Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, September 26, 1902, Image 4

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Bohemia NuggeF
Ll'.lC MMiiSIlV. Kttltor and I'rop'r.
fit 1
Translated fiction is llk pressed flow.
era. ' ,1
If ji'rroniry witHt W ' goV fbvT liifyT
lint you ilnn't know liuw much I shall
miss you." Tlio youngster picked up
his bundle, went slowly tho path
to the front gate, opened It, then turned
nml ran for the house, where he limit?
Ill nrms nliout his mother's nock and
burjtt Into ten ik. The trout men t wa
not needed ngaln. It thnt ntotjier had
mot tho lioy's plan with tears, re-
,, ,. , . i . i prwiciioB, anger, or puuisnmcui, ino
The Sultan hns ngnln promised to lie ", . ....
. . i i-iuiui-ii mu mm sue muiiu miner lllive
good. It's n wny the Hultnn has. ,. . . ,,,,. ... . nl, ,,, . , . r
I .... t - m . .
Tho tie between Culm nml the Unlteil " Z rtTnZ ' ? . K . . ,. now seen to consist largely of ZZ. W . 7i .
most vnluflblo nsset In tiMlInc with
lotiUR America. The chlKl who U
red tavd.
own l"V nulls IV lilWHiiu nv uuij d " " " '
evory Intelligent citizen to assist in the' fcontlnnally thwarted In unimportant
novel Kenrch. . things set lit the habit of lighting for
r . ii i ' -jj-iI what he thinks arc his rights, -whether
Vct-Jt In scarcely possible that the I he is Justified In the assumption or not.
crown jirlnce of Clcrninny will By the
roynl coop for the sake of an American
Ity combining tholr Interests the cold-
storage; linns of Boston Intentl, nn
doubt,- tb make nu extra cool million In
the course of time.
It scums that Washington has been
expecting Turkey to keep her word
without constant pushing. This Is the
climax of credulity.
California banks arc going to pay a
forger $500 a month to be good. Cali
fornia may now look for nn unprece
dented crop of forgers.
The Australian blacks do not allow n
mother-in-law within n mile of her
married daughter's hut. Here's a bon-
boucbe for the funny man.
, . i
There are some children who nre
brought up on the principle thnt It Is
equally heinous to tell. a. lie. to come
Into the bouse without wiping one's
feet, and to full In a lesson. Such chil
dren are npt to develop n somewhat
crooked moral perspective, which does
not not nlwnys get' straightened out
In years to come. The loy who fig
ures In tho above story had read of
runaways, and formed a not very defi
nite Idea of the freedom ami peace
which such a course entails. He had
not thought about the other aspect of
it nt nil: ills mother brought him face
to fnco with the realities and let him
choose for himself, nt the same time lu- I
dlcatlng clearly what she thought It
was best for htm to do. It did not take
long for him to discover that she was
wlst'r than he.
It talma? for Phlpa Across Panama
Will, lit Lluhted by Klectrlclty from
One Ittul to the Other of It Port?
three .Mltee of I.eiisth,
The Tannins cnnnl, when It Is tlnlsli
cd-.-ttnd its ultimate completion Is nt
Inst nu assured fact will bn much like
n grent street or boulevnrd, lSft feet
wide nml brilliantly lighted from one
end to the other by electricity nt night.
This watery nvenue will be perfectly
straight throughout for more than half
of Its entire length and will extend
over a distance of about forty-thrco
miles, connecting the Atlantic with tho
Pacific ocean.
Already the canal Is two-fifths dug.
Mary Maclane says, "I was born to
be alone." It Is plain from this that
Maryplays upon the piano.
When the otllce takes the trouble to
A Kentucky girl who has had 150 of
fers of marriage has decided to remain
single and devote her life to music.
When she gets on the stage, however,
she will probably cease to regard mar
riage as a thing to be much dreaded.
- The Immigration figures for the fiscal
year 1002 are suggestive. The total
- iYS tHS.7-13., That was 3 per centmore
than lu 11)01, 45 per cent more than In
1000, IMS per cent more than In 1SU9
t and 2S3 per cent more than lu 1S0S.
A New Jersey Inventor has produced
.a fuel which he calls "coalite," that can
bo sold for $1 a ton. As Its principal
Ingredient Is coal dust. It may be that
It will give the coal barons a new way
to turn an honest penny Instead of
driving them out of business.
In spite of the fact that the type
writer has displaced the pen In ma;iy
buslness olllees, the demand for pens.
and pencils still continues.' During
the year covered by the census rejiort,
one gold pen,' ten steel pens and fifteen
lead-pencils were made In the United
States for each family of Ave persons.
There ought not to be either political
or industrial differences of opinion over
the announced Intention of the Amer
ican Federation of Labor to support all
legislation directed toward the aboli
tion of child labor. Most States al
ready protect their children. In bring
ing pressure to bear uion those States
wnlcn uo not, the federation Is pro
moting the welfare of mankind, as
well as furthering Its own Interests.
