Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, September 19, 1902, Image 1

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Devoted to tlic Mining, Umibcriiii: mid l'linnlng IiitcreUof thin Coin m unity, to Good Government, and Hustling for a Grub Stake.
NO. 36.
Mines QPd Mining
V y27 Devoted to D;bhorfT Noroj and
ltum, of ioncrrwl Infot-'ojr lb Mlrttntf Mon.
ojtTo Mlrvlntf Mor
An Scon Ity (ho Correspondent of Tito
llntlo Miner Center of Attrac
tion Aluch Interest
Am Seen
by the Mining
liecr'a Review.
niul llngl-
I The Ilolicmin mining region wait,
llnii- Mln..r nf K1..VI. fitli nccordlni: to tradition, discovered
vote metal columns to the display
of Jlohcniiii nt tlmt tilnec mid the
district in Keiiurnl The headlines
displayed arc 11s follows. "The
KichcHt l'nrt of Oregon;"
inln Minluir District One
Luteal Discoveries of the State,"
"AssfiyK Run Very High;" "Topo
graphical Map of the District Shown
nt Mineral Exhibit nt Columbia
Garden Attracted Grcnt Atten
tion," Following the above Isj
mi extended wrileiip nf which the
following is it portion:
"One of the most unique displays
in the mineral exhibit at Columbia
gardens, mid which has attrncted
more than ordinary attention, wns
that uomititutcil bv the relief map
of tlic llolienila Mining District of
OrcKon, together with specimens
of ore from a number nf the claims.
The exhibition was in personal
charge of V. G. Kby. secretary and
trammer of the I.o Koy Mining
Mr. Hty says that the Ilolicmin
Mining District is one of the new
discoveries in Oregon, and from
the iistwys already made warrants
tlic nsAcrtion that it will rival the
greatest cnmiw of the great north
west. The relief mapoucxhibitinn
shows the topography of the dis
trict complete in every detail, mid
includes all the mineral claims that
have been taken up to date, to
gether with all the streams which
afford abundant water for all min
ing purposes."
Pleased With Itoliemla.
OrrriHilan. Hepl. 10-
1'. K. Day, a
Hartford, Conn
ticor)italist, who has just returned
fifPliWP'IPP tlicHohcmin
mines, says tuai (lie iioucmia wis-
trict is one ot the most promising
mining sections of the united
States, not even excepting Colo
rado. Ho thinks the people of
Oregon do not bcuin to appreciate
the value of their mineral resources,
but that in n very short time the
richness of the mines will bedctn
onstrated. Mr. Day says he is not
n mining mau.but.hns learned some
thing of mincti through having
made .some unprofitable investments
n few vcars aco. He now owns
mining procrtv in Colorado and
Utah, and has uist invested some
money in the Hohcmin District.
When seen at the Portland Hotel
vcsterJav. Mr. Day said that the
great difficulty in the Hohcmin
mines has been the long-distance
haul of 36 miles by team, which is
the only means of getting the base
ores to the railroad. This distance
has already been reduced 10 miles
bv the construction of n railroad,
and by February 1 he thinks the
road will be completed nearly to
the mines. When mat is nccotU'
nlishcd. he thinks the cost of trans
nortinir the ore will be reduced to
one-fifth, nnd perhnps one-tenth of
what it is now, nnd the value ot tlic
mining property will be doubled.
Thnt the quantity of paying ore
is practically inexhaustible, he lias
no doubt, niter linving inspected
some of the mines now in operation.
"The surface of only a few claims
has scarcely been scratched, yet,
he said, "and some of the mines
are paying development work alone
Exhnustiblel Why, your grand
children will be receiving dividends
from the mining operations in Bo
hemin district."
Mr. Day left Inst evening for his
home in Hartford, greatly enthused
with the bright outlook for miuiug
in Oregon in the future.
Purchase Mining Claims.
The "Ibex" nmr'HutTalo" min
ing claims nt the foot of Hnrdscrnb
ble Ridge on the Sharp's Creek
trail into the Bohemia district were
purchased this week from their for
mer owner, W. w. rinwiey, oy u.
