is iu oK ration it will open
up one of the best mining districts
iu western Oregon. At present
considerable capital has been in
vested, and more will be forthcom
ing when railroad connections arc
had. Another ' promising gold
mining belt is located at the head
of the South 1'ork of the 1'nll river,
just over the divide on the North
I'ork of the Willamette. This dis
trict was only discovered last sum
mer, oud as it is in its infancy, very
little can be said as to its perma-
r. i r .1, ....... i-
. 1,1 ct. nearly all of the web en
?PB of !c C"s.ea''" "u""nLi!!51
. s"v ' "
"e m rulges local attrnc-
tutu fu n crrnnt flint in lull fow
so great that in but lew
places can a needle be used, the at
tractions having been observed to
reach as high as 29 degrees' voc
ation. Iu 22 and 23 N, t and 2 H,
over 6000 mining location arc in
existence, upon which mining as
sessment work is being done. This
is known ns the Hohemia Mining
District. Considerable agitation is
being carried on to have. these
townships restored to the public
domain, principally from the fact
that the land is neatly all covered
by mineral locations. The same
district is very heavily timbered
with red fir.
In the southern end of the re
serve sheep are sometimes retained
on the range as late as October,
and iu such instances great damage
has been done. It is recommended
that for the better protection of the
grazing lauds, sheep should not be
oeruulteil to remain within the re
serve after September 15, as their
presence alter that Hate seriously
! injures the crass and young growth.
I lie only ticmunu ior iimuer
within the confines of the reserve
is iu the Hohemia Mining District,
where tho mines consume
quantities of fir in operating their
stamp mills, and in the near future,
with railroad connections .this will
increase. Last year probably w
acres was cut for firewood for one
company alone,
New Locations,
J. U. Kggon locates Mqlly OHmm
claim lu Uohomlit milling district.
J l.iAvo and Peter 0. Yledinulo
cato Moorhvnd claim In Itohemtn ills
Ira Hivwley locates lUg Mogul
claim In llohomla district,
Tile liiwt KMipl( lo leave Ninne HiIm
fall piiKwil tliroiiKli Portland r ieiitly
mi their way tolhelr homes In tin
various HlntcM. The Ohio which left
011 OetolNirl7 was the IiihI ship to
leave the harlnir which Is now frozen
overllniM cnlllnir off eonimiinleatloii
with the outside world until next
sprliiu. AmoiiK tliime eurotitu homo
from the ley north wax .1. ,M. IOKan
from Htocktou, ('nllf., who has put
In the pant four yeurM there ami
luiNii't acquired any Krciit itiiiount of
wealth either. In sis'iikliitf of the
northern Kohl fields hesuyH
"Tills riliiulni; after now Kohl llelds,
In far more of a loiter?' than the
actual InvoMtlnj; In u regular lottery
Would Is1, and after four years of
hard work I pronounce Kold H-ekliiK
nl Nome a pitmi that Is not worth
the candle. Vet koM Is found every
where Iu that locality, lint t lie cox!
of netting It out Is ho heavy that
fow mlncrx make anything. About
,MHHI perMOiis have mh'hI the past
season lit Nome mid vicinity, and
tills niiinlxT will dwindle to :KKl liy
the time thou- doHlrliiK to ko south
leave the town. Of those who n-
liiulii Home can work their datum all
winter Ki'ttliiK out gravel which will
frewo moIIiI In the dumps until the
thaw coiiioh next July, when It can
Ihi HllllcCd jiff anil the Kohl siivihI. A
fow will content UiciiikcIvih In lilllny:
the time away la town, lint they
will have a dreary time of It."
It will thus lie seen that minion In
the "AhiNkn Oold I'IcMk" Ik not a
Miire thliiK nor U It n niiap when wo
take Into coiiHMenitton theexenm,
the risk of total failure mid the tor'
rllilo expoHiuv and prlvatloiiH iieces-
Hiiry to mroinplHi anything Iu fields
that are not already over-run with
It Is a fact that 110 Held lit the
world offers Krvntcr ImliiconientH or
Ichh rlskH and prtvntloiis to the
lillnerM tliau iloen old ltohemln rlht
heiv In Ijiuo and ItoiiKhiM coiiutli-H
In which a goiHl claim Im willy worth
more to the mcritKe miner than all
the wonderful poxHllillitlcM of the
Kiild IIcIiIk ot Alaskn mid llrltlxli Co
lumtila. It Im true that It titkeH time and
money to reallre oil niont 01 tne
pro)M'rtles of Hohemia yet It Ih a
fact that money Ih coming thin way
anil InvuHtmeiitH arc lH-lnif' nmile In
property there at a much greater
rate than uvcr Is-fore In the hUtory
of theciunp..