A report Is made by the American
consul at Liverpool upoy municipal so
cialism. In Great' Britain. Among the
enterprises managed by municipalities
are Turkish baths owned by Leaming
ton and Ilnrrogate; a rabbit-warren, by
Torquay; an oyster-llshery, by Colches
ter; a crematory, by Hull. Doncaster
and Chester own race-courses, and In
Doncaster the town Itself manage the
races. St Helen's supplies sterilized
milk. The report says that nearly a
thousand municipalities In Great Brit
ain own water-works; about a hundred
own street railways; many more own
gas works. Speaking generally, the
consul finds that municipal government
In tho kingdom Is honest. Intelligent
and energetic, and, as a rule, political
considerations have little to do with
the engagement or retention of civic
This Is a story for boys. It Is not
exactly "a Sunday school story," but It
has the right sort of good ring to It
Just the same. Frank Prevost, of To
ledo, Ohio, drives a delivery wagon.
He Is a pleasant and accommodating
lad and when nn old gentleman asked
If ho could ride about the city with
him, Frank readily assented. After
an hour's drive .the stranger asked
Frank to go to a saloon and have a
drink. The boy declined, saying he
never drank. The old man nsked If
he chewed tobacco nnd upon receiving
a reply In the negative offered the boy
a cigar, which he also declined. That
Is Ihe first chapter. The old man who
rode with he delivery boy was that
eccentric millionaire, Mr. Hlgglnson. of
San Francisco. Hlgglnson, wherever
For months a laughing tray has been
the bone of contention In a famous
New York law suit. A husband and
wife had parted. They viewed each
other as strangers across a trial table
In a court room. There was no doubt
about their love for the boy. It was
pure gold, it should have made a wo
man more tolerant, a man more forgiv
ing. Happy married folks can't tin
dcrstnnd how the mothers and fath
ers of children can ever separate and
learn to bate. In this case there was a
great deal of money on one side. It
meant tine clothing for baby, and
nurses, rich food, carriage drives and
costly toys. Some day It would mean
a yacht, a valet, a private car all of
the things that can be had for money.
On tho other side the mother's there
was much love and very little money.
It was ossible that her son would
be compelled to work some day, and
that ho would be denied alt sorts of
comforts and luxuries that go with
great Incomes. What a problem for
the Judge! This Judge, whose name
Is Hlckey, has some strange Ideas. He
thinks that when married folks are
foolish enough to break up a relation
that should mean peace and content
ment. It Is the business of the court
to ' place the welfare of the children
above every other condition. That
doesn't mean money nlwnys. Listen to
the modern Solomon: "The boy qeeds
the personal attention anil the loving
care of his mother more than he needs
the money of his father. If the father
has the affection for the child he pro
fesses he will see that his boy la
clothed and fed wherever he Is." In
other words, a mother Is closer to her
children than a father, and, for once,
the law has recognized It. The Idea
of the superior claim of n father to
his children has received an official set
back. Where no question of morals Is
Involved and when love and money are
antagonists. Justice should throw her
influence on the side of hearts as
against gold. Hocause It Is best for the
nnr.iHn.s ix the canal.
To complete It will require fifteen
years ami an expenditure of J 143,000,
000 In money. An army of at least 15.
000 laborers will be employed on tho
Job, most of them being fetched for
the purpose from Jamaica, under con
tract. When the ditch Is completed,
however, It will become a large sourco
of revenue to I'ncle Sam, Inasmuch as
lie w III charge $1 for every ton of ship
ping that goes through from ocean to
ocean. It will not be au excessive
price. Inasmuch as the regular toll for
passing the Suez cnnnl Is $2 a ton.
The first Idea of the great French
engineer, De Lesseps, was to dig a sea
level canal across the Isthmus, ust ns
a small boy might cut a ditch between
two ponds. But It became apparent
writers.- Thttrtinm will transform tho
Chngres Into u vast lake, tho bound-
nrles of which havo been accurately
established mid which will extend thir
teen miles to UblsH, wlicro the cnnnl
leaves tho river, covering nn nren of
more limit twenty-one square utiles,
The rapacity of the dnm will bo some
thing llko K).OO0.tHH cub c ynrds.
Another dam Will bo built nt Alhn-
Jueln, on tho upper Cluigres, nlno miles
from the cnnnl, of concrete masonry,
forming n reservoir with n surface
nren of ten Rquare iplles and a capacity
of 130,000,000 cubic ynrds. It will not
3 1 '8
i'AUT ll-CliAptor I Continued,
"Cocks nnd hena," cried tho llttlo
Blrl, gleefully, pointing nt their lit
only help to store tho flood waters of omened forms' nml clapping her hnndn
"Hny, nut (ion
tho Chngres. In tho wet season, but
will do some very useful wok. Act
Ing ns n feeder to tho summit level of
the canal. It will supply the grent ditch
with wnter In the dry season, through
the medium of nn nqucduct, nnd will
furnish hydraulic power for operating
the huge locks. Tho locks will lo
worked by electricity obtained froiu
this wnter power, nnd br the sarJe
means the cnnnl will bo Illuminated
throughout Its entire length with elec
tric lights.