L. Johnson nnd Win. Wechter ol
Salem, who nlrendy have n group
of six or seven claims adjacent to
them In this sale is also included
the hotel and commodious barn sit
uated on the property nnd familiar
to everybody passing over tills
road, to or from thedistrict. These
gentlemen ore practical, experienced
mining men, hence know a good
thing when they see it nnd are not
slow to net.
Wkitino Matkriai..
All the little things you need to
make your writing desk look liter
nry you will find here, nnd a nice
variety, too.
Bhnson Drug Co.
by Dr. W. W. Jobnon of Oregon
City nnd l'rnnk Urn in August,
1858. JnmcH Johnson nnd George
Ramsey reached it In 1851 nnd free
lioiif. cold wns then found near head-
of the I waters of City Creek. The dis
covery Drought many prospectors
to the Calapooln mountains. John
mjii was a lioheinlau by birth and
from this fact was the district so
name4. Their finds were reported
to be marvels of richness. It is
supposed their first gold was lotind
upon the claim known as the
"Mystery" and now n portion of
the holdings of the Oregon Se
curities Company. Todny interest
regarding early knowledge of the
Ilohcniia district centers in the
goings of a Mr. Knott, who, in
1875, more than ten years after
gold was first discovered, trans
ported a five stamp mill over a road
made from Frank llrass creek up
onto the top of the divide, follow
ing the ridge for many miles and
luially, after n great many trials
and hardships, it was placed in po
Mtion on the Knott claim on
Grouse mountain. I he mill was
run nt intervals for two or three
years when interest, in the district
virtually dwindled nway. A re
vival began in 1890 when two pros
pectors. Joseph Kennedy nnd O. P
Adams, went to prospecting to find
the gold they had for years con
tended existed in those mountains.
Since that time prospecting and de
vcloping of properties has been
going on steadily. To Messrs. J
W.Cook and A. E. Davis of I.os
Angeles. Col Q. K. llrady of San
I'roucisco and J. W. Mustek, r
prospector of many years" ex
pcriencc. In Arizona, .California and
Oregon, can much of the carly'de-
velopmcnt and knowledge of the
district be credited. It was in the
spring of 1802 they contracted for
in Snu Francisco and had shipped a
tslnnn null. A crcat many dit-
Acuities attended the shipment of
the boiler, engine and other in a
clunery of this plant in sections
ovtr the steep, rocky nnd nrduous
trail to the l.os Angeles nnd Dc
fiance claims, now known as the
Mtisick mine. In October of thnt
yenr the mill wns ready to start
and the stamps began to drop, and
it being tlic winter season, with a
scarcity ol supplies, onij n nine
days' run wns nnd; the clean up
amounted to S4.000 from selected
ore. As one reads the record of
events it seems that work of devel
opment and improvement for years
wns only desultory, for in 1893 the
mill wns run, oil and pu, the Tail
cleanup netted $11,000. In 1894
over $5,000 was spent in dead work
the mill run occasionally from May
till November mid tlic clean up
was $13,000. The result of the
clean up for 189s was $14,498
From May, 1896, until February
1897, 17,137.10. for tlic same
period of the year following the
clean up was $35,873.25. During
all this time much prospecting was
going on for miles around. The
Champion put in n 10-stninp mill in
1895 and the Noonday n 20-stamr
mill in 1896. After the Sharps
creek road was built in 1898 many
more active and enterprising men
entered the districts mid systematic
development went rapidly torward
The road before that time only
went as far ns Hnwleys, n distance
about half way from Cottage Grove
to tlic Mustek mine, in tuc sum
mer of 1898 the county contributed
$700, mid the Bohemia Gold Mine
and Mill Company (the Musick
mine) nnd the prospectors in gcu
crnl chipped in the remainder nnd
tlic road was built up falinrps creek
It then follows in a wonderful
winding way for five nnd n half
miles on the steep sides of Falrview
mountain right up the sharp point
of Bohemia peak nnd for the dis
tance mentioned the grade is a
strong ten per ceut per mile.
