Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, October 24, 1902, Image 5

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Gray ? J
Bs iiwipiMieaaaaaaawaaaaaiieiaaaiiiiliaiiiiluijsiJi 1
(To Tlio I'oTtl-iifi Modlcliio Co,, of Columbus, 0.)
"Pe-ru-na is All
CoiiKruiiiiinaii J, I'. Wither, ol Oncontn, N. Y., writes:
The I'crunn JMcdlrlno Co., Columbus, Ohio:
Ocntlcmcn "I'craundcd by a friend I liavo tried your remedy and I have
almost fully recovered nfler the use of a low bottle. I am fully convinced
that I'oatuin In n.l you claim for It, nnd I cheerfully recommend your medicine
to all who aro afflicted with cntnrrhal trouble." David I'. Wllbcr.
IV.rii'iiM a rrMtlvrMiil Cnr.ror U.liU
Sir. 0. V. (llvt'ii, Himux, N. II., vice
prnslili'iit of tliu I'ustlmo boating club,
"Wliunuvor tho rohl weather eota In
1 linvojor years iintt been wry nuro to
ralcli a eovoro cold which Man liartl to
throw off, ami which would Ituivo alter
t'ltoeta on my constitution tlio moit of
tha wlntor.
"Ijtst winter I wai atlvlrod to try
I'tinum, nnd within flvo days tlio cold
wai broken tip and In flvo dnyi mora I
wan a wull man. I recommended It to
several of mjr frliimla and all speak tlio
highest prnlio for It. Thero la noth
Itii; like I'crunn for catarrhal affile
tlon.i. It I well nigh Infallible ns m
cure, and I gladly endefto It." C. I'.
A Hlnrcr fartd 1'roiii of
Mr. Julian WolaillU, 176 Honeca
itrrct, llulfalo, N. V., la coriojpondiiiK
nosroUry of tlio Hangorlust, of Now
York; li tlio loading second Law of tlio
Hangerlust, the largost German alnj;lng
toluty of New York and aleo tlio oldest.
lUta Corn Oil the Cob.
j'l ran lilto an apple as woll aa I
could when a child, anil I can. eat corn
oft tlio cob aa wull aaany person allvo,"
(aid a lady sixty-night yeajs.pld and a
customer of Wiso ltrotliera, tho famous
dontlita, of I'ortland, Oregon.
h'lio had boon fitted with full eels of
npiior and lowor teeth by Wlto llrotli
era, and waa perfectly aalonlihed to
find that alio la now aa well auppiliHl
with troth that abo ran use aa alio waa
when a lltle girl Wine llrothora havo
ruvolutlonliod modern dental inethoda.
Thero la no more pain to bo foared by
pooplo who liavo their teotli attended
to, and the coit la very tonlurato.
They make a great spoclalty of crown
and brldgo work, and oven when It la
noccssary to take out all of tho old tooth
and put In full now acta, the reault la
almply wonderful. Tho falto tooth, of
couroo, cannot bo told from natural
ouoa, and the person using them ran
do ovorythlug he, or iho, could do
with natural tooth. Tlio sots of teeth
aro inndn to fit tho gums no perfoctly
that thoro la no slipping, and tho
atrength of tho posjlblo blto la Juat llko
that of a natural healthy wt of teeth.
The exporlnrco of the lady ctutomor
hero relattxl can bd yours If your tooth
need attention. No' ono ran afford to
postpone having their tooth nut In or
der. No ono need Buffer a ainglo day
longor bocaueo they liavo lost the ueo of
their own teetlw Wo hope our roadora
will carofnlly watch tho advortlsomonts
of Wlte llrothora In tills newspaper,
and bo persuaded to consult this iplen
did dental Institution.
A aiJJy Iniect.
"Your mamma," eald I'apa Moth to
his etdost eon, "la tho giddiest Insoct I
"Why, papal"
."Alio la continually attondlng cam
phor balls." Detroit Kroo Tress.
CIYQ r-rmantatl'
rllO an.rHrat.
r Ourwi le RU neMoo-neel
I.,'. utanf nr. Kllae'idrtat Hem
It Kit B'J.OO trial llll end trrafc
be. D-,U.II.KUl.l.l4..UIArchflt..rbU4.ltUfc'I,
Por Other to Enjoy,
Brown You should do something to
contrlbuto to othor pcoplo's enjoyment.