In this wny tho Chagres will bo
transformed from nn element of dan
ger Into a useful friend and helper. No
troublo Is feared from volcanoes, Inns
much ns there nre tiono within 1HX)
to mnko thorn rise.
mako this country T
"In couriio ho did," said tier conv
panlon, rntner startled by this unox
pected question,
"Ho mndo tho country down In Illi
nois, ami Ho mailo tho Missouri," tho
llttlo girl continued, "1 rucbs some
body olso mndo tho country In theao
parts, irs not nenrly so won dono.
They forgot tho water nnd tho trees."
What would yo think of offering up
prnycrr' the. mnn asked dlflldontly,
it nin t nlaht yet. alio nnswercd
"It don't mnttor. It ain't outtu remt-
iar, nut Ho won't mind that, you bet!
You any orer thorn ones thnt you used
to sny uvery night In tho wagon when
wo wan on tho plains,"
"Why don t you sny soino yourself T"
miles. The harbors nt Colon nnd Pnn- tho child nsked. with wondering eyes
nmn are excellent, and need no further
excavation or protection, though bn
sins will be built at each end of tho
cnnnl for the- convenient Ingress mid
egress of ships; Kaeh of these basins
will be ISO ynrds wide nnd 1,000 yurds
long, aim win be provided with moor
ing facilities and wharves connected
with the terminal stations of the I'nu
ama Itallrond. The railroad runs nloug-
side of tho big ditch clear across tho
Isthmus, greatly fncllltntlng the work,
For much of Its length tho banks of tho
cannl will lie faced with masonry,
'ihe canal when" finished will accom
modate merchantmen and war vessels
of the Inrgest size, nnd tho time of
transit from ocean to ocean will bo
less than n day. Tho benefits It will
bring to the commerco of the world
will be, of course. Incalculable.
ltepartee that Berves the Purpose nf n
Cross-l-.x ii in Inat Ion,
It may bo heretical to say It, but the
debates both In the Senate and House
in - iii
sM" - "dim
later on that such a plan would not be
feasible, for two reasons. A mountain
chain, which Is a continuation of the
great Cordllleran system, runs along
the middle of the isthmus, and to cut
through It down to the level of the
ocean would be a most laborious and
costly task. Mso. the Chagres Hirer,
which Is addicted to periodic floods,
would cause no end of trouble.
Accordingly the canal was carried
over the mountain range, through a
convenient pass, and arrangements
were made for locks. In which, by fill
ing tbem with water, vessels passing
through will be lifted to the necessary
elevation. It was a simple matter
enough, only eight locks In all being
seem to partake of the nature of cross-
examination of effort to trip a sneak
er while he Is courageously trying to
runilsh material for the Congressional
Kec-ord. Tho taunting repartee may
scem rather rude, even Insulting, but
It serves a good purposo In bringing
out. In a face to fnce contrast, nil
phases of the question under consider
l-or instance. Senator Allison Is
speaking, and Senator Tillman raises
a point A colleague of the speaker.
say Senator Aldrlch, quietly goes over
to the South Carolinian's desk, and
I dlsremembor them." ho answered.
t hain't said nono since I was halt tho
height o' thnt gun. I guess It's never
tix) late. You sny them out, nnd I'll
stand by nnd come In on tho choruses."
"Then you'll nocd to kneel down, nnd
me, too," alio snld, Inlng tho shawl out
for thnt purpose. "You'vo got to put
your hands up llko this.- It mnkca you
feel kind of good."
It was n strnngo sight, had theto
been anything but the buzzards tn aco
It. SIdo by slilo on thn narrow shawl
knelt tho two wanderers tho llttlo,
prattling child mid tho reckless, hard
ened adventurer.
Her chubby fnco nml his hnggnrd.
nngulnr visage wero both turned up to
tho cloudless heaven In hoartfolt en
treaty to thnt dread being with whom
they wero fnco to fnco, while tho two
voices tho ono thin nnd clear, tho
other deep nnd harsh united In tho
entrenty for morcy nnd forgiveness.
Tlio prayer finished, they resumed
their sent In tho shadow nt tho bowl
iter until the child fell naleep, nestling
upon tho broad broast of her protect
Ho watched over her slumber for
somo time, but Nnturu proved to ba
too strong for him.