All that Im nipila-d to convince
the moMt skeptical that the alleged
falmloiiM wealth of Hohemia Im not a
myth, Ih a thorough luveMtlKatlou
such an has Ixrn mmle iIiIm Heasou
by doiu-UM of liiveKtorx and mining
men of many years exis'rlence. They
have all returned with the sume
story and this story Ih slowly lint
Hiirvly tvaehlui; out and iiermontliiK
the world of capita! which It Ihuccvh
Hury to reach In order to make Ho
heinla what imtiuv Iiiih done her
part towanl.a rival of the worlds fa
iiioiih Cripple Creek district ot Colo
rado. 15. II . Ingham, one of the three
owners ol the urouse Mountain
Gold Mining and Milling Co., ope
rating nine claims in the Hohemia
District, this morning received a
letter from the mines informing
him that during the last few dajs a
10-foot ore chute has been un
covered in the Grouse Mountain
which shows remarkably well. It
shows what miners term nugget
cold in large quantities, small
meces tue size a pin neau una
amer beinir panned out regularly
and the quartz contains some rich
ore. Tins chute ts at present 302
feet long and neither end is in
sight. This is much better than
the owntrs expected. They looked
for 0 three-foo.t leuge but instead
uncovered one ten feet wide.
Mr. Ingham is naturally el.ited
over the news received irom tne
mines. His partners are 11. h.
Hawlev and I. C. Klopfenstem two
well known and experienced min
ing men.- Ktigene Guard,
Logger's Narrow Uscape.
While at work u a logging camp
011 Kali creek on Wednesday of last
week, Samuel .Stlers, 11 logger, hud t
miraculous escape from death by
living criiHhed under an linmeiiHo log.
lie wiih snaking logs down it Htecp
mountain side with u foui-horso
teuin nnd while thus engaged a largo
log Htnrted to roll down the Hide ot
tho mountain. Ho anil tho horse
were caught under tho log and hor
ribly crushed. Two of tho horses
wero killed Instantly, nnd tho man
was Hiipposed to Im dead whun ex
tricated, lint revived under treat
ment, and It Ih now thought ho will
recover. All that wived him front In
Htunt denth wiih the horses, ho being
caugh under them and they serving
us a cushion for him.
When you wake up with a bad tasic
In your mouth, go nt once to ltuiison
Drug Co's drug store and got a freo
tuiliiplo ot Chilinboi Iain's btomnoli and
l.iver Tablets, Ono or two does will
make you well . Tlioy also euro bilious
ness, sick headache mid constipation.
.Much favomltle eoniinent has Iki'ii
nlveil Hlierlff Wllliern on III remark-
aliliM'iiptliruortlH1 iiiuriirrr 01 llen
ton Tracy hint Hiimiiiernnd now,
that lie has Ix-ou couvleted and rn'ii
tenci.'il. more uivdlt t tin ti evur Is
Klven him. all of which Is proliahly
It In prulialily not xencrally known
that the Information fnralMlu-O .Mr.
Withers ami whldli was tlit- meaiiH of
aiqirelienilliiK tile criminal was ur
liUheil liy W. W. I'iM-liriiii, of HiIm
city, who accidentally (Uncovered
some facts Iu retard to thlK. "tin-
horn" Kumlilcr llert Itay Heaton.
who was lu CottnKc.'Irove nciirlya
week iM'fore he wenf to Jiinctloii. j
Tho pedigree of tlio' man and some of
Ills former iiMxochitt. won- looked
lip ly .Mr. Coshrao, who wems to lie'
quite a hand at defective work, and
the Information plawd In thohands
of the sheriff, who acting upon It, j
secured this mini llcatou. .Mr. I
Cochran Iiiih Died a clnlm for the,
reward, ami will donlitloHs have ;
no trouble Iu convincing the procrl
authorities of his rightful claim. j
(idltor I'ltch .Suicides.
Charles A. Pitch,' editor and oik of j
the proprietors of the Itkovlew
Herald, committed suicide last weok,
choosing the morphine route. Hoi
was the fusion candidate for state j
printer In ISM and formerly run a '
populist jiaK-rnt''Orugoii City where!
lie was qulio a factor In politics,!
being in effective writer inula good
public Hiieakor. He had been lu
I.akovlcw but two years at the time
of IiIk denth mid loft Hianv wiinn
frleiidH who njoimi his untimely tie-f'
...I V-.. '. t.. !.-...! f, 1. 1..
ims-. .111 I'mim- in itiKm-i H inn
rash net.
The lest show of tho season. lor
tagi la Prairie Dally (Iraphic, Janu
ary L't.ltHK!.
McKanhiH with the Alabama War-lilel-H
Is without doubt the fluent
colored organisation 011 the road; a
I setter show or liner singing bun
never Ik-cii heard In Toronto. Tor
onto World, Sept. 11, 1001.
"The McKanhiH Company hIiow
wuh a good one. The singing of
.MIsh Put tie .McKanhiH, tho. vermtlle
entertainment f ,M1kh l-utry and the
Violin playing of .McKiiiiIiih were
Hint' exceptional featureH." Kverett
Itworil. Aug. IS, l'.KIL'.
Important Notice.