What does the writer tliink ot tlie
district in a general way? As n
representative of mining papers he
has during the last twelve yenrs
visited the leading camps ot liritlsli
Columbia, Idaho, Oregon, Call
fori) la, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah
and Colorado As regards Cripple
Creek, many characteristics nre
similar. Outside of that the Bo
hernia Wining District compares
principally with those of Kosslaud,
13, C, nnd the great San Juan of
Colorado. No one to his knowl
edge ever saw two districts entirely
similar, even if only ten miles
apart. Many n well qualified nnd
educated mining expert has visited
Hit: district mid who of nil of them
has mild n word derogatory? Pro
fessors representing tlic U. 3. geo
logical survey, milling engineers
and metallurgists have traversed
its Ateep mountain sides and pene
trated the excesses made by tunnels
nnd other underground workings
nnd all have declared that true
fissure ledges trend all through for
miles, principally in n direction
northwest mid southeast, dipping
south nnd southwest mid occasion
ally dipping rather to the north.
The future mining situation ol
the ilolicmin District may be indi
cated by what n prominent woman
once) remarked, "When electricity
is called to its nid. ns it is now;
carried across the Rockies from
llutte to Anaconda 5,000 volt
power, mining will become like
manufacturing;" and so when the
Oregon Securities Company installs
u mammoth electrical plant on
Champion creek, probably at the
Warehouse, power will be trans
mitted tool! available points in the
Ilolicmin district nnd mining then
will be ns easy as manufacturing.
(Tnitui ami 1 .Mini om.'c,
Jtowlmrjr, Ore., it. 4th,
.Nut hi- In fwnly mit tlmt In rom-
plliiticf Willi tlw lrvlliiriH of the
net nf IJoiiKn ofJiiim 1N7. en-.
titled "An net for I In- cnlr of tlmlier
ImimIh In tlx fttHtM ttl fiillfnriiln, Orv
Kcin. NcviiiIm, hU(I Vh. hlnulon 'IVr-1
rltnf.v." n I'Xtfltded to nil tlic Pnl-'
lie IjiiiiI HI tit lijruct nf AuiriiNl l.i
William W. IIbIih h, of KtiKMie.
Cmiiitv of Lnm. Htntf of )ikiiii
Iiiih IIiIm day MM In tlilx ofll- IiIm
HUoriiMiitlcincnt No. .'(Ill for tint pnr
clitiHV of tin' I.olM 81, M NV
XV UHVofHtloii.'n.2,Towiifilp
No. aiHoulli. of Itnna-' 1' Wext and1
will offer proof t" hotliHt the land
HoiiKht Ih more valtwlile for Km tlni
ler or Htoue than for icriciil t nrnl ,
pnrpoxeH, mid to iwtlilfnli Mm claim
to wild land liefore .Marie 1,. Ware,
I . H. I ommWtloner nt Kiikimic,
Ort'K'in. 'in Monday Hie lid, day 1
of Deo.. 1IKH. I
He miinoH ih wIIihwhi:
II. T. Dow, JnmeHHIilee. oM'ottaje
drove, Ore., Clmrlen Hiilm-H. John
Maine, of KitKune, Ore.
Any nnd all ixji-Hoiir HmIinIiiic ad
versely the nbove-deKcrllied latidM
are i'liiOHteil to file tlielr claims 111
thlH olllce on or lwforv xnid lHt day
of Dee., line.
J. T. lJiiuxtKH, ItCKlHtcr.
Tlic Golden Rule.
C. I.. Johnson nnd Wm. Wechter,
secretary and vice-president of the
Golden Rule Mining and Milling
Co., were in from Bohemia Satur
day. They report the company's
property as showing up very well.
Their reticence leads us to to the
old ndagc "Still water runs deep
and you don't know what is at the
bottom." They have splendid
property, well located and adjoin
ing the North Fairview Co. We
trust to be able to give the public
something more definite in regard
to this company 111 the near future.
Tlic Great Wnlhl Mine.