For three days and three night ho
had allowed himself neither rest nor
Slowly tho eyelids drooped over the
tired eyes, nnd tho head sunk lower
and lower upon tho breast, until tho
man's grizzled beard was mixed with
tho golden tresses nf lus compnnlnn
nnd both slept tho samo deep and
dreamless slumber.
Had tho wanderer rcmnlned nwnko
for another half hour n atrango sight
would havo met his oyea.
Fnr nway on tho extreme vorgo o
tho alkali plain, thcrn rosa up n llttl
spray of dust, very slight at first, and
hardly to bo distinguished from tho
mists of tho distance, hut gradually
growing higher and broader until
formed n solid, well-defined cloud.
This cloud continued to Incrcaso
slzo until It heenmo evident that
could only bo raised by a great multl
tmlo of moving creatures,
In morn fertile spots tho ohsarvor
would havo came to tho conclusion
that ono of thoso great herds of bison
which grnzo upon the prairie land wa
annmachlng him
This was obviously Impossible in
these arid wilds. As tho whirl of dust
drew nearer to tho solitary bluff upon
which tho two enstnways woro ropos
lng tho canvas-covered tilts of wagons
and tho figures of armed horsemen be
gan to show up through tho haze, nnd
the apparition rovonlcd Itself as being
a great caravan upon Its Journey for
tho West.
Ilut what a caravan! When tho head
poiuis oui a reierence or whispers a
supplemental explanation, which may of It hnd reached the base of tho moun-
or may not be satisfactory, according tains tho rear was not yet visible on
to tue nod or Tillman's head. Senator mo nuriiun.
Here Is a full-blooded, savage Yuqul
Indian bard at work in the great So-
noran desert, near Torres, Mexico. He
Is digging a big Hlsnaga cactus, and the
result of his labor has recently been
transferred to tho New York Botanical
gardens, where It Is now growing as
usual In the glass house.
The peculiarity of this Ynnul and of
nearly all his trlbo Is simply stated.
When he can get work and pay be Is
the best of laborers. - When he cannot
get work he Joins all of his fellow
Yaquls who are Idle, and the troop pro
ceeds to sally forth tp rob and pillage
farms and small towns and massacre
all who oppose them.
Ther cheerful? enirnen the Mexican
ho goes, Is looking for boys like Frank" troops, exterminating nnd scattering an
Provost. Before leaving Toledo the
, .mllllonnlce went to Frank nn( present
ed him with $2,100 In bank notes, which
the boy will use to start In business for
himself. The moral Is plain. It pays
tp be pleasant nnd accommodating,
even to strangers. It pays to have a
good moral character. You may not be
asked to give a millionaire In disguise
a lift. And again, you may, for Hlggln
son Js always on his travels and always
on the lookout for boys. But whether
you meet Hlgglnson or not, there are
others on the lookout. Kemember how
Diogenes went about the streets of
AJUeus looking for a man? Well, the
world is looking for a man. And tho
world usually finds the man It Is look
ing for In a boy. You may not get
entire command. They have success
fully fought the Mexican troops since
the foundation of that country and are
us uuconquered to day as ever. They
must have work and pay or war.
Tlio BerlonsOlliideil Jap.
A Japanese review recently Invited
Its readers to nauio thoso European au
thors whoso works they more espe
cially appreciated. The following has
been the result of the referendum, the
authors coming out of the voting In
tho following order; Darwin, Herbert
Spencer, Schopenhauer, Goethe and
Tolstoi. London Globe.
Major Also a Minor,
Major Gautz, of Fairfield, Iowa, Is 30
reqnlred. If It be understood thnt
tho profile of the great ditch presents
lu Its middle part a high summit, from
which It slopes gradually toward the
sea on either side, with four locks on
each slope, tho Idea will be perfectly
Now, the canal Is already practically
tlnisbed nnd nnvlgablo for nenrly thir
teen miles from the Atlantic eud and
for five and a half miles from tho Pa
cific end. Thus one may start In
boat from Colon, on the east side of
the Isthmus, and travel comfortably
by water for moro than a dozen miles.
Tho next fifteen miles nre partly dug,
with somo deip ruts, such as 131 feet
at Bohlo, 82 feet at San Pablo and OS
feet at Motachln. At tho twenty-
eighth mile rises the mountain range,
which Is the most serious obstaclo to
tho undertaking.
Advantage is tnuen, nowever, or n
convenient pass, as above explained.
and much of tho remaining difficulty
has already been removed by cuts, ono
of which hns taken out a long slice of
rock 101 feet In depth. At tho thirty-
third mile the slopo toward the Pacific
begins, and for tho rest of tho wny
the cnnnl is not very far from comple
tlon. It extends out Into the Pacific
ocean for a little over three miles, be
cause the water was not deep enough
near shore and a channel bad to bo
Half of the entire length of the canal
fifteen miles on the Atlantic side nnd
soven nnd a half miles on the Pacific
side will bo at sea level. Tho rest of
the trip will be by slopes up which and
down which it will bo necessary to
"boost" and lower ships by tho help of
tho locks. Each lock will bo twins
that Is to sny i a pair of basins of con
crete masonry for holding the vessels
whllo the water level Is raised or low
ered to glvo them the step required up
J2.100 all In n lump by being the right rears old. weighs thirty pounds and is ' "" . " TJL .V.... i!j7
l i , - w , i rrtM.,, - ... . . , i, .' . ... --.ui uut,ii, x uauu iu wiu bkiii oi me en-
glad lo give It to you sooner or later.
