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Devoted to the Mining, Lunik-ring mid Punning Interests of tlif Community, to Oood Government, nnd Hustling for a Grub Stake.
NO. 37.
' ft?
IKcs and
ovofod to D'6horVltv Noro.3 and
tfonerol InfoKojrro Mining
Iloliciniii, Ore., Kept, id, 1003.
Hi) Nuooht I.iwt Sunday morii'
iug a jolly crowd on pleasure licnt
left the Musick mine for n day
among the clouds nt the very sum
mit of old llohcmla'H limit lofty
and rugged peak. The party con
rilstctl of the MIshch Katharine and
Marguerite llruud, and Esther
Anderson: Messrs. Cy J. llhiglmm.
John Peterson, Chat. Strong, An
drew nnd Willie Ilrund, Then. Med
ley and A, V. Churchill. With
the well known "Cy" in guide, the
ascent was made ill about one hour
without serious mishap. Several
hours were spent in viewing the
grand and magnificent scenery from
this the hlghetft peak in all the Ilo
hemla Mining District. To a
lover of nature iu all her grandiirc,
this climli. although ruguod and
arduous, is well worth the effort.
The Indies of the party in a charm
ing manner served n delightful
nnd toothsome luncheon to which
it is neediest to'sny nil did nmple
justice. During the day some
fifteen snap shot views weie se
cured, and "Cnnip Peach" was
duly christened with appropriate
cerciuouic. I.nlc III tuc aiieruoon
the party slowly nnd laboriously
began the descent to the Musick
mine where they safely arrived
with sun burned cheeks, rvenous
np!tites and more or lens daninue
to wearing apparel, all voting the
day one of extreme pleasure and
one long 10 lie remembered. Come
to llohctnin. Mr. Editor, climb to
this di..v mountain height, feast
your eyes upon this wonderful
panoramic view nnd do not fail to
leave your autograph in the hook
of registry at
"Camp I'hach."
About Tho Smeller.
A comtnunicatlou irom .m. u.
Warner, one of the original pro
moters of the llohcinia Smelling
and Refilling Co. which has re
cently been incorporated, informs
us that things arc rapidly coming
to a focus ami wc can look for any
kind of development In the near
The project has been somewhat
delayed owing to other business
engagements of the expert who has
been employed, also to sickness.
A thorough tour of inspection will
be made early next month after
which work will soon commence on
the plant, unless it is deemed ad
visable to wait until spring.
At nuy r.nte, wc are now quite
reasonably sure that a smelter will
soon he built within n short dis
tance of our city in n few months.
The Nugget will endeavor to
keep its readers fully posted on this
proposition as it ts. something of in
terest to oil concerned In the web
fare of Cottage Grove nnd Hohemia.
Was It, Or Was It Not?
Iu the article taken from the Min
ing nnd Engineering Review n week
or so nco. rcunrdiiiK the "Hohemia
Mining District," the statement is
made that the snme, nccordiug to
tradition, was discovered by Dr.
W. W. Johnson, of Oregon City,
nnd Prank Ilruss, In August 1858.
Since publishing the nbove we re
ceived 11 communication from W.
W. Oglcsby of Junction, in which
he states that it wns himself nnd
Mining mi. I Kinilnmliig llevlew
To many this name may sound
istraimc anil unfamiliar, anil yet If
I the history of its conception nnd
I the important mining projects of its
originators and incorporators, were
Imaile public iu the Review, the
I matter would cover many of its
I pages. As it is what is said here
must relate principally to its hold
ings iu the Hohemia Mining Dis
trict. The Oregon Securities Com
pany is a strong financial corpor
ation, composed principally of east
ern capitalists, men wiiu iincrai
views and consistent ideas relative
to the safe investment of moneys.
Its direct dealings and the placing
of its capital is mainly inclined to
the developing of the gold mines of
Oregon, anil especially those of the
Hohemia District. Through its in
fluence the construction of the O.
& S. E. R. R. wan lcgun and is
being pushed tocompletiou. Largely
owing to its cflbrts and those of its
predecessors, the Helena Consoli-
'dated Mining Company, is the
I great Hohemia Gold Mining Dis
trict pushing so rapidly to the front.