Any iK-rson hiring a nlnglo seat
liuggy and allowing moro than two
iwrsoiis to ride iu same at one time
will Ihi charged double prlco and pay
all damagi-H to the liuggy. Tho
above applies to all hacks, carriage
or spring wagoiiH. Only two jHir
MOiis allowed to ride lu 0110 scut at a
liet u free mmqilu of ChninlM'rhiln'H
Stoniiu'h mid I.lver ThIiIcU nt I!enon
Drug Co's drug utore. They aro ensier
to tsko nml more loumint in eirect than
pills. Then thuir 01-u is not followed bv
constipation uh i often the easo with
pills. Hegulur size, 2oc per box.
A ehilil of .Mrs. lieo. T. lleiiooii, when
getting his namd Satunlay night bath,
ateppisl bok against a hot stovo which
burned him eoveruly. The child. una in
great agony and Ms inothor could do
nothing to pacify him. Itouivinbcrliig
that she had u bottle of Clianibcrhiin'r
Pain Itnlm in the house, hIio thought
oho would try it. lu less than halt an
hour after applying it the child was
quiet Mid asleep, and in loss than two
weeks was well Mrn. Uenson la a well
known resident of Kellar, Va, Pain
Italia la an antisiiptio liniment and
especially valuable for burn", cuts,
uriusos nun sprain", ror snio uy i.yoni!
& Applegato, Drain. Unison Drug Co.,
Cottage (irove.
KuoH.s't: Onuuo.v.
liettlqiilwihliimiyuniielii tbe Stale.
i.leliyiiiiiUi(ctTe rouit ullialton. workJ
lK)Uiul 10 ifctcriuliie ih nuxt inltablB moth-
II K 11.11 II .VIOVII HIV mini,... vt nv .....
ml oHrealnit'lil. rrie on uppuration
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ao 1$).
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main struct
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Oold, Mirer and Uml . .
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. omee on i!a(n itreet, Weit SWe
Cottaqk Grovu, Ore.
A. H. KING j
Attorney at Luw,:
United States Land Office,
Kosebnrg Oro., Nov. 3, HH)2.
Notice is heroby given that in com
pliance with tho provisions of tho act of
4 I87H nnllllwl "All
.ct for tho talo of timber lamls ill tliolgust 4, Annie mrsoii. oi r.u-
States of California, Oregon, Nevada and 1 gone. County of Lane, State of Oregon,
Washington Territory, as extended to' has this day Hied Iu this office his sworn
till tho Public Land States bv act of An-1 statement No. SG33, for the purchase of
gust , m
(.trove. Co,
Hlla J. Woodard, of Cottage
. of Lune, State ot Ore., has
110.1 1,, tl.u nineH her sworn
this day illcd
statement No. 3873, for tho purchaso of
the E h W K of Sec No. 26 in Township
No. 21 S.. Range No. 3 West, and will
offer proof to show that tho laud sought
Is more valuable fqr Its timber or etone
than for agricultural purposes,, anil to
establish her claim to said land bcfoio
the Registor and Receiver of this ollice
at Roseburg Oregon, on Friday, tho
tho 22nd day of May, 1003.
She names us witnesses :
William Klmbull, Ilarvev Taylor,
William llrown, Ambrose L. Wooiluid,
of OottiiBO Urove, Lano Co., Ure.
iVnv and all persons claiming tulverse-
Iv the above-described lands are re-
quested to tile their claims In thisoirico
on or ueiore Baiu iaiiuuay 01 .ny, iuuo.
J. T. .tannics, Register.
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Nonri: for i'uhucation.
United Mates Land Otlicc,
Uoseburg, Oregon, Oct. 10, 1002.
Notice Is hereby given that in com
pliance with tho provisions ot tho act of
Cougios-sof JuiibS, 1878, entitled "An ,
act (or the sale of timber lands in the'
States of California, Oregon, Nevada,
11 ml "Washington Territory," as extended
to all tho Public Lund 8taten by act of An-
thoWV, SK W & M swl-4 Of Section
No. 12 Township 23, South, ol Range 3
West and w offer moot to show that the
, land scught ts more valuable (Or it
, timber or stone than for agricultural
purposes, nnd to cstablish.hls claim bo-
foro .- arie L Ware, U. . Cointnilonec, 1
at KiiL-ene.
Lane Co. Oro , on Wpdnes-
Slav the 7th day of January, 1003,
Ho names as witnesses :
James N. Handle, of Fairmoiint Ore
gon, Austin Root, of springlleld, Oregon,
James Hoffman, ol KugeMo, Oregon,
Henry 'M. Wilson, of Kugene, Oregon.
.ny aim an persons claiming uuverse
ly tho above-described lands are re
quested to lllo their claims In this office
on or oorore sain 7tn day ol Jan., ltius.
J. T. Hkiooes, Register.
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AttorneilSand Counselurs-at'LaW
, "'("!ci"ri ''""
1 Mereuiii. u.
una jiercauuie law.
Office over Oariimn a Hemeuway'ilWe.
Matuiireel, Um0r