A story Is told of a wise mother, who,
when her small son announced bis
l,i4n,H,n nf piinnlnn' nu'fl'v frmtl honiA
bocuusu something had voxed him, met I'llue'
A man Is well enough trained by his
wife If he passes the breast of the I
chicken to the prcucher, and looks
plcasunt with the backbone on bis own
tho announcement with calm acquies
cence. She packed a small bundle for
him to tnko away, suggested tho next
town as a good place to stay for the
nlfht, aud added: "Of courso, Harry,
Many a farmer earns his bread by
the sweat of his hired man's brow.
No one llkn to bo reminded that
tLero Is another stdo to the story.
glnccrs, the highest bottom level of
the cni-.ul will be only 08 feet above tho
For a considerable part of Its length
tho canal runs through the valley of
tho Chagres Illver a stream which,
though small In tho dry season, Is sub
ject to sudden and tremendous fresh
ets. Hence means must bo provided
to prevent It from causing destruction,
and a great dam will be built accord
ingly at Bohlo for storing the flood
Quay sits with his hands folded, quiet
ly watching the proceedings, with his
Inevitable motion to adjourn. It may
be that Senator Penrose, with ono
hand lu his pocket. Is trying to push
u matter through, aud If so, Quay as-
I Hists nun with the whispered cxpluna-
i tlon.
There Is something charming In this
spirit of cotnradery between Senators
Interested Jointly In a measure. When
Senator Frye talks on the shipping
mil, senator iiunna is one or tho Inter-
Right across the enormous plain
stretched tho straggling array, wagons
and carts, men on horseback, and men
on foot. Innutnornhlo women who
staggered along under burdens, nnd
children who toddled hcsldo the wng-
ons or peeped out from under tho white
This was ovldontly no ordinary party
or immigrants, nut miner samo nomaii
people who had boon compelled
through stress of circumstances to
seek a now country.
Thero roso through tho clear nlr a
confused clattering nnd rumbling from
ested auditors and assists In clearing thls (treat mass of humanity, with tho
up points as tho speech progresses. It creaking of whcols and tho neighing
Is enar to ohsprvp from Htn fnnaa I horses,
Loud as It was. It was not sufficient
to rouso tho two tired wayfarers abovo
the Senators or members whether or
not they are connected with the matter them
unucr discussion, and tho friendly At tho head of tho column thero rodo
courtesy ot attention, nnd hand grasp n score or moro of gravo, Iron-facod
unci mo initiation or nn encouraging I men clad In sombro homespun gar
ripple of applause, when tho sneeeh Is ments and armed with rifles.
concluded, nro bits of human fellow- " reaching tho baso of tho bluff
shlo that salv the stlnir of wmimL thoy halted and hold n short council
Inflicted In partisan struggle. Joe Mit
chell Chappie In the National.
Alinurmut Development.
iteccnuy a t-aris psychologist an
nounced that be had conclusively
proved that malformation of the brain
produces Intellectual brilliancy, Tho
theory Is that deformity, disease or ac
cident causes the abnormal develop
ment of some part of the brain, and tho
result Is genius. In support of this
several cases are mentioned. It Is
pointed out that Milton wroto his "Par
adise Lost" while he was blind, and It
Is said that the blindness confined his
mind to a certain scopo In n manner
that made It possible for III in to
evolve the great epic.
Cases of a somewhat different nature
among themselves
"Tho wells nro to tho right, my
brothers," said ono n hard-llppcd,
cican-snavon man with grizzly lialr.
To tho right of ttio tilerra Blanco
so we shall reach tho Illo Grande,'
said another.
"Fear not for water." crlod a third.
"Ho who could draw It from tlio rocks
will not now abandon His own chosen
"Amenl Amen!" responded tho
wholo party.
Thoy wero about to resume tho r
Journoy when ono of tho youngest and
keoncst-oyod uttorod nn oxclamatlon
and pointed up at tho rugged crag
abovo trmtn.
From Its summit there fluttered n llt
tlo wisp of pink, showing up hard and
bright against tho gray rocks behind.