Jonos I do; I'm always making a
fool of myself. Now York frees.
months of diligent and faltliut use of external remedies that the place
remains as defiant, angry and offensive as ever. livery chronic sore, no
matter ton-what part of the body .it comes, is an evidence of some previous
constitutional or organic trouble, and that the dregs of these diseases
remain in tho system; or, it may be that some long; hidden poison perhaps
Cancer has come to the surface and begun its destructive work.
The blood must be purified before the sore will flit up with healthy flesh
and the skin regains its natural coior. u is
through the circulation that the acrid, corroding
fluids are carried to the sore or ulcer and keep it
Irritated and inflamed. S. S. 8. wilt purify and
tm stnirtinnt blood when all sediment or
other hurtful materials are washed out, fresh rich blood is carried to the
diseased parts, new tissues form, and the decaying flesh begins to haye a
healthy and natural look ; the discharge ceases and the sore heals.
S, S. 3. is the only blood purifier
uovvrni duui m.jt " -
varo aoro leg- and was t roa to 4 by the
bt pbyalolana but reoelvod nobaneMt.
Our drurs-lat advlaad bar to try S. 0. 0..
wblob aba did. Pourtoon bottlaa ourod
-bar and aba haa baan wall over alnoa,
J, B. MAJIOLD, oa Canal Dt.,
tilled physicians for which no charge
Diseases free. THE drwiTT specific co aihuu,' p.
FRuismyouiUf FOOD
il Hens Uy is. Keeps tSem Ujlng. It cures "PlS'1"
It miki
Uliuiei, U lirengineni ysung tnibK,, nys ini'"i "----
You Claim for It."
mat urur vnrir a '
In 18UU the Hangurluat celebrated lin
flftiotli nnnlvoirnry with a large cele
bration In Now York City. Tlio follow
ing li liln testimony:
"About two yenra ago I caught a no
vora cold while traveling and which
tottlod Into cnlntrh of tlio bronchial
tubes, and co affect! my volco that I
was obllgod to canrol my engagements.
In distress I was advlsod to try rorutia,
and although I had novor iimmI a patent
liiodlcliin before, I Mint for a bottle.
"U'onla but Illy doscrlbo my nurprlie
to And that within a few daye I was
greatly relieved, and within thieu
weeks I waa entirely recovered. I am
hetor without It now, and tako an oc
casional dono when I feol run down."
Julian VYcIsalotz.
If you do not derive prompt and rat
(factory reaulta from the uao of I'eruna
write at onco to Dr. JIartanm, giving a
full atatomcnt of your case and ho will
bo ploaiod to glvo you bla valuable ad
Vice giatla.
Addreaa Dr. Hartman, proaident of
tlio Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus,
A Hani Pillow.
Weary Willie Modern Improve
ments may be One, but they have their
Tired Traddlcs I'or lntUnco;7
Weary Wlillo Whon a fellow enoaks
Into a stable to rleop nowadays ho finds
nothing In It but balod hay. Judge.
Mothers will flna Mrs. tVlnitow's Booth.
InK Hjrrup the beat remedy to usa for their
children during the teething period.
He Stay at Home.
Mrs. Gosilp I snppoeo you'ro caro
fill to mako your husband tell overy
thing that happens to hlioT
Mrs. titrongmlnd liettcr than that.
I'm careful to roa that nothing happens
to him, l'hlladelphla Press.
I do not beltere l'lio'i Cure for Con
uiiiitlon has an equal for coughs and
roldi, Jonw X. Horn, Trinity tinrliiri,
Intl.. Fab. 13. 11)00.
Ills experience was In Mines.
"Did you over salt sheep?" asked tho
farmer of tho now hlrod mail who caino
from Colorado.
"No," replied tho new hlrod. hand.
"but I've had considerable experience
In Halting mines." Ohio Btato
Journal, ,
A fow cents a ran Is all thodifforenro
In prlco thoro Is between having a
cheap can of fruits or vegetables and
having tho best thoro Is, 1. o., Mono-
polo. Thoio's a much greater differ
onco than that In tho quality, In the
purity and In the contentment that it
brings. II you don't know whoro to
got Monopole grocerlos, wrlto ns and
wo will tell yon. If you do know,
don't lot blru sond you any othor kind.
Wo aro particularly proud ol Alonopolo
spices, coffoea and Unking powder.
Try thorn. Wadhams & Kerr Uios.,
i'ortland, Oregon.
In 1905 A. D.
Mrs. Uptodatefto maid) Marie, vou
need not sot out tho capsules for Mr.