The great Waihi gold on mine of
New Zealand now operates 330
stamps, the second largest stamp
equipment of the world, being ex
ceeded only by the Alaska-Tread-
well. The mine has been success
fully operated, on an annually in
creasing scale, for about 15 years
In 1901 290 stamps crushed 159,'
325 tons of ore which yielded $2,-
236,850. The total product to May
1002 was $10,662,350. The deepest
workings are but 643 feet nnd there
nrc immense bodies of pnyore.
The amount in 'sight was recently
estimated nt 628,595 tons. Divi
dends to date have amounted to $4,-
33i395- The company has a re
serve account of nearly $500,000.
United HtnttM Uiml O If Ice.
Kowlnirfr, On.. Sept. :s. I!)--.
Notice Ih hereby kIvcii that in com
pliance with the priiiMloiiH of the
net of (,'oiij$roHH of June. 'I, 17. en-i
titled "An act for the mile of flintier I
lamlM In the Htnten of allfonilH, Ore
gon. Nevada, and WiiHliliijituii Ter-
ntorv. an externum to an ine i-nniic
IjiikI Staten bv act of AustflMt 4. 1MW.
Mrn. Olivia WKnkliioM'ottnKeOrove,
Co. of Imm: Htflte of ore.. Iihh thin
dnv filed In this otllce her hwoiii
Htntement No. 8WK for the purt'hnxe
of the HHof Section No. :M In
TowiimIiIi) No. 10 8.. Itniw No. 1! Went
and will offer proof kIiow that the
land nought Is more valuable foritn
tlmlRT or Htone tnan lor agricultural
purpoH4H, and toextnlillHh her claim
to wild land liefore the KeRlHter Hnd
Receiver at IlonelinrK, Oregon on
Tliurmlay, the 8th dy of January,
She names iih wltnefmn:
Herbert Knkln. Geo. W. McQueen,
Herman T. Dow, Jowpli Shlee. of
Cottage Orove, Ore.
Any and nil ixthomm claiming aii-
vernely the above-decrlliel landrt are
reiitiexted to file tlielr clalniH la thin
olllce on or liefore wild 8th day of
Jan.. WG.
J. T. liiuncKH. IteglKter.
i. .1, .. im- -i- -i
We are offering greatly
Reduced Prices in many
Lines of Goods to make
Room for our
Which is now arriving Daily. Shirtwaists
v 7 ait Less than Cost. V V
Big Bargains in LigSJioes
till September 1st.
The only Complete Line of Gents and Boys' Collars in Town.
Attend the State Fair to be held
at Salem. Sept. 15U1-20, 1902.
Take a few days after haying
and harvesting and go away for a
change of scene and air. Too few
farmers and farmers' wives take
any vacation during the year.
There is nothing so good as 1
change of living nnd a few day's
rest to brnce one up, both physi
cally and mentally.
Most of the large city business
houses give their employes one or
two weeks vacation during the
yenr, nnd they find it pays well in
the better health of their men and
greater interest taken by them in
their duties.
A weeks rest attending the state
fair is both educational nnd recre
ative. The exposition building will
be filled witli the finest exhibits of
the farm, field and orchard. The
livestock shows will surpass any'
thing of the kind ever given on the
coast, nnd no progressive farmer
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Good rncing every nftemoon be
tween the fleetest footed rncers on
the coast, good music and high
clnss entertainment in the evening.
Reduced rates will be made by
the Southern Pacific for the occa
sion. Ask your agent for full in-
Just for a Pew Improvements.
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Unlteil Statei Land Office,
Honeburjj. Ore., , 100J.