At tho sight thero was a gonoral
reining up ot horses and unsllnglng
of guns, whllo fresh horsemen camo
nro siiown In tho elegant writings of
Thomas de Qulncy aud Samuel Taylor galloping up to reinforce tho vanguard,
uvicniiKir, uum vi ivuuiii nau urains too wont "UcusKlns" was on ovory
In which the excessive use, of oiilum
had mado havoc. Do Qulncy describes
his horrlblo experience with opium
taken In the form of laudanum In his
Confessions of an English Opium Eat
er." Byron's club, foot Is seriously- ad
vanced as tho cause of his lyric pow
er, and the point Is mado that glr Wal
ter Scott's most brilliant work was dic
tated frpm a sick Jied. .Mpznrt ami
Wagner both bid deformed 'brains,
said to havo been duo to disease and
bumps whllo they wero children. Answers,
American Flour in Far ICast.
American flour Is Increasing In popu
larity In Manchuria. "
When a farmer comes to town on cir
cus day, and tho parade doesn't stilt
him he bitches up and goes home.
How IlTtlo an unmarried nmu knows
about dressmakers! Tbd litcity dog)
"Thero can t bo any numbor of In
diana horo," said the oldcrly man. who
appeared to bo In command, "Wo havo
passed tho Pawnees, and thoro aro no
other tribes until wo cross tho great
"Shall I go forward and seo. Brothor
tangerson7 ndKcd one or tho band.
'And I," "nnd I." cr od a dozen
'Leuvo your horses below und we
will wait you hero," tho older nn-sworcd.
In a moment tho young follows had
dismounted, fastoncd their horses, and
woro ascending tho precipitous slopo
which led up to the nbjoct which had
excited their curiosity.
Thoy advanced rapidly and noiseless
ly, with tho confidonco and doxtorlty of
practiced scouts,
Tho watchers from tho plain below
could see tliom lilt from rock to rock
until their flgjros stood out against
the sky-line. Vbe young man who had
first given un alarm was leading
Suddenly his followers saw him
throw up his hnnds, ns though over
come with natolilalnuaiit. mid on Join
ing him thoy woro affected In tho snme
way by tlio night which met tholr
On tho llttlo nlntoaii which crowned
thn hnrren hill thorn atnnd n slnul
giant howldur. mid nunliist this bowl-
dor thero lay a tall mnn, long hoarded
nml hard featured, hut or nu oxceaaiv
Ills plncld fnco and regular breath
lng showed that ho wns fast naleep,
Bealilo htm lay a llttlo child, with
her whlto arms encircling his brow
stnowy neck, nnd bur goldcn-hnlred
head resting upon tho breast ot hi
vulvotnen tunic.
Iter rosy lips wero parted, showing
tho regular lino of nnow white teeth
within, nml n playful snilln played over
her Inrmitllo features.
Her Plump little whlto legs, terml
tinting In whlto nocks nnd neat shoos
with shining buckles, offered n strnngo
contrast to tho long, shriveled mom-
bora ot her companion.
On tho IoiIko of rock nbovo till
strnngo cuuplo thoro stood throo aol
cmn buzzards, who, nt tho tight of tho
nowcomers, uttorod raucous screams
of disappointment mid flapped sullenly
Tho cries of tho foul birds nwok
tho two sleepers, who stared about
them In bowlldormont.
Thn man staggered to his feet nml
looked down upon tho plain which had
been sn desolntn when sleep had over
taken Ii m. and which wns now trnv
oraed by this enormous body of men
and beasts.
Ills faro assumed nn expression or
Inrrldullty ns ha gated, nnd ho passed
his bony hnnd over his eyes.
This la what they call uoiirium,
cueas." ho muttered.
Tho child stood nesido mm noiuin
on tn thn skirt nt his cont. nnd said
nothing, hut looked nil nround her with
tho wondering, questioning gnzo of
Tho rescuing party woro speedily
ablo to convince the two cnstnwnys
thnt their nppenrnnco was no doliialon
Ono of them seized tho llttlo girl
and hoisted her upon Ills shoulder,
whllo two others supported her gaunt
companion and assisted him toward
tho wacons.
"My nnmo Is John Ferrler." tho wnn
dorcr explained; "mo nnd thnt llttlo
nn aro nil Hint's left o' twenty-thre
people. Tho rest Is nil dead o' thirst
nnd hunger nwny down In tho south
"Is she your child?" nskud somo one,
"I guiHM alio Is now I" tho other
crlod. defiantly: "she's mine 'cnuso I
saved her. No mnn will tnko her
nwny from me. Hhus l.uoy i-errie
from this day on. Who nro you,
though?" ho continued, glancing with
curiosity nt his stalwart, sunburned
rescuers: thoro seems to bo a powor-
fill lot of ye.
Nigh upon ten tnousanu," sulci ono
of thu young men; "wn nro tho perse
cuted children of God tno chosen ot
tho nngcl Meronn."
I novcr heard tell on him, said tho
wanderer. "Ho appears to hnvo
chosen a fair crowd of yo."