I Tilt- Oregon Securities Company
lis organized under the'lawsof New
1 U-rsey, with a capital of $5, 000,000
I fully Kiid and non-assessable. The
I company is composed of capitalists
f energy and good judgment. It
has iu view the development of
. mines, the building of railroads
I and the construction of mammoth
! reduction works. Its formation
jieally compelled the consolidation
'of tli - great mining companies of
I Hohemia. namely, the Helena Con
solidated Mining and Milling Com
lKiny, the Cnlapooia- .Mining and
j Milling Company, and the Musick
j Mining and Milling Company.
While each of these organizations
were strong institutions of their
kind, it is sufficient to state the
present one is n consolidation of
their strength and owcr. From
the time Messis. P. J., R. J. and
J. J. Jennings, three brothers grown
to manhood In the mining business,
became associated with Mr. C. II.
llnitienu iu the contml and man
agement of the Helena mines, Nos.
1 and 3, the prospects nnd the
future of the Hohemia Mining Dis
trict appeared brighter than ever
before, and throughout the district
new life is being manifested. The
claims of the Helena Consolidated
Company numbered eleven, all iu
one group, comprising over 300
act cs, located on the east and west
slope of Grizzly mountain and
covering the entire mountain from
Horse Heaven creek to Champion
creek. The company owns 7,300.
feet of the Helena ledge nnd has
driven eight tunnels, one shaft nnd
several open cuts. Iu twenty
eight months the Helena Consoli
dated Mining Company has pro
duced f314.003.25, paid $170,000
iu dividends and has $20,000 in the
treasury for developments nnd im
provements. This now is n nor
tiou of the treasury funds of the
Oregon Securities Company. The
above statement indicates some
thing ot the magnitude ol the ore
body of the Helena property. The
value of the ore improves with
depth, but this docs not indicate
the vnlue of the ores lying beneath
Lthe level of the tunnel and in the
center of the mountain. The Helena
ledge is nine feet iu width, seven
feet of it pay ore and handled at
mill without sorting. While
of syenite nnd nndecite is a heavy
capping of trnp rock. The ore
from the surface to 11 depth of 400
feet Is free milling, with n percent
iirc of sulphides of copcr and also
of lend being about 30 per cent
lead and 3 percent copper, Heavy
bodies of free milling ore lie along
side the base ores. In the lower
levels of this group thousandi of
tons of base ore of almost incalcul
able value arc in sight awaiting
The Calapooia group, known in
the district as the Champion mine,
comprises nineteen claims. On it
is n to-stnmp mill, also 3.300 feet
ol a
flllli'il HtutxM 1,m.l Oilier.
ItOM'ImrK. On-., Kept, mil, r.
Notice Ih hereby kIvc-ii that In com
pliance with the jiiovImIoiim of the
iwt of Coiikivmm of.lum- .'I. IX7H, en
tilled "An net for the hiIi- of HiiiIht
IiiiiiIh In the HluteM of allfornla, Ore
jcon, Nevndn, mul VnMiiliii;tou Ter
ritory." in extended to nil the Pule
lie Lund HIiiIcm liyuei of Aiii;iihI I,
lMtf, William W. HnliioH. of Kiw'iii',
County of Lime, Unite of Oregon
I111M thin iluy 11 led In this olllct! his
HWoriiMluteiiK'nt No. -HI s fur the pur
chase of the LotM it A I. H'iSW.c
NV)JHWJjofKeet(oiiN... 2,TowiihiI
No. "0 Kontli. of ItiniL'f ' Wimi mul
1 will offerproof to tdimv that the liuil
HoiiKht Ih inure valuable, for Hm lim
it' I re rniM trnimu.if riitiiiiiirr IMT ir MtOlle tlllltl for MKrlclllllirll
from the mini. In Hie mill Dniwliitw ' l"n'H-M, Mill! to eHtllilfnli IiIh ehilin
irom iiil n inctotiiemill. Ueiclop-, UtmlM JnMl )H)f,m. M)tr0 u xynri
incuts on the croup amount to over p. h. rimiiiilMHlniier nt Kiibw.
3,500 feet of tunneling, 1,500 feet Oregon, on Mouiln.v the iHt, day
iK-inir on the Chamtiion claim alone. loflf.. Jixc.
1 ills is n great property iu itself
and admirably situated forthctnak
Iliilliex. of Kiikciic, Or.'