Uptodato's dinner. I havo rccolvod a
mnrconlgram that ho will not bo homo
until 10 o'clock, as his Bantos-dumonto
bile has had a breakdown. Judge,
Will sour the sweetest disposition and
transform the most even tempered, lov
able nature into a cross-grained and
irritable individual.
If impatience or fault-finding an
ever excusable it Is when the body it
tortured by an eating; and painful sore.
It is truly dlscourntrinir to find after
that is cuarauteed entirely vecre
table. It builds up the bloed and
tones up the general system as no
other medicine does. If you have
a sore of any kind, write us ana get
the advice of experienced sad
is niade. Book on Jllood nnd Skin
CO, Vgrtland, Or., Oaast Agaula,
i tlUHTH at Wblta Houee functluna
? mil will trareree tlio colonnaded
ilho west aide, wero tha orlnlnnl
the vast wing until after the Civil War.
Tho whig to tha west of tlio building, which connect the new cxecutlro offlcea with tho White House proper, serves
ns a perfect model for tha reconstruction of the colonnaded walk upon the vast side. This waa removed during the ad
ministration of President Andrew Johnson.
Tliouitli the old cilia of the White House showed these two wlnns, It was doubted by many If any such an addition
ever stood to the east of the Hiecutlve Mansion. This dotiht waa put to rest by the workmen uncovering the original
foundation anil by naineroua people In Washington who distinctly remembered it existence. This restoration la the most
null-Hill made lu connection' with the historic structure.
Illcls Man to Ilevnts I1U Life to Dwell
re lu Uie Hlume.
lilwnnl 0. Conte, formerly a IJufTalo
stock speculator, bus forsaken business
and hecomo a tenement-house dweller.
He l now living in
tho old Wood build
ing In Scott street,
t lint city. Tho room
he occupies Isdllnp
Idated and scanti
ly furnished. Ills
food la of tho plain
est, ami he wears
clothes that are
f a d a d nnd tat
tered. Tbts sudden
niwAiiu a coatk change In the for
mer speculator's roodo of living Is not
duo to business reverse. He Is now
worth J 100,000, Is known ns a shrewd
Inventor, and several of tho more Im
portant Industrial enterprises bear bis
name on their directorate. Coato has
seeu fit to abandon his pursuit of
wealth solely to aid the poor people of
lluffnlo's tenement-house district.
Several years ago, through the ofll-
cos of n society organized by wealthy
people, for tbn purpose of relieving tho
touoiuent-bouso conditions, he beenmo
vitally Interested hi tho solution of tho
social problem. Orndually hlo Interest
In tho work drew him awaj from bis
business Intercut-., and bis friends wero
not at all surprised one day when ho
announced that hereafter ho would dc-
voto tho greater part of his time to
tho relief of tho poor pcrvous In whom
he had Interested himself.
Little by Uttlo ho lost his Identity In
tho soclul circle In which he had mov
ed; ho was absent from tho social gath
erings, nnd could no ruoro be relied
upon for nctlvo participation In tbo
thousand and ono movements inaug
urated by society. In fact, bo became
practically a rccluao.
It was whllo society was commenting
on tho unusual niul luieiplamatiic
courso he hud tnken that his mother,
practically bis only relative, died. On
her deathbed, sho gave ber approval of
tho life ho has chosen. The salo of the
Coato homo followed her death closely
and Edward Coato severed all connec
tion with the life In which he was rear
ed. Then ho bvcamo a social recluse In
Gathering only aulUclent house fur
"nlalilnga as befltted tho new homo he
hod chosen, bo moved to tho old Wood
building. In Scott street, where he has
lived over since. This occurred two
years ago. And here Edward Coate,
son of n wealthy family and recipient
of nil that society can glvo In tho way
of advancement and refinement, choos
es to upend his days. Ho hopes some
day to build a borne for these pooplo
who full under Dame Fortune's ban
a placo wbero thoy may llvo and earn
tbolr living by means best suited to
thclt ability.
He Hecnred Smaller Money bjr art 1st
geiitoua Scheme.
Of a man with a thousand-dollar bill
In bis pocket and no smaller amount
of money a story has been written that
traced him through many experiences
and took him to tho vcrgo of starva
tion, Hut, as a matter of fact ono
man who had nothlug smaller than a
thousand-dollar bill got through his
dilllculty very easily In Now York a
fow nights ago.