Do not lost nt that which Is sn
cred," said tho other, sternly. "Wo nro
of thoso who bollovo In thoso sacred
writings, drawn In Egyptian totters
on plates of beaten gold, which woro
handed unto the holy Joseph Smith, nt
Palmyra, wa havo rnmo from Nau
voo, In tho Stnto of Illinois, whore wo
hnvo founded our temple. Wo havo
como to seek rcfugo from tho violent
man and from thn godless, even
though It bo In tho heart of tho des
The namo wauvoo evidently re
called recollections to John Ferrler.
I seo," ho said, "you nro tho Mor
Wo nro tho Mormons," answered
his companions, with ono volcn.
"And wlicro am you going?"
"Wo do not know. Tho hand of God
Is leading us under tho person of our
prophet. You must como heforo him
Ik shall say what la to bo dono with
Thoy hnd roachod tho baso of thn
hill by this time, nnd woro surrounded
by crowds of tho pllgtlmn nalo-faccd.
mccK-iooKing women, strong, inugn
ing children, nnd nnxlous, earnost-
eyed mon.
Many wero tho crlos of nston ali
ment and of commiseration which
arose from them when they perceived
tho youth of ono of tho strangers nnd
tho destitution of tho other.
Tholr escort did not halt, hownvor.
but pushed on, followed by n great
crowd or Mormons, until they reached
a wagon which was conspicuous for Its
great slzo and for tho gnudlncss nnd
smnrtncsB of Its appearance.
Six horses wero yokod to It. where
as tno othors woro furnished with two
or, nt most, rour apiece.
uesino tno driver thoro snt a man
who could not havo boon mora than
thirty years of ago, but whoso mnsslvo
head nnd resolute expression marked
him as a leader.
Ho was reading a brown backed vol.
lime, but as tho crowd approached ha
mm ii asiuo, and listened attentively to
an nccoum oi mo episode.
Tlion he turnod to tho two casta
"If wo tnko you wnn us." ho said In
solemn words, "It ran only bo as bo
Ilovors In our solnmn crcod. Wo slmil
hnvo no wolves In our fold. Bettor far
thnt your bones should bleach In this
wilderness than that you should provo
to bo that llttlo siinck nf ilnr-nv wlilM,
l:i tlmo corrupts tho wholo fruit. Will
you como with us on thoso terms?"
"Uiioss I I como w th you on nnv
torms," said Forrlnr, with such em
phasis that tho gravo elders could not
restrain a smllo, Tha londor alono ro
tnlned his stern, Impressive expression.
"Tako him. Brother Htancnrsnn." tin
said; glvo him food nnd drink, nnd
tho child likewise Lot It bo your
tnsk also to toach him our hnlv rrnml
Wo havo dolaycd long enough. For
ward! On on to 7,lon."
On on to filonl" crlod thn
of Mormons, and tho words rippled
down tho long caravan, passing from
mouth to mouth until thoy dlnd nwny
In n dull murmur In tho far distance
With n cracking of whips nnd a
creaking of whcols tho groat wagon
got Into motion, and soon tho wholo
caravan wns winding along onco
Tho older to whoso earn thn twn
waifs had boon committed led thorn to
his wagon, whoro a meal wag nlroady
awaiting thorn.
"YOU shall romaln horn." hn nM.
In n fow days you will havo rnenvnr.
ed from your fatlguo. In tho moan-
time remember that now and forovor
you aro of our religion. Brlgham
Young has said It and he has spoken J
with thn rolco of Joseph Smith, wlilct
l,i tlio volru of Clod."
This Is not thn ptiico to rommomor
nto thu tt lots npd privations oildiirud
by tho Immigrant Mormons bofora thoy
viimn to tholr fllinl linvou,
Fioiii tho shores of tlio Mississippi
to tho western slopes ot thu Itocky
uiountnlna thoy had struggled on with
n constancy nlmoat uiipnrnllolud In his
tory, Thn nnvngn mnn nnd tlio snviiKu
boast, hunger, thirst, fatlguo nnd dis
easeevery Impediment which Nnturu
could placo In tho wny hnd nil boon
overcouio with Anglo-Saxon tumidly.
Yet tho long Journoy nml thu accum
ulated terrors hnd shaken tho henrtu
of tho stoutest among them. -
Thoro was not ono who did not sink
upon his knees lu tienrtfelt prayer
when thoy unw the broad valley ot
Utnh bathed lit tlio sunlight beneath
them, nnd lenrueil from tho lips of
tholr lender thnt till was tlio promised
laud, nnd that thoso virgin ncres wero
to ho theirs for overmoro,
Young speedily proved himself to
be n skillful administrator as well ns
n resolute chief.
Mnps worn drawn nnd charts pre
pared, lu which tho future city wns
sketched out.
All nround farms woro apportioned
nnd allotted In proportion to tho stand
ing of each Individual,
The tradesman wns put lo his trndn
nnd tha nrtlsnn to his culling. In tho
town streets mid squares sprung up ns
If by mngtc.