XofJs.lH hunjlrjr" Klnui tlmt In com
plTn1icv,itlili1irtJloiw otthe net
of Coiikivhm of June .1. 1HTS, entitled
"An net for the wile of timber IiuhIh
lutheStntCH of California, Oivkoii,
Nevada, and WnMhlnKtonTerrltory,"
iih extended to all the Public Land
StateH by act of AtiKuxt A, 1SU2,
Wolf Handera, of KiiKene, County
of Lane, State of Oregon lmH this
day Hied Inthlxofflco hlMttwoni Htnte
ment No.IMiU, for the purclmw of the
S X NK &N X HUH of Section
Xo. 8, Twp. 10 South, of limine
S Went and will offer proof to
hIiow that the land miugla Ih more
valuable for It tlmlier or Htone than
for agricultural purpoxeH, and toe
tatillHh IiIh claim to mild land liefore
.Muriel.. Ware. I'.S.CominlHHlonerat
KitKvne. Oregon, on Monday, the
17th day of Nov., 1002.
He tianieH iih wltneHHen!
.lottepli II. Wlllielm.oftloslien, Ore.,
.1. CnlHHon, of l'leanant Hill. Ore.,
Holiert Frevnmn, Ell Coenlinver,
of (lOHlien. Oivgon.
Any and all iieraonH clnlmhiK nd
verwely the nlinve-descrllied land a nre
nsiuented to tile their elating In thin
offleo on or iK'fore wild 17th day of
J. T. llmnoKH, Iteglnter.
United Stated Land Oinee,
UoBobnrB, Ore.. Aug. 35th. 1002.
Notice is hereby ulvea thnt in com
iilliinco with the provisinnd of the net of
CoiiL'refa of Juno 3. 1878. entitled ''An
uctfortho ante of timber lamia la tho
SUtoa of California, Oreiron, Nevada niul
Washington Territory," ns extended to
nil tho l'ublla I.nml Stiitoa by net of An
iriist -1. 1892. ItettnM. Toboy. of Olox,-
Comity of Ulllinm, citato of Oro., litis
thin day tlloil In this olllca her mvom
Btnteinunt No. 3320, for tho purclmeo of
tlui NW M of 8ection No. 28 in Town
ship No. 20 8, HmiKO No. 5 W, nnd will
oiler proof to show that tho land sought
is mora vniunnio tor us timuur or siono
than for aericluturnl nunioscs. and to
establish hor claim to mild laud before
Murie j. ware, U. 6. Commissioner
at KuKeae, OrcKon, on Wednesday, tho
l.'in nay 01 iiov. tuu.-.
hiio names us witnesses :
Kilirnr O. Tobov. Aucusla M . Tobey.
Nutlinm T. Wlllson. of Kuirene. LnnoCo
Oregon. Jilmes N. Handle, of Kiilrmount,
iaww uo., uregon.
Any and all iiorsonsclaiudnRndvorso-
ly tho above-described lamls aro re
a nested to fllo their claims In this olllce
on or botorosald 12th day of Nov., 1002.
j.t, tiinoaiiB, iiegisiur.
United Stntw Land Olllc-e,
ltoneburK. Ore., tli. 1002.
Notice Ih hereby given that In eoni
pllauiit with the provision of the act
ofCoiiKri'HH of .luno 3, 1878, entitled
"An act for the wilo of tlmlier landH
In the StateH of California, Oregon,
Nevada, and Washington Territory,"
iih extended to all the Public Laud
Staten by utt of AtiKUHt 4, 1N)2, Wil
liam (in wley. of Alierdeen, County of
ChelmllH, State of Wanh., Iiiih thlHday
filed In thin olllce his Hworn Htnte
ment No. .1IU2, for the purchuo of the
K!iUi of Section No. 30 Townnlilp
No. 18 S, Kiuigv 8 W and will offer
proof to hIiow that the land
HoiiKht Ih more valuable for ItH
timber or Htone than for agricultural
purposes and to eHtabllHh Ids claim
to wild hum tK'foiv .Marie L. wntv,
U. S. ConimlHHloner at EiiBene,
On'Kon, 011 Thursday, tho 20th day
of ov 1WK.
He iinmcHnH wltiieHKen:
J.. U. Sutherland, W. 8. Sutherland,
Archie m. Kicimnison, u. . suther
laud, of Olentena, Lane Co.. Oiv.
Any and all ihthoiih claiming ad
vernely theabove-deRciilied IiuiiIh nre
reiueHtei to me ineir eininiH in mm
ollleo on or befoiv said 20th day of
.1. T. ItiiiixiKH, Iteglnter,
Cottage Grove, Oregon.