Ten of theso coveted promissory
notes of tho United States had been
paid to him 'In tho aftornoon. In tho
pursuit of busluess and a modicum of
pleasure ho had, after the receipt of
his $10,000, spent tho last dlmo ho pos
sessed other than the big bills. Ho
was with soma friends, any one of
whom could nnd would havo accommo
dated him with sufficient money for
his needs, but a discussion arose about
what ho would do If ho wero a stran
ger lu tho city and bad no money other
than that which was In his pockot
"I wouldn't caro If I woro dressed
ns a beggar," bo Bald. "I can got all
I want so long as I havo a thousand
dollar bill In my pockot"
"You would be arrested or turned
down If you tried to use It," said ono.
"Thoro aro hot many places whero
$1,000 In .cliiuiffo rls kept handy. Bo
lides, moat ' peoplo would bo shy of
taking siich n bill from any of us. Wo
don't look as though wo carried $1,000
bills around In our pockets."
"Weil' said tho tuau with tho $10,
000, "I'll bet that I can spend' my
money ns freely ns though theso were
$5 bills Instead of what they aro, and
durlns tlio winter will enter by the way
wing bclnif restored at tho east side of Hie bullillnir. These two wings, one upon
conception of Thomas Jefferson and stood for aomo yeara early In the laat century,
I won't liavo any trouble about It,
either. I'll get cbango tha first time I
try, too, or loso tho bet And I won't
go to nny man who knows me."
Tho wager wns accepted, and tho
man with $10,000, taking one friend
with him, wnlked out to a pawnshop.
He said to tho clerk only this;
"I have received $10,000 In ten bills
They aro mine and wero como by hon
estly. It Is dllllcult for me, a stran
ger, to get a thousand-dollar bill
chnnged. Hero nro tho ten bills. Look
at them. I need some money, and I
want to pawn ono of these bills for
$X. If you are afraid of mo call up
police headquarters and I will satisfy
the people there by papers that I can
show that I am honest Or, If you like,
call up Mr. , who paid tbo money
to mo, and ho will tell you that I am
all right"
Tho pawnbroker looked at him keen
ly for a second and then said;
"I never took money as a pledge, but
you aro sober and seem all right and
you can have the $25. Glvo mo tho
thousand-dollar bilL"
Tbo pawnbroker examined tho bill
carefully, says tbo New York Trib
une, and then, to tlio astonishment of
tho others, took another thousand-dollar
bill out of his safe and compared
them. Then, Just as he would mako
out a ticket for a ring or a watch, ho
Issued a ticket for a. "thousand-dollar-bill,"
turned over tbo $i!5 nnd closed
tbo transaction.
Boiue Women Muke Them Bclfleh and
I ForixetCuaBlilerntlou forOthcr.
I Men can not bo chivalrous and self-
denying If women do not clve them
! the chanco or cultivate thoso noblo
' iiunlltles. Instead of this somo fondly
' foolish wives encourage their husbands
In Idleness and selfishness by- not de
manding and even Insisting upon that
attcution, consideration and help
which every woman, much more a
wife, may claim from a man, says tho
Sometimes It Is a woman's "highest
pleasure" to bear all ber husband's
burdens. To secure this highest bur
den sho makes him weak, Inefficient
and childishly scltlsh. If sho had tak
en a proper stand and respected her
self and her sex during tho first year
of married life things would have been
very different "To bo over beloved
one must bo ever agreeable," so It
Is most foolish, ns well ns wrong, for
a young woman, when married, to lay
asldo those graces and accomplish
ments that won her her husband. It
Is this sort of thing that made Swift
say that "the reason why so few mar
riages nro happy is because ynuug wo
men spend their tlmo In making nets,
not In making cages."
Think It tho husband gained, that all
Is dono;
Tbo prize of happiness must still be
And oft tho careless And It to their
r cost
The'lorcr In tho husband may bo lost
Young wife supposo you were to
como down lato one morning and find
tho coffee cold, what would you do?
Her husband My dear, I should
mnko It warm for you.
Of courso a husband ought not to
expect much when ho Is uupunctual at
meals, but still It Is never safo for
a wlfo to dlsregnrd tho precept "Feed
the bruto."
Tbo following remedy has been sug
gested for a dcllcato wlfo; "For n
slight beadacho glvo her n dozen pairs
of gloves; If It grows worse, a new
gown. In extreme cases a now bat
has been known to produco Instant ro
llof. For nervous debility, a new borso
and carrlago; for dullness, a theater
tlckot; extreme weakness, a trip to
the sea; norvous Irritability, Invito tho
Hon of tho season to dinner."