Dig of a monster mine.
1 he Star group of fourteen claims,
situated one uud one-half miles west
of the Musick, is another property
belonging to the company. There
are six different ledges on the prop
erty nnd over $25,000 has been ex
pended iu actual development work.
A deep tunnel is now being driven
from the north side ol the moun
tain, which will give a vertical
He oilmen iih wltnrxwM: 1
II '! fl,.... InLIIUt.!. ..If'.....
fl. J. ifuit. un.mT...inv. ill , iiiiiikiti
drove. Ore., (.'hnrle IImIiicm. John!
Any mul nil lM.'rMoiix cliihuhii: uif-
verwly the above-iliwerllieil IiiiiiIh
nre reiiuexted to file tlielr cIiiIiiim In
thlM olilee on or iH-fore nnlil Int day
of Dir.. ItKtt.
J:T. IliuiKihM. IteKixter.
I'ulti-il Ktnti-H IjiiiiI Olllce
Itowliunr. Oiv.. Sept. :i, lwr.'
Notlee Is hereby Riven thnt In con)-
We are offering greatly
Reduced Prices in many
Lines of Goods to make
Room for our
Which is now arriving: Daily.
ut Less than Cost.
Shirt Waist
Big Bargains in Ladies Shoes
till September 1st.
Tlie only Complete Line of Gents' and Boys' Cote in Town,
dentil ol .in feel frnm nnev of 111.. I'lllllUC- with the JiroN WllllH of the j
, ... lc( ,, j (-,,!! jr,VHrf , ,iiin,.:i, siS, en-
inouiliain. I tltKsl "An net for the wile of tlmlier
None of the properties of the , Inniln In the State on iilirnriilii. oi--
Oregou Securities Company arejK"". Neviuln, and WaMliliiKton Ter-
nrosnecis Thev nil Ioml' nin I rlt,"-v- "H extemlod to nil the l'uhllc
prospicis. i - an ioii(, . nf,o Ktatert nut, Vn KUHt4i 1MK; into the cntegory of thor- jirH.OIIvlii VI.Hklnofi ottaKe(Jrove.
oiiL'lilv dewloned mines and sev- I f'o. of f jine. Stitn nf Ore Iiiih tlilM
rn1 l(.,,lrn.l ll.n.liin.,. tf U ' till V tllisl III tlllH flllll. lll'T MU'llHI t
hnve been expeudeil to accomplish
this end. The Helena is a great
dividend payer and so will be the i nnd will offer proof to nhow thut the
Musick. the Cnlanooia and the Star I hmil Kought Ih uioiv Miluulile for it
, nuy nun in hum iiiiii' uer Hworn
i Mtutemeut No. itZri, for the piirclutHC
!of the i:KKKofr.Ss toii No. :!l Iu
j TownnlilpNo. ft) S.r ftuiiKe No. 1! Wist
groups. Kicll and payable placers
are among tlie Holdings in the
gulches and along the various
creek beds.
Ily the energy and extraordinary
fforts of Mr. G. U. Heiigeu, sec
retary of this company, has the
grcnt amount of eastern capital
necessary to build the railroad, to
ffect the consolidation of the four
great mining properties and for the
proposed construction of a smelter
at Portland of sufficient capacity
for all necessary purposes, been se
cured. It was n mammoth under
taking to commence with and for
its .siicctftftil accomplishment iis
credit to him due.
Mr. P. J. Jennings, president of
the company, who has lately re
turned from New York City, re
ports the removal of all obstacles
to the completion of the Oregon
ml Southeastern railroad, building
from Cottage Grove into the heart
f the lioucmia District, and an
nounces the commencement of im
mediate operations upon the large
uiiuel that is to connect the head
t Champion basin witli the Musick
mine, through which the consoli-
ated properties absorbed by the
Securities Company are to be
worked. Over S7oo,ooo has been
subscribed nnd is available for the
driving of this tunnel and other
mprovemcuts that arc calculated
to make the Bohemia District one
of the liveliest miuitigcamps on the
Pacific coast. I he tunnel will be
7x8 feet in the clear, 1 )i miles in
length, and will cost about '$125,-
000. Through it the ores ot tlie
Musick, Helena, Helena No. 2 and
Champion groups, comprising about
thirty-one claims, or seventy acres.
will be taken to the terminus of the
railroad for shipment.