A Warning To Girls And Young Ladles
Why Gallagher Let Her do.
Now Oallngher had a licat frlrl
He called her "Dnrllng Cloe"
He told her to get her iierfume
From Morgnn nnd llrelmut.
When Gallagher went to hug her
And found hIio hadn't done ho,
(Had got bad perfume, nome other
Then "Gallagher let her go."
I'. S. Glrln take warning.
"S01110 years ago I was ono of n party
that intended making n long bicycle
trip," says K. L. Tavlor. of New Albany,
liriulford County, l'a. "I was taken
suddenly with dinrrhoea,aml was about
to give up tho srip, when editor Ward of
the Lncewille Messenger, suggesteil
that I toko a dose of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Itemedy.
I purchased n bottle nnd took twodoses, 1
ono before starting and one on the route.
I made tho trip successfully and never
felt any ill effect. Again last summer
I wns almost completely run down with
an uttack of dysentery. I lioucht a
bottlo of this same remedy and this :
time ono dose cured me." Sold by
Lyons & Applegate, Drain. Benson
Drug Co., Cottage Grove.
Eli Hangs.
The Fashion Stables
Gbrisman & Bans, Proprietors.
Also own and opperate the Bohemia
and Black Butte Stage Lines
First-Qass Turnouts, Double or Single.
Reasonable Prices
Goats wanted from one to three
years old. Address Postmaster at
Elkhead. 9-31
In tho Jnttloa'a Court for the Plutrlct of Cot
tce Orovo, County of Lane, State of Oregon,
II, r. Clark, lMalutiR
W. W. Wattlni. Pefeiidaiit.
To W. W. Walkln, lielendant above named:
In the name of the State of Oregon, you are
hereby required to appear and aniwer the com
plaint olpUliitlfTIUcd agaluit you in the above
entitled Court and oautenn or before thelait
day ollho imbllcation ol this umniom, which
aid last date of itubllcation of this summons
iitha.irdilaTof Outober. lWU.and which tlnl
date ot publfcatton ol bald summons Is the 2!ud
day ot August, 1W. and II you fall to so appear
nd answer said eomulalut lor want thereof,
tho ulalutltf will takejudguient against you for
the sum ol liog.00, together with the costs and
disbursements ol this anion to bo taxeC, and
lor an order for the sale ol the property at
tached In the said above entitled cause.
This summons Isnubllshed by order of J, W.
Vaughn, Justice otiho l'eace In and lor Cottage
Urovu Justice's Pistrlct, Lane County, Oregon,
made at hit oltlce on the IMth day ol July, I'.KM.
liated August Knd.lWI-J.
J, W. ViCUllN,
Justice ol the l'eace.
Attorneys for flalntltt.
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Caries a full line of Staple
nnd Fancy goods, Granite,
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in exchange.
It will be a pleasure at all
times to show opr goods and
you nre earnestly requested to
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ll'lll meet All Competioit
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Successor to Baker & Johnson
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Come and stay as long as possible. ' '
Free to our ComtnercialTrnde. Trv our Sunday Dinner. Tho beat ever
8erved in any Hotel in tho City,
N. D. HARDY, M'gr.
Attorney -at' Law
Office on Main street, West Side
Attorney at Law,
of this tewn will present
each mid every baby
brought into his store dur
ing this present year,
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rings. Also look over the
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Repairing at reasonable chart ti.
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MoitK Tkamb Wantkii.
Wo can uso nil the teams wo cuu
get to haul ore from the Helmut mine
to tho end of our track- Tho teams
now on tho road cannot tuko the ore
away ns fast as It Is mined. Address
W. V, Sloni'iiv, Oencral Mitnuger O.
& S. E. II. It., Cottngo Orovo, Oro. ,
J. C. JOHNSON and F. .0 EBY
Attorneysaml Coumelps-at-law
Special attention given to Mlnlng.Corporatlon
and Mercantile taw.
OOlce over Oarman & Heratnway'a store.
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