Wo do not adviso a man to begin his
married llfo by administering drugs
In this way, for tho domestic pharma
copoeia would noon bo exhausted, but
there Is ono thing ho ought to do, and
that Is to abstain from nagging (men
can nag as well as women), arousing
Jealousy and every other action that
may even remotely lnjuro tho health
of his wlfo.
Who has not heard of a Imd-bus-baud
beadacho, or ono brought on by
tlio worrying; and fault-finding of a
solfish mail? A man Is always bound
to protect tbo health and hnpptncss of
his wife, but this Is especially tho
case during the first year of marriage.
And tho wlfo, on her part, ought for
tbo sako of others, ( not for her own
sako, to think ruoro of her hcnlth than
of dancing about from ono kind of
of tlia old eaat drive, now being opened,
dissipation to another. Ignorance of
tho laws of nature does not make a
young woman more Innocent or better
In nny way, nnd It may destroy or
blight her married life.
Hundred of Collector Dapd by Stale-
era of Fraudulent Specimen
Many an English and American col
lector with more money and enthusi
asm than knowledge of natural history
has In bis cabinet specimens of beetles
which are beyond anything that nature
over attempted. They ore the victims
of a 'beetle-faking Industry which
turns out annually thousands of tha
fraudulent bugs and manages to sell
them In this country and elsewhere to
amateur naturalists at high prices, and
the dupes show proudly to their friends
as extremely rare Insects, as Indeed
they arc, for they are like nothing else
In the animal kingdom. Tbo manufac
turer of beetles does not confine him
self to giving to his specimens rare and
strange colorings, but be makes them
up from fragments of other beetles In
tho manner which strikes his fancy,
and this fancy Is often very whimsical
Indeed. Nature, especially In tbo
tropics, produces beetles of strange
form, but never so strange as those
which come out of tho shop of man.
Auotlon sales of damaged collections
of specimens of beetle are attended.
and tbc collections bought for almost
These Injured specimens are dlsmem
bcred and their various parts put to
gether again at tbc fancy of the faker.
He takes a beetle's body, and from a
collection of several parts of beetles be
fore htm, spread out on a whlto paper,
he deftly affixes a bead here, a wing
there and a leg or two where ho thinks
they will look quaint He works rapid
ly, using a clear liquid glue, tbo com
position of which Is a secret of the
trade, and which Joins the various parts
Immediately so that they cannot easily
be pulled apart, and so closely that even
with a magnifying glass It Is difficult
to sec whero the Joining Is done. The
coloring and Imitation markings are
dono with small brushes nnd other Im
plements designed especially for the
purpose and are made permanent by
plunging the built-up Insect Into a bath
of some secret solution. When the work
Is completed only nu expert naturalist
can detect the fraud, and sometimes
even an expert Is fooled at first and
thinks ho has stumbled upon a now
specimen of coleoptera.
lied Itrcnat's Drove and Bncceeefut
Fight to Bavq a Chicken.
It Is well known that tbo hawk, no
matter how fierce and big ho may be.
has no terror for the kingbird. It Is
n common sight In the springtime,
when they aro brcedln?, to see ono of
theso plucky Uttlo chaps mercilessly
following, pecking nnd driving away
a great bird of prey a dozen tiroes Its
size. A merchant who was camping
out on tho Chelsea Mills learned that
the kingbird Is not the only small bird
bold enough to attack and drlvo away
tho robbers of tho air.
Tho man was approaching a farm
yard ono morning for bis supply of
milk, when a commotion among the
poultry drew his attention to a largo
hen-hawk which was sailing away
with a good-sized chicken In Its talons.
Tho poor old hen was doing Its best
to prevent tho raid. With much squall
ing sho ran along and t tried to uso
her clumsy wings In flight after the
Just as tho hawk rose to tho level of
tho treo-tops a robin, which had evi
dently been taking measures to assist
tbo ben mother, sprang from a limb
right atop tho hawk, with a shrill cry
of rngc. So florcely did tho gamo red
breast use Its sturdy bill upon tho
hawk's back, at times even alighting
upon It to peck to better advantage.
that after a good deal of maneuvering,
finding It Impossible to escape this per
sistent too, It dropped Its prey and
turned upon tho robin. But the bravo
little bird was by no means fighting
for lighting's sako, and as soon as tha
chicken had been restored to Its mother
darted back to Its tree and began a
song of rojolclng.
Alcohol and Oranges,
When peoplo crovo for alcohol, tho
orango euro has been found of service.
Tho Julco Is expressed Into a glass
nnd should be taken Just as It Is, pure.