It may not be out of place here
to state the reduction and coticen
tra'tinir capacity of the district at
the present time is equal to fifty'
one stamps nnd fifteen concentrat
iug tables although some may not
be operating.
the mill without sorting
tit a ttlr1 Giavjiit fAt nf rvwliAjl ati
not Johnson tiint went into mai re- Jves retum at Ule lo.stnmp m 0f
. ' . . 1.. .n.A ...1(1. l;nitl. llrni'U IV -
gion in 1050 wimi '" '", j $j3.7S to the ton, the great, luture
ical survey to prove his statement
and requests us to correct our error.
The error, if error it was, was
tuadfc by the special correspondent
of the Mining nud Ungineering Re
view and not by us. However, we
hnve Interviewed several old miners
on the subject and they are firm in
the belief that Mr. Oglesby, is cer
tainly mistaken.
(loldcn Slipper Glectlon.
A.11 Important meeting of mem
bers of the Golden Slipper Mining
Company was held Saturday even
ing in the office of Attorney A. C.
nnieers were elected ns follows:
President, Dr. W. V. Oglesby, of
Junction City; vice president, W.
s inu tjouser, roiuuuu, ocwmuij
and treasurer, M. O. Warner, Ha
This company owns ten prodtto
t ve c a ins in the uoiiemta Mining
District. Great Improvements nre
in store for their property, wiui
iu n few months Hohemia will have
on foot thousands of dollars worth
of Improvements necessary to get'
ting out the precious metal. Hu
gene Guard, ,
of the mine is based 011 its conceiv
trating nnd smelting ores, nverng
tne $60 to the ton. Ore shoot is
contiguous, breast of tunnels in ore,
nud being n tunnel proposition, ex
pensive pumps done nwny with
nnd drainage provided for. This
mine is equipped with lntest nu
proved milling mnchinery whereby
gold is extracted nud sent direct to
the U. S, Mint: also equipped with
concentrators and .appliances for
handling the ores. The company
has constructed timber bouses, ore
houses, boarding nud bunk houses
for fifty men, an assay office, super
intendent's othce nnd all necessary
buildings, Long before the re
sources of the free milling ore are
exhausted, and indeed iu the near
future, railway transportation, as
well ns electricity, will be available
for economic deep mining nnd for
handling heavy products.
The Musick group, near Ho
hernia peak and Bohemia postoffice
consisting of seventeen clnlms, has
been extensively worked. There
nre over 4,000 feet of tunnels, up
raises nnd drifts. Ledges two to
ten feet trend northwesterly, then
southeasterly, with a dip of about
seven degrees. On the highest
points above the general formation
tlmlier or Htone than for iirlcnlturnl
purpoMeH. nnd to ewtuMlHh her eliilni
tn umIi! land liefore Hie Itejtlxter nnd
Iteceiver nt It?)Hliuri;. Oregon 011
TliurMilny. the Sthdnyof .laniiiiry,
She iiumeH uh wltnetwen:
llerliert Knkln, Geo. V. McQueen.
Herman T. Dow, Jom;iIi Shlee. of
CottiiKv drove. Ore.
Any unit nil ihtxoiim cIiluuIiu; nil
vetvely the nliove-dencrlled IiiiiiIh nre
reoiiertted to file their t-lnlniH In thlH
olllce on or liefore hmIiI Sth tiny of!
.Inn.. W2. 1
.1. T. ItlillKilM, ICeKlHter,
Just for a Pew Improvements.
We will be ready when you call.
Growth Indicates Progres.
Business is Growing-. iSTew Goods, iSTew
Metliods, 2STev Ideas.
They are all here in our store.
New goods arrivinK daily, just see them, Our values in
we bought it in full cases, and we sell for FIFTY CENTS what
CENTS, Same discount in other lines.
Men's Underwear is unexcelled'
was sold heretofore for SIXTY
Cottage Grove, Oregon.
Pulled Stiite I.11111I Office.
- triprrlijWi-. ,
Notice fa hereby ulven that hi com
pliance with the provNIoiiM ofthe net '
of Coiikivkh of Jnnu3. 1S7S. entltli-ill , , . ., vMn ,.,,,
An net for the wile of tlmlier IiiiiiIh "s
InthoStutCH ot Cullfornln, Oregon.