In tho country thero wns draining
and bodging, planting nnd clenrlng,
until tho unit Hummer saw thu wholo
country golden with tho whont crop.
Everything prospered In tho strmiRit
Abovo nil, tho grent tompla which
thoy hnd erected In tho center of the
city grow ever taller nnd largor.
From tho first blush of dawn until
tho closing of tho twilight, tho clatter
ot tho hnmtnor nnd tho rnsp of tho
snw was nover absent from tho monu
ment which tho Immigrants nrectod to
Mini who had led them snfo through
ninny dangers,
Thn two cnstnwnys. John Ferrler
nnd tho llttlo girl who hnd shared his
fortunes nnd had been adopted ns his
dnughtor, nrrompnnleil the Mormons
to thn end of tholr grent pllgrlmngo.
Llttlo Lucy Ferrler was homo along
pleasantly enough In Elder Btangor-
sons wagon, n retrent wincii nno
nhnred with tho Mormon's thrco wlvea
mid with hla son, n hendstrong, for
ward boy of twelve
Having milled, with thn elasticity or
childhood, from tho nhock cnuaed by
her mother's death, alio soon brenmo.
n pet with tho women, nnd reconciled'
herself to this now life In her moving
cnnvna-covcrcd homo.
(To b Continue.!.)
Hood llxample ol the Quibbles That lrr
vail In Legal Practice.
An English writer gives a good ex
ample ol thoM quibbles In legal prnt
tleo that liavo a sort ot fascination (or
certain minds. Homo years ago, whllo
traveling on tlio continent, ho met thn
principal lawyer (or the government ol
nno ol the principalities, nlio told lilui
of n curious legal question. It had rel
erunco to a railway atation nt tho boun
dary between two principalities.
Someone standing outsldo tho window
ol thn ticket olllrn had put Ills hand
through and robbed tho till Insldu.
The boundary lino lay between whom
tho thiol stood and tho till, so that ho
was actually In nno territory whllo tho
crime was committed In another. Hern
was a nlco nut for thu gentlemen
learned lu the law to crack. Which ol
thu principalities should undertake tho
prosecution ol thu criminal?
At it thoy went In good earnest, and
tho arguments on either sldo wero long
and vehement, till thu whole raso wns
embalmed in many volumes, At last
one side yielded so far n to say:
"Wo will iiermlt you, as an act ol
courtesy, to prosecute, while nt the
same tlmo reiwtvlng all our sovereign
At this iMilnt of tho recital I asked s
'And how did the prosecution end'"
"Ahl That Is quite another mutter,"
nld my friend, "Thuru was no prose-
utlon; we wero only arranging what
e should do when we caught tho rob-
ler; but wo never caught him."
Youths' Companion,
fearful Cold of Siberia, v
There nrn still many drawbacks to
travel on tho Siberian railway,
but ono ot tliu greatest is the discomfort
to which third-class piirengors, ospocl.
I ly nau vii uiilnoru, nre subjected.
The past winter was unusually severe,
ot the roiling stork Is so Inadequate
nt thn Chinese rldu In opon (relglit
rnrs. In January and l-cbrunry, when
tlio thermometer registered from ,'10 to
-10 degrees below the fronting olnt, thu
ChluoiO sat In crowds on tho frozen
trucks nnd frequently froze to death.
On one terrible night In l'ubrilarv 15
Chlnoru perished nnd nliout 160 othors
suffered terribly from (roet bites nml
The Trnpplsts.
Many letters como to tho monastery
announcing tho death ol relatives ol tho
menks; thoso nro coon bv tho abbot
only, and at chapter ho may simply an.
nounco; "Die mother of one ol our
niiinlier Is dead; lot us pray for hur
Never to his dying day doca tho bo.
reaved Tropplst loom that he was pray
ing (or his own mother.
Tho Money of Babylon.
Tlio great and ancient nmnlrns nf
Assyria and Babylonia adhered for agcH
to primitive blocks ol cornier sod In.
gotsolgold and allver nnd did not.
theroforo, havo an Imperial coinage.
Thoy possessed a system ol banking,
however, which was cnmnluto nnd
well developed.
Dangerous Medicines,
Certain modicinoe Including clnclio.
na salts, salicylic ncld, morcury, tobac
co, alcohol, rarhonlo oxide, load, chlo
roform anil other havo boon report
ed specially dangerous to hearing nml
liable to cause doalness.
Pineapple Juice,
Tho best lubricant (or tho organs ol
tho throat la plnoupplo Jul e, It Is
snld that people living In countries
whoro tho cono slinped fruit Is grown
novor Boffor from bronohlnl affections.
Tho mlnoral suits contained in let
tuce, its refreshing, cooling properties
and Ha easy digestion mako It a most
wholesome addition to tho moro solid