Tho acid In It Is a remedy for the dis
eased bodily stato which has produced
the craving for drink.
"My hslr was falling out and
turning gray very fast. But your
Hair Vigor slopped the falling and
restored the natural color." Mrs.
E. Z. Benomme, Cohoes, N. Y.
It's impossible for you
not to look, old, with the
color of seventy years in
your hair! Perhaps you
are seventy, and you like
your gray hair! If not,
use Ayers Hair Vigor.
In less than a month your
gray hair will have all the
dark, rich color of youth.
II.Matem-. AlWnttbU.
If Tonr drnrffht emnnot ennnlr on.
eend as on dollar and we will eipreee
Ton a bottle. lie stir andj-lre tha nam
Of your nearest eipresa ofifce. Address.
J. C. AYEU CO., lAwell, Mass.
Bast on Earth
Ceranat ll la made or the bet mauria! poibl
lobar. The manaraclorrri abaotoutr par II
loUpero( above tba market prlco olbeal
trad re oTwaroa timber for tho prtvlltfeof mi
liar ortf and aklmmlna off Ino cream of the
Waco ttock,wblcblearriod for S to year bo
Kr, maklaf op. wblcb moans a Inrattmeoll
wood stock of orarlr one mUllon dollars.
U ITCUKIX Wacom aro aniorpaaaod for
qualltr, proportion. Solan, atreofia and lUU
Why take chanoea on anr othor?
Wbr-oot r?t Iho butr-A MlTUItRLt.
M It aha 1 1, Lmwlm SlmrBr Oav
foftlaad, boalUe, bpokaaa,
Astnta Jrer7Kbr
Foot l Morrison Street.
Can rtra jou the best barralns In Boilers
and Enclnes, Windmills, rumps and Gene
ral MaeMnerr. Wood Hawlnr llacsjnu a
epecuny. He us before traylnr.
An Absent-Minded Confession.
"I snppoeo," said the pattoa to the
milkman, "that yea view the coming
of winter with feelings of regret."
"Indeed I do," answored tho milk
"It Is really very hard," goes on the
patron, "to find suitable paatara In the
cold weather, no doubt?"
"Yes j and then the pump freezes so
often." Judge.
At Laat.
The landlady was speaking,
"llr. Barneatorme, how do yon like
your eggiT"
. Iha tragedianVfaco relaxed into an
expression of joy.
"Hard-boiledl" ho cried.
Until that time people had wilfolly
mistaken his taste. ikltimora Herald.
The well posted druggist advises you
to nae Hamlin's Wiutrd Oil for pain, for
be knows what it has dono.
A Bumper Crop.
Hubbubs You juat ought to see my
crop of corn I It's the moat promising
In all the Loneaomehuist district."
Townloy You don't say! If you
have moro than two messes, don't for
get me, will youT
X.adles Can Wear Shoee
One alio smaller after oslnr Allen's Foot-Ease.
Cures swollen feet. Ulsters and callous spots and
hot, acnlnr feet. At all Urunlsts. 2S& Trial
package FkEB br loalL Address Allen 8. Olm-
sled, LoKor, N. V.
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Definite Measurement.
'Do you think tho world is growing
any better?
"I'm absolutely sura of it," answ
ered the monopolist. " Why, only flvo
years ago I made only a hundred thous
and a year. Today I am making that
much a month." .Washington Star. I
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Promotes DigcalloaChccrfur
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Apcrfecl Remedy forConsUrvi
Hon, Sour Stomach.Dlarrhoca
and Loss OF SlEBR
Facsimile Signature of
exact copy or wrapper.
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foftland, Oreion. founded MM
i Roma School for Boys.
Hllitary and Mannal Trilnlaj.
Writ for illustrated Catalonia.
ARTHUR C. NnWILL, Principal
$3&$32 SHOES 9
IV. lj. Dane-Ins nhnes urn Mm stun.
tlftrd of the world. This is the reason
W. I. Douglas makes nnd sells moro
men's 3.00 and $3.50 shoes than any
other two manufacturers.
,1,103,820! liVcSia, J2,5M0,000
rJ Importii and Amtrlcan fnrfsen, Htal't
Pltint Calf, tntmfl. ttx Colt, Calf, VM KH. Ccrw
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Caution I aonnln bar W. L. TOUOUajr
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guarantee to enr nuarrh, asthma, luar,
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apply to Katiiih Bicxford,
x, p. jr. it.
No. 431003.
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For Infanta and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
For Over
Thirty Years
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Signature m