Nevndn, nnd UHhliiKton Territory, "
uh extended to nil the Public 1-iunl
.Stnten by net of AuKUHt 4, lvj2,
Wolf Snnileix, of Kufiie, County !
of iJine, Stnte of Oregon Iiiih thin I
day tiled In thlsofflco lilHHWorn ntnte
ment No.:tl(U, for the purchiihe of the
S H NK Y, &N ali Yt of Section
No. 8, Twp. 211 South, of-Hune
S Went nnd will offer proof to
hIiow thut the land nought Ih moro
vnlimble for Uh tlmlittr or xtone than
for uirrleulturnl niiriioseH, uud to en-
tulillHli IiIh claim to wild land before
MnrluL. W ure, r.S. CommlHHloneriit
Huwne, Oregon, on Monday, the
17th day of Nov., 1002.
lie iiumeH iih witneHHeti:
Joxeph II. Wlllielm.ofOoshen, Ore.,
I. CnlllHon, of I'leiiKimt Hill, Ore.,
Jloiierr l-reemnu, r.ll utipennnver.
of OoHlieu, OrvKon.
Any uud all m-rnoiiH clnlmlm; nd-
vernely the utiove-diKcrllieil IuiiiIh nre
ivoucHted to tile their cluluiH in thin
office on or liefore wild 17th day of
J. T. liitiliOKH, ueglHter.
Why Qallagher Let Her 00.
Now Gnllnglier hnd n lient girl
He called her "DarlhiB Cloo"
He told her to Ret her perfume
From Morsan and llrelinut
When Gallagher went to hug her
And found who hndn't done no,
I Hnd pot bad iierfume, Home other
Then "Gallagher let her go."
I S. Girln take wnrnlng.
W. S. Chrisman.
Ei,i Bangs.
The Fashion Stebles
It is the desire of the editor of
this paper to keep its readers fully
posted on the Bohemia Mining
District. This we cannot fully do
unless we nre materially assisted
by those who arc. in a position to
know what is transpiring, It
would be very easy for us to pen
columns of "guess so" stuff, pre
dictions, prophesies and wordy
nrticles of untold length, painting
Bohemia iu radiant colors, but we
do not believe that is what our
readers want. There is plenty of
happenings every week in the dis
trict to lilt a page it we could but
secure tt. We wnnt to receive
communications every week from
the boys in the district giving us
the latest news and the progress of
the various camps. Don't neglect
to send in a good long communica
tion as soon as you have time to
write one.
United KtuteH IjimiI Olllce,
Howburg, Ore., th, 11)02.
Notice Ih hereby given that In com
pllanco with the provislonH ofthe act
otComrrcHH of Juno ;t. 1S7S. entitled
"An act for the ale of tlmlier lauds
Iu the Stnten of California, Oregon.
Nevada, and WuHlilngton Territory,"
uh extended to nil the Public Land
StateH by act of August 4, 18'J2, Wil
liam Oawley, of Alierdeen, County of
ChehallH, Stale of WiihIi., linn thlnday
tlled In thin olllee Ida sworn Htnte
,inent No. rvi02, for the purcliuw of tho
1; S 1; 01 section ho. .w xowiiHiup
No. IS S, Itnnge 8 W and will offer
proof to kIiow that the laud
nought Ih more valuable for Uh
tlmlier or Htone than for agricultural
purpoHCH, nnd to ontubllnh IiIh claim
to Htild luud before Marie 1,. wure,
U. S. CouimlHHloner at Kugene,
Oregon, on ThurHilay, the 20th day
of Nov.. 1002.
He imnicBnH wltueHRCH:
J. U. Sutherland, AV.S. Sutherland,
Archie M. UichardHOii, U. 1). Suther
luiidr of Glentena, Lane Co., Ore.
Any and all lMirnoiiH claiming ad
versely the above-described landH an
reuueHted to (Ho their cIuIiuk In this
otlleo on or before mud 20th day of
Nov., 1002.
.1. T. iiiuiHit:n. ueglHter,
"Snrnn vpnrs ai-o I wni one of a party
tint Intended Hulking a long bicycle
Hip," says P. L.Taylor, of New Albany,
llriulford Countv, Vn. "I waa taken
suddenly lth diarrhoea, and was about
to Rive up the srip, when editor Ward of
tlie I-acevvillo Messengci, sngResteil
that I take a dose of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
I purchased 11 bottle and took twodoses,
one before starting and one on the route.
I made the trip successfully and never
felt an v ill effect. Again last Bummer
I was almost completely run dow n with
I till It tlm-k of dvsenterv. I bought a
j.. ,-- -- ... ,,.!
notlie ol una snme reineuji wnu nu
time one dose cured 1110." Sold by
Lyons & Applegate, Drain. Benson ;
Drug Co ., Cottage Grove. '
(.'brisman 5. B31!-, Proprietors.
Also own and opperate the Bohemia
and Black Butte Stage Lines
First-Class Turnouts, Double or Single.
Reasonable Prices
T. H. Supple and Jno. Ctirrnn
returned the first of the week from
the Coos Bay country, where they
went in the tnterests ot the Jitdson
Rock Mining Co. The) report
great interest iu the Bohemia Min
lug District wherever they go and
quite a demand tor reliable tutor
matiou as well as' mining stock-
Cedar posts for sale by Eakiu &
lu'tlie Juttea Court for tlie DUtrlrt ot Cot'
tago a rove, County of Lane, state of Oregon.
11. K. Clark, flalutlft
W. W.Watkliu. Pofemlant.
To W. W. Walkln, lefeivlant above namrn:
In the name ot the Slate ol Oregon, you are
hereby reulrcil to auiwar ami answer tho com.
plaint ol ilnlnlltrnleJaalnU you In the above
entitled Court anil cauae on or before the lntt
day ot the publication of tlila miinmonf, which
raid last date ot publication ot thti tuuiraona
lithe 3rd day ol October, lswi, and which llrat
date o( publication ot aald summons U the l!nd
Grocery Store
Caries a full line of Staple
nnd Fancy goods, Granite,
Crockery, Tin and Glassware,
Vegetables, Flour, Feed, Oats,
Hay and everything the
farmer or the housewife needs.
Produce of all kinds taken
in exchange.
It will be. a pleasure at all
times to show our goods and
you nre earnestly requested to
call and examine thetn...
Will meet All Competlon
In 1'rtcen.
Successor to Baker & Johnson
day of Augnit, ltwi, and It you fail to bo appear
and antvrer aald eoniiilalut for want thereof,
the plalntur win (aueiuugineni against you ior
thetuin together with thoroataand
dliburavmonta ol Ihla action to be taxeC, and
tor an oraer ior me saie or ine properly ai
i aotiA.t In thn said abovo entitled outiiw.
Thliiiimmnni la nubllkhed liv orderof J. W.
Vaughn, Juttlce of Ihe 1'eaceln and for Cottage
Urove Juttlce'a District, IneCouuly, Oregon,
made at ma omeo on tne ram uay ot Juiy, iwj
Paled August xtiid, WW.
J. W.VAOaiiN,
Justice ol tho i'cace.
l.S. MitDUtY ahd J. C. Johnson,
Attorneys for I'latntift,
Where the meals nre well cooked and well served and tho beds nro good,
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Served in any Hotel in the City.
N. D. HARDY, M'gr.
Attornoy-at-Laiv ,
. 0lce on Main atreet, West Bide
Attorney nt Law,
cottage oitorm, Olili.
of this tewn will present
each nud every bnby
brought into his store dur
ing this present year,
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application for one of the
rings. Also, look over the
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Moitu Teams Wanted.
Wo can use till tho tcnins wo win
gut to hmil oro from tho Helena mine
to tho end of our track. Tho teams
now on tho roud cannot tfiko tho oro
away na fast as It In mined. Addrv
AV. V. Moni'iiv, General M nnajror O.
& S. E. It. H., Cottugo Grove, Oro,
J. C. JOHNSON and F. .(1 KBY
Attorneys anil Counselors-at-Law
Special attention given to Mining, Corporation
and Mercantile Law.
Office over Oarman & Uenienway! store.
Main street, Collage Uruvo, Or.
Wo have on hand a large stock of
kiln-dried flooring, celling and rustic in
grudos 1 i and 3. Let u iuak ya
special price.
llootu-Ksi i,v Li7H Co.